Traditional job searching methods are outdated, even the employers have changed the talent acquisition process. If you want to increase your reach and make your resume more accessible then these free Bootstrap resume templates can help you. Having an online resume page on your personal website increases the chance of you getting hired, for example, if you are a graphic designer and uses a slug “hire graphic designer” in your resume page, the chances of appearing in the search result increases.

Speaking of the modern way of job hunting there are several ways you can impress your employers. You might have seen many Youtube videos which helped creative professional land on a big job. Having a video resume helps the employer to understand your personality better, but it totally depends on the carrier you are pursuing. Most of the jobs don’t need a creative approach, you have to directly present who you are. These free Bootstrap resume templates give you all the options to create an effective resume. As these templates are HTML5 template you can even add your video resumes into it. Some of the free Bootstrap resume templates are straightforward which you can use directly. While some of the templates need to be customized a bit. Saying that, let us get on the list.

Online CV


Online CV has already helped four thousand plus people to create their own creative resume. This template gives you enough space to show your image with a confident posture. The split screen design of this template has given you room for both the contents and your image. Long scrollable page design helps you to list all your professional experience and skills neatly in on place. Animated skill bars gives an interactive touch to the viewers as they scroll down the page.

On the left-hand side, you have space to add social media profile links at the bottom. To stay on the professional scale, the fonts used are simple and easy to read. A small section is given for you to showcase some of your best work. If you are owning a portfolio page, you can add a call to action button at the bottom to help the employer see a complete list of your work.

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Satner is a trendy looking website template which can be used as both personal portfolio website and online resume template. The neat design of the template clearly explains your career path and skill to the users. In the homepage header itself, you have space to add a call to action button to download the resume. The creator of this template has designed it from a business point of view hence you can promote your services easily in this template. It is a multi-page template, hence setting up a proper website will be an easy job with this template.

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Niko is a well-thought and well-executed personal website template. The pristine clean design of this template will give a rich look to your website. From the homepage itself, the audience can clearly understand your service. Thoughtfully designed image slider let you add both images and video contents. If you are a videographer, this template will help you impress the audience as soon as they land on the website. From the homepage to the footer you have plenty of space to promote your services and hire you. You can add an extra call to action button to download your resume. Apart from the resume download option, this template has everything you need.

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Breed2 is a colorful website template. If you are a creative professional, this is the best website template for your website. The creative design of this template will help the user feel the creative nature of your work. Logically designed homepage clearly explains your service, works, and achievements one by one to the user. The designer of the template has used both gradient colors and single colors to present the contents elegantly to the users. It is a multipage template with all the necessary features pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add your portfolio, contents, and launch your website.

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If you like the Niko template mentioned above, you will like this template as well. Since both the templates are from the same creator, you can see some design similarities. The only difference is the Amplify template is designed from the business perspective. Hence, you have to do minor customization to use it as your resume template or personal website. On the clean white background, the text and images are clearly visible. Since it is a one-page template, it will be easy for you to maintain the website in the long run.

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Steve website template can be used as both online CV website template and also as a personal website template. This is a straightforward website template, which puts the goal of the website first. As soon as a user gets in your site they will see your image and get to know your services and works. On the homepage itself, you have a small portfolio section to showcase some of your best work. It is a multi-page template, so you can use a separate page to explain your project. A separate portfolio page is also given in this template, where you can list all your works. Call to action buttons are placed at the appropriate positions so that you can direct the user to the required pages.

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Kenedy website template is the best option for a freelancer with lots of appreciations and achievements. This template has web elements to highlight your achievements and impress new users on their first visit itself. Ample amount of space is given to add your image and help you get familiarized with the users. Visual effects are kept cool and smooth, if you are a designer or a developer, this template fits perfectly for you. The modern design of this template will help you show the up to date knowledge on the field and to share some of your work examples. The code-base of this template is made very flexible for future customizations.

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Meetme is a properly designed resume website template. The modern business doesn’t look for a person with a big history, but for the person with potential abilities. This website template shows your abilities and skill first so that the employers can clearly understand your skill set before taking your profile under consideration. The first thing the visitor sees in your website is the small vcard placed in the header section. The Vcard gives a quick intro of you and your skill, along with your contact details. Animated skill bars are used to show your skill level in each skill.

