one page parallax website template

When it comes to creating a website that stands out from the crowd, One Page website designs are getting more and more popular each day. This obviously has to do with the modern and unique aspect these type of layout. More focused on the purpose of displaying your contents in a more attention-grabbing way, One Page website template are an ideal choice for almost any type of websites. That’s right! Whether you are looking to start a corporate site, personal websites, portfolios, restaurant websites, medical websites, educational websites and so on, these templates work great with almost everything!

Although these One-Page website templates have been around for a while, these types of templates have now started to make an impact. These templates are designed to be complex and aim to engage your users in an interesting manner. According to various researchers; it is proven that a well-designed One Page website generated more conversion rate than any regular websites. Another advantage of having a One-Page website is that it focuses mostly on the important stuff. With a minimal space and design, it ensures that you only share the useful facts and information.

Why Use a One Page Parallax Website Template?

Furthermore, maintaining a One-Page website is also easier compared to a multiple Page website. The unique and transcending feel of the One Page website templates also works great with small screen devices. That’s right! With the generation of smartphones taking over, these types of website designs offer an easy and enjoyable experience for your users! Because these websites simply need the users to scroll through the sites rather than navigating through clicking on options, these are the ideal option.

So here at uiCookies, today we bring you an amazing array of One Page website templates for our users. While there are tons of variations and options for you to choose from; we have simplified the process by collecting the best ones out there! Each of the templates we have mentioned ensures the users of a premium experience and a range of exclusive features.


Trax is a multipurpose multi page and one page website template that is surely one you need to consider. With an interface that is built with the business and corporates in mind, the creators have made sure to keep everything professional. Not only this, but the design is also flexible enough to be used for portfolios and personal sites. The visuals are all fully responsive and executes a flawless performance no matter which device it is on. As we mentioned before, this template being pretty versatile focuses mainly to make it easier for you. Trax is also based on the Bootstrap framework which is stable, valid and secure. This also makes the interface super flexible and developer friendly. In addition to this, every little detail is done with careful attention to making sure the interface features a retina-ready and pixel perfect imagery.

In total you will find a collection of over 45 amazingly built HTML templates. Getting more into the details, each of theses pre-built pages feature an amazing range of useful components. From pricing tables, amazing typographies, creative icons, a huge selection of color skins, and so much more. Furthermore, you also get access to tons of demos featuring different niche and category of site for you to choose from. The whole template also relies on the professional CSS and HTML codes which are all well-documented and clean. Making sure that you get nothing but the optimal performance, even the smallest of details are taken care of. Trax is also cross-browser compatible loading effortlessly throughout all the web-browsers. In addition to this, once you use this, you will realize the structure is also made SEO friendly making sure your site always aims to rank higher on all the major SERPs.

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Another one on our list is Agenca, a professional one page website template that features a list of amazing components to get you started right off from scratch. Simple and efficient, this template is pretty straightforward with the purpose it is aimed at. While multipurpose, you can easily personalize each sections to meet your requirements with each niche. It is fully responsive and relies on the professional Bootstrap and SASS framework. This is ideal for those looking to make their online presence impactful while reaching out to a larger scale of audience. As versatile as it is, the template package comes with 6 stunning Home Pages you can easily start with. Not only this, but there are tons of options for personalizing the theme as per your preference. The best part is that it is user-friendly so that even the beginners can easily get a functional site up and running. 

Agenca is also efficient with the features as this template is SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and overall optimal with the performance. To add that creative flair to the site you can also make use of the sliders and CSS based animations and effects throughout the site. Another great thing about this is that it supports multiple media types including various video sources. With an interface with an ample amount of space to showcase your contents, you can get your users hooked on effortlessly. The whole structure relies on clean and valid coding. Not to mention the compatibility with all of the web-browsers. 

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Great addition to our list today, the next one page website template we have for you is Maxo. Incredible with the design and overall visual appeal, this multipurpose option is one of a kind. Minimal, clean and simple is the aesthetic it relies on so that the users get access to a content-focused interface. As it is versatile, this template comes with tons of options that match multiple business and corporate based websites. Not to mention the range of personalizing options you can implement within a matter of seconds. From a huge collection of fonts, icons, and color skins and even layout styles, add that custom feel with your personal taste. Another great thing is the secure and valid code structure that relies on CSS and HTML. This makes sure that you get a versatile interface along with a number of useful components you can make use.

