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Podcasting is becoming more and more popular these days. With the advent of audio and video podcasting, people are enjoying listening to their favorite podcasts both in their free time or while multitasking. Thus, if you are a podcaster yourself, you definitely need a website to aggregate all your podcasts videos and publish them onto a single, well accessible platform. Depending on web services like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube just don’t seem enough these days. Thus it makes sense to make use of well-built podcast website templates.

Podcast website templates are dedicated website template that helps you publish your podcasts and enable your podcasts better. Integrate multiple services onto your podcasts, such as social media sharing, blogs, merchandise sharing, and much more. It’s all about keeping all possible avenues. Therefore, UI Cookies presents you this nifty article on the best podcast website templates available on the market for you. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of both WordPress and HTML podcast website templates. These website templates are quite diverse and are useable for various purposes such as audio blogging, church sermons, video publishing, and more. Feel free to choose your pick from this vast list and if you feel like it, comment about them. Moreover, if you have any noteworthy additions to this list, don’t shy away from listing them out in our comments section!

Best Podcast Website Templates and WordPress Podcasting Themes for Online Podcasting and Audio Broadcasting



On the top of our list of the best premium podcast website templates is WipCast. A professional niche-based template that is designed especially with the niche in mind offering everything one needs to get started. It features a well-organized interface that includes options to add in all the creative content one wishes to. Equipped with a built-in audio player, it is pretty easy to start online podcasts with ease. Apart from this, you also get plenty of other creative components like sliders, banners, recent posts and popular post widgets and more. And the best part is that you can pretty much start a blog or an online store with the template as well. This theme offers 3 different layouts, 2 single post layouts, WooCommerce compatibility, and more. Not only this, but for more engagement on the site, you can add in contact forms, social icons, and threaded comments with ease.

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Rare Radio


Next in line we have the advanced Rare Radio, a professional radio or podcast website template. Pretty upto date with all of the latest standards, this theme is Gutenberg compatible, as well as GDPR compliant. In addition to this, the whole interface is modern, creative and extremely engaging. Each component crafted with attention to details, this theme is versatile and user-friendly. Whether you want to promote your radio stations, podcasting services or pretty much expand your audience, this theme is definitely a great choice. With 3 different home pages, this template offers options for radio, podcasts, blogs, shops, advanced galleries, sliders and audio players. Equipped with the powerful WPBakery page builder, this theme is as effortless to work with as it gets. Not only this, but it is also compatible with major plugins like MailChimp, Contact Form7, SliderRevolution, WPML and more for added efficiency.

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Another great addition to our list today is Fastcast; a advanced and powerful option to get started with. Minimal, modern and stylish, the interface is pretty appealing to say the least. Featuring 8 different skins, this template focuses majorly on showcasing audio playlists/podcasts that you add onto the site. Offering the users a distraction free and purpose-focused layout style, you can then customize the overall outlook to your preference. Integrated with the Powerpress Podcast plugin that definitely makes it easy to create and manage your playlist of podcast. It supports third-party media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Itunes, Apple Podcast, Spotifu and XML, it pretty much allows one to directly upload files from there as well. The whole theme is also SEO ready, fast loading as well as cross-browser compatible. So, if you are looking to get started without any hassle, then FastCast is definitely the way to go.

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Megaphone is another stunning podcast wordpress theme that is pretty amazing. Perfect for audio podcasts, video streaming and similar niche of websites, this theme is the ideal choice to get started with. Fully responsive, retina-ready and overall providing an awesome visuals as a whole, Megaphone in our opinion is pretty eye-catching. Simple, efficient, clean and well-managed, the design is pretty straightforward and purpose oriented. Following all of the latest web-standards, it offers a GDPR compliant and Gutenberg compatible. It also features a number of built-in personalizing options that makes it easier for you to get that perfect end result. And the great thing here is that this theme offers a monetizing options featuring sections for adscripts, banners and advertisements as well.

Custom widgets for additional features are also there to add in extra functions. It supports multiple post formats. And it also offers multiple layouts, colors and fonts as well as multiple layout styles. Furthermore, there are also unlimited range of sidebars that you can also enable the sticky feature. With access to third-party plugins like WooCommerce, Google Fonts, Google Maps and more it makes way for useful components. The audio player it features supports episodes whether you host it on your own site, or platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher and more. Assigning and categorizing your shows and podcasts into a group is also a breeze. 

