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Hosting is one of the most competitive industries in the online business. Being one of the most essential things for a website, in hosting you can expect more customers. At the same time, you will be having more competitors as well. We do a lot to stand out from the crowd; on this list, we have collected some of the best free hosting website templates to make your website stand out from your competitors.

Some of these free hosting website templates even provide you advanced search options. If you are planning to run domain registration services these search options will help the users search for the required domain easily.

Best Bootstrap Web Hosting Template 2022

WHMCS is one of the widely used hosting automation platforms. Since these free hosting website templates are built using the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap framework, developers will find it easy to work and integrate these web hosting templates with WHMCS.


premium quality bootstrap web hosting template

EcoHosting is a premium quality bootstrap web hosting template.

Frequently used elements are moved at the top so that you get a better user engagement with this template’s default design. For example, a domain search bar is placed right below the header section; after it, you get hosting features, and pricing tables arranged logically one below the other. A help center page is there in the theme itself. If you want to add a fully functional forum or discussion site with support topics and articles, take a look at our WordPress wiki themes collection. Since this theme uses the latest HTML and Bootstrap framework, you can combine it with other themes and tools without breaking a sweat.

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quick loading web hosting template

Fastes is a sleek and quick-loading web hosting template, just like its name.

This template is designed purely from the business perspective, so you can see the TLDR prices and plan pricing at the top of the homepage itself. Apart from the conversion focus element, this template has few user-friendly elements like the space to add your chat support link and a contact form with a working google map widget. Again, it is a free template, so you might need to do the final touches and change a few elements to make the template fully meet your needs.

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Startright (Bootstrap 5)

bootstrap 5 business and hosting website template

Those who want to adopt the latest Bootstrap 5 template in their website must consider this hosting and business website template.

Big sections and responsive layout make this template one of the best responsive hosting website templates. The design is direct and simple so that even new users can quickly understand your services as soon as they land on the website. You can add few interactive animations to the vector characters in this template to make the website even more engaging to the audience. Plans and Pricing tables are there in the default design itself; you might need to move them to the homepage. Overall, Startright is a near-perfect template that you can use as such and save your time.

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best hosting web template for cloud hosting companies

This is the best web hosting template for hosting companies that are concentrating on cloud technology to give their customers seamless web performance.

The straightforward narrative style website template lets the site owners clearly explain their service and what makes their hosting service unique from others. Since it is a template, all designs and elements, and animations are made to meet the mass audience’s taste. But, the creator has kept the code script simple so that developers can edit the code as per their needs and make a unique website in no time using this template.

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Parason is a modern and clean-looking web hosting template built solely for hosting company websites.

This smart design gives you all the options you need to make an engaging hosting website. With this template, you clearly show the best features of your hosting services. Pricing tables are always a crucial element in hosting websites, plans and features must be shown clearly to the user. The creator of this template has made a long pricing table, bold letters are used to highlight the important points like the pricing and unique features in a plan.

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premium quality website template

The creators of the DeerHost have implemented the modern web design smartly in this template. The cloudy elements and the circuit board background patterns go well with the overall theme of this hosting business website template. As modern websites try to deliver an authentic experience to their users, designs like this will make your website unique. The cleverly designed domain search tool will keep your users engaged as soon as they land on your website’s homepage. Pricing tables are designed with care so that you can explain your plans and features clearly to the audience. If you are introducing new plans and providing new technologies to the users, free hosting website templates like this will help you easily promote your services.

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modern hosting website template

WebHostingService is also a futuristic hosting website template. High-quality vectors, icons, and carefully handled colors give a premium look to this template. Free hosting websites templates generally won’t have this much quality, but the creator of this template is generous enough to give such a premium-quality website template for free — the only thing you have to do is to leave the footer credit in its place. If you want to use this template for commercial purposes, you can buy the license. Click the info button below to know more about the template and its license details.

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featur-rich website template

Hostza is a proper professional website template. Modern colors are used effectively to give a fresh look to this template. Elements are placed sensibly in this template so that users can easily interact with your website. At the top bar, you have space to add live chat call to action button. Since it is a free HTML template, you have to take care of the tools and the integration. The friendly and flexible code structure of this template will make the integration part easier for the developers. If you are looking for a professional website to meet all types of audience needs, this template will be a good choice.

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hosting website temlpate with useful features

Ignite is a proper professional-looking hosting business website template. Right from the header to the footer, this template allows you to explain your services and what makes you unique. The elements size and the spacings are done proportionally so that this website template not only looks professional but also makes interactions easier. Like all free hosting website templates in this list, this one is also mobile-responsive out of the box. Useful elements like pricing tables, domain search bar with filter options, and many more are given in this template. Using thoughtfully designed website templates like this will make the developers work easier. You can concentrate on the important custom features and integration part.

