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If you are a person who prefers coding over drag and drop page builders, always very keen on details, and loves to create your own style, then these free responsive eCommerce website templates are for you. We always see a website template from a user perspective. For a difference let us see the template from a developer’s perspective.

As a common user, we seek simplicity in interface, elegance, and ease of use so that you can maintain the website easily in the long run. But what developers seek in a website template is simplicity in coding and the complete freedom to customize. For any professional web developer, HTML website templates are their playground. Since most of the regular web development chores are already handled by the template author, it also saves developers time. E-commerce website templates need a lot of functionalities, but luckily we have many tools and platforms to automate a certain process. All these free responsive eCommerce website templates are built using the latest frameworks, so you can easily integrate these templates into any platform and tool.


ecommerce website template for nurseries and flower shops

Florist is an online nursery store website template. The creator has utilized the clean layout to beautifully present the flowers and nursery plant images.

Professionally handled web development code scripts not only improve the visual aesthetics of the website but also improves the customizability of the website. Developers can easily work with this template and create a custom website quickly. Plus, adding custom features and integrating an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, Shopify, and etc., will be easier when compared to other responsive eCommerce website templates.

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bookstore ecommerce website template

As the name implies, Abcbook is a responsive eCommerce website template for book stores.

Even though digital books are a thing nowadays, many readers still want the feel of the book when they read. If you are helping reading enthusiasts to bond with their favorite books and authors, this eCommerce website template will be a perfect option. This template is optimized for mobile responsiveness right out of the box, so your job will be simple in the development cycle and can deliver a buttery smooth shopping experience for your customers on the go.

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image-rich ecommerce website template

Capitalshop is an image-rich mobile responsive eCommerce website template.

The biggest challenge in optimizing an image-rich layout for mobile devices is the image clarity should be retained, which is done smartly in this template. Image holders smoothly adjust to the screen size and let the audience easily interact with the products. Fundamental pages like the product listing page, single product page, and checkout page are given in the default design.

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free responsive eCommerce website template with fluid interface

Shionhouse is a free responsive eCommerce website template with a fluid interface. The creator has calibrated the elements smartly for the small screen devices so that the user will get an uncompromised user experience. Images are the key element in this eCommerce store design, so you get plenty of space to showcase your product images throughout the website. You can add video sections to make the website even more livelier. All basic pages are pre-designed for you. And the flexible code structure gives you full freedom to add custom pages with the elements and features you want.

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clean and interactive fashion website template

From the name itself you can understand that this is a responsive eCommerce store template for male fashion and apparel stores. The creator has used modern grid-style design and white spaces to give a visually stunning design. Toggle and product image animations in this template are sleek, so the audience will love interacting with your website. Apart from the traditional online store elements, this template has some new age elements to attract the present-day audience. A special section is given for Instagram. If you concentrate more on Instagram shopping, well-optimized modern free responsive eCommerce website templates like this will be a good choice.

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sensibly designed responsive eCommerce website template

Ashion is a versatile eCommerce store website template that can handle both small and big stores right out of the box. The versatile design of this template lets you elegantly showcase the product and highlight the offers. A clean white layout is maintained on all pages, so the colorful web elements look even more vibrant and draw the user’s attention to the required spot. If you want your online store to promote your products and improve your sales, sensibly designed eCommerce store templates like the Ashion will be a good choice. The creator has used the latest web development frameworks in this template; therefore, you can try any modern design and integrate any modern tools into this template.

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This is the template if you are making free responsive eCommerce website templates for an upcoming brand. Logically designed homepage answers all the questions when a user tries a new online store. Credibility-building factors like customer reviews, your store stats, and product reviews are given in this template. The clean look of the template with proper spacing gives a premium look to the template. Though it is a free responsive eCommerce website template, the creator has given you all the features to set a proper eCommerce store. Apart from the regular eCommerce pages like shopping and checkout pages, this template also has a blog and about pages pre-designed for you.

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online shopping website template with big imagery

Winter is a user-friendly website template that can be used easily on computers and mobile devices. On the homepage, the creator has mostly used images to show the products elegantly to the user. Hover effects are used to show related texts and quick actions. Because of the limited space on the homepage, you can only showcase your featured products and product categories. But, if you want you can edit the design and make more room on the homepage to add more products.

Along with all basic shopping website pages, you also get a user login page and an order tracking page. Since this template is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it easily fits in all types of devices. Using free responsive eCommerce website templates like this will make the developer’s job lot simple.

