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A website has become one of the integral aspects of business today. Be it a small agency or a big corporation, educational institution or a restaurant having a website is very important in today’s digital world. A website increases your online presence, it helps you grow your business in the long run. But that does not mean only having a website will boost your revenue. For that, you need a website that is not just visually alluring but fully functional.

And like the saying goes, “Sometimes less is more”, keeping your website clean and minimal can be very beneficial. A simple website with less fancy stuff means your site’s blazing loading speed, which consequently provides the best user experience to your visitors. Also, the simplicity of the site results in fewer distractions. Thus, it helps attract more visitors to your website, promote your services to them in the simplest way, and keep them engaged for a longer time.

And the good news is creating a simple yet engaging website is possible without spending a single penny. Yes, there is a wide range of free CSS website templates easily available that you can use to create one. However, selecting the one that best fits your requirement out of the pool of outstanding yet free simple CSS website templates can be daunting. So, to provide you with the helping hand and cut off the time and effort you would have to invest in searching for the best template, here’s the list of free simple website templates to craft clean and minimal yet powerful websites in no time.



Frame is a clean and simple looking business website template. With the help of modern HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks, the creator of this template has made a simple yet elegant looking website template. Ample amount of space is given between each element and sections so that the user can easily interact with your website. Shadow effects are used smartly to highlight the important elements on the web page.

Subtle animation effects are used to present the contents engagingly to the users. This template uses professional-looking fonts, which are bigger and easy to read. Pricing tables, contact forms, and all other necessary web elements are given in this template, so you can easily expand this template if you need.

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Jackson is a simple CSS website template ideal for resumes and personal portfolio-based sites. Whether you are a professional or beginner who wishes to put yourself up for others to see, this template is a perfect start. The design it follows is pretty minimal and simple and is purpose focused. This makes for ample space for users to utilize while adding their contents. Showcasing your works and skills in an impressive manner has never been easier. Relying on the professional Bootstrap framework, it is amazingly flexible and meets all the latest of web standards. Featuring a One Page design, you can highlight all of the important information on a single screen. 

The template is user-friendly and comes with easy to use options that you can use to personalize the site to your preference. It is also cross-browser compatible and super lightweight. This in turn makes way for a faster performing template overall. It is also a great way to exert online presence right after starting. The huge image section sliders, social icons, side navigation bars and the simple styling are some of the mentionable features. However, there are more to offer, so check out the link below to get the full details. 

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responsive website template for magazines

Now if professional yet minimal and simple is what you are looking for, then Meranda is the ideal free CSS website template for you. Visually impressive, the highlight here is the contents you add onto the site. The layout is designated towards blogging and editorial sites and makes for a great impression on anyone who lands on the site. And like we mentioned before, as it relies on the HTML and CSS based code structure, it is pretty reliable and secure. It is fully responsive, and amazingly adjusts to every device screen size with ease. The great thing here is that the content-focused layout style is further complemented with the creative elements to add that extra touch of creativity. When creating a site from scratch, everything you need is packed with the template. 

From amazing sections dedicated to blog, recents, posts, galleries and more, you have it all. Furthermore, the template is highly customizable, providing options from Google Fonts, FontAwesome, and more. You can also enable sticky navigation to stay intact no matter how far you scroll down. For social interactions you can make use of the functional contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, social icons and more. Once installed and activated, you will realize that this template offers tons of premium-like features. Furthermore, the layout is completely cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, RTL ready and overall fast loading.

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Grunt is another great free CSS website template by colorlib we think deserves a mention here. It is a creative One Page-based template designated with all of those creative individuals in mind. The template is also pretty appealing to the eyes and visually impressive. The minimal and simple design is a great way to focus on the content you post. And to complement the style, every elements follow a similar pattern. This template is perfect to increase your online presence from the elegant fonts to the components all dedicated to the niche. It relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, it is flexible and meets all the latest web-standards. Not to mention the amazing array of user-friendly options that makes it ideal for even beginners and novices. 

