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In our conversion centered HTML landing page template, we have mentioned how a properly designed landing page can improve the conversion rate. This post is the WordPress version of the landing page to improve the lead generation. The biggest advantage of WordPress is you can customization easily. Since most lead generation WordPress themes in this list support drag and drop page builder, you can easily place the elements where ever you want.

Hero elements, that is the elements that highlight and show your product/service feature must be the center of your design. Don’t hide the conversion elements in-between the sections or at the end of the page. Try to move the conversion element as high as possible to improve visibility. The conversion element can be a registration form, a call to action button to direct the user to the payment page, or an app download link. Based on the nature of your product and the goal of your landing page, the conversion element on your website varies.

Another most common marketing strategy used by top companies is providing free tools to the user. Giving a useful element or feature to the user will help you get the information you want. If you are using registration forms on your website, be precise and clear about what the user will get out of this registration. For example; in Apple Music and in Spotify you can see the number of songs in their library and other benefits by subscribing to their service. Apply the same principle to your registration pages to improve the result. The lead generation WordPress theme in this list has a clever design, all you have to do is to take care of the contents.

Best Lead Generation WordPress Themes/Templates


lead generation WordPress theme for modern SAAS companies

Pursuit is a perfect lead generation WordPress theme for modern SAAS and app development companies.

The elegant design of this template neatly highlights what the user wants and keeps them engaged throughout the website journey. The thumb rule for lead generation design is the optimized header design. Sites must be able to get user information as soon as they land on the website. In this theme pack, the creator has placed inquiry forms, links to download apps, interactive progress bars to show the available tickets, and a lot more. Since the creator has taken care of basic optimizations, you can concentrate on the next step and launch your lead generation focused website in no time.

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lead generation WordPress theme for startups

Stratus is also a SAAS-related website template but this lead generation WordPress theme is specially designed for startups.

Simply placing an inquiry form or call to action button to download won’t help the startup website to convert the visitors into leads. Startup websites must be able to highlight and distinguish how their service is unique from others, build trust, and encourage users to try the service. This template’s creator has understood the concept of a startup website and designed more than 35 demo versions. Each demo is unique and will help you explain the services clearly to the audience and will convert the potential visitors into customers.

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minimal lead generation WordPress theme

Intact is a minimal lead generation WordPress theme. You can easily optimize this website template completely to reach your goals because of its simple layout.

White spaces and images are used cleverly in all twelve demo versions to keep the users engaged and also to deliver the message clearly to the audience. All custom elements and options are added into the WPBakery page builder so that the site owners can access them easily when they want to customize their webpages. If you want a clean business WordPress theme for your website, this is the best option for you.

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landing page for startups

Debutant is a fresh and trendy looking lead generation WordPress themes package. This theme has landing page designs and homepage designs for all major categories like shops, corporates, and SAAS. interactive clean designs are used in this theme so that you can clearly explain the benefits of choosing your product. Since lead generation is the main goal of this post, two demos in this package can help you capture new leads; Those demos are Tech Startup 2 and Software-Landing Page. In both the demos, you have an email subscription form in the header section. You also have enough space in the header section to mention the benefits or the unique feature of your product.

Both, Tech Startup 2 and Software Landing Page, gives you a long homepage design. Hence, you can list all your services, user testimonials, and other such things to improve your credibility. This theme uses the Elementor Page builder to let you easily edit and customize the sections as per your needs.

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credibility building design

Enlight is a multipurpose landing page template. This theme has landing page designs for all major categories. All demos are neat and minimal, hence you can concentrate more on the contents. Plus, the user also can easily interact with the contents and elements on the web page. You get a dedicated page for lead generation in this theme package. With trendy fonts, the designer helps you to clearly express the tone of your message. This theme uses the Hybrid Page Builder, which gives you all basic customizations that you would normally expect in a famous page builder tool.

The dashboard and the interface of the page builder are made really simple so the learning curve is less and you can improve your productivity in no time. The default sections in the lead generation WordPress theme itself is logical so the users can clearly understand the benefits of registering in your service. If you like to make the registration process better, take a look at our registration form collection.

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lead generation page that specify the benefits clearly

Pergo is a thoughtfully designed landing page WordPress theme. This theme includes nearly 30 demo variations and each one of them is designed for various categories. So no matter for which category you want the lead generation page, there is a design for you in this package. All 30 variations have their own way of collecting leads. The designer of this theme has used the homepage smartly to convey the message clearly as soon as the audience gets into the page. Plus, smart web elements are used to highlight the important contents to convince the user to join the program. For example, in one demo, there is a big banner which shows the offer and other benefits by signing up. If you want to see more inspiration on clever header section designs, take a look at our Bootstrap header design examples collection.

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lead generation wordpress theme with floating registration form

Innovio is a pure modern marketing landing page WordPress theme. Since this theme is designed for modern marketers, you get the designs and elements effectively for better conversion. For example, in the Webinar home demo, you can see a floating registration form moving from header to the footer as the user scrolls down. Color schemes and fonts are also used smartly to improve the engagement rate. With rounded edge web elements and swift animation effects, this theme will make the users spellbound as soon as they land on your site. This theme also supports WooCommerce tool. If you are planning to give flash sales for your products, the WooCommerce tool will come in handy for you.

