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Many top companies, especially marketing companies, use blogs as a key tool to transform their business to the next level. A platform started for bloggers now powers almost 42% of the websites on the internet. The contents and the blog design must also align with your content strategy. We in this list have collected free Bootstrap blog templates that will be a part of your content strategy.

The blog design must revolve around you if you plan to run a blog to boost your personal branding. On the other hand for corporate and commercial blogs, the design must promote the content and your services or product. These free Bootstrap blog templates are easy to use and customize, some of these templates give you more than one variation in their package just like in the premium templates. Take your time and see all the free bootstrap blog templates in this list

Best Bootstrap Blog Templates

These bootstrap blog templates will help you create a beautiful website for bloggers within minutes. Both free and premium blog templates are included in this pack to give you a wide range of options.

Magdesign (Bootstrap 5 Blog Template)

bootstrap 5 blog template

The Magdesign is a new Bootstrap 5 blog template. This template gives you all the latest and greatest features Bootstrap 5 offers.

The most useful feature in a Bootstrap 5 blog template is now it can support responsive fonts. As a latest web development trend, variable fonts are being used extensively for cleaner coding and a better user experience. Magdesign’s developers have used a simple and flexible code structure; therefore, you can try any new modern design and development tricks on this template without any issues. Design-wise, this one is an ultra-clean blog template with a minimal look. This one will be a good choice if you are looking for a future-proof blog template.

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free bootstrap blog template for food blog

You can understand that this free bootstrap blog template is for food blogs. The creator has handled images and texts smartly in this template to deliver an impeccable reading experience. You get special elements like the ingredients table, cooking time, and preparation time on the single post page. Since this is an HTML5 blog template, it can handle videos and audios effortlessly right out of the box. If you plan to add audio content to your food blog, check our HTML music player design collection for innovative and user-friendly design.

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bootstrap clean blog template

Content is a sensibly designed bootstrap clean blog template. Since it is a responsive HTML blog template, the layout adapts smartly according to the screen size. The full-width layout is used effectively to show the content, banners, and forms neatly to the audience. The subscription form widget is made sticky up to a certain section on the desktop view to improving the chances of collecting new emails. There are many more simple yet useful elements throughout the website, making it one of the best Bootstrap 4 blog templates in this list.

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Technews (Free)

free bootstrap blog template for tech blogs

Technews is a perfect free bootstrap blog template for review sites and very active sites. If you have a big content team and publish new posts every hour, then this template is the one for you. This simple straightforward website template shows images and texts plainly without animation effects. Technews website template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, hence you can customize this template to give an interactive visual effect.

In this template, you get a longer homepage that gives you enough room to add as much content as you want. Lots of white spaces are used to show more images and texts clearly. No matter how crowded the segment is, the white space will balance the neat layout of this template. Technews is one of the best free bootstrap blog templates for tech blogs.

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Sports (Free)

free blog website template for sports blogs

As the name implies, this is a free sports blog website template. Being a magazine/blog template, Sports can handle all types of content you throw at it. For example, it can handle both multimedia contents and normal text content easily out of the box. White blocks differentiate the content block from the ash color background. Different color tags are used and the categories are also grouped under different sections on the homepage.

There is also space for adding ad banners of all the preferred sizes. So you need not worry about making space to add image banners. Other useful web elements you get with this template are image sliders, carousels, and neat animation effects for web elements. Free bootstrap blog templates like this will help you make reader-friendly sports blogs.

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personal blog template

Andrea bootstrap blog template will help you make an interactive personal blog.

The default design of this template highlights the blog author right from the homepage. For example, the sticky left nav bar shows your name and email subscription form on all the pages. This would be a good choice if you want your blog to improve personal branding. The main blog space is narrower because of the right’s sticky nav bar and the left’s widget section. But the bold text manages to show the content neatly to the audience, so you needn’t worry about reading experience on this template.

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responsive bootstrap blog template

Stories is a sensibly designed responsive blog template that neatly presents your content and improves your branding. You have a big section in between the posts to add your bio widget in the homepage. If you are a growing blog and started to gain momentum, this template will act as a catalyst to increase your reach. From the demo itself, you can see that this template is made for food blogs. The texts are stylish and have good readability, hence the reader will have a nice experience on your blog. Ample amount of space is given for the image contents, hence you can explain your recipes clearly to the audience.

