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Having a professionally built and creatively designed website to represent you and your business has tons of advantages. So much so that you might no realize that it holds more that you can imagine. While it serves as an alternative for users to know more about your services, the additional features you add will also add the effectiveness. In addition to this, it is also a proven fact that more people tend to visit a website of a page before actually being there in person. While these are only some of the benefits of owning a professional website, there is no denying that an online profile or online platform is of utmost importance when it comes to all niche of business. So today, we present our users with a variety of hand-picked free IT/Software company website template options.

If you are one from the IT business, then you probably know why you need to create a website worth visiting. And keeping those exact things in mind, we have picked out only the best to suit your professional standards so you don’t have to. Now, talking about creating a website is definitely a huge task. Although it used to be reserved for professionals and experts, it’s no longer the same case anymore. That’s right, with tons of amazing website templates designed and styled to serve the purpose of providing you with an easy way out, you can too join the online entrepreneurship today!



To start off our list of the best IT/Software company website template is the free template Unlock by UiCookies. And deservingly so! Multipurpose with the design, it is ideal for pretty much various corporate, business and Ianding page sites. Whether for professional or promotional kind of contents you are planning to add onto the site, this simple, minimal site template definitely makes it the focus. And that too in a super appealing and eye-catching manner. With the package, you will find all of the pre-built pages dedicated to about, service, contact and more. For informational additions, you can implement all the details of your product, add in clickable links for demo purpose, various social sharing options and more. Cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, smooth running and pretty reliable with clean codes, it pretty much covers all the base for a fully fledged website.

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Next in line, we have yet another stunning option for corporate, business and IT/software company website template; X-Corporation. Simple, organized and professional, each of the elements here are carefully crafted. Featuring a huge image slider atop, it definitely makes for a eye-catching visual. The creative fonts, icons, clickable links and the image background definitely brings it to the next level. Getting more into the details of the features; you get a powerful package of everything you need to get started. From pages for blog, service, testimonials, contact, about us and more, to the creative element like carousels, image galleries, pricing tables, contact forms and more, you get it all.

And the best part is definitely the fact that this template is cross-browser compatible and loads at an impeccable speed. All in all, a great start to all your future endeavors, get all the premium benefits while not paying a dime with X-corporation.

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Another one by UiCookies, Sublime is one that deserves at least a mention here on our list today. Flexible and versatile, each section you see here is customizable. And it is ideal for multiple niches of corporate, office, startups and agencies. With smooth running animations, scroll effects, image background, clean and aesthetically pleasing design, this theme is visually impeccable. A great package that even beginners and novices can get a head start with, Sublime offers everything one needs. Responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect, you are also ensured for an excellent visual everytime. Not to mention the range of components like pricing tables, contact forms, pre-built home and inner pages, creative fonts, icons and more, the end result is always unique and upto you entirely. Sublime is also cross-browser compatible, RTL ready as well as SEO friendly among others.

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Next on our list of amazing IT/software company website template, we have the amazing Unapp. Professionally built with quality codes and overall secure structure, leave a lasting impression on any of your viewers. It follows a clean, sophisticated and modern design that is pretty appealing  and engaging. Fully responsive and highly flexible, this is aimed towards providing a clean canvas for you to launch your next app, software or present your services. It relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework which provides all of the flexibility you require. Making sure that your users have an amazing online experience, the template package also offers a fast loading . Another great thing about this template is that there are tons of easy to use personalizing features. 

UnApp also features an amazing purpose-oriented homepage that focuses on promoting your services. You can use this as an app landing page or to start up a professional company site. The template package comes with all of the pages dedicated to services, testimonials, about, blogs and more. In addition to this, it is based on the distraction free one page design that ensures that users get enough exposure to your highlighted content. Furthermore, it includes options for multiple font variations, color schemes, custom logos and more. The professional looking admin panel is another highlight here that adds to the efficiency. Plain and simple yet super efficient with the purpose, this template is a great start to any of your future projects.

