When it comes to impressing your potential clients and customers, nothing can compare with a digital resume or portfolios. Not only does it create an outlet to share your visions and ideas, but it also leaves a lasting impression. No matter which niche of business you deal with, having a creative outlet to showcase and represent you takes you and your business to the next level. But let’s be honest, most of us compromise on regular CVs and portfolios simply because of the fact that creating a website from scratch is a hassle.  While you can hire designers and developers for the purpose, it might require a hefty sum. However, this was before there were creative personal website template options to choose from.

That’s right! Now that it is the age of technology and advancements, the designers and developers have upped their game. You can now find tons of options for free and premium templates that you can choose from. These provide a foundation for you to start modifying and creating the perfect websites. Not only can you find tons of niche based and feature enriched templates, but you no longer require any coding knowledge. But finding the right one still might be a trouble. So to help out our users at uiCookies, today we have enlisted the best options for you. Choose from our list of best Bootstrap HTML personal website templates to create a stunning website with ease!



Istanbul is a creative personal website template with an amazing range of flexibility to suit freelancers of all niches. With variations and personalizing options to get you that custom feel to the site, the overall structure is pretty versatile. Adding to it, you also get access to 3 different Home Page styles to choose from. All of these are distinct with their styles and comes with a different approach to presenting the site. You also get variations for light and dark skins that you can opt for. In addition to this, there are 8 amazing color presets you can implement for a different feel to the site. But these are just a few of the customizing options available, so that the end result is always how you prefer it. And the great thing here is that these elements here are fully responsive, and adjusts according to the device screen size.

The typographies and the fonts available also adds to the visuals. And as the template relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework, it pretty much is upto par with all the latest web-standards. Another great thing here is the valid and secure CSS and HTML codes used. These are all well-commented, clean and makes sure that the template offers an optimal performance. Additionally, users also get access to the range of awesome components like functional contact form, newsletter subsctiption, CTAs, creative icons and more.

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Justin is designed especially with the mindset of creating a personal space for those creative individuals who wish to want to stand out. Perfect to be used as a personal website template, everything about this template is unique, clean and minimal. The visuals are amazing with a retina-ready display. As the style is designated to be simple, there are tons of space you can utilize to promote your services and works. It features an amazing range of Hero Version, each depicting a different style. And adding to the variation you can also make use of the range of personalizing options. The whole structure is also fully responsive and adjusts to every device screen with ease.

Another great thing here are the awesome looking sections for blog, portfolio, gallery, services and more. All of these are super well-crafted and relies fully on the Bootstrap framework. Not to mention the smooth animation and effects that furthers the visual impact. Super user-friendly, even a beginner with no previous experience can easily make a use out of this. Simple yet efficient to deliver your contents in the most amazing way possible, this template is one of a kind. It is also cross-browser compatible, and no doubt offers a fast performance. Definitely worth a try, this package is a great deal considering the large amount of features you get!

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Hibix is another amazing, visually impactful and fully responsive portfolio and personal website template. Pretty engaging right off the bat, this template stands out not only with the visuals but also with the features it offers as well. As it is perfect for every niche of start-ups and freelancing websites as well, there are plenty of options to get started with. The great thing is that the creators have put the beginners and even novices in mind offering a user-friendly interface. Additionally, adding to all of these wonderful elements is the sturdy and reliable Bootstrap framework it relies on. Super light-weight and fast loading the users are sure to be impressed with the overall performance.

The package also incldudes multiple CSS based components that adds to the efficiency. From various animations, effects and even an engaging pre-loader, this package has it all. For variations you get to choose from a huge collection of Google Fonts, and typography options, multiple color schemes and overall layout styles as well. And for your convenience, there are 6 pre-made demo pages to save both your time and effort. The whole template package relies on the clean and valid codes all well-documented. Not to mention the stunner of a gallery, header, and every other little details. All in all an amazing way to leave a lasting impression on your users, get started right off!

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Baha is a clean, simple and purpose-oriented portfolio and personal website template that is perfect for any type of digital artists, illustrators, developers and more. With a fully responsive interface, and a style that is modern and eye-catching, this template is sure to leave a lasting impression. It is pretty versatile in terms of the features packed and with the ease of usage. As it is based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, you are assured of a approachable and user-friendly layout. When talking about the variations, you can choose from a light or dark version the template. In addition to this, Baha also offers a range of customizing features that helps you get the perfect end result every time.