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contemporary online store template

eStore is a feature-rich modern eCommerce website template. Carefully written code structure and the latest web development frameworks, make this template work smoothly on computers and mobile devices. Product images are big on the mobile screen version as well, so that your audience can see your products before buying them. Each and every element is taken under consideration and are resized based on their importance & frequency of interactions. As a result, you get impeccable mobile user experience. If you are a developer, free responsive eCommerce website templates like this will save you time and money.

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online fashion store template

Fashi is a fully equipped apparel and accessories eCommerce store template. This template’s homepage sections are designed sensibly so that you can elegantly showcase your products, plus, you can genuinely promote your offers and new collections. What makes this template really unique from other free responsive eCommerce website templates is the user will enjoy the desktop quality design on the mobile version as well. Mobile elements are carefully redesigned without interrupting the users’ mobile shopping experience. When you have a well-optimized responsive website like this, you don’t need a mobile app for your online store.

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stylish website template

Shopmax is also an online apparel store website template. Big images in this template will help you showcase your collections elegantly to your audience. Lots of white space is used in this template, which makes the interaction easier on both mobile and computer devices. The creator has let the images take care of most of the website’s work and used only few elements. Mild animation effects enhance the over of user experience on this minimal design. If you want a pure product-focused website template for your online store, this one is the best option.

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Pillow Mart

product-focused online store

From the name itself you can infer that this one is an online pillow store website template. This template has some artistic touch here and there on the webpages to make it visually appealing to the users. The default design is perfect and works fine as it should. Still, the creator has given you more space and flexible code to improve the design as per your taste. Because of the well-written code-base, developers will find this template extremely easy to work with. Along with the basic online store pages, the creator has included some additional useful page like — order confirmation pages and blog layouts.

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online store template for liquor stores

Liquor stores are gradually adopting online sales strategies to give more convenience to their buyers. This template’s classy look makes it a perfect option for stores that are in business for several years. The smartly designed homepage will help you share your brand story engagingly to your audience. Speaking of brand history, look at our CSS timeline design collection to share your legacy clearly to the audience. Animations are very smooth and clean, which most users will love. Because of the light-weight structure of the code, this template performs flawlessly on both computers and mobile devices.

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feature-rich website template

If you are looking for a brand-focused free responsive eCommerce website templates, this one will impress you. Throughout the template, the creator has maintained the same design consistency. This consistent design gives a premium look to the design and also helps you easily brand your website. For example, if you have a brand color, then you can use it throughout the website to clearly brand your website. Plus, the thoughtfully designed homepage not only allows you to showcase your featured products but also allows you to share a few words about your product and what makes your brand different from others.

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online furniture store website template

Aranoz is an online furniture store website template. The creator has used modern trendy colors to give an elegant look to the products. Lots of white space is given between each section and product to let the user easily interact with the website. Big bold texts and bright color elements highlight and show the important content and products from others. Though this template is primarily designed for furniture websites, this can be used for other types of eCommerce websites. Like all other free responsive eCommerce website templates on this list, this one is made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. The professionally handled code script will make the customization easier.

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Dealers is a bold and straightforward website template for apparel stores. The sections and elements are made bigger for easier interaction. As this template is mobile responsive, these big elements will make interactions a lot easier on mobile devices. Colorful tags are used smartly on this clean white background website template to highlight and show the latest products. The combination of the blue and white color scheme gives a professional look to this template, which most users will love. If you want free responsive eCommerce website templates with a professional look, this template will impress you.

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Divisima is almost similar to the Dealers template mentioned above. But, this template has more colors in it. The big image slider in the homepage header section will help you promote the latest products and deals easily to the users. Since the homepage is a mini shopping page, you can curate the users with your best products. Transitions and other animation effects are very smooth in this template and give a lively feel to the products on your website. In the default design, most product image holders are in portrait orientation. If you have special needs, you can easily edit this template. The code structure is built carefully for future customizations and integrations, hence working with this template will be an easy job.

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Modist website template is designed by keeping current generation taste and needs in mind. Typography is used as a part of the design and let you easily promote important products. The designer has effectively used the full-width design and utilized the space smartly to promote your product. The footer section is also made bigger so that you can add all important links and communication details in an easily accessible spot.

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Aroma is a multipurpose website template that you can use for all types of online stores. The grid-like design on the homepage lets you elegantly show your best selling products and new arrivals. Right from the shopping page to the order confirmation page, everything is pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to take care of the backend work. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, you can easily integrate any modern tools to this template.

