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Are you a web developer looking for professional, clean, polished, elegant-looking business bootstrap responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates to serve your client’s needs?

You are at the right destination. As a developer, I understand how elusive it becomes to satisfy client requirements with a simple collection of responsive HTML website templates. So, I’ve made a couple of research and checked plenty of trustworthy sources, and created a collection website theme for your consideration. The HTML5 CSS3 website templates are designed elegantly, coded meticulously for web developer agency and freelancers who are looking such source to timely deliver mesmerizing and startling websites to their clients.

Before selecting your desired website template, I recommend you check each theme perfectly. While writing, it’s not possible to look into each theme one by one closely. On top of that, I’ve created a check link that every template providers try to follow wisely.  

Key Features of Bootstrap Corporate and Business Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

  • Elegant Design: As I’ve listed the website template from proficient and experience theme authors, I can say the templates are modern, cutting-edge, and client convincing. The template provides spends time researching the market a lot and try to understand the trend move. Whenever they find any enhancement in the latest trend, try to bring the touch to this popular creation.
  • Responsive Layout: Mobile-friendly and responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates are one of the must-have features. It should you perfectly and proficiently resize according to viewport sizes. Consequently, it allows the site visitors to view pages from iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Smartphone, Feature phone, and other handheld devices. It requires no separate layouts on mobile and small screen devices as well.
  • Latest Technology : Technology is one of the crucial parts of bestselling business HTML5 website templates. It keeps the website powerful and mind-blowing to cope up with modern devices and trends for the long run. Most of the templates in this list are powered by Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3, Revolution Slider, Owl Carousel, other popular UI components.
  • Secured & SEO Friendly: In the web industry website codebase should be secure and search engine optimized. Junk codebase can hamper site content visibility and restrict content to rank quickly. So, developers try to maintain the header hierarchy, alter tag, title tag, semantic content, and other important aspects. If a theme is developed following the guideline of SEO it can easily be crawled and index by search engines like Google bots
  • Fast loading & Lightweight: Speed and weight always matter when reducing bounce and exit rates. On the current web, visitors seldom wait for the site, which takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, it’s considered lightweight and fast loading is best for high traffic and boosts conversion.
  • Feature Rich & Element Dense: Feature-Rich & Element Dense: Developers purchase the best selling and responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates to get many things in a single bundle. Such template offers tons of element variation for icons, slider, pricing table, project analytics wheels and countdown, testimonials, team members, service section, skill bar, and much more.
  • Fresh & Clean: The aestheticism and professionalism of a business website depending on the refreshing clean interface. It convinces customers and keeps their focus on details. The typography is well-organized and saturated with modern style. Furthermore, the color combination is amazing, help visitors to understand the content motto easily.
  • Easy To Use & Highly Customizable: These themes are easy to use, comes with high efficient elements that allow you to create any type of business website with ease. The codebase is well-structured, allowing you to customize the theme according to requirement. It means you are going to satisfy your client without any hassle.
  • Efficiently coded & well-documented: The best part of these corporate responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates is highly efficient codebase and enrich documentation. So, you can easily understand the code and swiftly customize the site content to meet your client’s requirements.
  • Multiple Niches and Demos: Niches-specific prebuilt demos are helpful. It saves the time of webmasters and developers who want to create website personal needs and clients’ requirements. Say goodbye to the time consumption, pick your desired demo and give it a go.
  • Friendly Customer Support: Customer support is essential when you purchase the best HTML CSS website template from the store. Sometimes, it comes with personalized file structure and content arrangement which needs a core developer assistant to organize files for reuse. On top of that, you may need some other assistance to create a new site.

Having discussed the salient feature of popular HTML5 Website templates, take a look into the theme listing and pick out your desired one.


html website template with multiple demos

Canvas is a powerful, clean, modern, multipurpose, multipage, and one-page responsive HTML5 website template. It is one of the best-selling rresponsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates on the Themeforest. It allows creating a website for business, corporate, travel, restaurant, blog, app showcase, wedding, Magazine, real estate, media agency, construction, and more.

