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When we hear the word food truck, we remember fun, interesting, and unique food experiences. Having a relaxed dinner in a good restaurant with a good ambiance is a nice thing, but we can’t have it in our day-to-day busy life. The convenience of having our favorite on the go is loved by the present generation. Most people buying food from a food truck are aged from 18 to 34; a stat from Statista. If you are planning to run an innovative food truck with a mouth-watering food menu, these food truck WordPress themes will help you make a perfect website for you.

Having a website for your food truck is very important. Since the target audience of the food truck business are net savvy generations, taking your business online will help you reach more potential customers. Because of the traveling nature of this business, showing the geolocation of your truck on your website will be useful for your customers to reach you. Some food truck WordPress themes in this list give you the option to show your food truck location. Even if you don’t have the geolocation sharing feature in the default design, you can easily add one by installing an order tracking or a real-time tracking plugin. Therefore, these food truck WordPress themes not only help you showcase your food menu but also help you make a user-friendly website.

Food Truck

clean and rich looking food truck WordPress themes

Food Truck is a clean and rich looking food truck WordPress theme. The pristine design of this theme makes it a perfect option for restaurant websites as well. Only one homepage variation is given in this theme. Hence, you have to work manually if you want to add some unique look to your website. Thankfully, this theme comes with WPBakery page builder to make simple customizations. And it is built over the latest web development frameworks like HTML5 and CSS3, which makes hardcore customizations lot easier.

In the default design, you have plenty of space reserved for the images. Hover animations are used smartly to show relevant information. The page loading animation is cool in this theme and you can use it even on your website. Integrated maps will help the user easily find the location of your truck. Overall, this is a well-thought and executed theme, by making a few customizations, you can use this theme for your website.

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feature rich food truck WordPress themes

If you wish to make things a lot simpler for your customers, the Lunchbox theme is the one for you. Apart from showcasing your menus and truck locations, this theme gives the option to order food online. Since this theme supports WooCommerce out of the box you can run an online store easily without breaking a sweat. Like the Food Truck theme mentioned above, this one also follows a clean pristine design. A separate page is given for the food menu.

Ample amount of space is given in the food menu page to let you clearly explain about the food and its pricing. Giving a detailed note on your dish will help the first time customers to easily pick the food they like. To make the navigation simpler, this theme uses the mega menu option. You can easily organize the menu options in multiple rows and columns.

The footer section of this theme is used smartly to show the opening hours. We have made a separate post for smart footer designs take a look at it to make your website even better for your users.

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street food and food truck WordPress theme

Stego is a thoughtfully designed food truck WordPress theme. The creator has thought of all the basic needs of food truck owners and made this theme, So the design part is almost complete. You can concentrate on the content part and launch your website.

Three food truck WordPress theme variations are given in this pack, and restaurant website demos are queued-up in the next update; therefore, you can use this template for all types of food-related websites. As of now, this theme doesn’t support WooCommerce out of the box, but this is something the creator has promised to add in the next update. Overall, Stego is a cool-looking food truck WordPress website template that you can shortlist.

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Fast Food

fast food WordPress themes

To justify the name, this theme uses attractive flashy design principles used in a fast food website. Bright colors and big texts easily promote your foods and offers. Four theme variations are given in this theme and you get a dedicated theme for the food truck websites. Lots of space is reserved for the images to let the users feel your food virtually. If you are taking special orders for occasions, then this theme has a useful tool for you, a cost calculator tool. The user can choose the services they want and can see the pricing before placing an order or request.

For minor customizations, this theme uses Bold Page builder. In the Bold page builder also you can expect all the major features that you would normally expect in a famous page builder like WPBakery and Elementor. To make the online reservation or scheduling an event easier, this theme supports the Open Table reservation plugin. The online store is powered by the WooCommerce store, hence you have plenty of customization options and extension tools to make your job simpler.

