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We are in an era of major UI transition. When we turn back and look at the old designs, we’ve evolved a lot from a black screen with a green text interface to a colorful easy-to-interact graphical user interface. In the early days, computers are the only devices we use; but now all of us have more than one device with different screen sizes. The smartphone industry is changing everything and big software companies like Apple and Microsoft are moving towards the goal of one operating system for all devices. Being an app developer or web developer you will be playing a crucial role in this transition. We on this list have collected some of the best free UI kits designed for modern devices.

In this list of free UI kits, we have collected templates for all major platforms. As the user interface is changing based on the product design, we have also collected free UI kits having designed for modern devices.

Free UI Kits Format

To give you more options we have included UI kits with different platforms like —

  • Free UI kits Sketch
  • PSD format free UI kits
  • Figma free UI kits
  • Free Ui kits for Adobe XD and
  • Bootstrap free UI kits.

Based on your workflow you can choose the platform that suits you well.


bootstrap UI kit

Equip is a free UI kit for websites and web applications. This Bootstrap 4 based UI kit gives you fully functional front-end elements.

All major web elements like the buttons, forms, accordions, and much more are given in this pack. Free UI kits like the Equip will help you skip the basic chores and let you concentrate on the custom design needs. The whole Kit is given as a downloadable file. All code scripts are neatly arranged in the download folder, so developers can easily access the element and can work with it. Since it is a Bootstrap 4 UI kit, you can use it to develop all modern websites and mobile applications.

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bootstrap 4 ui kit

Regen is a simple and neat Bootstrap-based free UI kit.

If you are looking for a clean web elements UI kit, the Regen kit will satisfy your needs. Very subtle animations are used to liven up the environment. The creator has kept the code architecture flexible enough for you to add your own custom effects. Like all other bootstrap free UI kits, this one is also using the Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, you can use any modern animations on it without any worries. For fresh animation inspirations, please take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection.

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bootstrap free UI kits

Right from carousels to creative image frames, everything can be found in this free bootstrap UI kit.

Light and dark color schemes in this template manage to draw the user’s attention easily. Elements are given in all possible sizes to make your job simple. Unless you have any special needs, you can use the given elements as such on your website/app design. Some buttons and tabs get lighting and shadow effects, which gives a realistic touch. If you love to use glow effects in your web design, take a look at our CSS glow effects to add a new dimension to your design.

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modern UI kit

Structure is a premium quality web and app development UI kit that is free to download.

Since this is a bootstrap-based UI kit, developers can easily implement the elements in their projects. The creator has covered all major UI elements in this pack, so you can skip the basic chores and concentrate on the custom features you want. Subtle animations and hover effects are given in the default design itself. Hence, you can finish your project quickly using this UI kit. For more creative button inspiration, take a look at our CSS button design collection.

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interactive mobile and website UI kit

Smash is another bootstrap UI kit. If you are looking for modern UI kits with contemporary style elements, this kit will impress you. Trendy colors and elements with smooth animations make this kit an all-rounder pack for both web and application designing. The creator has mostly used light colors in this pack, but you can use your own custom colors. Since all elements are designed using the CSS3 script, you can use any modern colors and effects without any worries.

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modern UI kit

Jellyfish gives you bold web elements that look attractive on the modern high-res screens. Both regular and creative web shapes are given in this pack. The creator of this pack has concentrated more on the card design elements. Different types of cards for different purposes are given in this pack. If you like to liven up your card designs, check out our bootstrap card design collection for inspiration. Shadow and depth effects are used for some elements which not only give a floating appearance to the elements but also neatly highlight essential elements from others.

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bootstrap UI Kit

Buildex is a clean Bootstrap UI kit. The creator has given web elements with rounded edges and thin borderlines. If you are making a professional or business website, free UI kits like this will be the right choice. Modern colors give a touch of elegance to this clean web element UI kit. Different varieties are given for each and every element so you get more than enough options to make a unique looking webpages and app screens. All elements are developed using the latest Bootstrap4 and CSS3 script; hence, you can easily use this kit in your project.

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clean UI kit

The Next UI kit is almost similar to the Jellyfish kit mentioned above. Buttons and input boxes of all sizes are pre-designed for you, so you can simply select the element and use it in your design. Big image carousels are given along with regular web elements. Speaking of carousels, take a look at our bootstrap carousel collection for interactive carousel designs. Coming to this UI kit, fully functional forms are also included in this pack. The creator has even given date-picking options for some forms. Overall, the Next UI kit is a paradise for web and app developers.