This includes options for background, color skins, fonts, icons and more. Not only this, but with the access to 4 positions to style your menu and 2 style boxes, pretty much everything is under your control. For a more effective interaction with your users, you can also make use of the social icons available. Not only this, but adding subscription to newsletters, adding contact forms and even other informations is a breeze. Not to mention the compatibility with all the major web-browser so that you get an exceptional performance no matter what browser you use.

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Another one that is dedicated to the more digitalized crowds and audiences in mind is Potato. Perfect for portfolios and personal websites of developers, designers, illustrators, and similar niche of professionals, this template is pretty flexible. The great thing here are the amazing range of customizing options. From pre-made templates to all of the pages included, you get tons of options to choose from. There are over 19 amazing Home Page styles to choose from. Not to mention the powerful CSS and HTML codes used to get the result. It also relies on the professional Bootstrap framework that is pretty standard and meets the latest web requirements. Potato is also fully responsive which means no matter browser you use, the site still looks stunning.

In addition to this, users get a working contact form which you can use to increase the interaction and get user details. Furthermore, it is purpose oriented in a way to get more clients impressed with your services and increase your potential business. From headers, to section for blogs, services, galleries and even the footer sections, everything is well-organized and clean. It is also amazingly fast laoding and makes sure that your users get nothing but the best of experience.

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Life Coach


Life Coach is an amazing Bootstrap based multipage personal website template. With an emphasis on providing an effective and user-friendly aspect to creating a visually stunning website, this template is fully responsive and retina ready. It is ideal for personal websites of freelancers or even professionals aiming to promote themselves and the service they provide. The design of the template is highly intuitive and professional looking giving way to customize and modify the elements. There are tons of widgets and includes a Visual Page Builder that makes the process of building from scratch much easier. What’s great is that you can even choose from either dark or light version to match your logo or preference.

The boxed and wide layout compliment the overall attractiveness of the site. Designed and aimed to kick-start your personal career, this premium personal website template is the ideal place to start. There are also Slider and Static Home Page variations that you can choose from. Not only this but with 3 different colour schemes, over 90 HTML Pages, variation for Headers, Footers and other sections, this template will take your vision to the next level. The HTML and CSS codes used are clean and valid and easily modifiable. Get tons of shortcodes that you can easily integrate to add all the necessary elements with ease. Topping it off, the premium template package also offers a range of free fonts, icons, and patterns that you can easily add to your site. Make an impact on anyone who visits you and makes them stay only with Life Coach.

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Marqa is a visually-rich, and feature-packed personal website template that is just stunning, to say the least. Featuring the popular One-Page theme that is well suited for almost any type of professional sites, this template is fully responsive and retina-ready. It is ideal for portfolios websites, CV, Resumes, personal sites as well as corporate sites. Including tons of amazing features to showcase you and the service you represent, this template is yet another great option to opt for. What’s great is that the codes implemented with CSS and HTML are all well-commented and clean. It is extremely easy to customize, edit, and features a user-friendly aspect. The design itself is clean and professional looking making way for only important details and information you wish to display.

The clutter-free and visually appealing way to attract more audience and clients, Marqa also includes functional elements and pages to get you where you want. This includes pages for About Me, Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, Contact and much more. The layout is based on the latest Bootstrap framework and ensures the users of a great experience. Alongside this, the premium template package also includes a functional Working Contact Form that will help you grow your client base. Get amazing typography and icons that you can easily implement from Google Fonts. With extensive documentation as well as incredible theme support, it is surely the ideal choice for freelancers and professionals looking to broaden their horizon of career.

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Built and designed for the creative minds and ideas, Jonny is a fully responsive HTML personal website template. Whether you wish to display your works of art, promote your business, get a loyal client base, share ideas and take your career a step further, this template is the perfect place to get started. It features a One-Page design which makes way for a clean, professional and clutter-free website. Get amazing typography and icons option from FontAwesome, Linear icons, ion icons and Google Fonts. The best part, however, is the optimization for speed and high performance. Based entirely on the latest Bootstrap framework, this template is modern and advanced in every way.