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lead generation wordpress theme designed from a marketer perspective

From the theme name itself you can infer that this theme is made from a marketing perspective. Eight plus demo versions are included in this theme and all of them have a professional look. With the intuitive smart design, this theme promotes your product gently to the users. In the online course demo version, you have a big registration form with text space to clearly explain the offer. You also get a call to action button near the footer to show the 30-day trial offer. In the default design itself, you get clear sectioning. Hence, you can use this theme as such without any customization. Even if you have special needs, you can customize the theme easily using the drag and drop page builder given in the theme.

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Hotel Booking

hotel booking website template

Hotel Booking is the best lead generation for hotel websites. The clean interactive design of this template’s homepage designs gets user attention easily. Logically arranged sections help the user easily see the available rooms and the related features. Since it is a WordPress theme, all features are in perfect working conditions. Once you have done the final calibrations, users can book rooms and make payments on your website. Big image sections and video spaces are given in the default homepage design itself; therefore, you can explain your features without taking much of the user’s time. You can add chat plugins to this WordPress theme to directly engage with the audience and can convert them into clients.

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contemporary-style website template

Ewebot is a smartly designed SEO agency WordPress theme. One of the most common techniques used by SEO agencies to collect leads is giving free tools to the audience. If you are also designing any useful tools for your audience, you can use it to generate more leads. This theme has four demo versions as of writing this post. You can see the creator has given space to add a website search analysis tool on the homepage of the demo version 2. This theme uses the latest WordPress version; hence, you can use any modern tools and code scripts on this theme without any worries.

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multipurpose service website template

Avante is a contemporary-style business WordPress theme. Creators of this theme have used animation effects smartly to deliver an immersive user experience. Keeping the audience engaged is one of the most important thumb rules in designing a lead generation website — And the Avante theme has done it perfectly. Since the animations are unique in this theme, the creator has given controls in the WordPress dashboard to help you easily manage the animations. Whether you want the users to collect user email addresses or you have to promote your services, this theme has a perfect design for you. Just pick the demo you like and start growing your business.

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lead generation page with effective storytelling design

You don’t have to use big elements and animations always to get user attention. Some times simple design elements can get user attention easily. The Sofbox theme uses simple elegant designs in its demo to help you easily generate leads. For example, in the Email marketing demo, you can see a small text tag near the call to action button stating “No Credit Card Required”. The design is simple, but it will definitely get user attention easily. Apart from the header section conversion element, this demo also has an email newsletter subscription form near the footer. This theme is bundled with WPBakery page builder and WooCommerce tools.

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lead generation page for freelancers and solopreneurs

The Leadx WordPress theme is a hardcore landing page theme. The creator of this theme has given you plenty of useful elements and easy customizations to set up a proper landing page in no time. In this package, you get nine pre-designed templates. Just pick the one you like or the one that is close to your needs and start editing it. Right from big enterprises to solopreneurs, this theme has a lead generation page for everyone. In the freelancer lead generation page, you have both personal branding elements and promotional elements. Not only the design but the code structure is also kept clean in this theme, which many developers will love.

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colorful and modern lead generation website template

Exponent is a multipurpose WordPress theme with multiple demos. The creator of this theme has given demo designs for almost all types of businesses. With friendly customization options, you can create any business website in no time. A dedicated lead generation demo design is given in this pack. In the lead generation WordPress theme design you get a clean full-page layout. An ample amount of space is given between each element so that the users can easily interact with the webpage. Since this lead generation page is designed for downloading books, you get a neat form at the end of the page to collect user details.

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colorful and modern lead generation wordpress theme

Genemy WordPress theme is the best landing page and lead generation page for the fresh new startups. There are nearly 15+ demo versions in this theme, and all of them have a trendy new design which most modern entrepreneurs will love. In the header section, you have options to add sliders, image background, and video links to pin the visitors as soon as they land on your site. The homepage is made long with big sections so that the user can see all the related contents in one place without scrolling a lot. This theme uses the WPBakery page builder to let you easily edit the look. Plus, this theme uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, which allows you to do hardcore customizations easily.

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collection leads using video contents

One landing page WordPress theme is designed exclusively for the product launch. Whether you are launching a luxury car or an electronic item, this theme has a perfect landing page for your product. Using a smart lead generation page for your product before the launch helps you to get an idea of your target audience. Three homepage variations are given in this theme package. All three demos follow a minimal clean design hence your product looks attractive. Big content blocks are given in this theme which allows you to add all videos, images, and regular text contents. The WPBakery page builder is given in this theme, which will make your customization job a lot simpler.

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prodcut landing page with bold texts

Proland is also a product launch landing page WordPress theme with option to generate leads. Apart from the regular promotional and lead generation demos, this theme also has a dedicated demo to get investors for your product. Seven homepage variations are given in this theme and all three of them have one-page layout. Smooth scroll animations and different header designs help you to make the user stay and read the content. Call to action buttons and registration forms are placed at the easily accessible spots. This theme is bundled with useful plugins like bbPress, Buddy Press, Events Calendar, and WooCommerce. For image sliders, this theme uses Revolution Slider plugin; Hence, you get plenty of attractive transition effects, plus you can adjust the animation timing easily.