Perfect for start-ups and even any professional established agencies, business and corporate sites, this template is pretty scalable. The whole structure is also designed to be RTL friendly and SEO optimized. Aiming for the best of performance, the template is fast loading and overall pretty easy to work with. Talking about the flexibility, there are various layout styles and home page designs you can get started with as well. This includes options for video, sliders, gradient and parallax based templates. The visuals are impeccable with an HD imagery. Not only this, but the package also includes a fully functional contact forms you can use to expand your followers. In addition to this, with the implementation of Google Maps, adding custom location is also a breeze. Answers to all your requirements, this simple yet amazing one page template is definitely worth a mention here.

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Skrollex is one that is aimed towards more of the creative websites whether it is for personal or professional use. Designed with everything modern and stylish, the first impression users get is sure to be impactful. Responsive, animated and amazing throughout all the devices, the huge media header is surely the focal point here. Here you can make use of static images, create slides, add videos and make the best out of it. It makes use of the one page design so that everything you want to showcase is displayed all at once. The great thing here is the flexibility and the ease of personalizing. With options for tons of layout styles along with light and dark version of each one, the end result you come up with is sure to be attention grabbing. Skrollex also relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework adding to the efficiency.

And to back the whole structure, it makes use of the clean and valid HTML and CSS code structure. Furthermore, it offers an unlimited range of color schemes, fonts and typographies you can choose from. Not to mention the sullscreen sections including the menu and borders that adds to the visual impact. The package also includes the premium plugin Slick Slider to give the users option to unleash their creative side. Cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly, parallax section support and with the access to scrolling animations to add to the efficiency, this sure makes for an amazing option. For background you can also use secondary platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. And these are just the basics of what you get. Click down the link below to get the full details.

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Brooklyn is a super modern looking portfolio one page website template. Designed to be as simple yet efficient as possible, this template is perfect for anyone who aim to leave a lasting impression. The design is pretty straightforward, minimal and clean making sure the focal point remains the contents you add. Executing an HD imagery with retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics, everything on this template is sure to shine. Not only this, but with a fully responsive interface, it surely looks amazing throughout all the screens. As it is pretty lightweight with the package, it also provides an undeniable performance speed. Being pretty user-friendly, it is also perfect for users who are just starting out and have no previous experience with codes and designs.

Furthermore, you also get access to tons of customization features you can implement with just a click, everything about this will end up being your own unique and custom creation. Getting more into the details, it comes with 10 predefined color schemes to choose from. Not only this, but users can also choose to go with either the slider or the video version of the template. Both are equally intriguing and engaging and offers plenty of space to showcase your work. The whole structure also comes with tons of demos and pre-designed pages. This includes options for blogs, galleries, contact, and even one for 404 errors. Based off the amazing CSS codes, the template also offers a range of animations, effects, and transitions you can use throughout the site elements. Cross-browser compatible and all in all pretty efficient with the design, Brooklyn is an amazing option to opt for. 

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Getting into the multipurpose and multiple concept website templates, Wexim is one you should definitely give a try. Perfect for tons of different styles and categories of websites, this template is versatile and flexible. Various easy to use customizing options are also available for the users to use. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous and each of the element is designed to be completely responsive. Not to mention the awesome use of retina-ready and pixel-perfect graphics. And for our list today, this is a perfect addition as it fits all the requirements. It offers options for both multi-page and one-page design. The best part, however, is that there are tons of demo sites that you can get a head start with. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework and powerful and well-commented codes, this template is surely one of the best options you can find.

Choose from multiple elegant and clean font styles initiated by Google Fonts. In addition to this, you can also make use of custom color schemes, gradient and more. To add in that extra engagement factor users can add in eye-catching and innovative image sliders, galleries , parallax sections and more. And for this, it also includes the premium plugin Slider Revolution as well. The template is designed to provide a cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and Google Adsense ready interface. In addition to this, you also get all of the PSD files included. Overall a pretty great way to execute your contents, Wexim is one template you cannot afford to miss. And this applies whether you are trying to start a blog, professional site, corporate and business and even a photography and gallery site.

