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Display technology has evolved a lot. Pixel density is always higher in the retina devices, hence the images and the texts are sharper. When your users view your non-retina-ready website on a retina device, the content will look blurry. To avoid this it is better to adopt a retina-ready theme. In this list, we have collected retina Shopify themes to help you make crystal clear online stores where your users can clearly see your products.

In the earlier days of web design, images were used for the web elements, which will look blurry on the retina devices. The modern web development frameworks like the HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 frameworks help the user to make web elements and effects directly. Because of this direct approach, you not only get a clear website design but also a fast-loading website. From the development side, these retina Shopify themes have a perfect design. All you have to do is to make your product images retina-ready. To make retina-ready images, take a look at the “how to make retina-ready images” article on WPMudev to get a better idea of what DPI is and how it changes your image quality on the retina screen.

To give you more confidence, the themes in this list are viewed and tested on retina devices. So you can pick one without any worries. Without further ado, let us get into the retina Shopify themes list.


crisp-looking retina Shopify theme

Uneox is a crisp-looking and candid retina Shopify theme.

The main reason for the rich look of this retina theme is all elements and sections are designed using the code. As a result, the elements look natural on all types of high-resolution screens. Interactive yet straightforward animations are used to match the overall look and feel of the website. The creator has kept the code as simple as possible. So the developers interested in hardcore customizations will love this template. This theme pack has more than thirteen homepage designs and multiple variations for each page; All of them are retina-ready and can be used straight away.

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retina theme for Shopify pet stores

As the name implies, this one is a retina Shopify theme for pet stores.

This theme pack gives you three very simple and easy-to-set-up three Shopify demo versions. Each demo is different and has unique layouts to elegantly present the product images to the audience. The default design has lots of light and contrasting color combinations, making it a perfect option for modern pet stores and online stores that are targeting present-day buyers. All basic elements you would need to make a proper eCommerce store are already provided in the theme pack. You can simply use them and make your store in no time.

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retina theme shopify

Lusion is a multipurpose retina theme for Shopify stores.

The creator has covered almost all major online shopping categories in this pack. If you are a professional developer or a web development agency, this theme will greatly reduce your work. What makes this theme special apart from the retina-ready design is it has a mobile-first design — Meaning, your store will feel natural to use as a mobile application on small screen devices. Small store owners who cannot spend their resources on making an app can use well-optimized Shopify themes to deliver an impeccable mobile user experience.

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clean and retina-ready shopify theme

Vendy is a clean-looking multi-purpose retina Shopify theme.

All ten homepage versions in this theme pack have a pristine layout with lots of white space. Product images and offer banners look vibrant because of this template’s clean white layout. This theme will be a perfect option if you are making a brand store or a small (boutique store). The straightforward design of this template lets the new audience get easily acquainted with your website and purchase the product without any worries.

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clean and simple responsive themes

Elessi is a simple and elegant looking Shopify theme with pre-made demos fo unique niches. The pixel-perfect design and the neat codebase will give an engaging experience to your retina device users. Lots of white space is given in this theme so that the section borders and the elements can be easily identified by the users. Useful elements like progress bars are given in this theme to show the offer claim rate. Different shopping pages and single product pages are also given in this theme. So you can easily set up your dream online store using this theme. Ajax features are also given in this theme to give a dynamic experience to the users. If your users are viewing your store on iPhone or iPads, these ajax features will make their purchase easier. Speaking of iPhones, take a look at our iPhone mockups, to create photorealistic product images.

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clean and interactive Shopify theme

Hosoren is not only a mobile responsive and retina-ready Shopify theme but this one is also a section-ready Shopify theme. 100+ unique demos are given in this theme and the creator has used different layouts. If the demo you like has the layout you want but don’t have the sections you want, you can simply drag and drop the sections in the place you want. Since this theme is made using the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 framework you will get a flexible and vibrant looking Shopify website. Animation effects are smooth and clean, which most users will love. Even if your users are using the iPad Pro with a super 60HZ refreshing screen, they can enjoy the fluid animation effects used in this theme. If you want retina Shopify themes that perform well on all types of retina devices, this is the best option for you.

