Are you bored of same old boxy contact form designs and looking for a creative contact form? Well, you are in the right post now. In this list, we have collected some of the best free contact forms. You can use these free contact forms directly on your next web development project or you can use these as an inspiration and can develop your own custom form. All these forms use latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so working with these form templates will be an easy job.

All the forms are in complete working condition from the front end. Even most of the template supports field validation and they are also mobile responsive. As a developer, all you have to do is to download the template and start doing your backend works.

Contact Form 20


Contact form 20 is a well-thought-out contact form design. Instead of adding a separate map widget in the contact form, this template uses an interactive map background. The map can also be seen in a full-screen view without the contact form. Neat white contact form background gives excellent text visibility. With the big rectangular form fields, this template gives you more than enough space to add required details neatly. A red box is used to indicate which form field the user is currently editing. At the top you have a separate cutout for adding email line icon, you can also use this spot to add your logo.

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Contact Form 19


Contact Form 19 is actually a tweaked version of the contact form 20 mentioned above. This form also uses interactive map background with light blue color overlay. Not only with the overlay color, this template follows the blue as the primary color scheme. The blue color scheme looks professional and acts easy on your eyes. With the form, you get a pretty simple, straightforward design. This form gives you only tow form fields, namely email address and a big message section. If you are intended to use this form as a subscription form, make sure to add a name field. As Gmail inbox now has a promotional category, emails without a name will hit the promotional tab, not in the primary inbox. Other than that this form version nineteen is a fully functional contact form from the front-end.

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Contact Form 18


Contact Form 18 is a perfect business website standard contact form. This form template makes use of the given full page design with the split screen design. Though this template follows a split screen design the form is made bigger and longer to hold all the form elements and the form fields. Majority of the portion in the split screen design is reserved for the image, but still, the form has ample amount of space to show the contents neatly. The form follows simple clean plain design, hence the readability is great in this form. At the bottom, you have the option to add social media profile links. As most customers are preferring social media communication a lot, providing your company social account link will be a wise choice.

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Contact Form 17


Contact Form 17 also follows the same split screen design. This form has all the features and options you would normally expect in a contact form. With the long form design, this template gives you ample amount of space to add all the important form fields neatly. The longer design also avoids the clumsy look. The split screen design is used effectively in this form template. To the left you have the option to add your contact details, so if the user prefers they can use the direct option to reach you. On the right side, you have the contact form, the important fields are neatly marked with the traditional asterisks symbol.

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Contact Form 16


Contact Form 16 is perfectly designed for the one-page website templates. In the demo version, the contact form is actually triggered by the call to action button on the top left corner. Since the spaces are limited to the one-page template options like this is a working solution. The form opens in a lightbox with blue color overlay. Right from the animation effect and till the form field validation this template is in a perfect working condition. To match the neat design of this template, line icons are used along with the form field labels. Shadow effects are used for the call to action buttons at the bottom of the page, in order to make it look distinctive from rest of the page background.

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Contact Form 15


Contact Form 15 is a hybrid of form version sixteen and the nineteen mentioned above. This form template gives you neat regular sized contact form and an interactive map background. If you are running a hotel or any other service oriented sector providing your location on the map background will help the visitors to plan their route easily. The interactive map feature makes this form template the best option for the hotel website templates. On the dark themed map background, the neat contact form looks elegant. Fonts used for the form is neat and easy to read in both small screen devices and desktops.

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Contact Form 14


Contact Form 14 is a simple straightforward contact form. With the neat animation effects and faultless design, this form template will fit perfectly in any kind of website templates. From a developer perspective, this template is easy to use and to customize. This template follows universal code standard and the well-written code base reduces half of the work for the developers. All the developer need to do is to make it fit in the template and take care of the back-end integration work. Out of the box, this form is mobile responsive, so you can add it to a mobile responsive website template easily.

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Contact Form 13


Contact Form 13 is split screen style contact form template. Instead of using a static image on one side, this template uses an interactive Google map. Since the map is from the direct Google maps, you get all the features and options you would normally get in a Google map. The contact form on the right side uses a clean white background, to give a contrast feel the map uses a dark theme. A static holder is placed over the map to help you add the contact number. The form field supports field validation, hence when a user misses a field the error is indicated by a red exclamation mark. On hovering over the exclamation mark, the required format is shown as an example.

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Contact Form 12


Contact Form 12 is an interactive form which uses CSS animation effects instead of providing a simple static image. On the right, you have a contact form with rounded edges, which nowadays a trendy pattern you might see in many modern website templates. Since the clean white background is used for the contact form, the form fields use a greyish color scheme to distinguish it from the background. Neat font awesome icons and form field labels are used to indicate users which detail need to be given in the respective form field.

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Contact Form 11


Contact Form 11 is a boxy style traditional looking contact form template. With the use of trendy gradient this template shows that it uses latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework. This form gives you four form field to collect users name, email address, website, and message. Important fields are indicated by asterisks symbol so that the user won’t leave the fields empty. Just below the contact form, you have space to add your contact number. The only bug you will find with this form is the message field contracts after you click it. Other than that the form template is in a complete working condition.