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iOS 14 UI Kit – Sketch, Figma, XD

light and dark theme iOS UI kit

This free iOS14 UI kit has Sketch, Figma, and XD files, giving designers the freedom to pick the file format they want. No matter which format you choose, all of them have a fully organized structure for easier and quick customization. Another advantage with this UI kit has both light and dark versions in it.

iOS 14 brought lots of new elements and gave a completely refreshing look to the interface. One of the biggest and welcoming additions in iOS14 is the widgets; it lets the users can easily interact with their favorite apps without opening the particular app. This UI kit has covered all basic iOS elements and widgets so that you can design an iOS app quickly with this pack.

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MacOS 11 Big Sur Free UI Kit

macos 11 UI kit

As the name implies, this pack has MacOS 11 free UI kit. The creator has given Sketch and Figma file formats.

Even though Big Sur brings lots of new design elements, the major update was in the control center. Like in the iPad OS, now you can control Bluetooth, WiFi, and other basic system controls from the control center itself. Another notable update is card elements in the notification center. All related notification cards are grouped, which gives a tidier look and also lets the user easily find the information they want without scrolling a lot.

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Mobile App UI Kit

mobile app UI kit

This Free UI kit for mobile apps has readymade designs for Smart Home, Personal Assistant, and Shopping. Sketch and PSD file formats are given in this pack.

Since there are more and more IoT devices are preferred by the young generations, the Smart Home app category is seeing growth. If you are making a clean and intuitive Smart Home app from where the users can easily manage their devices, this UI kit will come in handy. All three app designs in this pack have a colorful design. All you have to do is to pick the app category you want and start building your app.

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iOS 12 UI Kit

UI kit for iOS12

As the name suggests this one is a free iOS 12 UI Kit. The creator of this kit has given us UI Kit design for different app categories like finance, fitness, news, travel and many more. This kit has Sketch files, Adobe XD files, and even Figma files, based on the workflow you like, pick one and start working on it. There is also a premium version of this Kit, if your demand is high and find this kit extremely useful for your work, you can opt for the free version. There isn’t any compromise in the design quality but the number of screen designs you get in the free version is less when compared to the premium version. If you are looking for free UI kits with premium quality and supports different design tools like Sketch & XD, this is the one for you.

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UI Kit for news and content rich mobile application

Tapnews is a proper mobile news app UI Kit. Right from the welcome or get started screen to the stories screen, everything is included in this kit. All the basic screens like login screens, news category screen, stories screen, and navigation screens are given in this kit. So you can concentrate on the unique needs of your application design. As this is a Sketch platform based UI kit, you can work with it easily. Another useful feature in this UI kit is you get weather widgets and weather screens as well. Properly organized layers will let you customize the design without disturbing other elements. If you are looking for free UI kits to designs your news application, this UI kit worth a look.

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Personal Assistant App UI Kit

ui kit for four types of mobile applications

Though the name is Personal Assistant App UI kit, this kit has designs for other types of apps as well. In this pack, we get designs for a personal assistant, smart home app, shopping app, and freelancer app. Totally there are 23 screens in this pack and all 23 of them are available in both PSD and Sketch format. Though it is a free template the creator has given us the option to choose the format we like, which is not mostly given in all free UI kits. If you are looking for simple free UI kits to give a rough look to your app, this kit will be a good option.

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UI kit for mobile and desktop applications

PerfectKit has designs for both desktop and mobile applications. Like the iOS12 UI kit mentioned-above, this one is also a freemium type UI kit. In the free version, you get only a limited amount of mobile screens and desktop modules. Basic elements like portfolio, features, footer designs and shop pages are given in this kit. All designs are in PSD format, so you can easily work with this design and can even convert it to the XD files to add animation and interactions to the design. If you are into the Adobe design ecosystem, free UI kits like this will save a lot of your time.

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Free Basic Widget-style UI Kit For Websites


Widgets come in handy in many sections of the website. You can utilize each and every inch on your website to reach the goal of the website. Widgets are the tools that will help you execute your strategy. The designer of this kit has given you all types of widgets in all sizes. Based on your need pick the widget you like and start working on it. These designs are from professionals, so you get properly organized files. Editing and using it in your existing design won’t be an issue.

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Windows 10 New Music UI For Sketch


Windows 10 with the Fluent design UI gives a futuristic look. As Microsoft mostly concentrate on business software, the fluid design fits perfectly for all types of business websites. In this UI kit, the designer has shared the UI design for the Windows 10 music player. Flat icons and cool color scheme make the music player attractive. As the name of the kit implies, all the files in this kit are Sketch files. If you are looking for a working CSS music player design, take a look at our CSS music player design collections.

