52 Free T-Shirt Mockups In Easy To Use PSD Format 2021

While we are making our fashion website template list, we came across many discussions from the small store owner for mockups to showcase their materials. Of course in our eCommerce store list, we have mentioned that original pictures get more attention than stock ones. But making quality photographs of a product will consume lots of time and resources. That too if you are running an apparel store you need to search for a suitable model as well. So in this list, we decided to help both store owners and designers with these thirty free t-shirt mockups in this list.

All these free t-shirt mockups are build using Adobe Photoshop, so you might be needing an editing tool like Photoshop, Affinity, or anything related to it. We have listed both t-shirt mockups with models and show quality t-shirt mockups. All these free t-shirt mockups will reduce your work immensely, all you have to do is to replace the existing text or images with your own design, simple as that. Saying that, let us get free t-shirt mockups.

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36 Sassy CSS Background Pattern To Make Your Website Full Of Spirit

Background patterns will make your web pages interesting and let you highlight important sections elegantly. In the CSS3 we get new labels, which can be combined to create unique patterns. As most of the patterns are generated from the built-in texts, it reduces the weight of the web pages. Hence, you get elegant-looking pages that load faster. In this CSS background pattern, we have managed to collect some unique background pattern designs.

Some of the patterns have interactive behavior, in which you will get extra code scripts running. Make sure you check the code structure before using those background designs. There are also examples for background generators in this list; in which you can adjust the space and color to create a unique pattern in no time. Most of the designs are simple and have flexible coding for quick customizations.

Here is the list of innovative and applicable CSS background pattern ideas of 2021 that you can use in your projects.

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CSS Cards E-Commerce Shop Card

40 Visually Stunning CSS Cards Inspirations For Every Type Of Websites 2021

Cards can be a convenient means of displaying contents that includes various types of objects be it the title, image, buttons, icons or more. Designed to be flexible to your contents, the blocks or cards can include any type of custom elements. It can be anything from business cards, informative cards to even analytics cards but the main point here is that adding a card on any site will instantly add that innovative and creative touch. And like we have discussed before on our previous articles, there is certainly no denying that cards can be beneficial in more than one way.

Whether you own a blog, professional company site, or anything for that matter, cards can be a great implementation on any niche. And with more and more popular sites like Pinterest or Instagram or apps and widgets going for card-based layouts, it’s high time that you, as a site owner start considering this option as well.

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35+ Free and Premium Bootstrap Blog Templates To Transform Your Blog

A platform started for bloggers now powers almost 30% of the websites on the internet. Many top companies, especially marketing companies use blogs as a key tool to transform their business to the next level. Not only the contents but the blog design also must go inline with your content strategy. We in this list have collected free Bootstrap blog templates that will be a part of your content strategy.

If you are planning to run a blog to boost your personal branding, the blog design must revolve around you. On the other hand for corporate and commercial blogs, the design must promote the content and your services or product. These free Bootstrap blog templates are easy to use and customize, some of these templates give you more than one variation in their package just like in the premium templates. Take your time and see all the free bootstrap blog templates in this list

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30+ Best Famous Free Hoodies Mockups 2021

Hoodies become the mainstream of apparel in almost all western countries. Tracing back the roots, the hoodies were first familiar among the European monks during the medieval period. From the 1970s this apparel style got momentum after being used by several celebrities and pop stars. The target audience of hoodies are teens and a little bit of middle age group people. We on this list have collected some of the best free hoodies mockups, to help you showcase your design.

The hoodies are seasonal apparel, but they are also used for different purposes. They can be used for casual use, meetups, events, some early morning joggers will also use them and the list goes on. For whatever purpose you are designing the hoodie, these free hoodies mockups will help you showcase your design elegantly to the user.

In this free hoodies mockup list, we’ve collected

  • Free female hoodie mockups
  • Free sports hoodie mockups
  • hoodie mockups for men
  • Pullover hoodie mockup and more

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blog website templates

29 Best Premium & Responsive Blog Templates To Engage Creative Minds & Build Online Presence

A blog being an informational platform to publish and share your ideas and knowledge to a wider range of audience is now one of the major part of the World Wide Web. With more and more people opting to start their online journey, we can simply put blogs as the pillars of the internet. Today there are more blogs on the internet covering a wide variety of topics now more than ever. And with the growing popularity and usage, there are now tons of ways to start and manage a blog online. Hence, our list of the best possible blog templates based off HTML out there!

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33 Chic CSS Hover Effects You Can Use In 2021

With the CSS we always able to create impressive declarative animations. That is you can clearly specify what you want. Hover effects are the most commonly used animation effect. You can either keep it simple or make it more interactive. Of course for the interactive complex animation, you might still need Javascript. In this list, we have collected some of the best CSS hover effects and some complex hover effects made with Javascript. With these hover effects, you can add life to your web elements and present your content engagingly to your audience.

Trendy CSS Hover Effects Types

In this carefully selected CSS hover effects list, we have picked different types like —

  • CSS text hover effect
  • CSS hover transition effects
  • CSS button hover effects
  • hover effects for images, and lot more

Take your time, see all ideas, and make a stunning website.

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26 Responsive HTML5 Templates For A Perfectly Tailored User Experience

After the launch of smartphones and iPads, the web design field has changed dramatically. As present-day people use different devices to access websites, websites need to be smart enough to fit on all types of devices. In the earlier time, developers used to maintain distinct sites for each and every platform and device, which involves lots of testing efforts. Since codes are forked differently by different developers, therefore there isn’t any universal standard. Responsive designs saw a major breakthrough when Twitter made its Bootstrap framework as an open-source platform. With the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, you can create a responsive website that easily fits on any modern device. The responsive HTML5 templates in this list will help you make perfectly tailored websites for all types of modern gadgets.

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27 Creative Food Blog Website Template & WordPress Themes To Live Your Food Dreams

Blogs and Informational websites are all the rage right now. And for a pretty good reason too. I mean, in this day and age of digitalization, who would opt for a encyclopedia or find a library to look up informations? Internet and our trusted Google is the answer to everything. Thus, the popularity of blogs throughout all the business industry is inevitable. Whether it is the fashion, food, finance, banking, agriculture, medical, or literally any other niche, any questions we have, blogs on the internet is our best friend. But today we are here with a very specific niche in mind: Food Blog website template and themes!

Whether you are a foodie, chef, nutritionist, restaurant owner, organics dealer or pretty much anyone who loves food, we have a collection of themes and templates that is just right for you. That’s what you are here for isn’t it? So without further ado, let’s get onto the listing!

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41 Free Keynote Templates With Interactive Design 2021

List of best free Keynote templates to create stunning and interactive presentation slides within minutes. 

Keynotes play a predominant role in business. Even big tech giants like Apple and Google use keynote presentations for their conference and product launch. If you are in search of modern and creative free keynote templates like the templates used by big corporates, well, you are in the right place. In this free keynote templates list, we have collected some of the best templates with interactive design.

Designing a slide is the most difficult part of the presentation. We are very much limited with space, of course, we can add as many slides as we want. But when you add more slides, your presentation becomes boring. The points in the slides are to be crystal clear and the important points must be highlighted. The free keynote templates mentioned in this list use interactive design to help you engage the audience easily.

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