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Blogging has been a crucial content on the internet over the last decade. And the trend doesn’t seem to be dropping anytime now. Whether it is from a casual or personal perspective or businesses, it’s so much normal to consider building a blog to share core information with a large set of audience. Providing helpful information is an elementary part of blogging and even more so from a marketer’s perspective. Statistics suggest that over 47% of product buyers on the market learn about their products through blog before buying and business-to-business marketers who use blogs to promote their content generally get more leads. Thus, today we have professionally crafted HTML free blogger template options for you to try out!

However, when competing on the internet for blog viewers, you compete with the rest of the world. And you need all the advantage you can get. Whether it’s easy customization and editing tools, wide range of typography options, appearance customization or beautifully presenting media, streamlining the blogging process can be more beneficial and productive for you and your blog. Enter the concept of blog website templates: These versatile HTML and bootstrap powered template designs can help you create a smooth process to create, manage and beautify your blogging websites.

Free Responsive HTML Blogger Templates For Every Niche

The strength of these various website templates can lie in various areas. From strong versatility to selective features for a specific purpose. But for new bloggers or website owners with a small budget, buying and trying out various premium templates can ramp up expenses. Furthermore, it’s just a smarter idea to better grasp what you’re jumping into before investing in it. Thus we bring you this list of Free responsive blogger templates.Check out our handpicked blogging website templates to find one that suits your dream website perfectly! And all for no price whatsoever.



On the top of our list of free blogger website template is Foodieblog. A pretty engaging and visually appealing template ideal for, you guessed it, food blogs! Great for those who love to share their ideas, recipes and love for food, this template is one to consider. It is minimal, simple and quite elegant with a catchy design. Focusing majorly on the contents you prefer to add onto the site, each of these sections are well-designed and completely responsive. The home itself is a stunner with the slider based header, alongside creative sections below to add your blogs. Making use of elegant fonts, icons, and simple color palette, all of these perfectly compliments the overall design.

You will find pre-built sections for blog, gallery, contact, service and more that are available for installing. Each of these are also cross-browser compatible, fast loading and is based off the advanced Bootstrap framework. You will also find purpose oriented features slike sliders, functional contact forms, Google Map integration and so much more. Another great thing is that the codes used here are all secure and reliable. This ensures the users of a smooth working site every time they log in. So if you are looking for something to blog your love of food, then this template is worth trying out.

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Another free blogger website template we have in line for you is Lifeleck. Brought to your by Colorlib, it is designed for lifestyle bloggers and similar niche of sites. Pretty simple and minimal with the design, it is aimed majorly on showcasing the contents you wish to share. Quite flexible and reliable, this template relies fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Not to mention the access to advanced elements backed up with CSS and HTML codes. This includes stunning animations, smooth running effects, sliders, galleries and more. Appealing to the visitors, the whole interface is also super fast loading as well as completely responsive.

Instantly acclimatizing to every popular web-browsers, this theme is also designed to load effortlessly. Another great thing here is that being a blog theme, the whole template is designed to be SEO ready. You can choose from an entire collection of creative Google Fonts, icons, gallery designs as well as color schemes, that adds to the visual aspect. This theme also offers professional looking contact forms, and newsletter subscriptions. To reach out to a further range of audience, you can also link your social sites through the advanced social icons atop the menu.

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Talking about minimalism and elegant, Meranda is another professional blogger template that falls under the niche. Great for multiple niches of blog, this option here is professional looking and advanced. It is also ideal for editorial sites, online magazines, and personal blogging. And being this flexible, you are also assured of a huge range of easy customizing options. From various layout styles, creative fonts, icons, color schemes, and more, you can personalize each of section to meet your requirements. This theme is also completely responsive, and offers excellent graphics that are retina-ready and pixel perfect. All of these aids to a flawless interface your users will enjoy.

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Readit is an advanced and impactful free blogger template that is bold and creative. Right off the bat, the visuals are impeccable and pretty engaging to anyone who lands on the site. It features an excellent graphic to say the least depicting a retina-ready and pixel perfect imagery. Even the color palette used here is vibrant and instantly eye-catching. Not to mention the stylish array of components placed strategically for maximum impact. Apart from the visuals, the great thing is that it is completely responsive. This means that the template loads effortlessly throughout all of the major hand-held devices. It features a huge full-screen banner that instantly catches ones attention. Great for promotional or advertising purposes, you can easily highlight the featured contents here with ease.