Not only is this template visually stunning to look at, but the template package also has plenty to offer. It includes a working Contact Form as well as social media integration for an easier way to stay connected. The codes used are extremely well-commented on and easy to modify. Best suited for personal websites and portfolios, you can use this multipurpose theme for any type of corporate or professional websites. Additionally, to ensure a great functionality and usage, this template is cross-browser compatible. Not only this, but it is also SEO friendly to make sure that the website you create always rank higher on SERP’s. Furthermore, it is backed up with extensive documentation and great customer support. Represent you and your business or arts in a creative and visually appealing way only with Jonny.

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Just as the name gives away, Designer is a portfolio and personal website template that is ideal for any designers and creative minds. It is sleek, clean, modern and feature-rich leaving a lasting impression on any potential clients or visiting customers. The template design is super-responsive and fits on any device screen size with ease. Whether you are looking to showcase your works in an impressive gallery, promote you and your work, create CV/resumes or simply document and share what you find interesting, we highly recommend Designer. This One-Page template is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework meeting all the standards of the advanced online industry.

Talking about the design and background, it offers you the option to either choose a static, particle, image or parallax background. Additionally, with tons of fonts and amazing looking icons, it enables the users to create the perfect personal website with ease. You get a Working PHP Contact form that helps you stay connected. The codes are clean, well-commented and valid. This includes the JQuery and CSS codes that you can implement for awesome animations. Being incredibly flexible the control over the end result is completely up to the user.

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Prema is yet another stunning HTML portfolio and personal website template that is more than just a template package. We say this because it includes tons of amazing options and variations that enables you to get the perfect end result. As it is fully responsive and retina ready, your website will look professional and well-designed no matter which device screen it is on. Furthermore, the elegant and clean layout is complemented with 6 different Hero sections that you can switch between to keep things interesting. This premium template is ideal for creative minds and persons to represent their unique vision and ideas. It features boxed and wide layout structure that goes well with the demands of the advanced audience of today! Even the background has variations where you choose to have static, parallax, static slider, parallax slider, typed text or typed text with the fade slider.

But that’s not the end of this. It is cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly. Designed with designers, creators, freelancers and developers in mind, this template is just perfect, to say the least. It also includes 7 different HTML files as well as 16 different colour scheme variations. In addition to this, you also get 6 unique and stylish Home Pages and 2 different Google Maps style to match your preference. Get a fully working Contact Form as well as integration with social media sites. Another great thing about this template is that it also includes CSS animations and transition effects to make it more appealing. That’s not all, get exclusive icons and typographies included that you can easily switch to and fro. The codes are clean and easy-to-modify making this the ideal choice for resumes, portfolios, and personal websites.

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When it comes to personal websites and resumes, Myers is yet another amazingly simplistic HTML template. It is professional and clean making sure that there is no unnecessary clutter for your user to get distracted with. The layout is functional and fully-responsive which makes your website look flawless on every device screen. Following a minimal approach, the template offers an easy and user-friendly way to get you started. Every element is well-thought of and perfectly blends in with the Bootstrap-based structure. Ideal for personal websites, blogs, portfolios, CVs and freelancer sites, it is fully customizable.

Show off your skills, ideas, creativeness and everything you want to represent in a better way. For a more professional aspect, this template offers plenty of useful sections including About Me, Pricing, Testimonials, Blog etc. The codes written are well-commented and clean. You even get a fully working Contact form as well as interesting icons and typography. The creative layout is complemented by the material design and other unique elements. Once you get the premium package for yourself, it ensures a lifetime of free updates and awesome support. It is also cross-browser compatible and fully customizable.

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Mi is a clean, elegant and beautifully tailored HTML personal website template ideal for every creative individual and their vision. The whole outlook of the template is created with attention to details and is ideal for resumes, personal websites, freelancers and blog sites. The design is very responsive and fits every device screen from phones, tablets and laptops. Talking about the layout, it is based on the advanced Bootstrap framework. The wide and boxed layout is also amazing to look at and navigate through. It is also fully compatible with all major browsers and works smooth and fast. Ensuring a great performance, we surely recommend this template.

