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“Good Artist Copy, Great Artis steal.” This quote fits perfectly with our topic today. Every company can’t have a dedicated design and development team to make a unique website; One of the important reasons for this is the budget. Big brands can hire professionals to make a single page to make a bigger impact. Small companies can learn from big brands and create similar-looking pages to boost sales. In this digital age, we shamelessly steal great ideas to help us reach our goals. Whether you are planning to make a fake website for security reasons or got inspired by a store design and want a ditto website to boost your sales, these fake website templates will come in handy.

The best fake website templates are templates with unlimited customization options. Since fake websites include many variables, finding an exact match isn’t that easy. Instead, you can choose a template that gives you unlimited customization options. Edit everything you want and make a website that inspired you. For example, you might be interested in making a food subscription box website like Bokksu, but you can’t afford to hire a developer to make one. In our Shopify subscription themes list, you can find an exact copy of the Bokksu website. You can install the theme and get into your business. Now you know the intention of this post, if you are a small business owner, these fake website templates can help you save some money.


fake website template to create craigslist like website

When choosing a fake website template for a niche, the foremost thing is that it should support all the features and options needed in that niche. Lisfinity is a feature-rich WordPress website template that will help you create almost any directory-website-related fake website. This template’s creator has fully understood the needs of the directory website owners and loaded this template with useful features.

Everything is pre-built in this template from the search field forms to the micro-interactions. All you have to do is add the features you want and start making a directory website similar to famous sites like Craigslist, Locanto, OLX, and other famous sites. Look at our Craigslist website templates collection for more website templates like this.

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fake website template to create cafepress like website

TEEPRO is the best option for those looking for a Cafepress website like fake website templates.

This template is primarily designed for custom printing t-shirt websites. The creator has utilized the WooCommerce features fully to make this customer-friendly and site-owner-friendly website template. Create product Builder tool is also pre-bundled in this template so that you can let the audience configure the product by themselves before placing the order. The WordPress theme documentation gives complete documentation and workflow details to simplify your job. If you are making a website for first-time owners, well-documented website templates like this will be a good choice.

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fake website template with infinite customization options

Essentials is a multipurpose WordPress theme with tons of customization options. This theme pack has more than 34 demo versions, which all support WPBakery and the Elementor page builder. The creator has wisely added the custom elements as a pack in both the page builders to access the elements whenever possible. Using a fake website template like this with so many customization options will help the user recreate almost any website design. If you are a professional developer or an agency, the Essentials WordPress website template saves you time and gives you full customization freedom to bring your creativity into the website.

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Fake Website Templates with unlimited customization options

The core motive of this template is “Customize Everything.” You can customize everything in this template from the header to the footer. The creator has given 250+ demo variations in this template. You get templates that support the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder templates. Since it is a multipurpose website template, the creator has covered all major niches in its demo collection. Just pick the demo with the page builder you like and customize it. Another advantage of multipurpose website templates is that you get a huge inventory of pre-made elements and sections. So if you want to add an element after launching the website, drag and drop it on the webpage you want. With all these customization options, this template becomes one of the best fake website templates in this list.

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simple and elegant website templates

Salient website template is the best option to share your brand story. Big brands design websites strategically to achieve their goals. Being a small brand, we can use pixel-perfect fake website templates to make a website that you like. This template uses two page-builders. It uses its very own tool for front-end editing, and for complex customizations, it uses the famous WPBakery page builder. More than 500 elements and 250 sections are pre-designed and integrated into the page builder tools. With the help of the front-end editing tool, you can edit the elements, just like editing the texts on presentation slides. The creator has also given eCommerce templates powered by WooCommerce to help you easily set up an online store.

