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Here are the best tested and hand-picked accessible WordPress themes:

The literal meaning of an accessible website is the website can be used by almost anyone. Most of us always make a design by thinking everyone can see the monitor and can use the keyboard and mouse. But, that’s not the case, there are people with permanent impairment and temporary impairment. Our website design must be able to meet the needs of all types of people. In this list, we have collected accessible WordPress themes that score 70% and above in the website accessibility testing tool.

If you are a developer, you must aware of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG)Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG). The four principles used in the WCAG is generally called as the “POUR”.

P – Perceivable (making the contents perceivable for all users)

O – Operable (making sure that the navigation and other interaction with the website is easy to use)

U – Understandable (making the interface understandable and consistent throughout the website)

R – Robust (making the contents to work well with the assistive technology)

Since the WordPress themes are made for a mass audience and the demo uses dummy contents and links, not all themes can have a strong score of 90 and above. There are certain things we have to manually take care of even if we buy accessible WordPress themes with a 100% accessibility test score. For example, operable standards (UI components, keyboard & mouse navigation) for an accessible website must be tested manually.

The accessible WordPress themes in this list have a meet the Understandable and Robust standards of the WCAG to a certain extent. Because of the easy customization options in the WordPress themes, you can easily rectify the small errors and make your website easily pass the website accessibility test.

Some accessible WordPress themes in this list have multiple demos. To easily find a demo that has a better accessibility test score, you can simply use the Chrome browser’s audit tool. All you have to do is to go to the webpage you want to test, then do, right-click >> inspect >> Audit. In the audit select the accessibility checkbox and run the test. Shopify has made a good list for website accessibility test tool, take a look at it if you have any special needs.

Best Accessible WordPress Themes and Website Templates 2022


accessible wordpress blog theme

Squaretype is a cool accessible WordPress blog theme. Having an accessible blog theme will help you reach all types of audiences. Since this theme is designed purely by keeping readability in mind, it easily passes the Google accessibility testing. Apart from the accessibility, this theme has all the necessary elements to make a proper blog. You can deliver the content engagingly to the audience using this theme. Different post types and dedicated review pages are also given in this theme to share your thoughts easily with your audience. Speaking of reviews, please take a look at our CSS star rating designs to let your audience express their feelings clearly.

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healthcare WordPress theme with proper accessible options

Polyclinic is a simple and straightforward Accessible WordPress theme. The bold texts make readability easier, even persons with eyesight deficiency can use this theme. Visual effects are used in this theme but not in the important content area so that person using screen reader tools can interact with your website easily. Apart from the accessibility features, this theme has also done all the basics of a medical website properly. Hence, normal users will also enjoy using your website. The long homepage gives you an ample amount of space to list all important contents in one place. Color combinations are used smartly to present the contents elegantly and neatly to all types of audiences. This theme uses the Beaver page builder to let you do simple customizations by yourself.

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minimal WordPress theme for personal websites

When you hear the work accessible design, it doesn’t mean that the design has to be dull and clunky. You can make beautiful modern looking designs that can still work with accessibility guidelines. The Dox is one such theme that has a modern design without any compromise in the accessibility. This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has themes for personal websites and business websites. It is always recommended to go for a minimal design so the people with visual and cognitive impairment can easily use your website. Nearly twenty demo variations are given in this theme and all of them have a neat minimal design. This theme supports all major page builders, but it doesn’t support one out of the box; Which might be a bummer for a few users.

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accessible online education WordPress theme

Talemy is one of the best accessible WordPress themes for online education websites. The clean layout of this theme and the bold letters make the interactions easier for all types of users. The creator has taken care of the design level optimizations. All you have to do is to manage the labels and tags properly so that users can easily notice the buttons and other elements when they hover over it. This theme supports Learndash LMS plugin right out of the box; hence, you will have a seamless Learndash integration experience. There are nearly ten demo versions as of writing this post. All demo versions can be edited via the Elementor page builder. Overall, Talemy is a well-equipped education website template that will meet present-day user needs.