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Designed with the One Page parallax as the focal point, XeOne is an amazing premium website template. Creative and stylish, it combines the visuals and the feature-packed interface into one. In addition to this, it also features user-friendly options so that even the beginners have absolutely no issues. But that’s not the only thing. Because even the editing and modifying process are a breeze. With a concept ideal for multiple concepts and purpose in mind, it is based on the flexible and powerful Bootstrap framework. The template is also responsive which means that it readily loads on all internet browsers with ease. It is ideal for any type of corporate, creative, portfolio and gallery sites. And there is a feature that aid to all these categories.

The template is also SEO friendly which means that your site always ranks higher on all major SERPs. One Page parallax design also focuses on the major and important contents you wish to display. It comes with variation of pre-made demos that you can use as well. In addition to this, various creative elements like Google Fonts, multiple color schemes, sliders and carousels can be added. The blog and the gallery sections are also pretty impressive as it is all designed with great attention to the little details. There are approximately over 50 different useful and reusable components one can make use of. But that’s not all, over 30 HTML templates includes all of the variations one can need to get started. All in all, a great option for any professional looking site, get started with XeOne today!

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If clean, elegant and minimal is what you are looking for then, Mano is a perfect One Page parallax website template for you. The design executes a flawless interface built to be super-responsive and retina-ready. And to make sure that your site stands out, the design is pretty stylish and modern in terms of design. Plenty of awesome features are jam-packed into one so that you have an efficient and functional site. The templates is built using the latest Bootstrap framework which makes sure that everything about it is upto the latest web standards. It is also flexible, responsive and retina-ready which means that you can easily load your site on all devices with extreme ease. This includes the desktops, laptops, mobiles and even tablets. Overall organized and clean, Mano also uses the well-commented and developer friendly coding structure.

The template also offers plenty of personalizing options for you to use. Easily add custom logos, background, change the color schemes, patterns and more within a matter of minutes. The integration with Google Fonts also allows the users to get creative with typography and fonts throughout the site. The unique look is also executed with the placement of creative elements like Isotope and Revolution Sliders, carousels, parallax sections and more. The full width image header can also be used as a banner or to promote the services and products. Other mentionable features of this template includes tons of reusable components, attractive sections for galleries, blogs, and more. And there are multiple effects and animations added in with the use of HTML, CSS and jQuery to keep things interesting as well.

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Another one on our list today of the best possible One Page Parallax website template is Coco. Aimed to provide the users looking to start a business site with minimal effort as possible, Coco is well-organized and modern. It is ideal for any scale and category of business sites which makes it a perfect option to opt for. Whether you are an illustrator, designer, photographer or own a company and business on your name, this template is sure to take it to the next level. Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is as versatile and modern as one would like. As it features an exclusive One Page parallax theme to it, it works great to focus on the major and the important content without getting the users distracted. Each and every section are created with much attention and care to ensure optimal performance.

And you can see the work put on it on the blogs, portfolio, galleries and other creative sections on the site. The reusable and efficient elements added on the template are also placed strategical order to ensure a maximum result. The template is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and designed with speed in mind as well. From full-width header sliders to creative CTAs to custom logo option and more, everything you might need is taken care of. There are also plenty of amazing features included like premium plugins, free Google fonts, FontAwesome Icons, well-documented docs, valid HTML files, social media integrations as well as free lifetime updates.

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Designed especially to highlight the focal point on your website efficiently grabbing all the right kind of attention, WeBox is one we definitely recommend. Perfect for designers, photographers, illustrators or any creative minds for that matter, this template is the definition of creative website templates. One of the most powerful and flexible on our list, it definitely backs up our word on it with all of the awesome features. There are tons of customizing options and possibilities one can come up with. You get access to over 50 unique and stylish HTML templates you can get started with. Not to mention the option to either choose the One-page or the Multi-page variation. Apart from this, you also get standalone pages like About, Team, Testimonials and 404 Errors so that you don’t have to waste your time and effort coming up with it.

The template is also designed to be super-responsive.To add in to the visuals, you get to choose from various different Google fonts and icons. There are probably over 70 amazing block elements that you can utilize to your preference. This includes the options to add in images, videos, tables, CTAs, and more. Although the style is pretty minimal and simple, the creators have made sure to capture the major features required. From valid HTML forms, to Bootstrap framework, to absolutely gorgeous demo pages, everything you want is taken care of. So no matter what type of creative site you are aiming for, Webox is probably one you need to consider.

