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If you are running a computer repair store, you are more likely to target your local audience. Most people searching for computer repair stores on Google use search terms like — local computer repair shops near me or the closest computer repair store. Listing your store under Google My Business and adding a few images alone won’t bring in customers to your store. Having a proper website for your computer store will improve the chances of getting new customers. The computer repair web templates in this list will help you make a professional website that will help you run a successful business.

In the Google My Business profile page, you have a space to mention your website link. Businesses without a website miss a great opportunity. Without your website, new customers won’t be able to know the services you offer. If you own a new store in the town, use both Google My Business and website to spread the word. The computer repair web templates in this list are fully optimized from the technical side for better SEO results. All you have to do is strategize a fail-proof content strategy.

Speaking of content strategy. Being a computer repair store, you have to produce lots of DIY related content for small fixes. Giving useful content to your audience will improve your brand image and customer bonding. Whether you are making videos or blog posts, the computer repair web templates we picked can easily handle content and deliver an impeccable user experience. Most templates are capable of running an online store. Therefore you can sell computer repair tools and toolkits easily on your website.

Best Computer Repair Web Templates

All templates in this list are using the latest web development code scripts, so you can try any design strategies, and can add custom features easily to your website. Saying that here is the list of best computer repair web templates for modern shop owners and customers.

Drimo (HTML)

single-page computer repair web template

Drimo is a Bootstrap HTML computer repair web template.

This template pack has more than ten one-page tech-related and computer repair web templates in it. All demo versions are one-page templates, so you can easily manage this template. Different blog layouts and a single blog post design are also given in this template, which makes this template unique from others. Developers who want more freedom in their development and also need a solid base to hold their creative stuff should definitely check out this template.

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Sharai Khana

clean Computer Repair Web Template

Sharai Khana is a multi-concept professional services website template with pre-made computer repair web templates in it.

This theme pack has given you different variants for each and every page. For instance, for a single service page, you get fifteen variations, three blog layouts, and much more. All you have to do is to pick the pages you like and use them on your site. The creator has made the controls as simple as possible, so you control all your theme functions from your WordPress dashboard itself.

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clean and modern computer repair web templates

LeadEngine is one of the best selling multipurpose WordPress themes for professional websites and has a dedicated computer repair web template in it. As more and more brands are adopting online solutions to serve their customers, buying a WordPress theme with designs pre-made professional websites will save you time and money. The default computer repair and IT service demo has a clean and straightforward design. Therefore you can explain your services clearly in this template. Another advantage of this template’s clean image-rich design is you can show how you perform the work. You can even add a short video on how you fix a particular device. This template runs on the latest WordPress version, so you can use all major video formats without any issue.

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multipurpose repair and computer repair web template

Electrico is a multipurpose fixing and repairing service WordPress theme. The creator has given separate themes for electric works, air conditioning & HVAC services, and computer repair services. Since this pack has a dedicated computer repair web template, you can make a website in no time. All you have to do is to install the theme, customize the looks as per your requirement, and launch the website. The creator has optimized all three demos for mobile view. Plus, the WPBakert page builder with 50+ custom sections lets you make a new webpage with just a few clicks.

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IT Solution [Budget Friendly]

computer repair and IT solution web template

You can understand that this is an IT solution website template from the name itself. But the customer-centric layout of this template lets you explain the service neatly to the audience, which makes it also a perfect computer repair web template. The image-rich design and contemporary elements with bright modern colors manage to keep the user engaged throughout the website. This HTML web template uses the latest HTML5 code, so you can edit it easily and can make a custom website in no time. Another advantage of this template’s latest code architecture is it can handle all modern tools and plugins effortlessly right out of the box and reduce the developer’s work.

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computer repair web template

Refib is a clean computer repair web template with a professional look. This WordPress template has three homepage variations. Each homepage is slightly different from the other and has a different section arrangement. Rearranging the sections or adding a completely new section on the webpage is easier in this template. The Elementor page builder lets you easily pick the element you like and drag & drop them on the place you want. Basic plugins are pre-bundled in this pack so that you can get started quickly with this theme.