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interactive mulitpurpose website templates

Most modern websites are mobile responsive. Hence, making your website mobile responsive help you cover mobile users. TheGem is a multipurpose mobile-responsive website template with multiple demos. This template has more than 400 demo variations for various niches. You can create almost any type of business website using this template. Cool gradient color schemes and swift animation effects help you copy a modern website. Both front and back-end customizations are made simpler in this template. Therefore, you can adjust tiny details with perfection. Useful plugins like MailChimp, the Events Calendar, Gravity Forms, and lot more are pre-bundled in this template. Using fake website templates with such customization options make your job simple.

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Phlox Pro

contemporary style Fake Website Templates

Phlox Pro is a contemporary-style website template. This template also has a huge demo collection. With the help of 80+ pre-made demos, you can create any website from small blogs to complex online stores. The radical design of this template goes in line with modern web design trends. Hence, you can create any modern website using this template. Carefully handled code structure gives you a strong website base and a flexible base where you can add any features you want. Animation effects are sleek and quick so that your users will have a buttery smooth experience in all devices. This template also uses the famous Elementor page builder; hence, you can edit this template without any hitch.

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modern finance website template

Fionca is the best option to remake a business website, especially a finance website. The clean layout and the Elementor page builder will help you recreate any website within minutes. The strong code-structure gives you a strong base to build custom websites without breaking a sweat.

All five homepage versions have an interactive design with engaging animation effects. Because of this template’s dynamic animations, you can explain your services to the audience. Every element in this theme is editable. Even if you want to add a custom element, you can add one and control it easily using the Elementor page builder — this template is that friendly.

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easy-to-edit ecommerce website template

KartPul is a ready-to-use eCommerce website template. This theme pack has more than ten demo versions. This theme has some unique demos for automobile stores, hardware stores, and regular store designs like fashion and furniture. Hence, this special theme in this fake website templates list will help you make your dream online store. Since it is a WordPress theme, all shopping pages and features are powered by WooCommerce. All basic online store features are there in the default design itself. Therefore, you can concentrate on the custom features and options with a peace of mind.

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interactive website template

Avante is a multipurpose business WordPress template. This theme pack has nearly ten demo versions as of writing this post. You can expect more new demos in the upcoming updates. The creator has elegantly handled the modern layout and animations to deliver an impeccable user experience. With this template’s unique layout and friendly interface design, your website will be even better than the website you like. All theme options and animation controls are given in the WordPress dashboard, making the website owner’s life much simpler and easier. If you want a website template with unlimited customization options, Avante is the one for you.

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news and magazine website templates

Mostly copied websites are news websites and blogs. Famous blogs and magazine websites always try new things to improve readers’ experience. If you are new to blogging or running magazine websites, using a successful existing model makes your initial steps easy. Soledad is a multi-concept blogs and magazine website template. The creator has given all famous layouts and designs in this template so that you can create any magazine website in no time. Like most fake website templates in this list, this one also uses the Elementor page builder for front-end customizations. This template uses Google Fonts; hence you get a wide range of properly optimized fonts collection that you can use for your blog to improve the reading experience.

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flat style online store Fake Website Templates

Flatsome uses a flat-style website design. Though material and interactive designs are in trend, many brands still use flat designs for simplicity. This template will be a good option if you plan to make a flat-style website. This template was first designed for eCommerce stores and later became a multipurpose website template; hence, you get more designs for online store websites. The creator has given a large UI element library in this template. Since the user pre-des all basic elements, you get a consistent flat style design throughout the website. Modern effects like parallax scroll effects, scroll to single-page navigation, and many more are used in this template to give an engaging user experience. Regarding parallax effects, look at our Shopify parallax themes collection if you are into the Shopify platform.

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Fake Website Templates for real estate websites

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries. Realtors always adopt the latest technology to stay ahead in the competition. This is the best option for you if you are starting a new real estate business and want a well-equipped website template. The creator has given you both classic and modern designs in this pack. You can pick one and start working on it based on your needs. This template is also equipped with MLS to list the properties easily. Feature-wise, this template has everything you need; hence, setting up a proper real estate website won’t be a problem for you.