The premium template package also offers a great range of features. There is plenty of concept based HomePages to choose from that fits every niche. In addition to this, you also get an awesome Promo Page to help you get started. Choose from over 45 different demo sites that you can easily adapt and customize. Moreover, there are also 8 stylish and professional looking colour schemes to switch to. For a more authentic and modern touch, this template also enables the user to pick from 3 styles of navigation menus. The Resume section included is user-friendly and amazing to display. No matter what you wish to start, a blog, a resume, portfolio, gallery or simply a personal site, Mi is perfect. Other stunning options of this personal website template includes Video Background, Working Contact form, Fonts and Icons, HTML files and much more.

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One of the most popular and advanced HTML multipurpose theme on ThemeForest, Canvas is definitely the all-in-one package. And by that, we mean the possibility is endless. Get tons of amazing features, customizing options and even variations to choose from. Whether you are looking for corporate website templates, medical website templates, personal website templates, or portfolio website templates, Canvas offers everything you could wish for. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is responsive and retina ready. With amazing flexibility as well as multipurpose concept, your website is sure to stand out from the crowd. Not only is it powerful and feature-packed, this template is also visually pleasing.

Start out on a professional and standard manner leaving a lasting impression on anyone with Canvas. Start out with demo sites available so that no extra time and effort go to waste. Furthermore, there are plenty of amazing Home Page, and Inner Pages to choose from. Each element has been thoroughly maintained and designed to provide an amazing experience. What’s great is that there are over 850 HTML files included so that you get exactly what you are looking for. Furthermore, there is an unlimited Header and Footer option to choose from. The template is also SEO friendly as well as RTL ready. Other amazing features of this premium template include over 50 scalable shortcodes, Revolution Slider, widgetized menus, fast loading speed, and much more!

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Pofo is yet another stunning multipurpose HTML professional or personal website template we absolutely love! With a touch of modern design paired with functional and effective features, Pofo is ideal for almost any type of websites you wish to create. The design is modern, edgy and extremely responsive. Graphically polished to present an interactive and highly optimized template, there are over 210 Pages to choose from. Showcase you and your work in a manner that is simply hard to forget. If you are a beginner then there are also demo sites that you can implement and customize with ease. Each of the codes are well-commented and developer friendly. In addition to this, it is optimized for SEO as well as fast loading time.

Whether you wish to create stunning portfolios, professional corporate sites, creative personal sites or simplistic resumes, this template has it all. Get over 150 unique elements with unique styles to meet your needs. Furthermore, you even get variations for Headers and Footers to choose from. What’s great is that it is extremely easy to create carousels and Sliders and display them on your site. It also supports video formats from Vimeo, YouTube as well as HTML5. Additionally, you can also add interactive animations, smooth parallax effects and add accordions and text sliders. The template is also RTL and translation ready to make sure you reach out to your international audience. Implement amazing looking icons and typography with Font Awesome as well as Google fonts. Simply the all-in-one solution for our users, Pofo is one of the best templates you can find out there.

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BeTheme is an extremely effective, functional as well as multi-purpose HTML website template. The possibilities of unique and creative websites is endless. The visually enriched template is designed and crafted with the advanced Bootstrap framework. Packed with amazing features, it is ideal for websites of almost every niche. Whether you want to create a blog, corporate sites, online shopping platform or even simple websites, you have plenty of options for you to choose from. The design is fully responsive as well as retina ready. This makes sure that your site looks amazing no matter which device it is on. What’s more is that ensuring a great functionality, this template is also cross-browser compatible.

Get an awesome range of Home Pages and Inner Pages to choose from; each representing a different style and design. What’s great is that there are also over 340 demos that you can start with. No need to spend extra time and effort and start entirely from scratch. The structure with boxed and wide layout works great to display the contents you want to showcase. You can even add Google Maps and customize it to match your website. A more amazing feature of this amazing templates is stunning effects, mega menus, CSS3 animations, working contact forms, maintenance mode, header and footer variations and much more! Try out this amazing template and create the website of your dreams only with BeTheme!

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XeOne is a mesmerizing and elegant OnePage professional and personal website template that is fully responsive and retina ready. Offering the popular and advanced parallax structures and effects, this template is great for personal and even professional websites. The CSS and HTML codes used are extremely well-commented which gives in way for a more easy customization. The design is clean, modern and professional looking that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone. Built with advanced and modern technology like HTML, JQuery as well as CSS, this template is based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework.

