Everyone dream for an active life, it not only helps us to stay in shape but it also changes the way we live. Strauss Zelnick the founder ZMC and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, a video game company (this is the company which makes the famous GTA game) spends nearly 50 minutes in workouts with his employees. When we are with like minded people we can do more, if you are about to start a club or community for a particular sports or fitness activity, these free sports website templates can help you build a strong community.

Nike is one of the best sportswear manufacturing company and also the company that has a strong community. Nike brings all their customers together, they encourage them to stay active daily and help them beat their personal records. A little motivation from others will help you reach the goals easily. The free sports website templates in this list have the basic structure to help you reach more people and build a strong community. All these HTML templates are tuned perfectly from the front end. Since basic chores like optimization and alignments are already taken care, you can concentrate on the goal of your website.



If you planning to give a better user experience for the user, the Sportsfit is the best option. The designer of this template has designed it sensibly so that frequently used features and contents are placed at the easily accessible positions. In the homepage header section, you have space to add your slogan, big hero image, and a video link. You also have space to list your best programmes in a widget next to the header section. From the widget itself, the user can enroll in your programme, all you have to do is to link the widget to your registration form. On the services page, you have a detailed chart to show your daily schedule. Big banners are also given in this template to help you promote your business.

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Slim is a clean modern website template. The designer has used the typography and latest fonts to present the contents neatly to the users. Vertical tabs and smooth animation effects are used to add more contents in one place. Since it is a one-page website template, these smart tabs and animation effects will come in handy to more contents without taking much screen space. Beautiful vector icons are used to list your services and programmes. The best part is in the download file, you get all the vectors and fonts used in this template. Hence, you can work easily with this template.

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Sportify is a colorful website template. Throughout the template, the designer has used gradient colors and bright colors which gives a sturdy look to the template. The long homepage lets you give a quick overview of your fitness programmes and pricing. In the homepage itself you have a big pricing table which helps you to clearly mention the features in each package. Along with the basic pages, you also get blog templates pre-designed for you. If you are sharing useful fitness tips for your readers, these blog templates will come in handy for you.

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Crossfit is a bold looking website template with big texts and big sections. This template is mobile responsive out of the box, hence these big sections will help the user to easily interact with the website even on the small screen devices. Lots of space is given for image contents, which you can use to showcase your fitness gym features and encourage new users to join in your fitness studio. In all the subpages you have a big banner to promote the email subscription, but you can use this promotional banner for other purposes as well. Big footer section gives you ample space to list all important page links and social media icons.

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Crossbody is a dark theme free sports website template with interactive design elements. Bold texts and bright red color elements give a rugged look to the template. On the clean black background, the texts and the elements are clearly visible. Though it is a multi-page template, the creator has made the homepage long enough to give an overview of all the pages. If you maintain an active Instagram account, then the long Instagram widget near the footer will come in handy to share your feeds. The whole template is designed from a business point of view, hence you get all the necessary option to set a proper website.

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Muscle is a clean and professional looking website template. Sharp shaped web elements and creative shapes give a muscular to the template. The creator has given equal importance to text and image contents so that you can explain your programme clearly to the users. In the default design itself you have space to add video contents, hence you don’t have to adjust the web pages to add video contents. In this template also you have a big gallery style Instagram widget to share your contents.

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Bodyfit is a visual elements rich website template. The dark theme of this template gives a rich look to this template. Another biggest advantage of the dark theme version is it acts light on the user’s eyes. As more and more web browsers and applications are adopting dark theme mode, using a dark theme website template will help you to stay in trend. Visual effects and animation effects are used extensively in this template, but with the help of the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, the website pages load faster. The homepage of this template is made long enough to give a quick overview of your services and all other pages on your website.

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Aerobics is a colorful website template for fitness studios and gyms. With the clean white layout, this template presents the contents neatly to the users. The homepage of this template is straightforward and puts the goal at the first. As soon as the visitor land on your websites, the first they see is “Join Now”. Throughout the template, there are plenty of web elements to encourage the user to join your community. As most of the beginners say that body transformation videos and images helps them to stay motivated, this template has many image holders. Since this is an HTML5 template, you can add videos easily.

The designer of this template has given enough room for text contents as well so that you can explain your services and share stories clearly to the users. Colorful icons are used for the services, as most of them are related to the fitness niche you will find them useful. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. All the subpages follow the same clean design with pink color scheme to maintain the design consistency throughout the template.

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Yoga is a clean looking creative website template. The creator of this template has combined a minimal design with interactive visual effects to keep the users engaged. Full-width design of this template is utilized smartly with big web elements and large sections. Ample amount of space is given between each element and sections so that the users can interact with the template easily. Instead of regular elements, this template use some creative shapes. For example; wedged shaped call to action buttons are used in this template, which shifts the angle on hovering over it. A light green color is used as the color scheme for the web elements, which looks attractive on the clean white background.

Though it is a multi-page template, the homepage of this template is made long enough to handle all the web elements and contents. All the navigation options are given in the hamburger menu style so that the user will experience the same design across all the devices. To make the footer section stand unique from the main content area, a dark color scheme is followed. Space for video contents is also given in this template to show some success stories and the latest events. Pricing tables are also given in this template to neatly mention the price and features in each package.

