According to different researches done over the years, owning a website makes any business sky-rocket! Instead of waiting in a queue to get things done, and having easier access to the services is something that we would obviously opt for. Not only this but owning a website also provides an outlet to share information and details in a much easier and effective way. However, the trend of setting up a website is now not only limited to business based websites or eCommerce websites. Hence, our collection of the best education website template options out there!

While the internet now has the ability to make everything possible, more and more people now have chosen to establish an online website. And this includes a rise in institutional websites as well. With an influence of E-learning taking over the mainstream educational platform, many College & Universities now use an online platform to provide students with more than just educational materials.

Why Start An Education Website?

Whether you want to share details about your institute or promote the services that your institution provides, having a website deals with a much larger range of people for your own convenience. Backing this fact up, many researchers have also shown that a larger number of students prefer to look up an institution online rather than personally visit them. In addition to this, the college and universities who tend to use an online website to reach out to potential students also have much more possibility of attracting more students compared to the ones who don’t. All of these basically point out to one obvious fact, having a website for your institution is a must!

But the main reason most tend to avoid this crucial factor is simply that they do not want to deal with the hassle of creating an entire website that is worth it from scratch. The website that showcases your institute needs to be one that is effective, functional as well as leave an impression on the people who visit them. And while hiring a qualified developer is always an option, why waste so much time and money, when you can do it all on your own? Yes, that’s right! With the need of more and more quality-based educational website, there are now also a ton of education website templates that will meet your needs! And to simplify the process of gathering and choosing the right one to get you started, we have made a complete list of the Best Premium education website templates just for you!



On the top of our list of the best HTML education website template is Educone. A professional, advanced and super user-friendly template ideal for all education and online course based websites. Fully responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect, each and every little detail here is carefully crafted. It is built on the advanced Bootstrap framework which offers the users all the flexibility one needs. Quite easy to work with, this theme definitely is ideal for even beginners and novices. And there are plenty of amazing personalizing options you can work with as well. This includes variations for color schemes, fonts, icons, and creative components. In addition to this, the template package includes pre-built options for creative demo files you can install within a few minutes.

Not only this, but you also get access to stunning pages dedicated to home, blog, about, service, contact, testimonials and more. In total, there are over 20 HTML pages you can use to get started. This theme is also designed to be SEO friendly, as well as RTL ready. Furthermore, being fully cross-browser compatible, this theme loads effortlessly throughout all of the browsers. The codes used here are all well-commented and secure ensuring a smooth performance overall. You will find options for all kinds of creative components like working contact forms, free Google web-fonts, galleries and more. Impress and lure in more clienteles to your institutions with ease.

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Modern problems, require modern solutions. So while we are locked inside this pandemic, why not explore a larger sense of horizon with online courses and education sites? And we have exactly the perfect starting option for you; MaxCoach. A multi-purpose education website template ideal for showcasing your services, institutions, offer online courses and so much more. With over 50 HTML pages alongside 8 unique home page variations to choose from, you get all the flexibility you require. The standout point however is that unlike the rest of the templates, it relies on the advanced VueJs. It is amazingly creative and offers a completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect interface.

Onto the details, the template is also designed to be SEO ready, cross-browser compatible, and super smooth running. The sleek UX design is further accompanied with elements like multi-medias, contact forms, social site integrations, unique layout styles, pre-loaders, advanced search bars, CTA buttons and more.  Optimized for phone screens, it features the lazy load with load more option to boost the speed as well. There are also plenty of easy to use customizing options to add that creative flair to your own preference.

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Another highlight of our list of the best education website template, we have the premium template PreSkool. Unlike the other templates we have listed below, this is a more admin panel based template ideal to manage all of your online courses with minimal effort. It is a fully responsive, vibrant and powerful Admin Dashboard that is built with Bootstrap framework. Explore your projects, manage and create events like exams, organize your time tables, and even the financials the easy way with PreSkool. The great thing is that because the whole theme is dedicated towards the niche, every element here is definitely purpose-oriented.