Canvas is only available for $16 but offers 80+ multipage and one-page demos, responsive and retina-ready layout, boxed, wide, and dark variation, Bootstrap 3.3 framework with dark skin, and a lot more.

With these elegant and responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates you can create client convincing and enchanting website without tons of code in HTML because it bundles 15 header variation, 10 menu style, 10 niche demos, 165+ portfolio templates, 7 sliders with 20+ templates, unlimited footer layouts, 45+ blog templates, 10+ functional component, and revolution slider.

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Enry is another stunning addition to our list of the best responsive multi-purpose corporate templates. Visuals are pretty awesome considering the responsive and retina-ready interface. All of the elements are placed strategically to ensure optimal performance. It is also pretty professional looking and minimal with the styling and design. This makes it more appropriate for content-focused websites. And because it comes with tons of reusable and flexible blocks, the possibilities are endless. Coming up with your own unique and convenient design for a website has never been easier. The structures are all pretty SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, and powerful with CSS and HTML coding structure.

The best thing about this template is that it comes with a front-end page builder which is pretty handy and efficient. It comes with page sliders, parallax effects, floating elements, smart headers, and plenty more. Powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, everything here is up to the latest web standards. Whether you want to create a professional business site or a personal page, it is versatile enough to meet your requirements. In addition

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Another multi-purpose responsive HTML5 CSS3 website template, Reobiz is a stunning, lightweight, and customizable premium template. Built to help start-ups, agencies, designers, developers, illustrators, this template has tons of awesome features backing it up. Easily customizable, versatile, and overall pretty powerful, the interface is also visually pleasing. It is responsive, retina-ready, and professional in all forms. The template has multiple navigation styles like hamburger fullscreen menu, full-width mega menu, and standard boxed menu. There are also plenty of extensive portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce layouts for you to begin with. Furthermore, users can use tons of unique and reusable blocks.

There are also options to choose from over 25 one and multi-page design structures. Custom-made sliders, parallax sections, scrolling images, and other engaging elements are also there. For professional purposes, the template is integrated with MailChimp, Google Fonts, AJAX Contact forms, Google Maps, and other social media integration. You can also showcase your pricing with style with a simple and clean design for Pricing Tables. Other attractive components packed here are parallax designs, on scroll animations, all of the PSD files used, and even various page titles. It even comes with unlimited color scheme options.

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Targeted to boost your business like nothing else, FinBuzz is surely a premium HTML5 template you need to try out. Creative, modern, and stylish, the visuals are impressive to start with. And the whole template package is also completely robust and powerful getting the result you are aiming for. It is responsive, retina-ready, and features excellent graphics. The creative elements are linked to getting the perfect site started within minutes. Aimed at all levels of business, agencies, and personal sites, everything about this template is user-friendly. The creatively crafted UX also offers many personalizing options so that the end result is exactly what you want. It is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, and optimized for optimal performance.

It comes with over 10 HTML pages each designed for a specific niche or purpose. In addition, there are AJAX forms you can use to manage your emails and contacts. Get unlimited color scheme options, fonts, and icons you can use throughout the site. The fully responsive slider and carousels can also be used for promotional business purposes. As the template package is lightweight, it also features an extra fast loading site. Not to mention the well-documented structure alongside the premium and dedicated template support. The use of CSS also features excellent animations, smooth effects, and transitions that tie the whole design together. All in all this template is surely the one that makes your site stand out from the rest.

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Looking for something professionally built and creatively implemented into a fully functional website template? Try Consulting. Powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is completely flexible and versatile. It provides the users with a multi-purpose concept dedicated to a different niche. There are over 330+ HTML pages you can use to your benefit. All of these are also extremely responsive and retina-ready. You can even choose from One or Multi-Page designs to start with. The stylish and modern interface will surely engage your users benefiting your site. It has over 200 UI elements that will come in handy when creating a functional site. In addition, it also features a stunning range of effects, animations, and transitions through powerful CSS and HTML codes.