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minimal design hosting website template

Raptor is also a professional-looking hosting business website template like the Ignite template mentioned above. But this template is more clean and minimal than the Ignite template. The super clean design only shows the important information to the user so that your user can easily find what they want. On the clean white background, the creator has used light colors which gives this template a fresh and premium look. Though this template is made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, the animation effects are kept mild and simple to match the minimal web design. But, you can play with the design and animation effects. The flexible code structure will make your customization work easy.

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colorful and fresh looking hosting website template

If you are looking for unique looking free hosting website templates, this one will impress you. This bright colored website template will make your hosting website standout from the crowd. Since this design is made purely by keeping modern users and entrepreneurs in mind you get all the necessary elements you to meet the demands of today’s audience. In the default design, the creator has used lots of colorful vector characters. If you have enough resources, you can add micro-interaction to these vectors. For animation inspirations, take a look at our interactive three.js animation examples.

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Lorahost website template gives you a lot of useful features to serve your customers. Right below the header section you have a tool for domain searching. The search widget also has famous TLD filters like .com, org, and .net. On the homepage, you have a separate section to list the big brands’ websites hosted on your server to build your credibility. At the top navigation bar, you have space to add a link for live chat support. Colorful icons are used to list your features and highlights. Along with the basic pages, the creator has also given you blog templates to easily share the news and updates.

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Hami is a creative website template. As modern web design and development allows us to make interactive meaningful designs, you can explain your business clearly to the audience. In this template, the designer has used could elements throughout the template. If you are specialized in offering cloud servers for companies, this template will be a good choice. Animated elements give a lively feel to the template. The animation effects are scaled properly and are used only at the required spots so the users won’t get annoyed by the animations.

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ITHost is a lively website template with a bold look. All the elements and sections are made bigger to easily get user attention as soon as they land on your site. Bright colors are used throughout the template which gives an attractive look to the template. In the pricing table section, the most preferred plan is extruded a bit from the other so that it can user attention. The dual color scheme of this template is handled smartly to highlight important elements without making them look odd. The footer section is made big enough to accommodate important links and to show the latest post in your blog.

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Cloud83 is a simple and straightforward website template. The flat design of the template helps you to show contents neatly even on small screen devices. Though the template is simple, it has all important features to set a proper hosting website. For example, at the top navigation bar, you have space to user login and link to customer support. Not only the design, but the code structure is also kept simple for quick and easy customization.

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BHost is almost similar to the Hami hosting website template mentioned above. But you have less animated elements in this one. Illustrative design and cool gradient colors are used to draw user attention on the required web elements. The creator has given equal importance to both text and image contents so you can explain your services clearly to your audience. In this template also you get the domain name search option. The dropdown filter option is a well-thought-out design to show multiple options without taking much screen space.

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Hostspace is a modern website template which uses the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3 effectively. This template is filled with animated elements and visual effects to give an interactive feel to the users. The futuristic design of this template helps you convey that your servers are ready to meet the present-day users’ needs. Trendy color schemes are used in this template and easily highlights the important web elements without making them look odd. It is a multi-purpose website template, so you have more than enough space to explain all your plans and services. A domain search bar is also given in this template with filter options, to help the user easily find the domain they are looking for. Since it is a free HTML template, you have to take care of the backend integration part.

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Server website template is a business style website with a neat layout and clean segmentation. With beautiful line icons and big image banners, this template allows you to explain your services clearly to the audience. Ample amount of space is given between each element and segments so that the user can easily interact with your website. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, your website performs better even on the mobile devices. Another useful feature of this template is the pre-designer user registration and login form. All the basic features are given in this template, your job is to integrate them with your system to make it a fully functional website. In all the pages you have an FAQ section placed near the footer section; if you are a new entry in the hosting business these FAQ sections will help you convince the people easily.

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multipurpose IT services website template

Itkol is a multipurpose IT services website template. The interactive and technology-oriented design of this template makes it a good hosting website template as well. Fresh gradient colors and modern web elements deliver an impeccable user experience. With this template’s sensible design, you can clearly explain your hosting features to the audience. If you are targeting modern startup companies and SAAS websites, this template will be a good option to easily bond with your audience. All basic pages are bundled in this template; therefore, you can set up an HTML website in no time with this template.

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Victor (Bootstrap 5)

business website template to clearly explain the services

Victor is another trendy-looking web hosting business website template. Hosting companies that are targeting modern entrepreneurs and fast-growing startups will love this template. The default design of this template will help the site owners clearly explain how their hosting services help the online business owners to easily run their business. Right from the service page to the portfolio page, everything is given in this template. The built-in blog templates will help you share useful resources with your audience. Since this is a multipurpose business website template, all pages and options are covered in this template. You can edit the template and make it fit your needs.