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professional-looking shopify themes

Gecko is a simple and elegant looking Shopify theme made for today’s fashion and furniture stores. Because of its simple design, this theme easily fit in all types of screen. On the retina screen devices, this theme looks even better. Colors, button borders, and hover effects can be seen clearly. Hover effects are used effectively to show useful information and quick actions. For example, users can easily add a product on the homepage to their cart without even loading the product page. Since this theme supports the latest Shopify version, it gives you almost all the latest and the greatest features Shopify has to offer. If you are looking for retina Shopify themes with the latest Shopify features, this theme will impress you.

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shopify themes with useful features

At the beginning of the post, we talked about using retina images for your products. Using retina Shopify themes that allow you to control the image size options will help you easily manage the product images. The creator of this theme has given image size options along with the retina-ready design. Which makes this theme a good option for many Shopify store owners. Another useful feature in this theme is it has 30+ pre-designed demos. With the easy customization options, you can make almost any type of online store using this theme. Nearly 60+ sections are given in this theme, all you have to do is to simply drag and drop the sections in the place you want.

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Being one of the best selling Shopify themes, Zeexo helps you make sharp-looking retina-ready Shopify stores within minutes. Not only the retina optimization but all other fundamental optimizations are also taken care of by the creator itself. If you want a hassle-free Shopify store experience, well-optimized themes like this will be a good choice. This theme has more than a hundred ready-made demos, so the creator has made the setup process as simple as possible. You can import all presets with just a single click and start building your custom store.

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Agota will help you make a stunning looking furniture Shopify store. Like all the latest modern retina Shopify themes, this one also concentrates on the blocks/sections. So you can reuse the sections and can edit them to quickly make your custom store. Since all elements in this theme are made using the code script, they adapt smartly to the viewing screen resolution. So no matter on what type of screen your visitor is viewing your website, your store will look crisp and sharp.

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clean and professional looking shopify themes

Porto is one of the few retina Shopify themes that offer you the same design in other popular platforms as well. For example, this theme is available for WordPress and Magento platforms. As this theme is available on other platforms as well, you can understand how flexible the code structure of this theme is. The creator has made this theme flexible from the code, hence developers can easily work with this theme. Based on your needs, pick one layout and start working on it. Parallax scroll effects and the carousels make this theme, even more, engaging on the retina devices. Especially on the iPads, on the big touch screen, the parallax effects and the scroll effects give an engaging experience.

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premium-quality theme

Prestige is not only a crisp and sharp looking retina Shopify theme, but this one is also an interactive website template. Each element on this theme is designed carefully using the latest web development framework, so they look realistic and natural on high-res screens. Three demo variations are included in this pack, and all of them have this crisp look with an engaging interface. If you are making a brand website, templates like this will elevate the brand image. Plus, the user can also enjoy your products fully before buying them.

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shopify theme made using latest web develpoment frameworks

Loft is another brand-focused Shopify theme. Carefully designed homepage sections let you elegantly showcase your products. As soon as the user gets into your site, they can see your products and start purchasing them. Quick action buttons are placed near the product images to let the user conveniently buy your products. Since the overall design is simple, it is easy to make this template responsive and retina-ready. No matter on which device the user is viewing your website — it will look attractive, and users can interact with the elements easily.

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responsive and retina shopify themes

If you are a minimalist style lover, this theme will definitely impress you. This theme has pre-made designs for fashion stores, furniture stores, and accessory stores. All thirteen demos follow a minimal-style design, so you can pick anyone and can create your online store. Viewing a minimal design on a retina screen will be a different experience. The user can fully enjoy the spotless design and the pitch-black texts will be crispier. Hence, making a retina-ready minimal design will be a challenging job for the creators. But, this creator has done an excellent job. None of the elements are blurry or slow to respond. Using retina Shopify themes like this will give an engaging and fluid experience to the users.

