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Tabs are the best elements to manage content on both mobile UI and in regular desktop UI. Well-designed tabs give a better user experience and guide the user in a proper path to see the related contents. Tabs help you easily organize the related content and improve the website’s visual consistency. Imagine a page with long texts and bigger headings, they are called blogs, not webpages. Tabs easily break the long contents into bite-sized contents and present it engagingly to the users. These bootstrap tabs examples will help you create neat-looking tabs that will help you organize the contents easily and provide better navigation.

Our eyes are used to the left to right movement, so most tabs are arranged parallelly. If you use tabs in a step-by-step process, you can use them vertically. Based on the purpose and where you use them, the design of the tabs varies. Experts always suggest making a proper label to judge the type of content in that tab easily. You can either use text in the label or use icons to be more precise and clear.

Interactions also play a major role in modern UI and UX designing. The most commonly used trigger actions are hover and click actions. In this bootstrap tabs stylings and animations collection, we have collected both trigger actions to use them easily in your design. All these bootstrap tabs are made using the latest web development frameworks, hence you can use any swipe and sliding animations on them.

Colorlib Tab 16

responsive bootstrap tabs

This responsive Bootstrap 4 tab is made for the payment concept.

If you want an intuitive tab design for your product payment wizard, this one will be a great choice. The big wizard design gives you ample space to neatly present the content to the audience. A background image is used in the default design. However, you can add different background images for each tab to make the experience more engaging and meaningful. The whole template is free to download, and you can use the code to create your custom design.

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Animated Tab Bar

bootstrap tabs stylings for mobile UI

Those who want to use a lively Bootstrap style will love this animated tab style.

The creator has used smooth animations and a clean layout to make a user-friendly tab design. You can use this design concept for mobile and computer devices because of its compact form factor. Since most designers and developers are looking for a versatile design that can deliver a uniform experience across all types of devices, this concept will be loved by all types of modern UI/Ux designers and developers. Look at our CSS mobile menu post for more mobile-friendly design concepts.

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CSS Only Sliding Tabs

animated Bootstrap tabs styling

No matter what bootstrap tab you have, this CSS tab animation style will make the tab interaction engaging for the users.

A smooth transition slider is used to highlight the user’s tab. Because of the design’s simple nature, you can utilize this concept on any part of your website. This animation style will make your design stand out from the crowd, a widget tab or a navigation bar tab. As said in the title, the whole concept uses only the CSS script; therefore, you can easily customize the design as per your needs.

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Bootstrap Tabs Responsive

responsive bootstrap tabs

Wizard 8 is a responsive bootstrap tabs design example. Using icons in the tabs lets the user know what content they can expect in a particular tab. Since this wizard is designed for an online organic store, you get the icons related to it. The neat icon vectors with textures give an artistic finish to the design. If you use tabs for wizards like in this design or for listing products, these icon tab designs will be a good choice. Along with the tabs, you also get a fully functional form that will come in handy for you when making a registration form.

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Bootstrap Dynamic Tabs

bootstrap dynamic tabs design

Wizard 2 has dynamic bootstrap tabs for an immersive user experience. Vertical tabs are the most preferred tab design on the homepage of a business website. Especially if you are making a startup website, clearly explaining your process is necessary. In such scenarios, a vertical tab design will be a perfect choice. The designer of this bootstrap tabs example has maintained a straightforward design. Numbers and texts are used directly for the tabs to help the user understand the next step or the content in that tab. A line indicator is used on the left side of the tab names. If you like to spice up the design, you can make the line indicator an interactive slider to jump to the next tab. There is no limit to creativity, so the developer has made the code structure simple enough for quick and easy customization.

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Colorlib Wizard 3

creative shapes are used un this bootstrap tab

Using unique geometric shapes is one of the design trends used by all designers. The designer has used a hexagon shape and arrows in this tab design. The big hollow space in the middle let you add numbers, hence you can use it for pagination as well. Because of the CSS3 and HTML5 scripts, you get a sturdy design and lively gradient color scheme. If you like gradient colors, look at our CSS gradient button design collection. Originally this design is made for an event ticket booking wizard, so you get elements and forms related to the event websites.

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Colorlib Wizard 11

clean looking clickable tabs

Colorlib Wizard 11 is another example of icon style tab designs. The big square tab boxes give you enough space to add icons and texts. The use of line vector icons is a smart choice because they are visible on red and grey colors. Square boxes with rounded edges easily blend with other elements on the form. Since this example uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, you can use any creative shapes for the tabs. The tabs are used in an account registration form in the default design. Hence you get fully functional forms along with the tab design.

