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Collection of stylish and designer-friendly MacBook mockups

Apple has a wide range of MacBooks that fit the needs and budgets of all people. Currently, we have the new MacBook Air with retina display, old MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pros with touch bar and without touch bar. If you are looking for high-quality mockups for all these MacBook models, this MacBook mockups list will help you.

The design engineers in Apple always give an artistic touch to their products. This artistic touch gives a fresh look to our digital products, websites, and applications. Even if you are a case or accessory manufacturer for MacBooks, these mockups will help you give a natural look to your product.

In this MacBook mockups list, you will not only find the device mockups but you will also see the workspace mockup to give a realistic view. As these are all premium mockups you needn’t worry about the quality and the ease of use. All you have to is to replace the layers with your objects and elements. In order to give you more options and also to save your time, we have collected mockups for the most used 13-inch, 15-inch, and 12-inch screen sizes.

Best MacBook Mockups

We’ve picked the best MacBook mockups with editable backgrounds and scene creator options to help you create photorealistic images within minutes.

MacBook Mockup Hands

professional-looking macbook mockup with hands

In this MacBook mockup, you get a hand working with a MacBook image. You get some trendy desks with patterns and few elements in the background. Since it is an image mockup, you can edit only the MacBook’s screen. A High-res image is used in this mockup; therefore, you can easily scale this mockup image to the size you want and use it effortlessly to create the image you want. Once you have added your app screen or design to the MacBook, you can adjust it and download your image.

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Falling MacBook Mockup

space gray falling macbook mockup

Falling MacBook mockup images are one of the best options to present your design. You get a space grey MacBook in this mockup, and it looks stunning. This mockup image gives you the option to change the background color; therefore, you can choose an apt background color for your screen image and improve your presentation image look. Since this is an image mockup generator tool, you don’t have the option to rotate the MacBook or adjust other image settings. All calibrations and adjustments are taken care of by the algorithm itself.

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Floating MacBook Mockup

floating rose gold macbook mockup

You get a beautiful rose-gold floating MacBook mockup image in this pack. Shadows in the image add a realistic look to the mockup image, but you can’t edit or adjust the shadows. What you can do is change the background color, add your design on the MacBook screen, and download your image. All adjustments and optimizations are taken care of by the mockup generator itself. If you want a tool to create quick and easy mockup images, this one will be a good choice.

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MacBook Pro Responsive Mock-Up

macbook mockups with neat workspace environment

If you are looking for MacBook mockups with the latest MacBook Pro with a touch bar, this mockup is the best option for you. 16 PSD MacBook mockups are given in this pack. All 16 images are taken in a different environment. Whether you are looking for a MacBook in an office environment or house environment, this mockup has a proper image for you. You get all the customization options that you would normally expect in a premium mockup. All the PSD layers are handled smartly in this mockup, hence you can customize it easily. For a better result, the creator recommends Photoshop version CS4 and above.

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MacBook Pro Stylish MockUp

macbook pro mockup with rich background

This MacBook mockup is the best option to showcase your web designs and websites. The dark background and bronze elements give a rich appearance to the image. If you are looking for a MacBook mockup with aesthetically beautiful backgrounds, you must consider this mockup pack. There are nearly nine image mockups in this set, all of them are easy-to-edit, and the option to turn on/off the screen reflections will help you make photorealistic images. You can see an iPhone near the MacBook; it is also editable and will come in handy for you to show your responsive designs.

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MacBook Skin Mock-Up

macbook mockup for skin designs

Everyone wants their laptops to be unique from others. Thankfully, there are plenty of laptop skins out there to customize your laptop’s look. If you are also creating unique and eye-catching MacBook skins, this mockup is the best option to showcase your designs. This pack has 13 MacBook mockups as of writing this post. You get both open and closed MacBook images in this pack; hence, you can show your skin designs clearly to the audience. Like most other PSD MacBook mockups, this one also has smart-objects and properly organized layers for quick customizations.

