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Collection of best box mockups to showcase your packaging designs. You can find gift box mockups, food box mockups, and a lot on this list. 

When you think of packaging, the first design that comes into our brain is box design. From ancient times, we have been using wooden boxes and a little later metal boxes came into existence. Approximately since the 1800s, we are using cardboard boxes. In this list of box mockups, we have collected all types of boxes so that you can use them for almost all types of products.

Boxes are used for various purposes like storage, packing, shipping, and the list goes on. Based on the product and purpose, the material used for the boxes varies. Creative designers have incorporated several other materials along with the boxes to get user attention. For example, transparent glass-like papers are used in the boxes to show the products kept inside the box. The box mockups in this list have some creative designs to help you attract the present-day audience.

The cardboard boxes have extended the use of boxes to almost all types of products. Kellogs was the first food company to use cardboard boxes for packing their flakes. Now we can see cardboard boxes in fast food delivery boxes, electronic device packaging, and a lot.

Best Box Mockups For All Your Design Needs

We have managed to collect box designs for all famous categories and businesses in this box mockup list.

Pullout Box Mockup

box mockup for pull out type box designs

If you are designing some easy to unpack packaging box mockup, this pullout type Box mockup image might come in handy for you.

The minimalist background gives you a pleasant environment where the user can fully enjoy your design. This mockup generator tool gives you the option to use any modern colors as a background; plus, you can also change the box color. All you have to do is upload your design and adjust the image according to your design requirements.

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Gift Box Mockup

easy-to-edit gift box mockup

Gift boxes are one of the most searched box-mockup categories. This gift box mockup has a top view image; hence, users can clearly see the gift ribbon knots. The creator has smartly given you the option to change the box color, ribbon color, and background color. This mockup generator tool considers each side and each element as a different layer, so you can add different designs and colors to create a visually stunning gift box design. Designers who want a mockup with lots of customization options should consider this mockup.

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Restaurant/Food Pack Box Mockup

box mockup for restaurant businesses

As food delivery and takeout service have increased a lot in the last few months, this food pack box mockup might come in handy for some designers to showcase their design.

This mockup image has food-related elements like vegetables and trays to set up the proper mood/environment for the food package design presentation. Business card mockup images are also given along with the box mockup to let the designer neatly present his/her designs. All elements are treated as different layers, so you get the option to edit each and every side of the box and the business cards in the mockup image.

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Insert Tray Mailing Box Mockup Set

special packaging box mockup

This one is a unique box mockup. As the name implies, it has an insert tray in the mailbox. Four different sample designs and shape cuts are pre-designed for you to make your job simple. If you are designing packaging boxes to safely deliver the product, this box mockups like this will be a good choice. More than ten mockup images are given in this pack, and all of them are easy-to-edit. Carefully arranged PSD layers give you unlimited customization options. Plus, the options to adjust the shadows will help you make realistic images quickly in no time.

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Gift Box Mockup Set

gift box and bag mockup collection

This gift box and bags mockup set will be of great use for those who are preparing new campaigns for the holiday sales and festive sales. More than twenty box and bag mockups are there in this pack to help you display your designs elegantly to your customer. All images used in this mockup set are high-res images, so you can zoom in up to 100% without any loss in image clarity. For those who want the mockup images to clearly show their designs and details, this one will be a good choice. Speaking of holiday shopping, take a look at our Shopify landing page themes collection to boost your sales.

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Mailing Box Mockup Set

realistic 3D box mockup

You get a simple mailbox mockup in this pack. The mailbox is shown from different angles so the users can clearly understand your design. Attention to detail is great in this pack; for example, the reflections and shadows are handled smartly to give a realistic look to the image. Since all images are taken under perfect studio lighting conditions, your editing process will be easier. Smartly arranged photoshop layers let you easily add your designs and colors without disturbing other elements on the scene. Overall, Mailing Box 3 is a realistic 3D mockup set that will help you create photorealistic images.