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Colorlib Wizard 14

clean and fresh looking wizards

If you are looking for a professional business style tab designs, the tabs in Colorlib Wizard 14 will impress you. The fresh green color scheme gives a refreshing look to the form. The designer has kept the design uncluttered to see the texts and other elements. You have only space for text in the tabs in the default design. But, you can add icons if you want. The neat professional look of the tabs with trendy color schemes makes it a good fit for all types of business websites.

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Colorlib Wizard 15

vertical tab design example

Using timeline style tab design for the registration process, product history & working, or other such processes will be a sensible idea. The user can clearly understand what will be the next step. The tab and the whole wizard design are great in this example. The designer has used a vertical tab design with numbers and texts in this design. The vertical tabs are moved towards the left end and the main contents are kept in the middle of the screen. This sensible design uses Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3 scripts. Because of these latest frameworks, working on this form will be easy.

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Colorlib Wizard 20

tab example for step by step process

Colorlib Wizard 20 also has a timeline-style tab design, but this one is a horizontal tab design. The designer has made the original design compact so you can use it for mobile applications. Placing the tabs at the top will help the user to navigate easily, but the smartphones are becoming taller, so try to move them to the side or bottom for better accessibility. There are almost zero animation effects used in this design, hence this element will load faster. For more creative timeline design with crazy animation effects, look at our timeline design example collection.

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Colorlib Wizard 26

Clickable button style tabs

In this bootstrap tabs example, the creator has treated tabs as buttons. If you like to do something different from the usual design, this might inspire you. You can use a three-dimensional effect to give a more authentic button experience. Since this tab design uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, creating a three-dimensional design is not a tough job. Take a look at our CSS buttons design collection. The tabs are made for a booking form, so you also get booking forms in this design. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can use the elements in this wizard.

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Colorlib Wizard 27

ribbon style tabs

CSS ribbon is a versatile element, which is used for different purposes. In this tab design example, the creator has used ribbon design for the tabs. If you are bored by the same old rectangular tab boxes, try this ribbon design. A small split line is given in the ribbon design to let you add numbers and texts. Colors are used to indicate the tabs visited, if you are using multiple tabs, this color indicator will come in handy. In this design also the creator has used a vertical orientation for the tabs. But, you can change it to horizontal orientations.

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Colorlib Wizard 19

tabs with line design

We have seen tabs with definite boundaries in all the previous bootstrap tabs examples. One of the advantages of the borderless design is you can easily adjust the design. In the default design, the designer has used only texts for the tabs. The texts are made bolder and bigger for better readability and legibility even on small screen devices. If you are looking for a tabbed widget on your website, this one will be a perfect choice. The simple minimal design of the wizard makes it easily blend with other elements on the website or you can even use it in full page design.

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Bootstrap 4 Tabs With Indicators

tabs with icons

The Bootstrap 4 tabs with indicators let the users quickly jump to the section they want. Simple and neat icons are used in the tab labels to give a visually aesthetic look to the design. Each tab is given with more than enough space to let you add a clear note or info. Tab switching animations are sleek and smooth, so most users will love using this tab design. The entire design uses the latest CSS3 & HTML5 script, and the code is shared with you on the CodePen editor for quick access. You can edit and visualize the code results in the editor before taking it to your project.

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3D Bootstrap Tab Panel

3D cube-style tab

As the name implies, this bootstrap panel design uses a 3D cube design. Cube rotation effects are used for the tab transition. Though the design looks complex, the code script is very simple. The whole design uses the CSS script and gives you more than enough room to add your custom elements and effects. Since the default design is smooth and works perfectly, you can utilize the code in your project without any issues.

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Realistic Bootstrap Tabs

realistic bootstrap tab designs

The creator has used the shadow effects smartly in this design to give a realistic look. Tabs are easy to read and click, so most users will find this bootstrap friendlier to use. Though it is a concept model, it is mobile responsive to an extent. But still, you might need to fine-tune the code to make it professional. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor. The HTML, CSS, and JS codes are neatly differentiated in the code editor to quickly understand and edit the code as per your requirements.

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Tabs Navigation UI

tabs for user interface design

If you plan to use the bootstrap tabs for your mobile application navigation menu, this concept might impress you. With smooth and fluid transition effects, the content is shown interactively. Since it is a concept model, the creator has used a wireframe-like element in the demo. The entire code script used to make this design is shared with you directly to utilize this code in your design easily. This bootstrap tabs concept for the navigation menu will also be a good choice for one-page website templates.