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Ionize is another free blogger template presented by the creators at Colorlib. It is designed especially with fashion and trends in mind and the interactive interface is a great way to emphasize on that. Showcasing a modern and stylish design, the interface relies on grid based structure. Pretty flexible and customizable, the great thing about this theme is that one can easily use this for any niche of blogs as well. It relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, making sure that everything here works smooth and secure. It is also completely responsive and visually impressive to say the least. Unique with the concept, this theme will make your site stand out. And with added personalizing options, the end-result is always one-of-a-kind featuring a customized feel. It features grid images layout style each presenting a content when clicked on.

Not to mention the smooth animations and effects it offers that adds to the visuals. The theme features a side navigation bar that slides into place when clicked on. Even this part is pretty customizable considering the links and menu items you can add, edit or remove. The theme is also designed to be SEO friendly and always aims to rank higher on all the major SERPs. Not to mention the wholesome list of widgets and shortcodes at your disposal. You can even choose from a huge range of fonts, and color schemes to meet your requirements. Furthermore, this theme also has a working contact form that adds to the efficiency. And making things easier when managing your online presence, this theme is supports all the major social platforms as well.

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Miniblog is a powerful package of everything one needs to get started with a professional blog. A great choice when looking for a responsive blogger template, the amazing visuals are the least of what it has in store for you. Talking about the visuals, the theme is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect and purpose oriented. It also features a clean and minimal look that makes it easy to focus on the content you add onto the site. Simple and organized, this theme is also easy to install and set-up. So easy that even a beginner with no previous knowledge can master it within a few tries. It focuses majorly on presenting you contents in a attractive manner to the users. For this, you will find a huge set of attractive fonts, and support for multiple post types.

This means you can add in text, quote, image, videos, sliders and more effortlessly. The whole theme is cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy throughout all of the web-browsers. It is also equipped with a widget rich sidebar that is super handy to your users. Practicing all of the modern web-trends, this theme is surely a secure and reliable way to get started. Being pretty light-weight, Miniblog is fast loading ensuring a great experience. The images used on the demos are also available on download to give you a head start. Apart from this, it features plenty of pre-built elements like pages for blog, about, home and more. And the best part is that it is completely Free of cost. So save both your time and effort while starting entirely from scratch!

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Bounty is a creative free WordPress blogger theme with a clean and visually impactful design. Perfect for blogs of all niche, whether you own a personal or professional blog, this template provides a user-friendly option to get started online. It guarantees a distraction-free experience so that you can focus your user’s attention on essential contents. Powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is flexible and versatile. In addition to this, the template is completely responsive and retina-ready and features excellent HD imagery. Various sections are designed to help you gain more exposure from your users on your contents.

As it is highly customizable, you can easily make this theme into anything you want. Change the contents, images, and other elements with minimal effort. Another great thing about this template is that it is completely cross-browser compatible as well. Navigating from one post to the other is also extremely easy thanks to the unique content-based design. The advanced search box enabled on the top makes it easier for your users to find what they are looking for. Easily get a head-start to the online blogging journey only with Bounty!

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A responsive, creative and stylish addition to our list of best free blogger template is Vizew! Visually appealing, this template is ideal for anyone who wishes to leave a lasting impression on their users. Its design is professional, unique and wonderfully adjusts to every blog niche. Whether you want to start a personal or professional blog, news/magazine websites, this template is an ideal choice. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and mobile-friendly. This ensures that your site adjusts accordingly regardless of which device your users prefer to browse with.

Another great thing about this template is that it is easy to customize and has a range of awesome personalizing options. One thing that keeps this template apart from others is the option to start an online video portal. Add creativet contents to keep your users hooked onto your site. It is also cross-browser compatible, readily loading on all internet browsers out there. Get a set of amazing Google fonts to use to your benefit. You can even easily change the colour scheme to match the same design.

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Wordify creative modern stylish and free blogger template. Ideal for blogging purposes this template comes with the range of Amazing features that makes creating a professional website a breeze. However due to the flexibility you can even use it for amazing looking news and magazine websites. Backed up with the advanced bootstrap framework, the layout is also responsive, mobile friendly and executes an HD imagery. This template is perfect for leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lands on your website. The block sections are also SEO optimized.

The attention-grabbing framed slider makes it easier to focus your user’s attention on your featured sections. And adding to it, the creative banners, appealing CTA buttons and the overall website design is simply stunning. As it is cross-browser compatible it effortlessly loads on all internet browsers no matter what your users prefer to use. The great thing about this template is that you get a range of amazing and easy to use personalizing options. This ensures that the website’s end result will look exactly how you wanted and completely unique. Creating a blog no matter what nature is so much easier only with wordify.