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MacBook Screen Mock-Up

macbook screen mockup

This mockup set has a huge collection of 21 premade MacBook PSD mockups. All MacBook images have a real-world background, and some images even have people using the laptop. Because of this mockup’s friendly customization options and perfect lighting conditions, you can use it for almost all types of purposes. Whether you want to showcase your designs or you want a proper image for your website, this mockup will help you make a perfect photorealistic image.

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MacBook Pro Mock-Up Loft Style

macbook mockups for responsive designs

In this mockup pack, you not only get the latest MacBook model but you also get the latest iPhone mockup with a notch. Whether you are making a web application or making responsive website design, MacBook mockups like this will make your job simple. This mockup pack has eleven PSD mockup images and all of them are easy to edit. The smart objects on the MacBook and iPhone screens are handled smartly so that your design blends well with the overall image ambiance. Plus, your design also gets a realistic look and lets your audience clearly understand how your design looks at the real-world conditions. If you are looking iPhone mockup to showcase your iOS applications, our iPhone mockups collection will help you.

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Macbook Mockup Packs

macbook mockups to present your website screen or application screens

Five PSD mockups are included in this pack and all five of them are very high-resolution images. So you can easily scale the image to the size you want and the user can zoom in and see the details without any worries. Right from the light effect to the shadow effect, everything is treated as a separate layer. Hence, you can easily adjust this mockup to the way you want.

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MacBook Pro Laptop Mock-Up

people using macbook mockup

MacBook Pro is one of the popular MacBook models among professionals. Because of its powerful processors and portability, some professionals prefer MacBook pros over other mac models. If you are making any professional or graphical intense application, showcasing your product on the MacBook Pro will help you easily bond your product with the audience. Nearly nine mockup images are given in this pack, and all of them have a person using a MacBook scene. AS It is a PSD mockup, the creator suggests using Photoshop version CS4 and above for better results.

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Laptop Mockups

macbook mockup with a casual scene

This mockup is also from the same creators of the MacBook Pro Laptop Mock-Up mentioned above. A different scenery is used in this mockup. You get a clean, casual-looking mockup image in this pack. You can adjust the light and shadows in this mockup so that you can give a realistic look to your mockup image. This mockup pack has six mockups as of writing this post, but you can expect new images in the next update. For this mockup also, the creator suggests using Photoshop version CS4 and above.

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Laptop Mockup Psd 1

macbook mockup bundle

In this mockup, you get a woman using the MacBook image. The MacBook screen is clearly visible so that you can show your website or product image neatly to the audience. Each and every layer is properly organized in this mockup. Hence, you can easily edit the results as per your needs. In this mockup also, the creator has given plenty of customization options. Just pick the image you like, add your content, fine-tune it as per your needs, and export your image. Since this mockup uses high-resolution images, you can even use it for printing purposes.

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Macbook Clay Mockup

clay macbook mockup with unlimited color options

From the name itself you can infer that this whole mockup is based on the clay model. If you are a creative professional and love to showcase your designs elegantly to the users, MacBook mockups like this will be a good choice. Since it is a clay model, you can even change the color of the MacBook. The creator has also given MacBook pro model images in this mockup. Hence, this mockup will help you make a beautiful presentation for your digital product. Like all other MacBook mockups in this list, this one also has very high-resolution images. So you can zoom in and show the details without any worries.

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MacBook Pro 15 Mockup


For a very long time, we have seen the MacBook silver finish, the obvious difference we see on the devices after 2015 is the Space Grey color. Most users say “space grey or nothing” when they are about to buy a MacBook Pro. Another striking difference you can see in the present MacBook Pro generation is the touch bar.

The touch bar is an interesting combination of hardware and software. Only a few software manufacturers like Adobe and Final cut has taken the complete advantage of the touch bar. If you are a SAAS company that produces software exclusively for macOS, then you would have taken care of this touch bar options. This particular mockup has a clear view of the touch bar so you can show your touch bar control neatly. The creator of this mockup has given you 13 different views of the product. All of them are easy to edit and shows a better view of your products.