From the pages dedicated to the team of teachers, staffs, to the students, fee structure, syllabus and more, you get it all. In addition to this, the whole theme is pretty much a complete management system when it comes to your events, accounts, subjects, library and more. Detailed and informative charts, bars, tables are also included. The whole theme is also completely SEO ready, cross-browser compatible and offers an amazing user-experience each time you log in.

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Professional, eye-catching and versatile, we have the premium education website template MiCoach next in line for you. Great for every kind of educational sites, this template offers easy way to maintain your online presence. Not only this, but this theme is also a complete solution to all of your online course management system. Whether you are looking to promote your institutions, create events, online courses, start conventions or more, this theme has options for it all. It is also amazingly customizable and user-friendly. There are over 3 different Home Pages to choose from. And both of these are completely unique and built entirely on the Bootstrap framework.

Apart from this, you also get access to over 15 pre-built pages you can use to get started. This includes options for blog, services, about, courses, teams and more. You also find elements like gallery, banners, sliders, advanced search bar, sticky navigation and more that allows for a more efficient experience. MiCoach is definitely one that offers plenty of UI components that makes your site stand out. And with 24/7 theme support as well as regular updates, this theme performs amazingly every time you are online.

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Bootcamp is next in line on our list of professional HTML education website templates. Standing out with it’s own sense of styling and design; the whole theme is also completely responsive. It features SVG based icons and elements that is pretty appealing at a first glance. And all of these are niche based and is ideal for the educational websites we are focusing on. You can use this for any type of educational institutions, online courses, creative sites, personal instructors and pretty much is as flexible and versatile as it gets. In total you will find over 20 premium HTML pages you can use to get started.

Among this, you have options to choose from 3 unique Home Pages, blog, gallery, service, courses and more are there at your disposal. The great thing here is that because it relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework, you get a reliable and secure performance overall. Following all of the latest web-standards, it is sure to ensure an optimal performance. It is compatible with all of the major web-browsers and loads effortlessly throughout all of it. This template is also pretty easy to customize and offers you a user-friendly experience. Not to mention the array of fonts, icons, color schemes, and integration of professional contact forms and newsletters subscription option adds to the efficiency.

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Education Master


Education Master as the name pretty much sums up is another advanced education website template we have here for you. A creative, professional looking, the creators here has come up with something that is an ideal start for beginners. It is responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect which means all of the visuals are pretty much flawless. It is great for all education, courses and tutoring based websites and is flexible to meet all your requirements. Complete with tons of pre-built pages and demos you can easily get a head start with your current and future endeavors. Each of these pages are also SEO friendly, RTL friendly as well as fast loading to ensure an optimal performance.

The user-friendly UI is designed specifically for the niche and features easy to use components you can use to get started.To mention a few of these, you will find pages dedicated to student profile, booking courses, exam time table, course status, admission, login and register. Not only this, but with the implementation of the advanced Master Slider, you can add that creative flair that you are missing out on. Furthermore, you will also find options for mega menu, easy course searchbox, and more. As it relies on the powerful Materialize framework, you get pretty much all the flexibility you want.

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Karma is a multi-purpose HTML5 template package that is ideal for multiple niches and categories of websites. With a clean, professional and modern appearance, everything about this template is designed to be visually pleasing. However, the one in particular we are focusing on today is the option for education website template it offers. It is ideal for any educational institutes whether it is for schools, universities, colleges or even for those offering online courses. The huge image header slider is one that is a stunner and makes way for promotional banners and more. You can also add in custom CTA buttons, slogans and more to capture your user’s attention right from the first glance.

Getting more into what more this package offers, there are multiple styles you can opt for. There are 10 different service pages, 9 about pages, 10 contact pages, 6 pricing pages along with 11 stunning portfolio and a list of other inner pages. The template is also highly customizable with options for 30 different pre-set color palette. In addition to this, you also get access to unlimited contact forms, google fonts, sidebars and sliders you can use to your preference. Karma is also a powerful template that is cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly as well as SEO friendly.