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podcast website templates podcaster

Podcaster is a WordPress podcast website template that helps you broadcast and publish your podcasts as quickly as possible. Easily manage all your podcasts using its intuitive archiving feature. Podcaster makes use of a cool Unlimited Episode archives page and lets you manage multiple sections to divide seasons and categories. Similarly, it’s multimedia enabled Front page serves as the perfect for podcasting websites. On your home page, you can enable newest additions, subscription and social media links, latest blogs, and more.

Moreover, Podcaster is also completely embedding friendly and supports all kinds of video formats. Similarly, you can Create unique headers and page designs using its intuitive Admin panel too. Podcaster also comes with tons of styling options as well as dark/light theme templates. The addition of parallax scrolling and retina-ready images makes your website look even fancier!

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podcast website templates viseo

Viseo is one of the most comfortable WordPress podcast website templates to use for any user. It’s friendly and straightforward Theme panel, and Drag and Drop page builder lets you design your website perfectly. All without any coding requirement too! Moreover, Viseo comes with included Demo content that lets you set up your podcasting website instantly. It’s complete embedding features, and in-built Local video and audio player lets you easily publish video podcasts.

Moreover, it keeps all avenues open for you with included with e-commerce support. Sell your Podcast merchandise and provide paid subscription offers to users with barely any hassle. As for theme customization, you are provided with full color and font customization. Moreover, VIseo tops this off with complete Retina support as well as footer, header, and mega menu options.

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podcast website templates soundbyte

Soundbyte is a WordPress theme that comes with all the features necessary for podcast website templates and then some. Use tons of custom add-ons necessary for the growth of your podcast and integrate them onto your website effortless. This includes premium sliders, pops, maps, and more. Theme customization is an easy task with tons of theme options provided to you. This includes Footer/header customization, unlimited colors, and font adjustment.

Similarly, Soundbyte is also included with RSS feed support to help you set up both iTunes and Google RSS feeds for your podcasts. Additionally, Soundbyte is also designed to be completely cross-browser compatible, as well as SEO optimized. Ensure that your podcasts reach to all your possible viewers using this excellent WordPress theme.

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wpcast podcast website templates

Publish and Spread your podcasts all over the internet as fast possible using WpCast. This excellent WordPress podcast website template is the most flawless podcast building experience you will ever find. First of all, It’s an integrated Audio player and compatibility with Apple and Google podcast helps you easily publish your podcasts as fast as possible with the highest audio quality imaginable. Similarly, it’s Series and playlist manager lets you easily categorize podcasts and display them in a unique card design. As for your site itself, WpCast also comes with14+ custom podcast designed shortcodes. Even it’s Premium slider is designed perfectly for podcasts.

Embellish your content with a beautiful automated carousel with an integrated music player. Moreover, to make your past broadcasts more accessible, WpCast also comes with 4+ archive page designs too. Additionally, you get extra features too, such as 4+ blog layouts, custom widgets, social media ready links, and custom playlists.

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castpod podcast website templates

Castpod is a WordPress theme designed to help you make the professional looking website for your podcasts. This retina ready theme comes with all the features necessary to showcase your podcasts. Integrated RSS feeds and integrate your podcasts onto Itunes and Google play and more with Castpod. Moreover, you can also import External RSS feeds to your website directly. Castpod’s integrated HTML5 audio player ensures the best quality of podcasts on your site while retaining compatibility. Whether it’s PC or mobile browsers, your audio podcasts will be completely ready for your users. Additionally, Castpod also features a Hi-DPI, retina ready design. It’s easy to use theme panel lets you customize each element of your website, and it even comes with a one-click demo import.

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soundcast podcast website templates

Soundcast integrates functionality and beauty into one to provide you the perfect WordPress podcast theme. This modern theme runs on HTML5 and is perhaps the best podcast experience ever. Ensure maximum performance and compatibility on your website as well as the perfect SEO optimization. Not to mention, Soundcast also comes with ideal integration features for podcast services such as Youtube, Soundcast, Vimeo, and even custom audio players.

Similarly, it’s intuitive forms let you easily list out all your podcasts and videos in a very accessible form. Finally, its addition of Google fonts and PHP fonts opens up tons of areas for blogging and user interaction. Grow your podcasts along with your website using this excellent WordPress theme.

