Portfolios help us to keep track of our best works and also helps to scale our professional growth. For many creative professionals, online portfolios help them to easily convince their clients to get a project. When applying for a job, owning a personal portfolio site helps you to gain an edge over your fellow competitors. For such a potential source, isn’t it important to select the best creative website template? Yes, we have to make our portfolio look unique. But the problem is to find a creative unique template you have to go for a premium version, in the free version you always get a dumb old design.

In this list, we have hand-picked some of the best free Portfolio website templates with creative design. All these templates give you pixel perfect design with a well-written code base. Make sure you check each and every free portfolio website templates in this list, as each one of them has their own unique design and functionalities.



Format is a colorful portfolio website template. By its close resemblance to hotel website templates, the Format can also be used as a hotel website template. With a pink color scheme, this template gives a soothing experience to the visitors. In the header section, you have a big static image and bold texts. You also have the option to add video links, as there is no space in the default design, the video opens in a lightbox. Just below the header section, you have a portfolio segment. As there is a separate page for the portfolio, add only the best of the best works on the homepage.

The portfolio segments use a grid style with two rows and three columns. The portfolio segment in the homepage is simple and shows only the image. Since it is a multi-page template you can give a separate link to the particular project.

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Virb is a multipurpose website template. Its smart layout makes this template a perfect pick for both personal websites and business websites. This simple website template gives you a minimal look to help you present your works and services neatly to the users. With the full-width clean design, you get plenty of space to add web elements and contents.

Since this is a multipurpose website template all the icons used are generic and can be used in any sites. You get a separate homepage and portfolio pages in this template, hence you have more space to explain about you and your skills. The portfolio page is designed like a grid with the space to add images, project name, and the category. Just below the portfolio, you have space to add a testimonial to improve your credibility. Other useful features you get with this template are accordions, neat line icons, and sleek animation effects. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 framework, adding multimedia content will be an easy job and in the default design itself, you have space to add videos.

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Explorer is a photography website template. With the gallery style layout, this template gives you plenty of space to display your works. The homepage is simple and straightforward, you only have the option to add your photographs or works, no other elements are there on the homepage. Apart from the homepage, you get other pages like about, services and contact. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework. For developers working with this template will be easy. Out of the box, the template is mobile responsive and speed optimized.

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Breed2 is a clean looking business class website template for freelancers and professional designers. On this clean website template, you can elegantly showcase your works. If you are a graphic designer, your colorful designs will look vibrant on this pristine website template. Though you have a separate portfolio page in this template, the designer has given a portfolio section in the homepage. Hence, you can impress the user as soon as they land on your website. Gradients colors are used extensively in this template, you can see gradients in the texts, call to action buttons, and in background elements. With this template, you can promote your services effortlessly and can improve the chances of signing new projects.

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Alime is a perfect portfolio website template for photographers. The designer has used the homepage header section effectively to promote your services and highlight your skills. The only other thing you get on the homepage is the small gallery section. Filter options are shown above the gallery section to help the user easily select the category they like. Don’t get disappointed by the simple homepage design, the creator has given you all the basic page pre-designed for you. If you like to add a few more sections to the homepage, you can easily customize it by editing the code. The developer of this template has used HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. As all the frameworks are the latest and greatest working with this template will be an easy job.

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Square is a clean and rich looking website template for architects. One of the biggest advantages in this template is it is a one-page template. If you are looking for a simple website template to showcase your work, this is the one for you. Just add the contents to the template and take care of your business. This template requires less maintenance and only take a few hours of your time to set up the website. Plenty of space for images is given in this template so you can showcase your work without any worries.

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Mosaic is also designed for architects, but this one is a fully featured template. The creator has given you all the elements and options to set up a proper business. As your business grows, you can change this template as your business website. The designer has made this template very minimal so that the elements and the contents on the web pages can be seen clearly. In this artistic template, the designer has managed the text and image contents elegantly. Generous space is given in the portfolio page so you can neatly add as many images as you want.

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Shutter is another portfolio website template for photographers. This template puts your work at the center of the design. The first a user will see on the website is your beautiful photo collections. On the clean dark background, your colorful photographs will look vibrant and lively. All the navigation options are added on the left sidebar for easier access without disturbing the contents on the main web page.

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Kenedy is a perfect portfolio website template for freelancers. If you are planning to take your business to the next level, this template is worth a try. The designer of this template has designed this one to give equal importance to personal branding and your portfolio. As soon as a user gets into your site, the first thing they see is your image and a short intro of you. A “Hire me” call to action button is placed to let the user know you are open for new projects.

