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Collection of best HTML and WordPress podcast website templates you can use in 2021.

“Content is the King” — every brand is trying different content strategies to grow its audience base and improve its brand awareness. Though videos are the most consumed and the most preferred content form, it demands users’ attention. You can’t drive a car and see a talk show, but you can listen to a talk show. That’s the main reason why more than half of podcast consumers do multitasking. A 2020 study by The Infinite Dial reveals that 59% of podcasts were listened to during housework and 52% while driving. There are plenty of platforms for you to host your podcast, but if you want to make all your content easily accessible under one roof, you have to make your own podcast website. These podcast website templates will help you make a website that is pleasing to both eyes and ears.

Though the podcasts are listened to during multitasking and are consumed on the go, podcasts listened on smartphones have decreased from 71% to 69%. Surprisingly, podcast listening on computers has increased from 29% to 31%. From the stats, you can infer that making your website responsive is a must. Thankfully most podcast website templates in this list are responsive out of the box. Therefore you can make a website that is accessible on all types of devices. If you like to know more interesting podcast stats, the Podcast Insights post by Ross Winn will help you.

HTML Podcast Website Templates

Whether you are planning to make a Wix Podcast website template or a Squarespace Podcast website template these versatile HTML templates will come in handy for you.


minimal podcast website template

Podcast is a minimal HTML5 podcast website template. The clean layout of this template lets you share the experience neatly with your audience.

You have a popular podcast show list with a podcaster profile right below the header section so that the user can start listening to the best shows as soon as they land on the site. The podcaster profile filter on the left is a clever idea, which will highlight the podcasters and also makes interaction easier. Since it is an HTML5 website template, it can handle audio files effortlessly right out of the box. Overall, the Podcast is the best podcast website template option for the upcoming podcast shows.

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interactive podcast website template

Mypodcast has an audience-centered podcast website template design. Card elements are used smartly to present relevant information and audio files neatly within the given space. As a result, you get a professional-looking website template that can show all relevant information in one place.

On the single podcast post page, you have enough space to transcribe the show or can give a quick gist about the show and options to list the podcasters and guests in that show. If you are doing lots of guest shows or keeping podcasts as a profession, podcast website templates like this will be a good choice.

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listener-friendly podcast website template

Poca is the best podcast website template for shows that are new and planning to attract more subscribers.

Design-wise, this one also has a straightforward design like the MyPodcast template mentioned above. But, this one has slightly bigger elements and cards to make the interactions a lot easier on mobile phones. Websites that are receiving lots of mobile traffic will find this template extremely useful because of its mobile-first design and mobile-responsive nature. This template’s code script is flexible and lets you easily convert this HTML podcast website template into any CMS platform theme like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

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Podcast Website Templates WordPress

We’ve collected WordPress podcast website templates with drag and drop page builders for those who can’t spend much time on customizing the website and tweaking the codes. Plugins save a lot of time for beginners, there are plenty of podcast plugins out there to help you. Without further ado, let’s get into the podcast website templates list.


podcast website templates with vibrant colors

Podcaster is one of the few podcast website templates in the market concentrating on both designs and features. The creator has optimized all demo versions in this template to deliver an impeccable listening experience. This template has different types of podcast designs, just like in blog templates. For example, you get podcast demos for lifestyle, travel, agency, and simple audio blogs. Since this one is running on the latest WordPress version and being a podcast theme, it has a default audio player pre-designed. If you like to personalize the audio as per your taste, take a look at our HTML music player collection.

This theme is perfectly tuned for Blubrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting plugins. All you have to do is to install the plugin and configure it with your website. Dedicated archive pages with different views will help your audience find your shows easily on your website. As a whole, the Podcaster is a complete package for the professional podcast.

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podcast website templates for corporates

After seeing all the Podcast website templates in this list, you will feel that this template’s creator has efficiently utilized the page space than others. Different concepts and different layouts are given in this template. When you put permutation and combinations, you will find that you can make any desired website using this template. Since this is a pure podcast WordPress website template, it has many useful niche-focused options. For example, you can easily embed your shows from popular audio platforms like the Soundcloud, Spotify, Mixcloud, and more. When you link your podcast network plugin into this template, it automatically adds the subscribe buttons on your website to improve your podcast network’s follower count.