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computer shop website template

Etalon WordPress theme is purely designed for service sector businesses. So you can expect a friendly interface that is easy to use. Plus, promotional elements will help boost your online conversion rate. Smart tabs right below the header section of the IT service demo allow the user to easily pick the category they want and quickly see the services you offer. The WooCommerce powered product pages will come in handy if you plan to sell computer repair tools, screwdrivers, and kits on your website. Necessary optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. Therefore you can concentrate on the custom features and integrations without any worries. This theme is packed with 20+ demo variations. Even if you don’t like the default computer repair web template design, you can pick any demo and can customize it as per your needs. Overall, Etalon is a perfect computer repair and computer store website template.

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modern website template

Integrio WordPress template is a perfect option for those who are in search of contemporary style design. The creator has followed all modern design trends in this template to meet the present-day audience taste and needs. Since it is a pure IT service focused niche theme, you get plenty of features along with the computer repair options. The clean layout will give a professional up-scale look to your website. If you are using sophisticated methods and tools to fix your customers’ devices, themes like this will help you make the feel the advanced services you offer. Interactive blog layouts of this template will help you share useful tips and computer repair DIY articles clearly with your audience — features like this will improve your brand image in the digital world.

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multipurpose computer repair web templates

Service sectors are having major changes and adopting new technologies to serve better, especially after the pandemic. If you plan to take your business online and let the customer book your services from their convenience, well-equipped themes like this will be a good choice. Speaking of online booking, take a look at our appointment scheduling templates collection for templates with built-in online booking features.

This template is loaded with 20+ pre-made demos. The creator has covered almost all major categories in this pack so that site owners can easily set their website in no time. The Tech Repair pre-made demo will be a perfect option for making a computer repair store website. You can easily customize this template with the help of the WPBakery page builder — just drag & drop the elements in the place you want.

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Onovainteractive website template

Onova is another sophisticated website template for IT solutions and services websites. The creator has efficiently blended the professional appearance and modern elements in this template, which gives a fresh new appearance to the website. The same interactive modern layout is carried on to other inner pages in this template so that you can easily brand this template. All features are neatly integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Most of your day-to-day tasks and minor customizations can be done from the dashboard itself.

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developer-firendly computer repair web templates

Ostrya has separate themes for computer repair and mobile repair stores. Hence, you can see more relevant elements that you can use on your website. Plenty of customizations are given in this template. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, most customizations can be done quickly without even touching the code. Different post types are given along with different pages so that you can deliver the content engagingly with your audience. The different post types will come in handy for you if you plan to give useful video tutorials and blog posts to your audience. Overall, Ostrya is a practical website template.

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feature-rich computer repair web templates

For those who are looking for a tried and tested traditional website design that can provide a good result, the ComRepair template will be a treat. The creator has kept the basic elements very natural to use. Hence, all types of users can easily interact with your website and book your services. This one also has a text-rich layout like a few other computer repair web templates in this list — which will make your website friendly for both users and the SEO crawlers. Since it is a multipurpose theme, the creator has kept the animation effects as simple as possible. Take a look at our CSS text effects collection to make this text-rich website even more engaging.

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sophisticated website template

Engitech website template will help you target the millennial users. Perfectly handled gradient colors and modern web elements give a fresh look to this template. Though this template has only three homepage variations, each one is unique and will make a strong impression. What makes this template even friendlier is the Elementor page builder. Being one of the fastest page builders, the Elementor is preferred by many WordPress theme developers. The pre-bundled basic plugins will make the initial setup easier for the users. Even a user without prior experience can work with this template — it is that simple. If you like to make your website stand out from your fellow competitor’s sites, this one will be a good choice.

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responsive computer repair web templates

Restore is a computer repair website template from the core. Since this template is designed exclusively for computer repair shops, some unique niche-specific elements are also included in this template; For example, detailed pricing pages & pricing tables where you can fully explain the benefits of the service package. If you are offering special pricing for enterprises, you can mention it on the pricing table. This template’s neat and straightforward contact page will help you get more inquiries. Speaking of contact page designs, take a look at out bootstrap contact page design collection for more interactive designs.

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easy-to-interact computer repair web templates

This template uses the flat style design and modern animation effects to give a unique look to the website. The creator has handled the design elements and animation effects carefully in this template so that they look more natural. Plus, the website will be easy to use. The sticky navbar with a call to action button to book an appointment is a wise design that will help the user book your service easily from any part of your website. Take a look at our bootstrap navbar design collection for more attractive design concepts. Since this template is running on the latest web development frameworks, it can effortlessly handle modern web elements and effects.