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MacBook Pro 13 Mockup


This mockup is also from the same creator of the 15-inch model mentioned above. After the quad-core update to the 13-inch model, many users are going for the 13-inch model. Its smaller footprint and light-weight design make it ultraportable. Many professional users who need more CPU power, but don’t need the dedicated graphics cards, go for the 13-inch model. As the screen bezels are getting smaller, users do get enough screen space on the 13-inch model itself.

Showing your digital product in both screen sizes will help the user get a better idea on how your product will look in their device. This one is also a touch bar variant in space grey color. You can expect the same design quality and ease of use, that you have seen in the 15-inch model mentioned above. All the elements are properly arranged in layers. With this neatly organized files, the users can easily find an element and can edit it in no time.

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MacBook Retina Mockup


One of the major reasons why most of the photographers and videographers still cling on to their older MacBook is the input and output options. In order to make the MacBook thinner and also integrate other powerful components, Apple has replaced all the ports with USB-C ports. Most people still don’t love the dongle life. But, we are on the verge of transformation where almost all major products are adapting to the USB-C environment. Once the transformation is complete, we have to deal with only less number of wires.

This mockup has the older retina display MacBook model. If your product is compatible with the older devices as well, showing it in the images will help the users easily identify it. A clean background is used in the default design, but you can customize it to your needs. Eight PSD files are included in this package which has a different view of the product.

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Macbook Pro Creative Mockup


This MacBook mockup is for the designers and creative agencies. It is a clean clay like model, which allows you to change the color of the model. Designers can change the color of the mockup to add elegance to the image they are adding to the mockup. Many creative professionals, especially UI/UX designers use a mockup like this to show their prototype. We have made a complete list of free portfolio website template for creative people. Take a look at the free portfolio website template collection for unique designs. Coming to this MacBook mockup, it also includes real MacBook models. Based on your need, select the one that fits your needs.

The clean minimal look of the mockup helps you to neatly highlight your product or design. With this mockup, you can elegantly present your products on your websites and other places as well. The mockup is completely editable and allows you to edit almost everything from size to the colors.

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Ultra Realistic Workspace Mockup Set


Showing the products in real life with some properties gives a natural look. The creator of this mockup has included iPhone mockup along with this mockup. If you are a web developer or designer, you can use this to show how your design looks in both the devices. The iPhone used in this mockup has the old design with big chins and touch id button in the front. If you are looking for the new full-display design with a notch; keep reading this post, there are other mockups to help you.

MacBook Pro laptops are used in this mockup and it has both silver colors and space grey colors. You can not only edit the images on the laptop and mobile, but you can also change the texts in the props included in the mockup. With this mockup, you can create a properly branded workspace.

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Realistic Workspace Mockup


This mockup is also from the creator of the Ultra realistic template mentioned above. Like in the above mockup this one also have properties and iPhone in its package. The iPhone included in this mockup is the new one with a full-screen display and a notch. In this mockup, you get a study room like environment with books and study lamp elements. If you are using this mockup for an education website, it fits in perfectly. The images are taken from different angles so that you can use the one that fits you better. You can even use this mockup in your website images, to give a realistic touch. Other mockups in this set are a notepad, mobile screen, and a magazine. As a package, this mockup gives you 20 different scenes. You can use the whole set to give a balanced look throughout your website.

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Responsive Website PSD Mockup

responsive web design showcase mockup bundle

From the name itself you can infer that this mockup has different types of screen sizes and devices. Along with the MacBook mockup, you also get iPhone, iPad, and iMac mockup. All devices are shown from different angles so you can give a clear idea of your design to the audience. Mostly plain backgrounds are used in this mockup, which elevates the look of your design. This mockup pack has 14 different MacBook mockups, and all of them have properly organized layers for quick customizations.

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MacBook Case Mockup


There are many case manufacturers and laptop skin designers to help you customize the look of your MacBook. The most preferred option by the present-day user is the skin. The skins are easy to apply and also don’t add extra volume to the laptop. If you are a skin or case manufacturer for the MacBook, this mockup is the best option for you. The one thing you have noted while using this mockup is it uses the old MacBook model. If you are covering a wide range of models like the Dbrand, this mockup will help you. The creator of this mockup has given you complete freedom to customize the colors and background. All the files are provided in the PSD format so that you can open and customize the mockup easily in few clicks.

