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Digital Agency websites always set the trend of web designing. In previous years, digital agency websites are very spacious, clean, and present the contents neatly to the users. Due to the development of web development frameworks, modern agency websites are interactive and colorful. But, they still maintain simplicity in their design. If you wish to create a modern and stylish digital agency website with effective storytelling design and animation effects; these digital agency WordPress themes could help you.

These modern digital agency WordPress themes use plenty of lively elements to present the contents engagingly to the users. Since they are made for the mass audience, you don’t get niche-specific effects. But still, you can customize the code and add the features you want. All these premium digital agency WordPress themes use the latest web development frameworks. Hence, adding trendy simple, and attractive animation effects to it will be an easy job for the developers.

Portfolios and case studies are another important elements/sections in a digital agency. Being a creative agency, you would have done several challenging tasks. Showing the work clearly as a case study will improve the chances of converting new customers. Some digital agency WordPress themes even provide you separate case study pages to make your job even simpler. Take your time and check all the digital agency WordPress themes to find the best design for your website.


corporate-style agency WordPress theme

Trydo is a modern, corporate-style agency WordPress theme. This Elementor powered WordPress theme allows you to create stunning web pages in no time. The creator has included all the custom elements in the Elementor tool, so you can access them easily in the live editor.

More than fifteen demo versions are there in this pack. Each demo is unique and helps you create an agency website of your style in no time. All you have to do is to import the demo version you like and customize it using the Elementor page builder. The given built-in features and pre-made pages itself are more than enough for normal users. You can easily do core-level editing if you have any special requirements.

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animation-rich digital agency WordPress theme

Zermatt is the best digital agency WordPress theme for agencies expecting an interactive design.

This theme pack has twelve demo versions as of writing this theme. All demo versions are filled with rich animations and unique layouts, so you can pick any demo and use it for your website. Right from the menu to the portfolio page, everything is designed with extreme care and perfection. As a result, you get a consistent design throughout the website. Customizations and control options are crucial for a WordPress theme with such creative animations and layouts, so the creator has equipped this template with the Elementor page builder.

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visually pleasing digital agency WordPress theme

Keystroke is a digital agency WordPress theme with a polarizing visual aesthetic. Digital agencies that prefer elegance and usability over quirky animations will definitely love this template.

This template also has unique animations in it, but they are subtle and don’t intrude on the website user experience. Each section is big and has bold letters to deliver the message crisp and clear to the audience. Like all modern WordPress themes, this one also supports Gutenberg editor and WooCommerce right out of the box. All you have to do is to install the demo & the plugins you want and launch your website.

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best darktheme digital agency WordPress theme

Avo will leave many digital agencies awestruck that are in love with the dark theme design.

This digital agency WordPress theme pack has more than twenty-five ready-made demo versions. All twenty-five-plus designs have both dark theme version and light theme version. Animations look livelier on the dark theme layout, and the colorful images really pop out of the screen. As most modern computers and smartphones use a high-resolution screen, pixel-perfect WordPress themes will deliver an immersive user experience. Another unique feature in this theme is it has an auto mode, which automatically switches your website from light to dark based on the user preference.

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digital agency WordPress theme

Ohio is one of the best digital agency WordPress themes that effectively use modern web design to deliver an immersive user experience.

This theme pack has eighteen ready-made demos as of writing this post. All demo versions use a unique interactive layout to clearly explain all your digital services. The default digital agency theme uses an image-rich layout with bold texts. You can see many dynamic elements throughout the website to provide a rich user experience, especially the dynamic cursor that quickly provides relevant information to the audience without making them click or wait for other information to load.

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video agency WordPress theme

Billey WordPress theme pack is purely designed for agency websites.

In this theme pack, you get a video agency WordPress theme, digital marketing agency WordPress, and travel agency website templates along with the digital agency WordPress theme. All demo versions in this pack support Elementor page builder right out of the box. So you can use all custom elements in the demo version you like and make a unique website in no time. The creator has kept the animations as simple as possible in order to make them appealing for all types of businesspeople and audiences.

