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Blogs and Informational websites are all the rage right now. And for a pretty good reason, too. In this day and age of digitalization, who would opt for an encyclopedia or find a library to look up information? Internet and our trusted Google is the answer to everything. Thus, the popularity of blogs throughout the business industry is inevitable. Whether it is fashion, food, finance, banking, agriculture, medicine, or any other niche, any questions we have, blogs on the internet are our best friends. But today we are here with a very specific niche in mind: Food Blog website template and themes!

Whether you are a foodie, chef, nutritionist, restaurant owner, organics dealer or anyone who loves food, we have a collection of themes and templates that is just right for you. That’s what you are here for, isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s get onto the listing!

Points Considered While Choosing The Perfect Food Blog Website Template/Theme For You!

Before we do that, we just wanted to mention some of the common traits we based our choices on. All of these themes and templates are pretty much responsive and retina-ready. This ensures that your website works and adjusts across all handheld devices, desktops, and laptops. Another point we looked for is ease of usage. As this collection is aimed at beginners and novices with no prior experience with programming and developing, all of these choices offer a user-friendly experience.

The design, of course, is all unique and outstanding in its way. Each depicts a series of awesome modification options you can use as well. Other than this, the themes are reliable and secure and make for an optimal user experience. We have also ensured that each is based on the latest web standards and updated regularly. Another point is the number of ratings and reviews the theme features. All featuring a set of unique options, let’s get more into the details now.



Starting our list, we have the latest addition to the marketplace, Sprasa; a multi-purpose blog and magazine website template. Great for all niches of professional online editorial sites, Sprasa stands out. Whether you are involved with media, entertainment, sports, or even food as our list calls for, this template is one to start with. Offering dark and light variations for the layout, you can personalize the whole theme to your liking. You can choose various styles, color schemes, fonts, icons, and more. The whole interface is completely responsive, retina-ready, and pixel-perfect, ensuring a stunning visual overall.

Apart from this, the fact that this template relies on the powerful Bootstrap framework ensures a fluid and flexible workspace. Getting onto the details, the highlight here is the smooth and creative parallax sections that stand out. In addition to this, you will find plenty of creative animations, effects, and page transitions that allow you to engage your clients. Professional sections are also dedicated to the blog, gallery, login, author, category, product, and cart pages. These are cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, and extremely fast loading. Whether you want to share recipes, videos, images, and more, this template is the effortless way.

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Khadyo is a super creative and unique HTML food blog website template we have for you. It is perfect for any type of website dedicated to food, restaurants, chefs, food recipes, and more. Flexible and lightweight, this food blog website template gives users a blazing-fast loading speed. It even supports reservation and online orders; you can start a functional business site easily. The whole design is quite appealing, but using creative fonts, icons, and storytelling timeline-based design certainly elevates it to the next level. Thanks to the menu that goes along with the purpose, you can easily highlight the signature dishes and recipes.

It supports images, videos, milestones, teams, and testimonials to help your users better understand the audience. It is eCommerce integrated and also includes functional PHP contact forms. You get multiple variations for page designs, whether a multi-page or one-page, light- or dark-themed version. This theme is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, and offers everything you might need to start.

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With a stunning range of features and customizing options packed into a robust HTML template, Flow is one of the most versatile options here on our list. A powerful package designed to aid blog websites of all categories and niches. Modern, fancy, and clean, this template offers an unlimited variation one can come up with. That’s right! There are features to add, such as unlimited headers, sidebars, color schemes, fonts, and icons. In addition, one can install many ready-to-use demo files within a minute. There are also 3 different Home Pages dedicated to every niche and category. Thanks to third-party plugin integration, you can access Contact and newsletter forms, Visual Slider Builder, Google Maps, Instagram feeds, and more.

The Hero scenes are surely breathtaking and can be used for promotional purposes. Choose from multiple blogs, portfolios, and custom pages. The built-in modal window system with auto triggering and multiple window type levels up your site. All PSD files used on the demos are included so you can start immediately. Responsive, cross-browser compatible, translation ready, there is nothing this multipurpose and, in this case, food blog website template hasn’t covered.