There are plenty of useful elements that you can implement to get a perfect end result. Get a range of variations for Home Pages to choose from. There are also multiple variations for Headers and Footers to choose from. Add amazing looking carousels and Sliders to keep your viewers engaged. That’s not all, you also get stunning CSS animations and scrolling effects. To match your preference, you also get beautiful typography as well as icons you can switch to. The template is also compatible with almost every browser including Chrome, Firefox, as well as Safari. Get dedicated support with the template so that you have your answers right away whenever you feel confused about anything.

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Boo is a creative, elegant and clean multipurpose HTML template that is perfect for professional, creative or personal websites. It is visually appealing and graphically advanced packed with features that make the process of creating an effective website easy. The template is fully responsive and features a stunning HD imagery with retina ready design. It is also cross-browser compatible and runs smooth and properly on all major browsers. Choose from over 30 ready-to-use HomePage demos that are all carefully tailored to meet your needs. Each of them is creative, unique and modern. Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is easy to use and customize.

Get a variety of elegant and well-curated pages you can use on your site with ease. It is also SEO optimized making sure that your site always ranks higher on search engines. What’s more is that you also get a great range of fonts and icons from Google Fonts and FontAwesome. There are also multi-columns mega menu as well as a sticky menu option. That’s not all because this package also includes tons of useful elements. The smooth parallax sections as well as stunning CSS animations to keep things interesting. Apart from this, users can also add creative Sliders and Carousels. Additionally, the template also supports HTML5, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. User-friendly, highly customizable, creative and flexible, Boo is the ideal choice for any users looking to create amazing sites.

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Wunderkind Multipurpose Responsive Onepage Template

A multi-purpose template and unique with the design and styling, Wunderkind can be used as a professional or personal website template. And because it is so versatile and flexible, creating any type of website is possible. It features a sleek, clean and stylish one-page parallax interface, that highlights your business or brand in a super appealing manner. The whole design is also extremely customizable which ensures that whatever you want to change is a matter of few minutes. Simply put, there are plenty of user-friendly options you can use to modify and change the theme style. From color style to the fonts to the layout structure to the overall outlook, you have menus to change it all. Thanks to the implementation of Google Fonts and FontAwesome icons, you get access to hundreds of options to choose from.

Visually impactful, the template is amazingly responsive and retina-ready. This ensures that no matter which device your users are on, your site always look flawless. The smooth and permanent parallax sections elevates the design further. However, the best thing about this template is surely the full-width design that feature excellent and pixel perfect imagery. Every image or video or carousels and slider you create will look stunning. As it comes wit MailChimp integration, managing and organizing your contacts and email is also easy. Get attractive abs and accordions, option to add in custom YouTube videos, Twitter feeds and more. The filterable portfolio and highly interactive blog sections also add in to the appeal. Attract more visitors to your personal site with ease only with Wunderkind.

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Big Gallery

BIG Gallery

Big Gallery as the name implies is a premium HTML gallery website template. Designed specifically for the portfolio and gallery websites in mind, each and every components are purpose-oriented. Take for example the gallery sections designed with the latest and powerful Bootstrap framework. It is ideal for photographers, designers and anyone with a creative strand in their mind. Fullscreen, full-width and pretty awesome to look at, this template is perfect to showcase the work in an appealing manner. The best part about this are the autoplay slideshow, swipe support for touch screen. You can even add in creative videos from YouTube and Vimeo as the background. Users can also choose from 2 different skins light or dark. There are 20 HTML pages creatively designed for you to use.

There are also 8 portfolio styles with variation you can choose to go with. Apart from this there are also multiple menu and navigation styles. The template is also designed to be SEO friendly, and cross-browser compatible as well. It also includes fully functional AJAX and PHP forms with real-time validation. In addition to this, there are around 100 creative social icons one can add on the site. All of coding used are based on the HTML and CSS3 coding structure, all of which are well-commented and neat. You can even add in creative blog sections of you want with the blog layouts available. Overall great for any future project you might be looking to start, Big Gallery is an awesome portfolio or personal website template.