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Ultra vibes

ultra vibes podcast website templates

Ultra vibes is a WordPress theme perfectly fit for music broadcasting and podcast publishing. Essentially, Ultra vibes has all the functionalities required for podcast website templates and adds on tons of nifty features to add a bit more flair to your website. Choose from 2 different color schemes in the form of Dark or light versions. The template itself comes with cool parallax effects, animation effects, and more. Seamlessly integrate your podcast and allow users to scroll through them effortlessly with cool navigation effects and scroll effects. You can even enable tons of custom podcast elements such as recent additions, track listing, guest speakers, future podcasts, and more. Moreover, Ultra vibes is also completely tablet and mobile friendly; The website is sure to suit all kinds of website screen and respond perfectly to touchscreens.

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audiatro podcast website templates

Audiatro is a WordPress theme explicitly designed for podcasting and audio broadcasting. This obviously means that audioatro comes with a fantastic audio player. However, it also provides you with additional HTML5 audio visualization features. Similarly, the additional compatibility with PowerPress means podcasting on your website is as easy as it gets. Setting up your website isn’t that difficult either with its one-click demo importer. Moreover, Audioatro’s theme panel lets you easily customize home pages, colors, layouts, and more. Setup an impressive Showcase of your podcasts and enable it with social media links, newsletters, and more. Additionally, Audioatro also supports WooCommerce to help you commercialize your content.

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sonus podcast website templates

Sonus is the perfect choice amongst the many WordPress podcast website templates available to you. Create your podcast using a custom audio player that is responsive as well as compatible on all platforms. Allow your users to enjoy your podcasts on their computers, mobile devices, and more. Additionally, Sonus ensures that your podcasts are correctly integrated with RSS feeds, Apple and Google podcasts and even RSS XML feeds.

Additionally, Sonus is also completely pixel perfect and retina ready. Your website will resize correctly to fit any resolution or size. Similarly, Sonus also supports translation features as well as RTL languages. Add in its blog features as well as tons of Google fonts and icon fonts, and you have a very versatile podcast website template in your hand.

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dixie podcast website templates

Dixie is the definition of a modern WordPress theme that fits the required model of any podcaster. It’s featured video/audio player is responsive, fast, cross-browser compatible and even mobile friendly. But that’s not all; Dixie ensures that browsing through your podcast playlists and episode lists is as easy as enjoying them. Choose to display your podcast episodes in multiple layouts, according to your desire. Choose from multiple column grids, masonry layouts, episode sliders, infinite scroll, and more. Furthermore, Dixie is completely Elementor friendly, and its drag and drop page builder design makes customizing it even easier. Not to mention, you can easily customize it’s color and layout settings too.

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audonic podcast website templates

Audonic is a clean and flexible podcasting WordPress theme with all the features necessary for you. Customize your website’s theme to your heart’s content using Audonic and its theme options. Choose from dark and light themes which reflect perfectly onto their corresponding audio player schemes too. Enable custom headers built for podcasting for your home page, blog pages, category pages, and more. Furthermore, Audonic also supports native audio/video players as well as embeds from all the possible web services made for podcasting.

Create custom archives for your podcasts, as well as podcasting listings and playlists. To make your front page more attractive, Audonic also presents you with the options to display subscription services, recent podcasts, blogs, sliders, and more. And yes, Audonic is also completely blog friendly and you can even embed your podcasts and audio files onto your blogs.

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megabyte podcast website templates

For a podcast website template made for WordPress, Megabyte has that unique flair that can be simply described as extraordinary. Its page design is unique and exquisite while still remaining completely functional. Enable custom fullscreen carousel headers, complete with audio player embedded onto them. The option for unlimited color and layout customization lets you go crazy with your creativity.

Similarly, you can also customize cool footers, mega menus, and home pages with Megabyte. As for functionality, you are provided with complete RSS feed support as well as premium sliders and Podcast list forms. Easily categorize and sort your podcast listings based on seasons and serve them to your audience on a silver platter. Moreover, Megabyte’s Retina ready design and HIDpi elements make your website look fabulous on all browsers and platforms.

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Podcast master

podcast master podcast website templates

Podcast master is a WordPress theme designed for one purpose and one purpose only; To help you create a perfect podcasting platform that well represents you. Publish an unlimited number of podcasts using a custom audio player that is fully customizable. Enable your podcasting websites in cohesion with other podcasting platforms such as Speaker, Simplecast, BuzzSprout, and more using this excellent theme.

