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When it comes to beauty and health-based websites, visual presentation plays an important role. It is essential that your blogs and product advertising portray the point that your website itself is beautiful. There are tons of elements and designs you can use for this purpose. Parallax effects, Retina-ready elements, High-definition images, Videos, and Nifty blog layouts. You can use many things to make your resort, relaxation centers, Spa, and Beauty salon websites visually better. This includes using a well-made Spa and Beauty Salon website template.

Furthermore, ensuring that your website gives off the aura of comfort you want to convey is a great idea. The website should be easy to use and navigate and give distinct information about your products and services. Contact information and mediums should be easily viewable by your users, and your website should use elements that give as much information about your services as possible. Testimonials, users, milestones, and more can also convey that the reception of your spa and beauty salons is generally good.

Keeping this and many more important points in mind, we’ve compiled this list of amazing Bootstrap spa and beauty salon website templates created to help you create a comfortable website experience for all your customers.



On the top of our list of the best free beauty salon and spa website templates, we have Whitespace. While technically not designed for the niche, it is a multipurpose business template great for all niches of corporations and startups. Completely responsive and equipped with a stunning range of purpose-oriented features, this theme is versatile. The striking interface is complete with a stunning banner section and an exclusive search bar alongside a range of useful features. Apart from this, the theme is also designed to be completely responsive, retina-ready, and amazingly fast-loading.

Whitespace also supports video, audio, and image files that you can add to the site to keep things interesting. Other creative elements here include animated statistics, testimonial sliders, pricing plans, working contact forms, and more. And because it is integrated with Google Maps, you can add custom locations as well. All in all a great way to get to start a functional site without much effort, Whitespace is definitely the way to go.

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Another one lined up on our list of the best spa and salon website templates we have Diva. Although designed specifically for the niche of beauty salons, it is ideal for spas, hospitality-based businesses, and more. Pretty versatile when it comes to the purpose, you can even easily modify and personalize the site further to meet your custom preference. Stunning pre-built pages are dedicated to home, about us, services, news, and contacts. It is equipped with components like banner sections, creative CTA buttons and icons, sliders, galleries, and even professionally crafted contact forms. All these, based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, make for a reliable and secure performance overall.

Diva is also completely responsive, retina-ready, and offers pixel-perfect graphics. Furthermore, this theme is even SEO-ready and loads effortlessly throughout all the major browsers that your users prefer. Integrated with Google Maps, you can also add custom locations for your users to find your business more easily. Simple, efficient, and great for beginners and novices, Diva is definitely one to consider to get started.

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Next on our list of the best spa and salon website templates is Pretty’s elegant and visually pleasing template. It is pretty chic and feminine and is the ideal template for any wellness, self-care, and wellness-based business websites. The huge image background definitely stands out. Accompanied with an elegant logo, title, and a creative CTA button, the home itself is engaging. The whole template is completely responsive, retina-ready, and pixel-perfect, ensuring an excellent visual. Being pretty flexible, this theme is ideal for multiple different niches. Whether you own a spa, wellness retreat, beauty salon, hairdresser, or more, this theme offers multiple customizing options to start with. The best part, however, is that this template is completely user-friendly, which is ideal for even beginners and novices.

Stunningly beautiful, this theme offers plenty of awesome premium-like elements and components. There are niche-based icons, a stunning range of fonts, CTA buttons, appealing CTA, and social icons at your disposal. Not to mention the CSS-based animations, effects, and more that make it stand out even more. This theme is also SEO-ready, cross-browser compatible, and ensures optimal performance overall. You also get access to stunning full-screen banners, parallax effects, sticky navigation bars, pricing tables, and much more. Execute your business most appealingly only with Pretty. And that too, all for free!

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Haircare is another free spa and salon website template that is definitely designed more towards the niche of hairdressers, beauty salons, and similar niches sites. While quite flexible and versatile, the overall theme is customizable and offers plenty of amazing customization options. Fully responsive, with excellent graphics overall, each section of this particular theme is carefully crafted. It is also cross-browser compatible as well as super-fast loading. As it also relies on the popular advanced Bootstrap framework, it offers the users all the flexibility they require to get started. Creative, clean, and sophisticated, it is focused majorly on the business aspect to lure in more clients.

The whole template is packed with amazing features and functions, from visual aids to efficient components. Advanced parallax effects, sticky navigation, online booking, contact forms, and even pricing tables are all at your disposal. It is based on the advanced Bootstrap framework and is fully secure and reliable. You will also find plenty of pre-built pages for a blog, gallery, testimonials, service, and more. All in all, a pretty great package option for free, we think this template is worth a try.