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Another one dedicated to the niche of software and IT, Racks is a free template by Colorlib. Featuring an amazing visuals that are also pixel perfect and retina-ready, this template is sure to capture anyone’s attention instantly. The gradient color background is a stunner. However, being a pretty versatile options, you can easily change it to your preference. Getting more into the personalizing, you get an array of fonts, color schemes, icons, CTA buttons, and so much more you can easily implement. In addition to the attractive home, you also get pre-designed pages for blog, portfolio, contact, and more. All of these are readily responsive and loads flawlessly throughout all of the device screens.

Getting more into the details, you also get access to numerous CSS and HTML styling elements. This includes variation of icons, CTA buttons, smooth page transitions, functional contact forms and more. It is cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all of the major browsers. Racks is also amazingly flexible and easy to work with as it is user-friendly. It is also SEO friendly, clean and overall pretty efficient with the features. Perfect for our listing today, present your next project with style.

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Sasu is another great HTML IT/Software company website template, that is perfect for launching your next apps, software, and overall any technology. Fully responsive, retina-ready and amazing to work with, this template features an awesome visual. Modern and sophisticated with the design, it is stunning with the overall appeal. As it relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, it offers all of the flexibility one requires. Highly customizable as well, there are tons of amazing options to help you get started as well. To start off, there are multiple different variations of pages included. With options for blogs, gallery, about, service, home and more, you can get a head start. And you can also personalize various other elements to go with the theme you are aiming for.

 From the headers, footers and even the color schemes and more, you can get the custom feel you are looking for. It features the exclusive sticky navigation that stays intact no matter how far users scroll down. In addition to this, the huge drop-down menu makes it easier to navigate through your site as well. You will also find options to add in custom locations using the Google Map integration. In addition to this, the template is also cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all of the browsers. As the template is also amazingly user-friendly, even beginners will have no issues to get started. Each line of codes are thoroughly checked and are all well-commented and valid.

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Chimper software it Website Template

Create a professional atmosphere on your website using Chimper, a user friendly IT/Software company website template. For a free template, chimper packs in tons of nifty features and elements that will really help your business operations run smoothly. Make use of an excellent animated header alongside a full width, clean page layout. This landing page is sure to grab anyone’s attention on the first sight. Furthermore, it’s excellent service listing section and Featured portfolio adds more flair and professionality to your website. The grid layout gallery also comes with lightbox features as well as hover effects to make viewing your projects and images an easier task.

Chimper also features a Testimonial widget that lets you show what your customers think about your projects and your work and set their user reviews on your front table. The integration of blog friendly features should also be definitely mentioned. Moreover, Chimper is built to resize perfectly on various display sizes and resolutions. Thus, your company’s website looks perfect on both pc and mobile devices without requiring any additional changes.

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datarc software it Website Template

Datarc is a fullscreen sized, IT/Software company website template built specifically for digital agencies,tech startups and IT firms. Datarc’s clean and elegant design gives your website a very professional look while still remaining unique and stylish. Furthermore, the fullscreen header can be enabled with text and call to action buttons while the minimalistic menu complements the header to give your website header a more comfortable atmosphere. You can also configure the transparent header to work as a sticky header to improve navigation on your landing page. For defining the strength and quality of your IT company, you can make use of a interactive icon text boxes, a dedicated Services section completely with proper images grid.

Moreover, the dynamic portfolio/projects listing section also comes with proper filtering features for a proper marketing experience. Use datarc and it’s dedicated section to your full advantage. You can make use of custom progress bars, Social media enabled Team member sections, advertisement banners, Slider testimonials, Pricing plans and more. Datarc is also built to be social media friendly and help you capture leads easily using your website. For this, you can also make use of a Instagram feed widget as well as a Blog section for your website.