To top it off, this template is fully compatible with all the major web browsers. It features a full-screen split screen slider that is unique to view. The slider with texts, CTAs and the icons takes the purpose to a whole new level. As it relies on the CSS and HTML codes as we mentioned before, you get an array of creative components at your disposal. From creative animations, effects and sliders to hover and click effect, there are plenty you can implement. Not only this, but this template offers support for videos and multiple post types. You get a functional Contact form and social media icons that you can use to get in touch with your users.

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Breed2 is a simple clean CSS website template. From the colorful gradients and unique shaped elements itself, you can infer that this template uses the CSS3 script. Though the original design looks bit complicated, the code structure is kept very simple. Even beginners can work with this template without any issue. As you can see that this is a personal website template. Hence, you get plenty of elements to showcase your work and boost personal branding a bit. In the header section itself, you can give you a quick intro with an image and social media profile links. Very simple animation effects are used in this template.

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Stories is a wonderful website template for food bloggers. The simple clean design of this template let the user enjoy your recipes and feel the taste even before trying it. Lots of carousels and tabs are used in this template to let you neatly organize the contents. This fully loaded website template will be a perfect option for well-developed blogs with thousands of contents. The designer has used trendy looking fonts headings and regular fonts for the main contents for better readability. In the single article page, you get a sidebar where you can curate the related articles to keep the users engaged. Overall it is a thoughtfully designed website template.

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Yogalax, from the name itself, is a blend word of yoga and relax. The simple design of this template justifies the meaning of the portmanteau title of this template. Proper use of light colors gives a soothing experience to the user. As soon as the user gets into your site, they will feel a relaxed environment on your website. The developer has used subtle animation effects to add life to this soothing design. The animation effects are handled with care so that it doesn’t spoil the overall tranquilizing feel of the template. It is a multi-page template, so you needn’t worry about running out of pages.

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Redplanet is a simple one-page template for hotels. Though it is a one-page template, the designer has given you all the features and options to set a proper website. With interactive animation effects and modern web elements, this template will let you share all your services and offers in one place. The developer has used modern animation and hover-effects to show multiple contents without much screen space. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Hence the developers can easily work with this template and can add features they like.

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The simple website templates no need to have the same boring white design, you can also make colorful website templates. If you are looking for a simple website template with lots of colors, the Sportify if the option for you. The creator of this template has used the CSS3 script smartly so that you get both lively colors and animation effects. Texts are made bolder and thicker to make them legible even on the small screen devices. The creator of this template has given you all the basic elements so that you can set up your website in no time.

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If you are looking for a simple CSS website template for a start website or SAAS business website, Unapp is the best option. Though it is a free template, the creator of this template has given you a premium quality product. This template responds quickly and loads faster with smooth animation effects and proper optimization. Since this template is designed for software and app development company website, you get plenty of it-related options. If you are using this template for the SAAS company website, you can use it without making any customization.

Though it is a multi-page template, the template’s designer has made the homepage long enough to list all your important content in one place. The smart homepage design will help you to give a clear idea of your business to the new users. Call to action buttons are placed at the most appropriate location to guide the users to the required pages.

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Ultim8 is another clean website template for business websites and design agencies. This template elegantly promotes your business with a simple layout and colorful web elements. With the help of the latest CSS5 framework, the creator of this template gives you natural-looking modern colors. Visual effects are kept simple and brilliant to draw user attention at the required spot without ruining the website user experience.

Sectioning of the homepage is done with care so that the user clearly understand your business. In the header section itself, you have typewriting animation effect to give an interactive quick intro of your product and call to action buttons to convert them. Hence, this template is designed to look beautiful and help you reach the goal of your website. It is also a multi-page template, and all the pages follow a simple layout with colorful web elements.

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Taxx is a beautifully crafted simple business website template. Though simplicity is its base it still gives you that immense joy while creating your website and will allure your targeted users. This template features a full-screen banner where you can add either texts or call-to-action buttons. With tons of amazing options, this template is flexible and fully responsive. This acts as the key element to adjust your website to any screen size, large or small. Suited and built to fulfill all the necessary elements required for a business or corporate website this template is the ideal choice.

Apart from the amazing design and features other advanced options this template includes are- social media icons, brand slider as well as Google Map integration. It also includes special pages that feature amazing hover effects. With Taxx everything has been taken care of and once you invest in it, you no longer need to worry. You get awesome customer support and regular updates whenever you need them.