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travel and lifestyle blog template

Lifeleck is one of the best free bootstrap blog templates for lifestyle bloggers. This template gives all the basic elements you expect in a blog template. Big image sections and interactive image sliders will help you share the blog content engagingly with the audience. Right below the homepage header section and in the sidebar you have space to add an email newsletter subscription form. Light and mild color schemes are used throughout the template and the consistent design gives a premium feel to this free template. So you can concentrate on the custom elements and pages you want on your blog.

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colorful modern blog template

Readit is a trendy-looking blog template. Big letters and gradient color elements make this template appealing for modern users. This contemporary-style blog layout can be used for all types of blogs and creative business website blogs. Hover effects are also well-calibrated in this template so readers can easily interact with your articles. Plus, it is a mobile responsive website template. If you are receiving website traffic from all types of devices, perfectly-tuned free bootstrap blog templates like this will be a good choice.

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colorful and image rich interactive blog template

Ionize is a stylish looking blog template for travel bloggers. Since this template is primarily designed for travel bloggers, it has many spaces for images and videos. On the homepage, you even have the option to add image carousels, to give a sneak peek on your travel blog post. Bright colors are used for the hover effects and give the website template a rich look. All the navigation options are given on the left-sidebar to access the page they want easily. This template will impress you if you are looking for free bootstrap blog templates with an interactive design.

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minimal blog and magazine website template

If you are revamping your existing blog with lots of content, free bootstrap blog templates like this will save you time. The smartly designed homepage, let you easily organize the content according to their category. This blog template also gives colorful tags to easily identify the blog post category. Lots of white space is given in this template to have ample space between each element. You get a sidebar to add author bio, widgets, and other useful links in the single post design. Free bootstrap blog templates will give a pleasant experience to your readers.

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minimal website template

Meranda is another minimal blog post template in this free bootstrap blog templates in this list. The creator of this template has neatly organized the contents on the homepage and has given special sections to highlight and show the important posts. This template’s flexible and neat design makes this template a perfect option for blogs and magazine websites. Since the creator has followed a pure minimal design, only black colors are used for the elements. The entire code script used to make this design is shared with you in the download file, hence, you can easily edit this template as per your needs.

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blog template for photography blogs

You can understand from the name itself that this template is made for photography blogs. The creator of this template has designed it thoughtfully to have space to add ad banners to monetize your website easily. Interactive hover effects are used to add life to the photographs. Useful pages like category pages, the about page, and the contact page are given in this pack to set up a proper website with this template easily. Since it is a photography-related blog template, you have space to add an Instagram widget near the footer section. If you are looking for fully equipped free bootstrap blog templates for your photography blog, this template will be a good option for you.

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Sensive is a multipurpose blog template, which you can use for all types of blogs. All the basic elements and features are given in this template, making this free bootstrap blog template unique. This template will be a good option for beginners and bloggers who are moving towards the second phase of their growth. The simple neat design of the template helps you to share your article. A properly structured layout helps you present the contents neatly on both desktops and mobile devices. Dark and light color schemes are used smartly throughout the template to highlight the important web elements without making them look odd.

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If you like to add a modern touch to your blog, Revive is the best option. With subtle animation effect and neat design, this template presents the contents engagingly to the users. The center logo placement will increase your logo or blog name visibility and make your blog stand in the user’s memory for a long time. Very professional fonts are used in this template so you don’t need to worry about any readability issues. Out of the box, this template is a mobile responsive one, so your readers can enjoy your articles on the go.

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Endgam is purely designed for gaming blogs. With this template, you can easily write a review and walkthrough posts for the game. On the dark color theme, this template looks attractive and different from the rest of the free bootstrap blog templates in this list. Letters are made bolder and bigger so that they are legible among the big web elements and image blocks. Since it is a blog for gamers, the creator has given you space to add video contents. Animation effects are used at certain template spots to make the blog lively and interactive. This template gives all the essential elements and pages to make the job simple for you.

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Hikers is a dual purpose website template for magazines and blogs. Since this one is also designed for magazine websites, it can easily manage numerous contents on one page. The simplicity of the template makes it a good option for both magazine websites and blogs. Letters are made bigger and an ample amount of space is given between each line so that the user can read the contents without any issue.

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If you are about to revamp your existing website with lost contents, the Bounty template is worth a look. This template is designed to manage multiple contents at the same time and also to present them elegantly to the users. Plenty of white space is given in this template and it is used effectively to present the contents neatly to the users. The designer of this template has also given you all the elements needed in a blog. In the top, you have space fully reserved for your blog logo. By default, you get the logo placed at the top left corner, but you can change it to the center if you want.