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If you are looking for a responsive, stylish and efficient blogger template, your search ends here. Formed with the advanced bootstrap framework and HTML coding structure, Ruft is simply an amazing choice. Aimed at bloggers, reporters, journalist, and anyone who wishes to share the creative content to the world, this template offers a blank canvas where you can show off your creativity. With a design structure that will leave anyone at awe, each element has been placed with careful attention to details. It is completely responsive, retina ready, mobile friendly and tested on all major devices change your optimal performance.

Talking about the visual, the full-screen banner effectively gets anyone’s attention easily. Making it even easier for your users you also get a professional comment slider, fully functional contact form, newsletter subscription forms and attractive social media buttons. Furthermore it is also cross-browser compatible, translatable, optimised for speed, an extremely user-friendly. Another great thing is the you can easily switch the background, colour schemes, and even the fonts and typography without any effort. What more can you possibly want? Try out this awesome team today, that too for free!

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This free blogging template is great for aspiring beginners trying out their hands in blogging, professionally or otherwise. The template can help users create functional and visually stunning blogs in no time whatsoever. It follows a unique and accompanying awesome website design. The Bootstrap framework designed template accompanies various customizations for new website beginners and code masters. The HTML and CSS powered elements are highly compatible with any major design customizations you might have. This ensures maximum performance and speed on your website.

The well structured and stacked template design along with the highly interactive drop-down menu is a plus. In terms of appearance and the accompanying header and featured image section as well a the carousel slider gives off an aura of professionality.Use its structured and sleek template to its full potential with it’s custom drop-down menus, widget-rich sidebars and footers. It also includes interactive social media buttons. The template is primed to ensure that your viewers are never bored with your content with its highly responsive carousel slider, blogging oriented structure and customizable comments sections. You can’t go wrong trying this theme out, especially when it’s free.

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Magazines, news and article content seems like the staple food of the blog consuming media these days. Therefore it’s a great idea to consider building an article featuring various news and magazine content. Callie is a blogging template designed to help you create various news and magazine blogging websites. The bootstrap framework powered template allows users to create a fitting and impressive news and article blogs. It features a website design created to swoon readers. The highly elegant and refined template design seems naturally fitting for news-based websites. Creating structured content, specified content sections, recommendation filled sidebars and fitting lead generation forms, you can build it all using this template.

Furthermore, the CSS and HTML coding ensures you can customize and replace all your website elements. That too with minimum hassle to ensure maximum compatibility with your content.The blogging template has to be one of the most interactive magazine templates out there. The drop down menu is simply amazing. And the structured design could not make it any easier to read interesting articles either. The animations and content arrangement is crisp and sleek.

Additionally, the social media section is a welcome addition to the theme’s features. If you plan to build a magazine or news website, we highly recommend you check this theme out. Its low price of 0$ ensures that your experience with this website template will be fruitful.

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Versatility has never looked so cool before. With Balita, the opportunities are endless. Travel blogs, food reviews, product promotions: Balita empowers various blogging websites. All the while providing you with tools to customize your blog content in a highly efficient manner. This HTML template features a retina-ready design. This means all your content is ready to view on all digital platforms. All the while ensuring maximum quality on all web elements. Balita sports a clean and sleek design that was made to provide a worthwhile impression on your blog viewers. And that’s before even reading your content! The featured slider, arranged blog layouts, useful widgetized sidebars and navigational features are crucial on all blog templates.

And Balita provides them all with a flair of class and professionality. The structured blog layouts and the sidebar seem to blend into the website background itself and the way the content is fed to the user is just impressive.Furthermore, the template was built on Bootstrap with HTML & CSS coding. This ensures maximum SEO optimization, website performance, multiplatform compatibility and more. The template also features a dynamic on-scroll content loader to load your web content as your viewers scroll down. With its expertly designed website structure, it’s highly customizable. It also includes widgetized sidebars, rich blogging features and a wide range of content compatibility. This HTML template cements its position as one of the best blogging templates available. More so for the price of literally nothing.

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Avision is a free responsive blogger template to show off a vibrant, sporty look that is a hallmark of any popular niche based website template whether it’s the fancy card like boxed content, the translucent header that can be stuck onto your page. Or the good arrangement of the well-coded elements: The blogging template dictates a strong sense of fashion and style. This trendy website template is perfect for a wide range of niche based blogs and websites. Especially in fashion, business, travel, science, car, cooking, etc. The well-coded bootstrap template ensures maximum optimization on your website and in-built compatibility for retina displays. With its HTML and CSS coded elements, you can also easily customize or replace any of the web elements to further let the template breathe life onto your personal websites.