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accessible blog WordPress theme

Sitka is another friendly WordPress theme for bloggers. All eight demo versions in this theme pack have a clean design. Elements and links are placed at an easily accessible spot. Blogger friendly elements like the subscription forms, social media links, and a lot more are pre-designed for you. The default fonts used in the demos look great and are also legible, so you get both visually pleasing design and also a reader-friendly design. WooCommerce powered shopping pages are also there in this theme to let you sell products easily on your website.

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accessible online store theme

Hongo is a contemporary style shopping website template made for modern users. Balancing modern designs and accessibility criteria is a difficult job. But, the creators have made a reasonably accessible, friendly online store design. Some of the important sections texts are made small for visual aesthetics — this might be something you have to fix. Since this theme is equipped with the WPBakery page builder, front-end customizations can be done easily without even touching the code. Another thing you have to remember in making an accessible online store is you have to add proper tags and image alt attributes to the product images.

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Monument Valley

multipurpose accessible WordPress themes

Monument Valley is one of the few pure accessible WordPress themes that support online stores. This theme is designed for both business and online store websites, hence you can use it for any professional websites. Very mild animation effects are used in this theme so all kind of people can use this theme without any worries. Since this theme is also from the same creator of the Polyclinic theme mentioned above, it uses the Beaver page builder. And obviously, it supports WooCommerce store out of the box to help you set up a proper online store. All the basic inner pages and shopping pages are included in this theme to let you set up a proper website in no time.

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accessible business theme

Webify is a multipurpose modern website template. The creator has given 50+ demo variations in this pack. Each demo is unique and is designed for different types of websites. Since all demo variations use lots of white space and clear background, it gets a good score in the Google accessibility testing. On the clean white background, the texts and images are clearly visible so that users can easily interact with your website. This theme uses the Elementor page builder for front-end customizations. You can edit almost everything using the Elementor tool. If you are looking for accessible WordPress themes to make a user-friendly business website, this is the best option for you.

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accessible WordPress themes for personal and business websites

Icelander accessible WordPress themes are for portfolio websites. The creator has given website designs for both business and freelancer websites. With a simple flat design, this theme manages to arrange all the contents in a proper structure. If the user is using a screen reader tool, designs like this will help the user easily interact with your content. Bright colors are used at the required spot to increase the visibility of the important elements. Ribbons are used smartly to distinguish special elements from regular elements. Take a look at our CSS ribbon design collection for more attractive designs. This theme also supports Beaver page builder and WooCommerce store out of the box to make your life easy with your website.

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eCommerce theme with good accessible design

Shopkeeper, from the name itself you can understand that this is an eCommerce website theme. As online purchasing is increasing, improving the accessibility of your website will help you reach more audience. To make your website user-friendly for all types of audience, the accessible WordPress themes like this will be more helpful. More than eleven variations are given in this theme and all of them have a simple elegant design. This theme supports the famous WPBakery page builder, hence you can expect the same level of friendly customization options that you have seen in other WordPress themes. This eCommerce store is powered by the WooCommerce store with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to choose the version you like and start editing it as per your demands.

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simple and neat WordPress themes for music bands

Muse is an accessible WordPress theme for music-related websites. When it comes to audio and video content, we have a different set of accessibility guidelines. For videos, we have to add captions and time-synchronized description. And for audio contents, we have to provide a description of the audio content. Since this a theme designed for all types of audience, you can’t expect all the accessibility guidelines boxes checked. But, you have elements and easy customization options to make the website accessible for all types of users. Seven homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them have a pleasant design. Like the Dox theme mentioned above, this theme also supports all major page builder, but it doesn’t support one out of the box.

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multipurpose WordPress theme with accessibility options

Avada is one of the best selling WordPress themes in the market. Most of the features in this theme are made by the inhouse developer, hence you get better integrations and plenty of customization options. For example, this theme uses its very own page builder called Fusion builder. You not only can drag and drop the elements but you can also do other customization related to the elements. Since this is a multipurpose theme it has plenty of pre-made demos. Few of them have a good accessibility score and few of them have a pretty low score. For example, the Barber and the Spa theme versions have a strong 80+ score. Because of the strong customer support and detailed tutorials, you can easily work with this theme. Just pick the one that meets your standard and start working on it.