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If you are up for minimalism, then iBloggo is the perfect way to start. Clean, professional and elegant, this template is ideal for blogging and personal websites. It is fully responsive and retina-ready. The best part is that this template is optimized for SEO that makes sure to make your website ranks higher on SERP’s. The design is minimal, simplistic and focuses majorly on the content you publish. Based on the Bootstrap framework, this template is visually amazing and feature-enriched. That’s not all, this template is also social media-friendly so that you can reach out to a larger social interaction. All of the codes are well-written and easy to customize if you prefer.

There are also tons of professional shortcode elements that you can use to add useful features with ease. Users get over 22 valid HTML Page templates you can choose from. You also get tons of amazing typography and icons that you can choose from. Play with different colour schemes, add components and make your visions into a reality. There are also awesome CSS animations as well as stunning effects to make your site look flawless. You also get light or dark versions and you can switch to any one of them according to your preference. Perfect for blogging, personal sites, designers as well as business websites, this template offers a lot more than you expect from a minimalistic template!

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UkieCard is the ideal HTML personal website template for almost anyone looking to showcase their ideas in an impressive manner. Grow your idea and visions for something amazing with UkieCard. This template is visually stunning, fully responsive and features amazing imagery that is retina ready. The layout is professional, clean and modern that gives away a lasting impression on anyone who visits. It fits perfectly with every device screen size and loads fast and easy on all major internet browsers. It is ideal for a resume, CVs, as well as personal websites and blogs. The design is unique and modern and features boxed and wide layout structure.

Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it includes functional and valid HTML and CSS coding. Everything is well-commented and clean so that it is extremely easy to customize. It also includes working PHP Contact forms that help you stay in touch. The template package includes 6 HTML pages, FontAwesome icons, Google Fonts as well as color scheme options. Apart from this, it also fully supports Google Map that enables you to easily add locations. Get free support as well as extensive documentation that will help you out whenever you need. Another amazing thing about this template is that it also includes Error 404 Page. This makes sure that you don’t waste your time coming up with one from scratch.

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Uno Photography

We have added this template over and again on our list as we simply cannot get enough of it. Designed specifically with the gallery and photography in mind, this template is beautifully alluring in all ways. Elegant and clean, everything about this template executes perfection. With over 43 amazingly designed HTML files, the possibilities are always unique. It is also designed to be responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. This applies to every element and component included. You also get access to easy social media integration which enables you to stay in touch with your users and share the platform more efficiently. Showcase your photography skills, design, illustrations or anything you deal while leaving a lasting impression. Both of these provide the users with stunning parallax sections, amazing design, creative fonts and logo options to mention a few. But that’s not all, there’s more!

Choose from 2 different layout skin to go for either light or dark. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, all of the components are pretty flexible. There are 3 different Home Pages to choose from. And it also comes with 3 landing page, 14 gallery layout, 6 portfolio layout and 6 uniqu blog layout concepts. If that still is not enough for you, then there are plenty of shortcodes enabled for you to use throughout the site. The template is also cross-browser compatible. In addition to this, thanks to the lightweight structure, it executes super fast loading speed. The smooth animations and transitions also adds in to the appeal. So if you are looking to make an impression on your users, this template is the perfect way to go.

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Folio personal website templates

Just as the name suggests, this template is designed especially for professional indulged in creative fields. From photography, illustrations, designing and more, this template offers the flexible and creative interface you are looking for. A practical and usable template based on the HTML5 and CSS3 coding structure, this template is pretty awesome to get started with. It also has to do with all of the awesome features and the user-friendly interface. Enhancing the visual impact, the template is responsive, and retina -ready. This ensures that your site ends up looking neat and organized no matter which device screen it is on. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, it is sure to meet all the latest web-standards.

The highlight of this template is surely the custom style switcher it comes with. Users can choose from various styles and structures while viewing any changes in real time. Another great thing are the gallery sections. Each of the images feature the lightbox system and custom gallery options. You can also use the files shown in the demo as all of the PSD files are included with the package itself. There are also tons of Google Fonts and icons you can add throughout the site. The template features 5 different layout schemes or skin you can choose from. It is also cross-browser compatible, and loads fast and easy on all major internet browsers. Not to mention the amazing speed and performance.