Throughout the template cool gradient color scheme is used elegantly to display your works. It is a multi-page template so you can use a whole page to explain your project in detail to the visitors. The portfolio in this template only shows the images, but if you need you can link it to a separate project explaining page. In the footer section, you have space to give a short info about you and your social media profile links. Testimonial elements are also given on the homepage to increase your credibility.

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Making yourself distinctive from the crowd increases the chances of landing on a job. If your works are distinctive then the Alias is the best option for your resume template. Self-motivated and self-discipline are the key factors today’s employers are seeking in their workers. If you already have done a project on your own and gained some good feedback from your previous employers, it will help you a lot in job hunting. The Alias template not simply showcase your skills and projects but also has elements to increase your credibility.

Though it is a one-page template, it has all the elements and options to set up an effective personal website. This easy to maintain website template has service sections and portfolio section to clearly explain your skills. There is a separate testimonial section in the homepage, with options to show some happy faces of your clients. This template is a perfect option for freelancers because it has elements for both business and personal websites. In the resume section, add a call to action button to download your resume so that the recruiter can use it for further references.

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Beckham is the perfect website template for the logically creative professional like developers and marketers. Visual effects are used extensively in this template to present the contents engagingly to the users. As soon as the user gets into your site, they will see a short welcome note along with your name. All your professional skills and experience are listed in the later part of the homepage. It is a multi-page template so you needn’t worry about space.

On the black theme, bright blue color schemes are used for the web elements and important links, which looks attractive and gets user attention easily. The portfolio page of this template is designed like a listing, in which you can give an excerpt of the project. If you worked on a project with unique needs, this project pages will help you clearly explain your project and your role. In the hamburger menu option also you have space to add your portrait orientation image. Overall Beckham is a unique website template for creative professional with high standards.

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Vcard 2


Vcard-2 is a unique resume template with a different layout. This template can only be used for personal use to explain your professional skills and experience. Instead of a one-page design, this template follows a tabbed interface with a reserved left sidebar to add your image and contact details. Both the main content area and the sidebar is scrollable, so you needn’t worry about limited screen space. In the top itself, you have a call to action button to clearly show that you are open for new projects and can download your resume. Based on the page type, the web elements you get varies.

The texts are made big and bold so that the user can easily interact with the template. This is a mobile responsive website template and all the elements are scaled properly. For example, all the tab options are given as a hamburger option in the mobile view. Overall the Vcard-2 is a well-optimized website template with the basic features you need to set up a proper resume template. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, this template can also be added to your existing website.

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Ronin is almost similar to the Meetme template mentioned above, with a slight variation. This template can be used for both business websites and personal websites. If you are a freelancer and planning to increase your client volume, then this template will help you impress your new clients. Shadow effects are used for the hover action so that you can clearly distinguish an element from the rest of the web elements. In the about and in the services page you have testimonial element to improve your credibility and your dedication towards your work. To clearly differentiate the footer section from the main content area, a dark theme is used. Since this template is designed for personal use, you have space to add about you, newsletter subscription form and social media profile links. To help you run an active website, blog templates are also given in this template.

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Vcard is a premium class resume template you get for free. The creator of this template gave us two resume templates in this package. Both the variation are almost the same, the only difference is one of them is a horizontal multi-page template. The one-page template version is a full-width template with a long page and gives you enough space to list all your skills and experience neatly. While the horizontal multi-page template is more or less like a card template; each section is treated as a slide.

With the slide like design, the user can see all the related content in one place without scrolling the pages. In both the versions, visual effects are handled smartly to help you showcase your work elegantly. At the top, you have an option to add a call to action button to let the user know that you are open for freelance works as well. But if you need you can map the call to action button for any other purpose as well.

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Civic is a bold looking resume template, which gives a strong impression as soon as the recruiter land on your template. Rather than using conventional looking normal fonts, the designer has used stylish fonts, but the readability still remains good. At the top, you have space to add an image of you and a few lines about you. All your contact details and social media profile links end at the top section itself so that the recruiter can reach you easily. Timeline style design helps you to clearly describe your career path. In order to avoid boring plain design from top to bottom, the designer has used patterns and backgrounds in some sections. At the top, you have an option to include call to action buttons.

