Website designs by no means have to highly complex and filled with intricate details. Sometimes it’s better to choose web templates that highlight your own blogs and content. Instead of promoting all the fancy elements, sometimes you’d like to use templates that put your own content in the center of the room. In a lot of cases using Free simple website template that provide an easy to use interface and comfortable experience to users is a much better choice.

Thus we at UiCookies have made a list of great free website templates you can use for your websites. These templates are extremely orderly and as clean as possible. They are free from clustered elements and items for your website. These templates can help you promote your own content and put it at the center of your website’s showcase.

This can exist in the form of amazing blog layouts, portfolio galleries, cool sidebar navigation, and more. Most of these HTML templates are highly multipurpose as well so they can fit and adapt to your website’s specification perfectly. This list also covers a wide range of niches and areas of digital service. So check out the entire list to see which website template fits your purpose.



Starting off with out in-house theme, Format is a free simple website template ideal for corporate and agency sites. Great for anyone who is looking to get started without spending a lot of time and effort into a stunning website, this template offers a huge array of features to let you do so. With the amazing visuals, this template is even great for portfolio and gallery sites to lure in more clienteles. Complete with amazing responsiveness and pixel perfect graphics, this template stands out with excellent visuals. The stand out here is definitely the use eye-catching background, vibrant color schemes, creative fonts, icons and an impressive gallery design. You also get options to add in professional looking contact forms, pop-up video and a smooth animation upon scrolling. All that in mind, and further cross-browser compatible, SEO ready and fast loading speed definitely makes this free template one to start with.

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Another minimal, elegant and free simple website template we have for you is Present. Ideal for a professional app landing, product landing and single product promotion page, this theme is a amazing option to start with. It is great for handling online presence while luring in more clients. Making use of TeenMax and Scrollmagic, it also features stunning animations and effects. Apart from this, you will also find pre-built pages for home, about, services, contact and more. Not to mention the access to creative CTA buttons, gallery, testimonials, fonts and icons. This whole theme is also designed to be completely responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect.

Not only this, it offers a user-friendly way to personalize the whole layout and is also extremely fast loading. All in all, a great free way to get started with a fully fledged website; Present is definitely one that stands out with all the right reasons.

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Miniblog is an outstanding simple website template that is designated more towards the blogging and editorial genre. Featuring an excellent visuals, with a unique sense of style, this template is surely one of a kind. The overall outlook and simple, efficient and subtle with the styling. Not to mention the minimalism it executes with a range of styling elements that perfectly compliments the overall design. The whole structure is also fully responsive, retina-ready and overall flawless. It is amazing to work and provides the users with a user-friendly interface. It features a gallery based structure that is quite appealing to the users. Each of the posts you present is depicted with the featured image, title and the published date. However, that is just the Home, as it features plenty of other pages dedicated to various other niches.

It also relies fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework that provides the users with all the flexibility one needs. Not to mention the amazingly fast performance it delivers. This wholesome website template is pretty amazing an d is perfect for every niches of blogs out there. It is also amazingly simple and elegant and pretty much straight-forward. With the Google Fonts, you also get multiple font variations. Not to mention the array of amazing color schemes you can choose from as well. In addition to this, you also get access to amazing HTML and CSS based animations, effects and transitions to keep it creative. The whole template is also fully compatible with all the major web-browsers. The functional search bar is a great way to make things easier for your users to access the site contents.

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Another one that is perfect for our list of free simple website template is Ronaldo. A great addition here, it is an elegant, chic and minimal personal website template that is ideal for every niche of contents. With a unique sense of style with a split screen design, this template is sure to get anyone’s attention with ease. Fully responsive, retina-ready and overall amazing with the visuals, your site is sure to look amazing throughout every device screen. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to present themselves to the world in an impressive manner focusing majorly on what you add for others to see. And to make it interesting, there are tons of amazing elements that go hand in hand with that.

As it relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, it is pretty amazing to work with as well. And to make sure that the template meets all of the latest web-standards, it also makes use of CSS and HTML code structure. The typewriter effect it features is another standout element here. It also has options to enable sticky navigation that stays intact no matter how far you scroll down. Talking about scrolling, it comes with on-scroll content load that makes for a fast performance. Other mentionable features here are attractive social media icons, creative blog sections, hover effects, and more.

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Now this is a free simple website template that is designed especially for the niche of interior designing and furnishing. Ideal is a visually impactful, minimal, clean and amazing website template that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The huge image header slider is a stunner here. Whether for professional or promotional purpose, you can make sure to utlize each slide to the fullest. Another great thing here are the range of amazing personalizing options you get. Not to mention that all of these are pretty user-friendly so that even beginners have no issues. Each of the sections are amazingly designed with careful attention to the details. It is also fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel-perfect. This makes sure that all of the details are impeccable no matter what device screen you are on.