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ThePlaza is the best eCommerce website template for brand stores. Big banners and web elements are used in this template to help you easily promote your business. On the clean white background, the products look elegant. Big product cards make interactions easier and also given you plenty of room to add big product images. As most of the eCommerce traffic is from mobile devices, using big elements like this will make interactions easier on the small screen devices. Texts are made bigger and bolder to make them clearly visible among the big image banners and product images. Visual effects are used as a part of the user interface to give handy options like add to cart and add to wish list.

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Little Closet


Little Closet, as the name implies this template is designed for online apparel stores. But the simple clean layout of this template makes it a perfect option for other types of eCommerce stores as well. On the homepage itself, you can add your products, product categories, and unique features in your online store. Icons are used effectively to interpret the common options, which saves a lot of space. The best thing is the creator of this template has shared all the images, fonts, and icons used in the download file. You can easily work with this template and can finish a website in no time.

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Fashishop is a clean looking online shopping website template for apparel stores. As most online buyers always think of service support, providing support number at the top will help them reach you easily. On the homepage, you have space to list your favorite products and latest deals. If you are making a small or medium-sized online store, this template is the best option. In the top bar, you also have space to add quick links to account settings and log in.

Keeping the homepage aside you have all the shopping pages pre-designed for you. Right from shopping page to the confirmation page, all the pages included in this template. With this template, you can easily guide your users and help them place the order. In all the subpages you have a newsletter subscription form near the footer, to improve the chances of growing your email list.

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With big bold sections and web elements, this template is one of the easy to use responsive e-commerce website template. Not only in the desktop version but also in the mobile view all the options are properly organized. Your customers can continue their shopping on the go without any issue. All you have to do is to take care of the backend integration and customization part. In the shop page, all the filter options are listed in the left sidebar. Slider options are also given in this template, as most of the users have touch devices, these type of slider elements give a direct interaction feel to the users.

Zoom effects and hover effects are not given in this template, this might be the one you need to add in this template. More than 50% of online users hesitate to buy online because they can’t try the products. Giving zoom options will help the user to see the product clearly before buying the product. The footer section of the template is also used effectively to add promotional elements.

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eCommerce market is slowly growing in the eastern countries. A survey suggests that the users in Europe and Asian countries will spend a lot than before. If you are having customers across the globe, then this template is the best option for you. The designer of this template has designed this template smartly to promote offers and increase your sales. The homepage header has a big image slider with a call to action buttons. Transition effects are mild and sleek so users can see new offers easily. If you are using Amazon Prime, you may be aware of the effective use of image sliders on the homepage.

The homepage in the homepage is made bigger in this template so you can clearly show the product thumbnail to the users, before getting into the product page. All the navigation options are added in the sidebar, which gives a good brand visibility in your website. In the mobile view, the navigation options open in a full page, for easier interactions. Another sensible feature in the mobile view is the cart page alone is shown as an icon on the top right corner, so that the user can easily see the number of products in their cart.

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online grocerry website template

Vegefoods is a unique website template in this free responsive eCommerce templates list. This website template is made for online grocery shopping websites. Hence, the creator has used lots of green colors for the elements and tags to give a refreshing look to the template. On the homepage, you have big promotional banners to promote new products and offers. Apart from regular eCommerce website elements, this template also has animated countdown timers and premium icons to give a rich look to this template. Thoughtfully designed checkout page lets the user easily increase the product quantity, apply coupon code, and delivery address on one page. So the user doesn’t have to jump to different pages and can checkout easily and quickly.

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online store for wine businesses

As the name implies, this online store website template is made for wine shops. Since the whole nature of the website is different from other online store websites, the creator has used a different design for this template. You have plenty of space for texts and elements to increase your credibility. In all the pages and on the product page, you have testimonials and user review sections to show that your products are genuine. The creator has given you lots of room for adding your own custom features and elements. The code script is also kept neat and simple for quick customization. If you are looking for free responsive eCommerce website templates with a well-written code base, this is the template for you.

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Footwear is a minimal looking website template for online footwear stores. The color scheme used in this template is also mild to match the minimal design of the template. Texts are made bigger and bolder for easier interaction on both small screen and big-screen devices. A big section is given on the homepage to list some of your best product on the homepage. You have a separate shopping page, so list only the best product on the homepage. A flash news element is in the top header section to show the latest offers and seasonal sales. No matter where the user is, this flash news element will keep the users posted about the new offers.

Just like in all the professional eCommerce website template, all the important page links like return policy and privacy policies, are in the footer section. Image sliders in the product page are made bigger so users can see the products. Since it is a footwear website, you get related web elements on the product page. For all the products you have the option to add review elements like star rating to help the user to select a better product.