The template is SEO friendly ensuring it always ranks higher than your competitor’s sites. You can also choose from 6 Home Page designs that are all unique. It also includes unlimited header layouts and footer styles. There are also 6 color schemes you can go for to match your theme structure. Get an endless amount of professional fonts and icons you can add throughout the site. The template is also cross-browser compatible and integrated with Google Maps. It also includes layered PSD files, powerful shortcodes, and more. And for ease of navigation throughout the site, it has options for the mega menu, sticky menu, drop-down and more.

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Aimed to provide excellence to everyone using the template, Axacus is one of the premium corporate HTML5 CSS3 website templates. It is powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework making it ideal for developers and users who wish to make any additional changes. Another great thing about this template is that it is extremely pleasing to the eyes. With elements such as the full-width hero section along with smooth and stunning parallax effects, animations, and more, it is engaging for your users to enjoy. All these are also completely responsive and retina-ready, so your site looks amazing through a wide range of devices. Not only this, but you also get unlimited color scheme options to choose from.

Getting more into the awesomeness of this theme, various Home and Inner Pages are included as well. The HTML and CSS codes used also provide access to various useful components. Each line of coding is clean and organized. Choose from 4 different creative layout styles to go for. This includes various blogs, galleries, and even shop layouts. Although monotone with the default settings, you can get as creative as possible with the available modifying options. There are plenty of Google Fonts as well as creative icons at your disposal as well. Cross-browser compatible and SEO friendly, this template is the epitome of what you can get within a simple template package.

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Brook is a premium HTML-based template with a creative, multipurpose design structure. Ideal for a wide variety of websites both professional and personal, this template is pretty flexible. And there are plenty of awesome features to back this up as well. The creators have taken care of everything from a powerful Bootstrap framework to many customizing options. With over 200 HTML pages, there is plenty you can start with. And just to make sure you have everything you need, it features over 150 reusable and efficient content blocks. This includes over 21+ unique blog layouts, over 10 header styles, and 5 unique footer styles. There are even 41 fully built and ready-to-use home pages you can start with.

Getting into more of the features, it also supports cloud and HTML video background. Not only this, but users can also choose from 4+ useful navigation styles. You can even use various typography and font options through Google Fonts. The template also ensures fast loading speed, cross-browser compatibility, and a secure and well-coded structure. Furthermore, you can add a custom logo, icons, and more to add that custom feel. The template is also ultra-responsive. This means that no matter which device your site is on, it looks flawless always. Another one we think is worth a try, make sure to try it out today!

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Avante, the name defines itself pretty much. Avante is an easy way to get a site started within a matter of minutes with a huge package of unlimited personalizing options, useful components, and a powerful structure. It comes with a pretty user-friendly and efficient front-end page builder that takes the cake. Not to mention over 100 reusable and effective blocks that come in handy when creating a professional-level website. Because the design structure is purpose-oriented, straightforward, and minimal, the package is also lightweight. This further adds to the site’s performance, ensuring a blazing fast loading speed. It is also responsive and retina-ready along with HD imagery. So you are free to assume that your site looks amazing no matter its device.

Getting more into the details, you also get an interface with amazing attention to the smallest elements. Choose from 9 different pre-built demo structures each designated with a different concept. You can also implement smooth parallax effects and other engaging effects and animations. In addition to this, to save both your time and effort, you get access to page variations. This includes Login Page, Error Pages, and even ones for Coming Soon complete with a count-down timer. The template is further designed to be cross-browser compatible and tested to ensure amazing flexibility with all the web browsers.

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If modern and stylish is what you are after, then the premium template Zibber is the way to go. Designed with multiple concepts and niches in mind, this is one of the powerful and flexible options you can choose. There are options for everything from business to e-commerce to personal blogs and portfolios. And to add to all of these, it is packed with over 3 different Home Pages each representing its unique set of features. All of these are also ultra-responsive and retina-ready. This ensures whatever you wish to present to your users, it looks flawless no matter which device it is on. A large variety of components and customizing options are also included with the package. In addition to these, the template is perfected to be SEO friendly, as well as optimized for speed.