It also features sections dedicated to blogs, testimonials, about, contacts and more. Creative elements like icons, buttons, social media icons, and more are all integrated with the theme package. In addition to this, you also get access to multiple typography, font, and color scheme options available. As it makes use of the CSS and HTML codes, you also get stunning effects, animations and page transitions. In addition to this, it also features a functional Contact Form that makes it easier for the users to collect informations. Another great thing here is the placement of each components in a strategic manner to make the most out of it.

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Featuring a contemporary, modern, and a stylish infrastructure, Louie is a free simple website template designed for portfolios and personal websites. However, thanks to the flexible and versatile layout design, you can easily use it as a blog, photography and even lifestyle and fashion website. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and mobile friendly. And the enticing design is sure to make your site stand out from the crowd. But the alluring look is not the only the best part. It is complete with a range of awesome features like Free Google Fonts, creative icons, stunning looking gallery and blog sections and more.

The template powered with the latest Bootstrap framework makes it an efficient canvas to work with. Adding to it, you can also make use of the attractive social media icons, fully functional Contact forms, newsletter subscriptions and more. It is also cross-browser compatible which means that no matter which internet browsers you prefer to use, your site still loads effortlessly. The minimal style it executes also features a sideway navigation bar that adds to the uniqueness. And the great thing is that you can even enable the stickiness of the menu to make things easier for your users. The CSS and HTML codes used are all clean, valid and well-commented as well. This gives way to additional features like animations, scrolling and hover effects as well as creative sections that you can use to your benefit.

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Another free simple website template we have in line for you is Beyond. A simple, clean and professional looking template perfect for travel websites of all kind. You can create amazing looking agency and corporate websites or simply start a directory or listing site, the choice is up to you. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and mobile friendly. This ensures that no matter which device your site loads on, it automatically adjusts to the device screen size. And that too with HD imagery and executing pixel perfect design. Taking care of everything that you need to get started, Beyond is the full package of pre-built elements. Whether it is a creative Home Page or efficient Inner Pages you are looking for, this free template has it covered.

It is powered with the latest Bootstrap framework which means it follows all the latest tech and web trends. Another great thing about it is that it is also designed with users and beginner’s in mind making all the options easy to understand and use. You can easily personalize each element whether it is the colour schemes, background or the fonts, in a matter of few minutes. Flexible and versatile, this template is sure to boost your client’s rate once you get started. Although minimal to say, the layout is still quite impressive thanks to the unique sections and the full width header with media support. You can even add video files or create sliders to execute what you and your agency excel at. Get the best possible online experience, only with Beyond.

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Loaft is yet another stunning looking free simple website template that is designed with careful attention to details. Simple, minimal and professional looking interface provides an exceptional flexibility and versatility you are looking for. It is also designed to be completely responsive and retina-ready. This ensures that the overall site automatically adjusts to every device screen size with extreme ease. Powered with the amazing Bootstrap framework, the modern design is sure to spark interest in potential clients. Packed with tons of amazing features to get you a killer web-design, you no longer need to rely on any professionals any longer. Although perfect for interior design agencies, you can easily modify the design to match any business or corporate websites.

Adding to it, you also get awesome animations, effects on scroll and hover. This is thanks to the clean and well-commented CSS and HTML coding structure. Another great thing are the options for easy personalizing. Change the elements, background, color schemes, fonts and more within a matter of seconds. To increase your user interactions, you can also enable newsletter subscription, add functional contact forms and integrate your social media links and icons. You can even add custom Google Maps to help clients locate you easier. It is also cross-browser compatible so that your site loads effortlessly no matter which internet browsers you prefer to use. Furthermore, the blog sections and the overall structure is also SEO optimized.

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Photon is a creative simple free website template that is designed with the concept to suit the photography and portfolios of all niche. The unique and stylish interface is a stand out and sure to make heads turn. Responsive, retina-ready and tested on all hand-held devices to ensure optimal performance, this template is visually effective. It comes with a range of awesome features making it easier for even beginners to get an amazing site with ease. It is also cross-browser compatible so that your site loads effortlessly on all major internet browsers. This includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and even Internet explorer. Featuring a creative and awesome gallery sections, the contents you wish to display is stunningly amazing.

Based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template offers flexibility, versatility and awesome online experience all in one place. As it is highly customizable, you can easily modify any element to match your elements. It is also integrated with Google Fonts so that you have the option to choose from elegant and stylish fonts. Not only this, but you also get icons that adds to the effectiveness of the site. Making navigation easier the eye-catching menu features drop-down option as well as stickiness. Integrate social medias, enable subscription and increase your email list effortlessly.

