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No matter where we are, we can see the product launch event at Cupertino or the developer conference in Mountview. Thanks to the advancement in technology and telecommunication. Live streaming helps us to reach more audiences globally and take our products directly to millions of users without spending a lot. Not only corporate events but we can also live stream our favorite games like baseball, soccer, golf, and etc. In this list, we have collected WordPress live streaming theme for all types of events. We have collected live streaming themes for video content and audio content like podcasts and live radios. There are spaces for you to credit the host or the celebrity in the event. Plus, you can also give a live transcription of the video or the audio contents to reach all types of audiences. Some of the WordPress live streaming themes even have options to manage users. So you can give a live environment to your users to communicate with each other when they live streaming the game on your website. Most live streaming events can be viewed on famous sites like Youtube and Twitch so that the event can reach a large audience base even after the live streaming is over. Some of the WordPress live streaming theme in this list even allows you to easily import the video from famous sites like Youtube and Twitch. Here are the best WordPress live streaming themes with embedded players:


WordPress live streaming theme for video and movie streaming websites

Streamit is a WordPress live streaming theme for video and movie streaming websites. The dark theme and the red color elements will definitely impress people who are looking for a Netflix-like WordPress theme for their site.

Movie card elements are utilized smartly to show relevant information like the duration time and play option. Users can further see the movie details and can add the movie to their movie list by hovering over the movie card element. Look at our bootstrap card design collection for more interactive card designs. A separate TV channel tab is also given in this theme, making it a perfect live TV channel WordPress theme.

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feature-packed WordPress live streaming theme

Waveme is a feature-packed WordPress live streaming theme. The creator has loaded this theme with tons of useful features so that you can use this theme for live audio, podcast, and video streaming websites.

Along with the design customization options, the creator has given live streaming related plugins in this theme to let the users get started easily with this theme. For example, you get a Play block plugin to let you easily build playlists and album types on any posts. Front-end user submission and user library profile options are also given in this theme to deliver a personalized experience to the users.

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feature-packed WordPress live streaming theme for music streaming sites

Kentha is a feature-packed WordPress live streaming theme for music streaming sites. Right from the album art to the new album release, everything can be managed in this theme. The creator has given you an advanced music player in this theme to make the music experience a breeze on your website. Like all WordPress live streaming themes in this list, this one is also a responsive theme. The music player also adjusts smartly to the available screen space so that your users can enjoy the content easily on the go. Plenty of ready-made demos are available in this theme and all of them can be edited either using the given WPBakery page builder or the Elementor page builder.

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podcast website templates for corporates Megaphone is one of the best sensibly designed WordPress live streaming themes for podcast shows. The creator has created this template by clearly understanding the needs of modern podcast website owners. A smart bar is placed right below the homepage header sections where you can list the platforms on which your podcast shows are available. Quick integration options are also given in this theme to let you integrate Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and a lot more. This theme pack has eight demo versions, and all of them have embedded audio players. The creator has smartly made the audio player as a sticky player, which is visible only when you play the audio. Overall, Megaphone is a well-executed WordPress live streaming theme for audio content. Take a look at our Podcast website templates collection if you are specifically looking for podcast live streaming website templates.

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simple yet attractive website template

Viseo is a simple and elegant live streaming WordPress theme for news, videos, and podcasts. Since this theme is designed to handle both video and audio content, you don’t have to worry about adding extra plugins to manage the media. WooCommerce powered shopping pages are also there in this theme to let you sell your videos and other products easily on your website. If you are mostly selling digital products on your website, you can opt for the Easy Digital Download plugin. This WordPress theme uses the latest WordPress engine, so it handles all modern plugins and tools without any issues.

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WordPress theme to easily import twitch and youtube videos

PlayerX is a WordPress live streaming theme for gamers. Gaming has evolved a lot in the past few years. As smartphones are becoming powerful nowadays, multiplayer games are becoming popular among mobile users as well. If you are famous in creating walkthrough videos and streaming your games directly on twitch or Youtube, this is the theme for you. The whole theme is designed from a business perspective. You can hold events, sell tickets, and even sell gaming accessories on this website.

This theme is equipped with WPBakery page builder, WPML, and WooCommerce plugins. Not only the plugins but the inner pages and the elements are pre-designed for you in this theme. All you have to do is to add your contents and share your gaming experience with your audience.

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WordPress live streaming theme for podcasts

Audioatro is a WordPress live streaming theme for audio related contents. If you are running a podcast show and decide to channel your audience directly to your show, this theme is a perfect solution for you. Four homepage variations are given in this theme and you can use it for podcasts, radio programs, and music websites. Since this theme is purely designed for the audio contents, you get a neat minimal looking music player design. Below each audio file, you have space to mention the artist and details about the show. The designer has used basic font awesome icons, but if you add some premium icon pack, then this theme will get a posh look. This theme is equipped with PowerPress, a podcast plugin to easily manage your podcast and submitting it to the Apple Podcast directory.

