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Admin dashboards are what users often use to get a quick overview of the stats and other controls. With a simple design, you can make templates less intrusive and let users concentrate on what they want. In this list, we have collected a list of free simple Bootstrap admin templates, which allow you to add as many widgets as you want on the dashboard. Each dashboard template follows a different design to let you manage the content easily.

Free simple Bootstrap admin templates mentioned in this list look simple and have modern designs to impress modern-day users. As most online users are 18 to 35, the template’s design must meet their needs and design taste. Most of the templates in this list give you plenty of options and elements to easily create a custom dashboard.

Data and statistics are essential tools for modern marketing and business strategies. The more data you have, the more you can reach your target audience. As a designer and application developer, we focus on making the data visualization simple. The most commonly used visualization methods are charts and graphs. All these free simple Bootstrap admin templates give you interactive charts and graphs so the user can get an overview of data at a glance.


most downloaded free simple bootstrap admin template

One of the best and most downloaded free simple bootstrap admin templates.

Adminator is a perfect admin template for webmasters. The default design shows the website statistics in the demo version just like in the Google Analytics board. If you are creating a web application based on Google analytics, just like the Monster Insight plugin, you should look at this template. This template’s pristine clean design helps you freely share stats and other data to the users. Colorful web elements and highlighters easily help the user identify the important contents.

Another useful feature you get with this template is an interactive map to indicate traffic from different parts of the world. Subtle animation effects are used for certain web elements, making this template feel lively. Navigation options are kept in the left sidebar, which expands automatically when the user hovers over it. Icons are kept small but legible so that users can concentrate on what matters to them.

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Kero – HTML5(Premium)

ready to use premium admin template

Kero admin template gives you two types of design to easily manage your content. You get a vertical template and a horizontal style template in this version. If your user is going to deal with many stats and chart the horizontal style will be an ideal option. The vertical style is the best option to deal with large lists and task-oriented works. Since it is a premium version, the developer gives us plenty of elements pre-designed for you. All the basic elements and pages are designed and optimized in this template. So you can concentrate on the customization and integration part.

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ArchitectUI – Angular 7(Premium)

dynamic admin dashboard made using angular js

ArchitectUI – Angular 7 is a freemium type admin template, i.e, the creator offers us both free and premium versions of the same template. This one is a premium version with many features and options to simplify your development job. Since it is an Angular 7 template, the material design looks very attractive and surreal. Nine types of dashboard concepts are given in this template, each of them is unique and has elements related to the particular niche. The free version of this template is mentioned later in this list, take a look at it to get this awesome template.

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ArchitectUI – Vue.js Bootstrap(Premium)

light and fast loading vuejs admin template

This template uses the simplest and most powerful frameworks like VueJS and Bootstrap. Since it is a VueJS based template, you get plenty of dynamic and interactive elements. The charts look cool and the user can get the values by simply hovering over the charts. Already the VueJS and Bootstrap admin templates are easy to work with. The creator of this template has made the code script even simpler for easier integration and customization. The colorful elements are beautiful on the clean white layout, and the user can easily identify the element they want. The creator of this template also offers a premium and a free version of this template. You can find the free version below on this list.

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ArchitectUI – ReactJS Bootstrap(Premium)

reactjs based dynamic admin template

For dynamic content, the ReactJs dashboards are the best ones. If your users are going to deal with real-time data, this dashboard will make their life easier. The creator of this template has given us plenty of dynamic charts and widgets. Sleek and gentle animation effects present the contents engagingly to the users. This template’s clean pristine design helps the user easily concentrate on their task. This bootstrap admin template offers you both a free and a premium version. If your needs are high and you need to complete the dashboard in no time, you can go for the premium version. Or else you can opt for the free version, which is listed below in this article.

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ArchitectUI – HTML Bootstrap 4 (Premium)

responsive html based premium admin dashboard

The creator of this template has given us a fully equipped admin template. You also get useful pages like login and registration pages pre-designed for you, along with the admin dashboard elements. Professionally handled code structure gives you a strong foundation to build your custom admin template quickly. You also get quick customization options to change the dashboard’s color and customize the header. The designer used the side and top bars to organize navigation and control options. This template comes in both a premium and free version. The free version is mentioned later in this list.

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AdminLTE 3

advanced bootstrap admin template

AdminLTE 3 gives you plenty of widgets and colorful elements. Though it is a free template, attention to detail in this template is phenomenal. Almost all elements work flawlessly from the front-end side. The quick front-end customization option makes this template even friendlier for the user. Everything is handled, from mobile optimization to performance optimizations by the creator. As a developer, you can work on the back-end part with peace of mind. The entire code file and the details are given on the GitHub page, you can check it out and learn more about the template by clicking the link below.

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ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue

premium quality light-weight free vuejs admin dashboard

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue is the free version of the VueJS template mentioned above. You also get the premium quality design and a strong code base in the free version. If you like the lightweight, fast loading template and want it without affecting the wallet, you can go for this free version. Of course, the given features are less when compared to the premium version. But you get all the basic elements and charts in the free version. So you can easily set up a regular admin dashboard with this free bootstrap admin template.