Just below the header section, you have a widget to list the awards, achievements, and the websites you are featured in. Clean white background neatly highlights the contents on the website. The long homepage gives a complete overview of your services, portfolio, and achievements. Grid style portfolio is used in this template with filter options at the top. Since it is a multipage template you can even use a separate page to explain a project clearly to the users. Visual effects and animation effects are subtle yet elegant, which will impress the users sure for fire.

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Pixel is the perfect website template for both branding agencies and freelance designers. Images are kept at the center of this template design so you can showcase your design images throughout the template. In a modern layout, this template clearly explains what you do and how you do. The designer of this template has taken the full advantage of the full-width design with big sections and big web elements. In the top bar, you have space to list all social media profile links along with the page navigation options. Other subpages like about, services, portfolio, and contact are also pre-designed for you.

This template has all the features to set up a proper business website. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework you can integrate this template with any modern applications and tools. Another useful feature with this template is it has the mega menu option. You can clearly list all your services and options under one menu using this mega menu option.

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Steve website template can be used for personal websites. This template has plenty of space to improve your personal branding. Throughout the template, you have space to add your image so that the new user can feel the real human behind the work and also increases the credibility. Maintaining an active social media account is always better to increase your credibility. In the footer section, you can add all your active social media profile links.

The bright yellow color scheme gets user attention as soon as they land on your site. Flat red colors are used as the secondary colors which also looks appealing on the yellow colored background. On the homepage itself, you have a portfolio section to show a sneak peek of your works. A separate portfolio page is given in this template to list all your work in one place. Single project pages are also given to let you clearly explain the project.

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Connect is a perfectly designed portfolio website template for freelancers and graphic designers. With the full-width split screen design, this template gives you enough space to describe a project with its image. The clean layout of this template gives equal preference to both the images and the texts. In the minimal design, your colorful graphic works will look vivid and visually appealing. Another great plus point of this template is the visual effects, interactive animation effects as per your mouse movement is a fun element and it is also very engaging.

Since this template follows a creative design you can’t add your details in the homepage itself. Luckily the Connect is a multi-page template, so you can explain your services elegantly in different pages.

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Meetme is a first-person website template. Yes, as soon as the users land on your site you give an intro of yourself and share all your experience neatly in an organized way. Smartly designed homepage of this template gives a quick overview of your experience, career, and your projects. In the header you have a big v-card, that shows your name, few lines about you and your contact details. Animated skill bars are also given in this template, to help you show your experience in an interactive way. Timeline style design is followed in the experience section to clearly show your career path. Ample amount of space for texts is given in each section to give a brief idea.

It is a multi-page template, so you have a portfolio section in the homepage and also a separate page for it. In the portfolio section, category options are given at the top to help the visitors easily filter the category they are interested in. The gradient color scheme of this template gives a trendy colorful look to the template.

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Tough portfolio website template is designed exclusively for architects and construction engineers. Which makes this template a perfect option for construction websites as well. Since this template is designed for architects you get plenty of creative design elements in this template. The creator of this template has managed to bundle the functionalities within the creative design of the template. In the header, you have a big image slider to list the featured contents. The image slider follows a portrait orientation so some of your images may be cropped.

A masonry style grid is followed in this template with an ample amount of space between each image holder. On the homepage, you have a portfolio section, in which you can add some of your best projects. You can list all your projects in a separate portfolio page. In the default design, only the images are shown if you want you can use a separate page to explain the project briefly to the users. To give you more screen real estate all the navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon.

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Alias is a professional website template. If you are a freelancer and want to up your game, this template is the best option. This template has both personal brand-boosting elements and promotional elements to improve your business. In the header, you have a big hero image with bold texts and call to action buttons. Animated skill bars are given in the skills section to show your expertise to the users.

A testimonial section is also given in this template to improve the credibility of your work. Customized line icons are used in this template to explain your services neatly to the users. On the homepage, you have more than enough room for text contents. You can use the text space to not only to explain your services but also to spread the SEO keywords throughout the template. It is a one-page template so it will be easy for you to maintain.

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Beckham is a unique free portfolio website template on this list. This template is for the people who love the dark theme. In a dark theme layout, the designer of this template has created a minimal template. Each section of the homepage is treated as a slide so that the user will all the related contents in one place. This template not only allows you to list the project but also to explain the projects and your role in it. A bright blue color scheme is used for the web elements, on the clean black theme the blue color web elements look attractive.

Animated counters are also given to neatly show some impressive stats of your projects and experience. It is a multi-page template so you have more than enough page and space to explain your services in detail to the users. The hamburger menu opens in a full page window, in which you have space to add your image. Other subpages you get with this template are for about, portfolio, services, and contact. In the footer section, you only have space to add your social media profile links.

