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If you are running a small boutique store, you might have understood the need for omnichannel retailing. Experts believe that online shopping behavior will increase in the upcoming years because of the ease of purchasing and instant gratification. Taking your boutique store online will increase the chances of reaching more potential clients. A well-optimized platform like Shopify will save you website setup and maintenance time. You can utilize the time to buy new trendy clothes and accessories. The boutique Shopify themes in this list will help you make a beautiful website to showcase your head-turning collections.

Being a boutique store owner means you know what sells more than what you like. Keeping individual tastes aside, boutique store owners always concentrate on consumer tastes and preferences. The biggest advantage of online boutiques is that you can beautifully promote these unique collections to users. The user can also easily search and find the design they want. The boutique website should be able to meet the present-day user’s demands and increase your sales. The boutique Shopify themes in this list are properly tuned to boost your sales, and the creators have already done all the design optimizations. If you are new to the online boutique store, these themes will reduce half of your work and let you concentrate on the important things.

Look at the best fashion boutique Shopify themes you can install today.


trendy-looking fashion boutique Shopify theme

Vendy is a trendy-looking fashion boutique Shopify theme.

This theme pack has ten homepage variations, all of which help you elegantly showcase your collections. The clean layout with lots of white space improves the website’s visual aesthetics and adds richness to the product images. Everything is chosen carefully, from the fonts to the icons, to maintain design consistency throughout the website. All theme-related files and documentation are included in the download folder; therefore, you can easily get started with this theme and set up a proper online boutique store in a few days.

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Ap Sharon

responsive fashion boutique Shopify themes

Ap Sharon is one of the best responsive fashion boutique Shopify themes.

Other Shopify store designs like the restaurant, cosmetics, and pet stores are also given along with the fashion store themes, making a go-to option for professional developers. All demo versions are equipped with the necessary features and elements to reduce the work of the site owners. Customization options and store settings are kept as simple as possible so that even first-time shop owners can easily maintain their Shopify store. Multiple shopping page layouts and single product page layouts are also given in this pack to help you choose the best design for your product.

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simple and elegant looking fashion boutique Shopify themes

This is the best option for those who are looking for simple and elegant-looking fashion boutique Shopify themes.

This theme pack has multiple ready-made demos for the apparel and accessory stores. As a result, you get plenty of store design options. This theme uses the latest Shopify version, so you get the friendlier drag & drop page builder option. All you have to do is pick the demo that closely matches your needs, drag and drop the missing elements in the place you want, and voila, your store is ready just like that.

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Zeexo Shopify is an interactive fashion boutique Shopify theme.

The friendly customization options and hundreds of predestined blocks let you create a unique store quickly. This template has taken all the latest Shopify version’s greatest features and given it to you in an easily accessible manner. The creator has loaded this theme with many features to make it a one-stop solution for all your Shopify store needs. If you want a Shopify theme that takes care of everything right out of the box, you must consider and try Zeexo before settling on a theme.

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boutique shopify themes with different layouts

This theme is designed for small clothing and accessory stores, making it a perfect fashion boutique Shopify theme for all stores.

Nearly 20+ boutique Shopify themes are given in this pack. You can pick any theme to power your online boutique store. Each demo version follows a different layout, hence you can create a unique looking website in no time. Product single page and the shopping pages are designed smartly so that the user can quickly purchase a product on your website. Since this theme uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, you get a flexible layout that fits easily on any screen size. Useful features like sale popup, size chart, product countdown and lot more are given in this theme. The creator has equipped this theme with all the necessary features so that you can concentrate on the custom features you want on your online boutique store.

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shopify theme with multiple demos

Gecko is one of the best selling boutique Shopify themes.

Along with the boutique store themes, you also get demos for unique niches like organic and handmade stores. Nearly 20 homepage variations are given in this theme, and all have a professional look. Everything is pre-designed for you in this theme from the GDPR cookies policy popup to the newsletter popup. All the demos use big imageries so the user can see your product images. The creator has used small animation and hover effects to add life to your product. Since the search options and popups are designed using Ajax, users can get results dynamically without loading the page too often.

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multipurpose shopify theme

With more than 61+ demo versions, this Shopify theme can help you create a fashionable Shopify boutique in no time.

All the demo versions given in this theme have a modern and clean look. The full-width layout is used effectively so that you get a roomy feel. Another advantage of using boutique Shopify themes with lots of white space is the audience can see your products. Even mobile users can easily interact with your website on the go. This theme is updated periodically so it supports the latest Shopify platform version, plus, you also get new designs in each update. If you are a professional Shopify store developer, themes like this will save you time updating the theme to meet the new Shopify standards and let you focus on the project.

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boutique shopify themes with useful features

Mira is a modish-looking Shopify theme. Throughout the theme, big image spaces give ample space to elegantly showcase your collections. Animation effects are sleek and smooth, making the website even livelier and vibrant. Since this theme is optimized for the latest Shopify version, you get all the latest and greatest features. Multiple currency options are also given in this theme to let the user easily select the currency they prefer. Dropdown menus and login options let the user continue shopping without leaving the page. Ajax options are also handled smartly to give a dynamic experience. The Mira is a thoughtfully designed Shopify theme that will reduce most of your basic chores.

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shopify theme with eas customization options

Though Kalles is a multipurpose Shopify theme, most demos are made for apparel stores. Hence, you can create an online apparel store of any size. Since we are talking about the boutique stores, the Lookbook and the Metro demo versions will suit your needs. Another advantage of using a multipurpose Shopify theme is you can easily scale your website as your demand grows. You can add custom features and plugins to expand the functionalities. Periodic updates keep this theme running on the latest Shopify version. So you can expect Shopify’s latest features in this theme.