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Ramirez is also a package of two templates, but both the template looks almost identical. The only difference between them is the layout style, select the one that best suits you. Visual effects are used substantially throughout the template to help you share your contents interactively with the users. Tabbed interface is followed in the portfolio section to help you categorize the work into different categories. Another advantage of this template is you can choose any color scheme from the given six color variations. This template follows the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework so you can add this template to your existing website by making few adjustments. Widely used font awesome icons are used in this template which is already optimized for all famous browsers.

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CV Portfolio


CV Portfolio is a two in one website template. This hybrid design can be used as both a resume template and portfolio template. If you are a busy professional and have only a few hours to spare for your website, then this template is the best one for you. This template is easy to maintain on a long run and also help you achieve your goal easily. The designer of this template has put the portfolio to the core of this template so you can showcase more work on this template. Both light and dark color schemes are used in this template to help you easily highlight the important section of your resume. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters at the footer and animated stats ring at the top.

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Resume X


Resume X is a simple boxed-width resume template with all the elements properly organized. This template also follows the same split screen design as in the Online CV template mentioned above. The left sidebar not only gives you space to add an image but also little text space to add a few lines about you. Neat simple color schemes of this template made the texts clearly visible. Since it is a mobile responsive website template you have all the elements scaled properly to perform better even in small screen devices. At the bottom of the page, you have a simple contact form, which goes well along with the overall simple look of the template. Take a look at our contact form template collection for more design inspirations.

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Personify puts you in the center of its design, which makes this template a perfect option for personal websites as well. The split screen design of this template allows you to explain your projects interactively to the users. An equal amount of space is given for the text and image contents so you can add even big images without any problem. To give you more screen real estate all the navigation options are hidden behind the hamburger menu. Apart from the resume page you also get other pages for about, portfolio and contact. In the sidebar, you also have the option to add social media profile links. The serif font gives a neat look to the texts and also makes the template look aesthetically better.

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My Profile


My Profile is a conventional style full-width website template. The designer of this template has given you more than enough screen space so that you can add all the web elements and contents in one page. All your details and social media profile links end at the top space itself, the rest of the space is fully given for showcasing your work. Texts are arranged neatly in a three column structure with enough space between each column. You also get a testimonial section in a carousel slider to increase the credibility factor of your work. Visual effects are very mild in this template and are used only at the required spots so that the users won’t find it annoying.

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Resume is the colorful website template in this list of free bootstrap resume templates. The designer of this template has treated it almost like a website template. As a result, you get plenty of modern web elements with this template. With the full-width layout and lots of white space, this template gives you ample amount of space to present your content neatly to the users. On the clean white background, the ink black bold texts look attractive and easy to read even in small screen devices. Colorful vector icons are used to match the modern layout of this template. Gradient color schemes are used for the web elements which gives a modish look to the template. Since this template is treated like a website template, in the footer you have the option to add subscription form, social media profile links, and a few lines about you.

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Jackson is the perfect template for creative professionals. This template is packed with tons of features and web elements, which makes this template a special one. Premium template class pixel perfect design and well-written code base are one of the few reasons why you must save this template for later reference. With the minimal design, this template provides a distraction-free environment for the users. The simple design also helps you to focus on the content of the template. In the header, you have an image slider with bold text to give an interactive intro of you. Colorful icons and banners are used to highlight important sections in the template. Interactive scroll effects are used from the header to the footer to keep the users engaged.

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Personal website template is the best option for freelancers. The professional design of this template a perfect option for business website templates as well. This template has both personal brand-boosting elements and promotional elements. If you have to stay simple you can use the homepage design alone. As your business grows you can use the rest of the pages in this template, which makes this template future proof. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework with professional website coding standards. Any developer will find this template extremely easy to work with. The latest framework helps you to integrate any modern tools and platforms easily with this template. As the basic chores like performance optimizations and basic SEO optimizations are done with this template, you can set up your online resume in no time.

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Noah is the most modern template in this list of free bootstrap resume templates. This template ticks all major boxes of modern web design, for example, it has text design, patterns, and lot more. Thoughtfully used animation effects make this template a perfect fit for any professional website. It is a multi-page template so you have more than one page to explain your project. If you want more simple approach, you can use the homepage alone for your resume. The homepage of this template is designed in such a way so that the user can understand all your services and works at a glance. Minimal design of this template gives you a clean environment so that the user can find the important contents easily.