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Food Truck & Restaurant

food truck WordPress themes with multiple demos

Food Truck & Restaurant is a retro-style website theme with chunky elements. But the modern web development framework has made the website feel young. Twenty homepage variations are given for different types of foods. All twenty of them has almost the same design with slight variations based on the type of food truck you choose. If you are making a website for a food truck that is famous for a particular variety of food, the food truck themes in this package will help you make a proper website. Apart from the different food truck demos, this theme also offers a one-page and multi-page version for each demo in this package.

This theme uses the WPBakery page builder, hence you can choose any demo and customize it with the elements you want. As said before, the modern web development framework has made the animation effects smooth. Like a few other food truck WordPress themes in this list, this one also supports WooCommerce store out of the box. Overall, the Food Truck & Restaurant website will help you make a food truck website for all types of audience.

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WordPress food delivery theme and food truck theme

Gomoto is a feature-packed food delivery and food truck WordPress theme.

This theme pack has four demo variations. Each demo is unique and is designed for different purposes like food delivery, medical supplies, water delivery, and pizza websites. All demo versions have a full-width layout with lots of space for images. Customizations can be done quickly using the built-in Elementor page builder. Unless you have any complex customizations, the Elementor page builder itself is enough for you to change the looks. WooCommerce platform is used to handle online orders and product management. You can extend the online store functionality by installing corresponding WooCommerce plugins.

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WordPress fast food template

Gloreya is a bold and eye-catching WordPress theme for fast food websites.

Bright colors and attention-grabbing animations deliver a lively user experience. None of the animations are not overly done, so you can use this template for business websites without any issues. A separate WPCafe compatible demo is also given in this theme pack, which will help you easily manage the food menu list and food reservation. If you want a lively website for your fast-food food truck website, this one will be a good choice.

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bright and interactive food truck WordPress themes for burgers

Lafka is an element rich interactive WordPress theme which will make your audience mouth-watering. There are six pre-made demos for you to make a burger shop, pizza shop and a dedicated demo for a food truck. In the default food truck version, you get a plain straightforward design. As soon as the user land on your site, the first thing they see is your offers and special foods. Other than the offers, you have space to add your contact number and a button to locate your truck. Adding an option to locate your truck to help you reach your target audience easily. Another cool feature in this theme is it has the feature to send a push notification when a new order is placed. As the fast-food food truck themes in this pack is equipped with the necessary tools you can serve the millennials better.

If you like the homepage to have some more sections and to be more detailed about your foods, you can go for other demos in this theme. This theme uses the WPBakery page builder hence customizations and placing pre-built elements will be an easy job. By providing useful plugins like the Event Calendar, bbPress, and WPML, this theme becomes one of the best food truck WordPress themes.

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The Food Truck

simple food truck website template

The Food Truck is a simple and cool-looking food truck WordPress theme. Since this theme is designed for the food truck website from the ground up, you get niche-specific elements. For example, you get a separate page for the truck locator and truck schedule. Customers can easily locate your truck and enjoy your food. The boxed-width layout keeps all elements organized and in an easily accessible spot. Another advantage of this boxed-width layout, you get an easy-to-interact mobile version also. If your demands are less and a website with proper tools, food truck WordPress themes like this will be a good choice.

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multipurpose restaurant WordPress theme

Barnelli is a multipurpose restaurant website template. The clean layout and the pristine finish give a rich feel to this template. This theme has four demo variations, and each one is different. The mosaic demo will be a perfect option for the food truck website. All important details are neatly shown in the mosaic style homepage. Without scrolling a lot, users can easily know your menu, working hours, and current location. Other inner pages like the contact page, blog pages, and reservation pages are also given in this pack. Since this theme has WooCommerce features out of the box, you can easily sell your foods online.

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Meals & Wheels

food delivery and food truck WordPress themes

Meals & Wheels is a multipurpose website template for street food delivery and food truck WordPress theme. Since it is a fast food website template by nature, you get bright colors and stylish fonts in this template. Three homepage versions are there in this template. All three homepage designs show your food menu clearly to the audience. Plus, you have special spaces to show your offers. Apart from the straightforward design, this template has useful post types like the services and teams to let you easily manage your pages.