Avision guarantees that your viewers will be impressed with your blogs using this template and we can’t seem to disagree. The full screen and transparent navigation features also work well to ensure that your blog readers will free extremely comfortable on your website.Trendy template built for fashion, business, travel, car, science and other niche based blogs. Concrete, structured design with appealing block design for content. The highly widgetized footer and sidebars, the well-detailed header section with its responsive custom menu! Furthermore, the rich customization options and the stacked list of appearance features included ensuring that Avision is one of the prime choices. Especially, when it comes to free blog templates.

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We understand the need for proper attention regarding defiled details, appearances and suiting visuals for blogs. And so does Stuff, a beautiful free blogging template designed to focus on focusing blog content and impressing viewers with its fantastic graphical design. The clean and minimalistic style with great attention to artistic detail is a great design element to accompany your blogs. Well structured blog and post layouts, a fitting collaboration of colors, graphical elements and a custom menu with great animations: Stuff comes with them all for nothing.

The CSS and HTML coded was made to accompany various personal changes to website and website designs. Since the theme uses the Bootstrap framework, we expect high quality from this website template. The fascinating blogging template is something we recommend you use in any theme you can possibly imagine.It’s crisp animations, hover effects, integration with Instagram, inbuilt responsive sliders and integration with social media helps you build a strong foundation for your blogs straight from the ground. Moreover, since the theme uses coding from CSS and HTML you can easily customize the appearance, functionality and graphical editing of any web element on your website with as few issues as possible.

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The name for this free blogger template is fitting as Original is a unique and stylish blogging template. The clean and minimalist look is definitely a great design choice. The theme takes pride in its versatility and ability to suit any kind of content. Since the template was built on Bootstrap you can count on it.  It is completely mobile friendly and accompany all kinds of HTML5 and scripted content. This includes buttons, sliders, dropdowns and more. This is evident in all the fancy elements in the template such as fabulous drop-down menu, responsive sliders for both footers and headers, well-designed buttons and content blocks and more.But that isn’t all: The template features a list of other handy features and elements such as carousel slider options, newsletter subscription popups, Instagram feeds, and more.

This alongside the entire template was coded using HTML and CSS so you can count on it to be completely HTML5 friendly and easy to edit and manage. Moreover, the template itself was designed to be easy to manage, even for beginning bloggers so the concept of difficulty is out of the window for this free blog template. The custom pages, the interactive drop-down menus as well as mega menu options, a social media bar and many other website navigation options were created to accommodate your blog viewers. With its blog-centric template options and its carousel slider, you are free to build any form of blogging content from fashion to foods to personal or lifestyle. With the help of this free responsive blogger template you are bound to impress any of the viewers with your blogs and imprint a long-lasting impression on them.

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Sasha is a free blogging template made to be customized and run on a blog, on the go. The Bootstrap framework powered template sports a clean, structured design complete with well tagged and categorized sections, widgets, sidebars and more. To help you start running your blog site the instant you set up your server, the template comes with 5 pre-built homepage variations and two header variations. Furthermore, you can enable a wide range of blogging content such as Fashion, lifestyle, DIY, health, travel and more using its various post format options and sidebar modification features. From full-width posts to left sidebars to the right sidebars, you can choose them all with Sasha!

Furthermore, Sasha was completely built using HTML and CSS, meaning it is fully mobile compatible and can run HTML5 elements flawlessly on your website. To decrease your work hassle, the template also sports multiple pre-built pages. It includes a contact page, about page and more. You can also ensure proper user interactions with all your viewers as template comes with Social media ready features. Enable a well designed social bar, provide newsletter subscription forms and even embed your Instagram posts with this free responsive blogging template. Try it now and we can be sure you won’t regret it all.

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If you are searching for a free blogger template full of flair and style with the proper responsive design then Blanca is the pick. The template was designed in mind for both professional bloggers as well as new beginners. It features a Bootstrap framework and HTML+CSS coding. It helps you enable a wide range of interactive web elements, scripts, buttons and more with barely any difficulty. The template is also extremely easy to set up and is made to help you start your blog the instant you have it installed. With pre-built contact pages and about pages, you can start working on your blog without worrying much about your viewer interaction.

Furthermore, you can show off all your pictorial content using its highly responsive portfolio features, slideshow features, and gallery images.The clean and sleek look is a major plus in our eyes as the template draws in all the viewers to you and keeps their eyes stuck on your blogs. Furthermore, keep your readers engaged with all sorts of social media interactions as well as a social bar for easy sharing of your content if needs be. Present a wide range of blogs and blogging content with an aura of professionality using this well-coded template built for maximum satisfaction, optimization, and impression.