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Fashe is a must-have collection for a web developer and web developing agencies. This free e-commerce website template is packed with lots of premium features and even gives you different variations in its design. With this template, you get three homepage variations and all three follow different layouts. The clean design of this template helps you to showcase all products neatly and the colorful products look more vibrant on the clean white background.

Fonts are also used smartly to add elegance to the simple design of this template. In all three homepage variations you have a promotional bar near the header section to flash the special offers to the users as soon as they land on your site. By default this template is free, but if you wish to use this template in your commercial projects you can get the commercial license, which is comparatively affordable than other premium templates.

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Coza Store


Coza Store is a clean visual rich e-commerce website template. With the pristine layout, this template helps you to present your contents and products elegantly to the users. This template also packed with three homepage variation just like the Fashe template mentioned above. Since this template is packed with different layouts you can use this template in different projects. All three variations follow full-width design with lots of white space.

As images are the only contact for the users to feel the products, this template has reserved lots of space for images. Visual effects are used effectively throughout the template to let the user virtually feel the products. In all the layout variations you have a big image slider at the header section with cool transition effects. Right from the cart page to the checkout page all the pages are pre-designed for you so you can set up your online store in no time.

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Persuit is another must-have website template for the web developer. It is a complete website template with all the features working from the front end. All you have to do is to take care of the backend and customize it to your special needs. All the basic modern website optimization works like mobile optimization, speed optimization and browser performance optimizations are taken care of this template.

As a package, this template comes with six homepage variations and has different layouts. All the six variations have visual effect-rich elements in it to keep the users engaged. Not only with the homepage, with the other subpages also the creator of this template has given you several choices. This well-thought-out website template has every element and page you need to create an effective e-commerce store. If you wish to thank the author for giving this feature-rich website template for free, you can use the info link given below.

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Karl is a perfect fashion store website template that you can use it for brand stores and small e-commerce stores. Different shades of attractive red color are used in this template for web elements and visual effects. The default color scheme of this template demands user attention wherever you use it on your website. Transition effects in the image slider are awe-inspiring, as seen in many premium image slider template plugins. Bold texts with neat fonts help elegantly highlight the offers and heading section.

Fonts used in this template are easy to read in both small screen devices and big monitors. Promotional banners on the homepage are big enough to hold high-quality images and web elements. Other pages you get with this template are cart page, shopping page, single product page and checkout page. All the filter options for the product is hidden behind the hamburger menu, which is quite easy to access and consumes less screen space.

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Store is a traditional online store website template in a modern layout with tons of latest web elements. The designer of this template has used the white space smartly throughout the template. White spaces are used to present the contents neatly, but it is actually a part of the web design which makes this template so special in this list of free responsive eCommerce website templates. Bright yellow color scheme, on the other hand, draws user attention to the required spot easily. On the clean white background, the yellow color web elements look attractive and also add visual richness to the template.

Texts are also a part of the design in this simple website template; fonts are selected with care so that it looks stylish and also gives a better readability. In the product page, you have recommended products just below the product description to give users a better suggestion. Along with all the other required shopping website template pages, you also get an order complete and wishlist pages pre-designed for you.

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Amado is a perfect fit for online furniture stores and architect websites. The fixed sidebar layout of this template gives you a plenty of content area where you can list all your products neatly. In the sidebar, you can add navigation options and small promotional banners. The default design of this template gives more importance to the image than the text contents. Image holders of all sizes are given in this template so that you can easily add images of any orientation and size.

The homepage itself acts as a simplified version of the shopping page. You can add best selling products in the homepage to hook the users as soon as they land on your site. The shopping page follows a three column design, where you have two sidebars for navigation and filter options, the third column with the maximum proportion is used to list the products. The creator of this template has used flexible code-base so you can easily customize it to fit your needs.

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Listashop is a modern website template with a trendy color scheme. The card-like design for the content blocks helps you to elegantly showcase your product and also make it stand out from the background and rest of the web elements. However, the space in the homepage is limited the creator of this template given you elements like carousels to list a few more best selling products of yours. Hover effects add the product directly to the cart and to the favorite list. Apart from the homepage you also get a separate page for shopping, where the products are listed in a three-column grid. To the left sidebar in the shopping page, you have filter section to help the user find a right product. Other important e-commerce pages like cart page, checkout page, and single product page are also included in this template.