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free simple website template - ronin

Ronin is a free website template that can help you take your career to the next level. This portfolio-based website template gives you a clean and sleek website design that can help impress future employers and people interested in your craft. Regardless if your portfolio is built for photography, art, music, literature, past achievements and more. You can count on Ronin to highlight out the most important parts of them all. The spacey area can be of great use when you want to present yourself in a professional manner. If you’re selling your content or working as a freelancer, Ronin’s a great choice as you can use amazing service listing sections, progress bars, milestone trackers as well as user testimonials to your full advantage.

The Portfolio is definitely one of the highlights of this template which can show off your image gallery in a uniquely designed grid. Each portfolio listing can be detailed to an absurd degree using a connected project details page complete with ratings, description and featured image. Ronin is also extremely blog friendly and contains tons of useful blog features. This includes tons of amazing post elements and typography settings as well as post comments, view statistics, social media sharing links and more. The Bootstrap web template was coded on HTML5 and works flawlessly on both mobile and pc platforms. As far as free website templates go, Ronin is one of the best when it comes to helping you take your career to the next logical step.

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free simple website template - ronald

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Ronald, a website template for Online digital agencies and firms. Rather than putting a single person on a pedestal, Ronald aims to provide you with the tools to promote your entire company. The free simple website template helps you grow your website’s customer count and create a strong online presence for your firm. Ronald presents your website content with a professional attitude. The fullscreen header design is very unique and serves to fit the purpose of a hook. The offer listing section makes use of properly designed grids and Icon boxes to show the wide range of core services your company provides. about your firm on their own accord. Similarly, a portfolio gallery can be interlinked in your content to promote your previously done work and show how capable you are, as an organization.

The sense of unity is further improved by the amazing Team member section. Each section in the team member section comes with personal social links, custom hover effects over the images and more. The right sidebar navigation menu is a great design addition that fits in with the website template’s aesthetic. Further navigation links can be provided using the Footer widgets if necessary. An appropriate Instagram feed can also be linked onto your footer section if required. Like Ronin above, Ronald also comes with a similar Blog and Portfolio section with their own custom post design. These are also coupled with custom Contact pages and services page that provides you with useful forms, Google map embeds, icon boxes and more. Each and every element in this template is smooth and highly responsive and the site itself is extremely speed optimized due to its HTML5 coding design.

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free simple website template - opium

Opium is a free simple website template for all your blogging requirements. The blog template features a highly unique and innovative design style that sets itself apart from the rest of the blogging media-based web designs out there. From the minimalist, static header to the uniquely designed sidebar and amazing blog previews. Nothing about Opium seems conventional and orthodox. And yet this is why it exactly works. While its unique design factor still exists, it takes nothing away from your blogs and posts and even previews them to the viewers in an unblemished form. Opium’s innovative web design is made to accompany to your blogs and not overtake them as the attractive element. The white background with more blander and darker colors is a great color template for free websites as your viewer’s focus goes straight to your post’s featured images and its introductory content.

Using the category page template, your readers can view your blogs endlessly in a highly arranged manner based on various category and tag parameters. Each blog posts is provided with useful elements to use to cover a wide array of blogging genres. These blogs have a custom sidebar design that provides you with a Popular posts section, a nifty search bar, a short Blogger bio section with Social media links and images, Ads, Category and Tags listing and more. Similarly, you can also place your Instagram images directly using the Instagram feed widget on the website footer as well as a Newsletter subscription mail for your posts. The combination of all these elements as well as Opium’s unique design style makes it a perfect choice when it comes to blogging based free simple website templates.

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free simple website template - meetme

Meetme is a great bootstrap website template fit for personal websites. The free simple website template puts you in the spotlight and celebrates your achievements. Provide any website viewer detailed information about yourself using this highly accompanying HTML template. The website template’s color and layout design is spectacular as well but doesn’t take away from any of the content you place in it. The website is very flexible and can be enhanced furthermore to suit your demands. Use progress bars and milestones trackers to show the extent of your amazing capabilities alongside a short bio text to fit your aspirations, achievements, and desires.

You can use the dynamic timeline chart to list out the timeline of your artistic or career based experience and achievements as well as your educational timeline. When it comes to impressing clients and future employers, you can use Service offering sections to provide the list of areas your skills can cover. To further accentuate your capabilities and services, you can also use a portfolio gallery that comes with custom parallax effects as well as a Lightbox viewer. Your viewers can view your portfolio endlessly for hours and we can ensure that they won’t be tired of it. The Testimonials with rating system shows how satisfied your past clients and employers have been with their work and can serve as work references for your future. All in all, if you want to present yourself in a striking fashion then Meetme is the perfect pick for you.

