Successful people always believe in one thing, learning will help you keep on earning. Learning new skills is no longer a tough job. For beginners, there are several youtube channels and blogs to help you start with. But if you need to become a professional and also love to learn professional tricks, you need something more than watching a youtube channel. Online education websites help you learn many new skills and even if you are a teacher you can share your knowledge via these educational websites. In this list, we have collected some of the best free Bootstrap education templates where you can share your courses with people all around the world.

If you are expecting features and designs just like in the top online course offering websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda and lot more like that, then these free Bootstrap education website template can help you. All these templates are made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you can integrate this template with any modern tools. You can even add video tutorials in this template, as it supports multimedia contents out of the box.


dual purpose website template for college and online course websites

Etrain is an interactive modern education website template for online courses offering websites. The creator of this template has used the gradient color scheme smartly to make the website appealing for audiences of all ages group. The thoughtfully designed homepage lets you clearly list your best courses, student testimonials, and the unique features on your website. Using free bootstrap education templates like this will save a lot of your time in restructuring the design. The top navigation bar is made sticky so that the user can easily access the navigation menu. Plus, your brand logo will also be visible throughout your website. If you are making an education website for a new brand, free bootstrap education templates like this will come in handy for you.

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modern clean university and college website template

Academics is a multipurpose education website template. You can use this template for both commercial online courses offering websites and educational institutional websites. Using free bootstrap education templates with versatile characters give you plenty of useful elements. As your demand grows, you can use these elements without working on it from the ground up. With a clean white layout and green color scheme, this template gives a refreshing look. As this template uses the CSS3 script, you can easily customize the color scheme and animation effects. If you are bored with the same animation effects and would like to do something unique, take a look at our CSS3 animation example collection. The creator of this template has also given us user login and user registration form. Fully equipped free bootstrap education templates like this will make your job simple and let you set up a website in no time.

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modern college website templates for modern users

Fox is a creative modern education website template for colleges and university websites. Big sections and bold letters make interactions easier on this template. Using free bootstrap education templates with bold design makes the user experience better on both desktop and mobile devices. An ample amount of space is given between each element so that the user can easily click the buttons and links. The use of neat vector icons gives a premium look to this free template. Plus, the smooth animation effects and neat layout gives a posh look to the template. If you are in search of free bootstrap education templates with premium design quality, this one will impress you. In the download file, you get all the fonts, images and other assets used in this template to let you easily work with this template.

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clean website template

Wiser website template is designed purely by keeping present-day students’ needs in mind. Trendy design and friendly interface will get the user’s attention as soon as they land on your website. Lots of white space is used in this template, which elevates the premium look of the website. Though it is a free website template, the creator has given it a pixel-perfect design that you would expect in a premium website template. Hence, you can make a beautiful website easily with this template. Basic pages are included in this template. You have to work on the custom pages and the back-end functionalities. The simple code-structure will make the developer’s work a lot easier.

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trendy-looking website template

Edumark is a colorful online course website template. The creator has used modern colors to give a peppy look to this template. Since Edumark uses the latest CSS3 script, the colors look more natural, and the animations are smooth. If you are making an education website for creative courses, free bootstrap education templates like this will be a good choice. The default font itself looks clean and easy to read. Unless you have any custom needs, you can use this template as such. Single course pages are also given in this template to let you neatly explain the course. You can add videos and audios easily in this HTML5 website template. Plus, you can easily integrate any LMS tools to make a proper online course website.

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simple website template

Educature is an interactive website template with lots of animation effects. Full-width layout and white spaces create a roomy feeling. Plus, users can easily interact with your website. Basic optimizations like speed optimization and mobile-responsiveness are taken care of by the creator. Hence, users can easily use your website from their mobile devices. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant looking education website template, this is the best option for you.

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education website template with promotional elements

If you are looking for free bootstrap education templates with proper functionalities for online courses offering websites, this is the one for you. With a straightforward design, this template shows the features and featured courses first on the homepage. In between the sections, the creator has placed a countdown timer and free course registration form to collect new leads. Since this is a hardcore online course offering website template, you get course pages and single course pages to let you clearly explain the courses to the audience. This template is one of the best flexible free bootstrap education templates, hence you can edit and add features that are missing in this template.