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Another one of multipurpose design based website template is Kallyas; a huge template package with everything one needs to get started with. Modern, fancy and clean, the whole structure is based on the HTML and CSS code structure. The visuals are impeccable with all of the useful components placed strategically for an amazing performance. Not to mention, it is also highly customizable with unlimited options that you can use to personalize the template accordingly. Another great thing about Kallyas is that it is well-suited for a number of different website niches. All of these are based on the professional Bootstrap framework which makes for a flexible interface as well.

Get access to an unlimited Home Pages that gives you a limitless possibilities. And to top that off, there are also unlimited headers and sub-header styles you can go for. With the integration of Mailchimp, you also get functional newsletter subscription forms. The premium education website template also offers a huge number of premium plugins and features. Not to mention the implementation of sliders, carousels, galleries and creative fonts, typographies along with CSS animations and effects. Visually awesome, the functionalities are also a perfect match for your requirements. Taking care of all the little details, it is SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and overall fast loading.

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Now this is one dedicated more towards the niche of business, agencies and any creative company websites. Salimo is versatile with the design and efficient with the features. A hand-picked list of amazing features and elements are implemented with the template package as a whole. From a responsive and retina-ready surface to the creative design it follows, everything is impeccable. It features a total of 13 amazing Home Page designs that you can choose from. Not to forget the array of customization features it offers to get that custom feel. It even has both light and dark variation of theme for one to choose from. The whole structure also relies fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework.

There are 22 different background patterns you can opt for accompanied by Live Style Switcher. The portfolio options are filterable and you can also change between various image and gallery formats. It is also cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout every web browsers. For a more engaging appeal, the creators have also included creative pre-loaders and sections separators. And all of these make use of CSS and HTML code-structure. Furthermore, the template also fully supports YouTube/Vimeo file format so you can add in videos that your users can enjoy. Perfect to be used even as a education website template, Salimo is surely one of the best option you can find.

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Eduglobal is a vibrant, aethetically pleasing and effortlessly professional looking premium education website template. Designed especially for the niche of schools, colleges, universities and any educational institutes, the overall appeal is super engaging. It features a huge image header slider that makes for that captivating impression. Then with the strategic implementation of CTAs, promotional links, and attractive slogans and images, it sure is enough to keep your users hooked. Another great thing is that this template also offers a flexible and highly customizable interface ready to be the perfect project for your next institutes. There are tons of variations for pages, color patterns and even tyography and fonts.

Talking in-depth, there are over 5 amazing Home Page options each depicting a different design. The use of vibrant and colorful elements throughout the site adds to the extra appeal. As it relies on the professional HTML and CSS based structure, it implements various creative effects, animations as well. Furthermore, you also get access to working contact forms, login and register pop-ups as well as sliders and carousels. Google Map offers features to add in custom location for your institutions. Another great thing is that the codes are all well-commented, secure and developer-friendly. This makes way for an easy personalizing experience.

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Nashville is another vibrant, colorful and overall attractive education website template designed more towards the younger crowd. It is best suited for kindergarten, pre-schools and day care providers and the overall design is aimed towards them. The whole template package comes with over 15 amazingly designed pages. This includes options for Home, Blog, Services, Contact and so much more to get you started right off the bat. Built on the latest Bootstrap framework, it is pretty flexible and personalization ready. And to aid this, there are plenty of options and variations you can opt for. Not only this, but the template is completely responsive, retina-ready as well as provides a pixel perfect graphic.

It also includes over 5 different shop pages you can use to sell the merchandises you promote. Not to mention the boxed and wide layout which makes way for an ample amount of spce to focus on the content. Even the galleries are depicted in a unique and creative style. It features parallax background image which adds to the overall appeal. Furthermore, useful features like contact form, social icons, page transitions, animations and effects are all included with the theme package.