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boutique theme with video sections

Branding your website is crucial for a boutique store. The Prestige theme is designed purely with the brand image in mind. Three demos are included in this pack, and the Couture demo will be a perfect option for boutique stores. Video sections are given along with the images so you can present your collections elegantly to the users. Because of this simple template, you can use it for both small and big boutique stores. Interactions are calibrated precisely to make the interaction easier for mobile users.

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boutique shopify themes with interactive design

Broadcast is a narrative-style interactive Shopify theme. This theme is the best option for making a Shopify website for an upcoming brand. Interactive scroll effects and neat sections help you clearly explain your product and what makes your brand unique. This theme also gives big Instagram widgets to allow you to elegantly show your Instagram feeds. If Instagram shopping is one of your strategies to take your brand to a mass audience, these widgets will come in handy. The creator has used a full-width design to showcase the product image neatly. Tags are used to highlight fresh arrivals. Take a look at our CSS ribbon design examples for more attractive designs.

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interactive boutique theme

Split is a unique style theme in this boutique Shopify theme. The creator of this theme clearly understands how scrolling action plays a major role in modern designs. Interactive and variable speed scroll actions are used in this split-screen layout design. Three demo variations are given in this theme, and all use split-screen scroll effects smartly in different styles. If you want to make your boutique store website stand out from other websites, this theme might help you. Video background options are also given in this theme to give an engaging experience when the user scrolls down. Simple yet attractive hover effects are used in this theme, which gives it a posh look.

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shopify theme with multimedia contents

Make a captivating website with the Motion Shopify theme. The creator has used videos and animation effects to add life to the website. Since the audience consumes the video content, using videos on your website will improve the engagement rate. The default homepage design helps you to share your brand message. Videos are not only used in the website sections, but you also have the option to add videos to the product gallery. If you make custom images and videos for your products, the product gallery video concept will be useful. Three demo variations are given in this theme; they all have the same multimedia-rich design.

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shopify theme with a unique layout

This is the best theme for you if you have unique collections, and that’s the unique selling point of your boutique store. The image-centered design of this theme allows you to elegantly showcase your product in your store. Image slider and sleek animation effects make the website lively. If you like making the image sliders even more engaging, look at our bootstrap image sliders collection. Like most other boutique Shopify themes in this list, this one is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, you can use modern design elements and animation effects on this theme. The sticky sidebar makes navigation easier and improves brand visibility throughout the website. The default creative design of this theme makes it a perfect option for fashion designers.

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shopify theme with video background

The creator has found the perfect sweet spot in the District theme between engaging design and professional design. Videos and big images keep the users engaged, while the neat, bold texts take care of the product promotion. From the header to the footer, every element is aligned carefully so the user can quickly understand your brand and collections. The top bar is purely for controls like currency switching, search options, and login options. Since this theme is designed on the latest Shopify platform, you get all the features Shopify has to offer. If you feel the default login page is quite simple, take a look at our login page template collection for more engaging and trendy design.

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simple and beautiful boutique shopify themes

As the name suggests, the creator used a masonry grid-style design for this theme. Four demo versions are given in this theme, all designed for small stores. This theme is also from the same creators of the Handy theme mentioned above. You get the same clean design and can expect the same level of code quality. The creators of this theme followed the code standards of professional developers and the Shopify platform. Hence, working with this theme will be an easy job for developers. Badges are used effectively to highlight the important product from others. Since the header section is purely used for navigation purposes, the creator has used the footer section to add important links and widgets. Take a look at our bootstrap footer design collection for more inspirations.

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professional looking shopify theme

The creator of this theme has consistently maintained the color scheme throughout. Mostly white and dark colors are used in this theme, hence your colorful collections will look more vibrant on this theme. This consistent design makes customization easier. If you have your brand colors, you can use them instead of the given color scheme. Since this theme uses the latest CSS3 script, it supports all modern colors. The creator has used most of the space for image content so that you can showcase your collections elegantly on this theme. You can make a simple boutique website with this theme by making a few changes to the design. If the main goal of your website is to sell your products and a little brand awareness, this theme would be a good choice.

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multipurpose shopify themes

Goodwin is a feature-rich Shopify theme. The creator of this theme has added lots of useful features so that you can deliver an engaging shopping experience for the users. For example, this is one of the few boutique Shopify themes on this list that supports Shopify’s Augmentation Reality and Virtual Reality feature. One of the biggest drawbacks of online shopping is that users can’t try the product before buying it. Using the VR and AR features, you can convince the users to try your product. Keeping the features aside, this theme also has beautiful pre-made demos. Nearly 15+ homepage variations are given in this theme; you can expect more in the future. This is the best option if you are looking for a future-proof Shopify theme.

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shopify theme with useful features

Lezada is a multipurpose Shopify theme with multiple-demos. The creator has given us 220+ demo variations in this theme, which is huge compared to other boutique Shopify themes in this list. Shopify store designs for almost all types of online stores are given in this theme. For fashion and apparel stores, we get six dedicated themes. You can use a minimal design with basic functionalities or choose a colorful demo with conversion elements. Smooth animation and scroll effects are scaled smartly in this theme so the user will have an engaging experience. Minor customizations can be done without even touching the code, making this theme a good option for store owners without coding knowledge.

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ultra clean shopify theme

If you are a minimalist fan, the Outstock theme will impress you. This theme is purely designed for fashion stores and furniture stores. All the basic elements and sections are pre-designed for you. Unless you have any special needs, you can use this theme as such without any customizations. Animation effects like the add-to-cart and color-swatching animations are sleek, so the user doesn’t have to wait long for the animation effect to complete. Accordions are also used effectively to organize the products within the given space. If you want to create modern accordions for your website, look at our CSS accordion collection.

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