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A revolutionary addition to the collection of One Page website templates, Salimo is an amazing corporate based template. With a clean, modern and professional outlook, this template is a breath of fresh air. What makes this the ideal choice for any creative professionals is the material and purpose based design. Created in a way to focus the attention on the useful information, the One Page website template is sure to make any website stand out from the crowd. Apart from the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is built on, this template is also fully responsive and retina. Not only this, but the HD imagery it features adds to the extra appeal!

Get amazing results and effective results with this amazing template. It includes the choice for either Dark or Light version to start with. But that’s not all, you also get to choose from the 10 color schemes! To match your unique preference you can customize the background from 22 different patterns. To make your site more interesting for your users, this template also offers the premium plugin Revolution Slider as well as support for YouTube and Vimeo. Add media files with ease and be creative with the filterable portfolio. Additionally, this template is also translation and RTL ready. So why miss out on a wonderful opportunity? Get this amazing One Page Parallax HTML template today!

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The name itself explains a lot, Legendary is an extraordinary HTML One Page website template! Designed and created with attention to all the little details, this template brings the users attention towards your brand and content. Amazing as it is, it is best suited for almost any type of corporate or professional website. The design itself is fully responsive and retina ready. This is further complemented by the breathtaking effects and animations. But what makes it legendary is the option that enables the user to choose from 12 unique and stylish Hero background! But that’s not all, you can even choose between black, white or parallax section background if you wish to.

This stunning parallax One Page website template also comes with premium plugins like Cube Portfolio, Slider revolution as well as Parallaxer. Choose from 12 visually appealing skins or customize it using SASS or CSS codes. For your convenience, it also includes an effective 404 error page. This template is extremely easy to use and backed up with extensive documentation and amazing support! The template is also integrated with Google Analytics. Get tons of variations for icons and typography with Themify Icons, FontAwesome as well as Google Fonts. To make it even more functional, it also comes with a working AJAX Contact form. Add elements with ease using the shortcodes included.

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With an interactive and flat design, Cube is the perfect One Page website template based on the Bootstrap framework. It is multi-purpose and multi-concept making it ideal to create any type of corporate or personal websites. It is fully responsive and looks amazing on any device screen. The eye-catching color scheme and the modern design is sure to impress any visitor. Additionally, the retina ready and HD imagery adds to the appeal. Make it count, spread your brand’s name in an effective and easy way with Cube. Focus on the important elements without unnecessarily distracting the users with this amazing One Page website template!

It is minimal and clean, but just as effective. Not only is this visually rich, this template has plenty to offer. It is translation and RTL ready. In addition to this, it is also fully compatible with almost any modern browsers. Get access to an amazing full-screen slider to display images and media files. Get responsive portfolio galleries and filterable option. In addition to this, you also get a functional AJAX Contact form. The web-friendly fonts are available with Google Fonts and Fontawesome. Integrate icons, add price tables, create blogs, add Contact information, interact with social media integration. This template with tons of amazing features is surely the one to try out!

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A creative and innovative option for you, Warhol is a multi-purpose One Page website template. This premium HTML template is fully responsive and visually stunning to look at. Best suited for any creative minds and ideas, this template is flexible and adaptable. In addition to this, you get plenty of options to choose and customize the site however you want. Want a bold, clean and modern looking One Page website? This template makes it effortless to get the perfect end result. It is fully responsive making sure that your site adjusts and adapts to any device screen size. Furthermore, this template is also fully compatible with all the major browsers. Get elegant typography as well as icons you can integrate.

Switch between the 2 to 6 column grids whichever works the best to showcase your works. You can also change the width as well as the margins. The template is further compatible with eCommerce making it easier for the users to create an online shop. Get over 20 different components that are ready to be deployed. What’s more is that you also get 8 premium in-house plugins to enhance the user experience. Get amazing parallax sections, full-width sliders, galleries, YouTube and Vimeo support and much more. For easier navigation, you can even choose the type of menu either submenu, a mega menu as well as header dropdown.

