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Personal branding is crucial for any professionals. Marketing yourself and your career as a brand helps you find new opportunities. 93% of employers said they search their applicants’ social media profiles during the interview process. We can’t scrub the entire internet to change our online image. But, we can change what people see about us on the internet. Personal branding websites play a crucial part in shaping up your online image. For example, when people search your name in Google, your personal brand website will come first (if you use your own name as your website domain, chances will be more). As usual, people will click the first result in the search and you can market yourself on your website. In this list, we have collected powerful personal branding WordPress themes to shape your online image.

Apart from adding your images and testimonials to your personal website, there are other things to be considered. They are;

  • Be clear and stick to the key message you want to share with your audience.
  • Be genuine and more meaningful. Being who you are on the internet will help you manage your personal brand easily.
  • Tell a story about yourself. Obviously, the visitor is there to know about you. Tell them who you are and what you can do.
  • Be Consistent in what you share and what you talk about. Crate contents that are related to your career. For example, If you are very much into augmented reality, talk more about it. This will make your face come first when your audience hears or talk about that particular topic.

In this list, we have take care of the design part. All you have to do is to get in the field and start marketing yourself. Here are the best personal branding WordPress themes that highlight you and your work.


personal branding WordPress theme for online tutors and coaches

MaxCoach is a personal branding WordPress theme for online tutors and coaches. As more and more people get online to learn new skills, having a personal brand boosting online course website will help you in the long run. The creator has covered almost everything from personality development to online music classes in this theme’s 18+ demo variations.

Each demo is unique and can be edited easily using the Elementor page builder. To make this WordPress theme even more helpful for the site owners, the creator has included Zoom supports and LMS plugins in this theme. Therefore, site owners can easily manage their courses and can conduct Zoom meetings without any issues.

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online coaching and counseling WordPress theme

Efor is also an online coaching and counseling WordPress theme. All seven demos in this theme pack ticks all boxes of a proper personal branding WordPress theme. Users will get to see your face, name, and your services as soon as they land on your website. Both creative and business-like web designs are there in this pack. Fonts, color schemes, and animations everything has been used consistently throughout the website, which will help you brand the website easily even when you customize the looks. You can easily sell your courses online, provide personal classes, and a lot more with the built-in options.

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personal branding WordPress theme for speakers

Exhibz is the best personal branding WordPress theme for speakers. From the name itself you can infer that this is an event website template. The creator has given fifteen demo versions and shopping pages in this theme pack. Therefore you can show your upcoming events and can sell tickets easily on your website.

The creator has added support for Zoom in the recent update so you can conduct virtual events and meetups with this theme. Since it is one of the best-selling event WordPress themes, you can rest assured that you will get the latest features in future updates and stay ahead of the competition.

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interactive and eye-catching personal branding wordpress theme

Ave is a multipurpose WordPress theme with nearly 50 pre-made demos. Each demo is unique and niche specific. You get a dedicated theme for personal portfolio, freelancer, and personal blog in this set. Whether you have to just showcase your design or use your website to get new projects, these themes can help you. The freelancer theme has a better design to be a perfect personal branding theme. Right from the homepage header section to the contact page, you have space to interact with your audience.

Though the freelancer theme is a one-page template, you can add other pages if you want. This theme uses the WPBakery page builder, hence adding and editing elements and sections will be an easy job. Plus, the creator has given us two online store options, the WooCommerce, and the Easy Digital Download. If you are selling your designs online the Easy Digital Store will be a good choice. On the other hand, if you make products and handcrafted items, the WooCommerce will be a good choice.

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personal portfolio website template

Growth is a pure personal portfolio theme. Whether the user is on a homepage or on a single portfolio page, he/she will see your image or name on that page. Each and every page is designed with care to improve your personal branding. Once users get into your site, they will understand the services you offer, the quality of your work, and how credible you are. All seven demo versions are equipped with the Elementor page builder so you can customize the website looks without even touching the code. Plus, the WooCommerce shopping pages will help you sell your products/services effortlessly on your website. Overall, Growth is a well-equipped personal branding WordPress theme.

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creative professional website template

Leverage is a creative website template with ready-made designs for both agencies and personal websites. If you are a creative professional like a graphic designer or illustration artist, this theme’s artistic design will enhance and show the creative work of you. Even developers can use this template for their website because of its clean, interactive design. Both light and dark theme designs are there in this pack. You can opt for the dark theme to make your website look royal and also stand out from others. Portfolio page designs are also unique in this theme, which most professionals will love.