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Blogger is an amazing free blogging template. Doesn’t sound that amazing when we put it that way? But this website template definitely on the list as the template accommodates creators and designers to an absurd degree. Focus more on building attractive posts and content rather than worrying about design issues and graphics appeal using this responsive blog template. Blogger fits not just textual content but a wide range of niche-based media such as fashion galleries, adventure vlogs, food reviews and more. The blogging template also comes with various useful features and elements to help you improve your blogs, and not just in a typography and textual fashion. The Parallax banner lets you display amazing content/information with amazing style and grace.

The latest posts slider is well animated and highly responsive, the author detail box seems perfectly in place with all your blogs and the newsletter subscription box just screams ‘lead-generation’ to our professional eyes.Blogger was built to impress viewers from the get-go and we cannot deny that assertion. The Bootstrap framework powered template will grab your viewers from both pc and web platforms and the number of scripts, interactive sections, call-to-action buttons and web elements you can run on your website is endless. The HTML coding ensures maximum speed and SEO optimization is a topic you won’t have to worry about on the template’s part. Try this web template and check out its feature because what could go wrong with trying out a free blogging template?

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If you’re looking for a sleek and well-designed blog template for no price whatsoever, Philosophy is a great choice. The contrasting style of black and white is bound to wow your viewers. Plus the structured, stacked manner of the blog pages further emphasizes that point. The drop-down menu is well designed and highly responsive and the header section with its featured posts section is nothing to scoff at. Philosophy provides great navigational features to view your entire website alongside the custom menu. With a Tags widget section on the sidebar, quick links section in the footers and a social sharing bar for good measure. The highly accompanying blog template also provides various styling features such as multiple typography options and text enriching content.

This includes drop caps, small prints, pull & block quotes, customized buttons in 3 variations, code block sections, stats tabs, tables, forms and more. The sheer number of items you can talk about and insert in your blogs seems endless in this template.Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the mobile end of your website as all the elements are retina-ready and with the template being built on Bootstrap framework, you can ensure maximum optimization on mobile web platforms as well. The sheer number of strong points this free blogging templates is staggering at the very least and regardless of what kind of blog you intend to build, this template will be ready to support your choice all along the way.

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Food blogs, restaurant and café websites and review blogs are quite the trend these days and Yummy Blog exists to help you create these trendy websites, regardless of your coding knowledge. Insert well-defined menu items, descriptions for food items, amazing photo galleries to preview the food items and more. Display your various food and recipes in a masonry grid layout, reminiscent to that of Pinterest. This will provide a sense of trendiness and gives your food blogs that snappy look. Endlessly preview high definition images in your galleries to fellow food aficionados with this bootstrap framework designed web template.

Yummy blog puts an emphasis on content clarity and has been designed to show textual content hand in hand with web elements and media. This can be quite a blessing when you’re providing food recipes or talking about any of the food items you’re personally in love with. If your viewers were to be impressed by your content (which we believe they will) they could easily share your blogs on social media using the nifty social profile links you can provide to them using this template.

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Suppa Blog


Suppa Blog defines itself as a Super blog template and the wide range of features and its website design seems to agree with that assertion. This free responsive blogger template takes pride in its well crafted minimal design that is made to give your blog a sense of individuality and uniqueness. The properly defined layout, a wide range of typography options and the navigational features the template provides helps it suit writing and textual based blogs the best. The clean white background accommodates text and images well and can help you create breathtaking blogs. Whether its product reviews, personal experiences, opinionated writing or articles, Suppa blog augments them all with its easy to use design options and the various elements you can place in them.

The modern and sleek design the template sports can help you attract viewers attention easily. Furthermore, the wide range of post options you can use can help your readers appreciate the amount of effort you place in writing for them. Whether it is videos, text, images or any other kind of blogs, you can create them efficiently with distinctive styles on the go with this highly accommodating template.The coding goes in hand with template design and with this HTML and CSS coded template you can be at ease as maximum care has been placed to code this blogging template. Optimization and compatibility with various scripted and interactive elements is not something you must worry about in this Bootstrap framework-powered template.

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Bona is a free blogging template with a simple easy to view layouts, distinctive posts designs with various UI elements and user interactions including a simple like button, comments and view counts. The posts are displayed in structured boxed forms with featured images on the blog page. In addition, the box is symmetrically separated with the author image placed in the center of the post preview. The posts are displayed in structured boxed forms with featured images on the blog page. In addition, the box is symmetrically separated with the author image placed in the center of the post preview. This simple element’s sheer style is bewildering and the same effort can be seen all over the web template.It is very clear that the developers of this theme, Colorlib has taken great strides to bring you this free to use, ready to run responsive blogger template.