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Fitness Gym


Fitness Gym is a feature-rich website template for sports and fitness website. The designer of this template has given you all the commercial web elements to promote your business. Smart sectioning of contents in the homepage gives the most important contents readily in the users’ hands. On the homepage, you have ample amount of space to say about your classes, daily schedules and about your trainers. Pricing table is also given to help you clearly mention the features in each plan.

A fresh green gradient color scheme is followed in this template. In the top navigation bar and in the footer you can add contact detail. What makes this template unique is the chat feature. Out of the box, this template is integrated into the Twakto chat system. For those who don’t know, the Twakto is a free chat tool with all the basic chat features you need to collect lead and to engage with your visitors directly. Newsletter subscription form is given on the homepage if you are providing useful video and text contents, collecting user email will help you reach more audience.

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Yogaflex is almost similar to the Yoga template mentioned above. This template follows an ultra clean pristine design in which the contents can be enjoyed fully. On the homepage, you can clearly mention the classes your offer, daily schedule, and a few words from your happy customers. A neat CSS table is used to show the daily schedule with proper timing so that the users can easily pick the classes that are suitable for them.

The top navigation bar smartly switches to dark color as you scroll down to the light color scheme main content area. In the top bar, you also have space to add social media profile links and call to action button for class registration. Since it is a free HTML template you have to take care of the integration part. With this template, you get page template for both blog pages and single blog post page. You can straightaway add your contents and publish it in no time.

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Flawless is a perfect website template for a fitness club, training centers, and other sports-related communities. This template is designed for business purposes, hence you get lots of business-related elements. For example, the neatly designed pricing table with call to action buttons and class schedule table to show the daily schedule. Apart from the visually attractive CSS tables you also get sections like trainers, testimonials, events and registration form. The registration form is in a complete working condition from the front end. All the form fields are active, the user can easily input the details from the drop-down menu.

The long home page gives you more than enough space to add big content blocks and web elements easily. This template gives you a separate page for the events, if you are forming a strong fitness and sports community, features like this will come in handy.

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Robust is almost similar to the Flawless template mentioned above, but this template has a different layout and follows a different design. On the clean white background, the gradient color scheme looks attractive and helps you easily highlight important elements. To match the sports and fitness theme of this template, the designer has used red and pink color scheme, which is used to indicate healthy life. Vector line icons used in this template are unique and are customized to match the overall color scheme of this template.

This template is also a multi-page template with other subpages like classes, events, trainers, and events pre-designed for you. In all the page, just above the footer, you have a full-width banner section to add subscription form. Lots of space is reserved for the images so that you can inspire the new visitors easily.

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Fitnezz is a website template designed for the fitness studios and clubs. The versatile design of this template makes it a perfect fit for any type of sports website. This template can be used for both community and commercial websites. If you are about to run an active website with lots of members, check out our admin template collection to manage your users easily from one place. This template follows the trendy design, it ticks all the boxes of modern website design.

The clean layout of this template helps you to share both text and multimedia contents neatly to the users. Since this template is primarily designed for the commercial business purpose you get plenty of commercial elements with this template. The designer of this template has balanced both the text and image contents elegantly throughout the template so that you can engage your visitors easily.

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Fitness is a bright full-width website template. This modern looking website template has used the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, to give you lively modern elements and colors. Neat sectioning and shadow effects are used to easily highlight the important contents. You also get a fun tool with this template, BMI calculator, but it is working only from the front-end. Integration and other customization works need to be taken care manually. Well written code base will make things a lot more easier for the developers. Visual effects are almost zero with this template, but it doesn’t mean that there are no visual effects at all. The animation effects are used only at the required spot that in a minimal scale to match the clean professional design of this template. Like all other free sports website templates in this list, this one is also a multi-page template.

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Gym is a more lively version of the Fitness template mentioned above. This template has lots of attractive visual effects to keep the users engaged. The designer has used the red hues effectively in this template so that it doesn’t look too flashy and also gets user attention easily. CSS tables are also given in this template to show daily class schedules. The horizontal highlight option helps the user to highlight and see that day’s schedule easily. Check out our CSS table template collection for more creative table templates. At the top bar, you have the option to add contact details and a personalized welcome message. Vector icons are used in this template, the creator of this template has shared the icons along with this package, but if you need you can add your own icons.

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Trainer is a simple website template designed for both personal websites and professional websites. Since this template is primarily designed for personal trainers you have elements related to fitness and sports activity. With big neat sections, this template gives you an ample amount of space to add your contents. As this template is used for both personal and professional use, the designer of this template has used easy to edit web elements. For example, using images instead of icons, all you have to do is to replace thumbnails with the one you like. This template is also a multi-page template so you can explain all your services neatly in different pages.

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Horse Club


Horse Club, from the name itself you can clearly understand that this template is designed for the horse riding community. If you are building a club for the equestrians in your area then this template is the best option for you. This template gives you all the option to set up a perfect membership site. You get pricing tables, review sections, reservation forms, and gallery sections with this template. This well-coded website template has taken care of the technical SEO standards, with properly optimized features. All you have to do is to take care of the content side. Images are part of the design in this template, so you get plenty of space to add images, even in the hover effect images are used.