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interactive one-page website template

Ukko is a dead-simple personal website template. Users can easily understand your service and can get in touch with you because of this template’s straightforward design. Bold letters and interactive scroll animation keep the users engaged and encourages them to read until the end. This theme pack has only one demo version, that too a one-page version. If you want a website template that is easy to maintain and also helps you to showcase your projects engagingly to the audience, this theme might be a good option for you.

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Phlox Pro

multipurpose wordpress theme for creative minds

Phlox Pro is one of the highest selling themes in the market. Due to its user-friendly options, irresistible features, and multiple demo design, this theme is loved by many audiences. This theme will be a perfect option for professionals who like to increase their personal branding. The theme variations for lawyers, architects, and doctors will up your image and also perfectly matches the nature of your profession. Like the Ave theme mentioned above, this one also offers WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download tools. The creator of this theme has a gone one step ahead and give us two page-builder options, the WPBakery builder and Elementor builder. As you can see, this WordPress theme offers plenty of customization option. Hence, this theme will be a perfect personal branding WordPress theme.

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multipurpose website template

BeTheme is one of the best selling multipurpose WordPress themes. This theme is not only selling for its wide range of 500 demos but also for its ease of customization. Since this is a multipurpose website template, you get hundreds of elements pre-designed for you. Even if you are making a simple website now, you can easily upgrade your website when your demand grows. Modern layouts deliver an engaging user experience and also neatly highlight your services. Image spaces are used smartly in the personal branding WordPress themes. Hence, you get more than enough space to improve your branding.

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creative personal wordpress theme

Bridge is almost similar to the BeTheme mentioned above. It is also a multipurpose website template with 450+ demo variations. The creator has given a fresh modern look to all demo variations so that you can create a trendy-looking website for any business. This template has both personal and commercial website template designs. Based on your needs, you can pick one and customize it as per your requirements. Thoughtfully designed personal branding website demos, neatly highlight your services, and build your reputation. Hundreds of elegantly designed inner pages help you explain your works clearly to the audience. Modern portfolio designs will make a strong impression when a user sees it.

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easy-to-edit wordpress theme

If you need endless customization options and a friendly, straightforward interface, Jupiter is the best option for you. Other personal Branding WordPress themes also provide unlimited customization options, but this theme provides separate demos for the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. Based on the workflow you prefer, you can pick the demo with the page builder you want. This theme has 250+ demo variations, and all of them are neatly categorized so that you can easily find the demo you want. With periodic updates, this theme is now running on the latest WordPress version and uses the latest web development frameworks. Therefore, you can expect a sleek performance from this theme.

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usr-friendly wordpress theme

Salient is elegant looking lively WordPress theme. The creator of this theme has customized the WPBakery page builder to give you more freedom in customization. Nearly 250 elements and sections are neatly designed and added into its Studio. With all given elements and demos, you can create a whole new website without even touching the code. The modular concept of this theme lets you easily insert a section or an element with just a few clicks. Soothing colors and expressive text fonts let you express your message clearly to the audience, which is one of the most important things in a personal branding website.

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interactive wordpress theme

Brooklyn WordPress theme is purely designed for creative professionals. The creator has given all the necessary options to make a proper professional website. You can showcase your projects, genuinely promote your services, and grow your business. Since this is a WordPress theme, you needn’t worry about the functionalities. Even if you miss one or two functions in the default design, you can add one by simply installing a corresponding plugin. Buddypress and the Events Calendar plugins are pre-integrated into this theme to let you easily manage your clients and your schedules. WordPress themes like this make life easier for both developers and site owners.

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one of the best selling multipurpose wordpress theme

TheGem is another all-time best selling multi-purpose WordPress theme. There are nearly a 70+ concept designs in this package for almost all famous niches. In this package, the best personal branding WordPress themes are made for photographers, bloggers, digital artists, and designers. Most of the designs concentrate on the portfolios and the creator of the design. Hence, your work will get proper attention from the audience. Since this theme is made for the mass audience, the animation effects are kept simple and neat. The CSS files and JS files used in this design is shared with you in the download file to let you easily adjust the design as per your needs. For more animation inspiration, take a look at our animation examples collection.