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Construct is a free construction website template that is best suited for construction based websites. With a professional take on the modern outlook, this simple website template is perfect to promote and advertise your company. Turn your potential clients into loyal customers with a lasting impression. Grow your business and get the best online experience with Construct.

Following all the latest technologies and advanced features, this template is surely the best choice. It includes stunningly mesmerizing portfolios that capture your viewer’s attention. Display your projects and the media files you choose in the advanced sliders available. It is also cross-browser compatible which means that this template features blazing fast speed no matter which browser you prefer to use. The template is based on a user-friendly aspect so that you have no problem customizing and editing the elements.

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Caviar is a free simple website template that is ideal for all kinds of food and restaurant websites. The clean, minimal look and the fascinating functionalities that come along with this template helps you in creating the most ravishing restaurant website in no time and that too free of cost. It features everything that is needed to display every aspect of a successful restaurant, catering or a food business. One of the most notable features of Caviar is its unique slideshow that makes the first moments of the website’s load memorable.

Moreover, with this free restaurant website template, you can showcase your mouth watering menus in the most appetizing way possible. Not just that, visitors can also reserve a table for themselves through the reservation form. Even better, they can pick a date as well as the time as per their convenience as the reservation form in this template integrates the date and time picker. All in all, this template can be a wise investment for the speedy growth of your food or restaurant business.

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Creative Agency


If you are looking for a template to build a landing page style website with that professional look and feel for your agency then this template is definitely the one you should opt for. Creative Agency was primarily developed with creative and marketing agencies in mind. However, it is suitable for other business websites as well.

This template features a parallax banner with an enticing Call-to-Action(CTA) button. It also provides sections to introduce your team members and the latest projects you are working on. Additionally, it allows projecting the areas in which your company excels. On top of that, CA keeps you as the incharge to its sophisticated design and top-notch features. Just some few tweaks according to your requirement and your website is ready to outrace your competitors.

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Just as the name suggests, Security is a fully CSS and HTML based business website template perfect for security-based companies. With a professional, unique and modern looking interface, this template provides tons of amazing options to create the perfect online platform. The template is fully responsive as well as highly customizable. Offering a range of features to help you create a functional and secure online platform to promote and grow your business, this free simple website template is all you need.

This template features a massive image banner to add engaging contents and media files. Moreover, it also includes carefully designed Service Page, About Us Page, as well as Cost and Contact Page. You can even add your location and let your users know exactly where you are with the integration with Google Maps. More advanced features of this free simple website template are the social media icons, newsletter subscription, and the transparent menu. Boost your security company and the services you provide with this amazing template and get all the exposure you require!

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An attractive and beneficial website template to help you get started, Resume is a professional looking CV and resume website template. Display your core skills and leave an impression on anyone looking to hire with Resume. Perfect for freelancers, job seekers as well as anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, this template gives you all the advanced features and tools required to create the perfect Resume and CV!

With an enticing and attractive design layout, this template is also fully responsive. It is equipped with a stunning welcome banner as well as skill bars that allows you to boost your area of qualification. Showcase the amazing projects that you have been involved in and make your lasting impression to the one looking to hire. No matter what type of job you are looking for, we are sure that once you try Resume, a mesmerizing yet free simple website template you will get the desired results in a matter of days.

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Cocoon is a stunning and feature-rich creative agency website template that features a modern and unique outlook. This template is super flexible and offers amazing possibilities regardless of the niche of business that you are involved in. With a user-friendly interface, you no longer need to have any coding knowledge as Cocoon allows its users to craft a website that is unique as well as technically advanced.

Build your business each day and get in touch with your users. Showcase your amazing skills and the services you provide. Inspiring and innovative, this free simple website is a handy tool to get you started. You get tons of typography options from Google Font and you can also customize each element. Get advanced hover effect and transition that adds the creative touch. With more emphasis on the content, display anything you want on the stunning sliders and gallery options it provides.