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Fable Children Kindergarten Template

Talking about professional education website templates, Fable is one that is designed with the kindergartens and similar niche in mind. While the overall design fits the children and kids category, the customizing and modifying options makes it a more versatile option. Visually impressive with vibrant use of color schemes, this template is a great eye-catching element. The whole design is well-structured and completely responsive. Executing an HD imagery, it also features a retina-ready interface. It comes jam-packed with an awesome range of features that make creating a site from scratch a piece of cake. Not only creating but customizing and using the theme is also designed with beginners and novices in mind.

To add into the visual impact, the template includes Slider Revolution built-in option that you can use. Another great thing is that you can choose from multiple Home Page and Inner Pages options and filter the ones you want to use. The template is also super-fast loading and SEO optimized. You can even add in parallax image and video backgrounds if you want. For easier navigation, the template comes with options for the mega menu, sticky menu and one-page scrolling. Furthermore, it is also cross-browser compatible and readily loads no matter which internet browsers you prefer. Updated regularly, this template is the ideal choice if you want to start a preschool, kindergarten, or nursery websites.

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ATENA College University and campus template

Now for a more grown-up and professional design, Atena is one that is surely unique and creative in all the right ways. This education website template, as the name suggests is ideal for campus, schools, universities and similar niche of educational sites. The design is well-fitted and prepared with all of the features to aid to the category. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and visually amazing to look at. The one page based design also works great to focus on the important details and contents you wish to display on the site. Clean, elegant and user-friendly, even novices and beginners will easily be able to create a -professional site within a matter of minutes. The template is based on the latest Bootstrap framework, which ensures that the structure meets all the latest web and coding standards.

Talking about the awesome features, it comes with 3 different landing page designs that you can choose from. Not only this, but you also have the option to include sign-up forms, contact forms and even registration on your site. Furthermore, you also get unlimited color scheme options that you can implement with extreme ease. The template designed with educational sites in mind is also optimized for SEO as well as speed and performance. Get creative with free Google Fonts alongside stylish FontAwesome icons. To elevate the whole template to the next level, the creators have also included smooth and awesome animations, effects and transitions with jQuery. Complete with cross-browser compatibility and much more, this template is certainly worth a try.

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Stack Multipurpose HTML Template

One of the most popular and feature-rich HTML website template, Stack is multi-purpose, versatile and flexible. One can have unlimited possibilities with this one theme as it comes with a range of awesome and efficient features. A robust template to pt for, whatever you choose to use it for, this template is sure to take it to the next level. Responsive, retina-ready and vibrant, the design on every home page and inner pages it offers is absolutely fantastic. Making use of reusable HTML and modular CSS, Stack blends the contemporary style with awesome markup on each of their templates. With over 140 demo pages, 270 customizable blocks and amazing flexibility to back it up, what else can you possibly want? Get over 25 beautifully crafted niche Homepages to choose from including options for blog, portfolio, and more.

The template is further cross-browser compatible, translation ready and includes styles of both One-Page and Multi-Page designs. Get fully functional AJAX forms for contact, subscription, and registration. In addition to that, the template is also integrated with MailChimp for email and campaign monitor. The Variant Page Builder included makes the whole process a breeze. Not to mention the easy process to modify and change any elements. For a more appealing feel, one can also make use of the masonry and lightbox galleries. And if that is not enough play along with multiple color schemes included that you can switch to and from. What’s more, is that the users also get access to multiple social media feed widgets. So whatever it is that you are planning to start next, whether it is a blog, professional site or even an online shop, Stack is probably the best companion one can find.

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Kingster – School College University HTML Template

Now if multi-purpose themes are not your cup of tea, then Kingster is another great option for those looking for a education based website template. Simple, clean and packed with everything one might need to get started. This template is also user-friendly and created with extreme attention to details. Which means all of the CSS and HTML codes used are well-documented and clean. In addition to that, each of the elements included are placed strategically making sure that the users get nothing but the best results. In addition to this, the template is completely responsive and executes amazing imagery. Based on the Bootstrap framework, it is pretty much the epitome of great structure.