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Next on our list of the best free salon and beauty spa website templates is WellSpa. A professionally built template that is beautifully designed with an awesome visual. Perfect for every business related to the spa and wellness, the overall style is elegant and clean. And even the color schemes and the fonts and typography used to complement the style perfectly. Following all of the latest web standards, it relies on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Fully responsive, it is pretty easily accessible with every device screen size. In addition to this, the template overall comes with tons of amazing features that make it easy for you to get started. The interface also fully supports all of the major web browsers so that it loads effortlessly throughout it all.

You also get access to testimonial sliders so your users are impressed right from the first glance. The clean and minimal gallery where you can add in any promotional media is another highlight here. Whether you want to start a business or blog-based sites for spas and hotels, this template sure is a great choice. As it relies on the advanced CSS and HTML code structure, you also get access to creative animations, effects, and transitions. This, in turn, keeps the site interesting for the users to scroll through and enjoy. All in all a full package of everything you need in one, we think this template is worth trying.

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Another elegant and chic-looking free spa and beauty salon website template we have in line for you is Energen. Eye-catching and unique with the concept, it is ideal for spas, hotels, massage centers, beauty salons, and any similar business niche. In that sense, this template is pretty versatile. Not only this but with the collection of easy-to-use personalizing options, you can create a site that stands out. You can also add custom logos, banners, and more to add that custom feel to the site. The huge image header and the creative sections implemented strategically make for a great canvas. Ideally, it is ultra-responsive and adjusts willingly throughout all the device screen sizes. Another great thing is the clean and valid codes the template relies on to make sure this template is secure.

Energen is pretty clean and minimal, providing the users with ample space to focus on the contents. You can add marketing and promotional content and add the services you provide while also leaving a great impression. It also offers the users the variation to start a blog, a stunning gallery, and more. The banner also plays a great element in boosting your services. And with the integration of CSS animations, parallax effects, page transitions, and more, furthers the visuals to the next level. You can also change the color schemes, fonts, and typographies and add buttons, slogans, and more to keep your users hooked. With Google Maps, you can also add custom locations and maps as well.

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Now Meditative is a more generalized website template that fits a wide range of website niches. Primarily focused on the genre of meditation, yoga, and fitness, the structure is versatile enough to even fit the requirements of our list today. It is pretty minimal and simple with the design, and it opens up possibilities for the endless options you can end up with. And the great thing is that there are tons of customizing features you can opt for as well. With ample space to add to your content, you can easily get results while keeping users hooked on your site. It features simple header navigation that allows the users to scroll through effortlessly. To add to the efficiency, there is a huge image header where you can promote your services, offers, and more.

The whole structure is also compatible with all the major web browsers for an effortless performance. Not only this, but the creative and stunning design is lightweight and fast-performing. Meditative is powered with the professional Bootstrap framework adding to the flexibility. This ensures that all of the elements are up to par with all of the latest web standards. The menu is also sticky, meaning that no matter how far your users scroll, it stays intact. Users also get access to weekly schedules, parallax sections, CTAs, and more for efficient performance. Not only this, but the template offers animated statistics, animations, effects, and page transitions with CSS implementation.

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Hairsal is a creative, elegant, and beautifully crafted free spa and beauty salon website template. It is ideal for every niche of beauty-based websites, along with hair salons, beauty salons, spas, makeups, and similar niches of sites. The highlight here is the stunning image slider it features. You can add all the media files you prefer to be ideal for marketing, branding, and promotional purposes. The overall style is modern, clean, and elegant to make a great first impression. It is fully responsive, retina-ready, and pixel-perfect to make sure that everything you add to the site looks flawless. Pre-built pages for all your requirements are included so you don’t have to spend time or effort starting from scratch.

In addition to this, the template offers purpose-oriented elements that add to the efficiency. You can even start a booking or reservation option to start your business immediately. Not only this, but you get functional contact forms, and social icons to stay in touch with your users. You can personalize the color schemes, fonts, logos, and even the layout styles to match your preferences. Furthermore, the template is designed to be fully compatible with all the major web browsers. Like other templates listed here, this template relies on Bootstrap framework. All in all pretty great option, this is sure a great way to establish a premium-like site for completely free.

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Barber lets your hair salon stand out better amidst competition with its clean, modern design. The use of a fullscreen header works as a great starting point for your website and lets you creatively push your content towards your viewers in an attractive manner. Moreover, its colorful sticky header blends perfectly with your header background and the rest of the website for a more attractive means of website navigation. Use tons of cool, customized elements for your salon’s marketing purposes. This includes cool Icon text boxes, Service listings, video embeds, pricing plans, team member sections, etc.