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sierra software it Website Template

Sierra is an IT/Software company website template built to put your projects on the spotlight. Highlight all the features and strengths of your digital agency using interactive HTML web template. The use of on scroll content loader, smooth scrolling effects and tons of hover effects and parallax effects makes using Sierra a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Sierra comes with a Fullscreen carousel header that is animated to a huge extent to give a modern feel to your website. It’s material design is well highlighted by its scroll and hover effects.

Moreover, Sierra’s full width, clean layout gives your company’s website a professional vibe. It’s intuitive Portfolio page comes with a unique gallery grid that adds more flair to your content. Add in it’s dedicated Blog page with tons of typography elements and you have a perfect multipurpose business website template on your hand. The contact page comes with a custom contact form that fits the design of the website as well as nifty Google map embed. Even Sierra’s footer is custom designed to give a more unique look to your website. Additionally, the footer also comes with a Newsletter subscription form and an Instagram embed widget.

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winkel software it Website Template

Create a distinct website design using Dup, a IT/Software company website template made for you to personalize. It’s sleek and clean website design gives your website a look unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The use of parallax effects, background, distinct dividers and modern elements gives Dup a contrasting look that still retains all the information you want to share to your users. Whether it’s marketing your upcoming products or applications or presenting your companies’ Goals, Dup lets you do them all with barely any hassle. Highlight your achievements and projects using various call to action elements, blog enabled banners and more.

Moreover, Dup also comes with a nifty video embed that meshes with the rest of the website’s unique design in such a fashionable manner. Everything from the top to bottom has been carefully crafted with the requirements of a Digital agency’s purpose. Thus, you’ll never feel at loss using this excellent HTML template. And, neither will your viewers as Dup is also cross browser compatible and mobile friendly. It’s retina-ready design makes sure that resizing it;s content never causes a gap in the quality or experience of using your website.

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mosh software it Website Template

Creating startup projects and releasing new applications is tough as is. And so is publishing information regarding or helping your work gain traction on the internet. However, Mosh lets you ease off that task by providing you an easy to setup HTML template that helps you perfectly represent what your IT company or project is all about. The sticky header and the fullscreen banner are both crafted to complement each other and the transition from the header menu to the sticky header is butter smooth. The addition of Featured image sliders only improves the overall quality of the template. Everything about Mosh gives an air of professionality and experience. Whether it’s the well designed Service sections or the Material designed elements. Make use of interactive call to action buttons, Hover effects enabled Text icon boxes, tons of unique slider and banner elements.

For your business purposes, you can also use nifty progress bars, Sponsor logo banners, and a dedicated filter enabled Portfolio section. Mosh also comes with features to help you setup an Account and login system on your website as well as a Blog page. Create dedicated blogs regarding your upcoming projects, changes to system and more. It’s important for any business to use a blog in the modern marketing context and Mosh provides you all the right tools to do so. Furthermore, it’s bootstrap design makes it that all your blog and home page content show up perfectly on mobile platforms and can be completely interacted with as well. It’s accessibility and professional look makes Mosh an extremely popular IT/Software company website template.

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Crafted is a versatile and creative HTML website template that is convenient, well-built and surely one that is perfect for digital agencies. The design follows a contemporary and professional outlook, further complemented with advanced features. It is also designed to be responsive, retina-ready and user-friendly. This makes it the ideal choice for even beginners. Another great thing about this template is that it includes various pre-built layout pages that you can start with. This includes Contact Page, Service Page, Project Page and more. It saves on both your time and effort rather than starting out entirely from scratch. But wait! There’s more! Get amazing looking Google Fonts that you can choose from.

Adding to the appealing factor, easily add creative images, informative contents and more effortlessly. Getting in touch with your users is also a breeze thanks to the Contact form and newsletter subscription option. And if you want, you can also share your contact informations, locations and even social media links on the site. Easily one of the best business or IT/Software website template, Crafted is the all in one solution you are looking for. Other mentionable features includes pricing tables, advanced blog section, cross browser compatibility and even easily customizable features.