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MacBook Pro Isometric Mockup


The MacBook Pro Isometric Mockup includes the latest MacBook Pro mockup with touch bar option. One cannot easily find the difference between the 2016 MacBook Pro touch bar model and the latest model. As all the updates are on the internal side the outer design remains the same and you can expect this for the next few years. The floating MacBook Pro model gives a clear view of the screen elements. If you are presenting your web design to clients, this mockup will clearly show the design.

Except for the gold and rose gold colors included in this mockup, other mockups give a realistic view. A dark environment mockup with a glowing screen is given in this mockup, which is pretty good. The designer of has also included iPhone X mockup in this package as a bonus. If you are making a responsive design, showing the mobile view and desktop view side by side will give a better idea to the viewers.

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Apple MacBook Mockup


MacBook model lies right between the MacBook Air and the Pro lineup. It is the most thinnest and lightest mac for general purpose and day to day casual work. This sexy laptop has an elegant look and also makes your products look great on its screen. The rose gold color makes the MacBook model stand aside from the rest of the mac. Now the latest MacBook Air also gives you the rose gold look. The designer of this mockup has given you the mockup for different screen angles. Based on your design and needs you can choose the one that best suits you. The screen part of the mockup is a smart object, which allows you to easily switch the contents in a click. Properly arranged layers help you to easily find and edit the contents on this PSD file.

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Responsive Design MacBook Mockup


If you are a web designer then this is the best mockup for you. On an average, the modern users operate at least two devices. After the entry of smart wearables and smart home devices, the count has increased now. With the Google Home hub and Amazon Echo Show, people can now browse websites. Making the website responsive is a must to reach the present-day audience. To help you showcase your responsive design, this mockup will help you. In this mockup, you have a MacBook, iPad, and an iPhone.

All the devices are placed at a proper distance so that the users can clearly see the images in the mockup. This PSD file is properly layered, so you can customize and add your contents within a few clicks. To give a realistic feel, properties and human hands are also given in the mockup. The only drawback in this mockup is you have only one scene, hence you can’t use the elements in different views.

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Macbook Mockup


MacBook Mockup is also from the creator of the Responsive Design mockup mentioned above. Like the above mockup, this one also gives you one scene in its mockup. With this mockup, you get the MacBook mockup and an iPhone mockup. This image can be used for your website as well. If you are looking for an element to add to your SAAS or other such websites this image will help you. Images are used extensively in the present web design. Showing your products in the real-life environment will help the user to get a better idea of your product. Many startups and medium level business owners can’t afford to take high-quality photographs. In such condition, you can use mockups like this, which gives you the quality and also the ease to customize it. Just like all other MacBook mockups, this one also gives you the editable PSD files.

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iPad & Macbook 9 Photo Mockups


This mockup is the best option for the carrier pages on a company website. Many startups do give a great working environment for their employees. Showing the life of your employees at the work will inspire many new talents. If you are not able to get a perfect shot or image that shows your brand on the worker’s devices, this mockup will help you. This mockup gives you nine mockup scenes with MacBook and iPad.

All the images are clearly focused on the devices so that the users can clearly see the screen. You can swap the smart-object screen with your website or your product. If you are looking for a mockup with a neat modern workspace, this is the one for you. All the PSD files are properly organized so that the users can easily find and replace the elements. The perfect optimization of the layers retain the originality of the scene and also shows your products neatly.

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MacBook Pro 2017 Flying Mockup


Physically there isn’t any obvious difference between the 2016 MacBook Pro and the 2017 model. The major upgrade was on the internals and the second generation butterfly keyboards. But still, if you are looking for the 2017 model mockup, this one will help you. As the name of this mockup implies, it has flying Mockup design. It gives a clear side view of your product screen. The only bummer with this mockup is it has only one model. Other than that this mockup is perfect in its design and is also easy to use. The high-quality image doesn’t break even if you zoom in further. If you are a laptop skin manufacturer, this mockup will help you show the nook and corners of your skin neatly. In the default mockup, you have a clean dark background, but you can change it based on your needs.