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Relate is a must-have free UI kit for an app designer. This kit includes more than 40 templates and hundreds of UI elements. With this kit, you can start your app design project from scratch and can complete it in no time. Creators of this template have given this beautiful work in both Sketch and Photoshop formats. Based on your workflow, select the template that fits your needs. All the app template uses the latest trendy design with a creative layout.

Most of the icons used on this template are vector icons so you can resize and use them with ease. Google fonts are used in this template so most of them are accessible and performs better in almost all type of major devices. For designers, this kit will come in handy for most of your projects. As this template is from the designers at Invision you no need to worry about the quality of this package and flexible UI elements.

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We have seen many iOS application UI kits before, this one is for the Android users. The Shards uses the material design style so you can easily create a fluid application using this template. By combining a few new elements from the latest Google material design update, your design will be future-proof for the next couple of years.

The designer of this kit has used two icon packages, material icons, and font awesome icons. Both of them are free so you can access them easily. What makes this kit unique is its creator has included both sketch and SCSS files. So you have innumerable options of customizations and can start a project easily. Web UI kits are also included in this template made of latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework. Another useful feature with this template is it has two pre-made landing page designed just for you.

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Material Design UI


This UI kit from the people at the UXpin is the best UI kit for the Adobe users. The creator of this template has included both Photoshop and Illustrator version of this kit. After the subscription model of Adobe, many new designers can’t afford for the monthly subscription packages for the entire creative suite. Illustrator is becoming more powerful for the designers and most design projects from the Illustrator. Having an Illustrator version of the UI kit will increase your workflow easily. Apart from the Adobe version, this template is also available in the Sketch format.

In this package, you have 35+ screen pre-designed for you. Apart from the screen variations, you have more than 140 of UI elements included in this template for easier customizations. You can make an entire mobile skin using this UI kit. Since this template uses the material design, creating a skin for the Android phones will be an easy job.

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Flowchart Kit


FLowchart kit, as the name suggests this template includes designs for the flowcharts alone. This sketch format free kit has all the boxes, arrows, and lines you need to create an effective chart. All the elements are completely editable, you can change the line style and thickness in a few clicks. You can use this kit as an addon pack in one of your major project. For the explanatory purpose and neat development documentations, these charts will come in handy. The designer has included both light and dark mode of this template. As most mobile and computer operating systems are adopting the dark theme, these dark theme flowcharts will minimize your work.

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Froala Design


Froala Design is one of the best free UI Kits for web designers. This kit includes all the web elements you need to create an impressive looking modern website. Most freelance developers and web development agencies will find this UI kit extremely useful, especially the minimal design lovers. The default design of the templates in this kits resembles a startup website and landing pages. With over 170 responsive design blocks, this kit includes all types of elements you need to start a website from scratch. To give you more freedom on font usage this kit uses Google fonts. Another plus point about this UI kit is it is designed using the latest Bootstrap framework.

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Android Mobile UI


Most of you designers and developers will be familiar with the material design, a design which Google uses for its application designing. This Android Mobile UI kit follows the material design and this one includes only the Sketch file. With this UI kit, you will get basic mobile UI elements. The designer tries to give you possible variation in the design using shadow effects and flat colors. The Sketch file provided is editable and the designer of this kit made customization easier. All you have to do is to customize the file for your needs and start developing your user interface.

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Material UI Kit


Material UI Kit is another material design base UI kit, but this one is a Bootstrap 4 UI kit. The creator of this Kit gave you almost all the elements you need to create both websites and mobile applications. Though it is a free UI kit, the creator of this kit is dedicated to this pack and gives you regular updates. The 74k downloads will vouch for the quality of the kit and ease of use. All the designs are pixel perfect and there is no bug, so you won’t get any misaligned elements. In the free version, you get sixty pre-made elements and three example pages. If you need more advanced features and direct support you can opt for a pro version of this UI kit.

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iPhone X UI Kit


iPhone X is definitely setting trends around the smartphone industry both in the hardware design and software design. Even with Android P, the Google is bringing gesture-based user interface similar to iPhone X. In this UI Kit, the designers have given you mobile application interface designed particularly for the iPhone X model. Moreover the creators of this kit claims that all the UI elements and templates in this kit follow the Apple’s guidelines for human interface design. If you are an iOS developer you will find this kit extremely useful as it already follows the Apple design guidelines. Not only iOS developers can use this, even Android developers can use this, as many Android OEM’s are adopting the iPhone X design.