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Edusmart is a smartly designed education website template, that helps you to promote your best courses effortlessly. The homepage of this website template is designed like a business website, where you have the option to promote your services and highlight your best features. Different gradient colors are used for the content blocks to show the important contents distinctively from other elements. At the top, you have an info bar to list your contact details and user login option. All the basic pages like course page and course detail pages are pre-designed for you. By making a few customizations you can use this template for your online course offering website.

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Eclipse is the best education website template for the website offering creative courses. For example, if your offering designing or artwork course, the default design of this template will reflect your core theme. The creator of this template has made it with modern web elements and design elements. Though it is a creative website template, it has all the features placed at the most optimal position for better results. Visual effects are used with a proper scale so that you can use this template for professional use. Along with the course pages and course detail pages, you also get the blog template pre-designed for you.

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Designing, computer language, and photography are the top most searched and learned courses on the online course offering websites. If you are offering such creative courses on your website, then the Webuni is the best template for you. With the flat style design, this template manages to show multiple contents simultaneously in one place. Ample amount of white space is given between each element and section so that the user can interact with the website easily. Bright red colors are used for the web elements and call to action buttons. Lead generation elements like subscription forms, inquiry forms, and newsletter subscription forms are given in this template.

All the forms are completely working from the front end, you can straight away integrate them with your user management tools. In the courses page, you can clearly mention the price of each course, a small thumbnail of the tutor, and the number of students in that course. Big content blocks are also given in this template to neatly highlight the important courses and the featured courses. User registration link is given the footer section and the user login option is given in the top bar. To make the user experience simpler, give a link for login form in the registration form and vice versa.

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Learnit is a conversion-centered website template for online course offering websites. Providing free courses or limited access to the courses helps you to gain new leads and potential customers. The designer of this template has given you tags to neatly highlight the free courses. Images are used extensively in this template, if you have industry leaders in your tutor list you can use this image space to keep the new users stick to your website. Icons are used smartly to show the details of the course like the number of students, comments, and reviews.

Pricing tables are also given in this template to help you neatly mention the subscription plans. Call to action buttons are given at the most prominent places, all you have to do is to map the buttons to the respective pages. Both course and course detail pages are given in this template. In the course detail page, you can give a quick overview of the course and user review. For better result try to use video contents, as they tend to perform better between the present-day audience.

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Genius is a hybrid website template, which can be used for both online courses offering website and educational institutions. The homepage of this template is treated like a business homepage which will improve your brand image and credibility among the visitors. Lots of modern web tools are used in the homepage to let you showcase your best features in an attractive way. Animated countdown timers and full-width color banners are used to share some interesting stats and important contents to the users.

In the header section, you have a big search bar to help the user easily find the courses they like. Filter options are not given in the default search bar, if you are offering different types of courses, it is better to add a filter option. In the homepage and in the about page, you have space for video contents. You can use this video space to give a quick intro to your courses and some success stories. Visual effects are sleek and quick in this template so that the pages load faster even in small screen devices.

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Academica is the best option for the website who are planning for a revamp. The trendy colors and modern design will make your website look unique from your competitor’s website. This template is also similar to the Webuni template mentioned above, but it is more colorful than the Webuni template. The search bar in this template has filter options and the designer has added this search bar in all the subpages. No matter in what page the user is they can easily find the courses they like.

Even on the blog page, this template has promotional banners to redirect the website traffic page to the course page. This template doesn’t include a single blog post page, if you are interested in running a reader-friendly active blog, take a look at our free blog template collection. The footer section of the template is made big enough to list all the page links, important account links like privacy policy and community guidelines. Social media profile links can be given in the footer section.

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Viral is primarily a magazine website template. Since this template is designed to manage multiple contents at the same time and also to dynamic contents, this can also be used for online course offering websites. By making a few customizations this template can be used properly for an education website. Colorful gradient colors are used as the color scheme of the template. If you have a brand color, you can use it in this template by editing a few lines of code in the CSS file. Subscription forms are given throughout the template to grow the email list. If you are planning to run an email campaign to convert leads into customers, take a look at our email template collection.

Carousels can be used to highlight the latest courses and best courses to improve the course visibility. Since it is a magazine website template, it has elements for multimedia contents as well. So your tutors can easily add video contents to the template without any issue. Code structures are also made flexible with this template so that you can easily convert or integrate the template with the platform you like.

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Knowledge is the best education website template for modern users. The creator of this template has made this template user-friendly so that the users can easily find their courses easily. For example, in the header section itself, you have an advanced search bar with filter options to easily list the courses on your website. Smart homepage design not only helps you to list your courses but also helps you to promote the best selling courses.