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Macbook Skin Case Mockup


This mockup is almost similar to the MacBook case mockup mentioned above. In fact, both the mockups are from the same designer. You can expect the same design quality and user-friendly features. As said before, modern users prefer skins to protect their laptops then the cases. In the skins, you have plenty of option to choose from. Some online websites even allow you to upload your own custom design to create a unique skin. If you are using a mockup for such a website, then this one is the best option for you.

The designer of this mockup has optimized the image properly so that it retains the details even when you zoom in deeply. This design will help the user to get a clear idea of the skin before they buy one. Four background patterns are given in this set, based on your design you can switch the background pattern.

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MacBook 2015 Mockup


MacBook is an elegant looking laptop for users who prefer style over the performance. In fact, the MacBook is the starting point of the modern MacBook Pro design and features. Apple first introduced the butterfly keyboards in the MacBook model and now we have the third generation in the latest MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. The colorful variations really make the MacBook stand out from the crowd and also gives an artistic look. For those who are in search of this beautiful device mockup, this one is the best option for you.

The designer of this mockup has given the product from different angles so that you can clearly see the products. If you are an eCommerce website owner, showing the products in different angle will help the users select a better product. No matter how much you zoom in, the image quality is retained. So even if you are offering scroll to zoom options, this image can handle it easily.

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Floating MacBook Mockups


MacBook Mockups is another high-quality mockup for the MacBook lineup. In the above mockup, you get only one device. With this mockup you get multiple MacBooks in one image If you are comparing the models, this mockup will help you. It also helps you to show all the three color variations simultaneously. Laptops are placed in different orientations and angles to give a distinct look. The designer of this mockup has given you eight different sets, based in your need select the one for you. This mockup best suits for product demonstration and the presentation. As images in different angles are given in this mockup, you can even add effects to add life to the images.

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Minimal MacBook Mockups


This mockup is almost similar to the MacBook Pro Creative Mockup mentioned above. The neat prototype like neat designs clearly shows your images on the screen. If you are an app designer or web designer, mockups like this will highlight your design. The designer of this mockup has included the iPhone, iPad and MacBook designs. Responsive design is a must for the present generation. With this design, you can clearly display your responsive design side by side. The user can clearly understand how your product looks in different screen sizes.

As the new iPad Pro with all new full display design is introduced, you will have more screen space. Once we find a good a quality new iPad Pro mockup, we will add to this list. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. This minimal design mockup gives you plenty of option to customize the color of the product and the background color.

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Macbook In The House Mockups


Freelance work model is becoming popular among present-day creative professionals. The ease of doing the job from the place of your preference helps the people to do the work more effectively. If you are making a product or course for such free minded creative professionals this mockup will help you. As the name implies, this mockup is designed in the household environment. Though the mockup includes the bulky old MacBook piece, the layers are properly optimized to show the screen properly. The best thing about this mockup is it includes six scenes with different properties. All the six scenes, give the house environment clearly.

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Mockup Macbook Air Mac 8


MacBook Air set the new bar for the thinner modern laptop. When Steve Jobs pull the Air from an envelope a new era of modern hardware design started. Even though it is a trendsetter, Apple didn’t update it for a very long time. Finally, now the Air gets the new refreshed look with retina display. But still, Apple has kept the old MacBook Air in its lineup so you can use this mockup. Air the beloved product for many students and writers. It is economic and most importantly has all the basic ports. If you are making a product for writers or students, showing a MacBook Air will help you connect with them easily. This mockup has only one scene with a coffee table background. The mockup is designed neatly so that the elements on the screen can be seen clearly.

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MacBook Creative Office


As the name implies, this mockup is designed for the office environment. This mockup also has only one scene, so keep that in mind before purchasing this one. Old MacBook Pro model is used in this mockup. People still love the old Magsafe adaptor, it is easy to connect and easily detaches. If you are looking for this particular model, then this mockup is the best option. All the layers are treated properly, so the details are well preserved in this mockup. For example, the reflections on the glasses are preserved so that it gives a natural look to the mockup.

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