The well-structured layouts, lighter theme design, and color choices, as well as strong image-text integration, allows you to build blogs of a wide variety: from Lifestyle to food blogs to fashion to tech reviews you can do them all. Furthermore, the image holders are compatible with both landscape and portrait orientation so you can easily fit in your image without worrying about cropping. For good measure, the template also lets you set up an Email subscription form at the bottom of the page and a Social bar for your viewers to spread their appreciation for your content all over the internet. This amazing template was built on Bootstrap as well, meaning that it is well optimized, highly responsive and customizable and can serve mobile users quite well.

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If you’re looking for a powerful, well-designed website template to use for your magazine websites that you can’t go wrong with this one. World is a feature-rich, free responsive blog template with a sense of elegance and brio. Right off the bat, you will realize that the theme sports a huge slider section that will continually preview your slider images and posts in an impressive fashion. The menu is well designed and interactive and has a sticky feature but doesn’t clash with the rest of the website when you scroll down. You can show your news and magazine content in various sections from featured content to trending posts.

These sections can be further filtered using various categories and the Top stories and Pick of the day section in the sidebar adds up to the navigational and promotional factor of this amazing blog template. World is filled with well-animated elements built using CSS and HTML and features an on-scroll content loader to help viewers enjoy your amazing articles. The posts include a sorted comments section for user discussions and the template provides you with a custom social bar as well, just for good measure.This free blog template was built using Bootstrap framework so you can expect it to easily meet industry standards for web templates with an unmatched level of compatibility and responsiveness. To help you set up your entire magazine website quickly, the web template also comes with pre-made pages for Single blogs, contact pages, blog homepage, category sections and more.

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If you’re a restaurant or a cafe owner and you want to advertise your food outlet online then look no further. Instant is a restaurant, cafe and drinks bar oriented free blogging web template. This Bootstrap 4 framework powered template features a wide range of elements. You can use it to their maximum potential to help you promote and advertise your restaurants or bars effectively. The theme was also built using Jquery, CSS3, HTML, and Sass. So you can expect it to sport a wide range of high-quality web elements tailored to be highly customizable and functional. The header section supports video and image content both. And you can build customize menus with category filtering with this template as well.

Integrate food and menu descriptions with amazing flavor text and descriptions and food reviews using this highly accessible web template. If you want to show the repertoire catalog, you can do so using the Gallery section. Use the masonry layout to further drill in style and finesse on your blog. For the conventional promotion of your restaurants, you can also quote user reviews and statements regarding your food.To help advertise upcoming events at your restaurants and bars, you can also place upcoming events, complete with Google Map integration to help your online blog readers easily find your eatery. The template comes with the feature to set up a contact form to help your customers. They can also provide valuable criticism and appreciation regarding your restaurants and bars.

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WeBlog can be a great choice if you’re searching for free responsive blog templates with a minimalist design and amazing color theme. It is entirely built on the Bootstrap framework. The list of powerful features this free template provides you is limited. It includes 3 different blog layout, responsive sliders, Font awesome based icons, and Google fonts. Furthermore, get 9 premade HTML pages, and various other custom pages. You can be sure that readers for your blogs will be flooding right in. To sprinkle that visual factor onto your content you can use the highly functional flexible slider with video model pop-up, banner carousel sliders, custom progress bars, image transition effects and more.

WeBlog certainly doesn’t fall behind in user interaction either as the template features a sign and register page for user accounts, well-sorted comments sections on posts, newsletter subscription forms, custom social media icons section and a custom contact page: complete with Google maps integration. WeBlog was built using HTML and Bootstrap framework with the newest and advanced tools so you can expect the same level of accessibility, performance, and responsiveness you receive pc platforms on your mobile platforms. The beautifully designed website layout and theme is highly versatile and can encompass various types of blogs. WeBlog also features high definition,retina-ready web elements so viewers can view your content on the go. Almost seems like a steal to receive this huge list of features for the free

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Fashion Blog


Creating clothing designs and creating great ideas for items for people to wear is tough. Making your online presence, promoting your fashion designs, and building your fan base online makes it doubly so. Fashion Blog is a free blog template you can use to streamline the entire process of building Fashion and Fashion related websites. Connect to the world with your amazing ideas and creations or give them great item reviews and opinions. Or provide them with the right information so they can fill up their wardrobe in a respectable manner. Lifestyle blogs, professional designing, feminine and women-oriented dress blogs. Furthermore, it also suits photography and modeling blogs. To allow you to build your dream fashion blog the template sports various elements. It includes a wide range of font icons, and pre-designed custom page templates.