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Fake Website Templates to copy any modern corporate business website designs

Pearl is one of the best selling multipurpose corporate business website templates. Modern corporate business websites are way different from classic websites. With the help of the latest web development frameworks, companies could incorporate the storytelling experience on their website. Hence, a new user can clearly understand the brand and its services. As said before, being a small brand, we can’t discuss each and everything and execute it. Well equipped fake website templates like the Pearl will make your job simple. The creator has given you a solid base and has already done the basic chores. You can easily edit the template and change the looks as per your requirements. This template has 50+ demo variations as of writing this post. You can expect more new demos in future updates.

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multipurpose website template with easy customization options

It is not that only big brands can do innovative ideas. Sometimes, even a fresh brand with new ideas makes their website unique and tough the big brands. Ave is one such website template made for fresh new brands. All demos are unique and have a youthful appearance which most modern users will love. If you are inspired by one such innovative new idea and want to implement it on your website, this template is the best option. The creator has effectively used cool gradient colors and modern typographies to give a strong first impression. 50+ demo variations are given in this template, and they all have multiple customization options. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, even normal users can customize the website’s look.

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Fake Website Templates for creative websites

Bridge is also similar to the Ave template mentioned above. This template has designs for all major website categories. But, this template has a cleaner design and demo variations compared to the Ave template. The number of demos in this pack is huge so the creator has given a search bar with filter options. Pick the demo you want and work on it to fit your needs. Like a few other fake website templates in this list, this one also supports the WPBakery and the Elementor page builder. Since there are 440+ demo variations in this list, you get hundreds of elements and thousands of page pre-designed for you. All the elements and sections are neatly integrated into the page-builder to simplify the customization job for site owners.

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app developer and sogtware company website templates

Saasland, as the name implies, this template is made for SAAS companies. This template has 30+ demos with a stunning design. Using micro animations and micro-interactions is one of the current website design trends. Since the modern web development frameworks have made the animation effects simpler and lighter, web pages with animation effects also load faster. The creator of this template has optimized the code effectively to add animation effects to the website. For more modern animation inspiration, look at our CSS animation examples collection. With the stunning design and sleek animation effects, this template delivers an impeccable user experience. This is the best option if you want to copy any contemporary style agency or SAAS website.

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clean and simple website templates

Businesses and industries have changed a lot over time. The products and the way the companies promote the product/services changes. A website is crucial in taking the business to the online users. Search engine optimizations and a properly written code base will improve your site’s search ranking. The Exponent website template gives you a solid and friendly code base that works well with modern SEO standards. Since it is a WordPress website template, basic optimizations are taken care of by WordPress itself. All you have to do is fine-tune the template for a better result. If you want to copy your competitor’s SEO strategy, well-optimized templates like this will be a good choice.

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Fake Website Templates to copy directory websites

Directory websites are another most copied website category on the internet. The origin of the directory websites is as old as the internet. Fun fact, in the earlier days, Google ranked websites based on the directory links. The algorithm has evolved a lot, and your website is ranked differently. Bust still, directory websites help businesses reach a mass audience. This template will impress you if you like to copy a directory website. This template has all modern directory website elements. For example, users can easily share their reviews and search places on the map widget, and many more elements are pre-designed for you. The built-in booking system is also given in this template to make your job simple. Look at our database website templates collection for more well-equipped useful templates like this.

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multipurpose website templates

Ekko is also a modern corporate website template like the Pearl template mentioned above. The creator has covered all major website categories in this template. As of now, this template has 50+ pre-made demos, and you can expect more new demos in future updates. Nearly 40 web elements and 200 blocks are pre-designed for you; all of them are well-integrated into the WPBakery page builder. Hence, the site owners will easily customize and edit the elements. Most minor customizations can be done without the developer itself. Fake website templates like this will be a good choice if you plan to run a website with simple functionalities.