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Mailing Box Mock-up 2


Mailing Box Mock-up 2 is a realistic mockup with a human hand. When you are presenting your design to a client, mockups like this will help you impress them easily. With this mockup, you get 10 mockup views with and without human hand element. The best part about this mockup is that you get different texture finishes as well. Based on the product and client requirement you can choose the texture that fits you. Now packaging engineers are using creative solution for easier unboxing and also preserve the items in it while shipping. All the layers in the PSD files are properly organized so that you can create a realistic image with this mockup. Carefully designed layers show your box design neatly to the users.

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Craft Paper Giftbox Mockup

giftbox mockup with craft paper

If you are looking for gift paper wrapped box mockups, this is the one for you. Five mockup images are given in this pack and all of them are taken in perfect lighting condition. Hence, your design will look smart and neat on this mockup. Since it is a gift box mockup, you also have the option to edit the tag on the gift box. You can even turn on/off of the tag layer to show your design clearly to the audience. If you are making special packaging design for the festive season, mockups like this will help you create beautiful images to illustrate your design.

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Jewelery Package Mock-up

easy-to-customize jewelry box mockups

Making a packaging box for jewels is a challenging job. The box must give the feel of luxury and also keep the users excited while opening the box. Designers use different package models and materials to achieve the luxury feel. The creator has given multiple customization options in this mockup to help you create a near-perfect representation of your packaging model. Right from the color to the embossed symbols, everything can be customized in this mockup. A detailed help file is included in this mockup download file. If you are new to the mockups, the help file will help you easily get started.

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Software Box Mock-up

software CD and document box mockup

This is something we rarely use in this digital world. But still, most users prefer a hardcopy of the software, maybe because of the huge file size. If you are making a software packaging design or game CD packaging design, this mockup will come in handy for you. This mockup is from the same creators of the Jewel mockups mentioned above. Hence, you can expect the same level of friendly-customization options. All layers are handled properly, so customizing and adding your design will be a lot easier than you think.

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Square Shoe Box Mock-up

square box mockup

Whether you are making simple easy-to-open shoebox designs or a luxury brand Shoebox design, this mockup will help you. Six individual Shoe box mockups are included in this pack. Hence, you can show your design clearly to the design. To let you add an artistic touch to your design, the creator has even given you the option to add photo filters. Shadows and lightings are contained properly in separate layers, so you get photorealistic images using this mockup. For better results, the creator suggests using Photoshop version CS5 and above to edit this PSD mockup.

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Long Rectangle Package Box Mock-Up

elongated rectangular box mockups

As the name implies, this mockup has a long rectangle box. If you are making a packing box design for tube container products, this mockup will be a good choice. Six mockup images are given in this pack. Right from the background image to the shadows, everything can be edited in this pack. Since each attribute of this mockup is treated as a separate layer, you can easily edit the mockup without disturbing other elements in this mockup. You can even use this mockup with other mockup scenes to create a unique looking image for your product. With all these friendly customization options, you will find this mockup extremely useful.

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Box Mock-up

mockup with square and rectangular boxes

In this mockup, you get both square-shaped box mockups and long box mockup. 23 PSD mockup files are given in this pack, hence you get plenty of box design to showcase your design. Along with the normal editing options, you also get foil stamping options. You can use any color for the foil stamping so you can easily add your logo or brand design to your packaging. Speaking of logos, take a look at our logo mockups collection to elegantly showcase your logo designs. Images with 300DPI resolutions are used in this mockup, so you can use this mockup for print purposes as well.

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Metal Box Mockup Set


Metal boxes are mostly preferred model for apparels, especially for watches. The designer of this mockup has given the metal boxes in all the available sizes. Both round and rectangular size boxes are given in this mockup. Top views are also given in this mockup so that you can give a neat orthographic and isometric look of the boxes. The designer even gives you reflective options. Unless you are using dark matte finish, there won’t be any issue with this reflective look of this metal box. In the default mockup, you get white and mild color backgrounds. But, if you have special needs, you can even add your own custom colors. In order to use this high-quality image effectively, the creator recommends minimum Photoshop version CS4.