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Strategy is a typical portfolio website template that you normally expect in a portfolio website. This minimal design website template gives a complete emphasize on the content and your work. The clean design of this template gives a distraction-free environment for the users. Visual effects are made mild and subtle to match the minimal design of the template. The creator of this template has made use of the full-width layout with big image holders and web elements.

You don’t have a separate page for the portfolio, the homepage itself is treated as the portfolio page. In all the page, just above the footer, you have a big section for “start a project” banner, which smartly changes colors and texts when the users hover over it. Animation effects in this template are may be simple, but they manage to get user attention easily.

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Black is a dark themed personal website template. Being a personal website template you get space and web elements to promote your services as well as to display your best work. The dark theme of the template gives a rich feel and also clearly differentiate each element on the screen. At the top bar, you have navigation options and social media profile links. In the header section, you have an image slider, the transition effects are mild and sleek. With the big footer section, you have enough space to add other important links and newsletter subscription form. The light green color scheme used for the web elements looks attractive on the dark black background.

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Pixels is a dual purpose website template. The flexible design of this template makes it a perfect fit for agencies and personal websites. To make use of the full-screen design this template uses big content blocks in a split screen layout. In the split screen design, you have the option to add your best works and the services you offer. With this template, you get other subpages like about, portfolio, and contact pages pre-designed for you. The portfolio page almost follows the same layout as that of the homepage, in which you can add images and texts side by side.

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Bold, as the name implies it is a bold straightforward website template. With the pristine clean design and bold texts, this template conveys the messages clearly to the visitors. For those who love minimal design, this template will definitely impress you. Making a minimal template is the most complicated thing, even minor details need to be considered. With the Bold template, the designers and developers did a great job. The parallax effects in between the sections give a lively feel to this template. The portfolio page is designed like the grid with big image holders. Equal amount of space is given between each cell in order to avoid a crowded feel with big images. Hover effects are used to show the project heading and other details.

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Riddle is a fresh new entry in the free portfolio website templates collections. This template ticks all the boxes of creative modern website design. With bold texts and balanced color scheme, this template retains the visitors as soon as they land on your site. In the homepage, you have only option to showcase your work and space is provided to give a welcome message to the visitors. Just above the portfolio section, you are provided with category tags, to help the visitors to filter and see your works.

This template does not follow a regular grid design. Instead, different shapes are used for the cells. By this design, you get the freedom to add images of any orientation easily. In the top bar, you have the option to add a call to action button to take the visitors to the contact page. Take a look at our contact form template collection for more creative form ideas. Overall the Riddle template is for the freelancers who wish to get more projects via their websites.

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Bored of the same old grid style portfolio design? Expecting something new that not only helps you to showcase your works but also promote your business. Well, the Frontiers is the template you are expecting. With the agency style, this template gives you creative web design and web elements to share your experience, work, and promote your services. With the split screen design, you have plenty of space to boost your personal brand.

In the demo you get random images used in different pages, you can customize it with your own attractive images. Since this split screen design gives you an ample amount of space, you can even add high-quality images. To the right, you have the space to add texts and corresponding contents. Again being a creative template like the Connect template mentioned above, this template also provides you pre-made multiple pages.

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Po-Portfolio is a proper portfolio template. Despite being a free template this template provides you premium design and functionalities. This portfolio template is best for studios, creative artists, and graphic designers. For people who love to impress visitors with their mind-blowing works, this template would be the best choice. Like most other free portfolio website templates, this template also allows you to add only portfolios on the homepage.

To give users a distraction-free full-width experience this template uses hamburger style menu. The menu options are shown to the left with mild animation effects, you also have the option to add social media profile links at the bottom of the menu bar. Apart from the homepage, you get other subpages like about, portfolio, blog and contact pages. All the subpage follows the same clean design to maintain the design consistency throughout the template.

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Work is a versatile creative website template for design agencies and portfolio. If you are in search of a modern website template that elegantly showcases your work and also gives you plenty of elements to promote your business. For freelancers who are in thought taking their business to the next level will find this template useful. With the simple clean design, this template gives users a distraction-free experience. In order to avoid users from getting bored by the same white background, different shades of whites are used in this template. The orange color scheme for the web elements looks attractive on the clean white background.

The static left sidebar provides better brand visibility and navigation option. Since the logo in the sidebar is static in all the pages, it improves your brand awareness among the visitors. At the bottom of the sidebar, you have the option to add social media profile links. The portfolio page follows a symmetric grid with only two columns. The hover effects are used to show the number of views, likes and share options.