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ArchitectUI Angular 7

free version of the architect angular admin dashboard

You also get the same premium quality pristine clean design in the free version. Because of its clean flat design, the user can see multiple contents neatly on one screen. The creator has used the shadow and depth effects to clearly distinguish each element from the other. Colorful tags and badges are used to recognize the type of content easily. Along with the texts, the designer has also used icons on the sidebar to give a better user experience to the users. You get all the dynamic features of Angular 12 and the standard features of the bootstrap for free in this admin dashboard template.

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ArchitectUI React

react based dynamic free admin dashboard template

This one is a free version of the ReactJS template mentioned above. The creator of this template has given us the dynamic Reactjs elements along with the regular forms and tables. Since it is a free version, you don’t get the one-click customization option to change the admin dashboard’s color and edit the header section. All the options are features are placed at the easily accessible spots to give a better user experience. Even though the customization options are not given readily, you can manually change the template’s look. You can upgrade to the premium version whenever you want.

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ArchitectUI HTML

simple and elegant looking HTML admin dashboard

Though it is a free bootstrap admin template version of a premium template, the creator has given you almost all the options. Hence, you can experience the template fully in the free version and can decide whether the free version is enough or you need to upgrade to the premium version. Another unique feature in this free version is you get the one-click customization option to change the color and header of the dashboard. Overall, the ArchitectUI HTML free version is one of this list’s best free bootstrap admin templates, giving a premium experience.

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modular admin template

The AdminLTE lets you concentrate on what you want. The full-screen layout gives you enough space to add all your important widgets in one place. The creator has also given you options to minimize and dismiss the widgets you don’t want. Basic UI elements are pre-designed for you to easily make a proper page. Important optimizations are already taken care of by the creator. Free simple bootstrap admin templates with attention to details give you a premium template experience. Since this template uses the latest bootstrap framework, it can easily fit in all types of screen sizes. If you want a fluid and easy-to-interact admin template, this is the best option.

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The creator of this dashboard has given you several dashboard elements to organize your contents properly. You get dashboards pre-designed for four different purposes in the default design itself. The elements’ flat style design lets you add any number of elements to the dashboard without making it look cluttered. Colors are also used smartly to make each element different from others and at the same time, it adds a rich look to the overall design. Without any restrictions, the developer has given you all the basic elements. Hence, you can set up a proper dashboard by using this dashboard design.

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CoolAdmin, this template is truly a cool one to add justice to the name. The creator of this template used modern web elements and a trendy color scheme to make this template stand out from the rest of the normal usual-looking admin templates. This template gives you all necessary dashboard elements like charts, interactive stats values, day planner, calendar, forms, and many UI elements. At the top bar, you have advanced search box, icons, user details, and notification icons that show the number of new notifications. From the drop-down options, the user can go to the profile settings.

Animation effects are handled effectively in this template to make the template interactive and make some productivity tasks easier. The related values are shown for easier reference on hovering over the charts. In the dashboard, you also have scrollable boxes showing your schedules; the other shows your recent messages. Admins who must engage with multiple users will find this template extremely useful.

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What makes Notika special is its neat tabbed interface. To help the user make use of the screen space effectively, all the navigation options are made into tabs. Under each main tab, you can organize the subcategories. Lots of white space is given between each widget so that it is displayed properly no matter what content the widget shows. Based on the type page type, the elements you get varies. The designer of this template has included all the basic UI elements and charts. Hover effects show accurate values to the users when they hover the mouse pointer over the graphs.

This template follows a mostly fresh green color scheme for the web elements and the texts. Trendy-looking new line icons are used in this template to represent the options symbolically. In the top bar, you have space to add notifications and messages. A search bar is also given to help users easily find the contents. Another unique feature of this template is the pre-bundled chat tool, Tawkto. You must complete the setup process and start engaging with the users via the chat tool.

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Nalika is a dark theme dashboard template for eCommerce websites. Since this template is designed for eCommerce stores you have plenty of elements. The biggest advantage of the dark theme design is you can see the contents and see only what you want. The site owners can see their shop performance and sales reports from the dashboard itself. Product quantity stats are also shown on the dashboard to help the admin keep track of the inventory.

A big calendar widget is given to help you organize your work and all other shipment details. The designer has used different colors for charts and bars, which looks attractive on the dark theme background. As most present-day customers prefer support services via social media, the creator of this template has also included social media widgets to easily manage your social media audience. All the navigation options are given on the right sidebar, which opens as a lightbox so that you don’t have to adjust the contents on the sidebar.

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Kiaalap is a clean-looking material-style admin template, just like the Adminator above template. With the pristine clean design, this template gives you a distraction-free environment. The dashboard of this template is made long enough to list all the widgets in one place. With this long dashboard, the user can have a quick overview of all the stats. Different colors are used for the dashboard elements to make them stand out from the clean white background. The sticky sidebar makes navigation simpler, multilevel menu options are also given for easier management.

You have space for the principal web page navigations in the top bar. If you are running a web application, these navigation options can help the user navigate your web pages. This template also you have a chat tool. You can either use the chat option to engage with the users, or you can let the users interact with other users, the choice is yours.