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Pixel is yet another creative, innovative and visually advanced digital agency or IT/Software company website template based on HTML and CSS coding structure. The design itself speaks for itself as it is unique and edgy. As it is responsive and retina-ready your site will have absolutely no issue adjusting to any device screen size. It provides the user with an excellent canvas to start their agency online. Complete package with amazing Sliders, parallax effect, on scroll content load and more, get everything you want in one place. Powered with the latest Bootstrap framework, it meets all of the latest web regulations to ensure a stable and smooth online experience.

The multi-level drop down menus, sticky menu as well as mega menu options gives you the variation you want to choose from. Integrated with the Google Maps, you can easily add custom locations. To improve your user interactions, the template also offers a functional Contact form, newsletter subscription form, appealing social media icons and complete integration. Additionally, Pixel features a widget rich footer section where you can easily add useful elements. It is also cross-browser compatible so that it loads effortlessly on all possible browsers available. Go against the basics and standout from the crowd only with Pixel.

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Ultim8 is a versatile, and flexible agency website template that is perfect for business and agency based websites. However, it works even as a blogging, portfolio, creative, or as a IT/software company website template. Created with every last detail in mind, it is responsive, retina-ready and mobile-friendly. And just to ensure a great performance, it is tested on all major hand-held devices as well. The rock-hard structure is powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework and backed up with HTML coding. Additionally, the contemporary design is easily modifiable and comes with a range of awesome personalizing options. This includes custom background, colour schemes, fonts, typography and more.

Drive more traffic to your site with effective and useful elements. As it is optimized for SEO you can be sure that your site will always stay on top. The creative side is also implemented with slideshow, animations, effects, and more. You also get working Contact forms and newsletter subscription forms for you to start building your mailing list right off the bat. The clean and professional looking interface is perfect to leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site. The attractive CTA’s also play a role in luring in more clients. You also get a range of various page layouts that you can use to get started.

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Creative Agency


Creative Agency by Colorlib is a multipurpose business website template. While it is ideal for business of any niche as the name suggests, this template can be easily used for your software companies as well. The layout structure is extremely professional and clean to look at. But the advanced visuals are not the only great thing about it. It is enriched with tons of amazing options that makes it on the top of our list. Built on the latest Bootstrap front-end framework, it is sure to make your company website stand out from the rest. Additionally, it is completely responsive and features a retina ready interface. It is highly customizable which gives the user the flexibility to add and modify almost all of the elements to their preference.

Get an amazing range of customizing options for layout, fonts, color schemes and more. You can even add your own logo and name and more with ease. Furthermore, this template is completely developer friendly with clean coding. You can add an attractive background to make the site look more appealing. In addition to this, you also get the option to add different useful sections like blog, galleries and more. Easily promote your IT or software business and make your time worthwhile only with the Creative Agency. Add creative call-to-action buttons, relevant elements, easy to use navigation menu and much more. Reach your full potential and the targets you aim for.

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Bobsled is yet another amazing business website template that is built on the latest Bootstrap framework. It is the ideal choice of many users to display, boast and use it as a IT/software company website template. It is clean, simplistic and easy to understand. Don’t waste your time with useless elements and work on a clutter-free interface only with Bobsled. Although multipurpose, you can easily use this also as a landing page, personal website or IT company website template as well. The minimal approach towards the design helps you let the users concentrate on the important matter instead of distracting them. Even the elements and the components are placed strategically so that you reach your full potential. Add a personal touch with your custom logo, name and more with ease.

The template, built using the powerful Bootstrap framework is also completely responsive. This means that no matter which device your user visits your site from, it still looks amazing. The unique thing about this template is that it also includes a working Contact form using PHP. Make it effective by adding all the useful components all at your disposal. Furthermore, it is also lightweight and fast-loading. It automatically adjusts to all the major internet browsers as well. For the convenience of the user, this template uses the powerful CSS and HTML coding structure. This gives in a way for more amazing features. Whether you want developer friendly code, call-to-action, contact forms, social media integration or more, this template has it all. It is ideal for start-ups and even large-scale business. Completely adaptable, get the perfect end result only with Bobsled.