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Burger Food Box Mockup


After the usage of cardboard boxes in Kellogs food products, many food companies find it how easy is to use. For many dry food items, the cardboard boxes are used for packaging. Th3 biggest advantage of the cardboard boxes is you can make it in the shape you want. The Burger box in this mockup is one such box with a special shape. In this burger box mockup, you can easily add your design. If you are giving more than one design option for your client, the two box images will help the easily compare the designs. Another designer-friendly option of this mockup is you can customize the paper material. All you have to do is to choose the paper material and add your design.

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Box and Bag Mockup Bundle


This mockup set is a must-have collection if you are a design agency or professional designer. The designer of this mockup has included 15PSD files of Box and Bag mockup. With this mockup, you can showcase your design elegantly in your portfolio or use it for client presentation. In the default mockup design, you get trendy modern color schemes with a minimal look. You can edit the mockup completely based on your design. Shadows of the boxes are preserved well in this mockup so that you get a realistic image. Boxes with a loop design and open type are given in this mockup, with which you can give a clear idea of your design. Separate layers are created for the light and the shadows to give you full customization freedom.

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Box And Bag Scene Creator Mockup


In this mockup, the creator has given you eight bags and twelve boxes. Along with the box mockups, you also get premade scenes. If you are looking for a completely customizable scene to elegantly showcase your bag and boxes, this is the best mockup for you. Each and every element is treated as a separate element, so you can easily edit the scene without disturbing the whole environment. High-resolution images are used in this mockup so that you can easily scale the image to the size you want, that too without any loss in quality.

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Pillow Box Mock-Up

box mockup for pillows

From the name itself you can understand that box mockup is made especially for the pillow boxes. Because of this unique design, the scope of this mockup is also very limited. If you are making pillow packaging design or other such packaging design, this box mockup will come in handy for you. Three different mockups are given in this set and all of them can be edited easily. You can change the light, shadow, and background in the mockup to add richness to your design. Image with 3000×3000px resolutions are used in this mockup, so you can easily scale the image and your users can also zoom in on the image without any problem.

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Package Box Mockups Vol7


In packaging, the sky is the limit for your creativity. There is no need to make boxes with the same old design and form factor. You can even change the way, how the box is opened. If you are looking for one such creative boxes for your design, this is the mockup for you. The creator of this mockup has given you ten pre-made boxes and each has a unique design. Some of the boxes in this mockup has silk loops; the designer has preserved the light reflections on the loops neatly so that it easily adapts to any colors easily. All the images are high-quality images, so you can zoom in and show the design details clearly to the clients.

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1.1.1 Simple 3D Box Mockup

minimal and clean looking 3d box mockup

As the name implies, this is a simple 3D box. If you are looking for a simple small square shape box mockup for your design, this mockup might impress you. Minimal background and easy to edit options help you add your design easily to the mockup. Just like all other premium Box mockups, you can edit the shadows and add designs via smart objects. The only thing you have to remember is this mockup has only one box image. If your demands are less you can go with this premium mockup.

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1.1.4 Simple 3D Box Mockup

long rectangular style box mockups

In the Box Mock-up collection mentioned above, you get both square boxes and long rectangular boxes. But in this example, you only get long rectangular box designs. If you are making packaging designs for perfume bottles or other related products, this box mockup will be a good choice. Proper lighting effect and shadow effect gives a realistic look to this box mockup. This one is also from the same creator of 1.1.1 Simple 3D Box Mockup mentioned above. So you can expect the same design quality and customization options.

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Package Box Mockups Vol6


Package Box Mockups Vol6 is the pre-sequel of the Vol7 mockup set mentioned above. Since this mockup is also from the same creator, you can expect the same design quality. In this mockup set, you get all types of box designs. If you have taken care of every nook and corner in your box design, this is the best mockup to present your design. All the boxes are completely editable and can also be used with other mockups as well to create a scene. In the default mockup set itself, you have multiple box scenes so that you can show all your designs in one image. With this mockup, you get both floating boxes and boxes with shadows. The designer has used the shadows in a separate layer so that you can easily edit them as per your needs.