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retina shopify themes with a modern design

If you are using lots of colors and trendy typography designs in your store, retina devices will make your audience fall in love with your site at first sight. Big imageries and swift animation effects are used to liven up the website. The Eva theme is the best option for fashion and apparel store websites. Eight demo variations are given in this theme and all of them follow a trendy design. Even an Instagram shop demo is given in this theme, if you are using Instagram as the main channel for your marketing, this theme will come in handy for you. Along with the regular online store pages, this theme also has blog layouts to help you run an active site.

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minimalist style Shopify theme

Unero is another minimal theme in this retina Shopify themes list. The creator of this theme has kept it very minimal so that you get only functional elements and space to showcase your products. Smoothe scroll effects are used to make this ultra-clean website lively. Because of its simple clean layout, the animation effects can felt fully in this theme. The white space gives a roomy appearance and makes interactions easier even on small screen devices. Since this theme is optimized for mobile devices, the elements rearrange automatically based on the screen size. Ajax filters and ajax popups are also used in this theme to give dynamic results to the users without loading the pages too often.

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colorful responsive Shopify themes

APRIL is a trendy looking Shopify theme for fashion, digital, and food online stores. The creator has used flashy animation effects to get user attention as soon as they land on your website. Interactive image sliders are used on the homepage header section. If you like to spice up the image slider design a bit, take a look at our bootstrap image slider with cool transition effects collection. Since this theme is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all modern design elements and animation effects. Along with all the basic online store pages, you also get portfolio pages to elegantly showcase your custom projects. If you are running your own fashion store, showcasing your unique designs will help you get more customers.

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shopify theme with multiple demos

Fastor is one of the best selling Shopify themes in the market. One of the important reasons for its sales is the huge number of pre-designed demos. The creator has given 80+ demos in this theme and more new themes are added in each update. If you are a professional freelance developer or an agency, themes like this will save you time. All the basic optimizations are already taken care of by the developers of this theme. Even the mobile optimizations and retina-ready are done by the creators. Since all demos are made using the latest Bootstrap 4 and CSS3 frameworks, the web elements look real and also they are light-weight. Once you take care of the server-side optimizations, themes like this will load in no time.

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responsive Shopify themes for mega stores

From the name itself you can understand that this theme is made for online electronic stores. The default design makes it a perfect option for big stores with huge inventory. Managing retina images for such a huge store will be a cumbersome job. For this, you can simply use a Bootstrap Plugin called, Retina.js. The Retina.js automatically replaces the existing image with a high-res image when the user views your online store on a retina device. All you have to do is to maintain two images, one with a high-res and the other with a low-res.

Since this theme is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can easily handle tools like the Retina.js plugin. Another plugin which might come in handy for you is the confirmation plugin, we have made a separate post for the Jquery confirm plugins, take a look at it to save your time.

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responsive shopify themes with multiple demos

Goodwin is a feature-rich Shopify theme. The creator of this theme has loaded this theme with useful features so that your online-store will be future proof. For example, it supports Shopify’s AR/VR features out of the box and it also has retina-ready designs. Around 2010, having a retina-ready design is not a must. But now, not only Apple but many tech companies are producing high-resolution displays. For instance, higher-end Samsung smartphones are always mind-blowing. Hence, making your website responsive and retina-ready is a must in the present-day scenario. The creator of this theme has clearly understood the present-day user behavior and future trends. As a result, you get a future-proof Shopify theme. Using retina Shopify themes like this will save you time and money in the long run.

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multipurpose Shopify theme

Basel is a multipurpose Shopify theme with more than 20 pre-made demos. The professional design of this theme helps you make a neat and engaging online store. Image sliders are designed smartly so that the user can interact with your products on the image slider. For more engaging image slider design inspirations, take a look at our Bootstrap slider examples. The creator has used the latest fonts and neatly written CSS elements, hence, they look crisp on the retina devices. Drop shadow effects used in this theme can be felt fully on the retina devices. Some elements even give a floating experience while viewing on bigger screens like iMac. Speaking of iMac, if you want to create beautiful product images, take a look at our iMac mockups collection.