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Fusion is a professional and visually appealing One-page and Multi-page blog-based website. This theme is dedicated to blogging sites dedicated to all niches. The template is responsive, retina-ready and completely easy to work with. Creators have used the latest HTML and CSS codes to get things up to the latest standard. One can also choose whether to go for a One or Multi Page design. All of the details with the gallery, pop-of-color, and the creative use of icons and fonts are extremely unique.

The theme package includes tons of features and elements. One can opt for multiple detailed and carefully crafted Home Page designs. In addition, it comes with different Headers, over 100 feature sections, and tons of block animations. This HTML template is easy to modify and provides a super easy-to-use interface. Other mentionable components include fully functioning Contact forms, a fast and lightweight package, coming soon pages, a mega menu, creative fonts, icons, and more.

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Patrika is another stunning addition to our food blog website templates list. Visually stunning with an engaging appeal with the design, it is sure to make your site stand out. The design and the overall concept are unique and make for an awesome approach toward the food industry. All the fonts, icons, and design elements are super creative and instantly appealing. The best part is the range of personalizing options you get. There are 5 different classic theme options, including one dark vintage style. All of the codes used respect the W3C school standard, which makes them pretty valid.

 It features full blog sections that make your content extra appealing. The AJAX menu, parallax effects, smooth scrolling, and masonry gallery also add to the overall efficiency. Another unique feature here is the nested Smart Objects and guides. It even includes the premium add-on Slider Revolution, enabling users to add unlimited sliders. Tons of cool CSS3 animations are also there to add that extra touch of creativity.

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Next in line is Stories, another simple and minimal blog website template ideal for all niches. Whether you want an informational site on niche topics or to share your thoughts and knowledge for others to see, this theme is for you. A complete package of everything one needs to get started right off the bat, it features plenty of pre-built elements you can use. You get it all from multiple homes, 2 in total and 8 creative inner pages, to tons of creative customizing options. This gives you the freedom to personalize the whole site however you want. It is completely responsive and loads effortlessly throughout all the major devices. And for that addition of creative flair, you also get access to an array of unique fonts, icons, and even color schemes.

In terms of details, this template is based on the advanced Bootstrap framework alongside HTML and CSS code structures. The super-efficient navigation bar atop allows users easy access to all the pages. It is also completely cross-browser compatible and is amazingly fast-loading. Great for showcasing all of your recipes, blogs, and more, this theme has amazing sections dedicated to it. You can even add contact forms and newsletter subscriptions for your regular readers. Maintain your online presence easily and even connect your social sites on the site easily. Another great thing is that this template is amazingly fast-loading and features plenty of smooth-running animations, effects, and transitions.

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Now, one dedicated especially to the niche of food blogging is Olima. An incredibly crafted template that is a great addition to our list today; the whole template is pretty out of the box. From the imagery used, to the elegant fonts, it perfectly goes hand in hand with the theme you aim for. While it is pretty multipurpose, no matter what kind of personal site you wish to start, it is ideal for sharing your experience and recipes and even for reviews and creative content. It is all completely responsive, ensuring that the visuals are impeccable no matter which device it is on. And the best part here is that you get access to stunning home page variations; 4 in total. Each of these is distinct in its own styling and stands out in its unique light.

However, these are professionally designed to ensure that even the default options are a great way to start. But if you want that personalized custom touch, you are in luck. This theme is also highly customizable and has many amazing features. From various layout styles to color schemes to fonts, icons, and overall outlook, it is pretty flexible. Apart from this, you will also find over 18 stunning pre-built pages with which you can get a head start. This includes options for blog, gallery, about, contact, and more. It also incorporates the Slick Slider, which makes for an engaging appeal to the site. Visually brilliant, this template is cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, SEO friendly and ticks off all the boxes of the basic functions you require.

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On our list is Cookiter; a professionally designed food blog website template. Designed especially for the niche of food, recipes, and anything related to the niche, there are more than enough options for you to get started with. This template is visually pleasing based on the HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework. You get access to 5 different Home page variations you can choose from. Not to mention the array of other personalizing options and pre-built pages you can access, apart from this, you get plenty of useful components like a newsletter subscription, creative CTA buttons, social icons, professional contact forms, unique galleries, and blog designs. In total you get 3 different blog styles, 3 blog detail styles alongside 5 banner styles. And you can even start a functional online store with Cookiter.