Barber’s excellent Image slider is a highlight for this Spa and beauty salon website template. Present image galleries in a unique fashion to show the extent of your capabilities using this intuitive image slider. Furthermore, Barber is also built for excellent lead generation. Use social media-enabled Team member and Contact pages specifically built for viewer attraction. Viewers can also easily follow you on Social media using the custom Social media icons or sign up for your newsletter using its unique Newsletter form.

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Hair Stylist

spa and beauty salon website templates - hair stylist

Being a hairstylist and caretaker is not tough in the modern context. Hairstylist understands that so the template provides you with an amazing template that can be set up in a matter of seconds. The template is extremely easy to handle and customize with its Bootstrap framework design and HTML5 coding. The template is great for both professional as well as amateur hairstylists. The well-made gallery page can help hair stylists and artists demonstrate their works of art in a masonry layout. The testimonials section is gorgeously made and integrates images and hover effects greatly. Alongside the Milestones counter, you can use customer reviews to paint your career in a positive light with your viewers.

In order to help you put yourself as fast as possible, Hairstylist also provides you with tons of custom font awesome icons and shortcodes. The HTML template also comes with a premade About Us page and a Contact page. Both pages are built to generate leads and are covered in amazing elements to help you and your styling business. The artistic quality and design ideas the template presents make it a great theme to use for multiple avenues. This includes Spas, resorts, barber salons, personal trainers, life coaching, and other health-related businesses. Hairstylist also features retina-ready capabilities. This means that your website will be able to resize to adapt to the user’s platform on demand without losing any clarity or quality. The template and all its functions, hover effects, portfolios, and image viewers, are compatible with all mobile browsers as well.

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spa and beauty salon website templates- Shout

Shout is a niche-based spa and beauty salon website template. It is ideal for websites that include health blogs, massages, gym training, and Spa and Beauty salons. The website design it sports is highly creative and unique and provides your website with a beautiful look. The free bootstrap template sports an amazing Header-Carousel slider that can preview High definition images and post to create an amazing hook for your website. The masonry grid layout also fits the blog and portfolio-based websites as well. Preview images of your website or List out blogs related to facial care and body health using this highly flexible HTML template. A nifty Newsletter subscription is also available for the Footer section. It is usable for sending Subscription-based emails to users regarding your health and beauty-related blogs.

The Cool Menu the template provides is truly an exception as well. Add tons of navigational elements to your website on a creatively designed Theme that sports tons of transition and visual effects. Custom search bars and Social icon links can also be embedded into Shout’s custom menu. Talking about Social links, Shout is also Social media-friendly. Furthermore, the custom Instagram feed banner and Menu integration can let you post amazing pictures straight from your Instagram page. Shout also comes with Page templates with tons of typography options, comment sections, categorization and tagging features, Author bios, and more. The HTML template uses well-designed, Retina-ready elements designed to function perfectly on mobile platforms. Your blogs and images will be viewed perfectly on all digital platforms.

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Spa Care

spa and beauty salon website templates -spa care

Made for Spa businesses specifically, Spa Care presents you with a website design made to impress your targeted audience. Spa Care features a fullscreen carousel slider header design that blends in perfectly with its unique and artistic approach to web designing. Each section of the pages is well-designed and sectioned. Use the integration of custom-designed buttons and images as well as Icon boxes to list out your amazing services. Provide your viewers a relaxing atmosphere as they can casually browse through your website with its smooth scrolling and amazing parallax effects. The stickied header provides users with easy navigation through your website, while the footer widgets can link your Social media pages and your Flickr gallery.

Spa care also sports tons of useful page designs and elements made for businesses. This includes a nifty Pricing banner with different pricing packages as well as a well-designed blog section augmented by Spa care’s custom icons and typography options. The template also provides you with custom-designed service lists as well as user testimonials to paint your website in a better light. Contact details are important when you are running a business, and Spa Care clearly understands this. The template comes with a custom contact page complete with a Google map embed and a useful Contact mail form. The template, its hover and parallax effects, and all its elements were coded using HTMl5 and JQuery and thus run perfectly on mobile platforms as well. Since Spa Care uses the Bootstrap framework, the template is also very lightweight and is compatible with all sorts of coding changes.