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personal website with portfolio

If you are a lover of minimal websites, the Bridge theme will impress you with its collection. This theme stands out from the rest of the best sellers by including rare and special concepts along with the regular popular categorize. In this theme package, you get a personal WordPress theme for political candidates, book authors, developers, and Psychiatrists. As said before, all themes follow a minimal and clean design. Even in colorful themes, you get mild and pleasant looking color schemes. This theme doesn’t flood you with multiple page builder and eCommerce store options. You get WPBakery page builder and WooCommerce as a standard in all the theme variations. Plenty of elements and shortcodes are given in this theme package to let you easily make a user-friendly website.

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wordpress theme with multiple demos

Uncode WordPress theme is bundled with 50+ pre-made concept designs for you. Right from simple blog site to a complex eCommerce store, all types of website designs are included in this package. You get a dedicated personal branding WordPress theme for creative directors and developers. Both themes treat the website as a full-page vertical slider. Because of this slider like design, the user can see all related contents in one place without scrolling a lot. To give you more screen space, all the navigation menu options are added behind the hamburger icon. Toggle and transition animations are mild and simple in this theme. You get plenty of portfolio page variations in this theme, based on your need you can pick one and use it.

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wordpress theme for freelancer

The Avada theme gives you the most practical website design. It is also a multipurpose theme, which downloaded over five million times. From the download count itself, you can judge the quality and the credibility of this theme. This offers website design for almost all famous categories and you get a dedicated theme for freelancers. The freelancer website is a perfect mixture of personal branding and business perspective. You get an exclusive page builder for the Avada theme, the Fusion builder. Since this builder is made for Avada themes, it is well integrated with the theme and have plenty of customization options. Even a person without any coding knowledge can make his/her dream website using this theme.

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minimal and simple looking personal website

Oberon is a colorful and trendy looking minimal WordPress theme. Since this theme is purely designed for freelance designers, all the theme variations help you build strong personal branding. Plus, you also get pre-made beautiful portfolio pages and single project pages. If you had done any challenging projects with your clients, the single project page will come in handy for you. Rather than simply showcasing your works on the portfolio, you can explain your role in it to give a clear picture of your abilities and skill. Basic inner pages are included in this theme, plus you also get a coming soon page and a 404 error page. If you are a designer, take a look at our mockup collections, to showcase your works elegantly to the users.

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wordpress theme with multiple interactive modern demos

Büro theme is made for the modern creative professionals. Whether you are a designer or a video creator, this theme is the best option for you. Apart from the regular portfolio designs, you also get portfolio carousel design, an animated portfolio, parallax showcase, and video showcases. Different homepage variations are given in this theme, you can pick any one. Since this theme uses WPBakery page builder, you can easily edit and add the elements you want. If you take much pride in your work and love to keep your reputation proceeds you, this is the theme for you.

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classy and rich-looking personal branding wordpress theme

If you are looking for a voguish unique website design for your website, this is the one for you. The Diorama theme uses the present-day design trends in its theme, which makes it a go-to option for modern creative minds. If your work always stands out from the crowd, then this theme will reflect your style. Duotone images and geometric shapes are used in the themes to give a lively feel. Plus, animation effects are used smartly to match the overall design of the theme. Interactive effects make this theme even more attractive and easy to use. WooCommerce is also integrated into this theme so that you can sell your designs easily on your website.

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personal brand wordpress theme for photographers

From the name itself you can understand that this theme is made for the photographers. Eight homepage variations are given in this theme and each has a different slider and transition effects. Even you get a video landing page in this theme. Smart text rolling effects are used to give a strong intro as soon as the audience land on your website. If you wish to awestruck your audience with your photographs first, you can use the photo wall demo version. A very clean white layout is followed in this theme on which the photographs look vivid and clean. Visual effects are used carefully so that they don’t overshadow your photographs and videos.

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Photography Novo

wordpress theme with dark and light skin versions

Novo is a rich and classy looking personal branding WordPress theme for photographers. The creator of this theme has given us both light and dark version for each demo. The dark version looks rich and images look more vibrant and clear. While the light version holds the life in your photographs. Based on your need, you can pick a skin version and start working on it. Big image sliders are used in all theme versions so your audience can immerse your photographs. A dedicated section and a page are given for author of the website, which you can use to clearly say about you and your experience. Skill bars are given in the about page to clearly show your skill level in each sector.

