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The reason why I said smart academic websites templates is it has built-in automation functions. Academic and educational websites can not be simple like before. As the number of students is growing every year, mundane tasks must be automated to manage other tasks easily. Most academic website templates in this list have a learning management system pre-integrated into them. Managing courses and student activity will be an easy job. To make your job, even more, simpler, we have included some WordPress website templates as well.

Those who want ready-made solutions and want to launch the website as soon as they install the template, better for the WordPress website template. Detailed single course pages are given so that you can easily explain your course features to your audience. Video contents can be managed easily in these HTML5 academic websites templates.

Here are the best academic websites templates with plenty of useful online education options:

Academics (HTML Template)

sensibly designed HTML academics website template

Academics is an HTML5 academics website template with all the features a present-day academic website must-have.

The creator has smartly combined the traditional academic website requirements and modern online education features in this template to deliver a proper learning experience to the users. As soon as the users land on the website, they see your best courses, user reviews, and a quick intro section to understand your university. Overall, Academics is a well-tailored academic website template that can be used for all types of education websites.

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Edusmart (HTML)

colorful academic website template

Edusmart is a modern HTML academic website template. Sensibly designed pages and smartly handled web elements make the interactions easier on this template.

Gradient colors and depth effects manage to highlight important elements. Therefore, new users can easily find the trending courses, see the achievements, and book the course they want. Since the default design itself has logically arranged sections, you can use them as such. Save your time for backend optimizations and improvements.

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Fox (HTML)

modern-age academic website template

Fox is a content-focused academic website template. If you are making a website for an upcoming website or revamping a website of a famous institution, templates like this will be a great choice. Why? Well, because of its content-rich layout. You can clearly explain what makes you different from other institutions. Plus, the clean layout and sharp icons enhance the storytelling experience. The creator has done all the optimizations from the front-end side, so you can focus on the backend work without worrying about compatibility issues.

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academic websites templates with a trendy design

Eduma is a fully loaded education website template. The trendy design and tons of ready to use friendly features make this template one of the best selling academic websites templates. Multiple demos are given in this pack for different courses. If you are making an academy website purely for arts or an academy website for language courses, this template has a perfect design for you. Since this template is designed for both institutional and commercial purposes you get elements for both types of websites. To help you easily manage your online students and their study material, this template is equipped with a learning management system. You can run quizzes, track individual student’s progress, maintain course schedules, and a lot more. Since it is a WordPress based website template, it also has a drag and drop page builder. Most minor customizations can be done via the page builder itself.

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feature rich academic websites templates

LMS is another learning management system equipped academy website template. The creator of this template has loaded this one with tons of useful features. It is completely optimized to meet the present-day user needs. For example, it is mobile responsive and retina ready out of the box. As most modern students are net-savvy and access the website via their hand-held devices, having academic websites templates like this will help you reach more audiences. Four regular demo variations and one RTL demo are given in this pack.

The Events Calendar plugin is pre-integrated into this template. Hence, you can manage events and schedule courses easily in this template. If you like to tweak the default calendar design given in this template, take a look at our bootstrap calendar examples collections. Since this template is made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, it can easily handle all modern design elements.

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professional-looking education website template

IvyPrep is a feature-rich modern academic website template. This template has everything you need to run a proper educational website and also has built-in LMS features to meet present-day students’ e-learning needs. All six demos have a unique design and are designed for different educational website purposes. The sensible design lets the user quickly find what they want and the interactive interface manages to retain the users as long as possible. As a result, you get a truly engaging website that users love to use. Since this theme uses its very own Learnpress LMS plugin, you can expect a more seamless experience in this theme. Plus, the future updates and maintaining the website will also be easier for the site owners.

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Ed School

kids school website templates with online teaching features

Ed School is a colorful and fun-to-use multipurpose education website template. This template will definitely impress those who want to make a content-rich website. Modern web elements are handled smartly to deliver the message engagingly to the audience. Almost all demos in this pack use a flat-style design; hence, you get a well-organized look. This theme has separate demos for the WPBakery and the Elementor page builder. Both page builders are well-integrated into the theme, so you can access the custom elements and manage them easily. This theme uses WordPress’s Sensei LMS plugin — one of the best and easy-to-use LMS plugin. Overall, Ed School is a friendly website template for both site owners and site visitors.

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high school website template

Smarty is also a feature-packed WordPress theme bundled with the premium LMS plugin called the Master Study. You can manage your course, course materials, schedules, lesson types, and much more. Live streaming options and Zoom integrations are introduced in the recent update. As you can see, the creator has periodically updated the theme with necessary features, so you are future-proof with this theme. This theme has six demo versions. Each demo is unique and will help you run a proper website that your students will love to use. There are many useful features in this theme, click the link below to know more about the latest and greatest features.