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restaurant WordPress theme with friendly navigation options

Linguini is a restaurant WordPress theme and it meets the basic standards of accessible WordPress themes. With a clean flat design and subtle animation, this theme is interactive to use for all types of audience. Letters are made bolder and thicker so the readability will be good even on mobile devices. Apart from the accessibility features, this theme also has important restaurant website features that present-day users expect. You have an online reservation form and a separate page for the food menu. This theme uses the latest web development framework, hence you can connect any modern tools to this theme. This theme supports all major page builder to make your customization job even simpler.

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smartly designs WordPress themes for restaurants

Rib-Eye is also a restaurant and food-related website WordPress theme. This theme has all the elements, right from the page loading animation to contact form, you have everything you need. The pristine clean layout makes this theme even a better option for people with cognitive impairment. Visual effects are used only at the required places to give a lively feel to the website. You get useful options like online reservation form and email newsletter subscription form. Speaking of newsletters, if you are into email marketing, take a look at our email templates collection. This theme is compatible with both WoCoommerce and Easy Digital Download plugins. By making a few optimizations, you can integrate the eCommerce platform you want.

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properly organized WordPress theme for restaurants

Ginger theme is from the same creator of the Rib-Eye theme mentioned above. You can expect the same level of design quality and code quality. While writing this theme, it has elven demo variations and all of them follows a minimal design layout. You even get a dark theme version in this theme. Mostly card elements are used in this theme to present your foods elegantly to the audience. Plus, the clean minimal layout let the users feel your food before visiting you in person. This theme is compatible with all major plugins and tools. By spending a few hours, you can make this theme a fully-functional restaurant website.

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accessible WordPress themes for blogs and magazines

Yvy is a blog and magazine WordPress theme. Since the contents on the blogs and magazines are accessed by all types of people, improving your site’s accessibility is a good thing. Apart from the blog and magazine WordPress theme, you also get a demo version for the shop and architect website in this package. The default font itself is big and easy to read. Increasing the default font size will give you an even better result. This theme uses the latest CSS3 framework hence it supports all modern fonts. In a demo version, the subscribe button is given right next to the blog name, which is a good idea. But you have to experiment it yourself to know whether this design works for you or not.

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classy looking WordPress themes for hotels and restaurants

Salmon WordPress theme is from the same creators of the Rib-Eye theme mentioned above. This one is also a restaurant WordPress theme. If you like the accessibility quality of the Rib-Eye theme, but want a different layout, this is the one for you. A shop page is also given in this theme to sell your products and merchandises. All the spaces are used smartly in this theme so that you can present the contents elegantly to the users. This one is a light-weight theme with subtle animation effects. So you can expect a fluid performance on both mobile and desktop devices.

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accessible WordPress themes for eCommerce store

If you are looking for accessible WordPress themes with minimal design, the Savoy is a good option for you. The clean minimal design of this theme presents your products elegantly to your audience. Hover effects are used smartly to give a quick preview of the product. The creator has also given you a user login form, but this theme misses a user dashboard. Take a look at our free dashboard template collection to manage your users easily. This theme uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework, hence it supports all modern third-party templates. This eCommerce store is bundled with useful plugins like WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce, and WPML.

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accessible WordPress theme for photography websites

If you are a digital agency, you must be familiar with the BeTheme. With more than 450 pre-made templates, this theme has designs for all famous categories. Like the Avada theme, this one also has a well-written codebase. Some of the demo version even has a good accessibility website score. For example, the photography theme version has a decent score of 70+ in the Google accessibility audit. Big elements and pitch-black texts on the clean white background makes the photography theme version easy to interact. The creator has given us plenty of customizations options and premium plugins in the package. Just pick the theme that closely meets your needs and do the further optimizations for better results.

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multipurpose WordPress theme with designs for all major category

TheGem is another best selling creative multipurpose WordPress theme. This theme has different types of designs in its package. Right from the simple elegant design to visually appealing complex modern design, it has everything. Since we are talking about accessibility WordPress themes in this design, simple and elegant demos in this package will be a good choice for you. For example, the Bussiness solutions demo in this theme has a professional look with a simple design. Like the BeTheme, this one also gets a decent 70+ score in the Google accessibility audit rating. The friendly customer support and detailed tutorials will help you make a good accessibility website using any theme in this package.

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