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Golf is an expensive sport. Many big business deals are closed on the golf ground. Making a website for your golf club must show the luxury and the features a user gets for the money they spend. If you are planning to revamp your old golf website or make a new website for your golf club, these WordPress golf themes will reflect the expensive nature of your club.

Many golf clubs are still using the same old HTML templates for their website. HTML websites have their benefits like less maintenance and loading quickly. But using WordPress golf themes will give you lots of useful functionalities. Plus, you can update the contents easily from the wp-dashboard. Some WordPress golf themes in this list even allow you to update the fixtures, scores, latest events and book a schedule. Few wise WordPress golf themes even have a weather widget to show the expected weather so that the user can decide before booking their schedule.

The gears and equipment of the golf itself are costly. If you are running your gear and accessory store for golf players, the online store feature in this WordPress golf theme will come in handy.

Best WordPress Golf Themes

Considering all the needs of modern golf website users and owners, we’ve handpicked the best themes easy to set up and customize.

Here are the best WordPress golf themes.


WordPress golf theme

Jupiter is a multipurpose and multi-concept theme with a WordPress theme ready-made golf website. The creators of this theme have given you website designs for almost all major businesses and website categories. If you are looking for WordPress golf themes with a fresh and neat look, this theme will impress you. The full-page layout is used effectively to have plenty of space to show your golf club images and website contents neatly to the audience. Since it is a multi-concept WordPress theme, it has plenty of elements pre-designed for you. You have to pick the elements you want and place it on the website by using the drag and drop page builder.

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feature-packed WordPress golf theme

FairwayGreen is a modern WordPress golf theme for golf academies, golf clubs, and golf courses.

A clean layout and royal colors to maintain the premium appeal of the Golf clubs. Golf clubs always have beautiful images of the places that people love to see; by understanding this, the creator has given lots of space for images and videos. Since dedicated demos are given for the clubs, courses, and academies site owners can set up a website they want in no time. Some of the important features like online booking and functional online stores are pre-interested in this theme.

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rich and posh looking wordpress golf themes

Brentwood WordPress golf theme is a properly designed golf website theme in every aspect. Everything is done precisely from the spacing to the animation effect timing. It has only one homepage variation with a powerful image slider in the header section. Since the creator has used Revolution Slider for the sliders, you can also add videos to the slider. In this flat style design, parallax image effects are used in between the sections to give a lively feel when the user scrolls down the page. The homepage is simple with only necessary sections. Since it is a multi-page WordPress theme, you no need to worry about the small homepage. WPBakery Pagebuilder is used in this theme so you can simply drag and place the elements you want.

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easy-to-customize WordPress golf theme

If you are looking for WordPress golf themes with a creative design and a professional look, this theme pack will impress you. Like the Jupiter theme, this one is also a multi-concept WordPress theme with nearly 370+ demos pre-designed for you. The golf theme in this pack has a rich and luxury feel, if you are running a premium clumb, this theme will be a good choice. Since all the basic optimizations are done in this theme, you can concentrate on the customization part. This theme also supports WooCommerce out of the box, so you can sell your merchandise and gears easily on your website.

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N7 Golf Club

interactive and fashionable wordpress golf themes

N7 Golf Club is a classy looking WordPress golf theme with plenty of space for images. The user can understand the facilities and the events in your golf club from the homepage itself. Two homepage variations are given in this theme and each has different sections. This theme also uses the Revolution Slider plugin for the homepage header section image slider. The best part about the Revolution Slider is you can add and adjust the animation effect by yourself, just like in the powerpoint presentation. In the default design, the animation time interval is a bit too long than usual; this might be something you have to fix on your website. The event calendar plugin is used for showing the events and managing the event entries easily. To help you sell tickets and merchandises online, the developer has integrated WooCommerce in this theme.

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properly designed wordpress golf themes with all the necessary options

Uplands is a thoughtfully designed gold club WordPress theme. This one is the well-equipped theme in this WordPress golf themes list. Sensibly added features will make this theme a breeze to use for both users and site owners. Three homepage variations are given in this theme. One variation is for regular golf clubs, the other is driving range, and the last one is for the golf course. All three homepage variations are unique and have the necessary features and sections. The Elementor Pagebuilder is given in this theme, so you can pick any homepage variation and adjust it to your needs. This theme has the appointment booking feature as a built-in option. Intuitive calendar design has made the appointment booking process lot simpler.

