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React.js has changed the way we are using the website now. Without react.js, website interactions on mobile devices will be very tough. We have to keep on loading the pages to see the updates and actual counts. As all of you know, react.js is designed by Facebook engineers to fetch rapidly changing data without loading the page and improve user engagement. To date, the react.js is open-source and is maintained by Facebook. If you plan to create a user interactive website that dynamically shows information, these react website templates will help you make one.

The react library is primarily designed to replace the original DOM (Document Object Model) with a virtual DOM to increase the speed. Since the react is a component-based front-end library, you can combine each component to create a complex application. In react.js, each component is responsible for each action, so you can easily declare what your application has to do at each stage. This declarative method will help the users to easily identify the bug and also to update the code whenever necessary. All React website templates in this list inherit the positive features of the react.js fully. Hence, developers can easily work with these templates and introduce the custom functions they want.

Best React Website Templates


best react website templates for directory and review sites

REHub is a unique niche website template. This template is made for reviewing products, comparing them, and community sites. As you can see, all the demos included in this template pack has lots of dynamic functions. The creator has used the react.js effectively to show the community discussion updates, ratings, and sales count clearly to the audience. Since all the information is shown dynamically, the user can concentrate on the discussions without loading the website often.

Apart from the functions, design-wise this template follows a trendy and modern design. Creative elements and unique shape elements are used in this pack to improve the engagement rate. Thirteen demo variations are given in this pack and you can expect more demos in the future updates. There are even React personal website templates for tutors in this pack. To make your job more simple, this WordPress website template has BBPress and WooCommerce plugin pre-integrated into it. All you have to do is to take care of the backend work.

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react personal website template and company website template

StartP is a perfect React website template for personal websites, startups, and creative websites. You can use the power of the React to elegantly show how your ideas and innovations are changing the industry. The neat design and interactive elements help you narrate your services engagingly to the audience. Apart from the react.js features, this template has many useful features. Multiple homepage demos and inner pages are pre-designed for you in this template. Stripe payment gateway integration is also given in this template to help you get payments easily. Even if you are planning to run a raw HTML and React website, the features in this template will help you make a complete website. React website templates like this will help you make a user-friendly corporate website that will get you more clients.

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react website templates for education websites

From the name itself you can understand that this is a React website template for LMS websites. Being a learning management website template it has to deal with lots of dynamic data. Some education websites provide an online community to let the students easily interact and share their ideas. If you are planning to create such an interactive website for your education website, this template is the best option for you. Since the present-day students are net-savvy, making your website more than just a course showcasing platform is a must. With all the LMS features in this template, you can easily manage your students and their activity.

To help the users to easily set up the website and let the general users easily maintain this site, the creator has made it as a WordPress website template. Even if you miss one or two features in this template, you can easily add them via the WordPress plugins.

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react website templates for directory websites

EasyBook is an online hotel booking and listing website template. With the help of the react.js library, you can dynamically update the hotel deals and offers. If you are also offering ticket tracking options on your website, the react.js will help the user easily see their status without loading the pages. Since it is a travel and booking website template, it is mobile responsive out of the box. Hence, your users can book rooms and check their status on the go.

Card elements are used effectively to show the hotel details elegantly to the audience. If you like to tweak the card design a bit, take a look at our bootstrap card design collection. Different booking forms with a calendar input option are given in this template. So the users will have a hassle-free experience even on their mobile devices. React website templates like will help you create an interactive user-friendly directory website.

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react website templates for places listing website

TownHub is also similar to the EasyBook template mentioned above. This one is a listing and directory website template for places and events. Bright colors and swift animation effects make this template perfect for the young audience. If your target audience is teenagers and early twenty people, this template will look really appealing to your users. Since this is a place directory, the react library shows open and close time, holiday time, and special events. Since all the information is updated dynamically, you don’t have to manually update the information each and every time. WooCommerce is pre-integrated into this theme, so you can easily sell tickets and other items on your website.

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directory website template

Listify is one of the best selling directory website templates. The creator of this template has equipped used lots of in house developed plugins. Because of these in house developed plugins, you get a streamlined experience. All the necessary functions are pre-integrated for you and you don’t have to install a third-party plugin with tons of features that you don’t use. Since it is a location-based listing website, the creator has used the geolocation technology cleverly in this template. Based on the user location, place recommendations will be shown on the website. Using react website templates like this will save lots of time and money for you. The creators of this template have made the installation process dead easy. So that even people without code knowledge can work with this template.