This template’s seamless integration options and smart features become a go-to option for many professional podcasters. There are still plenty of hidden gems in this template. Therefore take your time to fully explore the features and buy the theme.

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wordpress website template for vlogs and podcasts

Vlog is also from the same creators of the Megaphone template mentioned above. This template has way too many sophisticated features for both podcasts and vlogs. If live-streaming and multimedia-content is your thing, this is the best theme for you. Each and every page on this template can be optimized easily for your needs. Different layouts are given for important pages like archive pages and blog posts. Since this template supports both podcasts and vlogs, it has few extra features compared to other normal podcast website templates. For example, your videos on Youtube and Vimeo will be automatically synced with your website. Plus, you can easily group the audios and videos to create a playlist. If you are looking for podcast website templates with highly advanced features, this one will definitely impress you.

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podcast website template with easy-to-access archive design

Wpcast is a gracefully designed podcast WordPress theme. There are many subtle elements and animation effects in this template that makes this one stand out from other podcast website templates in this list. If you concentrate more on your site’s user experience, this template is the best option for you. Though it has only two demos — well-optimized design and well-written codebase make this template flexible enough for you to make your dream website in no time. The sticky audio player at the top bar is a wise design; the user can easily access the player no matter on which page they are on your website. As said before, this template is designed to provide a better user experience. If you are starting a new podcast channel, podcast website templates like this will help you grow your audience base.

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simple yet attractive website template

Viseo is a versatile WordPress theme that is designed to manage news, podcast, and video streaming. Three demo variations are there in this template. Each demo organizes your content uniquely to present it in a different way. You can pick the demo based on the style you prefer. Try the slider with lightbox demo version if you want your website to be appealing and easy-to-use. What makes this template different from other podcast website templates is the pre-integrated Elementor page builder. Since this template supports the premium page builder tool, you can change the website’s looks without even touching the code.

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straightforward website template

Castilo is a blog-style podcast theme. The creator has kept the design as simple as possible. Plus, used the homepage sections to promote your shows. Because of this template’s intuitive design, new audiences can easily find your shows and follow you on the platform they prefer. The creator has given options to download your podcast shows in the default design. If you want, you can remove the download link. Another useful option is the Paypal donate button. Since it is a WordPress theme with WooCommerce, you can add payment gateways easily to your website. And you can even sell merchandise and tickets on your website without any issues. The creator has already done initial configurations. Once you are done with the final integration part, you can launch your website in no time.

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multipurpose live streaming website template

Vayvo is purely designed for streaming websites. Whether you want to stream videos, music shows, or podcasts, there is no other better website template out there with such versatile features. The creator has used the full-width layout and the black layout effectively to deliver a better user experience on both computers and mobile devices. Lots of images are used to maintain this template’s versatile character. Therefore you can maintain a uniform look for both video content and podcast content. Speaking of streaming websites, take a look at our WordPress live streaming themes collections for feature-rich themes that would make your job simple.

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podcast website templates for professionals

Soundbyte is also a website template with fewer layout options. But the creator has loaded this template with sensible features to meet present-day users’ needs. The straightforward homepage design lets the user enjoy the latest episode straightaway without loading other pages. Subscribe buttons are placed right beside the broadcast profiles so that users can easily follow your station on the platform they prefer. This template is equipped with the Elementor page builder to edit the website without even touching the code. Selling episodes and tickets will also be easy on this template because of its WooCommerce powered pages. Overall, Soundbyte is a no-nonsense podcast website template with all the necessary features pre-bundled for you.

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audience-friendly website template

If your podcast is getting momentum and you are trying to boost your audience, podcast website templates like the Megabyte will be a good choice. The uncomplicated design of this template lets the user easily search and find the episodes they want. Card elements are used effectively to organize the content and present them in an engaging way. You can spice up the design a little bit by adding a few effects to the cards. Take a look at our bootstrap cards design collection for more fresh design ideas. Since this template runs on the latest bootstrap framework, it can handle all modern design elements and animation effects without any hitch. Plus, it is a WordPress website template, so you can easily add any custom features to this template.