This template is elegant, clean, and visually appealing overall. It is cross-browser compatible, fast-loading, and presents itself most engagingly. Talking about engaging, this template also features stunning sliders and a video banner section. Great for anyone who wants something simple, niche-based, and professionally crafted, this template is one to start with.

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Next in line, we have another modern and stylish food blog website template Spcica. A stunning visual combined with tons of useful features, this template stands out. Aimed specifically at the niche of food, recipes, cafe blogs, and more, everything here is designed to perfectly complement the site. It is completely responsive, retina-ready, and pixel-perfect, offering an excellent visual. The template package offers plenty of pre-built pages and demos you can install and use to get a head start. There are 14 unique pages, with 2 stunning homes and 2 different layout styles. All of these based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is pretty secure, flexible and reliable. Easy to customize, it is also ideal for beginners without experience with codes and designs.

Here, you will also get many stunning gallery designs, sliders, carousels, and more. The smooth running animations, effects, and page transitions are implemented throughout the site. It is cross-browser compatible, fast-loading, and SEO-ready. Highly flexible, this theme offers a huge variation of color schemes, creative icons, fonts, and more. The result is pretty much up to you! So get the most appealing and engaging food blog websites with Spcica effortlessly.

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Difood is an exclusive, premium, and worth-every-penny restaurant, cafe, recipe, and food blog website template. Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, this theme is secure, reliable and smooth running. The style here is immaculate, to say the least, with careful attention down to the smallest details. It features great functionality and smooth performance overall. Pretty purpose-oriented; you will also find amazing plugins and features implemented here. From advanced reservation forms to order forms, alongside creative icons for social media and more, every component here is designed especially for the niche.

In addition to all these, you will also get access to premium home page designs and inner pages alongside stunning demos for installation. All of these are completely cross-browser compatible, smooth running, and SEO-ready. It also features the exclusive working callback option that further aids your functionality. There are menu tabs and menu grids alongside the W3C validation code. Aiming for a smoother overall performance, this template is a great start.

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Especio is a clean, organized, and professional-looking WordPress theme ideal for anyone related to the niche of food and health. Very pleasing with the visuals, each of the elements are amazingly efficient to get you started right away. To ensure it meets all the latest web standards, this template is Gutenberg-compatible and GDPR-friendly. The content-oriented design provides an array of components that make your content stand out and look more appealing. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The design is pretty versatile, and you will find options for fitness, food, restaurants, health clubs, and similar businesses. The great thing about this template is that it also comes with multiple demo files you can start with. 

And as it features the One-click install option, it is only a matter of minutes before your site is up and ready. You also get over 750 easy personalizing features that rely on the powerful theme framework. Not to mention the custom list of shortcodes and custom widgets at your disposal. These elements are also SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, and fast-loading overall. It is integrated/compatible with third-party plugins for additional assistance and features. This includes MailChimp, WooCommerce, Google Fonts, Contact Form, Instagram Feed, and more. A complete package of everything you require packed into one. 

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Julia is another food oriented WordPress theme that we love. With its elegant and chic design, this theme will make your site stand out. The overall look and feel is crafted to solve particular struggles that food bloggers face in the digital endeavor. And no matter whether you are a personal blogger, business owner or just love food in general, this theme is versatile enough for every niche. The whole structure is ultra-responsive and retina-ready. Julia also lends a hand when targeting your audiences by showcasing relevant content to increase engagement. And to get started, you get 3 original and stunning Home Page styles. Then, the rest is a breeze.

It features a powerful recipe index that allows you to manage and keep track of your online activities. Another plus point is that you can monetize the site if you want, as you get sections dedicated to advertisement content. Furthermore, this theme is optimized for speed and great with SEO and SERPs. The template is cross-browser compatible as well, loading effortlessly across all modern web browsers. Following the latest web guidelines, it is also designed to be Gutenberg-compatible and GDPR-compliant.