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Khaki is a premium HTML One Page website template featuring a beautiful aesthetic and feel. It is stunning to look at and is packed with all the necessary features to help you build the perfect website. Multi-purpose and flexible, it suits the needs to create any type of creative and professional websites with ease. It is fully responsive as well as retina-ready. Built on the latest Bootstrap framework, this template includes 9 pre-made demos to choose from. Leave anyone who visits your site impressed only with Khaki. Whether you wish to start a blog, portfolio, commercial, corporate or online shop websites, Khaki is the ideal choice.

This template includes over 150 HTML files that let the users create the absolutely stunning site. In addition to this, it also includes the premium plugin Revolution Slider that enables you to add amazing sliders. Furthermore, it comes with unlimited layout options so that it meets your unique taste. Stay connected with your users with MailChimp and AJAX Contact form integration. Not only this, but you also get social media integration for Instagram, Twitter, and any other popular sites. There are also plenty of unique elements that you can customize and add using the shortcodes. In addition to this, you can even add the location with Google Maps integration. The possibility is endless!

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Swag is yet another stunning One Page website template that is just amazing visually and feature-wise. With multi-concept and flexibility, this template allows you to create almost any type of website you wish. Get amazing results and the perfect online platform you always wished for. The interface is super-responsive and retina-ready. Get amazing features like beautiful typography, retina icons, pricing tables, multiple page types, color schemes and much more. The template is furthermore compatible with all the modern browsers. Built with the latest and advanced Bootstrap framework, it fits the standards and requirements possibly required.

Get amazing premium Slider plugins like Camera Slider, Revolution Slider, bxSlider that adds to the creativeness. Furthermore, you also get stunning parallax background and parallax sections. What’s more is that you also get YouTube and Vimeo support. Get tabs, accordions, pricing tables, testimonial sliders, overlay colors and patterns as well as custom header and footers. Additionally, you get over 200 patterns to choose from if you wish to. The template is amazingly retina ready featuring exclusive HD imagery. This One Page website template is surely the ultimate option you might ever need! It even makes sharing and connecting easier with social media integration. Moreover, you can also easily edit and add location with Google Media.

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Marqa is a wonderful HTML personal and portfolio One Page website template. With a minimal and clean look and feel, this template is simply the definition of simplistic perfection. It is fully responsive and automatically adjusts and adapts to any device screen size. The unique design is accompanied with an array of useful features. Furthermore, the valid and well-commented HTML and CSS codings make it easy to use and customize. Get the perfect end result with an irresistible professionalism only with Marqa. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, it assures the users of nothing but the best experience.

Best suited for personal and portfolio based websites, you can add blogs or create amazing galleries. This template includes tons of elements like About Me section, Services, Testimonials, Pricing Tables and much more. Each can also be customized and implemented with ease. Furthermore, you also get amazing looking jQuery and CSS animations that make the site more interesting. The template is well-documented and provides excellent support. Get creative with beautiful typographies and icons. Add media files, create awesome galleries and sliders. Truly one of a kind, Marqa is an excellent choice for a One Page website template!

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Another one-of-a-kind and visually amazing One Page website template, Prema is clean, modern and unique. Packed with an awesome list of features and customizing options, this template makes sure that your website stands out from the crowd. The design is super responsive and retina ready. In addition to this, the template is also compatible with all the major browsers. Built using the latest Bootstrap framework, this flexible and adaptable template is sure to meet all the requirements you are looking for.

Choose from 16 different color schemes and choose the one that best suits your preference. Furthermore, this template package also includes 7 HTML files that help you add elements. The HTML and CSS codes used are well-commented and valid. This makes it easy to use and customize the site. What’s great is that this template features 6 exclusive Hero sections that allow the users to be creative. Choose either static, parallax, static slider, parallax slider, typed text or typed text with fade effect as your background. Specially crafted with designers and creative freelancers in mind, this template is everything you could wish for!

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Synx is a multi-purpose Multi and One Page website template that is best suited for corporate, professional and creative agencies. The design is astonishingly beautiful and fully responsive. Adding to it, this template is also features retina ready imagery and icons. The modern and clean take of the layout structure is enough to leave anyone impressed. It is built entirely on the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework. Alongside the clean and well-commented CSS and HTML coding, it is easy to work with and customize. This template is also RTL and translation ready.

It comes with over 100 HTML elements that are ready at your disposal. In addition to this, it also includes over 50 HTML templates that you can start with. Get amazing CSS and JQuery animations that add an appealing factor. not only this but there are multiple fonts and color styles to choose from. To make it more engaging for your users, it also includes the premium plugin Slider Revolution. This enables thes user to add media files and create stunning responsive sliders. Other amazing features of this template includes multiple Google fonts, parallax backgrounds, side navigation option and much more.