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Spa Sublime

spa and beauty salon website templates -spa sublime

Another great Spa and Beauty salon web template. Spa Sublime gives your health business website and blogs a brilliant and alluring look. The template uses visual cues and information to attract your reader’s attention. The service listing is supported using the Treatment and Services section which features an amazing image gallery with hover effects. The collaboration of hover text and a well-designed portfolio layout can fill your website’s wide range of purposes. The carousel slider is also a notable element for the website. The flex slider-based header is a great way to present your business services spectacularly. The testimonials and user reviews sections also use Flex sliders to show what customers think of your Spa and Beauty salon services.

Beauty and Visual elements aren’t the only things Spa sublime sports. The web template sports great functionality as well using a User account system to keep track of the services you’ve bought. Spa sublime also provides you with a Quote or Appointment form for users to reserve appointments and relaxation sessions straight from your website. This, alongside the well-made Contact page, ensures that your customers never feel lost while trying to hire your services. The footer section contains a useful Google Map embed to help customers locate your businesses as well as Social media links to contact you directly whenever required. Finally, we believe we should highlight how functional and smooth web browsing on phones is using Spa Sublime. The bootstrap web template is responsive on all platforms, and its retina-ready elements also resize themselves whenever required.

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spa and beauty salon website templates - coiffeur

Coiffeur presents you with an awesome website design created for expressive fashion designers and hairstylists. The bootstrap framework-powered template features a highly minimalist design made to embellish your artwork. The fullscreen header section lets you place high-definition images to present your work head-on. As we just explained, the entire template is highly minimalist, and the layout shows. The drop-down menu uses minimalist icons instead of listings with hovering text to help your viewers easily move between pages. Each page has a blend of various layout designs and colors to give that artistic feel to your website. Use tons of parallax and hover effects on icons, images, and more to improve the interactive factor on your website.

Previewing images is important in this business, so Coiffeur provides an excellent image gallery. This gallery features a unique and beautiful layout with a dedicated lightbox viewer. Images aren’t the only thing Coiffeur focuses on, as the mobile-compatible template also has blog-friendly features. Coiffeurs’ minimalist design and usability are something we believe we should highlight. The bootstrap framework and HTML5 coding make the template responsive highly smooth, and optimized to use.

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Beauty Life

spa and beauty salon website templates - beauty life

Beauty life is a spa and beauty salon website template that spells comfort like none other. The mix of intricate designs, amazing web elements, sliders, and parallax effects is spectacular. The website template opens up with a punch with one of the most amazing headers we’ve seen. The carousel slider has a highly minimalist header menu that fits perfectly with the slideshow background. Each menu listing presents itself with a responsive hover effect. The top of the header menu contains useful custom social links and contact details. Using the carousel slider and the contact details, you can instantly present your business and your goals to your customers on the first view. The bottom of the header features a small scrolling banner to help you provide customer information. This can be discounts, sales deals, notifications, and urgent information.

The testimonials section uses a flex slider to provide user reviews for your spa and beauty salon’s services. The milestones counter advertises how many customers you have served in a cool manner. Similarly, the gallery images can show the extent and quality of your services. The Instagram posts widget is a great way to connect your customers with your Instagram posts, while the social media links can help you link your website with your other social media pages. Beauty Life is a responsive Bootstrap template. The HTMl5 coding and Jquery plugins ensure that your website is completely usable straight from the mobile forms, so you can advertise your company to a wider audience.

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Fit and Spa

spa and beauty salon website templates - fit and spa

From Health and fitness websites to Facial beauty and makeup, Fit and Spa is a multipurpose HTML template that fits a wide range of purposes. The Fullscreen background video header is a notable feature of this responsive bootstrap template. Use high-definition video headers to demonstrate the capabilities of your spa in an easy-to-view manner. The menu also accompanies the video background header quite well as well and provides an easy method of navigating throughout your website. The combination of well-crafted web icons, hover effects, and defined page layouts make the entire template extremely easy to use as well as customize. Use a custom-defined Service listing section to list your spa and beauty salon’s services using custom icon boxes. Fit & Spa also comes with a reservation or quote form that can be used to set up reservations and appointments straight from the website.

Fit and Spa also comes with tons of elements to showcase your services and art. This includes the amazing Video background header and the portfolio section. The gallery/portfolio section offers category-based filtering services. Fit and Spa also has a hovering Social bar so you can interlink your website and your social media pages. The entire HTML template is coded using HTML5. This ensures maximum optimization, low size costs, and full compatibility on all digital and mobile platforms.