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Are you a software or app designer? Or do you own an IT company? BulkApp, as the name suggests, is the perfect App Landing page or IT/Software company website template. With a stunning visual with vibrant color schemes and creative layout, this template is one-of-a-kind. Enabling the user to promote and brand their products in an impressive manner, this template is sure to leave a lasting impression. Although a business based website, it’s not only limited to this. If you want, you can easily start a blog site, personal site, online shop and more. The template is completely responsive and automatically adjusts to every device screen size. Additionally, the creative fonts, icons and custom color schemes add to the effectiveness of the site.

BulkApp is ideal especially to showcase your apps and software boasting their features and details. If you wish, the template also has the option to add powerful call-to-action, a subscription newsletter, working contact forms and more. Additionally, you also get to section the site for pricing, blog, contact, and more. It is extremely easy to work with as well as modify. The best part is that the template is optimized for speed and performance. Ensuring the users of a smooth and high-performing website, this template includes tons of amazing and useful options. It is completely based on the powerful Bootstrap framework as well as advanced CSS and HTML coding. It is also fully compatible with all the major internet browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Stellar is a stylish and edgy, free business website template that is truly unique. With a concept of serving those in need of an attractive interface to represent their business, this template is flexible as well. This means that you can even use it as an app landing page or even IT/Software company website template. The user-friendly interface is easy to work with and gives the beginner’s an easy way to set it all up. Built using the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is definitely a bargain! We say this because not only is the look of the template is from the future but it is enriched with powerful features. The beautiful One Page design is sure to grab your visitor’s attention in an instant.

The mind-blowing layout structure also lets your user an easy navigation option. It is completely responsive and retina-ready. Stunning for everyone to see, you can boost the count of your sales and promote your business. In addition to this, the template further approaches a clear and sleek surface for the users to work on. Trusted by thousands all over the world, each of them has come up with a unique and modern based design. Increase the rate of potential businesses, keep on track and get the result you were aiming for. Whether you want a landing page, business websites, personal site template or anything else, this template is flexible enough to meet all the needs. It is also completely cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy. So if you are looking for one, Stellar might be the best free option to opt for.

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Creative, colorful, vibrant and bold, ZeedApp is a modern day app landing or IT/Software company website template. It is completely flexible and adaptable which gives the user the freedom to choose what they want. With simplistic and minimal characteristics, this template looks professional and sleek. It is also completely responsive and features HD imagery. This ensures that your website is amazing visually. Additionally, any elements you add are also easily customizable. It is fully responsive and retina ready. It features HD imagery and every image and media files you add looks simply spectacular.

The stunning layout structure uses the powerful Bootstrap infrastructure. Additionally, you get and an amazing range of typography option as well. The clean codes are also easy to modify if you prefer. The CSS and HTML coding that it represents also adds features like- animations and effects. The flexibl structure can be modified to fit an IT or software company website as well.

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If you want a free IT/Software website template to highlight your contents on the internet, Appson is the perfect template for you. You can save a lot of time on designing and developing a page from the start. Instead, install this template and have a website with a modern web design which looks really attractive. This template is also highly customizable. You can choose from 7 homepage layouts in this template to start with. Each template has a unique distinguishing feature that makes them different from one another. No matter which layout you desire, select one and it will make your landing page attractive and user-friendly without a doubt. Also, the sidebars in each of the layouts of this template will make your website visitors easy to navigate through your website.

You can have a great landing page with a lot of useful features and the necessary elements for your website to showcase your product using Appson. The template contains 8 different header bar menus namely home, about, screenshot, download, pricing, review and contact. All these menus are packed with a variety of useful features like pricing details, screenshots, newsletter subscriptions, contact details, product installation statistics, and what not. This template can also be used for blogs as you can also add posts in this template. As the name suggests, Appson is developed with the primary focus on applications, it is best suited if your products are related to mobile applications. But, you can use it for other kinds of products too. It is also a highly responsive template. It can be operated from mobile devices as well as desktops.