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free simple website template - flash

If you’re a photographer looking for a perfect free simple website template, then Flash is the pick for you. Flash as a website template understands how important it is for your websites to be shared around the globe. Thus it tries its best to present every image in a manner that just attracts views towards them. Everything about the template accentuates the visual and presentation factor of your images and is built to put your image galore on that perfect podium. Whether it be the Fullscreen header design or the unique homepage image listing. The unique presentation technique for the home page introduction section is just the tip of the iceberg. The services listing sections complement your images using a unique boxed-grid element. Similarly, the Testimonials section provides you with slidable user reviews made for your artistic demands.

For any photography website template, the Portfolio/Gallery section is the key figure. And Flash’s definitely doesn’t disappoint. Images are previewed in a unique single grid fashion with each image shown in a unique frame design accompanied by blog texts. Each image can be interlinked with a separate post that further provides accompanying text, image details and also lets you rate and share it on social media. The Instagram widget on the bottom of the webpage is definitely one of the most uniquely designed Instagram feed widget we’ve seen. An Instagram page of any photographer is a reflection of their artistic self and it seems that Flash uses reflection to a perfect degree for your website. The website and all its valuable imagery can be viewed perfectly on mobile platforms as well as Flash are completely mobile friendly. Its HTML5 coding and Bootstrap design also ensure optimized loading speeds.

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free simple website template - nikki

Whether its fashion articles, news, tips and tricks and more. Use Nikki, a magazine website template, as a publishing medium to present any article content in a modern and eye-catching manner. When it comes to unique and refreshing design ideas, Nikki has tons of them. This includes the parallax effect enriched carousel header. Right from the get-go, hook in new viewers with eye-catching articles embedded onto the carousel slider. The blog listing page shows your old as well as new posts in an orderly yet easy to view fashion. Similarly, the website sidebar accentuates that modern feel of the website with its author bio section, custom social media sharing bar, latest blog widgets, Newsletter subscription mail and more.

As a magazine website owner, you need to pay extra attention to your website template’s navigational features. Nikki makes great use of all the plays in the books for this purpose. This includes drop-down sticky mega menus that are detailed to an absurd extent. Breadcrumbs also enable users to keep track of the page and subdirectories of your website. A simple hover the Category submenu and your viewers can easily check out all the categories of your posts. The boxed layout puts focus on your textual content while you can enable tons of useful typography options and cool elements on your posts. The footer of the website template comes with a nifty integration to a wide range of social media platforms as well as a cool Instagram feed section.

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free simple website template - snipp

Snipp is a website template for UI/UX designers that want their websites to represent a bit of their artistic self. Being a competitor in the art and creativity field is difficult as is so you could use Snipp as a boost up to promote your artistic content to the position it deserves to be in. The main catch about Snipp is that while it looks fantastic, it’s still extremely easy to set up. Get your functional site ready in minutes and use it as your digital extension to reach an audience around the world in no time. The website’s UI and UX design is simply spectacular and its integration of cool parallax effects is amazing as well. The immersive top menu, as well as the cool Header section with all sorts of introductory elements, acts as a perfect hook for any possible customer.

Preview graphical designs using Images with parallax effects to illustrate your ability as a UI/UX designer and more using the Portfolio listing page. Each portfolio image is linkable with a single page that accompanies a blog post for your convenience. Snipp works great as a marketing tool for your services as well. You can use the cool Icon boxes and Service sections to show your skill and experience in various fields. Similarly, Snipp also provides you a testimonial section in a cool flex slider for your convenience. All these elements are presentable in a wide layout that provides a comfortable viewing experience supported by the smooth scrolling effect of the website. The website is also extremely Blog friendly with tons of blog features Snipp is also completely cross-browser compatible and with its Bootstrap design runs perfectly on mobile platforms as well.

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free simple website template - libro

Your blogs are the core of your website. This is the main idea behind Libro, a very unique Blogging website template that features a design built to promote your blogs and your blogs only. The HTML website template sports a very unique design concept that makes it an exception blog template as is. The Homepage is dividable into two clear columns. One to list out all your blogs in a chronological order in a masonry layout. While the other functions as a Carousel slider that features popular blogs on your website. The navigational menu presents itself at the left column and clicking on the Menu button provides you with a customizable, cool looking Menu design. The right column effectively functions as the interactive, reading section while the left column is a glorified header menu. This design choice has absolutely floored us.

