42 Free Bootstrap Hotel Templates To Get Your Hotel Fully Booked

Summers and the fall season are the best time to travel around the world. Especially if you are planning a trip to Europe and the US then the fall season is the best with decent weather and long enough daylight to enjoy your trip. If you are owning hotels in the vacation spots and wish to get all your rooms booked, these free bootstrap hotel templates will help you. Travelers use the internet a lot to know about the places. Taking your hotel online will increase your visibility and chances of getting regular customers.

Digital assistants are being used extensively by the present-day people. Google Assistant is already smarter and Alexa is getting updates to add local businesses. Taking your business online will help you stay a step ahead. All the free bootstrap hotel templates mentioned in this list are perfectly optimized with industrial web standards. You can easily integrate this template to your platforms, reservation tools, and other related tools. Without further delay let us get into the free bootstrap hotel templates.

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42 Free Artist Website Templates To Grow Your Digital Audience 2020

“My audience was my life. What I did and how I did it, was all for my audience”, a quote by Cab Calloway. For an artist, his/her audience is everything and in this digital world, there is an audience for everything. If you are looking to get more audience for your art in this digital world, these free artist website templates can help you.

In this list of free artist website templates, we have collected templates for all types of artists. Whether you are planning to use your website for personal use or planning to use the template to grow your business, these templates can help you. All these free artist website templates are HTML5 templates so you can add multimedia contents like videos and audios easily, plus they are easy to customize. Just like the audience each of the templates is different so make sure you check all of them.

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27 Computer Repair WordPress Themes That Can Set Right Your Business

Tech companies release new products every year. Computers and gadgets become more and more powerful in each update and make our day to day tasks a lot easier. But do we buy computers and gadgets every year? The answer would be a BIG NO. Today’s computers and gadgets cost thousands of dollars, so buying a new computer is not an easy job. If you are a PC user, you can easily upgrade your desktop by swapping the motherboards and chips. Mac is another story, you can’t even open it without proper tools and expertise. Thankfully there are several computer repair centers to help us easily fix or upgrade our computers and laptops. If you are helping people have a great computer, make an old computer feel like a brand new computer, these computer repair WordPress themes can help you reach more people.

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36 Paper Mockups For Multipurpose Printing Design Presentation

Though we are in a world dominated by digital products, we still need print materials and papers for quick access. Flyers, notes, and posters are still relying on papers to reach the local audience. If you are a designer, making designs for print materials, these paper-mockups will help you present your design elegantly. Before printing the actual product these paper mockups will give a good idea of your end product.

Papers also play a major role in the stationary section. If you are a designing agency you may sometimes need to include letter pads, envelopes, and cards in your design package. Some of the paper mockups in this list bundles other stationery items as well so that you can save a lot of your time. The most commonly used paper size is A4, but we managed to get other popular sizes as well. Make sure you check all the paper mockups to find an apt choice for your presentation. As most of the paper mockups in this list are plain mockups, you can even use it to showcase your text contents like resume templates, proposal letter templates, etc.

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41 Free Bootstrap Resume Templates For Effective Job Hunting

Traditional job searching methods are outdated, even employers have changed the talent acquisition process. If you want to increase your reach and make your resume more accessible then these free Bootstrap resume templates can help you. Having an online resume page on your personal website increases the chance of you getting hired, for example, if you are a graphic designer and uses a slug “hire graphic designer” in your resume page, the chances of appearing in the search result increases.

Speaking of the modern way of job hunting there are several ways you can impress your employers. You might have seen many Youtube videos that helped creative professional land on a big job. Having a video resume helps the employer to understand your personality better, but it totally depends on the carrier you are pursuing. Most of the jobs don’t need a creative approach, you have to directly present who you are. These free Bootstrap resume templates give you all the options to create an effective resume. As these templates are HTML5 templates, you can even add videos in your resume. Some of the free Bootstrap resume templates are straightforward which you can use directly. While some of the templates need to be customized a bit. Saying that, let us get on the list.

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24 Baseball WordPress Themes To Help Clubs Stay Connected With The Fans

Baseball is one of the famous games in America. In the time of 1950s, you can hear the baseball commentary running on every store’s radio. Now due to technological development, we can see the match update from the smartwatches itself. Based on your location, Google cards will show the related match results. In this technological world, having a modern baseball website will help your club’s hardcore fans to stay updated about your matches. These Baseball WordPress themes are equipped with features you need to meet the present-day audience expectations.

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28 Prismatic WordPress Themes For Painters

To construct a building it takes thousands of dollars and lots of time. What makes a building or a house complete is the painting. Renovating a building will hurt our wallet badly, but we can paint it and give a fresh look without spending much. With the help of modern interior designers, you can use paints wisely and make your house even more beautiful. If you are specialized in painting services, these WordPress themes for painters will help you bring more customers.

The WordPress themes for painters in this list are designed to show your work elegantly to your audience. Some of the themes even have project pages to let you list your unique project and its case studies. Some of the big companies use AR and VR technology to let the user feel their work. The WordPress themes for painters in this list are made using the latest web development frameworks, so it can handle advanced plugins and tools easily.

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43 Free Photo Gallery Templates To Elegantly Display Your Work

Either you are a professional photographer or a traveler, who likes to share your photographs with the world, these free photo gallery templates will give life to your photos. When it comes to photo gallery design, the most commonly used format is the grid style. Some of the creative templates use creative horizontal scrolling, full-page sliders, and thumbnail grids.

In most modern HTML5 templates, the visual effects are great and smooth. Since most of the common effects are added to the core of HTML5 and CSS3, modern templates are lighter and interactive. Some of the free photo gallery templates in this list use creative and attractive visual effects. These effects present your photographs elegantly to the users and let the users relive the moment with your photographs.

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40 Free Sports Website Templates For Clubs And Communities 2020

Everyone dream of an active life, it not only helps us to stay in shape but also changes the way we live. Strauss Zelnick the founder ZMC and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, a video game company (this is the company that makes the famous GTA game) spends nearly 50 minutes in workouts with his employees. When we are with like-minded people we can do more, if you are about to start a club or community for a particular sports or fitness activity, these free sports website templates can help you build a strong community.

Nike is one of the best sportswear manufacturing companies and also a company that has a strong community. Nike brings all their customers together, they encourage them to stay active daily and help them compete with their friends and families. A little motivation from others will help us reach our goals easily. The free sports website templates in this list have the basic structure to help you reach more people and build a strong community. All these HTML templates are tuned perfectly from the front end. Since basic chores like optimization and alignments are already taken care of by the creators, you can concentrate on your custom needs.

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33 SEO Agency WordPress Themes To Powerup Your Optimized Contents

Almost any modern business needs a website to take their product/service to the users. Not every site owner is aware of the latest SEO trends, but there are SEO agencies to help the business owners and modern entrepreneurs. Being an SEO agency, you know the importance of unique useful content and optimizing their website for search engines. When combining such powerful content with a user-friendly design you can get big results. In this list, we have collected trendy looking SEO agency WordPress themes to clearly explain your services to the audience.

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