Furthermore, you get typography options, custom buttons, breadcrumbs, featured item badges and customs forms. The masonry layout gallery section can help you preview all sort of images related to fashionable clothing, photographic images, item listings and more. You can also ensure that you capture mobile traffic quite well. The template is the Bootstrap framework powered and sports retina-ready elements capable of proper resizing. To make your blog look more professional, you can also enable various amazing web elements. These elements include banner sliders, lightbox effects, well-animated hover effects, and sliding progress bars. Additionally, you get video embedding and integration, smoothly animated search button and more.

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Style Blog


Are you looking for a modern-esque blog template sporting a flat UI/design style? Are you looking for the templates built using the most advanced and latest technologies such as the Bootstrap framework?  Then perhaps Style blog is what you are looking for. Style blog maintains a flat design that exuberates a perfect sense of style and elegance while remaining perfectly optimized. The best part? It’s all for free. That’s right, it is a responsive blog template filled to the brim with features you didn’t even think you needed till you try them out. Flat grid pattern layout, custom glyphicons, high-resolution textures and web elements, multi-web platform compatibility and more, Style blog has it all. This ultra-modern web template best suits fashionistas, musicians, music bloggers, adventurers, travelers, and Vloggers.

The blog template provides social media integration and has a custom social bar. Additionally, you get social links on headers and many other locations. Style blog also provides an Instagram integration to link your content to your Instagram posts. The newsletter subscription forms can help you generate more leads.Style blog takes in the flat, stylish web design and improves it with custom designed Flat-esque UI, menus, colorized buttons, and interface. For organization owners, the web template also includes a custom contact page with inbuilt contact forms. You also get Google map embeds and more. Style blog is also extremely lightweight. Thus, it ensures that your website will win the heart of users in the field of optimization and speed.

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Business Blog


Not all our blog recommendations are towards lifestyle, niche based, fashions or foods. Business Blog is a free blogging template built for business owners and entrepreneurs. This responsive blog template has a Flat design which exhibits an air of professionalism and experience. Promotional blogs and reviews for your business products are important. Thus, Business Blog can help you easily build and improve them. Especially with their wide range of typography options, post formats, video integration, social sharing bar, etc. The template itself is quite flexible and you can use it for various theme ideas. Business Blog uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies for its coding.  Additionally, it uses the powerful Bootstrap framework meaning that the entire template is completely mobile friendly with adaptive elements.

The web template is also extremely easy to set up and is user-friendly. So you can focus more on developing your products instead of your blogs. The various web elements, plugins, post features and typography features are there. These can help you easily illustrate your points while improving work efficiency. The post can include comments to improve in-site user discussions and Email subscription forms and newsletter subscriptions. This can help you generate more leads for your products. Furthermore, you can also enable a well-organized Forum inside your website. This allows your users to post responses, issues, criticisms, bug reports, and various customer responses. And don’t forget, you get all these for free! This makes Business Blog a great option for starting entrepreneurs, and more.

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Droppler is a great responsive blog template for aspiring designers, photographers, and creative bloggers. It is ideal for anyone with a plan to show the world their creative repertoire and portfolios. The template supports various post formats with featured images and images, each with their flair and uniqueness. The navigational features on this web template are simply phenomenal. With custom menus with amazing transition effects and a highly responsive scroll to top button. The template sports a no sidebar, a full-width design. It looks fabulous so that your viewers can scroll infinitely.

As for portfolios and image collections, the template provides a highly functional Gallery section with grid-based masonry layout on a stacked design. You can easily place quote sections to advertise yourself and your content. Furthermore, if it’s personality and uniqueness, you don’t have to worry about that field. The template provides 3 different About us page styles, each distinct. Moreover, it’s great to remember that the template is not only social media friendly. It also includes a premade Contact page layout with a custom Google map section, contact forms and more. Droppler is also completely mobile friendly as it uses the Bootstrap framework. It contains adaptive, retina-ready elements to help you grab viewers and fans from all web platforms.

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blogger templates - article

Regarding blogger templates, Article fits perfectly in the magazine and news journal Variety. Article’s News blog-centric design and magazine oriented elements make it one of the best online news blogger templates. Use a fullscreen, slider carousel for your header that comes with article embedding features. Moreover, the clean wide site design gives your magazine website a more open and impressive look. Similarly, the nifty hover effects on your images and blogs give your pages a more modern feel. Use various blog layouts, each designed to suit your news blogging demands. This includes blogs with images, videos, slider images and more. Additionally, the various typography and blogging elements help you spice up the text on your website.