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golf club wordpress theme with option for events

If you want the users to feel the luxury and pleasant environment in your golf club, this is your theme. With the clean white layout and proper color scheme, this theme gives a rich feel to your website. Texts and images are well-balanced in this theme so that the user can easily understand the contents on your website. To match the premium rich look of this theme, the developer has kept the animation effects simpler and neat. An appointment booking form is given in this theme, all you have to do is integrate this in your booking system. Shop pages are also given in theme to let you sell gears and accessories for your customers. Adding a map widget in the contact section is a thoughtful move and it will help new users a lot.

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wordpress golf themes with weather widgets

Leisure is primarily a luxury hotel website theme. But you get dedicated pages and features for pro golf. Hence, you can easily customize the theme to your golfing website needs. Small detailing in this theme makes it as one of the best WordPress gold themes. For example, you get a weather widget at the top bar which shows the estimated weather report for the next two days. Customers visiting their hotel for golfing can easily predict and book their game for the weekend. Since it is primarily a hotel WordPress theme, you get all the necessary options like online booking and events page. Overall, the Leisure theme will help you make a user-friendly golf club website with minimal customization effort.

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sensibly designed wordpress golf themes

KALLYAS is a multipurpose WordPress theme with numerous niche themes pre-designed for you. You get a dedicated theme for the golf club in this theme, so setting up a proper website will be an easy job. Plus, you also get plenty of useful elements and shortcodes in this package. As your demand grows, these options will come in handy for you. If you are making a website for a growing business, multipurpose themes will be a lot useful. This theme uses the ZION page builder, which has an intuitive, easy-to-le user interface. Since it is one of the best-selling WordPress theme, you get plenty of documentation and tutorials with this theme.

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wordpress golf themes with online booking option

Knox is also a multipurpose business website WordPress themes. This theme includes niche designs for almost all famous businesses and you have one theme for golf clubs as well. With this theme, you get WPBakery page builder, bbPress, and the Events calendar plugins pre-installed. This theme misses WooCommerce, it might upset a few users who plan to run an online store. This theme has all the features and sections you need to make a proper business theme. Since it is a multipurpose business theme, you have more than enough elements pre-designed. You can place the custom elements via shortcode or you can use the drag and drop page builder.

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wordpress theme with a posh look

Golf is often stated as “rich man’s sport” — to add justification to this term; the creator has given this template a posh look. This template has three homepage variations. Each homepage variation does not only have a luxurious feel but also has a user-friendly design. Nearly 50+ inner-pages are pre-designed for you in this template. All custom pages and elements are neatly integrated into the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag & drop the elements and sections when you need to make a custom page. This template’s other useful plugins are the Slider Revolution, the MailChimp, and the Kirki customizer. WooCommerce powered shopping pages are also included in this theme to let you sell golf gears easily via your website.

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sports club WordPress theme

TopScorer is a multipurpose sports website WordPress theme. The flexible nature and the feature-rich demos will help you make a proper sports club and event website in no time. Different sports like hockey, rugby, and baseball are covered in this pack. You can pick any demo version and edit it easily using the given WPBakery page builder. Since it is a pure sports WordPress theme, you get niche-specific pages like the game points page, single-player page, trophy page, and ticket pages. Like all other WordPress golf themes in this list, this one has a WooCommerce shopping platform pre-integrated into it. Therefore, you can sell tickets, gears, and merchandise quickly on your website.

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athlete club wordpress theme

Endurer is another sports club WordPress theme made for athletes. If you are looking for a fresh-looking sports website that highlights team spirit, this one would be a good choice. This theme pack has three demo versions to help you easily set a sports club website, event website, and sports gear store. Since dedicated demo versions are given for each purpose, setting up a website will be easier for the site owners. All custom pages and elements can be accessed via the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag & drop the elements you want and can create a custom website in no time.

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extreme sports website template

XTRM is a unique WordPress theme made for extreme sports. The clean layout and the friendly customization options will help you convert this extreme sports website template into a luxury sport site like golf. Lots of images are used in all demo versions, which you can use to showcase your golf club features and facilities. Since it is an extreme sports website template, you get interactive image animations and video spaces right out of the box. By making a few changes to the design, you can make a neat and interactive golf website with this theme.