The homepage header section shows the latest articles and trending articles to keep the users engaged. In the sidebar, you have plenty of space for all types of widgets and ads. Professional looking fonts with good readability are chosen in this template. So that users can see your contents even on their mobile phones.

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Vizew is the best website template for both vloggers and bloggers. If you are a tech blogger and about to reach a bigger audience base via Youtube then this template is the best option for you. The designer of this template has given equal importance to both text and video contents. Since it is an HTML5 website template you can easily add video links and even directly add video to the website without any issue.

The dark theme of this template presents the contents elegantly to the users; every element on the template are distinguishable. It is a mobile responsive website template, so your readers can engage with your contents on the go. At the top right corner, you have a user login and signup option. Since it is a free HTML template you have to take care of the back-end work if you are going to offer separate profiles for the users. Take a look at our free admin template collection to easily manage users. Proper sectioning of contents will help the users easily find and read the contents they are interested in.

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Bueno blog template is designed exclusively for food blogs. The creator of this template has taken care of even minute details. For example, a pan’s page load animation effect with “cooking in progress” wordings is smart. Lots of space is reserved for images to show your food images neatly to the users.

Full-width design of this template gives you more than enough room for you to explain the cooking process step by step with images. The centered logo position gives a better branding to your food blog and increases your blog name’s visibility. As a result, new users will remember your blog name easily. The designer of this template has given you blog page design for both normal post and recipe post. You have special widgets to show the ingredients and special notes about the recipe in the recipe post. If you plan to make an interactive food and cooking blog, this template is the best option.

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Opium is a personal blog template for travel bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. Most personal blog templates revolve around the blog’s author and include lots of personal brand-boosting elements. For example, in this template, you have a static big hero image in the homepage header section to show an image of you. In the header section, you also have a carousel to feature the latest post. Tag options are also given on the blog page to easily read the article they are interested in.

As in all blog page templates, this one also provides you a sidebar to add a bio section, widgets and newsletter subscription forms. The homepage of the template is made long to add as many widgets as you want in the sidebar. An Instagram widget and social media profile link spaces are given in the footer section. Text fonts used in this template has a classic type writing style design. If you prefer a usual text style, you can easily switch the fonts by making a few customizations to the CSS file.

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Foode, as the name suggests, this template is designed exclusively for food bloggers. Images are one of the core elements of food blogs to let your readers feel the food. This template is filled with lots of image holders, you can add images of all sizes and orientations without any worries. Texts are also made bold and big enough to easily visible among the big images. You have a full-width image carousel in the homepage header section, featuring some of your best recipe posts.

The image carousels on the homepage use a portrait orientation so some parts of the images may be cropped in the carousels. The light color scheme of this template looks attractive on the clean white background of this template. You have a full stretched widget in the footer to list all your social media profile links. Instagram and Pinterest are one of the effective mediums food bloggers use to engage their audience. This template has an Instagram widget carousel with a link to your account to increase your Instagram followers count.

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Libro is another personal blog template, just like the Opium template mentioned above. But, this template has a different layout and design. This template is also an apt choice for the influencers. The left portion of the template is reserved for adding your images and other promotional content throughout the template. If you are an influencer with thousands of followers, this design will increase your branding. All the blog posts and the single blog post details are kept in the right side section.

On the blog page, you have image holders of all orientations. You can add images of any orientations without any worries, this template adjusts the content accordingly. All the navigation options are kept behind the hamburger menu to give you more screen space in this creative style design. The creator of this template has organized the contents smartly in the mobile and tablet view so that the users can interact with this template without any issue. Since this template is designed for bloggers, the visual effects are kept minimal and give a clean environment for the readers.

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Wordsmith is an interactive block style blog website template. The posts are arranged in a grid style with portrait orientation on the blog page. Card flipping like animation effects is used in the header image carousel. The default design of this template is a perfect option for tech blogs. Text fonts used in this template are bold and crisper, which is easy to read on both desktops and mobile devices. On the clean white background, the ink-black texts are visible. The single blog post page is designed like a corporate blog by giving complete preference to the blog’s content.

Bloggers favorite sidebar is missing in this template, this might be a small issue for some bloggers. An ample amount of space is given for both images and text contents, so your contents look cleaner and easy to interact with. All the normal blog elements like quotes, text highlighter, and bulletins are also pre-designed for you in this template. If you are searching for a proper blog design for your business website or creative agency website, this template is the best option for you.