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clean food website template

Madang is one of the best selling food delivery WordPress themes. What makes this template unique is it combines the healthy nutrition & food concept. As a result, you get a useful website that helps the user to eat nutritious food. You get a dietitian program filter, nutrition facts, and meal plans in this template to help the user pick the right food for them. If you are planning to try something new in your food truck business and also want your customer to eat healthy food, WordPress themes like this will be a good choice. This template uses the SiteOrigin page builder for page customization and dynamic front-end editing.

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contemporary-style food deliver website template

GoResto is an intuitive-modern food delivery website template. The creator has used bright colors and beautiful vector icons to attract present-day users. This theme pack has nearly thirteen demo versions as of writing this post. Each homepage design has a different concept; you can pick one based on your needs and can edit it easily using the pre-embedded WPBakery page builder. Premium-quality icons are used in this template, which elevates the overall richness of this WordPress theme. Even if you have your own custom icon pack, you can use it easily in this WordPress theme.

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clean and colorful website template

Taqueria is a creative food truck WordPress theme. The creator has used bright colors and stylish fonts to give a casual and attractive look to the website. For front-end customizations, this theme uses the Elementor page builder. So you can easily change the element size, colors, and other attributes easily without even touching the code. Like the Food Truck theme mentioned above, this one also has a truck locator page. Since this is a WordPress theme, you can extend the functionalities easily by installing a plugin. Though this theme has only one homepage variations, multiple inner pages are designed for you to easily set up a proper website.

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multipurpose WordPress theme with demo for food truck

Invictus is a multipurpose WordPress theme with lots of pre-made templates. This theme package has 50+ pre-made WordPress website templates. From the business website to personal website, this theme package has templates for all types of websites. And we do get a dedicated theme for the food truck. Hence, we can easily set up a proper food truck website.

The default food truck theme is a one-page template with a textured background. If you want a clean professional website, you can pick another demo in the package and can customize it. Basic customizations can be done easily using the WPBakery page. All the custom elements are integrated into the page builder. We can either drag and drop the elements in the required space. Or we can use the shortcode to place the element on the web page.

Since it is a multipurpose WordPress theme, it is equipped with lots of useful tools. For example, it has the Event Calendar plugin to make the reservation and scheduling easier. Overall, the Invictus is a properly designed WordPress theme. You can pick any theme in this package and can use it to make a user-friendly website.

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minimal looking food truck WordPress themes

The Spoon is primarily a restaurant website theme. Features and design-wise, this theme is almost similar to the Lunchbox theme mentioned above. In the default demo, the main page is treated like a one-page website. But you get plenty of other inner pages pre-designed for you with different variations like with and without sidebar. For the food menu itself, we get four types of designs. All we have to do is to pick the page designs we prefer and use it on our website.

With minimal design, this theme lets the user easily find the options they want. You have tags to mark special and new items in your food menu. The top bar is used smartly to show the contact information and social media profile links. This theme supports WooCommerce out of the box, hence you can sell food and other items easily on your website. The developer has given icons packs and shortcodes to make the customizations easier. By making a few adjustments, you can use this theme for your food truck website.

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food truck WordPress themes for mexican foods

Sancho’s is a bold WordPress theme with big elements and flashy animations. If you give lots of offers and special event sales, this theme is worth a look. The long homepage design gives you lots of space to list all your foods and other services in one place. This theme is build using the CSS3 script. If you like to scale down the animation a little, you can do it easily by editing a few lines of CSS3 script.

As soon as you land on the website, the first thing you see is the reservation form. If you are accepting online reservations, this form is a good option. This theme is equipped with lots of useful plugins like Booked plugin, Snazzy Map plugin, and Accesspress plugin for showing your social accounts. Apart from showing your social media account separately, this theme also has a big widget near the footer to show your Instagram feeds.

For drag and drop page builder option, this theme uses Unyson plugin. The given Unyson plugin will help you make all the basic customization easily. If you are looking for a website that is simple and easy to maintain, this theme could help you.