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Landing is a free Bootstrap 4 website template, with which you can make any type of landing pages. It is a one-page landing page website template with smooth scrolling feedback and slick designs. Its design is definitely aimed to bring more viewers and customers to your landing page. This template is inbuilt with some really cool features like slant sections, slick sliders, table pricing and frequently asked questions sections. This helps the audience of your website stick around longer in your website which is always a good sign. It features the latest technologies of website developing like HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. So, you will have a hassle free website while using Landing. Landing is packed with a lot of useful application features too. The minimalist design can catch the attention of any person.

They will automatically be lured to your website by just looking at the design. Then, there is the speed of the website. This template functions in such a way that speed and fast loading of the pages is one of the topmost priorities. So this is why the template has been made as lightweight as possible. It is also developed by using clean code. So if any of the website owners familiar with coding wants to modify the elements or any functionality of the website, they can do it easily without any complications.If you want to start a new landing page then why not use the Landing template which is particularly developed for the landing page. Even the name of the template speaks for itself as a landing page template.

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Packed with all the essential features that might be required for your client, Interbizz is the Bootstrap corporate agency or IT/Software website template for you. It has a clean, simple, minimal and responsive design which is directly targeted for business and corporate websites. It also includes several elements to make your website trustworthy and professional. They include testimonials, team member gallery, brand logo slider, blog section, and company details. It is developed in such a way that your creative idea and client requirements would go hand in hand and you can attain the success accordingly. It is also one of the few corporate website templates that is SEO friendly which results in a larger reach of the audience.

Interbizz is extremely lightweight and fast loading. It is also codebase secured and perfectly commented. Which means that theconversion of this HTML template to other CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others wouldn’t take any hassle. As this template is responsive, it can be used in any sort of devices like mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and even windows phones. Similarly, this template can also function in many web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Windows Explorer and many more. If you want to create the contact forums or support pages for your website, this Interbizz comes with built-in features for them.

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A landing page developed specifically for the growth of your online business, Inspire is the best-suited website template for business owners, agencies, and other business forums. The trend of online business has also been increasing rapidly, so this bootstrap website template is crafted for all types of consulting business, startup companies, finance businesses and so on. Using this template will definitely boost your online presence as an effective marketing strategy. It has a clean and minimal design suitable for a business website with attractive call-to-action buttons. It also has advanced typography which makes the website more customizable according to your business needs.

Inspire also comes with multiple pages for about us, team, FAQ and pricing sections. You can also add a submenu page in which you can add up to other 4-second level menu pages. It also has a well-designed homepage, contact page and sign up and login page buttons along with the pages button in the slider itself. This helps the website visitors to navigate through your website with ease. This template itself is a business solution to grow your business by going online. It can give your business a very good brand identity with the creative ideas you have. Furthermore, this template is also SEO friendly and highly customizable. It has also got sleek animations and a responsive design. These features always come handy in any kind of website template as these are what your audience will be looking for in your website.

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Built with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3, Sweep is one of the most visually appealing business template that you can find. It is packed with a lot of useful features and has a highly impressive design that will surely increase the number of visitors with the template’s own unique yet attractive interface. The most incredible feature of this template is its lightweight and fast speed. This has been achieved with the help of using the latest technologies of frontend framework like HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3. It also has a responsive design to balance the speed of the website. This template can function in any kind of device of any size so that the people can have the access to your website at any time.

Sweep is also well optimized for search engines and browsers. This helps in getting better and high ranks on SERP when the keywords of your content are searched from search engines. In addition to being SEO friendly, this template is also cross-browser compatible and can be navigated in any web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and so on. Even though this template is primarily focused for business purposes, you can also use it as a portfolio or blog website for your business. It also comes with a contact form and embedded google maps for queries of the clients. Your contents can also be shared in social media so the growth of the reach of your audience is assured with this template.