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WordPress live streaming theme for vloggers

Vlog, as the name suggests, this theme is made for vloggers or video bloggers. If you are sharing your life or professional experience via vlogs through a Youtube channel, this theme will help you maintain all your contents in one place. Your audience can see all your contents in one place and you can also interact easily with your audience. Having a separate website for your vlog will help the audience to reach you easily. Plus, you can run special programs like giveaways for your loyal audience easily. Four homepage concepts are given in this theme and each has different layouts. Based on the layout you prefer, you can pick it and edit it. This theme even makes the importing video from Youtube and Vimeo easy. Overall it is a well thought out WordPress theme which will take your live streaming to a larger audience base.

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online music streaming WordPress theme

Loud is a trendy looking WordPress theme for music websites. Whether you are streaming your live concert or launching your new album, this theme has a readymade theme design for you. Six homepage variations are given in this theme and each has different layouts and different interactions. This theme even gives the option to purchase the album from your site. By default, you get WooCommerce store out of the box. But, you can use Easy Digital Downloads to manage your digital assets more effectively. All eighteen variations follow a youthful and peppy design which most modern-day users will love. In the download file, you also get the PHP, CSS, and JS files, hence you can even do core customization easily with this theme.

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WordPress live streaming theme for music webistes

The Glytch WordPress theme is almost similar to the Loud theme mentioned above. But the animation effects in this theme is a little bit intense when compared to the Lound theme. Nine homepage variations are given in this and one of them is designed for the shops. This is a hardcore music website theme, the creator has given options to embed songs from Spotify, Soundcloud, and other such music streaming services. We also get a separate theme for video showcase. A dedicated page is given for the tours and events. The creator has used WooCommerce store to let you sell tickets and other accessories. Overall the Glytch is a perfect WordPress live streaming theme for music artists and bands.

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WordPress theme for radio stations

Onair2 is another live streaming theme for podcasts and radio shows. This theme follows the traditional website design with modern web elements. All the elements in this theme are optimized for the streaming niche. Carousels are used smartly to organize the contents easily within the given space. If you are revamping an existing website with lots of contents, this theme will make your job easy. In between the sections, you have space to add countdown timer for special programs. Hover effects are used to show a quick note on the old programs. Right from the top menu bar to the bottom footer section everything is designed exclusively for the live streaming niche. Hence, you will find this theme extremely useful.

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music band WordPress theme for streaming music and videos

Phase is another youthful and contemporary style WordPress live streaming WordPress theme for music artists and bands. If you like the Loud and Glytch theme mentioned above, then this theme will also impress you. The homepage of this theme is treated as a landing page with menu options. If you are an independent musician and taking steps increasing your personal-branding, then this theme is the one for you. For more personal brand-boosting themes, take a look at our personal branding WordPress themes collection.

Animated elements are used throughout the theme which sets the party mood. You get separate pages for video and audio contents so that the user can easily access the type of content they want. In all the inner pages you have an email letter subscription form at the footer to grow your email list.

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WordPress live streaming theme for gamers

PixieFreak is another WordPress live streaming theme for gamers. Features-wise this theme is almost similar to the Player X theme mentioned above. You can help events, run battles, and live stream the games for the audience to enjoy it. The creator of this theme has created it from a community point of view, you can bring all the gamers together in this theme. Each gamer can have their own profile so that the user can see their favorite gamers live streams. Pre-made Twitter feed widgets are given in this theme to let you easily communicate with your fans. Like most other premium themes in this list, this one also supports WooCommerce store out of the box.

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WordPress theme for music artists with live streaming options

Musico is creative and practically easy to use modern WordPress theme for music and band websites. Like most other music WordPress themes in this list, this one also allows the user to stream your music and live concerts. The default music player itself is elegant and easy to use. But if you wish to tweak the design a bit, take a look at our free HTML music player design collection. As this theme uses the latest web development framework, you can incorporate third-party templates easily. The creator of this theme has given us different Discography designs to present your albums engagingly to the users. In the tour page, you have timeline design to clearly show your upcoming program. Plus, you have the option to sell tickets directly from your website.

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WordPress theme for gamers with live streaming options

PixieHuge is another game streaming WordPress theme from the same creators of the PixieFreak theme mentioned above. You can expect the same design quality and features that you have seen in the PixieFreak. On the dark theme, the radiant color schemes look attractive. Plus, most gamers love the RGB combo, hence this will help you relate with the target audience easily. To manage the users easily, this theme supports the bbPress plugin out of the box. If you wish to give your users an even more premium feel and friendly experience, take a look at our free admin dashboard template collection. You can use this theme for live game streaming by making a few optimizations to the design.