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If you always think out of the box and are in a creative field, then the Boxus is the template option for you. In fact, this template is the most creative template in this list. With duotone image background and trendy flat color scheme, this template gets user attention easily. Being a one-page template, this one can be used as a resume template easily. For each section different colors are used and the feature you must note is the top navigation bar also changes color based on the section you are in. Creative cubic box elements give a special touch to this template. As the user scrolls down the cubic box merge with the main content blocks, which is quite impressive. Again this template is not a go-to option for all professional. before using this template make sure all these creative elements will help you impress your recruiter.

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If you are very impressed by the Boxus template mentioned above and wish for a little more simplified version so that you can use for all professions, then Katt is the best option for you. This template uses a boxed width-layout, but the color scheme of the template won’t let you notice it at the first glance itself. Geometrical shapes are sprinkled here and there in the homepage give an aesthetic look to the template. All the navigation menus are hidden behind the hamburger menu, which opens in a full page. In the header, you have an image slider with bold texts to feature some of your best works. Apart from the homepage you also get two about page variations, both of them follows different layouts. You can use this template as a base to create your own custom resume template.

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Book is a colorful website template for writers. By making few customizations you make this one-page template a perfect resume template. The simple design of this template with a handful of elements makes this template an easy to maintain one. The default red color scheme of this template is vibrant and get user attention easily. Different red color tints are used in this template so that the template doesn’t look flashy. With this template, you get animated counters, carousels, and testimonial section. The portfolio section is given like a carousel with normal sized image holders. Shadow and depth effects are used to highlight the important elements and interactive elements.

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Droppler is the best resume template for photographers and other related creative professionals. With the full-page album style design, this template gives you enough space and elements to create an effective resume template. Each section on the homepage is treated as a slide so the users can see all the related contents in one place without scrolling. Each section is designed to handle different types of contents like image contents, video contents, and audio contents. Subtle animated background in the header section gives a lively feel to the template. Visual effects and other animation effects in this template is smooth and clean. As this template is originally designed for professional use, you also get other subpages with this template. In the subpages, you get a separate page for the gallery, which you can use to elegantly list all your work.

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Suppablog is a perfect personal website template that purely focuses on the subject of the template. The split screen design of this template helps you to achieve both personal brandings and to create engaging contents. All the pages in this template follow the horizontal layout, to match this design the visual effects are also carried out in lateral style from side to side. The sticky sidebar gives you the option to add social media profile links and logo. Animation effects are very simple in this template so that you can use it for any professional use. The portfolio section in this template follows a horizontal scroll, hover effects are used to show a brief note of that project. Since it is a multi-page template, you can even use a separate page to explain the project in detail to the users.

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Maze is a simple one-page template which can help you create an effective online resume. The designer of this template has handled the sections effectively so that you can squeeze all your content in one place. Though there are many elements in one page, an ample amount of space is given between each element. White spaces help you to present the contents neatly to the users and also make the texts clearly visible. As most of the pages are reserved for the images this template can be used by the photographers and graphic designers. Since this template is treated as a website you have newsletter subscription form at the bottom. The developer of this template makes this template flexible enough so that you can customize this template to the way you want.

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Ilene Berg


Ilene Berg is a full-page website template with lots of colorful web elements. On the clean white background, the colorful elements and the sections are more vibrant. Ample amount of space is given between each section and elements so that the contents don’t look congested and dumped in one place. The portfolio section of this template helps you to give a brief idea about the project. Carousels are used to help you list more contents within the given space. If you wish to use this template for business sites, you can do it by making few minor tweaks. At the footer, you have space to add widgets and other important links.

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Five Star


Five Star is almost similar to the Ilene Berg template mentioned above, but this template has different elements and layout style. As both the template are from the same designer, you can see lots of design similarities. In the header, you have a big static image with bold texts to give an impressive intro about you. Each section is separated by full-width image banners, where you can add important web elements and contents. In the default design itself, you have space to add video contents. The video player opens in a separate lightbox to give users a complete control over the video player. At the bottom of the page, you have a simple contact form.

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