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Life Spa

Life Spa Bootstrap 4 Website Template

Interactive elements and colorful layouts and designs make Life Spa a perfect choice for Spa and Salon templates. Whether you’re running beauty salons, massage parlors, facial services, spa centers, or any other similar services, you can help your business grow using the internet. Life spa exists to help you out on that end. Use a colorful carousel banner to introduce your viewers to your website. Life Spa also presents your website’s content using a Smooth scrolling effect and a pop-up effect. This improves your viewer’s experience on your website and provides you with a more pleasant means of presentation.

For the specific purpose of improving your business, Life spa also provides you with many intuitive elements to use. Use a customizable grid section with icon boxes and more for your service listings, or use the pricing table to present your viewers with lucrative pricing offers for various services and spa treatments. Moreover, you can also use a dedicated Gallery to present photos of your spa and beauty salons to possible customers. The customizability of Life Spa is also staggering, and you can personalize tons of features of your website. Moreover, any customization you do on your website shows up perfectly on all major browsers and mobile platforms due to the template’s Bootstrap coding.

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Upshot Beauty Category Bootstrap Responsive Template Home W3layouts

Upshot is another great Spa and Beauty salon website template that will breathe life into your website. Its attractive banner style is a unique element that adds more depth to your website design. Mix an attractive banner, excellent top menu, image carousel, and Newsletter sign-up form using a single, user-friendly element. The minimal menu overlay blends in perfectly with the banner and even comes with a nifty search bar for you to use. Upshot also uses various stylish elements and design choices to attract more customers to your services.

Similarly, using colorful grids, easily customizable page banners, dedicated About Us and Our Services sections, and awesome font icons helps you add more creativity to your website. Upshot is also gallery and portfolio friendly and you can use an excellent Gallery widget that comes with a custom hover effect as well. The custom Contact page has a well-made contact form and a google Maps embed. Finally, its bootstrap design ensures that your website runs smoothly on mobile platforms and makes your website more accessible on all platforms.

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Hair Spa

Hair Spa a Beauty and Spa Bootstrap web Template

Perfectly built for hair salons and barbershops, Hair Spa is a responsive bootstrap Spa and beauty salon website template that exuberates that air of uniqueness and flashiness. Each element and section of the bootstrap template is designed to be clean and flashy at the same time. Use tons of typography elements combined with dedicated Icon text boxes and blog layouts to add more spice to your textual content. The dedicated services section is also built to provide a unique flair to your business itself.

Hair Spa also provides a drop-down, customizable header menu that fits perfectly with the adjacent fullscreen image header. Similarly, the Hair spa is also extremely blog-friendly and, in combination with its unique theme colors, makes for a great blogging theme as well. Blog to your heart’s content regarding your hair salons or various techniques and tips you can share with the world using Hair spa. Moreover, its bootstrap design makes customizing the template even easier, and its cross-browser compatibility makes your website even more accessible and lightweight.

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Men’s Salon

Men s Salon Beauty Bootstrap Web Template

Girls don’t necessarily need to have all the fashion attention. Men’s Salon is a dedicated hair salon and barber template that gives a more masculine vibe. Similarly, the use of white and bolder color themes as well as attractive images provides you with a perfect design for a men’s hair salon. Make use of a highly responsive fullscreen image slider for your header that can also be customized with links and buttons on top of it. For your users, you can place a nifty Quote form so they can sign up for their services or set up an appointment straight from your website. The well-divided, image-enabled Service section can serve as a great means of advertising the features of your salon. Combined this with a lightbox viewer-enabled gallery section, and you have the perfect one-two combos for impressing viewers.

Men’s salon also has in-built page templates for About us pages, Contact pages, and more. Moreover, the Contact page also comes with a useful Google map embed. For better contact links and support, you can place important contact information and Social media links straight on your website footer. Furthermore, the Men’s salon was built with modern coding techniques in mind. Expect the best loading speed and the highest amount of responsiveness you can ever get on this excellent Spa and beauty salon website template.

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Beauty Spa

spa and beauty salon website templates -beauty spa

The name might just give it away, but let’s spell it out here. Beauty Spa is a great choice for a spa and beauty salon website template. What isn’t obvious, however, is the deep details that have gone into making this amazing HTML template. Each element and page content has been designed to give off that oriental, relaxing aura. This provides the template a sense of professionality required for these websites. Place large carousel headers with video links to generate leads from the get-go. The entire template is video embed-ready and provides you with tons of banners and sections to place them. The template certainly knows how important visual info is in the beauty and health field.

