Material design is the best option if you want to create a user-friendly website. All the elements and layouts are designed by keeping user interactions at the core. No matter on what device you are using, the material design will deliver a better user experience when compared to other designs. Since this design is inspired by the physical world elements, you get a more natural look. In this materialize templates list, you get both simple material designs and sophisticated designs. Professional designers and developers have designed these templates. Hence, you can simply pick the template you like and make a pixel-perfect design without spending much time.

The beauty of the material design is the use of lights and shadows. With the help of the modern HTML5 and CSS3 scripts, shadows and glow effects get an authentic look. Most animation effects are used with a purpose, so you get a more meaningful design. WordPress templates are chosen in this materialize templates list to make your job even simpler. Minor customizations can be done quickly without even touching the code. There is a design for all types of audiences in this list. Take your time and find the best design for your website.


professional looking materialize templates

It is a multi-purpose website template. As the name implies, all the demos in this template uses material design. The creator has used the space effectively to let you add all the related information in one place so that the user doesn’t have to scroll a lot to read your website content. The mobile version is also optimized carefully to provide a better user experience. This template has both creative and professional website designs. All demos are sleek and fun to use. Since all the materialize templates in this pack are made of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, the animation effects are smooth, and the colors look more natural. Print design methods are the base of Material design; The creator has understood it clearly and used the typographies and imageries smartly in this template.

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Material Web Hosting

materialize templates for hosting websites

You can understand that this template is a material design-based hosting website template from the name itself. The creator has used the visual power of the material design to help you fully express the brand and the services you offer. In the default demo, the creator has used lots of colorful vectors, which gives an infographic style look. But, you can change the elements and images as per your wish. Since it is a hosting website template, the creator has pre-integrated WHMCS into the template. Hence all primary hosting website functions are in an ideal working condition. This template is made compatible with the WordPress CMS platform to give you more flexibility.

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Landrick (HTML)

html dynamic website template with material design

Landrick is a materialize landing page template. Bright material colors and trendy web elements will get user attention as soon as they land on the page — which is the most important aspect of a landing page and is done well in this template. The creator has kept the landing page design as simple as possible so that users can quickly understand the message. In a few landing page demos, the creator has played with scroll effects by keeping certain elements fixed to keep the audience visually engaged when they scroll through the pages. If you want sensibly designed materialize landing page templates to engage the present-day audience, Landrick will be a good choice.

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MegaOne (HTML)

one-page and multi-page website template

MegaOne is a multipurpose HTML website template pack. The creator has used all types of trendy designs in this pack. For example, you get a flat design, colorful material design, minimal iconography design, and much more. You can pick one based on your needs and start making your website. The creator has covered almost all major website categories in its vast 80+ demo collection. All demos have a properly optimized design and code-structure so that developers can quickly work with this template and can convert it into the website you want. Plus, adding custom elements and features is also easier.

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contemporary-style website template

Ewebot is a sophisticated SEO agency website template that elegantly uses the material design. This theme pack has seven demo versions as of writing this post. Most of the demos use vector-rich design. You can add micro-interactions and animations to the vectors to make the website even more engaging. The creator has given you a clear idea in the demo itself. Either you can recreate the demo, or you can customize the template to add your own personal touch. Since it is a WordPress theme, managing content won’t be a tough job. Plus, the included Elementor page builder will make the front-end customization simpler.

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materialize templates for coffee shops

Exhibz is a trendy and youthful-looking event and conference website template. If you are organizing an event for the present-day audience, this template will help you attract your target audience. This colorful website template has 15+ demo variations, and all of them follow a vibrant design. Material design elements and colors are used effectively to give a realistic look. Visual effects are fluid and smooth on both mobile and computer devices. Some demo versions use scroll effects, which will provide an engaging experience when the user reads your website contents. Google fonts are used predominantly in this WordPress website template. Hence, you get a properly optimized and fully compatible text that will be easy to read. This template uses the Elementor page builder to make the customizations easier.

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materialize templates for SAAS websites

Saasland, from the name itself you can understand that this template is made for software companies. The creator has given you lots of variations in this template. By doing various permutations and combinations with the given elements, no two websites will look alike. This template is also equipped with the Elementor page builder to provide you with more customization options. The visual editor will help you customize almost any element. Just pick the elements and place them in the place you want. You also get the PSD design files of this template along with the HTML files. Hence, you can easily edit and visualize the customization results before taking it to the development phase. Shadow effects smartly differentiate the elements and also give a realistic touch to the website.