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Zeta is a powerful and modern free CSS website template based on HTML coding. Start your online journey and create amazing business websites to reach a global audience and your potential clients. Sporting a contemporary yet modern outlook, it is very easy to customize. It is also fully responsive which makes it easier for your website to adjust and fit any device screen size.

The template is also well-documented making it easier for its users to understand the process of using it. In addition, this template is well-structured and features tons of elements you can add. Furthermore, the bold color schemes that this template offers is absolutely stunning. Besides, you can also display your media files in an attractive slider if you prefer. What’s more is that you can get interactive with your users through the social media integrations. Compatible with almost all major internet browsers, it loads fast and works seamlessly no matter which internet browser you prefer.

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Real Estate


Convincing people to make huge investments on your property is quite a hectic task. Thus, you need to have a cutting-edge website to showcase your property listing to create a remarkable first impression of your agency. Online presence is an equally important aspect for enticing visitor’s attention. And both are possible with Real Estate simple website template.

This well-crafted template is modern, highly flexible and well equipped with all the necessary and latest technologies. The property search tool makes it more convenient for your visitors to look out for the specific type of property they want. Moreover, you can also put your top rated properties at the display. Besides, Google map and contact form integrate seamlessly with this free simple website template making your website even more engaging and interactive. So, think no more and sell your properties through Real Estate and give the best user experience as complimentary!

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Like the names suggest, SEO is a free CSS website template perfect for SEO agency websites. This template is equipped with all such features using which you can showcase your SEO proficiency to your potential clients and turn them into the loyal customers. Moreover, you can share your pro SEO tips through blogs as well. The beautiful blog layouts that come along with the template allows you to share all the expert content marketing tips as well.

This visually cohesive, well integrated and engaging template serves as the best free website template for all kinds of digital media agencies. Gain the trust of your potential clients by introducing your team of SEO experts and give them the deeper insights into your purchase plans through the pricing table this templates offers. Use this free simple website template for your creative agency and let the world know how websites are optimized!

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Lawfirm, the name itself describes that it’s a responsive lawyer and law company website.It’s the perfect choice if you run a law firm or in any way indulged in the field. This free simple website template, however, is suitable for any other business niche to maximize your online presence.

Its clean design and astonishing features allow you to showcase your practice areas in which you excel, either as an individual or a company. Besides, it comes along with prebuilt beautifully designed pages where you can make the changes as per your liking and turn it into something you wish to. The multitude of customization options is there at your disposal for the purpose. Moreover, this free CSS website template makes getting a free and legal consultation even easier for all your potential clients through a simple form. Thus, this template makes your website a more interactive one.

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Article is a minimal and content focused HTML5 website template that is perfect for your blogging website. Flexible enough to suit any niche of blogging websites, this free simple website template is the perfect choice to start your online journey. No matter what you like to blog about, whether it is food, lifestyle or even fashion and design, this template is ideal.

SEO optimized and fast loading, it is also fully compatible and fast loading on all major internet browsers. Embed videos and display media files in a creative and appealing Sliders that are included. Not only this but you also get a separate About Us or Author Page where you can talk about your achievements and projects you have worked on. Get tons of loyal followers with this amazingly designed template!

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Are you a hobbyist writer or an author looking to take up and create a perfect online platform? Book is an amazing HTML5 based free CSS website template that helps you achieve your goals. Whether you want to write contents or promote your books and novels, this template features all the needed tools and equipment.

Get your sales increased in a noticeable amount once you try out this template. The Author Page and the fun facts or counter section are also the exclusive features that make this template stand out. However, you need not stick to only digital or printed books. You can promote varieties of products creating a one-page website using this one of the best free CSS website templates.

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Format is a clean and modern free website template that is perfect for portfolio based websites or for blogging. You can even use this flexible website template for eCommerce website or to showcase your products and services. Based on the powerful Bootstrap grid this template is visually striking and will capture your visitor’s attention instantly. Start your perfect online journey today with this amazing yet free CSS website template-Format.

The gallery of the template displays amazing effect and supports video formats as well. Not only this, but it also gives you advanced options for smooth overlay for a portfolio as well as amazing scrolling effects. Furthermore, this template also offers a pop-up video option to display your content in a striking way!