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user-friendly fast food and food truck WordPress themes

The name itself is self-explanatory, it is a WordPress theme for Pizza websites. The flexible design and easy customization options make this theme a perfect option for all types of food-related websites. Unlike the other food truck website navigation menu, this theme follows a product-centered menu navigation design. From the menu itself, the user can easily pick the food they like and see all the options related to it. In this theme pack, you can see some homepage demo uses a tile design at the center. With the help of image and bold text, the user can easily recognize the option.

At the top, you have a clear space to show your contact number and the online ordering option. Animation effects are smooth and smartly used only in the required places. This theme is bundled with useful plugins like Slider Revolution, The Events Calendar, and Yith WooCommerce product add-on. Another useful plugin in this theme is WP Store locator, which you can use to show your food truck location on an interactive map. Basic customizations are made easy with the King Composer page builder.

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unique and interactive food truck WordPress themes

If you like to be creative and make your website interesting, the GastroBar theme is the best option. Twelve homepage variations are given in this theme and each has a unique interactive design. For example, a demo uses a split-screen design, the other uses a tile design, parallax scrolling effects, and many more effects are used to keep your users engaged.

Funky fonts give a human touch to the design which makes this theme as one of the best food truck WordPress themes in this list. The default text animation itself looks great on this design. If you like to tweak things a little to add your personal touch, take a look at our text animation effects collection. The WPBakery page builder is well-integrated into this theme which makes customizations lot simple. For example, shortcodes are given for almost all commonly used elements like pricing table, pricing list, opening hours, slider, and many more. Hence you can simply paste the shortcode on the place you want and build the page within a few minutes.

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Grill and Chow

creative wordpress themes for fast foods and food trucks

Grill and Chow is another creative WordPress theme for food-related websites. This one is also similar to the GastroBar theme mentioned above. But this theme has little less interactive animation when compared to the GastroBar theme. Since this theme support shop pages as well, the creator has given us the megamenu option. You can easily categorize the menu options and let the user easily find the feature they want.

Twelve homepage variations are given in this theme. Each version is made for a different type of food business. For example, you get a sweetshop version, a pizza store version, and many more like this. All twelve homepage variations are simple to customize and can be used for a food truck website. Images are treated as a part of the design, hence you get plenty of space to show your food images. Texts are also made bigger and bolder to make it visible among the big image sections. A dedicated page is given for reservation, but it didn’t support any reservation plugin out of the box. We have to work on the reservation system manually or we can simply install a reservation plugin.

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Pizza Restaurant

wordpress theme with youthful design

Pizza Restaurant WordPress theme is almost similar to the Pizzaro theme mentioned above. This theme checks all the boxes of a proper fast food website, hence this theme will help you make an interactive website. On the clean layout, the big images look attractive. Elements like tags and labels are used effectively to mark special foods and offers. Big bold texts make the website easy to use even on small screen devices. Another advantage of using a clean layout and bold text is it will increase the accessibility of the website. If you are into accessible website design, take a look at our accessible WordPress themes collection.

Unlike other food truck WordPress themes, this theme has a decent space for texts on the homepage. Layer slider and Revolution sliders are used in this theme to make interactive image sliders. Since these premium image sliders allow us to easily customize the animation, any user can make an eye-catching slider. Plenty of customization options are given in this theme, take a look at the info page to know more about it.

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multipurpose restaurant wordpress themes

RedChili is a fast food and restaurant WordPress theme. Lots of inner pages are pre-designed for you so you can set up a proper website in no time. Only a few food truck WordPress themes in this list offer both single and multi-page versions, RedChili is one among them. In the default design, you have space to show the chef image. If your customer loves both you and your food, then there is no wrong in branding yourself on your website. Take a look into our personal branding WordPress themes, if you are into personal branding.