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Fake Website Templates for online stores

Konte is a minimal WooCommerce store website template. This template has ten demo variations, all of which have a clean design. Modern web elements are used proportionately; hence you get an easy-to-interact website template. Much space is given for images so you can elegantly showcase your product. The biggest grippe for online shoppers is they can’t try the product before buying them. Even though brands give return policies, using innovative ideas to show the product will encourage the users to try new products. If you plan to copy a boutique store or a small online store, this is the best option. Different layout options and header options are also given in this template to help you easily a website that inspired you.

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Fake Website Templates for accounting websites

Avantage is a consultancy website template. The creator has covered all major consultancy business niches in this pack. Versatile features and simple designs help you easily customize the template per your needs. This template has both professional-looking design and illustrative style modern designs. Another unique feature about this template is it uses its very own BoldBuilder. Hence, you can expect more complex editing features that work smoothly on all demos. Other in-house developed features are BoldTimeline and cost calculator. The creator has thought of everything a consultancy website needs and made this template. Speaking of timeline, if you like to share your company history or product line interactively to the users, take a look at our CSS timeline design collection.

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Fake Website Templates for digital agencies

The Gentium website template will help you create a fake digital agency website. The digital agency website plays a crucial role in setting the trend in the web design field. Because creative professionals design these website templates, digital agency websites always stand out from other websites. If you are inspired by the contemporary dynamic look of any digital agency website, this template will help you replicate one. The creator has given both light and dark skin versions in this template. Plus, the Elementor page builder will make the customization even better. This template has nearly 20 demo variations and all the basic page are pre-designed for you. Hence, you can set up a proper digital agency website using this template pack.

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Fake Website Templates for news sites

Digiqole is another best-selling magazine and news website template. In the default design itself, you can see some glimpses of some famous news and magazine websites. The creator has used the content space effectively to deliver a reader-friendly experience. Lots of space is given for images, plus, you can also add videos to the website. Since it is a WordPress website template, you can easily manage the videos and images. The creator has given nine demo variations and basic inner pages pre-designed for you. The WooCommerce platform is also integrated into this template to sell products and services easily via your website.

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Fake Website Templates to copy trendy-looking websites

Webify is a pristine multipurpose website template. The creator has used a clean layout in all the 50 demos. As a result, you get tidy-looking websites and easy-to-interact websites. All major business category websites are covered in this template; hence, creating a business website you like will be easy. For front-end customizations, this template uses the Elementor page builder. You get an unlimited customization option when combining the page builder with multiple layouts and header designs. The WPAMP plugin makes this template lighter load faster on mobile devices. If most of your traffic is from mobile devices, having an AMP-powered website will help you reach more audiences. Overall, Webify is one of the best well-equipped fake website templates on this list.

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Fake Website Templates for big business websites

BLO is also a corporate website template like the Webify template mentioned above. But this template has a traditional design in a modern outfit. As of now, this template has six demo variations. All six demo has a bold and straightforward design. New users can easily recognize your brand and understand the services you want. If you are looking for professional-looking fake website templates, this is the best option for you. This template uses the premium Revolution Slider plugin for image sliders. The interface of the image slider is simple so that even new users can easily work with it and can create image sliders in no time.

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Fake Website Templates for photography studios

Reflector will help you fake a photography website, which is a pure content-focused website template. The first thing you see on the home page is a curated album. You can use this album design to intrigue your users when they enter your website. Different homepage variations are given in this template. All demos let you elegantly showcase your product. If you are a freelancer, website templates like this will help you make a big studio-quality website. Front-end customizations are made simpler using the WPBakery page builder. Since it is a WordPress website template, you can easily manage your content.

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Fake Website Templates for construction companies

Another most competitive industry is construction businesses. Though they don’t embrace modern online techniques like real estate companies, taking the business online will help you reach more audiences. Since most construction companies are local businesses, the creator has bundled this template with the WPML plugin. Hence, your local audience can easily translate the webpages to the language they want. You can make a construction and development website you like by fine-tuning the design.

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