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TheGazette is free responsive magazine website template that sports such amazing features that are hard to believe are of a free template. Site skin option is one the best examples of how powerful the features are that come along with this template for free. Being a fully responsive template, TheGazette ensures that your website looks perfect on all sort of devices.

You can monitor the changes made to your site at the real time through the live preview. In addition, this free simple website template has a spot made available to post your important banner ads along with other amazing widgets for subscription, full-width carousel slider, newsletter and many more. The astonishing features and simple yet sophisticated design makes this template a perfect choice for any news or online magazine websites.

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Hosting, like the name suggests, is a free web hosting website template. Creating a fully functional site with a sophisticated design especially for a hosting company can be quite a hectic job. However, this template makes the task hassle-free as it is power packed with a wide range of impressive features. After all, a website of a hosting company is more than just the good looks.

Hosting is fully responsive and thus renders well on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. Also, it is fully compatible with all the major internet browser providing your user with amazing browsing experience. You users can get the detailed information about the hosting plans as well purchase plans for each hosting.

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Massive is an amazingly stunning and feature-rich HTML5 website template that is simple yet powerful. Perfect to showcase any app or software, Massive is a stunning landing page for any of your products. Showcase them and leave a lasting impression turning any potential buyers into loyal customers. With an innovative infrastructure and excellent marketing strategy based layout each of the codes included are well-commented. This means that the template is extremely easy to use.

Grow your product sales with this free CSS website template that is responsive as well as pixel perfect. Stand out from the rest of the crowd with the right set of tools and equipment. The template includes a 3D display as well as social media integration. It also features the option to add video files with description. The unique design of the template also features Pricing Page as well as Team Members Page. Sure to get your product a boost, this template is an ideal choice.

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Sweep is a free CSS website template that is based on the advanced CSS3 and HTML coding. Built on all the advanced and latest technologies, it is best suited for corporate-based websites of all niche.

The template is optimized for SEO which means that they are searchable and high ranked on all the major search engines. Furthermore, it is also cross-browser compatible which means it is fast loading and fully functional no matter which browser you choose to use. Perfect to create a stunning corporate website, display and boost your company as well as the services you provide in an innovative way! It also features tons of advanced options like- clean coding, custom fonts, color schemes option as well as Working Contact Forms.

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Medilife is a free medical website template that can give you the perfect dose of online presence to your website. If you are looking for a simple yet professional site for your hospital or clinic, look no further than this template. Let your clients know about the medical services you provide and the number of doctors, specialties, patients, etc through the counters. This template makes fixing an appointment a breeze through its integrated appointment form.

In addition to that, it also comes in full integration with popular plugins like contact form and Google Maps. Besides, if you are a doctor but loves blogging what could be more perfect than sharing your blogs about medicines through your website. This free website template is the medicine to all those belonging to the pharmaceutical or hospital industry to cure their website-related problems.

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Orchid is a stunning Portfolio-based website template that features a minimal, visually clear, and powerful layout design. With HTML5 based coding framework, this template is lightweight yet sophisticated. It comes with every tool and equipment required to start your own business or corporate based website. Built on the powerful Bootstrap grid framework, the template is well-commented and well-documented. With tons of options like custom fonts, carousels, slider, and icons that you can use, this template is almost the definition of perfection.

You also get a Sticky header that stays intact no matter how far down your users scroll. You can even add your location and let them know exactly where you are through the integration with Google Maps. Optimized for SEO, this template also ensures that your website always stays on top of the rank. Not only this but the template also performs at a lightning blaze speed. So get started with your portfolio or corporate website with Orchid, a free simple website template!

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Magnews is a clean, modern and unique HTML5 based news and online magazine website template that is fully responsive. With a user-friendly interface, you no longer need to have any coding or digital knowledge. Extremely easy to use and customize each element this template is best suited for any editorial based websites. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is the ideal choice for you to share your news!

Pre Designed with tons of elements that you can add this free simple website template is a perfect choice! Get interactive and connected with your users with the Social media integration and the Working Contact Forms. The sidebars and footer section are also widgetized. You also get options to add advertisement to the ad spaces available. The template is optimized for speed, which features a blazing fast speed.

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