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simple golf theme

Millside is a pure golf club WordPress theme. This theme pack has four homepage variations, and all four are made for gold clubs. Each homepage variation is unique and has a different layout. No matter which homepage variations you choose, they have plenty of space for images. Some variations even provide you video space to show your golf club facilities and customer testimonial to improve your credibility. If you are planning to use your gold club website to mainly focus on training and membership packages, this theme will be a good choice.

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Avada Sports

easy to edit multi-purpose sports website theme

If you are a professional WordPress website developer or an agency, you no need to introduce the Avada theme. The Avada is one of the evergreen WordPress themes used by thousands of users daily. It is also a multipurpose WordPress theme with numerous pre-designed themes for almost all categories. Even if you don’t find a theme for your topic, you can pick one close to your need and can edit it easily. Avada sports is a multipurpose sports theme, which you can use for all types of sports-related websites. Plenty of customizations options are given in this theme. Only a few WordPress themes give you both WooCommerce and Easy digital download tool in their package; and, Avada is one such user-friendly theme that gives you both famous eCommerce tools in its package. Based on the platform you prefer, you can choose one.

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wordpress theme package with theme design for all niches

BeTheme is another famous multipurpose WordPress theme, which doesn’t need an introduction. This theme has more design variations than any other premium themes in the market. The creators of BeTheme has covered almost all the website categories in their demo. All you have to do is to pick the one you like and start editing. You get a dedicated theme for sports, which is a tennis theme. But as usual, you can edit and make it fit your needs. bbPress and BuddyPress plugins are also given in this theme to run a membership website easily. If you are planning to run a membership website, take a look at our free admin dashboard templates to manage your users easily.

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Tennis Today

thoughtfully designed clean tennis wordpress theme

Tennis Today is a sports club and sports school WordPress theme. Though it is primarily designed for tennis clubs, this can be used for golf club websites. You get the same useful features like tables, schedule tables, and latest events that you normally expect in a golf club website. Plenty of space is given for the text contents and image contents. Dedicated event calendar plugin is given to show the upcoming events and available slots in the upcoming weeks. The WooCommerce plugin powers this theme to allow online shopping.

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Tennis Club

sports club wordpress theme with membership option

Tennis Club is a clean and easy to use WordPress theme for sports-related websites. The important information is given directly on the homepage to keep users posted about the latest events. Another smart element in this theme is the weather widget on the right side. Before getting into the game, the user can know about today’s expected weather. Subtle animation effects are used in the weather widget, giving the theme a lively feel. Other useful features like booking and reservation, schedules and tables and even event management options are also given in this theme. As you can see, this theme is adequately equipped with the features you need to make a user-friendly golf club website.

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Tennis Sport Club

best wordpress sports theme to sell tickets and merchandises

Tennis Sport Club WordPress theme gives you a modern and trendy-looking sports website theme. The smartly designed homepage clearly shows the features and the services you offer in your club. You can understand from the name itself that this is a tennis website by default. All the useful features and the option to easily customize the theme are better options for golf club websites. WPBakery Page builder is used in this theme; hence, rearranging the sections and adding the elements will be easy. Countdown timers and neat charts are also given to show the upcoming matches.

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classy looking baseball wordpress themes

Oxigeno is a multipurpose sports club WordPress theme. The creator of this has given designs for soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball. Though you don’t get a dedicated theme for golf, it has all the features and options to make a proper golf website. Since this template gives you drag-and-drop page builder, editing and adding new sections won’t be difficult. This theme’s other useful plugins are WPML and WooCommerce, which make your website translation and eCommerce ready. The code base of this theme is flexible, hence you can easily edit the theme from the core and add the features you want.

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wordpress theme to feel the luxury features offered

Bellevue is a luxury WordPress theme like the Leisure theme mentioned above. This theme gives you the rich and luxury feel your golf club can offer. Though it misses a dedicated page for the golf club, it has the features to make a proper golf website. Since this theme uses page builders for customizations, adding new features and options will be easy. Plus, you get an elegant-looking gallery to show your features and events images. In the gallery, you also have the option to add videos. Option for reservations is given in this theme. By making a few customizations to the theme, you can make this a good golf club website.

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