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Raptor is the most attractive and fresh looking template in this list of free hosting website templates. With more natural looking colors and clean design, this template engages the visitors sensibly. The logically arranged section in this template provides the important contents in the first. For example, just below the header section itself, you have a domain search bar with available TLDs. Again this is an HTML template, so you have to manually take care of the backend functionality. Adjustable pricing tables are used in this template, so even if you add few extra features it expands accordingly without disturbing the overall layout.

Though it is a multi-page template, the homepage of this template is made big enough to let you explain all the features briefly in one place. Animation and visual effects in this template are smooth and clean. The well written code gives a seamless performance across all devices. Two separate pages are given for the domain registration and hosting services. So you can be more precise about the pricing and features in both the services. The footer section of this template is made big enough so that you can add important page links and social media profile links.

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Hosting is an easy to maintain free hosting website template with a one-page design. Though it is a one-page template, the creator of this template has given you all the elements and options to create an effective website. This template is made flexible enough so that you can add pages and other customizations easily with your template. You have ample amount of space for both images and texts to explain your business.

As said before, hosting is one of the most competitive fields. To get user attention and trust it is better to show some of the famous brands that use your hosting. This not only increases your credibility but also let the user understand the level of service you provide. Clean pricing tables are given in this template with long-form factors so that you can clearly list all the features. In the top bar, you have space to add emergency support number and call to action button to take the users directly to the registration page. You also have the option to show the server locations around the world to let the users know the servers near their geographical locations.

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Hosthub is almost similar to the Hosting template mentioned above. But, this template has some extended features and options to help you set up a website in no time. The homepage of this template is made simple with modern web elements. Lots of space is given for the text contents on the homepage. If you are a growing a business, this design will help you explain your uniqueness and best features in detail to the users. It is a multi-page template so you can use a separate page to explain the plans and services neatly. You have pricing tables in both the homepage and also in a separate page. In the exclusive pricing table, you also get an FAQ section to answer some of the most common questions among the users.

Providing support is one of the most important services in a hosting business. There are several tools to help you easily interact with your customers. This template gives you the option to add support service contact detail in the top bar. If you need you can even add chat support to this template. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so you can easily integrate this template with modern web tools.

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SEO is a modern business website template for SEO services, but this template can also be used for Hosting websites. As both the templates share the same the same web elements, you can set up your hosting website in no time. Just like the Hosting template, this one is also a one-page template. On the homepage, you have a big hero image section in the header section. Big bold texts and call to action buttons are also given in the header section to give a quick intro to your services.

Pricing tables are also given in this template to let you neatly mention the service plans and the features related to the packages. An interactive graph is also given in this template, which you can use to show the uptime and downtime of your servers. You also have space to show blog posts. If you are planning to run an active blog that drives traffic to your site, then take a look at our blog template collection with a reader-friendly design.

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Nexus is a multipurpose business website template designed exclusively for the modern businesses. Since this template is primarily for SAAS companies, you have plenty of charts and screenshot elements in this template. The designer of this template has used both solid blue color and gradient colors to elegantly differentiate important web elements from the rest of the design elements. Both texts and image contents are given equal importance in this template. So you can explain your services engagingly to the users. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is add your contents and start integrating this template with the required web elements. In all the subpages you have a big banner section above the footer for promotional contents. If you are offering a trial period or limited time discounted services, then you can use this banner section effectively.

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OnePro is a neat, clean, and classy looking multipurpose business website template. Being a multipurpose template it has all the web elements and sections you need to create a professional website. If you are in search of simple website template for your hosting business, then this is the one for. It is a single page website template so you can explain all your services and pricing on one page without redirecting the user to other pages. Another advantage of one-page website template is you can tune up your site for a particular SEO keyword easily. For startups, this approach saves your time, gives you a better result, plus you also can concentrate on your business more. This template uses latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, customizing and working with this template will be an easy job for the developers.

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Rango is a creative website template. This template is designed completely by keeping modern web users in mind. Instead of using the same old design and layout this template gives you a creative layout, but it maintains the professional website standards. With the neat clean design, the texts and the web elements are easily legible in both small screen devices and desktop devices. The developer had made use of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework to give you more lively colors and interactive animation effects.

It is a multi-page template, which includes basic pages like about, services, portfolio, and contact pages pre-designed for you. All you have to add is to add a pricing table to make this template a complete hosting website template. Other than the pricing table you get all other important elements to make a perfect hosting website. If you are looking for a modern creative template for your hosting website to stand out of the crowd, then you can give Rango a try.