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Immigration is almost similar to the horse club template mentioned above, but this template has its own design style and elements. Since this template is created for service business you get lots of credibility building elements and promotional elements. Both texts and image contents are given equal space in this template so that you can create an effective and interactive website. If content and SE are part of your business strategy, then templates like this will help you. The top navigation bar is made sticky to not only make the navigation easier but also to make the contact details always visible to the users. Another useful feature of this template is the blog template. The designer gave you both the blog page design and single blog post design to help you create a complete website.

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Martxa is a perfect website template set for both commercial use and personal use. With this template, you get three homepage variations. All the three homepage variations follow a clean professional web design. Each template has their own design, based on your need select the one that suits you better. Along with the homepage variation, you also get other pages like about, services, pricing, contact and blog pages pre-designed for you. The developer of this template has made the template flexible enough for further customization. Since this template uses the industrial code standards, other web developers will also find it easy to work with this template. Another advantage with this template is RTL version, for multilingual sites this option will come in handy and saves you the time of arranging the elements for the RTL version.

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Sports News


Sports News is a magazine and news website template built especially for sports category. Since it is a magazine website template, it can effectively handle any number of contents you throw at it. Each content blocks is designed to group related contents so that the user can find the topic they are interested in. Another useful feature in this template is ad optimized so you can monetize your website with the ads easily. If you are about to start a website for sports news, this template is the best choice to start with. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, so you can easily integrate this template to any other platforms and tools easily. The latest framework also makes this template future proof. You can customize and add advanced elements easily as your website grows.

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Web Mag


Web Mag is also a magazine website template just like the Sports news template mentioned above. To give you fellas choices for your sports news site, we have picked this template. With the pristine design, this template clearly shows the contents and the web elements to the users. Different color tags are used for each category in this template, on the clean white background the colors are poppy and get user attention easily. By keeping this template as a base you can create your own custom template for sports news. The footer section is made big enough to accommodate important links, social media profile links, and subscription form links. If you are planning to run an email campaign to boost your sports news website, take a look at our email templates list.

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Avision is a multipurpose website template, designed exclusively to manage tons of contents. Number of content blocks are used in this template to organize the related contents. Lots of interactive elements like image sliders, carousels, and video players are given in this template the sidebar is used effectively to show the promotional banners, next events, and other important links. Since this template is designed for news sites, you get a weather widget at the top bar. Fonts are also chosen with great care so that it looks stylish and at the same time the reader can read the texts easily.

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Crypto Currency


Crypto Currency is a financial website template with modern design, but this modern template only gives us the design inspiration of the homepage. You can use this template as a base and can create your own custom website template. With a clean design and large sections, this template gives you all the space to present the contents neatly to the users. Though this template gives you only homepage design, it has lots of minor details which makes this template special. For example, the scrolling testimonial is a creative element and the developer has used the visual effects smartly to attract the users. By making a few customizations, this easy to use website template will help you create an effective sports website in no time.

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Tatooz is a fresh new entry in the free HTML website template category. This new template gives you three homepages and many blog layouts. If you are a developer you will find this template extremely useful to start a project from scratch and complete it within no time. Another unique feature with this template is the dark theme of the template. In fact, this is the only free dark theme template in this list of free sports website templates. The designer has used the dark theme effectively to help you easily share your contents and events.

If you are planning to run a merchandise shop for your community, the shop option in this template will come in handy for you. We have made a complete set of website template list for e-commerce stores and fashion stores, take a look at it for creative shop design inspirations. The bright yellow color scheme looks attractive on the dark theme of this template. The icons are specific to the niche it is designed for, so you might need to change some of the icons in this template. Other than that, this template is a perfect option for any type of sports website.

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Elearn website template is for the online course offering template. If your sports website is about giving training to the users, then this template is the best option for you. This template has lots of useful promotional elements. Since the promotional elements are part of the design, they don’t look odd or intrusive on your website. In all the courses, price tag element is given along with the category tag to help you easily highlight the important contents. Big bold texts make sure that the user can read the contents easily even in small screen devices. Visual effects and animation effects are buttery smooth in this template, which shows the code standard of this template. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Clever is a content focused, straightforward website template with a clean design. With the pristine white color layout, this template makes the web elements feel like floating on the screen. Shadow effects on the other hand easily popup the important block from the rest of the design. Rounded corners make this template look modern and makes the contents blend along with the overall clean design of the template. Again you can use this template as a base to create an effective clean looking sports website. Other useful elements you get with this template are parallax scrolling, animated counters, preloading animation effects and a neat contact form.

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Tax is a creative corporate website template. With popping gradient color scheme and clean layout this template becomes the go-to option for all types of business website. In the homepage, each section is treated as a slide, so you have plenty of space to put all the related contents in a single slide. With this slide design the user can see the contents without scrolling the page. The designer has used both light and dark color scheme to help you elegantly differentiate each section and highlight the important section easily. This template is also a multi-page template with subpages like about us, services, portfolio, and contact pages pre-designed for you.

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