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One of the best selling multipurpose website templates, Canvas is a stunning modern take on creating almost any type of websites. Whether you are looking to start a corporate website, online shop, blogs or portfolios, this multi-concept and flexible template is fit for anything. What’s great is that you get amazing variations and demo pages to start with! And if you are looking for the ideal Multi/One Page template, then Canvas might be the one! It has tons of customizing option and variation of options to get you started. With a solid foundation, this template is built entirely on the latest Bootstrap framework.

Powerful and flexible, this template includes over 100 ready to use Homepages to choose from. But that’s not all, you also get over 800 HTML files to implement useful components. The template is extremely responsive and retina ready. Make your website stand out from the crowd only with Canvas. Get the option to choose either light or dark theme. Furthermore, this template offers a range of beautiful typography and icons. It is also compatible with almost any major browsers. Get stunning CSS animations, parallax effects, super shortcodes, demo variations and many more! Plus, the theme is backed up with extensive documentation and super helpful support!

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Foundry is yet another flexible and multipurpose HTML template that offers both multi and one page website template variations. In addition to the multi-concept it is based on, it is also fully responsive. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework and advanced CSS and HTML coding, this template is surely one that meets your expectations. It is modern, stylish and beautiful to look at. What’s more is that it comes with an exclusive Variant Page Builder to help you get started. It also includes over 100 fully responsive HTML template files. Not only this, but you also get over 20 unique niche based Home Pages to choose from. The wide and boxed layouts makes it more bold.

Get amazing options for multiple colour schemes, over 1000 icons and beautiful typography. For your convenience, this template package also includes Multi-column mega menu and double-level drop-down menus. add custom logos and background. Furthermore, it is integrated with MailChimp and AJAX Contact Form to make sure your users stay connected and updated. The FlexSlider and Slider Revolution gives the user to create amazing sliders with ease. Add locations, pricing tables, accordions, galleries and much more. Additionally, you can also easily create an online shop as this template is also compatible with eCommerce.

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BeTheme is a stunning premium HTML template that is fully responsive and retina ready. With a visually stunning outlook on the layout, this template offers tons of amazing features and customizing options. It is multipurpose so it is suited for almost all types of website creation. Whether you are planning on starting a blog, a corporate website, online shop, portfolio, the possibility is endless with BeTheme. Get over 330 pre-built demos that you can start with. In addition to this, it also offers tons of Pages variation for every niche. Not only that, but it also includes unlimited menus styles as well as header variations.

This amazing template package also includes the premium plugins- Revolution Slider, Wow Slider as well as Revolution Slider. This One Page website template also features stunning scroll effect and animations. Additionally, you also have the option to add Sticky headers and Mega menu. You can also easily create an online shop as this template offers an easy payment method with eCommerce compatibility. The Working Contact forms, as well as social media integration, keeps you and your users connected. Unlike most other templates, it also provides Under Construction and Maintainance Mode pages for you to use. With everything that you possibly require, this template is one of the best Multi and One Page website template you can find out there.

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Stack just as the name claims is a stack of amazing features and stunning visuals. An extremely professional and sleek multipurpose multi and one-page website template. This template is a fully responsive and features a modern and unique feel to it. Crafted with attention to details this template features smooth parallax effect, animations as well as scrolling effects. Boasting over 140 demo pages, almost any type of website creation is possible with Stack. Additionally, it is built on the latest Bootstrap framework that is easy to customize.

The HTML and CSS codings used are clean and well-commented. This makes sure that it is extremely user-friendly and easy to modify. The template package also includes over 270 customizable interface blocks you can use to add various elements. Amp up your website with Stack and leave a lasting impression. Get multiple navigation styles as well as colour schemes to choose from. It is also integration with most social media sites and allows the user to share social feeds. Furthermore, the working Contact forms and MailChimp makes sure that you stay connected. For the ease of usage, this template features the exclusive Variant Page Builder that helps you get started.