Furthermore, the template also features multi-layer parallax sections that elevate the visuals to the next level. Various animated elements, transitions, and effects are incorporated with the creative use of CSS coding. And just like with most of our other premium templates, this also has shortcodes-enabled elements options. This includes creative charts, progress bars, video backgrounds, pie charts, image boxes, custom icon boxes, and more. Not only this, but you also get tons of blogs, portfolios,s and pre-built Inner Pages that will come in handy. This template is an awesome start, perfectly suited for the advanced site you are looking to build.

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Fionca is the ultimate HTML-based website template that relies on the powerful and optimal HTML and CSS coding structure. Designed specifically for business-based websites, all of the visuals and the elements inclined are purpose-oriented. Fully featured, multi-purpose, and effortlessly flexible, you can create almost any type of website you wish. From business, corporate, agency, portfolio, resume, and more, this template is everything you possibly require. It is responsive, retina-ready, and overall visually compelling, it looks amazing on any device screen. And the best part is, it is also cross-browser compatible making it easily accessible on every web-browsers. 

Choose from different color schemes, and tons of other variations to get exactly what you want. Powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it also meets all the latest web standards. The MailChimp and Campaign Monitor integration makes managing and collecting emails a breeze. Furthermore, for you to give a head start, it comes with templates for Coming Soon, Login Page, 400, and 500 Error Pages. Another choice you get unlimited sidebars to choose from. All of the popular social media icons are also available for you to link your social platforms.

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Stack Multipurpose is robust, stylish, beautiful, fascinating enriched, multipurpose, and one of the best responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates. It’s one of the top-rated website templates, offers reusable, and modularity codebase comes with 140 demo pages, 270 customizable interface blogs, and a lot of bit-in features.

The amazing part of it HTML5 frontend page builder which allows you to create unique layout variations based on your client’s requirement or combining your creativity. To make all your layout variation unique and separate from other existing layouts, it offers multiple navigation styles, layout design blog, working contact with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor Ajax form, masonry and lightbox gallery, color schemes, and extensive blogging layout.

It’s one of the most updated business & corporate Bootstrap responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates, comes packed with 30 niches tailored homepage variation which includes a restaurant, startup landing page, portfolio, and a lot more.

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simple website template

Porto is one of the professionally designed responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates that are ideal for multiple purposes and niches. With a stylish and engaging interface, boost your site’s traffic and appeal with ease. It is 100% responsive and features excellent imagery with pixel-perfect graphics. And the best part about this is that it uses the revolutionary Bootstrap framework which makes it modern and up to date with all of the latest web standards. Another great thing is the flexibility and scalability it offers. There are tons of personalizing and modifying options to choose from as well.

You can start from scratch or go with the pre-built demos available with the theme package as well. Each of the demos also deals with a different purposes and niches so you have a lot on your plate. From constructions to medical to technologies and more, it has it all covered. And you can even choose from unlimited Header styles which are accompanied by the exclusive Style Switcher. This enables the users to easily transform the site according to their preferences.

In addition to all this, it also includes the premium plugin Revolution Slider which enables you to add in creative elements for your users to enjoy. Furthermore, this template also features top-level support as well as complete documentation. Overall a pretty great option, this template offers cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly as well as speed-optimized interface for the users to work with.

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clean html business website template

Polo is another awesome premium business website template that is robust and jam-packed with awesome features. It includes over 200 unique layout designs and over 600-page templates in total. And all of these are completely responsive and retina-ready. To top it off, it makes use of the amazingly flexible Bootstrap framework. Perfect for any type of business and corporate site, there are plenty of awesome options for you to try and get the amazing custom site you are aiming for. It is also based on the powerful SASS/CSS and HTML coding structure. Each line of code is also highly secure, neat, and organized. This also ensures that it is developer-friendly and open to customizing.

Getting more into the details, the template also contains tons of amazing elements. Add in creative sliders, carousels, play along with the fonts and icons to get that custom feel. In addition to this, you also get 19 stunning header styles to match your preference and the overall theme design. There are also tons of shortcodes, each of which has over 10-15 different styles. Users also have access to choose from multiple different page layouts and unlimited color schemes. Summing up, this template is more than enough to get you the head start you are looking for.