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Rare Radio

contemporary-style website template

This template will definitely intrigue professional podcasters and corporate podcast stations. The creator has maintained a corporate style design throughout the template. If you are running shows frequently and bring new guests to your shows, podcast website templates like this will come in handy for you. The schedule section on this template lets you clearly show your podcast show schedules. Users can simply hover over the schedules to see a quick gist about the show. Besides the show schedule calendar, this template has a shop page and smooth carousels to neatly organize the content. If you are looking for a perfectly organized podcast template, this is the best option for you. The default calendar design itself is neat and functional. However, if you like to spice up the calendar design a bit, take a look at our HTML calendar design collection.

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simple podcast website templates

If you are launching your first podcast website, this template will be a good choice. This template’s dead-simple design makes your life easier. You can manage options and customizations easily from the WordPress dashboard itself. Feature-wise, this template has WooCommerce powered shopping pages, quick import options from your external library, and many more. The default design itself is great for beginners so that you no need to adjust the elements — unless you have any special needs. If your requirements are less and want a website to group all your podcasts in one place, you can give this template a shot.

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magazine website inspired podcast website design

MagPlus is one of the best selling WordPress theme for magazines and content-rich websites. This template is loaded with magazine-related options; which makes this template a go-to option for many top magazine sites. All major magazine categories are covered in this template’s pre-made design collection. And yes, we do get a dedicated demo for podcast sites. Since this one is a magazine website template, you don’t get an audio player straight away on the homepage. But there is a player on the single blog post page, so you needn’t worry much. Another useful feature in this template is the related article/shows popup widget near the footer — These elements will help you retain the users for a longer period of time.

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radio and live streaming website template

Onair2 is also similar to the Rare Radio WordPress template mentioned above. This one also has a modern layout that properly organizes the content and shows podcast schedules neatly. This template has lots of image spaces when compared to the Rare Radio template. Hence, try to use well-optimized images to give a stunning look to your website. Subtle hover effects on this template not only makes the template livelier but also makes the interactions easier. Since this template uses the latest CSS script, you can use any modern effects on this template. Take a look at our CSS hover effects design collection for fresh design ideas.

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one page podcast website templates

Fastcast is another WordPress theme for new podcast stations. If you are new and want an uncomplicated plain design that is easy to maintain, then this theme would be a good choice. This template is not loaded with multiple elements and sections. The simple homepage design lets you list your latest shows, your team, and a banner to promote your Patreon account. Though the designs are very simple, the creator has used subtle animation and hover effects to give this template a touch of elegance. Different skins are given for some major niches like gaming, tech, coding, and a lot more.

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website template with dark & light skins

For those looking for a dynamic podcast website templates, Rekord will be the best option. This template is powered by the Ajax so that the user doesn’t need to load the page frequently. Plus, users can see live updates and can interact with them easily. Another cool feature of this template is it is a dark theme template. Web elements look crispier on this dark theme layout. The podcast banners also look vibrant and attractive because of the plain pitch-black layout. Navigation options on the sidebar are easy to access, and users can quickly jump to the pages they want.

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website template with easy-to-access audio player

Sonus is a sensibly designed website template for audio content websites. The sticky audio player at the footer section makes the interaction easier. No matter which page you are in, you can easily control the audio player. The default audio player is wide enough to house all audio player controls. Hence, users can interact with your website easily. Cool color schemes are another advantage of this theme that will attract the present-day user’s attention. If you are running a professional podcast shows and have several episodes, this template will be a good choice. This template supports major podcast plugins out of the box. Therefore you can easily configure the plugin and launch your podcast website in no time.

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interactive and dynamic website template

This template would be a treat for those who are into animated website designs and interactive hover effects. The creator has used glitch effects and dynamic cursor movement effects to keep the users engaged. Like in the Sonus template, this one also has a full-width audio player near the footer section. Because of this template’s overly used glitch effect, the website might look a bit stuttering when you scroll. By making a few adjustments to the code, you can make this template fit all types of user needs. Since this template uses the Elementor page builder, you can edit this template easier than you think.

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card element rich podcast website template

Audioatro is another audio-content-focused WordPress theme. It has four demo variation as of writing this post. Each demo is unique and will help you make an interactive, user-friendly website. The default podcast website demo has a more engaging design. Smartly designed card elements are sleek to use. Plus, the site owner can easily organize the content within the given space. This template is loaded with the famous WPBakery page builder. All you have to do is to drag & drop the elements in the place you want. To make your customization easier, the creator has added all custom elements to the page builder. Therefore it is one of the best developer-friendly and user-friendly website templates.

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