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If you want to create a simple portfolio for your business website, then you should definitely choose the orchid template. It is a one-page website template with an attractive single page layout suitable for business portfolio websites. The template is simple, minimal, and represents a visually clear design that can be highly customized according to your desire. It has been developed to run efficiently on any business platform without deep UX and content arrangement for high conversion. Orchid has been developed extensively with HTML5 so it is obvious that this template is very lightweight.

Orchid is pre-equipped with a large variety of useful features and design elements. Some of them include HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 frontend framework, Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons, modernize, and Google Maps. The design elements also include a sticky header, full-page responsive slider, service showcase, project portfolio gallery, team section and many more. You can also add your blogs when you use this template. Moreover, this template is very responsive. It can be opened in handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets as well as larger devices like laptops and desktops of all sizes and does function efficiently in all these devices.

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Repair is a free website template fully dedicated to those who provide the service of computer repair. It aims at gaining new clients by providing them with a proper page. You can also grow your business to a higher level once you get the hang of it using this website template. It will surely help to achieve your goals and meet your targets according to the scheduled plan. Repair will handle all your online presence while you go and personally handle the clients’ issues. This template is highly customizable. You can highlight your creativeness by designing your website the way you want with this template.

This is also a multipurpose template. You can use it for blogs too. It also has a floating slider where you can add a custom logo too. Along with it, you can also have menus for pages like Home, About, Service, Feedback, Blog, Elements, and Contact. There are also submenu options for the blog homepage and blog posts. This template is pre-equipped with service orders and its estimates in the service page. If you want to contact the service provider regarding any information, you are also provided with excellent contact forms in this template. Moreover, it is fully responsive so you can use the website in any devices with the help of this template.

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As the name suggests, Onetech is a business website template precisely developed and designed for showcasing electrical gadgets and devices. It is an extraordinary tool full of stylish and modern features to create the perfect eCommerce website for you.. It is a highly flexible and adaptable website template based on Bootstrap framework. This makes it very easy to work with you and the latest updates in technologies around the world. This is why it is also very responsive and can be handled very well in any kind of devices. It has a very remarkable performance even in the mobile phones and tablets due to its lightweight construction.

Onetech includes all the features that you need in your eCommerce website. It has an inbuilt search box to search for the products you want to buy. It also has special deal sections where you can highlight your best deals of the products like weekly featured, on sale and best-rated products. If you want you can have more than one special deal section of different categories like holiday offers, trendy, recently added, and many more. You can also add the time left or stock left information about the limited deals using this template. You are also provided with a multilevel navigation for the product categories and newsletter subscriptions.

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A unique design presented itself as the template before any customization, Suitcase is the business website template for your needs. It has an amazingly creative design with awesome animations in the header slider itself with which you can easily stand out in the crowd. If you want, add some little modifications and you will already be way ahead of the competitions. This template has a great and balanced combination of design, performance, and astonishing features that will surely take you to the success of your business. Your products and services will reach a global level with such amazing elements of this template.

You can pack a lot of things in a real suitcase. Similarly, the Suitcase business template also comes packed with a lot of useful business features for your website. First of all, it has a very responsive design so you can use the website on any kind of devices like mobile phones tablets, desktops and laptops. This is always a huge advantage in the online business world. As you scroll down, you still get amazing animations to display your contents in the website which are very eye catching and intriguing for the customers. Even the animation for the popup of the page menu is so well crafted that the website would look as though some top class professionals have developed it.

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If you are looking for a mobile application website template to launch a new product, Appy is the one for you. Appy has a neat and clean web design which really helps to push your product further to new customers. It is a one-page website template that is very lightweight. So it has a very good performance for fast loading speeds. If you use this template, the website users will definitely believe that this is a premium website even though it’s completely free. It has a large number of amazing features too. The Call-to-action buttons placed helps to increase the download rates. It also has sections for testimonials and screenshots that can provide the viewers with much interesting information.