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BeTheme is yet another powerful, comprehensive, and flexible website template complete with all the awesome features. Not to mention the completely responsive and retina-ready visuals. Built with multi-purpose and multi-niches in mind, the design is pretty flexible and versatile. You can create almost every kind of website whether it is a professional business site, blog, portfolio, or gallery website. In addition to this, you can even come up with your own online shop, and sell off your products or merchandise with ease. The grid-based layout uses the flexible Bootstrap framework. And you get multiple layouts to choose from and work with as well. Just like the others we have mentioned, this too is pretty customizable and easily modifiable. And it comes with tons of options to do so as well.

Get multiple headers and menu styles you can implement on the site. There is an unlimited sidebar for pages you can make use of as well. For that custom feel to the site, you can add in a custom logo, retina logo as well as favicon. In addition to this, the template comes with over 380 layouts each dedicated to a different niche. Furthermore, it also features stunning parallax effects, smooth hover, and scroll effect. To add that engaging factor, you can also add in sliders using the premium plugin Revolution Slider as well as the Wow Slider included with the premium template package. Other mentionable elements include Maps, Blockquotes, buttons, and more.

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Another awesome option we have in line for you is Rhythm which is a premium HTML template. Multi-purpose, and responsive this template is a perfect choice for any of your future projects. It is complete with over 180 HTML pages all designed with careful attention to details. And it also features over 50 stunning demo pages you can start with. This gives you a head start on all of your future projects so that you don’t have to start from scratch. There are plenty of awesome styling options which you can mix and match to get that custom and unique look. From the backgrounds to the fonts to the contents and various elements, everything is highly customizable. Powered with the professional Bootstrap framework, it meets all the latest web standards with ease.

The great thing is that this template supports almost every file type. Thus, you can add in creative images, sliders, videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more. It is also cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, and most of all optimized for speed. For easier navigation throughout the site, you can add stylish menu bars, a sticky menu,s or a simple drop-down. There are even variations for light, dark or transparent menu bars. In addition to these, the template also offers modals to support forms, iframes, or any HTML element. It is also developer-friendly which means that the developers know exactly what to expect when customizing markup.

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Just as the name would suggest, Construction is a premium corporate website template that is designed specifically for the construction niche. Perfect for building services, engineering, architecture, and similar niche of websites, it comes complete with tons of awesome features. It is powered with the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework which makes it flexible and versatile. In addition to this, it also comes with a clean, organized, and developer-friendly CSS and HTML coding structure. All of the visuals are responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect to say the least. This ensures that no matter which device whether it is a desktop, laptop, or tablet and mobile, your site still looks flawless.

It features unlimited gallery styles with a lightbox pop-up to add that visual element. Not only this, but it supports a variety of animated elements to elevate the design further. The template is also SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, and RTL language friendly. Get fully functional AJAX Contact forms and jQuery validator. Other mentionable features of this template include various social media icons, parallax background effects, WooCommerce compatibility, and unlimited slider portfolio, grid portfolio, and filter bars. Take any of your next sites to the next level using StartApp.

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real estate investor templates with useful features

Now Findeo is another premium HTML5 CSS3 website template that is aimed at the real-estate and directory listing niche. Premium with features worthy of the price, everything about this template is efficient. With a design specifically designed for the niche, there are also plenty of features backing it up. From functional search bars to Google API integration to performance optimization, this template offers it all. Another great feature is the jPanelMenu similar to the ones on YouTube and Facebook. Powered with the powerful Bootstrap framework, accompanied by the CSS, and HTML structure it is pretty much up to par. It is responsive, retina-ready and all of the site’s structures are pixel perfect.

It also comes with tons of Google fonts and over 2000 premium icons that go hand in hand with the design. The site is also optimized for speed and ensures an unforgettable performance. Furthermore, there are stunning Pricing Tables where you can add details. In addition to this, there are also options for you to compare the properties side by side along with the details. The template is furthermore cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly on all web browsers. Thus, it makes for the ideal choice for any real estate agencies, brokers and directory sites.