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react website templates for ecommerce site

Multikart is a react based eCommerce website template. Using react on the eCommerce website will give a better shopping experience for your users. Especially if you are running any flash sales, react will help the user easily see the number of products left without loading the page. Plus, you can also manage the cart activity easily using the react features. The Multikart template is also available in the Angular and Shopify version. For more features and ready-made options, you can better opt for the Shopify version. If you have the resources, you can choose the raw react version for more flexibility. Speaking of Shopify, take a look at our Shopify themes collection for more user-friendly eCommerce store designs. Overall, the Multikart is one of the best react website templates that will help you create a powerful online store.

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clean react dashboard

Endless has six smart dashboard designs for different purposes. You get dashboard designs for eCommerce stores, universities, hosting websites, cryptocurrency websites, and multipurpose dashboard designs. All six demos have a clean layout on which users can clearly see the information and can easily interact with them. Hover effects are not used in a few chart types though it uses the latest react framework — this might be something you need to fix before installing this dashboard on your website. Lots of useful action pages like the to-do list pages, email conversation pages, and chat pages are there in this template. Since basic and advanced pages are covered in this pack, you can concentrate on the custom features without any worries.

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modern react web app

Skote is another web app, and dashboard React Bootstrap template. The creator has given you both light and dark skin versions in this template. Therefore you can easily make a user-friendly dashboard with this template. The creator has tried all permutations and combinations for the navigation bar. Based on your requirement and the nature of your dashboard, you can pick the template you want and start making your react web application. Everything is pre-designed for you from the user login page to the chat board page in this template. Sketch files of the dashboards are also included along with the react website templates to let you easily edit the template.

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interactive dashboard

Cuba will be dear to many developers. This dashboard template is available in HTML, React, and Laravel frameworks. Since all three framework templates are available in one pack, it also becomes one of the best value for money React website templates. Design-wise, this template maintains a clean layout so that it can handle web elements easily in all three frameworks. Both basic and advanced dashboard elements are pre-designed for you in this template pack. All you have to do is to pick the layout you like, add the elements you want, and make your dream react dashboard.

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colorful and interactive web app

Shreyu also has a multiple framework design like the Cuba template mentioned above. You get Angular, React, Vue, HTML, and Laravel framework dashboards in this pack. The creator has used an ultra-clean design and bright colors for web elements to easily draw user attention on the required spot. If you are making a web app or dashboard using React, templates like this will be a good choice. Since the design optimizations are already taken care of by the creator, you don’t have to spend your time improvising the design. The creator has utilized the latest features of all five frameworks used in this theme pack. Hence, introducing modern custom elements and features won’t be an issue for the developers.

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ultra-clean ract web app

Gogo is a smart dashboard template that uses both React and Redux. Hence, you can easily use this template in WordPress themes. Clean icons and skeleton structure elements give a rich look to this dashboard. Plus, the skeleton structure improves interaction by providing a roomy atmosphere. Animations are kept smooth and simple as possible to go well with the minimal design of this template. If you are planning to give a front-end user dashboard for your WordPress website, this template will be a good choice.

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react website templates with dynamic functionality

The Metronic is a web application template. To give you more flexibility in development, this template has an angular.js version and react.js version. You can pick the version you want based on the workflow you like. As of writing this post, 10 fully loaded demo variations are given in this pack. You can expect more demo variations in the upcoming updates. The creator has designed this template purely from the application point of view. Hence you get lots of widgets and data visualization elements. This bootstrap 4 based template is flexible and fluid so it can easily fit in all types of screen sizes. Colors are used effectively to distinguish and show each element. If you are looking for react website templates to power your web application, this is the best option for you.

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web application website template

Isomorphic is a professional-looking dynamic web application website template. On the clean white layout, the colorful elements look attractive. Plus, the user can also easily identify the content they want. Icons are used effectively to deliver the message clearly without taking much screen space. At the top right corner, you have space to show user details and user account settings. You get a complete set since login pages are also given in this web application pack. Minor customizations like changing the color schemes are given inside the dashboard itself. Hence, the user can change their webpage design just like in your Messenger app. Using thoughtfully designed react website templates like this will help you make an interactive web application.