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web design and digital marketing agency WordPress theme

Leverage is the best digital agency WordPress theme for web and app development companies.

Most of the demos in this pack follow a dark theme, on which the bold letters and swift animations look even more appealing. A unique feature in this theme pack is all demo versions are available in both multi-page and one-page versions. And the multistep form feature right out of the box will help agencies get relevant user information without making the user annoyed. In a nutshell, making a proper website will be a lot easier with this theme pack.

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rich and stylish looking digital agency wordpress themes

Gentium is a classy looking agency WordPress theme. The creators of this theme have played with the dark and light mode elegantly to give you an attractive WordPress theme. As dark themes are becoming popular among iPhones and Mac users, a dark theme website will be welcomed with open hands by present-day users. You can either go for a complete dark and complete light theme version or else you can choose a mixed version of the dark and the light theme. This theme uses Elementor page builder and the creators of this theme have made sure that adding pre-made sections and elements can be done with a click. WooCommerce is also integrated into this theme to let you sell digital goods easily.

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modern digital agency wordpress themes with lively web elments

Cynic is a dual purpose WordPress theme, which is designed for SEO and Digital agencies. The creator of this theme has made digital agency WordPress themes for both small and big agencies. Plus, you also get a one-page website theme in the package. If you like to keep the looks simple and professional or make it creative with modern elements, there is a design for you in this theme. Since this theme is made for SEO agencies as well, you get illustrative design related to that niche. Overall the Cynic theme is a value for money theme with plenty of useful features.

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colorful agency theme

The creators of the Ave theme promote it as a next-generation WordPress theme, the designs are trendy and have lots of fresh themes for different categories. We do get a dedicated theme for digital agency, you can either use the digital agency demo or can simply pick the demo you like. The creators of this theme have given plenty of customization options. You get an intuitive visual editor which lets you edit almost everything on the website. Since it is one of the best selling digital agency WordPress themes, it is updated periodically and it is running on the latest WordPress version and uses the latest web development framework.

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modern interactive agency theme

Jupiter is another best selling WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose and multi-concept WordPress theme that has demo design for almost all major business categories. Apart from multiple demos and page builder options, this theme is packed with lots of useful features. If you are a professional developer, digital agency WordPress themes like this will make your job simple. Right from the header to the footer, everything can be customized easily in this theme. We do get a dedicated theme for digital agency websites, the creator has followed a trendy looking modern design. All the optimizations are done perfectly, so we can concentrate on the website content and on adding the custom elements we want.

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creative website template

Holmes is a hardcore digital agency WordPress theme. I’ve said that digital agency websites are always the trendsetters at the beginning of the post — in this theme, it is very true. The creator of this theme has loaded this one with tones of creative elements. Whether you need a polarizing design that turns people’s heads or a subtle design that focuses on your work, this theme pack will have a perfect template for you. Six demos are there in this pack as of now, and you can expect more creative designs in future updates. Images and videos are kept at the center of this theme’s design; hence, you get more than enough space to showcase your works.

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contemporary-style website template

Synergia is a well-executed modern WordPress theme for present-day business websites. Creator has used organic shapes and creative patterns extensively in all the demos. Hence, you can pick any demo and can use it for your digital agency website. Since it is a template, the creator has kept the animations desirable for all types of audiences. You can use your own custom animations to spice up the design. This template is running on the latest web development frameworks, so you can use any modern animations in this template without any worries. For fresh animation ideas, take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection.

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wordpress theme with multiple demos

Colorful vectors and vector characters are being the trend. Modern web development frameworks are lighter than before, which opened the gate for more intuitive animations without making the page heavy. If you are also planning to make a website with micro animation vectors, digital WordPress themes like this will be a good choice. This template ticks all the important boxes of the modern WordPress theme. For example, it is compatible with the Guttenberg editor, and it also has the Elementor page builder for quick customizations. Once you purchase the theme, you can simply get your developers on the work and can launch your website in no time.