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Material Design for Bootstrap 4


Material Design for Bootstrap 4, as the name implies it is a Bootstrap 4 UI kit. With this kit get both solid color elements and gradient color gradients. As more and more top brands are using gradient color schemes it will be useful for you to create eye-catching websites and mobile applications. Along with the UI elements, you also get animated elements so you can make use of this CSS files for your HTML website templates. As a package, this kit provides you 400+ UI elements, 600+ icons and 74 different types of CSS animation effect files. Another best part of this kit is you get elements for online stores as well, so you make eCommerce website templates and websites in no time. Overall the Material Design for Bootstrap 4 is a feature rich premium grade template you get for free.

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UI Kit From UXPin


Many of you might be familiar with the UXPin, it is one of the best platform designing and prototyping your web applications and websites. The experts at UXPin has shared some useful free UI kit to make our process easier. With this package, you get 80+ elements and four sample kits. If you already have an account in UXPin you can try these elements directly in the UXPin editor. As mostly UXPin is related to web design all the templates in the kit is also related to web design. If you are a web developer you will find this kit extremely useful.

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macOS UI Kit


Just before we saw iOS UI kit, now let’s see about macOS. Publishing an app in the app store is the most difficult job, people there in QA are like hawks. If you are an iOS developer you will be knowing about this. This UI kit includes design elements for making macOS applications. It follows the design guidelines, so you needn’t worry about it. This UI kit provides you nearly 500 elements and the creators claim that it also includes elements for MacBook pro touch bar. By keeping this as a reference you can create your own application. Again this pack also includes only Sketch files, so you have started doing your development work.

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Crypto Kit Design


One topic which always gets financial users and tech enthusiasts attention is the cryptocurrency. Despite of all security issues, even FB is planning on its own blockchain. Well, cryptocurrency started to gain attention in web design and web development as well. This UI kit is designed exclusively for the Crypto mobile application and web applications. Another best part about this kit is it is developed using the Adobe XD, so you can visualize the interface easily. The creator of this kit had made it extremely easy to use and to customize. All you have to do is to finalize your design with visual effects and start building your own.

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eCommerce UI Kit


eCommerce UI kit, as the name implies this kit is designed exclusively for the online stores. This is a Sketch UI kit, so you only get the framework. With lots of useful mockups, the designer of the kit had displayed the UI interactively to the users. As a package, this kit includes nine sketch pages. The kit includes all the major pages you normally expect in an eCommerce site or mobile application. Since the designer has clearly grouped and tagged the layers, Customizations can be done easily with this UI kit. If you are looking for a more easy UI kit with working example check out the XD kits or the Bootstrap kits mentioned in this free UI kits list.

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Web Interface


Web Interface is a perfect UI kit for web applications. This kit includes a complete set of UI design for different web applications. All the templates include a minimal style template and as a kit, you get all the elements you need to create an interactive web application. Like few other free UI kits on this list, this one is also a Sketch-based UI framework kit. If you are looking for a working model with easy to integrate and customize, take a look at our free dashboard templates list. With this UI kit, you get eight sets pre-designed for you.

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Facebook Design’s iOS 11 GUI


Facebook Design’s iOS 11 GUI is a complete set of UI kit, with this kit you get PSD files, Sketch files and Origami files. From the given options you can select a format that best suits your workflow. This UI kit includes design for both iPhone X and other previous iPhone models. In the previous iPhone X UI kit you get the design for only that particular model, but with this kit get more options. Hence you can make a design that works on all types of devices. The best thing about this free UI kit is, it has all the elements designed in all Sketch, PSD and Origami formats. As a developer or agency, you will find this free kit extremely useful for iOS app development.

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Mega UI Style Pack


Mega UI style pack is one of the must-have packages in your UI collections. This kit is designed based on any particular theme or purpose. The designer of this kit has included all the UI elements and pages you might usually need while developing any application or website. From a designer perspective, the creator of this kit has included all the elements you might normally need to create an effective application. It is PSD based UI kit, o if you are into collecting free PSD UI kit this might impress you.

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Hila Yonatan Free Kit


Hila Yonatan Free Kit is another PSD based UI starter kit, which has all the basic elements and layouts you would normally need. The creator gives you three types of UI kits, each is designed based on different themes, but the elements you get with all the three is almost similar with slight changes. The PSD layers are arranged neatly so that you can find the particular element easily between different layers.

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