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easy to edit website template

With 26 stunning pre-made materialize templates, the Exponent will help you create a modern website for almost all types of business websites. Whether you need a simple professional looking website or an illustrative style creative website, this template will have a perfect design for you. All templates are designed carefully by professional developers and designers. Hence, you get a stunning looking website that performs flawlessly on any platform. Vector icons used in this template elevate the richness of this template. If you have resources, you can add micro animations to the vectors to liven up the design. For more animation examples, take a look at our CSS animation examples. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle any new animation effects easily.

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multipurpose website template

The Bridge website template is designed for creative businesses. Modern design trends and the material style guidelines are combined effectively in this template. As a result, you get visually stunning website design. With more than 400 demo variations, this template has different layouts. Along with the material design, you also get other types of web designs in this pack. If you are a professional web developer, templates like this will help you easily adopt different styles. Premium plugins like the Slider Revolution and Timetable Responsive Schedule are pre-integrated for you. This WordPress website template supports both the Elementor and the WPBakery page builders to give you more flexibility. Speaking of tables, take a look at our CSS tables if you have to organize the content neatly.

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materialize templates with cool color schemes

Uncode website template is also designed for creative agencies like the Bridge template mentioned above. This template has a more professional look when compared to the Bridge template. The creator has balanced the professional look and creative elements smartly in all the demos. Since it is a multi-purpose website template, it has designs for all famous niches. Uncode is one of the few materialize templates that has its own front-end editor. You still get the renowned WPBakery page builder with this template, so you needn’t worry. Many premium plugins are also pre-integrated into this template to give you more value for your money. If you are expecting a readymade website solution, this template will impress you.

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video and image-rich website templates

If you are looking for materialize templates with creative and functional design, the Salient is the best option for you. The creator has made beautiful layouts for modern businesses. These templates will help you create stunning websites that make you stand apart from others. Smartly designed layouts not only give a fresh look to the website but also kept all the elements in an easily accessible spot. Images and videos have lots of spaces in this template. Since it is an HTML5 based website template, the animation effects are smooth and neat. Plus, the integrated WordPress engine will make content management easier for you. The creator has concentrated on blog designs as well. Hence, you can beautiful reader-friendly blog layouts in this template.

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materialize templates with multiple demos

Jevelin website template is purely designed by keeping present-day users in mind. Right from the layout to the color schemes used, everything is designed with extreme care. Apart from the regular drag and drop page builder, this template has an Element editor. In the Element editor, you can edit elements style and animation. The creator has made the Element editor sleek and straightforward to use. Hence, you can use this template on all types of browsers and devices. This multipurpose website template has both minimal and creative materialize templates. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start working on it. Since primary customizations are made more manageable, you can concentrate on the custom features.

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simple website template

Total is one of the best selling WordPress website templates. The creator of this template has loaded it with tons of useful features. Since all the basic plugins are pre-integrated for you, you can concentrate on the custom functions you need. This multipurpose website template has 40+ pre-made demos for different niches. Along with the material design, you also get other types of designs. With the help of the Elementor page builder, you can easily drag and drop the pre-made 80+ building modules in the place you want. For image sliders, this template uses the Revolution Slider plugin; Within seconds, you can create an interactive image slider using this plugin.

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website template with multiple demos

The Kalium website template gives you practical and straightforward layouts. All demo variations uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks. Because of the flexible nature of the latest frameworks, these templates easily adapts to the screen size and the platform. The most significant advantage of using materialize templates you get a user-friendly responsive design. Since the material design focuses mostly on the UI/UX, the user will enjoy using your website. At the time of writing this post this template has 20+ pre-made demos. You can expect more new templates in the upcoming updates. These new layouts will come in handy when your website has grown and needed a fresh look.

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Phlox Pro

materialize templates with contemporary style

Card elements play a major role in material design. Since cards give natural interactions, the material design adopts it perfectly. In the Phlox Pro, the designer has used the material design effectively in each section. Gradients and big typographies enhance the material look of this template. This template has multiple demos, with different types of material designs. Based on your need and niche, you can pick the demo you want. Lots of useful plugins are pre-integrated into this template. Hence, normal users can simply install the theme and use their website straight away. For more card design inspirations, take a look at our bootstrap card design collection.