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Sublime is an image-rich e-commerce website template. Experts suggest that custom-made images perform better than regular stock images. If you are spending your time in making custom images for your products, then this template will give you a better result for your efforts. Image handles of all sizes are given in this template so you can add images of any orientation and size without trouble. Visual effects are combined with this elegant design to make the contents effective to the users. The creator of this template has given you basic online store pages like cart pages, checkout pages and other pages pre-designed for you. Minimal design fonts are used in this template to make the texts clear enough to read and also make the texts look stylish.

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Wish is a perfect website template for apparel stores by default, but you can use this template for other purposes as well. Big image banners and bold texts help you to sell the best product to your users easily. As in many free eCommerce website templates mentioned in this list, this one also gives you plenty of space to add images. Lots of white space is given in this template to help you present your products elegantly. The clean white background makes the colorful products to look more vibrant and also gives users a distraction-free environment. You have two navigation options in this template, one is at the traditional top bar and the other is behind the hamburger menu. Custom line icons used in this template are customized to match the overall color scheme of the template.

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Eshop is a full-width website template with all the space you need to list all your products neatly. Though this template uses a full-width layout, all the elements are organized properly within an invisible boundary. Automatically rotating carousels and big banners help you to draw the user attention at the required spot you want. The designer of this template uses a black and orange color scheme throughout the template and he even continued the color scheme in the tags as well. As you can see the creator of this template has maintained the design flow throughout the template which is very important in any professional website to brand the website. At the top, you have the option to switch between different countries and currencies, but they are just a demo option. You must manually take care if you want this template to manage different currencies and locations.

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One Tech


Electronics has become a part of our lives and we are carrying silicon chips and semiconductor boards in our pockets now. If you understand the market and wish to start an e-commerce store for electronic equipment, then One Tech is the best option. Though this template is primarily designed for selling electronic goods you can use this template for other purposes as well. The always hanging categories tab helps the user to jump to the required section right away from the homepage as soon as they land on your homepage. Shadow and depth effects are used effectively to spotlight the important web elements and sections. Fully stretched banners are used to break different sections on the homepage.

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Electro is another e-commerce website template for electronic products like the One Tech template mentioned above. The only difference between the template is the Electro is a more simplified version of the One Tech template. The homepage is designed almost like a shop page so that the user can purchase the product from it. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework with easy to customize code base. The flexible code base helps you to alter the template to your choice without disturbing the other elements. Floating boxes are used for the cart page so you don’t get a separate cart page with this template, but if you need you can add one easily.

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Coloshop can be used as a base to create your custom website template. If you are looking for a modern homepage inspiration for your online store, this template is the best option. With large sections and big web elements, this template gives you plenty of space to showcase your products elegantly. Visual effects, on the other hand, adds extra elegance to the template. Shadow and depts effects are used for the hover effects, which gives a floating feel to the web elements on the clean white background. Other useful elements you get with this template are carousels, animated countdown timers, and category tags. Tabbed interfaces are given in this template so that you have plenty of space to add more products in each category within the given space.

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Shop is a colorful e-commerce website template with trendy gradient color scheme. The designer has made the homepage long enough to accommodate all the elements and sections. Hover effects give shopping options like add to cart and add to favorite. The creator of this template used to visual effects smartly so that you get all the necessary features within the given space itself.

On the clean white background, the colorful gradient colors look attractive. To help you set up an online store easily, the creator of this template gives you other subpage templates. All the subpages follow the same colorful template design of the homepage so you get the same design consistency throughout the template. In all the pages just above the footer, you have space to add a frequently viewed product to make the visitors splurge more. At the footer, you have space to add widgets and other important page links.

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Essence is a clean looking website template. With the pristine design of this template, you can neatly present your products. In the homepage, you only have space to add a few best selling products, offer banners, and categories. Images are used extensively in this template to give a human touch to online shoppers. You also get mega menu option with this template so that you list all your shopping categories neatly under a hood. Another advantage of the megamenu is you also have space to add image banners in the drop-down menu section. The sticky top bar gives you space to add advanced search options, profile settings, and quick link to the cart page. Blog page layouts are also given in this template so that you can share more ideas about the offers and trends with your customers.

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Tattooz website template is primarily built for tattoo shops, spas and beauty salon websites. This dark theme website template includes all the pages you need to create a complete website template. The creator of this template gave us three homepage variations and three-plus blog templates. At least two variations are given for all the subpages included in this package. These options are available in the premium templates, but it is very rare to see in a free website template. Along with all the pages, the designer has also included a shop page, cart page and checkout page with the same dark theme design. With this template, you can create a proper business website and also can sell your goods.

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