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website template with multiple customization options

Uptech is for website owners who want their website to be bold and attractive. The content-rich layout of this template lets you clearly explain your services. Proper segmentation helps you to split the texts into bite-sized content so that audience can easily get the point. Since the Uptech is a tech and IT services template, you get cool elements to keep the users engaged. By making a few changes to the design, you can use it for computer repair services.

Moreover, this template is made using the Unyson framework. Therefore, you get plenty of customization options out of the box. The biggest advantage of the Unsyson framework is you can give powerful end-user options. Hence, you can expect this template to be friendly for both developers and site owners.

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easy-to-use computer repair web templates

Online business is a lot more competitive than it was. Brands use different strategies to make their product & services reach the audience and create brand awareness. Content is one of the effective strategies that can deliver you the best results. The creator of this template has understood the content needs and made the Fixtech as a content-focused theme. You have plenty of spaces throughout the template to explain your services. Plus, different blog post categories are given to make the post even more engaging. Three demo variations are there in this pack, and you can expect more pre-made demos in the future updates.

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Service Master

techrepair website template

From the name itself you can infer that this theme is made for service businesses. The creator has covered all major service business categories on this list. A dedicated computer/tech repair website demo variation is also given. Since it is a multipurpose theme, the creator has kept the design appealing for all types of audiences. Plus, endless customization options are also given to help you make your website unique from others. This template has twelve demo variations, and all of them supports one-click import option. Therefore a user can install a theme on their WordPress website without spending much time. Images and icons are used consistently throughout the website. Make sure you use good quality images on your website for better results. Take a look at our computer mockups and laptop mockups collection for budget-friendly high-quality images.

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gadget fix website template

SmartFix is one of the few computer repair web templates that try to give more value for money. The creator has bundled lots of useful premium plugins in this pack. For example, you get Slider Revolution plugin, WPBakery, Advanced custom fields, and a lot more. A live image interpretation is shown on the homepage to let the user see which are the parts you will fix on a device. Swift and smart animations not only liven up the website but also makes the interactions easier. Another chic element in this template is the vertical tab — where the user can easily pick their product and see the related services. Since this theme supports Advanced custom fields plugin, you can easily control the WordPress edit screen and custom field data.

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user-firendly computer repair web templates

Computer repair web templates like the FixTeam will be a good choice if you provide a wide range of tech repair services. The creator has smartly placed the device category section right below the homepage header section to let the user quickly jump to the device they want. Users can understand your services quickly at a glance because of this template’s clean, modern layout. A bright yellow color scheme is used as a primary color for web elements and hover-effects — which gives a funkier look and also grabs user attention easily. Since this template runs on the latest CSS script, you can use other modern colors as well.

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professional looking WordPress website template

Mitech is another multipurpose WordPress website template for IT solutions and services. You can use this template for improved online conversions. This template has 8+ demo variations; each one concentrates on different goals. For example, the default demo focuses on enhancing the booking rates. In contrast, the other demo helps you to boast about your reputation and inspire the users with positive reviews and success stories. You can accomplish any goals because of this template’s practical design.

Mitech is one of the few computer repair web templates that has dedicated page layouts for case studies. The case studies are one of the most underrated content strategies on a business website. Showing your audience how you work with your client to reach the desired result will help you gain more new clients. If you are in the business for quite some years by now, well-equipped computer repair web templates like this will be a good choice.

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website template to improve online booking

CoSolu has an adequately equipped one-page website demo version. The long homepage design gives you more than enough space to clearly explain all your services to the audience. This template has plenty of ready-made forms, such as the appointment booking form, a quote request form, and a lot more. Since this is a WordPress template, all forms and other interactive elements are fully functional. All you have to do is to take care of the last level integration. If you are looking for computer repair web templates that don’t spoil you with options and give you precisely what you want, this one will be a right choice. Speaking of forms, take a look at our free form templates collection for more user-friendly form designs that you can use on your websites.

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simple WordPress laptop and computer repair website theme

TecnoSoft is a simple and neat WordPress laptop and computer repair web template.

This theme pack has five homepage variations, and all of them are related to computer repair services; therefore, you can use any of them for your website. Images and texts look crisp on this template’s ultra-clean layout. If you want something more fancier and interactive background elements, you can add it by editing the code. Take a look at our CSS background design collection for interactive and easy-to-use background collection.

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