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We are starting our list today with the super creative WordPress theme Lahanna. And when we say creative, we mean it in the most appealing, engaging, and elegant way. That’s right. It features a Gutenberg and GDPR compliant surface, and this theme is pretty efficient. With features like a Front-end Interactive ingredient list, ample space for a content-focused design, and plenty of options to play with, this food blog theme is one of our favorites. And the best part about it is that every little detail is based on food and recipes. You will get a user-friendly recipe creation option, full-screen recipe layout, color schemes, and variations.

Furthermore, this theme also supports video files, which you can embed on the site, adding your custom touch. As it is WooCommerce friendly, selling your recipes, cookbooks, merchandise, and products is super easy. Another thing we would like to point out is the stunning lightbox galleries and sliders, which take it to the next level. We can go on and on, but you should try it for yourself, isn’t it?

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Food Blog


The name sums up the direction this WordPress theme is trying to go. Perfect for any editorial sites and blogs related to food, the overall style approach is modern and stylish. While the default color scheme fits the niche, you can modify it as it comes with dark and light color overlay. The best part is that there are dummy demo contents you can install. And thanks to the child theme included with the theme package, you can even play around with your next project easily. Modern mobile menu or optional fixed header makes browsing fast and effortless for your users. And because it comes with MailChimp integration, increasing your email and subscription has never been easier. This blog theme is also undoubtedly SEO friendly and translation-ready so you can reach a wider audience.

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MF is a premium WordPress theme that is versatile and multipurpose, which means it is capable of more than enough purpose you can think of. Ideal for any niche of blogs, we surely could not help list it here. The modern design is super engaging and SEO-friendly. Not to mention the awesome WPBakery Page Builder it is accompanied with. There are also plenty of variations you can choose from to style your site. By this, we mean over 35 portfolio layouts, 12 stunning blog layouts, over 700 Google fonts, and 7500+ Font Icons. Users get access to a built-in mega menu and advanced header versions for the header and navigation.

But that’s only about customizing options because this theme has much more to offer. It is child theme compatible, WooCommerce ready, translation friendly, and pretty efficient. Get the Massive Addons Premium plugin, which adds the features you are missing out on. Furthermore, the Slider Revolution plugin adds an extra touch of creativity with access to a range of sliders, presentations, and more. And you want to know what the best part is? This theme is tested and guaranteed to be WPMU or WordPress multisite ready!

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The perfect definition of clean, simple and minimal, Notumn is another awesome WordPress food blog theme we adore. Perfect for those looking to spend less time worrying about other elements and focus only on their content, this food blog website template stands out in it’s own unique way. And you will be shocked to see all its variation and flexibility. The theme package comprises 6 unique Home Page designs, 6 Archive layouts, 3 Posts and Page layouts, and 2 different theme styles. Each of these is designed with careful attention to detail with optimal performance in mind. The layout is ideal for lifestyles, fashion, food or any other niche.

Some mentionable features are MaiChimp and MailPoet support, Google Analytics, and social media integration. And the array of custom widgets like popular posts, latest posts, about, social icons, & custom banners for you to enjoy makes it pretty efficient. You can even use these widgets on the Footer areas designed to be widget-friendly. It is also optimized for speed and executes a blazing-fast loading speed. The standout here is also the Lightbix galleries that highlight your showcase. All in all, perfect to lure in more readers instantly with your content, we think this template is perfect for our list today.

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eFarm is a pretty creative, clean and visually engaging WordPress food theme. One of the most exceptional choices on our lisr, this theme comes with a strong sense of modern and new UI/UX designs. Although it leans more towards the business and corporate area of food, there are sections dedicated to blogs, which is quite impressive. Other than this, plenty of awesome features make this theme stand out. Let’s start with the Visual Composer, which makes it easier to work with. Not to mention the theme it is based on, organics, farms, food and more. To aid these niches, there are 12 different Home Page designs, unlimited color schemes, typographies, and more.

The latest updates feature the product price calculation formulas and features to go along with it. Choose from 16 custom product options, and add math formulas and conditional logic. Another stand-out feature is the Super ArrowPress admin panel, which ensures a user-friendly and intuitive workspace. Not to mention the options like WooCommerce compatibility, Pre-order feature, shop pages, and more so that you have no issues getting an online shop started. For the price of one, you can access premium plugins like Slider Revolution, Ultimate Addons, and Product Price Calculation.

