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50 Free Web Design Templates With Trendy Design 2023

Websites have evolved a lot from black and green interfaces to colorful lively interfaces. A few years back, one of the main problems which webmasters and content creators have is to make the website interactive. Storytelling is the backbone of the homepage and as well as for the landing pages, to achieve this we use animation effects. But with the latest updated HTML5 and CSS3 framework, we are able to create more lively animation effects without making the template heavy. In this list, we have collected some of the finest free web design templates which follow the latest design trends. Most of these free web design templates give you a pixel-perfect design and well-written code base as you have seen in a premium template.

Before getting into the list of free web design templates, we must be clear about the design trends we are following now. I don’t want to dive deep into it in this post, but I will mention the trends below.

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35 Best Free College Website Templates 2023

Present-day students are widely called as net-savvy or digital natives. Technology is shaping the current generation and they are expecting smart solutions from applications. After introducing artificial intelligence as digital assistants, the internet has become a part of everyone’s life. To keep the present-day students attracted to the academic syllabus, schools and colleges are also adopting new technologies; in that adaptations, websites play a vital role. In this list, we have collected the best free college website templates with modern design and useful features to help you create an effective website for the net-savvy generation.

Since most of the free college website templates mentioned in this list use the latest framework, you can integrate them effectively with any modern platforms and tools. As these are HTML templates you have plenty of freedom to customize the template in the way you want and add the features you like with the help of a developer. These free college website templates can also be used for the online course offering and training institutes, so make sure you check all the templates in this list.

Here are the best free college website templates with a strong and flexible codebase:

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40 Best HTML Calendar Designs 2023

“Getting organized in the normal routines of life and finishing little projects you’ve started is an important first step toward realizing larger goals.” These are true words told by Joyce Meyer. Keeping our works organized helps us to manage our work. After developing smart devices, you can easily manage your goals and events with applications. You can simply ask your digital assistants like Siri, Google, or Alexa to add an event to your calendar. These HTML calendar designs will help you make a calendar that the present tech-savvy generation will love.

Though there are several default smart calendars in the smart devices, they don’t cover all areas. These HTML calendar designs inspire you more if you make a special calendar for your niche or business. Most of these calendars are developed by developers like you, so it will be easy for you to work with. Each calendar has its own creative elements and useful features, so check them all.

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50 Best Clean Website Templates 2023

Have you ever noticed that the top brand sites are always very clean? No matter what niche they are in, but their website designs are always clean. The reason is simple, all they wanted you to see and feel their product or services. For example; take Apple’s website, I have been following the sites for years now, the changes are subtle but the design always remains simple and clean. If you are searching for such clean designs, this list of free clean website templates will help you.

Best Paid and Free Clean Website Design Templates

When can you go for a clean design? Clean designs are purely for serious professionals who clearly understand their target audience and the primary goal of their website. We are mentioning serious professionals because even a single misaligned character can be found easily on a clean website template. But fear not, we in this list have collected some of the best clean website templates with pixel-perfect design. All you have to do is to strategize your content plan and execute it directly on any of these free clean website templates.

Here are the best clean website design templates you can download and use.

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45 Free & Premium Bootstrap Resume Templates 2023

Traditional job searching methods are outdated. Even employers have changed the talent acquisition process. If you want to increase your reach and make your resume more accessible then these free Bootstrap resume templates can help you. Having an online resume page on your personal website increases the chance of you getting hired, for example, if you are a graphic designer and uses a slug “hire graphic designer” on your resume page, the chances of appearing in the search result increase.

Speaking of the modern way of job hunting, there are several ways you can impress your employers. You might have seen many Youtube videos that helped creative professionals land on a big job. Having a video resume helps the employer to understand your personality better, but it depends on the carrier you are pursuing. Most jobs don’t need a creative approach, you have to directly present who you are. These free Bootstrap resume templates give you all the options to create an effective resume. As these templates are HTML5 templates, you can even add videos in your resume. Some of the free Bootstrap resume templates are straightforward and you can use them directly. While some of the templates need to be customized a bit. Saying that, let us get on the list.

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40 Best Free Bootstrap Personal Website Templates 2023

Whether you are a beginner or an influencer, personal branding is very important in the digital world. Using your social media profile to share ideas about a particular topic is the first stage of personal branding; from here, it takes several steps. Owning a website is one of the major steps in personal branding. If you have any doubt, search for any famous digital media personality, they will at least have a single-page website. This list has collected some of the best free Bootstrap personal website templates that can improve your branding.

We have collected templates for casual and professional uses to give users of all stages. If you are a freelancer, your website is a part of your business, so it must have a professional touch. On the other hand, if you are a budding professional and rely on companies to grow your career, your website must have a design similar to a resume. We have collected templates for all your purposes in this free Bootstrap personal website template list. All you have to do is select the one that best suits you.