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academic websites templates with course building features

CBKit is a smartly designed versatile education website template. In this template, you get designs for all types of educational institutions and online courses offering websites. Like all other WordPress academic websites templates, this one also supports the one-click installation. Just pick the demo you like, install it and start customizing it. Most minor customizations can be done via the WPBaker page builder itself. The creator has integrated the page builder well into the theme so you get all the elements and sections listed in the page builder. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements you want on the web page. The clean and professional looking website layout will help the user clearly see your courses and the facilities you have.

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academic websites templates for universities

University is a classy looking website template for educational institutions. The creator has stuck to the tried and tested design that performs well all these years for many institution websites. Hence, your user will get a familiar look as soon as they land on your website. Plenty of space is given for the images and content blocks are used effectively to highlight the contents. This template doesn’t have LMS features out of the box. But, it is compatible with the LearDash LMS plugin. Though this theme misses the LMS features, it has other basic features. Events calendar options are built into this template so you don’t need any third-party plugins unless you have any special requirements. To let the users easily create interactive image sliders, the Revolution Slider plugin is also given. As a whole, this template will help you make a proper academic website.

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developer and user friendly website template

WPLMS is another best selling WordPress learning management website template like the LMS template mentioned-above. But, this template has a more trendy and attractive website templates design when compared to the LMS template. Right from the single instructor website to online courses offering websites, all types of designs are given in this template. This one is also a feature-loaded website template. bbPress and BuddyPress plugins are pre-integrated into this theme to let you easily manage your online members. ReactJs and Angular JS frameworks are also used to give a dynamic user experience. With all these features, this template has become of the best friendly academic websites templates for both users and developers. Without spending much time, developers can easily set up a website using this theme.

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multipurpose website template

BeTheme is a multipurpose WordPress theme with multiple demos pre-designed for you. With more than 450+ demo, this theme has a template for almost all types of websites. One dedicated education website template is also given in this pack. Hence, you can easily set up the academic website you want. Bright colors and clean layout make this template really stand out from other academic websites templates in this list. Since it is a multipurpose theme, you don’t get any niche-specific features and options in this template. But, you can add the features you want by simply installing the corresponding WordPress plugins. Hundreds of premade sections and elements are given in this pack. Simply drag and drop the elements on the webpage you want.

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multipurpose website template with multiple pre-designed demos

Jupiter is also a multi-purpose website template like the BeTheme mentioned above. This WordPress theme supports both the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. Based on the workflow you prefer, pick the corresponding demo version. Since this template has hundreds of pre-made demos, the creator has given a powerful search tool. You can easily search and find the template you want by using the filter options given in the search tool. If you also want to use such a powerful and interactive search tool on your website, take a look at our bootstrap search box example collection. In the download file, you get the PSD files and other script files. Hence, you can easily work with this template and add the features you want.

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colorful website template

Eduhub is a colorful and practically applicable education website template. Five academic websites templates are given in this pack. You can pick any demo and use it for your website. All demo versions have a pixel-perfect design and a well-optimized code structure. Bright colors and animation effects are used effectively to deliver the content engagingly to the audience. Along with all other basic pages, this template also has shopping pages. The shopping pages are powered by the WooCommerce tool. Since this template is made for the mass audience, the creator has kept the animation effects subtle and simple. But, you can add more animation effects as per your requirement. Take a look at our CSS animation examples for more creative inspirations.

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academic websites templates for different educational websites

The Kalvi website template has modern template designs. Nine demo variations are given in this pack and all of them are unique. Each demo is made for different types of education websites. All demo variations follow a clean and professional design. Hence, you can use this WordPress website template for all types of education websites. The creator of this template has equipped with all the necessary features so that you don’t have to look for other plugins. For example, you get the Events Calendar plugin, BuddyPress, WPML and lot more. All the basic optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself. Hence, you can concentrate on the custom elements and features you want on your website.

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student-friendly academic websites templates

LMStudy is a multipurpose education website template. All the demo versions in this template pack are made for educational websites. Hence, you can easily set up an academic website using this template. To make your job simple and easy, the creator has made this template as a WordPress website template. All the elements are easy-to-use and the features are ready-to-use. If you are nearing your project deadline, academic websites templates like this will save you time and money. Updates are given periodically to this template. Hence, you get all the latest and the greatest features WordPress has to offer. The documentation is very clear in this template. Even if you are new to WordPress, the documentation will guide you properly to set up your website.

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website template with useful features

With 400+ demos, this template has powered thousands of websites. Though this template is initially designed for creative websites, later templates for other niches are also added to this pack. In each update, the creator has not only added new templates but also improved the features. You can easily install this WordPress theme on your server with a single click. Plus, all the basic plugins are pre-integrated into it. So you don’t have to individually install each and every plugin manually. Different academic websites templates are given in this pack. Each template has its own unique design and its layout. Like the Jupiter theme mentioned above, this one also supports Elementor and WPBakery page builders. Based on the workflow you like, pick the demo with the corresponding page builder.