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If minimal, simple, and mesmerizing is more of your style, then this premium template Enigma is a perfect choice for you. The style and the overall design structure are clean, organized, and neat. And it is also designed specifically for the gallery, portfolio, and personal sites in mind. Powered by the Bootstrap framework, you will get the flexibility you are looking for. It even includes an option for One or Multi-Page variations to go with. As it is designated for galleries and portfolios, there are plenty of features to go along with it. It is responsive, retina-ready, and amazingly pixel-perfect. In addition to this, the template also includes the premium plugin Revolution Slider worth $14. And the best part is that it also supports YouTube and Vimeo videos.

There are plenty of demo sites available you can start with. Not to mention the stunning 10 HomePage styles you can opt for. Plenty of CSS animations, effects, and transitions go along with it as well. The parallax sections also elevate the design further. Various Google Fonts, and icons are also paired for you to add throughout the sites. Accompanied by touch sliders, masonry portfolios, functional Contact Forms, this template comes with everything you need. Easy to customize, user-friendly, and all-in-all another fabulous option, this template is also lightweight and fast loading.

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Innovative, multi-purpose, and an awesome deal for a premium template package, H-code is simply awesome, to say the least. Creative, neat, and professionally designed, this template meets all the latest web standards. Whether you want a content-centered One-page design or a more versatile Multi-page concept, it offers you the choice of both. In addition to this, the template is powered with the Bootstrap framework aiding it. There are plenty of options whether you want to start a corporate website, business site or blog, or even an online shop. This includes Home Page variations with demo pages to go along with it. Not only this but there are also tons of custom pages you can use to your preference. Getting things to match your custom feel has never been easier.

To say the least, the template offers an unlimited range of possibilities. Based on the CSS and HTML coding structure, everything about this template is creative and engaging. You can further add that touch of innovation using the elements like creative sliders, AJAX-based forms, parallax sections, and even scroll animations. In addition to this, you also get access to an unlimited range of Google Fonts and FontAwesome icons. The grid system, the template is based on also provides various menu styles whether you want to add a sticky menu, mega menu, or other styles. Other mentionable features of this template are Isotope filterable gallery, pricing table, eCommerce layouts, ready-to-use shortcodes, and more.

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If you are related to Finance related to business, then all you are missing is a perfect website to boost your business to the next level. And the premium Financo is exactly what you require. Why? Starting off, the visuals are extraordinary with all of the responsive and retina-ready interfaces. Not only this but the template is also professionally designed with extreme attention to the smallest of details. Furthermore, there are also plenty of amazing features to back up the efficiency of this particular template. It is ideal for financial, insurance, accountant, investment, and similar niche of businesses. However, if you prefer you can also make a few changes here and there to get any corporate site ready within a matter of minutes.

Getting into the purpose-oriented features, you can choose from tons of Home Pages that fit the niche perfectly. You also get access to fully functional Contact forms you can use. There are also page layout variations with and without the sidebars and wide and boxed whichever you wish to use. Overall there are over 18 HTML pages you can use. To execute your finances you can also make use of the graph charts, creative Google Fonts as well as tons of icons. In addition to this, the template is SEO friendly as well as cross-browser compatible to list some of the common yet useful features.

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seosight technology website template

Aimed specifically to aid those related to digital marketing and SEO agencies, the name Seosight pretty much explains itself. And it is no doubt that the template surely is SEO friendly making sure to aids to the purpose. The vibrant and interesting elements integrated make this a pretty appealing sight for any of your users. Not to mention the ultra responsiveness. This ensures that the visuals and anything you wish to display for the users looks flawless on every device screen. The design itself is based on the Flat Filled Outline style giving it a more professional structure. It offers 35 carefully coded pages with UI details and animations that readily adjust according to your needs and preference.