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attention-grabbing website template

There is a saying “first impressing is the best impression”, so only most web designers work hard to make the homepage as friendly and useful as possible. The creator of this theme has designed the homepage to stun your audience with your work. Interactive slider designs and neat professional-look let your present your work & services neatly to the audience. A shopping website template is also included in this pack, along with the agency theme. Overall, this theme is a good package that will help you make a proper website that promotes your services and also let you sell your products on your website.

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colorful website template

Zix is a regular business website template in a modern outfit. The creator has tried nothing fancier in this design so that this template can appeal to a larger group of audiences. Customizations are made easier using the Elementor page builder. Nearly 70+ custom element blocks are added into the Elementor page builder. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements in the place you want. If you want a stylish looking website without compromising the basic website ergonomics, this WordPress template would be a good choice.

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minimal portfolio-centric agecny theme

The Kalium theme is designed exclusively for creative professionals and creative businesses. With sensible design and useful features, this theme will help you create an impressive website in no time. You can pick any demo in this theme pack and can customize it to fit your needs. If you don’t have time for customization, then you can pick the pre-mad digital agency demo in this theme. In the default digital agency demo, you get a straightforward design that elegantly showcases your work. If you are looking for digital agency website templates with a neat minimal design, this theme will impress you.

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interactive parallax effect agency theme

The Bridge is a multipurpose theme with nearly 370+ demos pre-designed for you. All the designs are neat and simple so that you can use them for all types of professional websites. The creator has given you all the basic elements you want and has integrated the elements well into the WPBakery page builder. If you don’t find the element you want in the demo you like, you can simply drag and drop them on the page you want. In the 370+ demo variations, you have plenty of demos for digital agency WordPress themes. Just pick the design you like and start working on it. Minor customizations can be done easily with the drag and drop page builder. The core customizations are also made simple with the help of the clean code structure.

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digital agency theme for startups

If you are looking for neat and professional-looking digital agency WordPress themes, this theme will impress you. With big sections and lots of space for image contents, this theme will help you deliver the message clearly to the audience. Nearly 30 demo variations are given in this pack and each of them is designed for different businesses. Like in most other premium digital agency WordPress themes, this one also supports the WPBakery page builder to let you easily add the sections and elements you want. The thoughtfully designed dashboard will make your day to day task easier in this theme.

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trendy wordpress theme with creative design elements

Whether you need a modern vector character-rich illustrative design or trendy looking creative elements rich design, this theme is the best option for you. The creator of this theme has balanced the creative look and professional look elegantly in all the theme variations given in this theme. Scroll animations are used in all theme variations to present the content engagingly to the users. This theme also provides you both single and multi-page designs. The creator has given us a proper portfolio page, in fact, two portfolio pages. Apart from the number of columns, there isn’t much difference between the two portfolio pages. WPML plugins are used to make this theme translation ready and WPBakery plugin is used to male customizations simpler.

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mordern wordpress theme with lively elements

Lintis is a colorful and clean looking digital agency WordPress theme which you can use for any business websites. There are plenty of animated elements throughout the theme, which gives a lively feel to the design. Since it is a new theme built with the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, you get plenty of fast loading animation effects. Revolution sliders are used effectively to make the homepage header section attractive and unique. There are plenty of creative ideas to make your homepage header section unique; take a look at our bootstrap header collection for more inspirations. The use of clean white background for the main content area and black theme for the footer section clearly differentiates each other.

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digital agency wordpress themes with trendy design

Agmycoo WordPress theme designer has mostly used isometric style design. Colorful and clean white color schemes are used in theme and the designer has smartly handled it. Nearly 13 homepage variations are given in this theme package and each of them has different designs. The designer has taken extreme care to make the isometric design look attractive on all the theme variations. Everything looks fantastic in this theme, if you want, you can spice up the design by adding micro animations to the vectors. The creator of this theme has used the latest web development frameworks like HTML5 and CSS3. For more animation inspirations, take a look at our three.js animation collection.