The homepage also gives you space to add best instructors on your website, you can use hover effects to show the instructors expertise and number of students in the course. It is a multi-page template, you have more than enough space to list all your courses and explain them neatly to your users. Premium quality line vectors are used for the icons and the best part is you get these vectors along with the download file.

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Elearn is a modern cube based design website template. All the elements and content blocks are treated as a cube with sharp edges. The modern color scheme gives life to this template and also matches the present-day audience taste. Carousels and accordions are used to place all the contents interactively within the given space.

In the courses blocks, you have space to add the course pricing and tags to mark the new courses and special courses. More than enough space is given for images so that you can attract the users with related images. You also get a separate page for courses in this template with an advanced search option at the top. At the top bar, you have the space to add user login and register options. Sign in and register forms are not given in this template, you can use our login form template collection to speed up your development work.

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University is a clean looking website template, which has the design almost similar to the Skillshare website. But this template has its own elements and features to make it stand out from the rest of the free Bootstrap education templates. Visual effects are used to keep the users engaged and also to present the contents effectively to the users. Just like in the eCommerce website templates you have the price strikeout feature to highlight the special price. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters, parallax images, and carousels. Light greenish tint blue color scheme is followed in this template, which looks cool on the clean white background. Another useful feature with this template is you get login and registration forms out of the box with this template.

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Clever is a clean looking simple website template. The designer of this template has used a straightforward design on the homepage. As soon as the users land your site, the first thing they note is your achievements and courses. Animated countdown timers are used in the homepage to help you promote special offers and limited time offers. Big bold texts are clearly visible on the clean white background and they also add richness to the visual appearance of the template.

Along with the homepage you get other subpages for courses, single course page, instructors, blog, and single blog page. Using an active blog helps the chances of attracting new users, if you are adopting proper content strategy then chances of getting potential customers also increase. At the top bar, you have the space to add contact details and social media profile links. As more and more users prefer online support and social media answers, the top contact detail bar will help the user reach you easily.

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Academy is a fully functional website template. This template is packed with all the features and options to set up an entire website in no time. Since all the pages are pre-designed for you, you can directly add your contents and kick-start your website right away. Each section in the homepage is made big enough to add all the related contents in one place. Texts are made bold enough to make readability an easier in both the computers and in the mobile phones. Gradient color schemes of this template give a refreshing look. Lots of call to action buttons are given in this template to take the user directly to the particular page. Since it is a multi-page template you can explain your courses in different pages. Instructors can even add videos to their classes since it is an HTML5 website template, you get native support for multimedia contents.

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Educrown helps you create a modern homepage for your education website. If you are about to revamp your existing website or looking for a creative homepage of your new project, this template is the best option. The designer of this template given you all the options to create an effective homepage. With the intuitive design, this template will help you list all your best courses and also helps you to promote the best courses. Modern web elements like carousels and interactive content blocks are used to list any number of courses within the given space. Visual effects are handled smartly throughout the template and they are smooth without any lag in both the desktops and in the mobile devices.

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Ezuca is a well-thought-out and well-executed website template. Each and every detail in this template is taken care with precision. The pixel perfect design of this template provides you a premium template level quality. You can even use this template for college websites, the versatile layout of this template make it a perfect option for all type of education websites. Different color codes are used for the pricing so that the user can easily identify the free courses and premium courses. In the homepage itself, you have space to list your featured courses, the tabbed interface allows you to categorize the featured contents. The big footer section gives you enough space to add all your page links, contact details, and social media profile links.

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Lingua is almost similar to the Clever template mentioned above. As a matter of fact, both the templates are from the same creator. But the Lingua template has its own unique design and layout style. As this template is created primarily for language offering courses, you get plenty of options for language courses. In the courses page, you have options to select the language courses you want. By making few customizations to the template you can use it for other online course offering websites as well. If you are making a website for language course offering site, then you can use this template as such. The language selection option in the template is for demo purpose only. In order to use the multilingual option, you have to take care of it manually.

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Unica is a multipurpose website template for education websites. The smart homepage design gives you all the place to list everything from all the courses to the events. Without spending much time the user can get a clear overview of all your services and events. Just below the header, you have an animated countdown timer for the upcoming events and live classes. Tags and highlighters are used to spotlight on the important content. In all the subpages just above the footer, you have the space to add a subscription form to increases the chances of growing your email list. If you are serious about email marketing, take a look at our email templates collection with conversion centered design.