Another element is the SVG’s custom icons with smooth animations that enhance the unique experience. As mentioned above, each of the pages and categories is designated their own color combinations. The flat-filled outline illustrations also include Awesome Slider where you can add in your own images or the stock photos available. Fresh, modern, appealing with a powerful structure, this template is pretty much what you are looking for. So why not start any of your SEO-related projects with this premium template today?

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minimalist publisher websites templates

Another one for those looking for lightweight yet feature-rich responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates is Haswell. This template is also based on the multi-purpose concept with a clean, organized, and minimal design structure. And that means you can use this to create websites of a wide variety. Powerful and efficient, don’t be fooled by the simple nature of the design. It uses the advanced Bootstrap framework, which makes it ideal for all the latest web standards required. And to top it off, the possibilities thanks to the awesome range of customization are limitless. You also have access to over 350 fully functional blocks to do this. Not to mention the unlimited range of color schemes you can opt for. Take your site to the next level all the while redefining the standards with Haswell.

Getting more into the unique features, it comes with over 50 Home Page designs you can implement. In addition, there are also a range of useful Inner Pages for blogs, portfolios, Under Construction, Contact, Testimonials, and more. There are also plenty of variations for a header, footer, and sliders. Furthering the horizon, you can choose the menu style you want to add, whether it is basic, drop-down, sticky, or mega. The AJAX forms accompanied with the package also let users easily manage their emails, contacts, newsletters, and more. But that’s not all, try out the template yourself and see the difference this simple template makes for your website.

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multipurpose website templates elementy

Another one under the multi-purpose responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates on our list today is Elementy. This template has everything from every detail with visuals to the list of efficient features. Create a wide variety of websites, whether an informative blog, promotional business site, or more, is ideal for all. A responsive interface also ensures flawless performance throughout all device screens. Not to mention the amazing typography, color schemes, and the use of strategic elements to ensure optimal performance. It even has options for a One-page or Multi-page design structure. And because of the flexibility, this is surely one of the powerful and ultimate templates that can work for possibly everyone. It is SEO-friendly, cross-browser compatible, and efficient by every means.

The structure itself is pretty up to par as it is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. It is also created with a modular and responsive set of blocks, making it developer-friendly. And it is accompanied by over 500 such blocks that all come in handy when creating any website. Some of the unique features it executes are over 80 Home Pages, HTML5 video and audio support, working social media integration with Twitter, Flickr, and more. Not to mention the range of menu, footer, header, fonts, and icon variation to choose from. Other useful features are working newsletter and email forms, MailChimp integration, premium plugins like Revolution Slider, and touch swipe support.

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Getting more into the niche-based responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates we have in line for you, Automotive is one designed specifically for automobiles. With the design and features, getting a professional site started without any help is pretty efficient and nifty. Visually compelling and completely responsive, the interface could not get any better. As it is flexible and scalable, it is also ideal for start-ups or a fully established company. The unique feature here is the well-designed inventory management system. It helps users professionally set up and customize the inventory, assets, and records. The template itself is pretty customizable with user-friendly options making it ideal for even beginners and novices. Another highlighting feature is the loan calculator which makes it easy to process things on the site.

Now getting more into other features, it comes with 35 HTML pages you can use to your benefit. It comes with 6 working forms with the reCaptcha verification option. As we have mentioned above, it is pretty customizable, offering users unlimited color schemes. Not only this but there is 6 masonry gallery to choose from. It is also integrated with all the major social media icons so that you can easily link your social site. To ensure everything is pretty much how it is on the demo, all of the PSD files are included in the package. Other features are printable brochures for inventory listing, vehicle comparisons, SEO optimization, Google Map integration, and assurance for lifetime free updates.

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Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework with unmatched flexibility, Khaki is another great multipurpose template on our list. You can use this to create any type of website you are planning on ensuring great efficiency. All of the visuals are pretty engaging not to mention the ultra-responsiveness. Because this template is designed with multiple niches and categories of sites in mind, the creators have made sure the options are pretty much limitless. And to aid this option, you can use over 150 HTML files to your preference. From various Home Page designs, blogs, portfolios, galleries, and e-commerce pages, they have included anything that might come in handy. It even has 9 unique and creative concepts for demo sites if that is what you are looking for. Each of these also designates a different niche.