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collecting lead by offering free courses

In this digital era, even brick and mortar stores need a digital face to bring the users to their store. The creator of this theme has given lead generation WordPress theme for events, doctors, carpenters, events, and agencies. Apart from the landing page you also get a fully functional multi-page website demos in this theme package. Based on the demo you choose, the header section lead generation element varies. For example, in the carpenter WordPress theme, you can clearly explain your works and let the user request for a quote. On the other hand, for the e-learning website, you have space to add a video link to let the user visually feel how your courses are and then you can gently ask the user to signup for a course. Overall the Getleads is sensibly designed niche focused WordPress theme which will help you grow your business.

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minimal landing page with email registration form

Fluid is a perfect lead generation WordPress theme for SASS and software related startup companies. Nine homepage variations are given in this theme package and all them are designed purely for the app and product landing pages. You can easily direct the audience to the Appstore or the Google Play store from the landing page. The creator of this theme has used the dark and light colors effectively to present the contents elegantly to the users. Like most other lead generation WordPress themes in this list, this one also gives you page builder plugin, contact form plugins, and slider plugins. Icons and texts are used smartly to let the user easily identify the features of your product.

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classic and effective lead generation wordpress theme

Urip landing page WordPress theme is purely designed from the marketer’s point of view. You get all the necessary elements placed at the right spots to increase the conversion rate. The scroll effect in this theme is very fluid which both the desktop and mobile user will love to use. Four homepage variations are given in this theme package and all of them are smartly designed. For example, you get space to add a video player and a registration form side by side in the header section. You can use the video space to give a quick overview of your services and the benefits of registering. Though video contents are consumed a lot by the current generation users, keep the header section video short and sweet to get the best results.

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lead generation wordpress theme for crypto currency websites

CryptApp, from the name itself you can understand that this theme is for the cryptocurrency website. As many new companies are entering the blockchain and cryptocurrency concept, taking measures to collect more leads will be a wise move. Three homepage variations are given in this theme and only the homepage 3 is optimized to collect more leads. As soon as the user gets into your site, the first thing they see is the signup form. The long homepage design gives you more than enough space to explain your plans and pricing. Since the registration form is given readily in the header section, the user will know where to find the registration page. Cool and swift animation effects are used for the hover effects, which makes this theme interactive to use on the desktops.

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lead generation page for saas companies

Isoft is a thoughtfully designed lead generation landing page WordPress theme. Each and every section in this theme has an element to convert the user or to collect their information. The design consistency and the smartly used elements make sure that the user is not annoyed by your attempt to collect their information. Nearly twelve homepage variations are given in this theme package and all of them have neat segments to promote your product features. If you want, you can use this landing page theme for your main website as well. The creator of this theme has also given other pages like about, features, coming soon, and services page.

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trendy looking lead generation wordpress theme for startups

vApp is primarily an app landing page theme, but you can use it for other business websites as well. This theme has both trendy and modern business look designs. Based on the design you like, pick one and start working on it. Call to action buttons are used smartly to direct the users to the correct pages and increase the chances of collect leads. There are plenty of customization options in this theme and the Elementor page builder is well-integrated with this theme. You can do quick on page editing or you can do for the traditional admin side customizations. Since this theme supports drag and drop page builder, you can easily convert any demo in this theme into the website you want.

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lead generation WordPress theme using tool to get emails

Crypterium is another cryptocurrency WordPress theme. But, this theme has an interactive cryptocurrency tool. If you are planning to make a unique tool for your niche, then it will draw lots of users to the page. Plus, you can get the user’s email address to send the report. This theme doesn’t have the option to generate a report and send it to the user’s email. But, you can edit the theme to add such features. The whole theme is treated as a regular business website theme, hence you have plenty of inner pages pre-designed for you. In the homepage header you have animated counter to show your active users count and the number of transactions, you are doing. Overall, this theme has the potential to collect leads, but you have to tune it a bit for better results.

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product landing page with pre-order form

If you are into a simple and elegant theme with rich typography design, this theme will impress you. One of the main goals of a proper landing page is to convey the message clearly to the audience. In this theme, the designer has used bold and clean texts to show the product features clearly to the audience. A call to action button to buy the product is given at the top navigation bar. But it would be effective if the navigation bar is made sticky because the sticky navigation bar will improve the visibility of the call to action button. Plus, the user can also access the button easily from wherever they want. This is a plain simple theme with almost zero animation effect, so the page will load faster than you think.

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colorful digital product landing page

Nexo is the best lead generation WordPress theme for mobile and web applications. If you are offering a free trial for the users to get familiar with your app, this app landing page is a good option for you. Call to action buttons are placed at the necessary spots to ask the user to download and try your app. The call to action buttons are kept simple in this theme, if it has a little bit of animation, then it will increase the chances of getting user attention. But never fear, we have made a separate list for button animation examples, take a look at it to for more inspirations. This theme uses the latest web developments framework, hence hardcore customizations will be easier in this theme.

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