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Sierra is a clean looking creative website template designed specifically for modern businesses. This template ticks all the boxes of the modern creative website design; it has bold texts, plenty of white space, creative web elements, and subtle animation effects. On the clean white background, the colorful web elements look attractive and more vibrant. Instead of using the same old shapes this template uses colorful irregular shape patterns and the icons used is also customized to match this creative design. Content plays the key role in any business, active websites not only bring you traffic but also brings you, potential customers. Luckily with this template, you also get blog pages pre-designed for you. It is a multi-page template, so you get more than enough space to tell about your services in detail to the users.

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Zeta is a creative agency style website template. With the combination of content blocks, neat layout and smart animation effects this template will glue the users to your site. The intuitively designed homepage gives you more than enough space to give an overview of all your services to the visitors. Parallax effects combined with shape patterns gives the users an interactive experience and encourages them to scroll till the footer. Bold texts are used to highlight the important points and the font selection in this template is great. The font style matches the creative style of this template and at the same time, it maintains the professional look of this template.

Other useful elements you get with this template are customized line icons, animated skill bar, neat carousels, and colorful web elements. Orange is the primary color of this template, which looks attractive on the clean white background, but if you need you can customize it to fit your needs.

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Tour is a feature-rich website template for travel agencies, but the default layout of this template and the features included in it will also help you to create an effective hosting website template. This template includes user-friendly elements, promotional elements, and descriptional elements, as a whole the Tour is a complete package for all types of business. In the header, you have a big image slider to give an interactive intro about your services and just below the header section you have advanced search bar with category option. As you have seen in many free hosting website templates, if you are offering domain registration services you can use this search bar for domain search.

Since it is a travel and tour related website template, you get a detailed pricing section on the homepage. The Tour is a multi-page template, so you have plenty of pre-designed pages to explain your services and pricings.

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Horse Club


Horse Club, from the name itself you can infer that this is a membership-based website template. The core design of this template shares the website design standard of a professional hosting website template, so you can use this template for your hosting website without any hesitation. The clean full-width layout of this template gives you more space to add both texts and interactive web elements. Lots of white space is used in this template to make sure that the template looks clean even when you add lots of contents.

This HTML5 website template gives you the option to add multimedia contents easily. In the default design of the template itself, you get space for adding videos. Other useful hosting website elements you get with this template are pricing table, customer testimonial, separate service pages, and neat contact form. Take a look at our dashboard template collection to design a user-friendly dashboard.

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Repair is a website template for services providing businesses. Promotional and conversion oriented elements are default factors of this website template, which makes this template a best fit for hosting websites as well. Since it is a service-oriented template you get lots of illustrative elements to explain your business intuitively to the users. It is a multi-page template, so you can use this template for businesses of any size without any worries. At each subpages breadcrumbs are shown in the header section of the pages, to help the user easily identify their path. The sticky top bar navigation makes sure that it is readily available when the user needs to jump to other pages.

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Robotics is a modern multipurpose website template for business websites. It is a colorful website template, which uses trendy gradient color scheme for both web elements and hover effects. On the neat white background, these colorful gradient web elements look attractive and visually appealing in the modern high-end screens. The pixel perfect design of this template makes it a perfect fit for any type of business use. Intuitively designed homepage helps you to give a complete overview of all your services. Call to action buttons are provided at the right spots to take the user to the respective pages and convert them easily. In the footer, you have the option to add important links, newsletter subscription form, and Instagram widget.

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Invest is a premium category website template you get for free. As a package this template gives you two homepage variations, it is quite difficult to find website templates that give you more than one variation in the free version. With the bold design and big layout, this template gets the user attention easily on the required spot easily. Since this template is designed primarily for financial sectors you get many useful tools along with this template.

As this is an HTML template, all the functions are done only on the front end. You can customize this tool for your need to give your users an interactive experience. Two homepages given in this template follows a different design. All the icons used in this template are customized to match the overall design of the template, so might need to spend some time to change the icons.

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Industry is a feature-packed multipurpose business website template. If you are a web developer you will find this template extremely useful. By keeping this template as a base you can start a project from scratch and can complete it within hours. The well-written codebase can take whatever customizations you throw at it. As most free hosting website templates mentioned in this list, this one also uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Most of the common optimization works like mobile optimizations, speed optimizations and cross-browser compatibility are taken care of by the creator of this template. All you have to do is to customize this template based on your needs, add your contents and launch your site. Free Hosting Website Templates like this will make your job simple and easy.

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Travelista is another travel niche based website template. The overall design of the template and features provided are closely related to the free hosting website templates. So you can use this template for your site by making minor changes. Conversion is one of the main purposes of any business website, this template includes many conversion-focused web elements. The best part is all the conversion based web elements are placed at the most appropriate spots, so you will get a better result.

If you are offering many plans for your customers, the pricing table given in this template is the best option for you. The pricing section clearly shows the plan and pricing, the call to action button takes the user to particular pages. Since it is a multi-page template you needn’t worry about adding a page again to this template.

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