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If you are impressed by the Foode template mentioned above, you will like the Fanton template. The Fanton template follows a lifestyle blogger design. You get plenty of modern stylish web elements in this template to present the content engagingly to the users. The sidebar in this template gives you all the elements you would normally expect in a professional blog. A big space in the top bar is reserved for the logo, which gives better brand visibility on your website. So next time when user thinks of your blog, they will easily remember your blog logo.

Even you get ad banner space in the sidebar to help you monetize your website easily. It is a multi-page template so all the basic pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to set the template and start sharing your posts with your readers. By default, this template uses a pink color scheme, if you want you can customize the template’s color. This template uses the latest CSS3 framework, supporting all modern colors.

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Stuff is a modish looking versatile website template for blogs and magazines. With the rectangular and square content blocks, this template gives you an ample amount of space to add images and text contents. The colorful images look vibrant and visually appealing on the clean white background. To give post titles better visibility on the homepage white content holders are used. The default design of this template gives equal importance to both images and texts.

Fonts are used elegantly in this template, which looks modern and improves the text readability. On the homepage, you also can add image carousels for post images to give an interactive experience to the users. With this template, the post formats are video posts, image posts, and normal text posts. Since this is an HTML5 template, adding multimedia content is made easier.

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World is the best blog website template for content-rich sites and news sites. This template’s intuitive design helps you add an innumerable amount of content to one page. Visual effects are used to get user attention on the important sections and latest posts. It is a multi-page template, so you can categorize your posts and show them on different pages. The contents are also grouped under different categories on the homepage so that the user can easily find what they want.

Overall the World is a well-thought-out useful Bootstrap blog website template. The homepage of this template uses a three-column design to let you add more content on the homepage. At each section you also have category filters, to help the user to filter and find the required content. The default design of this template shows contents back to back like an ajax page. If you need you can customize it to show the pagination.

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Original is an interactive website template for travel bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. The major aspect to be considered in a travel blog is images. The default layout of this template includes many web elements to elegantly display images. The images and the texts are visible; it adds more richness to colorful images. So travelers can engage their visitors with their images and the visual effects give a lively feel to the images.

At the top bar, you have the option to add interactive texts to give a welcome message. A separate big section is provided for adding your logo, this helps you to give better brand visibility. The sticky top navigation bar not only gives you a better navigation option but also gives you the option to include call-to-action buttons for the subscription. You have a widget option above the footer to add Instagram feeds.

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Sasha is one of the best Bootstrap blog website template you get for free, period. Yes, there are no other free templates with so many features and pixel perfect design. What type of blog template are you searching for? Whatever be the type, this template will have a layout for that blog. With this template you get five homepage variations, all five have a different layout, making this template unique on this free Bootstrap blog website templates list.

Since this template is primarily designed for blogs, the blog pages include different post types. So if you are looking for a template to convert into WordPress, this template will be a great choice. Your development work is greatly reduced as all the basic works are completed in this template. All the homepage variations follow the same minimal look, with lots of white space this template adds richness to the content.

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Yummy Blog


Yummy Blog, you can infer that this template is for food-related sites from the name itself. With this template, you can display mouth-watering food images elegantly to the users. The colorful food images look more vibrant and visually appealing on the clean white background. Another best part of this template is an image pattern option for the background.

The designer has made this template smart enough to handle the clean background and image background content. Just below the header image slider you have a post category banner to directly take the user to the food category they love. In the sidebar, you have the option to add an about section, social media links, popular posts, and newsletter signup form. At the footer, you have a full-width Instagram widget, on hovering you get the link to follow your profile.

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Juli is a personal brand-focused business website template. The clean pristine design of this template increases the text and image visibility in both the small screen devices and desktops. To highlight important web elements shadow effects are used. Below every post on the homepage, you have the option to show the number of likes, comments, and direct sharing options. The orange shade color scheme looks attractive on the clean white background. In the header section, you have an autoplay image slider with user controls to control the image slider. The about widget on the homepage is popped out from the rest of the background to get better visibility as soon as the users get to your site.

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Aside is a Bootstrap blog website template for food-related sites. The default layout of this template makes it the best option for photography websites as well. On the homepage you only have the option to add images, you can use hover effects to show the post title and other details. The homepage contains an image holder for both landscape and portrait images. Navigation menu options are shown in the sticky left sidebar, you also have the option to add social media profile links. Apart from the homepage you also get other pages like about, services, portfolio and contact. All the subpage follows a neat clean design, the color scheme used also matches the minimal look of this template. Typography is also given equal importance in this template with proper font selection, hence reading experience is a delight.