Getting into the features, this template offers the users to choose between two creatively designed Home Pages. And if that’s not enough, you get access to over 50 amazing HTML pages that one can use to their benefits. Aiming at easier usage and navigation, this template also works under various shortcodes included within the package. The concept for education is further highlighted with all the pages and sections dedicated to the niche. Completely cross-browser compatible, it loads fast and easy no matter which internet browsers you prefer to use. In addition to this, it is also SEO optimized, performance boosted and also includes functional contact forms to ensure optimal performance.

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Edubin LMS Education HTML Template

Great for any educational websites related to schools, universities, online courses and more, Edubin is a premium option for those looking for it. Perfected and creatively designed with the education niche in mind, this template is more than just a simple start to an online site. It is a step ahead of all your competitors backed up with awesome features. The design is clean and professional yet eye-catching enough for your users. It is also responsive and retina-ready so that your site is never dull to the eyes no matter what device it is on. Based on the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework, this template meets all the latest standards of the web.

Choose from 3 different elegantly designed Home Page styles. Not only this, but you also get access to various useful inner pages like event page, blog page, news page, course page and more. You also get tons of stylish Google fonts that you can use. The template is also completely cross-browser compatible. Optimized for SEO, with a lightweight structure and fast loading framework, get the perfect education site up and running within a matter of minutes.

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Imfundo is a premium HTML5 education website template that is suitable for the education course learning management system website. It is an online library which provides all the necessary elements to help you get started. With a fully responsive layout, this template fits any screen size whether it is a laptop, desktop or mobile and tablets. Built with the Bootstrap framework, this template includes 5 different homepage variations that you can choose from. Not only this but you also get amazing header styles that go along with the overall professional outlook of the homepages.

Extremely user-friendly to help you customize the elements easily the template also features exclusive shortcodes you can use to add elements to your site. The template also includes a Menuzord Megamenu so that you can add an easy access for your users to navigate. Another awesome thing about this template is that you also get Functional Contact forms so that none of your leads get out of your hands. Easily add location to your educational institute with Google Maps integration that features multi-locations as well.

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StudyPress Education


StudyPress is a professional looking HTML5 template that allows you to create an amazing website that is effective and impressive. Best suited for education course related websites as well as projects this template includes tons of options so that you can do so easily. The fully responsive layout makes sure that your website fits any screen size and adjust accordingly. Built on bootstrap framework, you get to choose from multiple one pages and multiple page demos. Get over 625 different HTML files that you can easily use to add elements to the site.

With the template, you get 10 Index Multipage demos with 9 index multi-page demos that you get to choose from. In addition to this, you also get options for 9 Dark Page Demos and 11 Hot Page Demos with 14 different Home Page variations. The clean and simple design is sure to catch your visitor’s attention instantly! And the Revolution Slider that is included adds the extra appeal. The template also features smooth animation with parallax sections along with Working Ajax form with validation. The powerful shortcodes are easy to add and well documented as well. Add location for more authenticity and attract more visitors to your educational institute with Google Maps that is integrated with the template.

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Edugate is yet another stunning HTML template that is best suited for education based websites or portals. You can use this template to create a library, training centre or to add details about schools and colleges. Because this template is multi-purpose and multi-concept, you can use it any way you like! It features a clean and clear design that is fully responsive. You can choose from the 10 predefined colour schemes with high visual hierarchy and contrast for easier reading. Choose the font you want to display to add that extra touch of professionalism.

To display your content in an attractive way, use the Parallax scrolling effect as well as the Carousel Slider and CSS animations that comes included. In addition to this, this education website template also features clear formatting coding which makes it really easy to customize. Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework this template is also cross-browser compatible. The codes used in the template are also well-commented and well-documented so that you have absolutely no problem when making any changes.