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Shopify themes with a trendy design

If you are looking for image-focused retina Shopify themes, this is the best option for you. Right from the header to the footer, everything can be customized easily in this theme. Minor customizations can be done easily even without touching the code. A small tradeoff you have to do while using image-focused retina Shopify themes is the loading speed. Though the image sizes are almost the same, when you use a tool like Retina.js, you have to use two images. If you focus more on the quality, retina image-rich themes can be done. Apart from the images, all the elements in this theme are purely designed using the code scripts. Hence, the elements and other contents will load easily.

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shopify theme with easy customization options

Lezada will be your one-stop destination for all your Shopify online store designs. Nearly 200+ pre-designed demos for multiple niches are given in this theme. All you have to do is to pick a design you like and start customizing it as per your needs. Another impressive feature in this theme is all 200+ demos are made purely using the latest web development frameworks. For image sliders, this theme uses the premium Revolution Slider plugin. With this plugin, users can create their own slider with the effects they want. The slider revolution interface is more or less similar to the powerpoint, hence the learning curve will be very less.

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responsive shopify themes with creative design

Streamline theme is from the Shopify’s own theme repository. Hence, this theme meets all the design and code standards followed by the Shopify platform. If you want a peace of mind after installing a theme, themes from the Shopify theme repository will be a good choice. Totally three demo variations are given in this theme and all of them have an interactive design. Video background header sections are used to keep the users engaged as soon as they land on your site. In the Core demo version, the creator has used a floating menu design concept to let the users easily access the menu option. Since modern mobile phones are getting taller, designers use different techniques to make navigation easier. For more interesting navigation design concepts, take a look at our bootstrap navigation design collection.

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brand-focused Shopify themes

The creator of this theme has used the full-width design effectively. On the big screen retina devices like the MacBook Pro and iMac, the design looks so beautiful. The texts are crisper and the colors are vibrant, which makes this theme engaging. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all of them have an image-focused design. If you are making a website for a brand-store, themes like this will be a good choice. Plus, the retina-ready design adds more value to the brand website. Advanced product filtering options and predictive search options are given to make the shopping experience easy for the users.

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interactive retina shopify themes

Broadcast theme is made for fashion and jewelry brand stores. Parallax scroll effects and neat layout helps you to clearly explain your brand and your products. The full-width layout is used smartly to give immersive parallax effects and hover effects. Only two demo variations are given in this theme and each has a different design. In the Clean demo, you get mega-menu and drop-down menu options to neatly organize the menu options. Ajax is used for the infinite scrolling effect, hence your users can simply scroll and see your products without loading the pages. The creator has also added the Disqus blog comment system to help you easily manage comments on your blog. If you are planning to run an active blog, the Disqus blog comment system might come in handy for you.

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retina shopify themes with storytelling design

As the name implies, this theme follows a storytelling design layout. If you are an upcoming brand, themes like this will help you make a good brand impression. Drop shadows and patterns are used effectively on the clean white background to elegantly highlight and show the important element from the others. Three demo variations are given in this theme and all of them follow the storytelling concept. Most store themes give only importance to images, but this creator has given equal importance to both images and texts. Hence, you can deliver the message clearly to the audience. Fonts used are stylish and look crisp on the retina devices. Mostly light colors are used in this theme, on the retina devices, the colors can be easily distinguished and also gives an elegant look to the users.

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colorful responsive Shopify themes

Cascade is also similar to the Story theme mentioned above. This theme is also designed on the storytelling concept. Since this theme is different from a different creator, you can expect a different design from the Story theme. In this theme, the creator has used bold letters and big images to draw user attention to the required spots. Lots of clean space is given in this theme to let the users easily interact with the website. Different modern colors are used in the background to give a visually striking experience. Social media icons and sharing options are given to let the users easily share your products with their friends and to social media.

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