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web application with multiple data visualization options

Jumbo is a sensibly designed React web application template. The creator has augmented the React with Redux for unidirectional data flow. Material designs and the react features are combined in a proper proportion, hence you get a visually striking fully functional react web application. Lots of redux components are used in this template to make your development job easy. Take a look at the info page to know more about the react features you get in this template. 150+ widgets and charts are given in this pack to let the user easily visualize the result. To make the customization easier, a drag and drop builder is also given in this template. You can’t do complex tasks as you do in the WordPress react website templates mentioned in this list. But, you can rearrange the elements and can do simple customizations with the given drag and drop builder.

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dashboard with useful features

Fuse is also similar to the Jumbo template mentioned above. In this template also the material design and the react features are combined effectively to make a user-friendly web application. Multiple layout variations are given in this template. The creator has given powerful theme management options to let the user fully take advantage of the multiple layouts and theme presets. You can customize almost everything in this template. Everything is pre-designed for you from the login page to the knowledge base. Using this template, you can set up a proper react web application and react website. Speaking of knowledgebase, take a look at our wiki themes for more interactive and easy-to-setup website designs. Every corner in this template is utilized properly in this react template. If you are looking for react website templates with proper documentation, this one will make your job easier.

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colorful admin templates

Wieldy is from the same creators of the Jumbo template mentioned above. Like in the Jubo template, this one is also equipped with lots of useful features. Development-wise, this template has a very flexible structure. The creator of this template has handled the react features smartly throughout the template. Light skin, dark skin, and semi-dark skin versions are also given to help you make a unique looking webs application. 100+ UI components and 120+ web pages are pre-designed for you in this pack. With all the given elements and widgets you can create a user-friendly web application in no time. PSD files are also included in the download file to help you visualize the customization work before getting into the development phase.

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Able pro

dynamic web application templates

Able pro is one of the best selling react website templates. With periodic updates, the creator is making this template a near-perfect one. Friendly features are introduced for both users and developers. Along with the general web application layout, this template has a special design for hospitals, eCommerce, and membership websites. Charts and lots of visualization elements are also given in this pack to make the data visualization easier. When you combine the dynamic nature of react.js with these charts and graphs, you can deliver an interactive user experience. This template is also available in the Angular.js version. If you haven’t decided which framework to use, take a look at both the Angular and React versions to get a clear idea.

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react website templates for web applications

Adminto is another multi-styled and multi-purpose react website template. Trendy icons and bright colors are used effectively to present the content elegantly to the users. Along with the react models, the creator has also included Angular and Vue.js models in this pack. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start working on it. Since it is not a WordPress react website template, you don’t get friendly customization options like the drag and drop builder. But, you can still do minor customizations with the given options. For more precise results, you have to choose the coding path.

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clean and interactive react website templates

Gogo template is purely designed from an application point of you. Being a dynamic and friendly library, React.js is mostly used for several apps. React.js take a longer time to set up, but let you build apps quickly, hence most developers will find this template easy to use. Both light and dark skin versions are given in this pack. An ample amount of space is given for both elements and widgets to make the interaction easier. Since this template layout is made using the Bootstrap 4 framework, it is flexible and easily adjusts to the screen size. The creator has given clear documentation to let the user easily work with this template.

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react website templates for blogs

StoryHub is also a blog template like the Lighthouse template mentioned above. But, this one has a trendy look and different layouts when compared to the Lighthouse template. The creator has given blog designs for almost all business website blogs and also for personal blogs. Whether you are making a personal blog or a corporate website blog, this template has a perfect design for you. Trendy layouts give you plenty of space for images and other widgets. H1, H2, H3, and paragraph text sizes are proportionated properly. Hene, you get a tidy looking blog layout design that you can use for all types of websites.

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react website templates for saas companies

Saasland, as the name implies, this template is made for Saas and corporate websites. Illustrative style design and clean layouts will impress young entrepreneurs and modern users. The creator has used the React JS to let you easily create client-side applications. To make customizations easier, the creator has used modular components and codes. Nearly 70 modular components are given in this pack. If the demo you like misses a section you want, you can use the modular components to add the section or element you need. Multiple demo variations are given in this pack and you can expect more in the next updates.

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simple and elegant dashboard template

Eract is a bootstrap and React JS based web application dashboard template. Colorful elements and interactive animation effects will deliver an engaging experience to the users. Icons are handled smartly so that you get more space, plus, the user can also clearly understand your options. These icons make the experience for computer users and interactions easier for mobile users. You can pick this template if your demands are less and the default design meets your needs.

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