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Bootstrap Vertical Tabs

vertical tab design ideas

As the name implies, this example has a vertical tabs design. The compact size of this tab design makes it easily fit on any part of the website and application. Icons are used to indicate the tabs symbolically and save space in this compact design. Another thoughtful design in this tightly packed tab design is the scrollable main content area — you can still show all related content in the same place. Since it is a concept model, the creator has kept the color scheme very simple. You can use any modern colors on this design as per your needs.

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Minimal & Sexy Tabs

tab design to compare to products

You get an interesting use of tabs in this example. The creator has used tabs to compare two pieces of information. If you are looking for a simple yet practically applicable design to let the user easily compare your products, this design might come in handy for you. The creator has compared different celebrities in the default design. Light & dark colors are used to distinguish both sides neatly. Animation effects and tabs transition effects are smooth in this design; hence the user will find this tab design easy to interact. By making a few changes to the code, you can use it on your website. Speaking of comparing products, if you are building an online store with a small inventory, take a look at our simple Shopify themes collection.

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PureCSS Tabs

simple and lightweight tab

This one is a regular tab design that you might have seen on any websites and applications. What makes this design special is its lightweight code structure. As the name implies, this design is made purely using the CSS and HTML framework. Since it is a horizontal tab, you get plenty of space to add long content. The default design is kept very simple, and only a few animation effects are used. You can add transition effects to the tabs to make the design even more interactive.

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Fantabulous Tabs

tab with smooth animations

Bix boxy tabs and tab columns are used in this design, which makes the interaction easier. The use of bright colors for the tabs lets the user easily identify the selected tab. Both CSS and Javascript frameworks are used in this design to make buttery smooth animations. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, you can use any modern colors and animation effects in this design. For more fresh animation ideas, take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection.

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Sign-Up/Login Form

tab for login and signup form

One of the most common places where tabs are used nowadays is the login/signup forms. Different UI designs and UX effects are easily used to access the login and signup forms. But, the tabs are more effective and less time consuming to build when compared to other UI designs. Both the login and the signup forms are fully functional in this example. The creator has given you a bold and boxy form design. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePeneditor; hence, you can utilize the code easily on your website or application.

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Tabs – CSS + JS

simple tabs with neat animation effects

As the name implies, this bootstrap tab uses CSS and Javascript frameworks. Because of these frameworks, the creator has given us a fluid interactive hover effect for the tabs. The animation effect is neat and simple so that you can use this design on any part of your website. Since all the animation effects occur within the tab, you no need to rearrange other elements on the webpage. The creator has used only text contents in the tab in the demo, but you can add images and videos if you want. If you like to add life to your design, animated bootstrap tabs like this will impress you.

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Adaptive Tabs

adaptive and responsive bootstrap tabs

If you are looking for interactive smart bootstrap tabs that adapt its size automatically to the content length, this code snippet will help you. Apart from the adaptive bootstrap tabs design, the creator has also given you the option to change the background color. If you are interested in using different background patterns in your design, take a look at our CSS background design collection. The animation effects and transition effects are kept smooth and simple so that you can use this design on any professional and business website without any worries. By making a few adjustments to the code you can fit this tab in your design.

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SVG Tabs

bold and chunky SVG tabs

SVG Tabs is almost similar to the Adaptive tabs design mentioned above, but this one is a little bit cartoonish and doesn’t have the adaptive character. Chunky border and bold color make this design a perfect fit for the kids school websites and other related websites. Though these bootstrap tabs are made using the CSS3 script, the animation effects aren’t that fluid. But, you can edit the code and make it smooth to give a realistic look. The entire code snippet is shared with you on the CodePen editor, hence, you can easily edit and see the results before using it on your design.

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Sexy Tabs

animated tabs

The creator of this design has used a modern and trendy-looking bootstrap tabs design. Bright colors are used to indicate the selected tabs clearly, plus you have plenty of content areas to add long content. The animation effect is used for both the tabs and the content, so this example gives you a complete design. If you make an interactive website with a modern design, this Sex Tabs design will be a good choice. The code script is structured properly to let the developers easily understand the code and use it on their design. By making a few adjustments to the code, you can design your website or mobile applications.