Article also has great widgets for you to use all over your sidebar. Use a dedicated Gallery widget with a fullscreen lightbox viewer for previewing images in a nifty manner. You can also place custom social media links, Newsletter subscription, Search bars, and more. Furthermore, Article is also easy to customize and personalize and regardless of your personalization, your website will show up perfectly on all platforms, regardless of size and resolution.

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blogger templates - explore

When it comes to using travel blogger templates, it’s important to choose one that really puts your adventures as its highlight. Explore provides you with an exquisite website template that provides your viewers with a creative and unique blogging experience. Explore’s unique image slider header is a sight to behold and its use of parallax effects and on-content loaders makes browsing your blog content an enjoyable experience. Moreover, it’s important to note that blogger templates require tons of customization features. For that effect, Explore gives you dedicated theme customization features that are simple yet effective simultaneously.

Additionally, Explore gives you tons of goodies to use for your travel blogs too. Make use of excellent blog layouts, diversified to suit various purposes; each is built to make great use of images, videos, and other media. The on-screen content loader makes growing through your blog lists an enjoyable experience. Moreover, with the addition of the clean blog layout and well-sectioned grids, your blogs become easy to read and enjoy. For your lead generation demands, Explore also gives you a custom contact page and newsletter subscription and SEO optimization for your blogs.

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blogger templates - wordsmith

Wordsmith is an HTML template made for hobbyists, enthusiasts and niche bloggers. Wordsmith lets you blog to your heart’s content regardless of your field of interest. Use its unique age layout that fully represents your taste in the genre of niche blogging. Wordsmith’s non-linear clean design gives it a more comfortable look, which is further improved by its grid layout blog page. The blog page has a proper gallery-like look further complemented by Featured images with hover effects. As for the blog itself, you can use 3 different Blog layouts, each built to suit different kinds of content. It’s easy to manage categorization features, customizable menu and search bar makes website navigation and blog searching an easy task.

Moreover, Wordsmith is itself a very flexible template that can fit all your demands. Consider that you can customize a wide range of properties regarding your website’s visuals. Moreover, these properties can also be easily customized to your heart’s content. Now, you have a perfect blogger template on your hand. Furthermore, you can also consider that Wordsmith provides tons of custom elements that can be enabled all over your website. This includes tons of dedicated widgets for website navigation, custom contact page with a Google map embed, and more. Finally, it’s bootstrap coding makes it extremely light and mobile responsive too.

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blogger templates - opium

If you need blogger templates made for personal blogs, we have you covered with Opium. This free HTML blog template is designed to give your blog site a unique flair. For this effect, it uses creatively designed page elements, custom designed blog elements and cool call to action buttons. Moreover, it’s minimal design makes reading text on your website easy and brightens up the rest of the website. Thus, you can fit in cool images and media in your blog content without worrying about how it looks. Moreover, its proper coding base ensures that all your content is cross-browser compatible. Similarly, Opium itself is a retina-ready template which means all your content resizes perfectly on all display sizes and resolution, even mobile phones!

For improving your blog’s interactions, you can make use of dedicated web elements in the form of sidebar widgets, Newsletter subscription forms, Instagram Feed embed, Social media links and more. Make use of highly configurable blog layouts built for various types of personal blogs. The flexibility of this template is certainly what makes it an amazing HTML template.

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blogger templates - quitelight

Quitelight is an HTML template that puts it all down on the table regarding blogging templates. This excellent bootstrap template provides you all the right tools you need to stand out; Especially, when it comes to magazine and news blogging. Use an intuitively designed page layout that uses tons of design techniques to make your magazine website look as trendy and awesome as possible. This includes incorporating an exquisite fullscreen header and menu design along with a minimalistic slider at the same time. The use of custom designed grid boxes is evident throughout the blog page design.

Each section highlights various kinds of blogs and blog layouts and makes great use of the enabled media on your news articles. Moreover, even the header and footer is uniquely designed with equally creatively designed widgets that complement the footers and sidebars. Everything in this HTML template makes your website look perfect while still being cohesive with each other. Additionally, Quitelight is also built with accessibility in mind. The blogger template is not only cross-browser compatible but is also friendly with both iOS and Android smartphones. It’s lightweight and retina-ready design makes it an excellent blogger template for mobile accessible blogs.

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