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SRT Dash


SRT Dash is also a minimal looking simple dashboard template. This template special because it has plenty of tools to visualize the contents. Since this template is primarily designed for the financial websites, you have widgets related to it. Each widget is made big enough to show all the related contents clearly to the users. Livestock value widgets and conversion tools are also included in this template; all are functional from the front end, you have to take care of the backend integrations. Another biggest advantage of this template is you completely get rid of the side navigation bar and take the web pages to the full page view, just like in the WordPress text editor. All the activity and account settings options are given on the right sidebar to have a quick overview of your account stats.

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Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

bootstrap admin template with classic look

Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite is a perfect blend of classic and modern looks. The default design of this template makes it an ideal free simple bootstrap admin template for site admins. Everything can be managed from the dashboard from the site sales to the blog articles. Fundamental elements like the tables, profile pages, icons, and charts are given in the free version. The friendly bootstrap code structure gives you enough room to add your custom elements.

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Adminopro is a premium quality template for free. The creator of this template has given you plenty of useful features and pixel-perfect design, as you have seen in many premium quality templates. This template includes seven variations as a package, and each has its skin. More than enough elements and charts are given in this template so that you can set up a dashboard in no time. Code structure of the template is also made simple and flexible so that the developers can easily customize the template as per their needs. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, it can be easily integrated with other templates and your existing projects.

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Sufee is a colorful admin template designed for bloggers and solopreneurs, who take care of everything about their online business. This simple bootstrap admin template is flexible and easy to customize. The creator of this template gave you all the elements to create an effective admin dashboard in no time. With this design, you get plenty of screen space to display the contents and stats elegantly. To have better insight on data, hover effects are used effectively and the data are also categorized neatly into colors. Menu options are hidden behind the hamburger options, icons are used to give you an overview of options. Since the designer of this template used font awesome icons, you have plenty of options to choose from while you customize.

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Ela Admin is another modern-looking trendy admin template like the Cool template mentioned above. This template follows a minimal design with a light color scheme, making the readability great. This template is for you if you are making an admin template for users who spend most of their time on the dashboard. The simple design of this template acts easy on the user eyes and it is also easy for the user to find the stuff easily. Organized dashboard elements help you to improve your productivity.

Animation effects are sleek and quick to get user attention when required. You have message, calendar, todo list, and recent order elements in the default design. This template also gives you the option to include contact forms and other important links as a menu option. If you make a SAAS application, this option will easily help the user reach you.

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Gentella is a more professional-looking admin template. Bold texts and big numbers made interaction with this template easier. If you are a content marketer or any other online marketer, this template will be extremely useful because this template shows not only the stats but also the related content. The left sidebar navigation is not sticky, but the control options given at the footer of the sidebar are fixed so that the user can access the settings easily. This template gives you dashboard elements like forms, tables, layouts, and charts. You have to customize the dashboard with the elements you need. It is a mobile responsive template so the users can access their dashboard from their hand-held device itself.

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Core UI is another freemium simple Bootstrap admin template, just like the Basix admin template mentioned above. This one also includes both light and dark color scheme variations in their package, but the dark version is available only in the pro version. You get lots of animation effects in the Base admin template, but this one is simple and uses visual effects only at the required spots. The top bar effectively shows the notifications, menu options, and account details. Another unique feature with this template is the dual hamburger menu option, one shows the navigation menu options and another shows the recent notifications. This template allows you to completely collapse the menu options to effectively use the full-screen design to show the widgets and stats value to the users.

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As the name implies, this minimal admin template follows simple minimal design. You can create a pure content-focused admin template without any distractions with this template. The texts and the widgets are bold, neat, and clean so the user need not strain to see the contents. Some widgets like weather, calendar, and image carousels are colorful and adds life to this template. Speaking of the animation effects, the visual effects are very subtle in this template and are used only at the required spots. The use of the latest CSS3 framework makes the animation effects lot more smoother. This template is also loaded with tons of useful elements and features, as a developer, you can this template as a base and create your custom template in no time.

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CoreUI Vue


CoreUI Vues, as the name implies, this template is based on the vue.js and it is also from the developers of the CoreUi template mentioned above. Since it is from the same author, you can expect this template’s same quality and features. Again this one is also a freemium template, you only get limited functionalities and options with the free version. You only get charts in the free version, the complete list of options available in the free version is shared by the author in their page; please take a look at it for further reference. Creators of this template have used the Vue.Js effectively so that the user can get a better insight of the data at a glance.

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NGX Admin


NGX admin has a futuristic design with lots of colorful admin dashboard elements and widgets. Both the developers and the designers have effectively used modern design to make this template an awe-inspiring one. This template uses stylish fonts, icons, and cool color gradients, which makes the template a go-to option for millennial-centered audience products. The template gives you two color variations, based on the color scheme, you choose the entire design changes. Detailing makes this template stand unique on this free simple Bootstrap admin templates list. Animation effects are handled beautifully with this template so that the user enjoys using this template. Visual effects make the template look trendy and improve the user experience.

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