The cool Team section and portfolio pages also fit the website’s aesthetic. Full of parallax effects, nifty social links, and lightbox viewers, the portfolios can serve you to show your customers what services you can provide. The service listing also serves the exact purpose but uses well-made textual content instead. The template’s pricing list can help you advertise various care packages to your customers. The template also has services for account creation to keep note of user info and care packages. The contact details section, as well as contact male and Google map, perfectly fit in with the minimalist footer section as well. Beauty Spa also features advanced HTMl5 coding, which makes the template very speed-optimized and compatible with all digital devices. The template is truly made to fulfill every need of a spa and beauty salon website template.

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spa and beauty salon website templates - sauna

Sauna is a responsive bootstrap template to help your spa and beauty salon businesses flourish. The beauty-related HTML template uses Bootstrap framework and HTML5 coding. This allows users to check out your business’ outlet’s services directly from the comfort of their mobile phones. The mix of interactive icons and hover effects allows you to present impressive information regarding your business. Use the mix of parallax effects, icon boxes, and an amazing carousel header to grab leads straight from your website. The website provides a services listing, a popular service list, and a banner section to advertise products and services on offers. Sauna also provides pricing and plans to list to provide your potential customers with many bundle offers and deals. The events section can also inform online viewers about upcoming health-related events community events, and more.

Sauna also has an About Us page template complete with a list of team members. Sauna is a Social Media friendly template as well. Not only does it come with a nifty Social media bar on the widgets, but it also provides you with an Instagram posts widget. You can preview amazing Instagram photos directly from your website using the widget. The footer can also be customized with quick links to your website’s pages and a Nifty Subscription box. Using the newsletter subscription box and the Contact mail form provided, you can generate amazing leads by improving communication with your customers and website viewers.

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Angel Spa

spa and beauty salon website templates - angel spa

Angel Spa is a flat HTML template to supplement your spa and beauty salon websites. The template provides all the tools to attract custom interest in your products and services. The template uses wide, well-designed sections to give users details in a gorgeous way. The rich white color template uses the sectioned elements to present your services comfortably. The service listing and About us sections seem like they have an aura of relaxation to it, straight from your spa. Users can view the range of your services and set up a reservation straight from your website. The pricing lists can help you provide details about various care packages you can provide to your users.

Use the Team member section to show the lineup of amazing professionals working alongside you to provide your customers with the most relaxing Spa experience ever. The member listings can also be linked to their Social media pages using the custom Social icons. Social links for your own businesses can also be linked using the Footer widget section, which also comes with more contact details. The Footer also acts as a Contact page with its Contact mail form and Google map embed.

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Spa Salon

spa and beauty salon website templates - spa salon

Developed by W3layouts, Spa Salon is a beauty and spa-based website template. The HTML template is built to provide modern functionality enriched with beauty and aesthetics. Spa Salon is coded on HTMl5 and CSS and is built on top of the Bootstrap framework. Whether your viewers use your website or PC, their experience will be identical yet distinguishable. Spa Salon features a fullscreen header design made to accompany the Top menu. The template provides a grid-based service listing section with icon boxes to help you list out the services your salon provides. This goes along quite well with the Gallery section, which has a masonry layout. The images present themselves in an organized fashion with a custom hover effect. The hover effect uses the template’s color design to give viewers a unique website experience.

Spa salon also uses a custom testimonials counter to help you promote your organization and the customers you have served. The Team member section helps you celebrate the work done by your staff members. It provides details about your team members with accompanying text, images, and nifty social media links. Last but not least, the contact mail and contact details are also excellently made. Every element on Spa Salon is made to be well responsive to changes as well as resizing.

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Spa Center

spa and beauty salon website templates - spa center

Spa Center provides a flat website design with various colors and image backgrounds. The developers behind Spa Center have put a lot of effort into that first impression factor, which shows. The home page header design gives your spa a relaxing, at-home atmosphere. The Menu and overlying elements are all made to be transparent and fitting. From the Logo to the Read more button, it all adds quite well to the fullscreen header. The services listing section for the Spa Center is amazing as well. It features high customization and hover effects on the Icons for each listing.

The About Us section right below the header is made to fit impressive images of your spa services. Easily provide details of your business and goals alongside nifty contact details to paint a better image of your spa in your customer’s mind. The Events section can be integrated with blog posts for various purposes, from in-house and outhouse events to discount plans and sales events. Inform your customers about them all using this amazingly built Events section. Spa Center also comes with tons of blog-ready features. Build impressive posts using a wide range of graphical elements using the shortcodes Spa center provides. Each element, from sliders to tabs to galleries and icon boxes, is mobile-friendly and plays well on all digital platforms. Spa Center’s HTML5 coding also ensures maximum speed for your website and a fully optimized web experience.