It also features an excellent HTML and CSS coding structure that is professionally coded. However, the unique feature of this template is the working audio and video player with the option to create a playlist. For an efficient and functional site, it is also integrated with other third-party sites and plugins. This includes MailChimp, Google Fonts, Font Awesome, AJAX, Revolution Slider, and other social media integration. Accompanied with a range of unique elements or shortcodes, anything is possible. You can even add in custom maps locating your business thanks to Google Maps. Pretty much a great option for you, we hope this template is exactly what you are looking for.

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Renovate is one of the premium responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates aimed at exactly what it spells. That’s right! This template is designated for the construction, renovation, architecture, and other related niches. It is responsive, retina-ready, and also features a pixel-perfect graphics structure. In addition to this, it comes with features that specifically aids the purpose of promoting the business and helps to organize the site efficiently. The wide variety of premium plugins like Revolution Slider, Streamline icons, and the premium set of images make this a great deal. As it is designed with a purpose-focused design, it is lightweight and offers a blazing fast loading speed. The wide and boxed layout also adds to the visual appeal.

It includes a fully functioning cost calculator tool that estimates the costs for construction and other renovation works. The AJAX forms for email, newsletters, and subscriptions make it easier to manage the business contacts. Furthermore, it also includes the option to add in custom Google Maps. To engage your users, various style elements like parallax sections, Isotope galleries, and creative Google fonts are also in line for you. Overall the template is coded with absolute excellence making it developer-friendly as well. Other mentionable features of this template include cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization along the flexible and versatile interface for your users to work on.

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Getting more into the professional niche of construction and renovation, Monolit is one you should try. The design is stylish and modern, making it a perfect fit for the latest web trends. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is also flexible and versatile. Perfect for construction, renovation, architecture, builders, you can use this for photography, furniture, and interior-based websites. It is aimed at engaging and boosting your business sites and the stunning visuals it offers are there to back this up. Powerful and robust, this template is an amazing start to the site you are aiming for. It is also responsive, ensuring that the template readily adjusts to every device screen size effortlessly. And the best part is for the price of this template, you also get premium plugin Isotope worth $90 for free.

Choose from 5 different Home Page each proposing a different style. As it supports sliders, images, and even video from YouTube and Vimeo, adding creative elements is a breeze. There are also 7 different portfolio pages you can implement. A powerful and smooth parallax background option is also there if you wish. And thanks to the integration with Google Fonts and FontAwesome, you get access to tons of fonts and icons. It also supports the modern-day touch and swipe option for an amazing performing site. Cross-browser compatible, user-friendly, and easily customizable, these responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates are everything you are looking for.

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CarForYou is one of the responsive, retina-ready, and pixel-perfect responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates designed with the automobile genre in mind. And the design is pretty stylish and modern making it a perfect fit for your current age audience. It is ideal for a car dealership, rentals, sellers, service providers, and motor retailers. Based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is pretty sure that it also follows all the latest web standards. Not to mention the powerful CSS and HTML coding structure backing it up. Another great thing about this template is that it is also pretty versatile. It comes with a range of personalized features that lets you create the unique style of website you prefer.

Choose from 2 different and unique Home Pages designed with optimal performance in mind. You can also change the color schemes from the 6 pre-defined options available. Not to mention the 2 listing and detail page styles you wish to implement. It also supports multiple CSS-based elements like parallax effects, creative animations, and transitions. The PSD files displayed on the demo sites are also included within the package. You can even add in custom location for your users to find you easily thanks to Google Maps integration. The template features a list of awesome functions, flawless visuals, and great structure.

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I believe, the list of responsive html5 css3 website templates will help you to grow your toolbox to create your site professionally. If you decide to get a business website template from this list, do let us know down in the comment section below! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I insist you check each template personally and contact developers if you have any questions regarding templates. I don’t get time to check each template and scan the codebase, design, and other technical stuff individually. If you face any issue after purchasing it, we won’t bear any responsibility except templates by uiCookies and ThemeHippo.

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