Appy has a very nifty newsletter subscription button that you can use to collect more user email addresses. You can also put your customized logo in the main slider. Along with it, there is also a user registration button for sign up for the website visitors. You can see beautiful and smooth navigation as you direct yourself to the menu contents when you click on them on the main slider. You can also have an active gallery in your website where you can add the screenshots of your mobile apps or your mobile products. The visitors can view them with a very great slideshow. You can also use this template to write blogs in your website. Other than this, this template also has a well-designed contact form so that your audience can properly contact you if necessary.

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Colid is a highly responsive free one-page website template especially for operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows as well as Saas(Software as a service). This template is extremely adaptable.You can navigate the site through any kind of device may it be a mobile phone or tablet with remarkable performance and easy user interface. But, this is just the starting of its flexibility. You can use this template on any online business landing page and with the availability of so many customization tools, your website will definitely be able to stand out of the crowd.

Colid website template is all about promoting your business and taking it to another level. With such an attractive yet simple design, you will already be having a business advantage over your competitions. You can add your own company name with a wide selection of advanced typography in the slider of your website with the help of this template You also get an amazing animation when you want to swipe the next screenshots or images in the gallery for your website with this template. This template features amazing features and a retina ready display. The days of starting your own website entirely from scratch are gone. So let this template be an easy help to build one for you.

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If you want to showcase your agency highlighting your creativity in photography, music, art, digital media or web design, don’t forget to take a look at Boxus. It is a free website template that best suits the aim for portfolio and services provided by your company. It has a wide range of intriguing bright colors to attract more clients to your website. Its unique design is sure to stand out from the crowd and give you a competitive business advantage against your competitions.

Boxus is a one-page website template where the main slider itself is precisely crafted to show that your business is a quality material. The color of the main slider changes as you select different menus from it along with some really astonishing animations. There is also a news section in this website template where you can display news regarding your business to your clients. You’ll be needing a news section as this template is going to bring a lot of clients to your business and news does help a lot in mass communication to flow the information. There is also a separate section to highlight your major skills in this website template. Use this opportunity to showcase your skills and grab as many clients as possible

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While setting up a website for blogs, businesses, magazine, news, portfolios or other purposes, the most important element you need is the conversion rate. And, one page websites are more likely to bring a lot of conversion rates than multi-page websites. So, Frame is the perfect one-page multipurpose or IT/Software company website template for you. It uses the powerful and latest Bootstrap framework and HTML5 coding. So, it is extremely lightweight and has a fast loading page speed. It has an extraordinary and modern design which can attract a lot of visitors who are looking for a unique design. It is most suitable for landing page and startups for any type of business. Make some changes to the website template as you want and you can get a very good outcome with very little input.

Frame primarily focuses on mobile optimization. It is a fully responsive website template that is accessible in any kind of devices. It can perform as smoothly as in mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops. This is always a handy feature to have on your website as your clients would always be looking for this feature on every website nowadays. With the help of this website template, you can increase a lot of revenue as this is the online platform perfect place to showcase your creative ideas. It really helps you increase your reach of an audience as the contents of the website can be shared on social media too.

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Everybody wants to increase their business. Some might take a very long time whereas some might take a very short time. It all depends on the decisions taken. So, Transcend is here to help you to boost your business with a very less amount of time. Transcend is a free business or IT/Software company website template to showcase your amazing works. It features a clean and simple design to attract more visitors to your business services and products. You will definitely gain their trust using this website template by just having a look at your page.

Transcend is a Bootstrap one-page It/software company website template that includes a lot of features as well. You can add your own logo and company name with advanced typography in the main header. There is also a moving sidebar to display the menus of the page. You can appoint different background for different sections of the menu titles. There is a featured works menu which redirects you to highlight your creative works with a very beautiful photo gallery too. It also has an excellent contact form which can be really useful when the clients want to contact you for any information. You can grow your business through your clients’ social media. With this template, it is extremely easy to share your contents n your social sites as well.

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