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Velocity is a beautiful, elegant as well as modern personal website template that is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. It is fully responsive so that it fits on every device screen size. The premium package also includes 6 different color skins that you can choose from. Match your website with your preference and your logo with ease. Another great thing about the design is that it features wide and boxed layout. Additionally, it also includes various sections that you can use to add elements. Integrated with Google Maps, you can also easily add locations to let your users know exactly where you are based.

The HTML and CSS coding used are all valid and clean so that they are easily customizable. In addition to this, you also get amazing fonts from Google Fonts and stunning icons from Font Awesome. Create an impressive portfolio, resume, personal website or simple corporate site only with Velocity. It is a OnePage website template that is unique and user-friendly. An amazing way to showcase your works, the portfolio and gallery sections are mesmerizing to say the least. You can even add a blog section if you prefer. Ideal for anyone with a creative mind, this is yet another personal website template that we recommend our users!

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If you are looking to impress your potential clients with a stunning resume and personal website, then Divergent is the right choice for you. Designed and crafted with designers and developers in mind, it is ideal for almost anyone with a creative vision. It is fully responsive and retina ready. With a One Page website design, it gives way for a clean, professional and clutter-free interface. Focus on what you aim and showcase your ideas and works incredibly with the stunning personal website template, Divergent. And the best part is, this template is highly customizable giving you the full control over the site.

It features touch-friendly images and video galleries that are incredible to look at. In addition to this, you also get access to slide-in menus and sidebars. For a more creative touch, get tons of icons and fonts that you can use. Furthermore, you also get a filterable portfolio and blog pages. There is also a unique 50-50% page layouts that feature cool animation. The template is also compatible with all major browsers for a high performance. Integrated with popular social sites, you also get Flickr Feed, YouTube supprot as well as Instagram feeds. In addition to this, you also get responsive accordion, horizontal and vertical tabs. Get everything that you might possibly require only with Divergent!

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Yet another stunning personal website template, Split is elegant, clean and professional. The template is fully responsive and retina ready. Based entirely on the Bootstrap framework, it includes HTML and CSS coding. Get a range of amazing options that you can use to create a flawless site. The unique design itself is a plus. It is well-organized and gives the template a professional touch. Additionally, you also get 3 different color schemes that you can choose from. Whether you want to create a CV, portfolio, personal blog or corporate website, Split is the ideal choice.

Introduce you and your ideas in a creative manner with this amazing template. For the convenience of the users, you also get Blog and Portfolio Pages that you can easily integrate. There is also the option to add a custom Google Maps. It ensures a high-performance and fast loading speed as it is compatible with all the major browsers. It is fully customizable so that the end result is entirely up to you.

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MilZinCard is a clean, unique and professional looking personal website template that is based entirely on the advanced Bootstrap framework. It is fully responsive which makes your site look almost flawless on every device screen. It is unique and features tons of useful elements that you can integrate. What’s more amazing is that it is based on the popular One Page layout structure which gives you a clean and concentrated interface to work with. Create an outstanding website for your client to be impressed with only with MilZinCard.

Another awesome feature of this template is that you can easily link any of your social media sites. Furthermore, you also get the option to create amazing portfolios, galleries or blogs to your preference. The installation is extremely easy and the process of creating a website is a breeze. Choose from tons of color scheme variation and pick out the one that best suits you. There are also 4 different Home Pages that each feature their own unique set of elements. The clean and well-commented HTML and CSS codings are developer friendly. Introduce you and your visions in an impressive manner only with MilZinCard.

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Just as the name suggests, HotShot is a premium HTML personal website template that will make sure that you become one of the tops. For anyone wishing to promote themselves and their ideas, it is a perfect choice. It is fully responsive as well as mobile-friendly. The design itself is unique, modern and creative to say the least. The spectacular interface is laced with useful elements that add to the efficiency. Furthermore, it is also fully compatible with all major browsers. Enriched with all the features required to create a perfect site for you, HotShot is an amazing option to start with.

It includes several unique landing pages as well as layout variations that you can choose from. Each of these are equipped with an array of features ideal for a different niche. What’s more is that you get tons of amazing features like Events management, eCommerce compatibility, beautiful galleries, fonts and icons and much more. each and every little detail has been placed with careful attention. It is also optimized for SEO and makes sure that your site ranks up higher on all SERP’s. It also includes a working Contact Form that makes it more efficient!