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Rhythm is a multipurpose multi and one-page website template featuring a rich, clean and professional interface. With over 175 HTML files the possibility is limitless. The best part, however, is that it offers tons of amazing customizing options and variations. It is fully responsive and retina ready making sure that your site looks stunning no matter which device it is on. Powered by the latest Bootstrap framework, it is also extremely easy to customize. With Parallax sections and smooth animations, and stunning gallery options, this template lets the user create the perfect website you always wished for.

Get amazing Portfolio and Blog pages to choose from. In addition to this, you also get an online shop and corporate pages. There are two themes light and dark to start with. Furthermore, this multi and one-page website template includes a lot of Page Title styles. It includes the premium plugin: Revolution Slider to save your extra cost. Get stunning typographies and icons you can integrate. The powerful shortcodes inside can be used to add all the necessary ailments. Add an interesting piece of video content with YouTube, Vimeo or other media file support!

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Polo is a fully responsive multipurpose HTML template that is ideal for almost any type of websites. It features a clean, professional and sleek feel to the outlook. This Multi and One Page website template consist useful and reusable elements so that no matter what type of website you create, it is perfect. Once you invest in this theme, it ensures the users of a high-performance as well as lifetime updates. Get over 1000 UI features that allow the users to add all the necessary features with ease. What’s great is that this template is lightweight and loads fast and easy. It is extremely user-friendly so that with almost zero coding knowledge you get the perfect end result.

Choose from over 200 different layout variations as well as 600 pre-built website templates. Furthermore, the template includes highly secure CSS and HTML codes and files. Moreover, get stunning 19 unique header styles with Page layouts to suit every niche. It also includes over 40 shortcodes that make the process of creation easy as a breeze. Another amazing function is the unlimited color schemes that you get. Get a set of 2 beautiful loading transition and super flexible mega menu. What’s more is that this template is SEO friendly and cross-browser compatible. It is also eCommerce ready which provides an easy way to start an online shop. It also includes 5 exclusive types of Slider variations and a working PHP Contact Form.

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Sartre is a unique and flexible corporate based multi and one-page website template. With a range of unique concepts, pre-designed blocks as well as tons of customizing options, this template is ideal to create any type of corporate and creative based websites. It is fully responsive and retina ready. Crafted with attention to details, you get access to all the necessary features you need. It has a range of niche-based demos so that you no longer need to start from scratch. Get creative and start creating within minutes. The design it features is beautifully elegant, to say the least. Leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits only with Sartre.

Build amazing looking blogs, galleries, portfolios or sliders to keep your users entertained. Represent you and your work in an impressive manner. It includes over 20 useful components that add to the functionality. In addition to this, you also get access to 8 useful in-house plugins. Furthermore, you can choose from 8 concepts as well as 24 variants to start with. The template also features over 50 HTML files and tons of amazing building blocks. For customizing to your preference, this template also includes several Footer and Header styles. Add beautiful typography and icons. But that’s not all, this template package ensures a high-performance and lifetime support. With the working MailChimp newsletter and AJAX Contact form, easily stay connected with your audience. Create a stunning website only with Sartre.

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Definity is yet another stunning looking premium HTML template that is clean, modern and unique. Designed and created with the focus on creative agencies and professionals, this template is widely flexible and adaptable. It is 100% responsive and stunning to look at. The clean design is created with easy to customize HTML and CSS coding. In addition to this, this template also supports video and parallax background. This adds the touch of creativity of you want. Get tons of variations for both Multi and One Page website templates! No need to go through the hassle as this template also includes the Coming Soon page included within.

Built with the powerful and the latest Bootstrap framework, the template features a modular design. This enables the users to easily move sections to create the perfect design. You also get multiple font and icon set that provides an array of beautiful and elegant designs. It also features two theme options whether you wish to go with dark or light. The best part, however, is that this template is SEO friendly as well as RTL and translation ready. Furthermore, this template is also cross-browser compatible. Join thousands of happy customers and get the perfect site today with Definity!

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Temptation is a Single or One Page website template built on the latest Bootstrap framework. With an extremely responsive design, it automatically adjusts and adapts to every device screen size. The design is aesthetically minimal, clean and tempting to use, to say the least. It is ideal for personal and professional use. Get 10 different color scheme variations to choose from. In addition to this, the SEO friendly aspect is sure to make your site stand out from the rest. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template offers an easy customizing option.