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Contact Form 10


Contact Form 10 is a neat and clean looking contact form template. With the minimalistic approach, this template easily fits in well with any type of website template. To match the minimal design the visual effects used is also subtle and clean. By expanding a bit the animation effects tell the user in which field they are currently inputting data. Form field labels are used to indicate what data need to be given in a particular form field. Since this form template follows a borderless design you don’t have any space restriction, the form simply floats on the screen. Like most other free contact forms in this list, this form is also made mobile responsive.

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Contact Form 9


Contact form 9 also follows a floating style menu form templates. Both the form the background and the form fields are given same white color scheme, to make the form fields look distinctive shadow effects are used. In the demo version, the form is used as a full-page form with an interactive map as a background with a neat gradient overlay. Just below the call to action button you have space to add a contact number. The call to action button is the only colored element in this form, which looks elegant on the clean white form background.

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Contact Form 8


Contact Form 8 is a boxy looking contact form template. This form uses classy form elements in a modern structure. A complete light theme is followed in this form, which shows web elements and texts neatly in both small screen devices and big screen desktops. One unique feature this form template gives is a “Send a copy to my email”, it is a considerable feature which keeps you transparent with your customers. By sending a copy to the users, they can review their message when they get a reply from you. This form also uses an interactive map background to make use of the provided full-page design.

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Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is a simple clean form template. This template gives you a boxy form fields on a full page design. The visual effects on this form are very minimal, only place where you see the effects clearly is on the call to action buttons. Gradient color used in the call to action button shifts when you hover over the button. Neat line icons and form field labels are used to indicate the users what information to be filled in the respective form field. This form uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework which helps you to meet modern web needs like mobile optimization and cross-browser compatibility. This form works perfectly well in all the browsers and it is also easy to interact with mobile devices.

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Contact Form 6


Contact Form 6 is a well-animated contact form. With the help of latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, the creator of this template able to give you a lightweight form with all these animation effects. The bold texts and ample amount of spacing give this form a neat look and the readability is also great for both small screen devices and desktops. At the bottom, you have space to add your contact number. This form also uses a dark theme interactive map as a background. This map is also integrated with the Google maps, so you get all the basic functionalities of the map in this form template.

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Contact Form 1


Contact form one will be a best addition to modern website templates. This form template includes all the characteristics of a modern web design. With the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, this template gives us an interactive form. The Contact form one is a big form, spaces are utilized smartly with an interactive element on the left, which moves according to your cursor movement. To the right, you get the form fields, with this template you get name, email, subject and message fields. Only a small thing this template misses is field validation and none of the fields is marked as a required field, so when you are adding it to your site make sure you fix this. Other than that this is a gorgeous looking modern form which is easy to use and edit.

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Contact Form 2


Contact Form 2 is an elegant looking form both in terms of color scheme and the design. For the demo purpose this template is displayed as a full-page template, if you already have a website template, you can use the form alone. This form uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so editing and integrating it with your existing website will be an easy job. Another big advantage of this form is, it is optimized for mobile devices. To make use of the full-screen design this template uses an image background if you can use it or simply change it to the pattern you like. Each field in the form is indicated by form label to help the user know what detail need to be given in the particular field.

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Contact Form 3


Sometimes it is better to give more than one option for your visitors. If you are looking a contact form for a business website template or a startup company website, it is better to give quote form along with the contact form to make the process even more simple. The Contact Form 3 gives you both contact form and quotation form with this template. So when the users are about to contact you, they can easily choose the option they want. In the contact form, you get usual form fields like name, email, and message. But with the quote form you get drop down field to let the user select required services and budget. Animation effects on this template are also sleek and quick so there is no time lag when you switch between forms.

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Contact Form 4


Contact Form 4 is a long form, so you get ample amount of space to add all the fields in the form. With big bold texts, readability is easy on this template, which also makes it a perfect addition for creative website templates. With this form, you get form fields for collecting information about name, email, and message. Along with the common form field, this template also gives you drop down option form fields for services and budgets just like in the form version three you have seen above. This template uses gradient color scheme which looks attractive and lively when it is combined with the visual effects. If you need you can change this color scheme to match the color pattern of your website template.

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Contact Form 5


Contact Form 5 is a bold and clean looking form. With its simple clean design, this template becomes the best addition to minimal website templates. Not only the design but the visual effects are also kept simple in this form template. The best part of this template is it supports field validation, which will help you reduce the probability of getting fault data. With this template, you get a drop-down form field to help the user select the services they want. If you are making a website for the big organization, providing an option to select services will help you filter the messages easily. Again this template is just a framework, we have to manually take care of the backend work.

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Quick Minimal Contact Form


If you are looking for a unique looking contact form for your personal blog, this form design will inspire you. The creator of this form has kept it very simple and gave lots of space for entering contents in the field. In the top, you have a space to add your name, which gives an elegant touch to the form. If you are using it for your personal website or blog, this will even make more sense. Just like all other contact forms in this list, this one is also perfectly working from the front-end. Field validations are also given in this form, so the user won’t miss a detail when they send you a message.

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CSS3 Contact Form


This CSS3 Contact Form is a postcard style contact form. The designer of this form has made it long enough to accommodate all contact form fields. Important form fields are denoted with an asterisk symbol. Form field validations are also used in this form to let the user know when they miss a field. The developer has used field tags to let the user know what information they have to give in a particular field. Overall this is a well thought out neat contact form, which can be used for all types of websites. By making a few customizations this form can also be used in your mobile applications.

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