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Edumart is yet another clean and responsive HTML education website templates to use for any type of courses or schools and college websites. Awesome design created especially with a focus on attracting more students onto your institute, this template can also be used for the purpose of e-learning and online courses. Modern and clean, this template features an awesome range of pages that you can choose to build on. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3 along with the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template takes the cake when it comes to keeping your viewers engaged.

Edumart features 22 different page styles that are retina-ready and fully responsive. Along with this, you also get extensive documentation to help you set up. It is also cross-browser compatible and is backed by tests done with various internet browsers. You also get access to fully functional Contact Forms which makes the detail collecting process much easier. Add fonts, icons, and various elements to attract more viewers and leave a lasting impression with Edumart.

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Education is a responsive HTML website template that we are absolutely amazed at! Ideal for educational websites like- school, college, and Universities, build the perfect site to display the specialty of your institute and gain more exposure. Although educational based, you can even use this site to launch courses for different genres. You can create design courses, language schools, art course or digital courses. The theme is flexible enough to fit any niche. It is also fully responsive and retina ready.

The codes used are clean and well-coded. This makes the customizing process easier. Based on the Nicdark framework, this template is fast and easy to use! The education website template features exclusive demos versions that you can view and use if you want. Customize the whole outlook with a range of color schemes as well as PHP files! In addition to this, the template also features multiple custom pages that you can add as well. Furthermore, their customer support is always helpful and available whenever you need them! And if your preferred platform is WordPress, this template also comes with WordPress pages that you can use with ease!

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Designed and built especially for education based templates, Edutech is simply an effective learning hub and informative platform! Based and built with extensive research into the education and learning industry this HTML template is quite close to perfect. It features all the adequate and first-class features in a responsive and retina-ready design. You also get two homepage variations that you can choose to start on. The unique and modern fresh look to the website will make sure to leave a lasting impression.

This education website template is also cross-browser compatible which makes it easy and fast loading. The Valid HTML5 and CSS3 codes are easily customizable and well-commented. Furthermore, you also get unique effects along with smooth transition effects. Add creative fonts and icons using the Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts. In addition to this, you also get a working PHP contact form that you can utilize on your site. Perfect for the educational-based website, Edutech is the perfect option to start with.

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Academics is an amazing HTML5 education website template that features a fully responsive layout. Create an effective and modern-looking website in an instant! Perfect to display your educational content or details about your institution Academics education website template is flexible yet powerful! Choose from over 30 different Pages to add on your site! It is responsive and retina ready as well. Moreover, it is optimized for cross-browser compatibility. Get amazing results playing around with the powerful elements included with the template!

Academics features 4 different Home Page and About Page along with options for Course Page, Course Detail page and even Research Pages. Add the location of your institute, school or college with ease using Google Map with API key. In addition, you also get Blog Pages and News Pages included. The template also features over 350 icons that you can add to your site by Font Awesome. Display your contents and media files in an innovative way using the Owl Carousel Slider and the Nivo Slider. The perfect template to get your education website started, Academics is a powerful and feature-rich HTML template!

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Looking for an amazing education website template to showcase your educational institute and the courses it provides? Well, Learn is a perfect option for you. Suitable for courses, workshops, lessons as well as learning sites, Learn is an HTML education website template! Powered by the Bootstrap framework it comes with powerful contact and subscription forms included. The layout is responsive making sure your that your website adjusts to any screen size. The template features 4 different Home Pages that you can choose from. You get Revolution Slider version, Quick Contact Form version, AJAX Search bar with autocomplete as well as a Video version.

Get exclusive access to Revolution Slider and save extra cash! With over 25 HTML pages, create the perfect website you want! You also get 1900 Fontello Icons with Retina Support for a more creative and interesting outlook. The template is SEO optimized and supported by all major browsers. With the recent update, you also get advanced options for Event Calendar, Member Profile Page Boxed version as well as Teacher Profile Page. Make your website stand out from the rest with this amazing HTML5 education website template!