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Blanca is a perfect base for your custom blog development work. This template gives you a complete framework of how a modern blog website must look. This template’s designer had provided you with many modern web elements to make this template interactive. If you are about to use this template without any changes, then this template is the best option for a lifestyle blog. To get more ideas about fashion websites, take a look at our free fashion website template collections list. This template includes all the web elements and design elements to boost your branding. At the footer, you have the option to add a full-width Instagram widget. This template does not use animation effects much, if you like to create an interactive site, you have to personally make some based on your needs.

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Article is a flexible website template, which suits both blogs and small news sites better. With the Blanca template, you don’t get any interactive animation effects, but you get more interactive web elements with this template. This template meets the modern-day reader’s expectations with the trendy bold texts. All the web elements are scaled for mobile devices, so you can expect a seamless performance throughout all types of devices. Since all the basic aspects of modern websites are covered in this template, developers can reduce a great amount of work. All the developers need to care about is to customize this template for their unique needs. This template follows universal code standards for the website, it uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Blogger is a hybrid template for both blogs as well as hotels. The web elements and the layout structure of the Blogger make it a perfect option for small hotel websites as well. It is a one-page template, so you have to personally develop the rest of the pages you need. With this template, you get a thoughtfully designed interactive homepage. Visual effects like parallax and small animation effects will help you differentiate important elements and contents. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, hence editing this template won’t be a tough job for the developers. Like most of the modern HTML5 templates, this one is also speed optimized, mobile optimized, and also made cross-browser compatible.

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Magnews, as the name implies it is a website template for news and magazines. This template completely follows a different approach from the rest of the news websites. This template easily gets user attention with big images and interactive animation effects. Visual effects play a major role in this template, which is also a unique feature. Instead of using the same black color scheme for widgets, this template uses different colors. On the homepage under each post, you can see many comments and published dates, to encourage the visitors to join the conversation. At the top bar, you can include the user login option and other important links.

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TheGazette is another feature-rich Bootstrap blog website template. This template includes many interactive web elements that keep the user up to date on what’s currently happening worldwide. This is the perfect template for news sites, review websites, and tech blogs. This template is not only optimized for mobile views but also ads. Right below the image slider, you have time-stamped flash news section. The main section of this template almost follows a typical blog layout with headings, post images, and a sidebar. You also have the option to include videos in the template, the videos open in a separate lightbox to give users better control over the video player.

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Shout is a media-rich website template for travel bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. The versatile look of this template makes it the best option for all types of blogs. The main body of the template consists of a three-column design that handles both images and texts. You have a portrait orientation image slider in the header, and a static place is reserved for the welcome message and logo placement. Image holders can also be used as image sliders to interact. The white content blocks easily highlight the texts on the grey background. Visual effects add richness to this clean-looking website. This HTML5 template can handle both video and audio posts, so you needn’t worry about multimedia compatibility.

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Philosophy is a versatile Bootstrap business website template that fits all types of blogs. This template gives you all the features you would normally expect in a blog website template. With bold texts, this template gets user attention on the required spot. The three-column design gives this template enough space to show as many content as possible on one page. This template follows the pagination style, so you needn’t worry about loading time. Just below the post list, you have the option to show popular posts and about with social media profile links. This template also gives you the option to add video and audio content. To match the simple design of this template, the visual effects used are also subtle and neat.

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Suppablog Bootstrap blog template is for the influencers and bloggers who expect more personal branding. If you are about to run a commercial blog, this template is not for you. This template purely focuses on content and branding. You can even use this blog design for business website templates with creative design. You get a split-screen design with a static image on the right and contents on the left on the homepage. The blurred visual effect for hovering is an artistic touch. The sticky left sidebar gives better user navigation options and space for adding social media profile links. The menu option completely expands from the right side on the desktop and on mobile. If you are looking for free Bootstrap blog templates with a unique design, this template might impress you.

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Bona is a simple Pinterest-style board-based website design website template. With the grid-style layout, this template effectively manages both the images and text contents. To avoid the same boring grid size, this template uses split-screen contents in between to give a break to the uniformity. At each post, you have the option to highlight the blog author, along with it you can also show the number of likes, comments, and views. This template also uses ajax based homepage design without a pagination option. You can use this template as a base and create your custom blog template or add this blog template to your existing other website templates. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, since it uses universal code standards, customizing this template will be an easy job for the developers. If you are looking for Pinterest-style free Bootstrap blog templates, this template will impress you.

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