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Food Boxes Bundle Mock-up


The cardboard boxes came into the packaging industry in early 1800. Cardboard boxes are widely used in many industries. The biggest advantage of cardboard or paper boxes is you can make them in any shape you want. The freedom to make the boxes in any shape help the food industry people to neatly pack their foods. Especially workers at fast food centers can easily pack the foods easily by themselves and give it to the customers in no time. If you are making a box for such purpose, this is the best mockup for your presentation. In the download file, you get nine PSD files, each has different images. Multiple box images are also given in this mockup to help you easily compare all your designs in one image.

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Shipping & Mailing Box Mock-up


Shipping & Mailing Box Mock-up is from the creators of the Mailing Box Mock-up 2 mentioned above. In the above-mentioned mockup, you have a female hand and separate boxes. With this mockup, you get only box mockups without human hand elements. With the ease of use and quality, you can expect the same quality as you have seen in the above mockup. The designer of this mockup has given you unlimited customization options. You can change the colors, shadows, and even backgrounds. If you are a professional designer with multiple projects, this mockup will save a lot of your presentation time. All you have to do is to choose the box you want and add your design to it. As this mockup has open box images, you can even show your inner designs; if you have made one.

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Pizza Box Mockup


Pizza is one of the beloved foods for many peoples around the world. Many Americans feel that Pizza is the best food for their breakfast. Pizza is a 37 billion dollar industry and each of the stores out there tries something new to attract new customers and also to retain their customer. If you are making a box design for such a competitive business, this mockup will come in handy for you. Mostly the Pizza boxes are flat but based on their size the box varies. In this mockup, the designer has included a regular sized box, which you can any presentation. The detailing on the boxes are shown clearly on this high-quality image. Shadows are also preserved well in this mockup and you have the option to adjust the shadows.

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Gift Box Mockup


As vacations and many discount sales are coming nearby, there is a lot of demand for gift boxes. The creator of this mockup has given photorealistic images, which you can use for any purpose. If you are a digital brand and giving surprises for your customers, you can use this images in your campaigns. This mockup is completely editable, you can change the details on the gift wrapper and on the ribbon.

As it is a high-quality image, you can scale the image to the size you want. You can even use this images in your email marketing campaigns. As most of the email marketing tools allow you to add images easily via their drag and drop interface, using custom image won’t be an issue. We have collected some of the best free email templates to help you run a successful email marketing campaigns; take a look at it for more creative designs.

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Box Mockup


Looking for a colorful box mockup for your product? Well, this mockup may inspire you. The creator of this mockup has made it extremely easy to edit. As most of the elements given in the mockup are vectors, you can easily scale them to any size you want. Another advantage with this mockup is you can even add 3D embosses logo as well. Since it has vector elements, you can adjust the elements easily based on your design. With this mockup, you get only one image with front and back view. All PSD layers are organized smartly so that you can easily add your design and present them elegantly to the users. In this mockup, you can also change the background colors.

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Cardboard Box Mockups


Package Box mockup is a regular box mockup that you normally expect. The designer of this mockup has given you two types of paper textures. Bot the textures are most commonly used one so that you will find them useful. The boxes are shown in different positions and in open position as well. If you have planed any interior design for the box, you can show it neatly with this mockup. Shadows in the images are also properly layered to help you easily edit them based on your requirement. Overall this box mockup gives you a more designer-friendly option for a more reasonable price tag. As a package, you get 5PSD files and all are properly organized to help you save more time in creating the presentation.

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Square Cake Carrier Packaging Mockup


The biggest advantage in the cardboard box designs is you can cut them to any shape you want. You can even add any elements you need to make the unboxing and carrying easier. For example, the Xbox adaptive controller package is designed in such a way so that even physically challenged people can open it easily. Since the box in the mockup is designed for cakes, this box has the feature to easily carry the box. The folds and the bends in the boxes look surreal so that you get a photorealistic image with this mockup. Die cut templates of the boxes are also included in the download file to help you create your own custom box. Other basic customization options like box colors and background color customizations are given in this mockup set.