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Live streaming WordPress theme to show live reviews and events

VidoRev is designed exclusively for video-rich websites. Whether you share your travel adventures with the GoPro camera or take high-quality video using the Red camera, this theme can handle it easily. The creator of this theme has given us in-built user-friendly video player which supports all famous video file formats. There are plenty of other features to help you share the video contents engagingly to the users. The sidebar is used smartly to let you add promotional contents and curate contents. Under each section, you have space to highlight the featured videos. The featured video section can also show the live streams as soon as the user gets on your site. This theme uses the Elementor page to let you easily customize the theme as per your needs.

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wordpress theme for entertainment websites

Vodi is a WordPress live streaming theme for movies and TV shows. Smartly designed homepage to let you elegantly display the all your collections. Bright and dark color schemes are used to separate each section. Apart from the regular top navigation bar, you have a special sidebar to let users easily see different genres. Under the video player, you have a recommendation section to show the other related contents and keep the users engaged. Ten homepage variations are given in this theme, which will help you easily organize the video contents. Overall the Vodi is a smart video streaming website theme for sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. If the creator has offered a few premium plugins, this theme will be a bang for the buck.

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entertainment website with options to stream videos

SKRN is also a media streaming WordPress theme Like the Vodi theme mentioned above. The theme is treated as a business website, you can see plans and features on the homepage. To view the video contents, you have to log in to the website. The username and password are given at the top of the login page to let you experience the video library. In the library, you can group the videos according to their category and show them elegantly to the user. Below each video, you have space to show the video rating.

The light theme is used smartly to see the contents clearly. Mostly vertical sections are used in this layout to organize the contents. This theme would be a good choice if you are making a premium streaming website with a subscription model. Plus, it is WordPress, hence you can add extra features easily to the website.

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multipurpose WordPress theme with streaming option

Vayvo is an Elementor page builder powered media streaming WordPress theme. Concept-wise, this theme is almost similar to the SKRN theme mentioned above. But this theme supports audio contents along with the video contents. The homepage is kept simple and shows only the latest programs. All the user profile control options are given on the top right corner. Though this is a membership model site, it lacks registration form and login form. But don’t worry, we have made a separate list for the registration form and login form, take a look at it to find an apt design for your site.

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WordPress live streaming theme for news websites

Newsmag is primarily a news and magazine WordPress theme. In this theme, you get fourteen homepage variations, one of which is made for video news. If you are covering live coverage of an event, this homepage variation will come in handy. Since the video contents are consumed a lot by the current audience, almost all news site has its own Youtube channel. This theme supports YouTube videos out of the box, hence you can import videos from your channel. It has plenty of useful elements to share live events and updates. This theme uses the WPBakery page builder and supports WooCommerce store.

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music streaming WordPress theme

Croma is an online music streaming WordPress theme. This Ajax powered theme gives a dynamic user experience. The built-in floating music player lets the user interact with both the music and your web page contents. This theme has nine demo variations, and all of them have friendly music options. The ajax powered music player plays the song continuously so that your users can discover new music quickly. Since this theme is designed for music professionals and music producers, you don’t get promotional elements in this theme. If you are using your site to live stream your music and albums, this theme would be a right choice.

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podcast streaming WordPress theme

Wpcast WordPress theme is made for live podcast streaming. The neat layout of this theme lets you neatly organize your episodes. Built-in search options and properly categorized pages will help the user easily find the content they want. This theme has two homepage variations. Both homepage variations have a clean, professional look. Since this theme is running on the latest WordPress version and uses the latest HTML5 framework, the audio players and video player works smoothly. Like most other WordPress live streaming themes in this list, this one is also a mobile responsive theme. Your audience can easily access your website easily on the go.

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live music streaming WordPress theme

Mixone is another ajax powered music streaming website theme. Since this theme is purely designed for music streaming, it supports Soundcloud, Google Drive, Hearthis, and Shoutcast out of the box. Because of the useful inbuilt features, the number of plugins you have to install will be less. Plus, your website performs smoothly on all types of devices. This template has four homepage variations, as of now. Multiple customizations options are given to let you easily manage the webpage content. The premium King Composer tool will make your front-end customization tasks easier and quicker. Because of its friendly features and flexible design, this theme can be used for all types of live music streaming websites.

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gaming and esport WordPress theme

Overworld is also an eSports and game streaming WordPress theme. The creator has used flashy animation to give an authentic gaming website experience. Dynamic elements elevate the user experience a notch higher on the desktop. This one is also a mobile-responsive website template. The creator has also tried to give the same buttery smooth desktop experience on mobile devices. Points table and live video players let users easily track their favorite player’s rank and progress. If you are looking for an interactive live streaming website for eSports and gaming, this theme is the best option.

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