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Breadcrumbs & Tabs

a perfect blend of breadcrumbs and tabs
The designer of this design has beautifully combined the breadcrumbs and tabs. When you move to the next page, the previous pages are added as a tab on the left side of the screen. Different colors are used to distinguish each page from others clearly. If you plan to use tabs for the application setup process, this one would be a good choice. The only shortcoming in the default design is other page breadcrumbs vanish when you move to the previous pages. For example, when I jump from tab five to tab two, tab three and tab four vanishes along with tab five. The user has to click the next button to go to the next tabs. Other than that, this is a cool concept that can perform well.

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Elastic Tabs

Interactive animation for tabs

In this tab design example, the creator has given you tab animation. Rather than simply keeping tabs, you can add animation to it. Especially if you are making a modern website with trendy elements, effects like this will give an authentic experience to the users. As the name implies, an elastic movement is used for the tab indicator. The tab indicator smartly shrinks and expands based on the text length. The creator itself does all the basic refinements. Hence, you can easily work with this code snippet and use it on your project.

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Tab Switch Animation

tab switching transition effect

In the previous Elastic tab animation, we have seen animated tab indicators. In this example, the creator has used switching animation effect for the page. The entire page is moved smoothly towards the edges, giving a fluid look to the entire application. As you can see, this concept is made for mobile applications, hence moving pages to the edges of the screen will give a natural look to the interface. The developer has used Bootstrap 4 framework, HTML5, and CSS3 scripts to make this flexible design.

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Featured Tabs

professional tab design for featuring options

It is a regular tab design with a little bit of creative touch. The selected tab is protected from the rest of the tabs to help the user easily recognize which tab they have selected. In the tab, you have space to add big icons and headings. Each tab box is made big enough to accommodate larger texts and icons. You can either adjust the tab size for longer texts or reduce the text size. The developer has given you the entire code structure in the CodePen editor. Hence, you can edit and visualize your customizations before using it on your website.

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Settings Tab

highlighted tabs for easier navigation

The creator has given you a fully functional application concept in this example. The developer has used tab navigation for account settings as the name implies. You can use this tab design for profile settings if you are making a mobile application. Organizing the options under one hood will help the user easily search and find the contents they are interested in. Shadow effects are used to differentiate the tabs from the main content area. Plenty of elements are share with you along with the tab design. You can bookmark this code snippet for future reference if you are a professional developer.

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Scroll For Tabs

Scrollable tabs for long list

In this example, we get scrollable tabs. If you have to list lots of tabs in one place, this would be a perfect design. Especially for responsive design, concepts like this will come in handy. The developer has treated the tabs as a navigation bar in the default design. Based on your needs, you can change the design. Colors are used to indicate the selected tab, which will work perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. The developer has used HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework to make this dynamic interactive design.

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Bootstrap Tab With On Click Step Effect


This is another bootstrap tabs design for wizards and step by step process. At the top, you get big tabs with icons and labels below them. In the original design, timelines are used along with the tabs to indicate the progress towards the next process. The entire code structure used to make this design is shared with you directly. Hence, you can use the elements you want and make your custom design quickly. From the code snippets, you can understand that the code structure is handled properly, so it won’t take much of your time to work on this design.

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Light & Sexy Tabs

simple and trendy looking tab design

The creator of this tab has utilized colors and shadow effects to make a realistic 3D card-like design. Subtle hover effects are used to indicate the tab the user will choose. The original tab is treated as a small widget to get only a small space for texts. But you can edit and increase the size of the widget or you can use it as a segment in a web page. The developer has used the latest CSS3 framework, so the color transitions and animation effects are swift. The user won’t even feel the color transitions in this design. You can use your custom effect to make this tab design unique.

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CSS Tabs

css tabs inspired from files

It is an exciting tab concept design. If you love to make unique-looking elements for your website, this concept will impress you. The tabs are treated as indexed files with different colors. This simple design let the user easily pick the file they want. Smooth animation effects are used to add life to the design. Another advantage with this tab design is the animation effects are done purely using the CSS script. Hence you get a lightweight element that can be used easily in any part of the website.

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CSS3 Tabs By Sorax

a dark theme tab design example

The developer of this tab design has used card flipping animation effects. The card flipping distance is reduced to make the design simple and let the user see the contents easily. Like the previous CSS tabs example, this one is also made using the CSS3 script alone. Which gives you an infinite customization opportunity to edit the design and add your custom elements. You get space to add texts alone in the default design, but you can adjust the code to use images. Adding images will make the contents easy to understand and give a rich look to the design.

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