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Box Window Sleeve Packaging Mockup


Using glass papers as windows in the box design is there in the industry for several years. This design helps the companies to boast themselves about the quality of the product. Some of the companies use transparent windows to show the quantity of the product inside the container. In pet food packaging boxes, the glass paper window is used to show the size of the food pellets. If you are designing a box like this, the Box Window Sleeve Packaging Mockup is the best option for you. The designer of this mockup has shown the product in different angles so that you can make a clear presentation of your design. In the download file, you get two layered PSD files; one has a closed box and the other has opened a box. Both the boxes have the option to change the paper material and the reflections of the boxes.

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Square Carrier Packaging Mockup


This mockup is also from the creator of Square Cake Carrier Packaging Mockup mentioned above. Like in the above design, this box is also designed to carry easily. But, this box is a bit bigger and taller than the box mentioned above. If you would like to show your designs in different box sizes, you can use both the mockups in your presentation. As both images are properly layered and have higher resolutions you can easily integrate this image with other mockups to create a scene. With this cardboard box mockup also you get the option to change the paper material of the box. By default you have a minimalistic background, but if you need you can easily add your own custom background.

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Package Box Mock-Up


If you are making a box with loop design, then this is the mockup for you. In this mockup, you get loop design for boxes of all sizes and shapes. Experts in the packaging engineering found that the loop design is the most easiest way to access a package. In this mockup, you have loop design to pull the box out of the shell. The loop tag used in this mockup is a silk material; PSD layers are optimized properly to preserve the reflective nature of the material. No matter what color you add to this loop, the reflective layer smartly adjusts to the color. In the download file itself, you have different background images and colors. If you have special needs, you can easily add your own custom background without any issue.

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Package Box Mockups Vol1


Package Box Mockups Vol1 is from the creators of Vol6 and Vol7 mentioned above. You can expect the same pixel-perfect design and easy to edit organized layers. With this mockup set, you get boxes with a transparent material. The designer of this mockup has given you full freedom to edit the shadows. You can not only adjust the shadow effect but also can rotate it to the place you want. Just like the other mockups of this designer, this one also has high-resolution images You can zoom in up to 100% and show your design details clearly to the audience. Boxes with different types of openings are also given in this mockup; which will help your client clearly visualize how your design looks on different types of packagings.

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Package Box Mockups Vol3


Package Box Mockups Vol3 is another iteration form the Vol1 mockup creators mentioned above. In this mockup, you get different set of boxes, mostly sleeve boxes and open type boxes. If you are making boxes for shoes and other apparels, then this mockup will come in handy for you. Just like in the above mockup, with this one also you can customize the background and other elements. Since these mockups use high-quality images you get highly detailed pictures out of it. With this high-quality image, you can not only show the design details but also the packaging details clearly. In this package, you get ten pre-designed boxes with different shapes and sizes.

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Box Mockup By Vjordanovs


This mockup has cardboard type boxes and has five variations. Since the images are taken in a perfect light condition you can clearly highlight your box design. The PSD layers are handled smartly so that you get a realistic texture with this mockup. You can zoom in up to 100% without any worries and show every nook and corner of your box design. To help you get started easily, the designer of the mockup has also included help documents along with the download files, You can do all other basic customizations that you would normally expect in a premium mockup.

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Shoe Box Mockup


Shoe boxes are another industry where the products range from luxury to budget. Luxury brands add some extra level packings to give users a cozy feeling when they unbox their products, Emerging brands try to be creative in their packaging to grow their customer base. No matter what type of box you are designing, this mockup can handle it easily. The designer of this mockup has chosen a perfect size box for the shoes. In the mockup, you get the product image shown in three different angles. Shadows can also be controlled in this mockup easily. Since the shadows are given as separate layers, you can turn on and off based on your design needs.

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