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easy to interact academic websites templates

Masterstudy is a colorful and interactive website template. This one also has the learning management system pre-integrated for you. If you are planning to take your entire course online, academic websites templates like this will be helpful for you. The creator has followed a contemporary style website design in this template. Lots of white space and eye-catching elements will get user attention as soon as they land on your website. Since this template is also designed for commercial websites, you get elements to promote your services. Visual effects and animation effects are kept neat and simple. So you can use this template for all types of education-related websites without any issue.

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website template with a professional design

Porto is the most flexible website template on this list. The same template is available on different platforms. For example, it is available in Drupal, WordPress, Magento and the eCommerce design is available in the Shopify version. Since it is available on different platforms, the creator has made the code-base simple flexible. Using academic websites templates like this will make the developer’s job easier. It is a multipurpose website template and we do get a dedicated template design for education websites. If you want a ready-made design so that you can install and launch your website straight away, go for the WordPress version. In the WordPress version, this template is well-equipped with useful plugins like the Event Calendar, WPML, and BuddyPress.

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academic websites templates for arts

The Crown website template is primarily designed for music and art schools. Hence, you get colorful and visually appealing website design in this template. Three homepage variations are given in this pack and one boxed-width layout is given. Though the given homepage variations are less, they are neat and will help you make a proper website. If you are not interested in templates with ten and hundreds of pre-made demos, this template will impress you. Revolution Slider and Essential grid plugins are given for you to elegantly showcase the images. By making a few changes to the design, you can make an impressive music and art academy website using this template. Speaking of music, take a look at our trendy looking HTML music player designs to let the user enjoy your music.

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fresh website template with a bold color scheme

Elysian is a fresh looking education website template. Bright colors and flashy animations make this template a good option for new brands. You can easily promote your offers and best courses to the users. Letters are made bigger and bolder to improve the readability in all types of devices. It is a mobile-responsive website template. Hence, these bold texts fit easily in small screen devices as well. Four homepage variations are given in this pack and all of them follow the fresh designs. If modern users are your target audience, this template will help you impress your audience.

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academic websites templates with friendly features

Eikra is a thoughtfully designed education website template. The creator of this template has loaded this template with lots of pre-designed pages. Twelve homepage variations are given in this template and all of them look professional. Hence, you can use this template for all types of education website. The redux powered dashboard will help the user manage almost everything from the dashboard itself. All website features are integrated-well into this theme and can be accessed easily via the dashboard. Premium plugins like WPBakery page builder and Layer sliders are given in this template to give a good value for your money. LearnPress LMS plugin is pre-integrated into this template to easily manage the courses.

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academic websites templates with smart features

If you like the features in the Eikra template but want a more contemporary style design, the eSmarts is the best option for you. Fresh and clean designs are used in this template. Images and patterns are used effectively to give an engaging experience. If you have the resources, you can add micro-interactions to the background patterns. For more interactive background pattern design ideas, take a look at our CSS background design collection. Animation effects are smooth and clean in this template. Since this template is made using the latest web development frameworks, you can expect the same fluid performance on small screen devices as well.

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colorful and trendy looking website template

Like the Crown template mentioned above, this one is also made for art and music academy websites. This one has a more trendy and attractive design when compared to the Crown template. The creator has used fancy section borders and cool colors to give a modern look to the website. Since this template is made for artists, the creative and artistic touch is maintained throughout the website. To give more authentic experience on this creative website, swift and smooth animation effects are used. Parallax effects, carousels, and sliders are used at the right spots to increase user engagement when they scroll down the pages.

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interactive and modern websites

Edubin is almost similar to the Eikra template mentioned above. You get the same list of features and options as you get in the Eikra template. But, this template is from a different developer so you get a different type of design. Six demo variations are given in this template and all of the uses the forms effectively. The registration forms and inquiry forms are placed at the right spots so that the new users can easily get in touch with you. Since this is a WordPress website template, all the forms are fully working condition. All you have to do is to configure the forms as per your demands. Plenty of space is given Images and videos so you can deliver the message clearly to the audience. Like most other academic websites templates in this list, this one also has Learning Management System features.

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simple and elegant looking website template

iGuru is an elegant and functional educational website template. Though this template has only three homepage variations, all of them have a beautiful design. You can pick any demo and use it for your academy website. All the basic optimizations are done by the creator itself. Plus, all the fundamental pages are also pre-designed for you. Just pick the design you like, add the pages and the content. The interface and setting up processes are straightforward. Even users without prior website knowledge can easily work with this template. If you want a ready-made website template that could help you launch the website immediately, this is the best option for you.

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