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Nantria is a super elegant, neat and flexible multipurpose HTMl5 website template that suits almost every niche of online websites. You can use this template to create any kind of online platform whether it is Business based websites, eCommerce websites or simply Blog websites. Featuring tons of amazing features and pages you can choose from, this template is the perfect start to get you where you want. The layout is fully responsive as well as retina ready making sure that it adjusts to any screen size large or small.

It also offers different header styles as well as background styles you can choose to customize and edit to your preference. The template comes with MailChimp integration and valid HTML files. Get awesome parallax scrolling effect with a smooth transition. in addition to this, you also get Carousel and Filterable Portfolio as well as Owl Carousel and Swiper Slider. With such awesome features as well as amazingly stunning layout, there are unlimited possibilities with this template. You can even use to take your education website a notch further for a more unique and modern feel.

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Edulearn is a premium education website template which is powerful, flexible and multi-purpose. You can use it for your school, college or university website or for creating online courses and listings as well. The template is responsive and retina ready with a stunning and unique design. Optimized for speed, this template has the lowest load time with an amazing performance. In addition to that, it also features separate pages for listings or details as well. Get awesome typography options from Google Fonts and FontAwesome featuring different font styles.

The template also includes demo pages that you can use directly to build a website from scratch. The codes are SEO friendly and well-commented for easier customization. Create a visually amazing website with the option of unlimited color schemes. Build an audience and users with AJAX Contact forms integration that will be available with the next update! Not only this, but you also get PSD files included! Moreover, you also get smooth scroll effects with smooth transitions. With every element of the mind, with the template, you get everything you need to create that perfect site to leave an impression.

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Mist is a clean, professional-looking and well-organized HTML5 multipurpose website template. Whether you are looking for blog templates, business templates or even education website templates, Mist is flexible enough to match the requirements. With advanced features and amazing design, with this template, we are sure you can build something incredible. Tested on devices, the template is also fully responsive and retina ready. Get tons of amazing customizing options to get a head start. Get over 500 ready-made pages as well as over 60 Home Page demos within the package. In addition to that, you also get Header Slider variations to choose from as well.

It is SEO optimized and includes image, video and parallax background support. Not only this but you get unlimited shortcodes to add necessary elements on your site. In addition to this, you also get working Contact and Carrier Forms. The unlimited color schemes will make sure that your site matches your envision. Get Slider Revolution as Email Newsletter for free and save extra cash flow! Furthermore get your users interacting with over 10 Dynamic Social Feeds option as over 20 Widget Sections. Perfect for any website niche, get everything you wanted with Mist.

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Edu is an ultra-responsive and visually amazing HTML5 education website template. Best suited for College, Courses as well as tutorial sites, this template provides all the necessary details and elements required for it. The template provides a responsive and retina ready design which looks great on every device. The major feature of this template is the responsive Megamenu that os improved with Bootstrap grid. It comes with AJAX PHP forms included so that you don’t have any problem when interacting with your users.

The template is also SEO friendly and includes over 350 Font Awesome icons that you can use. Furthermore, you also get a Fancybox viewer for a more creative feel. Embed videos through the YouTube Video support to keep your audience entertained. Edu is also cross-browser compatible making it load fast no matter which browser it is in. The template is also IE10 Border Radius fixed! With unlimited options for customizing, get the perfect end result!

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A Bootstrap education website template Learn Pro is predefined with useful elements which let the user create an amazing site. It is suitable for every kind of educational websites whether it is schools, colleges, universities or educational sites of any kind. Tested on all the major hand-held devices, this professional template is fully responsive. The great thing about it is the options and flexibility you get. You can choose from 6 different and unique looking Home Page designs whichever you prefer. In addition to this, you can customize each element including the fonts, typographies, and more to your preference. And that’s not all, the users can choose whether they want a lighter or darker skin version of this theme. Alongside that, it even has variations for the inner pages that you can use with ease. Even the colour schemes are interchangeable and you can choose from 6 different predefined palettes.