Similarly, to help you well manage your podcasts, you get a dedicated podcast post type, categories and tags, transcript uploads, and 3 customizable podcast styles. Moreover, each podcast comes with subscription buttons, social media share links, and more. Podcast master even lets you add in Subscription and Opt-in forms as well as newsletter and campaign forms to increase lead generation and interest in your podcasts.

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vipo podcast website templates

Vipo lets you easily set up your podcast websites and lets you publish your podcasts as quickly as possible. This podcasting WordPress theme comes with a dedicated HTML5 audio/video player that is designed to be as multiplatform friendly and responsive as possible. Generate valid RSS feeds and even integrated publishing to Itunes and Google podcasts using Vipo. Moreover, you can migrate RSS feeds from older websites using its External RSS feed extractor that is designed to help you import podcasts effortlessly. Vipo also comes with a statistical tool to help you learn your viewer count and more details. Take the necessary steps to help your podcasts grow and watch it reflect perfectly using Vipo. It’s additional theme customization features, and one-click demo importer are just the little cherries on top.

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rekord master podcast website templates

WordPress themes aren’t the only thing we have for our list of podcast website templates. To start it off, we have Rekford; an Ajaxify enabled multipurpose HTML template explicitly built for podcast websites. Built on bootstrap, Rekford provides you with a customization friendly template with tons of theme options. Choose from dark & light themes and enable features such as RTL languages and podcast enabled layouts. You are also provided with a nifty plugin in the form of Wave Surfer. The mix of the audio player features and playlists management of podcasts makes setting up your episodes a breeze of a task. Not to mention, you also get tons of variations for player positions and tons of custom widgets made for podcasting purposes.

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Flexible and versatile, Videodune is a premium vlogging or podcast website template, that is visually impressive. It is pretty responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect with the imagery. And the styling is kept to the minimal and simple, so that the template is focused mainly on the content you present. It is ideal for any creative individuals and perfect for those who want to start their podcast channels. Based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is pretty up to par with all of the latest web-standards. Complete with over 10 awesome HTML files to get started, you get all of your requirements sorted.  From 2 stunning Home Pages to other useful Inner pages, you can get started right off the bat.

Getting more into the details, the styling is ideal for magazines, blogs, editorials, audio and video podcast websites. The sections are highly customizable and can be personalized to your preference. And with the use of the professional CSS and HTML elements throughout, it makes the interface even more appealing. Several animated components along with the effects, animations and scrolling is also available. Each line of code are well-commented and valid, And to ensure optimal performance, the template is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly as well as fast loading. Perfect addition to our list of premium podcast website template, Videodune is surely a great way to get started online!

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SKRN SKRN-podcast-website-template

SKRN is another professionally crafted podcast website template ideal for the niche today. Whether you are looking to live stream, share media and contents to the world, this template is sure to cater to your needs. Pretty creative with the visuals and one of a kind design, this sure is capture and engage your users with ease. It is fully responsive like any of the other templates and provides an amazing visual. Relying on the advanced Bootstrap framework, it pretty much provides all of the flexibility one requires.  It comes with a web app dashboard that includes options for user profiles and videos. Not only this, but it features an exclusive landing page as well as other useful Inner pages to go with.

Another great thing here is the responsive built-in video player. And it supports locally hosted videos, YouTube and Vimeo. The template is also SEO friendly and is optimized to rank higher on all major SERPs. HTML and CSS provides the backbone and is all valid and secure. In addition to this, the template also offers a huge range of color palettes, fonts and typography options as well. In addition to this, it features the unique side navigation bar that makes it easier for your users to access your sites. All in all a pretty great template package, we definitely think you should give this template a try.

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Castilo castilo master podcast website templates

Castilo is a fully enabled HTML5 podcasting website template. This means that your website is completely responsive as well as mobile-friendly from the start. Moreover, it’s mobile first coding, and retina display support means that your content resizes perfectly on all screen sizes. Everything from your media player to your podcasting listings is all designed to be lightweight and fast to load.

Similarly, you also receive access to an intuitive theme panel. Customize your podcast website’s layouts and theme choices with barely any difficulty using Castilo. It’s resizable fonts, and jQuery based elements reflect these theme changes perfectly. Your podcast website is sure to look as attractive as possible using Castilo.