It is also integrated with Google Maps so that you can easily add the location for your users. Th Working Contact form with validation is also an additional help. Choose from 20 custom made social icons and 30 box icons. Add amazing typography to go with your custom website. Not only this but there are plenty of options like- filterable portfolio, cross-browser compatibility, carousels, and much more. Combined with the useful components that is packed within, this template is one of the best option for you!

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Sierra is a creative One-Page Parallax website template that is designed especially for personal and freelancer sites. As the theme is packed with a robust amount of flexibility and awesome features, this template needs very little modification to get your result. The best part is the powerful and advanced the HTML and CSS coding structure is absolutely flawless. It is completely responsive and retina-ready. The pixel perfect design focuses on the important content avoiding any unnecessary distraction thanks to their one-page design. In addition to this, the template also comes with both the light and dark version to choose from. You can use this template to create almost any type of site whether you want to go for personal, photography, portfolio, fashion, magazine and more. As it is highly customizable, get the perfect result within a matter of minutes.

Another great thing about this premium template package is that you get tons of easy personalizing options. Get an unlimited range of colour schemes as well as Google Fonts to choose from. But that’s not all, there are also 4 different and unique designed Header styles available The amazing parallax effect also adds to the engaging element on the site. Get a beautiful Home Page as well as appealing Inner pages including one for blog, contact, Team Members, Gallery and more Talking about the various sections, it also features a unique Hexagon style Team Member element that makes your site stand out. It is also completely cross-browser compatible as well. Furthermore, the lighting fast loading speed is the absolute great reason to start using this theme right away.

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Another great option to try out if you are looking for a premium One Page parallax website template is Nonus. Unique and creative in all ways possible, the first impression of this template is surely stunning. It comes with an unlimited colour scheme option that you can easily switch to if you prefer. As the template is flexible and versatile you can use it for your personal site, corporate site, and even simply as a photography and gallery website. The template is also designed to be completely responsive and retina-ready. Based on the powerful HTML5 and CSS3 coding structure, this template surely serves as a powerful base to any website.

It also features the flex slider which supports almost every media file type. This ensures that you can create amazing looking Sliders with images and video files from your galleries. Making it even more appealing, it also features the amazing lightbox image preview. In addition to this, you also get access to a fully working HTML contact form that makes it easier to add subscription and newsletters. It is also cross-browser compatible. But that’s not all, you get amazing parallax effect, stunning animation and scrolling effect. The unlimited portfolio also works using the AJAX. Get everything that you need with this premium multipurpose website template.

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Biz as the name spells out is an amazing One Page parallax website template designed especially for the creative minds. Appealing is the first thing that comes up when looking at the website design. It is also responsive and retina-ready. The modern and simplistic design is perfect to create agency, business, portfolio, personal and even gallery websites. Developed by the CodexCoder team, Biz is simply an ideal choice. It uses the powerful coding like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery so that you have the premium online experience. The template also comes with a range of amazing elements and components that you can use to your benefit. The hexagon effect is also eye-catching and focuses your users attention on anything you wish to add.

Another great thing about this template is that it comes with Google Maps and Google Font integration. This ensures that you can easily add custom fonts and maps with ease. It also has the CCR responsive Pricing tables that you can easily utilize. In addition to this, the template also includes Isotope Gallery, Pretty Photo and more. Get an amazing loading speed thanks the optimization. Another great thing is that this template is completely cross-browser compatible as well. You can also easily start a blog as it also includes extra Blog sections at your disposal. Get the best possible experience, only with Biz!

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An elegant, chic and innovative One-Page parallax website template JJ or Jason Jordan is a responsive and retina-ready option for you. With technologies and clean commented codes this template provides the users with flexible and dynamic options. The flat and modern design comes with 6 pre-defined colour schemes that you can easily change. But that’s not the only easy personalizing option you get. It is fully customizable which means that each and every element of this template can be changed to meet your preference. It even has Google Fonts that makes sure that you get access to amazing typographies and fonts to match the theme design.

JJ also has both light and dark version to choose from. So whichever design you prefer, you can easily go for it. As it is cross-browser compatible, this template also loads easily on every major internet browsers with ease. The unique layout is striking as it is. But thanks to the parallax effects, animated elements and scrolling effects it takes your site to the next level. Start almost any type of website with ease with JJ. Even the customer services are top-notch and you are ensured of an amazing online experience!

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