Blogs can be listed in various categories in various ways. You can use regular two grid, masonry layout for Blog listing, single grid and even stacked Gallery grid with no textual information. Each of these layout design can serve a different purpose and you can choose accordingly between them to suit different page designs. Create a single post with a wide range of typography as well as visual elements and Video embedding if needs be. Single posts can also contain Comments and category buttons to help your viewers. As a final point, while it may not seem clear, Libro is also completely functional on mobile platforms. Its Bootstrap base makes it perfectly suitable for mobile browsers as well and you can expect equal functionality on all platforms.

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free simple website template - beckham

Beckham is a portfolio based template that drops all semblance of traditional formatting to provide you with the most unique looking website ever. The uniquely designed free simple website template provides your portfolio to present their own charisma. The linear yet dynamic page design serves as a way of presenting your gallery and services in a professional manner. Beckham features a black palette design, no header section and a full-screen menu popup for navigation. As you scroll down, a progress bar shows up to keep track of your scrolling. The dynamic image effects, text rotators, and scrolling effect make it feel like the website itself is responding to each and every action. Use a mixture of Text, featured images, Icon boxes and impressive portfolio listing to tell your own story to your readers.

The animated statistics count can help you advertise your capabilities while the custom social media links help you connect to your viewers at a higher level. The black color design really shows its strength when you’re showing off your amazing image galore. Each Portfolio listing can be supplemented with its own single page to provide crucial extended details about the product if necessary. This stands true for Blogs as well. The home blog page presents your readers with an endless supply of blogs structured in a well-designed grid. Each blog can be shown in a well-defined layout with accompanying media with tons of options to beautify the text. While the website might seem quite unusual and unorthodox, rest assured that its usability is off the charts and it won’t take a lot of time for your users to be familiar with Beckham and its spectacular website outlook.

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free simple website template - strategy

Strategy is a free simple website template for Freelancers in various fields that meets both the artistic and functional standards of modern websites. This bootstrap framework powered template helps you sell your services on the market but in a marvelous fashion. Strategy functions as a canvas. Paint your own art onto the website to ensure that it represents you and your skills on a transcendent level. The blank, white page design accentuates image details quite well and acts a great basis for parallax effects on your media content. The on scroll effects and hover effects make you feel like the website is coming alive every time you scroll. Each image in the portfolio gallery is linkable to a single portfolio listing which contains further details and more.

Strategy provides you with a wide range of cool features and assets that you can use to their max potential right from the get-go. Use the about page to define what members work on the projects you lead. The service listing uses Icons and texts to define the areas you can cover through your services. The contact page contains a custom Contact mail form, as well as a Google Map, embed as well. Strategy is a blog-friendly template as well and provides you with the right amount of tools to make impressive blogs right from the get-go. Finally, whether it be the blog page or the portfolio, all pages completely run on HTML5 and thus have no bearing towards decrement of site optimization.

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free simple website template - steak

Completely different to some of the other listings on this list so far, Steak is a website template for restaurant owners. The template opens up with a fullscreen video background to act as the perfect hook for your customers. Present the full range of your restaurant’s capabilities using the wide range of tools and elements Steak provides you with. Build services listings with Custom icon boxes fitting for a food service using the custom service section. The template also comes with a fully customizable Menu section. The menu listing comes with a short description of the menu item as well as its pricing. Steak supports your restaurant on a digital platform by also providing your customers a Quote form to reserve tables straight from your website. The reservation form is accompanied by an opening timetable to help your customers make fitting reservations.

Steak also prominently features items that you can use to promote your food services. This includes milestones counters to listing out served dishes and customers. The Testimonials is usable for listing out notable food reviews from respectable reviewers to attract more attention from customers. The events listing can serve as a form of advertisement to inform website viewers about upcoming menu deals, food offers and more. Alongside the Reservation form, the footer has an interactive Google map embed to help online viewers locate your restaurant. All these elements can be easily viewed and used on mobile platforms as well since Steak is extremely mobile friendly. This lets your customers discover your exquisite palate straight from their mobile phones.

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Bright Hotel

free simple website template - brighthotel

Similar yet distinctive to the Steak, Bright Hotel is an interactive website template for Hotel owners. Rather than an eatery, it serves as an extension of your comfy hotel atmosphere. The HTML template features a unique yet comfortable minimalist design built to improve user experience. Straight from the comfort of their palms, users are able to view the extent of your services, reserve rooms and be set for their outing. Bright Hotel’s website outlook opens up with a fullscreen flex slider that preview images of your hotel rooms. Right below it comes to the nifty reservation form for finding and reserving appropriate rooms.The service listing is for defining the full range of capabilities you can serve your visitors with. Similar, using an integration of detailed gallery and portfolio layouts, you can preview all the rooms available for reservation alongside their room details as well as cost.