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headlines master podcast website templates

Headlines is a video and podcast enabled blog theme made for podcasters and bloggers alike. Choose from 6 different home page design, all of which are bound to suit audio and video podcasting perfectly. Headlines is designed to be as responsive as possible on both pc and mobile browsers. It’s neat and clean code ensures maximum responsiveness and speed on your website. Similarly, you also get features such as cool media embedding, media players, and more. Its huge range of typography options and Google fonts makes blogging quite easy. Therefore, you can blog and publish podcasts on the same website without any difficulty whatsoever.

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native church master podcast website templates

Looking for HTML podcast website templates for Church podcasts and sermons? Then we have a range of multiple selections for you. NativeChurch is one of the podcast website templates featured on this list made specifically for churches, charities, and other religious websites. Create attractive homepages with various responsive theme options and an awesome slider. Choose from a wide range of pre-configured color schemes as well as unlimited color options. NativeChurch also lets you integrate audio/video podcasts for sermons.

Moreover, use the Calendar plugin in collaboration with your podcasts to provide timely, scheduled podcasts to your audience. Additionally, to help your church grow, NativeChurch also comes with tons of gallery options. This includes 7 different galleries, responsive sorting gallery, and fullscreen viewers. For your website’s purposes, NativeChurch also comes with events listing, contact forms, upcoming event timers, and more.

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Adore Church

adore church podcast website templates

Adore Church has this air of serenity to it that just makes it the perfect podcasting template for churches. Use tons of well-designed HTML pages that are built to be set up as easy as possible. Choose from 12 different pre-designed color schemes, 32+ unique pages, and tons of responsive elements. Adore Church is a website that does not that a lot of effort to customize and personalize at all Along with its podcast enabling features and podcast listings, Adore church also comes with a nifty coming soon timer for events and more. You can enable your churchgoers, even more, using Google map embeds, upcoming event listings, blogs, and more. Adore understands that there’s more to church podcasting than simple media player features. The plugin is here to help you reach the masses and help you and your audience grow.

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pulse master podcast website templates

Pulse is an HTML template designed to help you share your music and podcasts as easily as possible. Built with Bootstrap 4, Pulse features a clean and modern UI that is designed to be mobile responsive as well as cross-browser compatible. Use multiple theme designs to set your podcasting website apart. The template comes in different color variations such as dark, light, grey, or black themes.

Moreover, it’s web app layouts makes embedding and sharing content effortless. Enable online radios, podcasting, and music embeds using this intuitive site template. Pulse also supports RTL languages and is completely translation friendly.

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Music Base

music base podcast website templates

podcasting template to add to the list. Music base is a podcasting website template that features a responsive layout. The template suits its responsive UI perfectly and guarantees the best loading speed and mobile compatibility. Furthermore, the template includes an integrated music player, podcasting functions as well as a radio player. Enable audio players with custom skins as well as episodes and track listing. The template itself comes in 2 different skins as well as tons of theme customization. Enable cool sliders, galleries, and contact forms using Music base. As to help your content and website grow, MusicBase also comes with dedicated HTML pages. This includes event listings, biographies, blogs, photo and video galleries, and more. Additionally, MusicBase is also eCommerce ready and can help you set up shop for selling merchandise and subscription services.

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streamo magazine podcast website templates

Streamo is an extremely flexible audio and video streaming website template. This podcasting template’s the real deal when it comes to a complete podcasting experience. Use 8+ home page variations to choose a home page design that suits your website. Streamo adds more flair and creativity to its already amazing design. Use cool mega menus, banner sliders, and font awesome icons with Streamo. The template, as well as its media player functions, are as responsive and mobile friendly as possible. Not to mention, it’s lightweight coding enables fast loading on your website. Moreover, you can also customize Streamo to your heart’s content using its user-friendly theme panel.

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Video Magazine

video magazine podcast website templates

Video magazine allows you to publish podcasts and video posts in a more accessible form of a magazine. Enable blogging and add in a creative flair to your broadcasts using Video magazine. This HTML template comes with 5 different home page styles for you to choose from. Setting up a website for your podcast has never been easier.

Moreover, you can also choose from 5 header styles, 5 footer styles as well as tons of custom HTML pages. Setup custom video pages for your podcasting listing complete with a custom carousel. You can also enable a video-enabled blog on your website. Even more, you can also use multiple custom shortcodes designed for video sharing.

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