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One of the latest addition to personal website templates collection, Avita is based on a creative yet minimal aspect. Completely responsive, retina-ready and elegant to say the least, the visuals are sure to leave anyone asking how you set your site up. Perfect for personal portfolio, blogs and even resumes, it offers the users with everything that they might require to get the site running with ease. The template features the One-Page design structure that focuses on the content you wish to display. Making sure you have a distraction-free interface to work on, it ensures the users with the optimal results. You can easily add a custom background, menu styles and more. Not only this but you also get a range of awesome third-party plugins integration as well.

This includes Google Maps, Google Fonts, MailChimp and more. The clean design is further enhanced with the simple and effective parallax effect. Adding more to the creative aspect, you can also add creative gallery sections, showcase your collection and even add their details. The Bootstrap framework it uses also provides the flexibility you are looking for. It also includes a fully functioning PHP contact form that you can use for subscription or for newsletters. There are also stylish Headers, menus and other effects and animations that elevate your site. Make an impression on anyone who lands on your site with ease.

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Skrollex is a multipurpose HTML website template built with a versatile and flexible concept. Feature packed with awesome visuals to leave your users stunned, Stack is a great option for everyone. This includes professionals and even beginners with no coding knowledge. The great thing is surely the awesome personalizing and customizing options that you get. With a few tweaks here and there you can turn your site into anything possible.Launch a blog, landing age, agency website, portfolio or even use it as a personal website template. The possibility is limitless. Talking about the styles and the design, it is well-coded and features a contemporary and highly customizable interface. You get over 140 demo pages and over 270 customizable interface blocks at your disposal.

Adding to the pixel perfect and fully responsive visuals, this template is also cross-browser compatible. Although packed with so much features, it still features an excellent loading speed. Talking about the functionality, it also includes the Variant Page Builder which makes the process of editing and modifying a piece of cake. The MailChimp integration alongside the functional AJAX contact forms makes it easier to stay in touch with your audience. Get awesome layouts for blogs, galleries, portfolios and more with the package. But that’s not all, you can choose from an unlimited colour palette and fonts as well.

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Polo is yet another awesome multi-purpose HTML website template built with features and options to cater to the needs of any website niche. Whether you want to start a professional agency website, eCommerce site, online stores, personal blog or more, this template is the ideal choice. With so many easy to use personalizing options, the end result is completely upto you. The interface is moder, fully responsive and readily adjusts to every device screen size. Adding to this, the template is also designed to be cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and translation ready to mention a few. Effective and the best solution to make a mark on anyone who lands on your site, this template is the perfect start.

This premium template package includes over 600 amazing templates, over 200 niche based demos and tons of reusable elements. But even with so much, it still offers a lightweight and fast loading experience. Talking about other features, the codes used are all well-commented and clean. The media library includes a range of useful third-party software support and integration like WooCommerce, MailChimp and more. You can even choose from 19 stunning header style each representing a unique look and feel. Get an unlimited colour scheme to choose from to match your preference.

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Last but not the least on our list of premium personal website template, Skrollex is a One Page Parallax option. Designed especially for personal websites, portfolios, resumes and more, the simplistic yet attractive visuals are impressive. It is also completely responsive and retina-ready. Focusing on the content rather than the overall design and style structure, this simplistic and minimal site is ideal for those looking to keep it simple. The great thing about this template is that it also features a stunning parallax effect. It keeps your site, fresh and modern. But that’s not all, you can also switch to video backgrounds from YouTube or Vimeo if you wish. This creative template is sure to elevate your site to the next level.

With a smooth scrolling effect and stunning animations, the CSS and HTML codes used are clean and well-commented. Additionally, it also features exclusive styles for menus and borders that adds to the visuals. The Slick Slider allows the users to easily create amazing looking sliders and carousels with their image galleries. To keep users engaged you can also start a blog, add galleries and more. However, the best part is that it comes with an unlimited range of colour schemes. Not only this, but it also has a dark and light variation with the theme design. Choose each element, add or remove any extra components, all effortlessly only with Skrollex.

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