The service listing is for defining the full range of capabilities you can serve your visitors with. Similar, using an integration of detailed gallery and portfolio layouts, you can preview all the rooms available for reservation alongside their room details as well as cost. Bright hotel also consists of a Restaurant menu section which can be useful to show your catering services when it comes to food. List out in detail the wide range of cuisines and meals you can serve at various times of the day using this highly customizable food menu. Use blogs in the form of News and events to inform customers of events and new additions to your hotel. Putting your hotel and its hospitality services out there is the goal of Bright hotel. And, we’d say that it achieves it quite well.

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Brotherly Love

free simple website template - brotherlylove

Cherish the light from the heavens with this Church themed web template. Whether you’re running Jesus talkline shows, providing daily bible quotes or preaching the word of the lord to large communities. Brotherly love fits your needs to propagate the presence of religion on the web. The HTML template features a very spacey design with an excellently made header design accompanied by custom social media links. The amount of activity that can be done on this highly versatile website is immense. You can post and share sermons in the form of video and audio as well as podcasts and embed it straight onto your web pages. Show the wide range of services your church provides, from marriage to baptism and more using the Service listing section. Furthermore, church services can be listed on the Flex slider banner with interlinked Posts detailing more info on these features.

Inform church attendees of upcoming events as well as Latest events and Latest sermons straight from the comfort of your website using Brotherly love. The testimonials section is ready for preaching the word of the lord or notable quotes from pastors and more. Place nifty ministry link straight onto your website menu to inform users of activity carried out by various groups of your church attendees and motivate them to be interested in them yourselves. You can use the Ministry section to provide distinct details about the wide range of activities conducted in them as well. You can also embed sermons straight onto your website in the form of both audios, music as well as video. Use the Daily sermon service to help your viewers directly tune into your website to receive their daily sermons from the comfort of their home.

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free simple website template - megazine

When it comes to trendy magazine templates, Megazine has got us beat. This template has perhaps one of the unique and well-accommodating magazine based web designs ever. The mix of different layouts and dynamic images help you present articles in just an attractive way. The static left sidebar serves as the website’s navigational menu. Links are customizable to help users view various categories of content. Each subcategory page can have a different visual design to fit its own aesthetic. The header is provided as a flex slider with multiple images to function as a slideshow. You can also add more functionality to the header, including added hover text, post links and more. Megazine lets you customize the sidebars and post layouts to fit each category’s aesthetic.

Choose from different blog layouts such as Card layouts, masonry layout, list layouts, featured video blogs and more. The idea is to create a distinctive feel for every subpage as much as you can. The sidebars can also be highly customized. You can place a nifty search bar for searching widgets, category listing for filtering content, recent blogs for viewing newly produced content and Instagram feed to check our marvelous photographs. You can also enable a Newsletter subscription form to build your subscription mail list to share your blogs on. Each blog page comes with tons of editing and typography tools. You can make eye-catching blogs with the most detailed descriptions of any object matter with the combination of the various shortcodes and elements provided to you by Megazine.

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free simple website template - amado

Amado is a free simple website template for eCommerce and online classified advertisement. The responsive eCommerce template features a minimalist and innovative design that makes your viewers keep searching for more items. When it comes to user experience, Amado is simply off the charts. The item browsing section lets users filter the items based on a wide range of parameters such as colors, categories, pricing, date, brands and more. Each item comes with its own price tag, rating and a nifty button to send the item straight to your shopping cart. Each item listing can be supplemented with additional images with a lightbox viewer with zooming features. Users can also leave a review of the item on its page whenever they want. The dynamic search bar can help you find any item on the shop through careful tag and keyword searching.

You can also use various pages for promoting sales of specific items. Place featured and focused items on the home page in a masonry layout to gather traction towards it from the get-go. Similarly, you can create a discounted item section as well as added listing to promote sales of specific items whenever necessary. Using the left solidary sidebar, users can open their checkout pages whenever they want to pay items. The navigational features of Amado is definitely a noted point in our opinion. The website template is also very user interaction friendly with its social media links as well as Newsletter subscription mail. Moreover, the website is completely usable on mobile platforms as all the items are able to resize to fit various screen sizes perfectly.

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free simple website template - lingua

Lingua is a fresh take on school best website templates, especially ones based on language training. Users can simply hop onto your website to list themselves in online courses through which you can easily guide your students through various courses depending on the wide range of difficulty levels. Students can sign up and pay for various language courses straight from the course registration form. In order to help your students, you can use a countdown timer alongside the form. Instead of a simple team member section, you can create a customized Tutor list with introductory information about the instructors. This is coupled with Social media links and contact details which help your students to contact their tutors. Similarly, use the events list to notify students about upcoming classes, events, seminars, presentations and assignment submissions.