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digital agency theme with clean design to explain your services clearly

Seofy is a dual purpose WordPress theme, which is designed for SEO agencies and digital agencies. Hence, you get both illustrative isometric designs and clean business website design. Shadow and depth effects are used smartly to highlight and show the important elements for the others. In a digital agency website, the portfolio plays a major role to convince your clients. In this theme, you get a regular grid-style portfolio with a different number of column options. Plus, you also get different types of masonry style portfolio in this theme. Lively elements and background are used here and there in the web pages to give life to the design.

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multipurpose agency theme for startups

From the theme name itself you can understand that this is a digital marketing agency WordPress theme. This theme still has a creative touch in its design to make a proper digital agency website for present-day entrepreneurs. From the corporate look to creative look, this theme has all types of designs in this package. The creator of this theme has given you three popular page builders in this theme. Based on the page builder you prefer, you can pick one and start using it. From the multiple page builder options itself, you can understand that this theme is very flexible. Plus, you get basic WordPress plugins integrated to easily set up a proper WordPress website.

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gradient and typography rich wordpress theme

Loptus is a trendy looking modern WordPress theme. With creative organic shapes and elements, this theme stands unique from the rest of the Digital agency WordPress themes in this list. The developer has smartly used the WPBaker page builder and let you add custom elements easily with a shortcode. Since this theme is made using the Bootstrap 4 framework, the animation effects look fluid and natural. It is a mobile responsive WordPress theme and it delivers the same buttery smooth experience on the mobile screen devices as well. In the portfolio page, you get grid style portfolios and full-width portfolios.

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simple and bold looking wordpress theme

Hub2B is a bold and modern looking digital agency WordPress theme. Along with the digital agency theme, you also get a Coworking Workspace sharing business theme. Since this post is about Agency WordPress themes, let’s concentrate more on it. The homepage of the digital agency is straightforward and let you add portfolio right after the header sections. The yellow and black colors are balanced well throughout the template. With this dual colors, you can easily highlight the important elements and contents. It has all the basic pages and even shopping pages pre-designed for you. But it misses out a separate portfolio page, this might be a bummer for some digital agency owners. If you really like this theme, then you can add a portfolio page by yourself. Take a look at our Portfolio Template collections, which will make your job a lot simpler.

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clean and minimal looking agency wordpress theme

Ember is a minimal looking proper digital agency WordPress theme. This theme has all the basic elements and options that you usually expect in a digital agency website. The homepage is made longer so that you can list your services and mini portfolio to curate the audience. Three homepage header variations are given in this theme, which even includes a video header variation. Where this theme actually shines is at the portfolio pages. Nearly four portfolio page variations are given in this theme package and each has a different character. By making a few adjustments to the design you can use it for digital agencies.

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wordpress theme for startups

SeoPress theme gives you a trendy looking business theme with flat design. Though flat designs are not used much in modern websites, still they are in trend. The creator of this theme has used animation effects to make the design interactive and interesting to use. The smartly designed homepage clearly shows your services as soon as the user land on your website. In between sections, you have space to add email subscription forms. Space for video contents is also given in this theme so you needn’t adjust the theme to add videos. WooCommerce is also integrated into this theme to let you seel your services easily to the users.

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wordpress theme with mono color scheme and popup color

Meipaly is a monochrome style WordPress theme for Digital agencies and ad agencies. If you are looking for classy design, this theme will impress you. On the grayscale design, the texts are clear and easy to read. Two multipage variations and one one-page variation are given in this package. The Elementor page builder is used in this theme, so you can easily drag and drop the elements wherever you want.

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business style wordpress theme with rich look

Cloaking has five multi-page homepage variations and two one-page variations. Each homepage is unique and is thoughtfully designed for different goals. Whether you need to promote your service or captivate the user attention with your tool, there is a design for you in this theme package. The designer has used colorful vectors smartly in all the theme variations to neatly represent the options. Animation effects are kept simple and clean so that it won’t annoy the users and also loads faster. Apart from the homepage variations, the creator has also given us plenty of subpage variations. There are plenty of options in this theme, which makes it a value for money.