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materialize templates for listing websites

Material design has made a great impact on the listing website design. In the earlier days, listing websites have a boring table design with chunky buttons. Material elements give a natural and interactive look to the directory websites. Card elements and shadows are used effectively to group the contents. If you are looking for materialize templates for a directory website, this template will impress you. For more directory website templates, take a look at our database website templates. Apart from the design, this template has lots of useful features. Since it is a WordPress website templates, it has PHP functionalities out of the box. Hence, you can set up a fully functional directory website within a few hours.

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materialize templates with lively animation effects

The Ave template gives you a future-proof website template. This template has a wide range of design varieties. Whether you need a simple design or a sophisticated interaction-rich design, this template will have a template for you. This creative website template has 50+ demo variations, and all of them follow a modern design. The creator has designed the templates carefully so that your websites won’t look outdated so soon. Subtle design elements and properly handled animation effects will help your website age well. If you want a template to simply install once and forget it forever, materialize templates like this will come in handy. This creative website template has Useful plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and the Events calendar. Digital business websites will find this template extremely useful.

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website template with useful features

Pearl template entirely focuses on modern business websites. If you are doing lots of corporate websites, the Pearl template will save you time and money. Since this is a multi-purpose corporate website template, the creator has used different styles of designs. We do get material designs for some templates. Most recently added templates use material design, so you no need to search a lot. Swift and clean animation effects are coupled elegantly with the material design. Hence, most users will love using your website. Like most other materialize templates in this list, this one is also a responsive website template. All demos use high-quality icons, which gives a premium finish to the website. Useful plugins like Custom login, Revolution slider, and Booked appointments are given in this template.

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colorful and interactive website template

KALLYAS is not only the best selling WordPress website template but also has powered thousands of websites. Easy to use features and neat designs make this template a goto option for many developers. This best selling website template has nearly 70+ pre-made demos, which also includes eCommerce website templates. The creator has combined the images with modern web elements to give an eye-pleasing design. In some demo variations, modern background patterns give an artistic touch to the website. If you like to add your own custom background, take a look at our CSS background patterns collection.

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modern corporate website templates

Pofo website template is designed specifically for creative professionals. Whether you are making a freelancer website or a creative agency website, this template has a design for you. Since there are materialize templates for freelancers as well, you can explain your services and experiences engagingly to the audience. This prolific template has thirty demo variations, and all of them use the colors effectively. Since these templates use the latest CSS3 script, the bright colors look more natural and vibrant. The creator has thoughtfully integrated MailChimp email tool into this template. Hence, you can easily manage your email campaigns and email lists. If you are into email marketing, take a look at our free MailChimp email templates, which not only saves you time but also saves you money.

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thoughtfully design website templates

Sassico is a colorful website template with eye-catchy designs. The creator has balanced the modern design elements and the material design smartly in this template. Hence, you get a natural-looking website template. Since all the web elements are properly designed using the script, this template looks stunning on retina devices as well. If you are looking for retina-ready eCommerce themes, take a look at our Shopify retina themes collection. As of writing this post, this template has 12 homepage variations. But, you can expect more templates in the future updates. Using responsive retina website templates like this will help you reach all types of audiences.

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materialize templates with interactive design

Ryse is also similar to the Sassico template mentioned above. The vector-rich illustrative style design makes this template a perfect fit for modern business websites. You get demos for SEO agencies, digital marketers, and creative agencies. Even though you don’t get the beautiful vector images in the download file, you can add your own images easily. The Elementor page builder is pre-integrated into the template. You can simply drag and drop the elements, and you can also edit the elements easily with the help of the Elementor builder. Another advantage of this template is all the inner pages also follows the same trendy design. Hence, you get a consistent design throughout the website.

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materialize templates for startups

If you expect organic shapes and cool gradient colors on your website, this template will impress you. You can understand that this template is made for startups from the name itself. Hence, the designer has given a fresh clean look to the layouts. Plenty of space is given between each element so the user can easily interact with your website. Another unique feature in this template is it is available in both HTML5 and WordPress version. If you want a readymade solution, you can opt for the WordPress version. In the HTML version, you have to take care of the integration part.

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