Moreover, Lingua is a blog-friendly web template as well. Additional information regarding languages and language detailed is shareable with students in the form of detailed blogs. These can function as important notes and references to them accessed straight from the website. You can filter the blog for various categories and displays the blogs in a customized grid with hovering text. Each single blog post is flexible to a huge degree and contains various shortcodes for a wide range of purposes. Comments sections can also help students discuss the topic further and even ask for further inquiries. Social media sharing buttons and Post metadata are embedded alongside the post for the viewer’s convenience. Finally, The website is freely accessible on both mobile and Pc platforms as all the elements on the website are completely retina-ready as well.

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free simple website template - jackson

As a freelance designer, you’re always looking for opportunities to grow your career. And Jackson provides this to you in the form of website presentation. Jackson puts you in the center of your website to advertise you as a respected individual. The flex slider can contain both links to your CV and your portfolio. Similarly, the left navigation sidebar can help viewers navigate to important subsections of your website. These subsections can be Service and skill listing, educational highlighting, work experience, portfolios and more. The aptly named About me section uses well-defined service listing icons to defend your skills in any given field and how you can contribute to any customer or employer that might consider hiring you. Use milestone counters to keep track of your projects, achievements and previously done works.

You can use the tab-based menus in your education section to list our academic achievements in a more detailed manner. Similarly, a graphed timeline can be used with the integration of icons and images to list out your past work experiences and achievements in an impressive manner. No career presentation is complete without an exquisite portfolio page. Jackson presents this using detailed images with parallax effects and statistics counter. The counters track the number of views, likes, and shares on each gallery post for documenting and advertisement purposes. As a final touch, you can preview recently made blogs as well as a Contact mail form for contacting you on the bottom of the webpage.

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free simple website template - essence

Essence can be a great choice if you’re looking for a fashion eCommerce template with a clean and sleek design that welcomes viewers. The free website template makes use of a large number of responsive elements to provide users with a unique user experience. Powered by Bootstrap 4, Essence ensures that your customers can browse your entire shop catalog straight from the comfort of their phones. The header menu lets users browse through all the distinctive categories you’ve listed your items under. Essence is also compatible with a User account system for your eCommerce website. You can use a wide number of featured sections to promote specific items sales on your homepage. This includes Sales and discount banners to inform users of upcoming and currently ongoing sales deals. Similarly, you can place featured products on a slideshow as well.

While users can use the search bar to find items, they can browse indefinitely on the item viewing terminal. Using filtering, customers can narrow down the items they’d consider buying straight from the website and view them in detail as well. Each item comes with its own price, rating button Add to cart button. If you’re a fashionista running your own market, then blogging is essential to you and Essence understands that. The free simple website template also comes with blog ready features. Promote your blogs using the newsletter subscription mail that is also provided alongside the other footer widgets. From the blogs to the sliders to the parallax effect, every element in the website is highly responsive and sure to attract views to various items on the shop.

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free simple website template - balita

Balita is a multipurpose free Bootstrap template that provides a browsing experience like no other. With its uniquely designed layout and blog functions, Balita can help you preview information about any topic with no difficulty at all. From travel to eating to business, blog about them all using this highly versatile web template. Balita’s essence lies in its simplicity and clean design. The top header menu featured blogs in the carousel sliders and various filtering option let users improve user’s browsing and blog searching experience. Similarly, reading through any blog is itself an accommodating experience due to the various parallax effects and scrolling effects enabled on the website template.

Each blog can contain tons of visual imagery and cues to make your blogs prettier. The comments section allows users to post their opinion on various post matters and thus increase on-site user interaction. Balita is also extremely social media friendly. The header and footer both contain social media links to a wide range of platforms. Similarly, posts are shareable on these media platforms quite as easily as well. Treat yourself as the elementary part about yourself and present what you stand for in both the About section as well as the sidebar Author bio. Similarly, you are also free to add personal social links to your author bio section as well. Balita is a free simple website template that celebrates your creativity and ensures that it propagates over the internet.

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free simple website template - balay

And for the final listing, we have a completely different website design in the form of Balay, an interior design based web template. Whether you are a freelance Interior designer or an owner or a reputable Interior designing agency. Balay can help you promote you and your services to all the needy homeowners out there in desperate need of an interior reconfiguration. Balay makes the point to present your services and projects in a linear but awesome manner. The web template features responsive on scroll effects that make even using the website fun and interactive. The large flex slider works to introduce various interior designs and structures you have personally worked with. The mix of custom construction icons and related imagery helps you portray your capabilities as an interior designer. Similarly, the milestone banner is usable for showing how many customers and houses you’ve pleased over time.