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digital agency theme with beautiful portfolio page

If you are into modern web design with colorful patterns and design elements, this theme will impress you. In the original download file, you don’t get the fancy images used in the demo. Even without those images, this theme looks trendy and design elements still give a posh look to the theme. The theme is really flexible and if you have resources, then you can add micro animations to make the theme more appealing to the eyes. Portfolio page variations and shop pages variations are also given in this theme. You can make a unique looking digital agency website using the given page variations itself. But still, you can add your own variation if you want. The solid code structure gives you the freedom to easily edit the theme.

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Digital Agency

corporate style digital agency theme

If you want a businesslike pragmatic style WordPress theme, this Digital Agency theme worth a look. It is a wise choice to use the same old working design to stay safe and to concentrate on the important things. The Digital Agency theme has a very old design, that might have seen in most of your competitors’ websites. All the sections are arranged properly and an ample amount of space is given between them. Since it is a mobile responsive theme, these spaces make interactions easier even on small screen devices. Basic pages are given in this theme. Plus, you get useful plugins like WPBakery plugin, WooCommerce, and WPML bundled in this theme.

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dual purpose wordpress theme for digital and seo agencies

GeoBin is a dual purpose WordPress theme, which is designed for SEO and Digital agencies. Nearly ten homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them follows the vector-rich illustrative style design. If you are making a website for a startup or a growing digital agency, this theme would be a good choice. With the neat interactive design and colorful elements, you can present the contents engagingly to the users. If you have resources and can make custom vectors for your website, this design can deliver even more immersive experience to the users. The Elementor page builder is used in this theme and you get shortcodes to easily add custom elements. All the basic plugins are also given in this theme to help you easily set a proper WordPress website within a few hours.

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digitl agency wordpress theme with illustrative design

BoostUp theme gives you the designs of both GeoBin and Digital agency theme in one package. You get a traditional business theme in a modern outfit and illustrative design with vectors. Nearly eight homepage variations are given in this theme for now. Since it is a premium theme you get regular updates and you may get new designs in the future. With the given homepage header option you can make a brand focused header section which clearly explains your services to the user. You get sliders, video players, and image backgrounds in the header section to make the user spend more time on your website.

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Marketing Pro

illustrative style digital marketing wordpress theme

The Marketing Pro theme has designs for both agencies and solo consultants. Which makes this theme a go-to option for all types of digital agencies. Only a few Digital Agency WordPress themes have the flexibility to satisfy all types of users; Marketing Pro is one such theme. With the clean white layout and subtle animation effects, this theme presents the contents engagingly to the audience. This theme supports Gutenberg editor. If you import articles from other writing tools, this Gutenberg option will come in handy. With this niche focused theme, you can make a proper WordPress website in no time.

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mulitpurpose theme for digital agency and SAAS companies

SaasLand WordPress theme is designed by keeping present-day user’s taste and entrepreneurs needs. Hence this theme works great for both users and website owners. Since this theme is designed for SAAS companies, you get plenty of theme options. With this theme, you also can make a website for web and mobile application companies. With the pristine clean design, this theme presents the content engagingly to the users. More than 200 elements are pre-designed for you in this theme. Which gives you unlimited possibilities with this theme and can set up any type of website without any worries.

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wordpress theme with multiple demos for digital and seo agencies

Optimize is a pure conversion oriented theme. If you are revamping a digital agency website or making a website for a fastly growing digital agency, this is the theme for you. Apart from the regular portfolio page, you also get a case study page. If you are doing challenging jobs for your clients and take pride in it, this case study page will help you impress your audience. Mostly flat style design with vectors is used in this theme. But you needn’t worry about customizations. This theme is pre-bundled with WPBakery page builder; you can simply drag and drop the elements and customize the theme.

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