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spa and beauty salon website templates - spasol

Spasol features provide your website with a unique, fancy, and colorful design aesthetic that is usable for various website designs. The template has a fullscreen header section with scrolling text and additional text sections. The menu is highly customizable and fits the website’s color design well. A nifty search bar is also present with a custom design that accentuates the transparent, minimalist feel of the header. The website template uses a responsive grid system to preview information in a structured layout. This is evident in the Services and About Us section, which uses text icon boxes, images, and boxed sections to provide information fashionably. Spasol makes full use of the wide range of hover effects and parallax effects it comes with. Provide hovering text over images in sections such as Beauty tips to provide information integrated with beautiful images.

The gallery page is extremely versatile and lets you enable amazing hover effects on images. The images showcased the features of a highly customizable grid. Moreover, the images have an inbuilt lightbox viewer integration to show full-screen images. Each element is fully retina-ready and resizes perfectly for PC and mobile platforms. Spasol’s HTML coding means it is lightweight and compatible with a wide range of external web elements, JQuery plugins, and more.

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Beauty You

spa and beauty salon website templates - beauty you

Beauty You uses a wide, more vocal space to embellish your website design and give it a unique sense of fashion and beauty. The web template runs using HTML5 and is very lightweight in terms of size. Beauty You use a unique design, a fullscreen header, and a contact detail banner. The Header banner also uses a carousel text slider with a fullscreen high-definition image to attract your customer’s attention when you open the website. Beauty You presents the entire page design in a grid system to give your website and all its content a structured layout. This allows you to present impressive images and useful information in an easy-to-view manner. Promote products with their summary, pricing, and images using the Our Products section.

Similarly, using the spectacularly made Services section, you can provide information regarding your services. This section uses grid cells, images, and flex sliders to improve the visual factor of your list. Further service details can be used in a different service listing section. Beauty You also comes with a blog-friendly feature. Build amazing blogs with the various typography options and web elements the template provides you with. All your blogs and posts can also contain a comments section as well. The newsletter subscription mail is used to share your blog content using email subscriptions. With the integration of a well-made Gallery page, you can promote a wide range of products and information using Beauty You. The versatility of this free Spa and beauty salon website template is certainly off the charts.

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Day Spa

spa and beauty salon website templates - day spa

Day Spa uses brighter color palettes, uniquely designed page sections, and amazing parallax effects to create a multipurpose spa and beauty salon website template. The fullscreen Carousel slider lets you create the most attractive header designs ever. You can create absurdly creative Header designs with a mix of highly detailed HD images and the flexible Flex slider. The cool Header menu with a useful search bar augments the header. To integrate your website and real-world Spa services, you can use tons of fancy stuff Day Spa provides you with. This includes a useful Appointment service to set up reservations, Service package options, and listings, as well as upcoming events and recent news sections.

Create well-made blogs with comment sections and a like rating using Day Spa. As for advertising your spa’s services, you can not only use the dedicated Service sections and packages listing but also make full use of the Gallery. Place well-structured, highly customizable galleries with custom hover effects to show creative artwork or demonstrate the work done at your Spa. Day Spa lets you create various colored sections to fit various purposes. You can enable ads on them, useful tips and snippets, icon boxes with important information, Client reviews, and much more. The footer is customizable with Social media links; above that, you can enable a well-made Contact page.

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Eco Spa

spa and beauty salon website templates -ecospa

Eco Spa is a Spa and Beauty salon website template whose design gives your website a clean and comfortable look. The web template design uses comfortable white/pale color palettes. This gives a relaxing feel to your website, which is what we expect from spectacularly made Spa and Beauty salon website templates. Preview your Salon details in a structured fashion complemented with spectacular images using the About and Introductory sections. The use of boxed paragraphs with accompanying images with hover effects gives a sense of fashion to every piece of information you present. Eco Spa enables colorful, well-contrasting banner sections all over your website. These banners and midsections are themselves very flexible. You can place a Newsletter subscription form or promote your posts and blogs, place Team member sections, and more.

The gallery page Eco Spa provides you with is fantastic. The images present themselves in well-constructed grids and various parallax effects. For the footer section, you can beautifully embed a Google map for your salon’s address alongside a nifty Contact section. The contact section also contains a cool Contact form. Eco Spa’s HTML and CSS coding makes it extremely compatible with all sorts of changes. Since the template runs on the Bootstrap framework, the template is mobile-friendly, and each element resizes quite well to fit mobile platforms.