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Visually pleasing, Ranna is a modern and chic food blog website template perfect for any type of food website. Whether you are a foodie, love cooking and sharing recipes, or a restaurant owner and want to promote your business, this template is a great choice. Ideally created with the niche in mind, every detail here is purpose-oriented. From the overall design to the use of strategically placed components, we are sure this template will impress. Clean and professional looking, the template is also fully responsive and relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework. And the best part is the versatility it offers. With 21 awesome HTML pages, you get multiple choices to opt from. This includes 2 unique Home Pages, 2 Post detail pages, and 4 recipe page layouts. These are also coded with HTML and CSS and are all secure and valid.

Vibrant and creative with the design, all elements are highly customizable. With the integration of Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons, you can change the typography and fonts to your preference. Not only this, but you also get smooth animations, effects, and transitions implemented throughout to add that creative flair. You can add sliders, carousels, and other components to ensure your users are engaged. It is cross-browser compatible, reliable, and pretty secure overall. Another great thing is that it also features options to add custom locations using Google Maps. AJAX contact form and social icons help you stay connected with your users. 

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Tsunade is a minimal and clean food blog website template ideal for nutritionists, physicians, and anyone related to the health and food niche. The design is pretty simple, which makes it an ideal way to highlight and focus on the content you add. It is fully responsive and readily loads throughout all device screen sizes. Not to mention the easy-to-use options that make it an ideal choice for even novices, as it is more dedicated towards the blogging niche. You will find 3 different blog page designs from which you can choose. While visually pleasing, you can personalize each section to match your preference. From the fonts, color schemes, typographies, and more, everything’s up to you.

It is also amazingly fast loading as the template package is pretty lightweight. The structure is based on the Bootstrap framework with CSS and HTML codes. This ensures that you have a smooth site performance. Tsunade also supports multiple post types so that you can get creative. Adding to this, it is also SEO-friendly and RTL-ready, making sure that your site and the content you add won’t fail to rank higher on major SERPs. 

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Although not exactly a food blog website template, we think Agricom deserves to be listed here. It is more of an agricultural and organic farm-based website template, which is flexible enough to meet your needs. While it is designed for businesses and corporate-based websites, it also has blog-based pages you can use. It is dedicated to making an impression with stunning visuals, vibrant color schemes, creative galleries, transitions, and more. There are 14 customizable PSD files included with the template package so you can get a head start. There are also 3 different Home Page variations and many easy personalizing options. All in all, a straightforward, clean, and purpose-oriented HTML food website template, we can say that it is worth a try.

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Chow is an awesome HTML food blog website template is one of a kind and stands out from all others. It is based on the concept of sharing food blogs and recipes and all the design and styling is done to compliment the niche. This template is very purpose-oriented and relies fully on the powerful HTML and CSS code structure. It is pretty clean, minimal and professional looking. Featuring an attractive gallery section and equally engaging blog pages, this template provides the users with everything to get started. There are options to add social links and other useful widgets to the sidebar. The simple navigation header is also user-friendly and easy to use. So, if you are looking for something more practical and content-focused, Chow is the perfect culinary food blog website template.

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Food Recipes


As the name suggests, Food Recipes is a functional, purpose-oriented, and efficient food blog website template. The layout is pretty professional-looking, visually stunning, and fully responsive. Clean, minimal, and it provides the users with ample space to work on. The color scheme also complements the niche perfectly. While the Home Page design is constant, you can change almost all the components to your preference. There are 5 Slider design variations, including Left Image Slider, Basic Slider, Nivo Slider, Accordion Slider, and Thumbnail Slider. Dedicated to the recipes, there are also 2 different variations of pages you can opt for.

In addition to this, the blog pages also support comments, pagination, and multiple file types. Creative placements of sections for Accordion, Toggle, Tabs, Image frames, and more elevate the whole site to the next level. For easy navigation, you can opt for a multilevel dropdown menu, mega menu, or sticky menu. To ensure that you can easily interact with users, it also supports Contact forms, email and newsletter subscriptions, social icons, and more.

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