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photography website theme with photowall

Reflector is a proper photography website theme from the core. This WordPress theme not only increases the personal brand of the photographer but also add life to their work. More than ten variations are given in this theme and each has a different design. You can either opt to impress the user with your works as soon as they land or your website or you can welcome the user with a personal message and your image. Since this theme is a hardcore photography website theme, you get different gallery design. But still, if you are satisfied with the given galleries and like to add your own personal touch, take a look at our gallery template collection.

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personal branding wordpress theme for writer and authors

Auteur is a personal branding WordPress theme for writers and reviewers. Since this theme is designed for writer, typographies are handled with care. The texts look stylish and the readability is also good in this theme. In the “introducing author” homepage version, you have a big header section reserved for author image. Right below the author you have space to add the awards, special mentions, and a short intro about the author. This theme is equipped with the WooCommerce store, hence you can sell your books easily on your website. Like most other personal branding WordPress themes in this list, this one also uses WPBakery page builder. Blog layouts are also given in this theme to let you share your thoughts directly with your readers.

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Blog for Writers

personal website for writers

Don’t get deceived by the name. This theme is made for the writers and to sell their books online. From the header to the footer, you have plenty of personal branding element. In the default design itself, the designer has used the author’s name as the logo, which will be the most obvious case in writers personal website. Right below the header section image slider, you have space to add author bio with an image. The choice of adding testimonial/review on the homepage is a wise choice. Since this website is also going to act as an online store to sell books, these reviews will help the user to buy their favorite books.

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personal branding wordpress theme for bloggers

Alia is a personal branding WordPress theme for bloggers. You don’t need big sections and image space to improve the branding on your website. Placing the right elements at the right place will improve your personal branding on your website. In the Alia theme, you can see that your image and social media profile icons are kept at the top of the page. Throughout your website, the user can see your image and social media profile links. Design like this will help the user to see the real person behind the well-written post. All other elements and designs are kept very simple and minimal. On the clean white background, the pitch black texts are clear and easy to read.

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Tomas and Daisy

blog theme with separate design for men and women

Tomas and Daisy, from the name itself you can understand that this theme has separate design for male and female bloggers. In Tomas theme version, you get a plain minimal theme design. Whereas in the Daisy version, you get flower patterns in the design. Apart from the patterns, both versions are identical in the features. Four layouts are given in this blog theme. Among the four, the third layout is the best option for personal branding. In the sidebar, you have a space to add your bio widget with your image. Placing your bio and your image on the sidebar is unobtrusive, plus the user will also see your image throughout all the pages in the blog.

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personal branding wordpress theme with promotional elements

BeTop is a perfect personal branding WordPress theme for speakers and personal trainers. Sensibly designed homepages clearly explain what the user can expect from your service. Nearly eight homepage versions are given in this theme and based on the concept, elements in it varies. All eight versions follow a clean simple design that fits for all professionals. To improve the interactions and the conversions, this theme offers you 23 custom widgets. This theme uses the Elementor Page Builder, hence customizing and adding elements to the page will be an easy job. Clean and subtle animation effects are used in this theme which gives a professional look to your website.

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Steven Watkins

personal website theme for fitness trainers

Steven Watkins theme is an exclusive personal branding WordPress theme for gym trainers and nutrition coach. Since this theme is primarily a fitness website, you get a solid and masculine design. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. The design of this theme is simple and usual, which you might have seen in many modern websites. Ample amount of space is given for the images and videos. Since it is a WordPress theme, you don’t have to worry about video content compatibility like in the HTML templates. Three homepage variations are given in this package, but they have only minor differences.

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wordpress theme for music artists

Mixtape is a pure music and artist WordPress theme. Right from a music blog to music events, this theme has designs for all types of websites. You get a special theme for album showcase, which will be a perfect option to be personal branding WordPress theme for music artists. This package has nine demos and each one has a different design concept. For example, the Album showcase theme has a trendy theme with parallel grid lines. Whereas in the Band home, you have a plain design with music archives. Since this is a music niche related website, you have the option to curate album playlist. This theme is equipped with the WooCommerce tool, hence you can use it to sell your album songs online.

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minimal and clean looking wordpress theme

Koto is minimal and creative WordPress theme for creative designers and artists. The creator of this theme has blended minimalism and creative element smartly to give an eye-catching design. On the clean white layout, colors are used to differentiate the important elements from the rest. The only drawback in this theme is you can add your image only in the about section. But, you have text space to interact with your audience and give a quick intro about yourself and your services. If you are looking for something unique and feasible to use, this theme worth a look.

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