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27 Best Free Admin Dashboard Templates for 2023

Admin Dashboards are one of the major parts of any professional or personal website. Here you can view the overview of your site statistics, analytics, and other settings and controls. However, not all templates offer what you are aiming for. Too much or too little of the components you require might be the deal-breaker. So today, we have collected the Best Free Admin Dashboard template list out there, so you don’t have to!

The templates we have offered are not only free of cost but are premium-like when it comes to the features. All of them are hand-picked by us to ensure that our users find exactly what they are looking for. The designs are professional and clean, built with the powerful Bootstrap framework. Most of the templates provide a range of customizing options and elements that will come in handy to make your work more efficient. So feel free to browse through and pick out the best that suits your preference!

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25 Best Bookstore Website Templates 2023

Now that everything is getting technical and advanced, there is no shortage of things you can do online. Thus, the rage of the online empire has taken a toll on everything. From blogs, to informational sites to even businesses. So today, we have yet another niche of professional templates that helps you get the perfect site up and ready. While we have covered most business niches like salons, restaurants, corporate and more, today we have the list of the best bookstore website template options.

In addition to our HTML and CSS based lists, we wanted to make sure we cover a larger base of audience. Thus, this list also has the best bookstore WordPress themes as well. Picking out only the best choices for you, we have thoroughly checked each one for their performance, awesome features and professional level of visuals. But before we move on with our list, let’s take a brief look into what these templates and themes are capable of and why you should opt for one!

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33 Best Landscaping Website Templates (HTML & WordPress)

A well-landscaped yard makes a property complete. If you are in the real estate business, you will know how much the modern family loves to spend some relaxing quality time with their families. Especially on a large property, having a well-maintained landscape gives an inviting look to the property. But in the present lifestyle, spending hours in making a beautiful yard is not possible for all families. Thankfully there are lots of landscaping architectures and service providers to help us. If you are running a landscaping business, these website templates will help you showcase your works elegantly to the users.

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23 Best Fashion Boutique Shopify Themes 2023

If you are running a small boutique store, you might have understood the need for omnichannel retailing. Experts believe that online shopping behavior will increase in the upcoming years because of the ease of purchasing and instant gratification. Taking your boutique store online will increase the chances of reaching more potential clients. A well-optimized platform like Shopify will save your website setup and maintenance time. You can utilize the time to buy new trendy clothes and accessories. The boutique Shopify themes in this list will help you make a beautiful website to showcase your head-turning collections.

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32 Best Minimal Shopify Themes 2023

Minimalism, in other words, it is told as rejective art. Minimalist design is not something with lots of white spaces and fewer elements. It is about stripping down the design to its most fundamental feature, which makes a proper minimal design different for different people. In web design, minimalist-style websites should have better typography, flexible grids, fewer colors, and an ample amount of space. Mastering minimal design and executing it is quite difficult, but we have made your job simple. In this list, we have collected minimal Shopify themes that can help you achieve simplicity and objectivity.

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12 Best Shopify Blog Themes 2023

One of the obvious reasons to run an active blog is a better SEO ranking. It’s a no-brainer, more content means more indexing, which automatically leads to more organic search traffic to your store/website. HubSpot has found that websites with active blogs get 434 percent more indexed than websites without blogs. Blogs not only increase your SEO results but also improve your brand trust. 46% of the users say they read blogs to know about the product. Shopify blog themes in this list will help you build brand awareness and loyalty.

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26 Best Notary Website Template 2023

Being a notary, you must deal with many papers, documents, and other administrative areas. But in this digital age, papers alone won’t help you grow your business. If you plan to take your notary services online, the notary website template in this list will come in handy. Notaries being the third part of the legal professions, most lawyer and law firm website templates will meet your needs. You get the same sophisticated design that proves your integrity. Front-end customizing tools and page builders will make your customization job easier.

There are many beautiful notary websites and today we’ll show you have to create one for yourself.

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25 Best Free Bootstrap eCommerce Website Templates 2023

It is no doubt that we are living in the age of digitalization. And e-commerce has been an inseparable aspect of it. And no wonder e-commerce has transformed our lives. Our shopping habits back up this statement. People prefer online shopping rather than visiting stores or shops personally. Most the people have already transformed their physical shops into online stores. Creating a website for your online store to lure customers and generate huge revenues has great appeal. After all, E-commerce is not a joke. But as we have mentioned, with the advancements in recent years, it is no longer something reserved for only the experts. You no longer need to spend a ton of amount and effort to create the perfect platform. free bootstrap eCommerce website template designed for the purpose takes care of everything.

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