Other useful pages in this theme are you get a recipe page and an event page. With the help of WPBakery page builder, you can easily customize any page in this package. From the developer point of view, this theme has a flexible code-base. The use of Redux in this theme has made this theme extremely flexible for customizations. If you have enough resource, then you can build your dream website by keeping this theme as a base. To let you neatly present your food menu this theme uses Food Menu Pro plugin. Hence you can create attractive food menus easily within minutes.

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Restaurant Vincent

WordPress theme for pizza stores and restaurants

Restaurant Vincent is a rich looking dark skin WordPress theme for restaurants. The clean design and flexible options make this theme a perfect option for food truck websites as well. With the help of full-screen design, you can show your contents clearly to the audience. Big images and big content sections are used to effectively manage the space. Six homepage variations are given in this theme and there are only minor differences in each variation. Apart from the homepage variations and other inner pages, this theme offers different blog layout. If you are planning to run an active blog to provide useful information for your users, this will come in handy for you. The use of the bright yellow color scheme for elements and hover effects looks attractive on this dark skin theme.

The Restaurant Vincent is one of the few food truck WordPress themes, that supports both Elementor page builder and WPBakery page builder. If you are into dark themes and like to have a classy rich looking design for your website, the Restaurant Vincent theme is a good choice.

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Grand Restaurant

clean restauratnt WordPress themes

Grand Restaurant is also a restaurant WordPress theme. But the creator of this theme had made this theme versatile enough to use it for all types of food-related websites. This theme has eleven homepage variations and counting. Since it is the best selling premium WordPress theme, you get periodic updates and new designs. This theme offers you both light and dark theme versions, so you can pick the one you like. The author of this theme has not only given multiple homepage demos but also multiple inner page designs. All you have to do is to pick the demo version you like and simply add your contents. A drag and drop page builder is given in the theme to make the customizations lot easier.

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modern restaurant WordPress theme

Ronneby is primarily a multipurpose WordPress theme with demos for all major categories. We get dedicated demo versions for food-related websites and food blogs. Since it is a multipurpose WordPress theme it has plenty of pre-made elements. The WPBakery page builder is well-integrated into this theme, hence you can simply drag and drop the elements. Parallax scrolling and interactive bootstrap animations are used to give a lively feel to the design. If you are a digital agency, this theme will save a lot of your time. Plus, the multipurpose design helps you make websites for other niches as well.

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minimal and clean looking food website themes

Cafe is a minimal looking WordPress theme for restaurants and coffee shops. With the pristine clean design, this theme presents the content elegantly to the users. Plus, the simple design makes interactions easy even on mobile devices. As of now, this theme has three homepage variations and one shop page. In future updates, you may get more new designs. Subtle clean animations are used to make this minimal looking theme even more interesting. Because of this simple design, you can easily customize this theme to the way you want.

Coming soon and maintenance mode pages are also included in this theme, which may come in handy when you are updating your website. If you are not satisfied with the given coming soon page, take a look at our free HTML coming soon page template collection. As this theme is made using the latest web development framework, this will support other third-party templates as well.

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multipurpose wordpress theme with food truck demo

Bridge is also a multipurpose WordPress theme like the Ronneby theme mentioned above. But this one has a lot more creative and posh looking design. If you are a creative professional, then this theme package will help you make a unique looking website. We get a dedicated theme for restaurants and fast food websites. Big images and texts are used in the fast-food demo version to turn user attention on the required elements. Animation effects are contained well in this theme so that they don’t look flashy or very dull. Like most other themes in this list, this one also uses the WPBakery page builder. With a large number of pre-made elements and easy customization options, this theme became one of the best food truck WordPress themes in this list.

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easy to customize WordPress theme for pizza stores and food trucks

KALLYAS is another best selling multipurpose WordPress theme. What makes this theme unique is it has demos for unique niches. Apart from the regular restaurant website design, this theme also has a fast food website design for pizza stores. There are plenty of premade demos in this package. You can pick any demo version you want and customize it as per your needs. Not only the customizations with the drag and drop page builder is made simple but the core customizations are also made simple with the help of modern web development frameworks, This theme is bundled with useful plugins like bbPress, Events Calendar plugins, and WPML.

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