Talking about the customizing options, this theme comes with tons of header styles to choose from as well. Furthermore, it includes the Side-Push Menu option that you can customize to your preference. The widgetized menus provide the user with an awesome navigation experience. You get a functional Contact form thanks to the integration with PHP Mailer. Talking about the security, it features the reCaptcha that protects and prevents spammers and bots. It even has three different lightbox plugins that make the pop-up look more appealing. As it includes both Flickr and Instagram widgets, you can also easily display the feeds. While it is quite a long list of what this template is capable of, other advanced features of this template are Date and Time Picker, Pie Charts, MailChimp Integration, Google Fonts and more!

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University of Education


Just as the name spells it out, University of Education is a Bootstrap based education website template fit for universities, colleges and educational institutions of all level. Consisting of a well-organized list of useful elements, this template is highly flexible. You can change, modify, add or remove any elements to your preference. The pixel-perfect design is responsive, retina-ready and features a modern outlook. What’s great is that it comes with multiple Page styles no matter which you prefer. Whether you want to promote your institution, provide courses, details, or contact information and locations, this template will take care of it all. The clean and user-friendly interface also features multiple Fonts and typography styles. In addition to that, the template features amazing speed ensuring that you always stay on top no matter what.

It includes over 25 different HTML files that you can use to your benefit. There are also multiple Home Pages and Inner Pages styles that you can choose from. However, the best part is that it iincludes multiple useful plugins and makes sure that you get everything that you need in one place. The multi-level drop-down menu enhances the navigation feature. Not only this, but this template supports unlimited colour variations. The CSS and HTML codes also give way for stunning effects and animations. Get a professional site ready without any expertise only with the University of education.

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Beautifully and logically designed education website template, Edugrade is an extraordinary template package. Powered with the Bootstrap framework, it is fully responsive and retina-ready. The Home Pages, as well as the Inner Pages, are unique to look at giving out a clean and modern outlook. Perfect for websites of all the educational institutions, this template has advanced options for personalizing it to your needs. It includes 3 different Home Page variations and as well as multiple courses and inner pages layout. In addition to this, you can even customize the colour palette and the fonts to match the aesthetic you are going for. Whether you want to start an educational course based site or want a professional site to represent your institution, this template is another great place to start.

Edugrade is also completely compatible with major internet browsers and loads fast and easy no matter which browser you prefer. Backed up with clean and well-commented CSS and HTML coding structure, this template is one of a kind. For your convenience, it also includes pages dedicated to blogs, gallery, contact, event and courses. Each element perfectly compliments the professional look. What’s more is that you can also add a sticky menu or nav bar if you prefer. Integrated with Google Maps, adding locations and pinpointing it to your users is as easy as a breeze. Not only this, but you also get a functional Contact form that you can utilize to not miss out on any visitors. The creative CTAs alongside the banner options makes this theme one that you cannot miss out on!

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Techedu is an amazingly flexible HTML education website template that we have in line for you. Completely responsive and retina-ready, this template is sure to take your site to the next level. But as it is based on a highly customizable theme structure, you can use it for other niches of sites like corporate, agencies, restaurants, business and what not. The user-friendly options, as well as the well-commented and clean CSS and HTML codes, make it easy for the users. This means that whether you are a beginner, novice or just someone who is looking for an easy way out, then this template is a perfect choice. Get unlimited options to choose from and get the perfect site up and running with ease.

The template also offers 5 different and stunning looking Home Pages to choose from. Each represents a unique layout structure that can come in handy in future. Talking about the Pages option, you even have variations for Class Page, Gallery Page, Teachers Page and more. To make it more efficient, you also get a functional Contact form that you can add to the Contact Page. The attractive CTA’s are also engaging and you can attract more people to your desired content with ease. Get Free Google Fonts as well as an unlimited colour scheme options. In addition to this, you get Google Maps which allows you to easily add custom maps. Techedu is loads fast and easy on all the major internet browsers. So what are you waiting for? This theme package is all that you need to get started.

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