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Go Crepe

spa and beauty salon website templates-go crepe

Go Crepe is probably one of the most colorful and pretty spas and beauty salon templates we’ve seen. The template features a cool design with vibrant colors, custom backgrounds, and graphical elements. The website’s layout is structured using a cool full-screen background and a Boxed page inside of it for your website. The page has tons of cool, structured elements for a wide range of purposes. Easily list out products or services using custom icon boxes with hover effects. Create cool banners with Text boxes, links to various posts and pages, and more. The carousel slider sports a unique content slider with a boxed overarching background and an awesome slider bar.

The footer bar also differs distinctively with tons of useful widgets. This includes a custom Newsletter subscription mail, Social links, and contact information. To augment your blogs and product listings, Go Crepe provides you with tons of content-related elements that you can place on your posts, from a wide range of button designs to tons of Typography options and elements, Image galleries and Portfolios, and Form designs. You can use them all to make beautiful blogs. The entire template runs on the Bootstrap framework. This, alongside the well-designed JQuery plugins and HTML5-based coding, provides an optimized browsing experience to your customers. This applies to mobile platforms as well, as all the elements are designed to be able to resize whenever required.

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spa and beauty salon website templates -sweep

Sweep is a multipurpose HTML template coded with the latest technologies and tools. This template relies on a professional HTML and CSS code structure, which is lightweight and fast-loading. The Bootstrap framework ensures maximum usability on all platforms and makes it compatible with a wide range of design choices. The template’s theme and layout exuberate an atmosphere of coolness and awesomeness. We must say that this theme’s usability is off the charts. The awe-inspiring custom animated Menu can easily provide links to custom pages and sections for your website. Each section is cleverly designed to fit the theme’s aesthetic and present a unique, different flair. The cool fullscreen header is made to grab attention instantly, while the service listing is made with text icons to convey useful product information.

The blog’s augmenting features and many amazing typography options make it a great theme to use alongside blogs. Talk about useful health tips, the latest news, and techniques relating to facial care and point out important health instructions, and provide tutorials using this highly versatile theme template. The portfolio section and the blog sections can be of great help for this purpose. Each section and subpage has been cleverly designed using different conjunction design techniques. The website also provides many lead-generation tools, such as Contact emails, Social media integration, and more. The template will adapt to any of your Spa and beauty salon-related items, and its bootstrap framework makes it very compatible with various chances.

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Spring Spa

spa and beauty salon website templates - spring spa

Spring Spa is a great choice if you’re looking for a uniquely designed web template. The idea behind Spring Spa is to use single, beautifully made pages with concrete yet flexible design. The home page features a changeable background option, which the user can change using the slider. The rest of the Home page is just an overlying column menu with all the required information. Clicking on any menu page will open a different page on top of the overlying background design. This gives Spring Spa a static, one-page design that breathes an air of uniqueness and creativity. The various pages make use of Grid sections and structured boxed layouts. Especially the About page, which presents the services you provide with a Special listing section that also uses images.

Spring Spa also comes with a custom grid-based Gallery page. The gallery page also has a lightbox viewer handy for your fullscreen image browsing. The contact page not only comes with a nifty Google Maps embed to help you advertise your physical address. But it also comes with a well-made Contact mail form, built to help you increase your business’ lead generation. The entire web template contains HTML5 and CSS coding, supporting browsing on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, and more. The entire fancy layout is customizable, and you can easily change the website’s feel to fit your business better. As far as uniquely designed Spa and beauty salon website templates go, this one is a great choice.

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spa and beauty salon website templates - classy

Classy features an exclusive design that is magnificent to view and use, and we must give it due credit for that. The Spa and beauty salon template uses unique, non-generic design ideas to provide you with a gorgeous website template that is also really easy to use. Classy gives users a unique page design with a concrete menu to make navigation on your website extremely easy. The mix of layout designs, emphasis on appearance factor, and parallax effects give Classy a professional yet fashionable look.

Easily set up Homepages with Service listings built with added flavor text to describe your business and the range of services you provide. Classy is also a blog-ready website template that lets you place various blog items. The Contact page is customizable with a Custom Google map embed and a Contact mail form. The footer sections can be editable with useful widgets such as a Newsletter subscription form to support your blogs and newsletters, short navigation links, and more contact details. The entire web template is highly customizable due to its Bootstrap framework design. Furthermore, its HTMl5 coding makes the website and all its parts run smoothly on mobile and desktops.

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