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Unicat is a simple and straightforward website template. With the clean layout, this template helps you to list your courses, your best instructors, and upcoming events neatly in one place. Geometric shape patterns are used in the background to highlight the important sections on the homepage. Animated counters are placed right after the registration form to get user attention as they scroll down. An advanced search option is placed in the header section to help the user directly jump to the required courses. The courses page has a sidebar with filter options and category options to help you easily group the related courses. Below each course, you have the option to show the star rating to help the user select the best course for them.

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Eskwela is a modern colorful website template. If you are making an online course website for creative courses, then this template is the best option for you. On the clean white background, the colorful web elements look attractive and also easily make important web elements distinctive from the rest of the web elements. Smooth animation effects give life to the template. The creator of the template has used subtle and neat animation effects so that you can use this template for any business website. In the homepage, parallax images are given between the sections to give an interactive feel as the user scrolls down the web pages. Drop shadow effects are used for the call to action buttons when the user hovers over the buttons. With this template, you get both course page and single course page to help you explain the course in detail to the users.

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Education is another multipurpose education website template. The creator of this template has packed it with all the pages and features you need to create an effective website. This template has both promotional elements and conversion elements in its design. Icons are used to show the details about the courses like the number of students and related comments. With this template, you also get pages for events, where you can share the latest event news. Apart from the event page you also get blog page template. In all the subpages you have registration form banner to help you increase the chances of capturing new leads. Spaces for video contents are already given in this template so you need to make space to add video contents.

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Skwela is a trendy looking website template. If you are giving more importance to the text contents on your website, then this template is the best options. The clean layout of the template helps you to explain your features and courses briefly to the users. Custom line vector icons are used in this template to add elegance to the visual appearance of the template. Since the text contents are given more importance, fonts used are neat and easy to read. All the elements are made big enough so that the user can easily interact with the web elements even in the small screen devices. In the top bar, you have space to add navigation menu options and user registration options. This template provides you the login form and registration form out of the box.

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Course is almost similar to the Education template mentioned above. As a package, the creator of this template gives you a creative website design with all basic pages you need to set up an online course website in no time. The bright yellow color scheme is used smartly in this template to highlight important sections and contents. Ample amount of space is given between each element to present the contents neatly to the users.

The top bar is made sticky for easier navigation, drop shadow is used to distinguish the navigation bar from the rest of the web elements. In all the courses you have space to show the thumbnail image of the author and the pricing of the courses. If you are having some famous people on your tutors’ list just like in the Skillshare website, then this design will help you hook the visitors as soon as they land on your website.

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Edusite is a simple multipurpose website template. The default design of this template will help you list your courses and also to promote it. Visual effects and animation effects are sleek, but they draw user attention at the required spot easily. On the homepage, you have space to add video contents to help you give an inspiring intro about your website. Orange color schemes look attractive on the clean white background. As most of the icons are font awesome icons you have plenty of icons options to choose from. Other pages you get with this template are blog template and contact. You can use this template as a base to create your own custom website template.

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Theestate is a flexible website template for listing sites and real estate websites. Since this template is designed to list properties and promote them genuinely to the users, you can use this template for online course offering websites. You get plenty of web elements to showcase properties with options to show their features, you can use this feature to explain your courses. Both in the homepage and in the listing page you have advanced search bar option to filter the desired result. Tags of different colors are used to highlight the new properties and properties with special features. Few hours of customizations will help you set up a fully functional website in no time.

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bluesky-free bootstrap education website templates

Bluesky is an ultramodern website template with full of colors. This template is also a real estate website template like the Theestae template mentioned above. In a modern clean layout, the designer of this template has given us all the options to make a user-friendly website. Gradient color schemes are used throughout the template which gives a refreshing look. More lively visual effects are used in this template, as this template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3, you get smooth animation effects. Custom line icons are used to show the property details to the user, this might be the one thing you need to change in this template. Other than that this template is a perfect option to start an online course offering education website.

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sel-free bootstrap education website templates

Sel is a clean looking minimal website template for listing websites. This template not only has modern web elements but also have placed the elements in the most prominent places. You can use this template as it is without rearranging the elements. To add elegance to this minimal design website template, the designer has used stylish and modern looking fonts. The texts are bigger and easy to read across all the devices. In the header, you have an interactive form to help the user filter the result easily. Sliders are also given in the search form to build a direct bond between the website and the users. As all other free bootstrap education templates in this list, this one is also a multi-page template.

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