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FPlus is one of the best free website templates, we have mentioned in many of our collection. The working creative design of this template makes it unique and also make sure it finds its spot in a collection whenever it is possible. The sleek animation effects combined with pristine clean design mesmerizes the users once they land on the site. Even though this template uses some creative web designs like cutouts, extensive care in the overall design of the template makes the creative design elements blend well along with the overall design of this template.

This one-page template uses a full stretched big portfolio segment to elegantly add your projects. Separate pages are also pre-designed with this template to help you explain the projects in detail to the user. The single project page uses the same creative design, so you get a design consistency throughout your website.

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Rea is a minimal portfolio website template, actually, it is more than just a portfolio website template. This template uses many modern web elements and visual effects to make it look stylish and interactive. Influencers you have their own audience base will definitely find this template useful, especially the graphic designers. Just like in the Dribbble this template gives you the option to show number views, likes, and downloads. The line drawing just above the footer adds an artistic touch to the minimal design of this template. In the header, you have a typing effect to give an interactive intro about you or your brand.

This template is perfectly brand focused, even for the loader the logo is used and many places you can find the brand logo been highlighted. This helps you to make a strong impression on the visitors. Apart from the homepage, you have other pages like about, contact, features, and search. This modern HTML template also provides you multiple options to add multimedia contents like images, videos, and audios.

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Reopen is a typical portfolio website template you are familiar with. What makes this free portfolio website template special is its premium quality design and functionalities. Developers will find this template extremely useful to make their custom projects. This well-written code template will be a good base and helps the developers to start a project from scratch and end it faster than they thought. The Reopen template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

This template can also be used for design agencies, but you need to make the homepage tuned for the business page. Take a look at our business website template collection to get a better match for this minimal website template. Since this template allows you to add the only portfolio on the homepage, you get the basic subpages pre-designed for you.

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Sun is one of the best free portfolio website templates out there on the web now. The creative design of this template helps you to showcase your projects elegantly and also to explain them interactively to the visitors. The thick grey border used in this template gives this boxed width template a unique look. Since this is a minimal website template, you don’t get tons of web elements as you normally get in many website templates. Hence the designer has given you enough space to add text content. As this template relies more on text content the fonts used is bold and legible, which make the reading experience great on this template.

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Portfolio is a professional website template in a modern website layout. With the full-width design, this template gives you plenty of space to add web elements and content blocks. The clean white background adds more richness to the colorful web elements and the simple line vectors. If you are in search of a single page template to let the users experience all your works at one place, then Portfolio is the best website template for you.

The logically arranged segment helps you to share your expertise and services in proper order. Since it is a one-page template the footer section gives you the option to add newsletter signup widget and social media profile links.

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Blanca is a personal website template for the persons who want to keep their website active. Being a blog website template, the Blanca gives special importance to contents and personal branding. This template gives you a separate page for the portfolio. Writers and bloggers will find this template useful to share their works and also to run their own blog. The Blanca template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Since this template uses a universal standard, developers will find it extremely easy to work and customize this template. Out of the box, this template is mobile responsive, speed optimized and made cross-browser compatible.

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CV Portfolio


CV Portfolio is a hybrid version of an online resume template and portfolio template. For the professionals who are closely related to the development and online industry will find this template useful. Since this template gives you space for both resume and portfolio, it gives you an edge over other competitors when you are applying for a job.

In the header, you have enough space reserved for you to give an impressive intro and contact details. A call to action button is provided to help the recruiters download your resume. The portfolio is designed in a modern grid layout so that it can handle both the landscape and portrait orientations effectively. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters, perfectly balanced color scheme, and responsive layout.

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Sonar is the most creative free portfolio website template in this list. With the creative parallel line design, this template really marks its own uniqueness among many free portfolio website templates. This creative website template can be used by creative professionals, photographers, and artists. In the header, you have an image slider with portrait orientation. Hover effects are used to show the details of the projects.

To make the creative designs even more attractive the texts are used elegantly. The full-width design of the template is utilized creatively with shapes and lines. Since it is a creative website template the designer don’t want you to get stuck in the homepage itself, you also get other subpages predesigned for you with the same design consistency. Overall the Sonar is a creative and useful website template with all the necessary features.

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Suitcase is also a digital agency style website template. Just like the Sonar template, this one also uses creative web elements to make the template unique. The creative design is combined with the visual effects to make it even more attractive and interactive to the user. Since all the web elements are placed at the right spot, you won’t be having any customization trouble. Even if you wish to customize the template it can handle it well. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. It is a multi-page template so you get other pages like a portfolio, services, case studies and about pages pre-designed for you. This template is an apt choice for the freelancers who planning to take their business to the next stage.

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