The portfolio is a medium tool for a designer and Balay goes to the extra length for beautifying it. Each image in the portfolio comes with a rating bar, an online share button, and a view counter. The blank spacey background design goes along well with the portfolio layouts. It also works as great padding for viewing images with a Lightbox viewer. But when it comes to being a designer, it’s also important to spread the message of art and creativity. Balay’s strong blog friendly features attest to this and provide you with all the tools necessary to blog your heart out. Each of these blogs and portfolio element is completely retina friendly and is viewable from a smartphone device as well. This helps you cater to a larger audience and impress more possible customers.

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stories free simple website template

Stories is a free simple website template to help you share your stories with the whole world in the form of blogs. This website template is most suitable for a food blog. However, you can easily edit it to suit any type of blog as needed. You can add the name of the blog with any font and font color you want. The images on the header sections are also changed with a fading in and out animation. The fading in animations are also continued while scrolling down the website. This can be very visually appealing to your blog readers. Many more food enthusiasts can also be attracted towards your website with the help of this feature.

Stories also provides multiple amounts of prebuilt web pages to save a lot of time. You can easily use them and save your precious time as you don’t have to start from scratch. These pages include a homepage, about page, foods page, lifestyle page, and a contact page. All these pages are filled with unique features for your website. The web pages are made according to their purpose. They can be adjusted according to your likes in no time. So, this free simple website template can be very helpful for you to set up your blog website. 

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sensive free simple website template

When it comes to creating a blog website, you can never go wrong with Sensive. It is a free simple website template that is developed to make it easier for you to create and design your blogs. This template has all the elements and features that you might need for a blog website. It is one of the best solutions for you to create your own awesome and incredible blog website. This website template has a clean and minimal look. It also has a fully responsive layout. So, using it on various devices of various screen sizes won’t be a problem for you.

Sensive is also versatile for what sorts of blog you want to create on your website. With just the help of a few changes, it can be suitable for any type of blogs. You can create blogs for fashion, fitness, travel, food, and so on. The possibilities for a blog website is very vague. It also has an extremely fast loading time. Website users don’t like websites with slow loading times. It is true especially for blog readers. So, you can impress a lot of blog readers with the help of this website template.

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hikers free simple website template

We can get a rough idea about what this free simple website template is about through its name itself. Hikers is a website template most suitable for travel blogs. It has a very clean and neat design to attract a lot of travel enthusiasts towards your website. However, if your travel blogs are mostly about hiking, your blogs are most likely to be one of the best in hiking with the help of this website template. It has an awesome slideshow option. You can add your fantastic images of travelling here to attract a lot of website readers.

Hikers also has social media icons. You can use it to boost your social media engagements to grow the reach of your audience. A lot of traffic for your blogs can be gained from the social media platforms. Similarly, a newsletter subscription option is also available with this free simple website template. This can really help you to gather a lot of email addresses and engage with them even more. Fusing your travel blog content with all these amazing features will definitely level up your blogging platform.

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endgam free simple website template

If you want a free simple website for your blog, you can benefit a lot with Endgam. It has everything you might need on a blog. It is a feature-rich website template designed to get the best out of your blogs. This website template is most suitable for blogs about gaming. You can easily create a gaming blog website and get your gaming project to success through it. It has a very elegant layout as well. This design is specifically focused to attract a lot of gamers to your blogs.

Endgam has a lot of adaptable and customizable web designs. This free simple website template is also fully responsive. So, your website users can access your website anytime they want. It can be used on any hand help devices of any screen sizes. Similarly, you can use it on desktops and laptops of any screen sizes as well. It is also retina ready along with compatibility for any web browsers. This can come in hand very efficiently if you want to use it on your web browser. The accessibility of your blogs can be made great with the help of these features.

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revive free simple website template

Revive is a free simple website template that you can use for any type of blog. It has a very modern and stunning design that will help you to attract a lot of audience your site. This website template is most suitable for photography blogs. However, with the help of just a few modifications, you can use it for any type of blog. It won’t be difficult to do as it has a lot of extendable customization options. You can easily design it to be more engaging with your blog readers.

Revive consists of a lot of features and elements for your blog website. It has a cool slider that can be used for better navigation of your blog. This free simple website template also has a widget ready header and footer. You can increase the functionality of your website quite easily with the help of it. There are also social media icons for your website. It can be used to make your blogs social media friendly as well. You can increase the reach of the audience quite far with the help of social media options on your website.

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