29 Free Bootstrap Education Templates For Online Course Offering Websites

Successful people always believe in one thing, learning will help you keep on earning. Learning new skills is no longer a tough job. For beginners, there are several youtube channels and blogs to help you start with. But if you need to become a professional and also love to learn professional tricks, you need something more than watching a youtube channel. Online education websites help you learn many new skills and even if you are a teacher you can share your knowledge via these educational websites. In this list, we have collected some of the best free Bootstrap education templates where you can share your courses with people all around the world.

If you are expecting features and designs just like in the top online course offering websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda and lot more like that, then these free Bootstrap education website template can help you. All these templates are made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you can integrate this template with any modern tools. You can even add video tutorials in this template, as it supports multimedia contents out of the box.

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32 Free Responsive HTML5 Website Templates For Modern Smart Devices

As of June 2018, there are around 3.95 billion internet users in the world and nearly 3.7 billion internet users are mobile users. Smartphones have revolutionized the online world. There is a smartphone for every budget, a decent smartphone starts at $250 and it goes all the way up to $2000. As a result, we all have the power of the internet in our hands now, which makes a mobile responsive website a must. In this list, we have collected the best free responsive HTML5 website templates which are capable of giving a seamless performance on mobile devices.

If you are a developer you will know that the older HTML templates demand a lot of work to make it work on a mobile device. Even sometimes we have to skip a few functionalities to make the website perform well on mobile devices. With the help of HTML5 framework, we are now able to give almost the same level of website experience on mobile devices as well. To make a mobile website experience better Google has introduced the AMP project and it is been followed by all major websites and CMS platforms. Since the AMP is basically a simplified version of the HTML5 framework, these free responsive HTML5 templates will also help you make an AMP version of your website easily.

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20+ Car Dealer Website Templates and WordPress Themes For Car Dealers, Automobile Repair, Service Centers & More

With every type of business slowly starting to go online, it’s the same for the car dealership as well. You can easily buy, sell, or rent any automobile right off the internet nowadays. If you are a car dealer and want to take your business online or improve it, don’t hesitate. Feel free to go with your guts on this as it will be very beneficial for you. And like we always say, a website can help you gain a lot with a very minimum amount of investment for your business. Car dealership websites can also be very helpful for someone looking to buy as well. The general trend of automobile buyer is to go to the showroom physically, investing both time and effort. Sometimes even more than that. However, when online all of the hassles are avoidable. he solution? Car Dealer Website Template & WordPress Themes.

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20 WordPress Themes Video Background To Keep Your Audience Engaged

Websites are no longer static brochures which simply showcase our products/services. Big brands create interesting and compelling design strategies to make their brand unique from their fellow competitors. Videos are one of the best performing contents on the website. A stats from SearchengineWatch states that 6billion hours of videos are watched each month on Youtube. Now you may get an idea of how video content can change your brand. If you decided to use videos on your website, these WordPress Themes Video Background website designs will help you make a compelling website.

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28 Free Industrial Website Templates To Make A Global Reach In 2019

People used to produce goods and products in a small community, where the growth and income are very limited. In order to meet the supply needs and global expansions, factories are made. The industrial revolution started after the development of the spinning machine by Sir Richard Arkwright in England. Hundreds of people work together to complete a product and effective transportations are used to reach the global market. Nowadays the internet has shrunk the world, global reach is made simple via social media and effective contents. To stay innovative and help you reach more global audiences, these free industrial website templates will help you.

The first-ever factory in history was a shipping-factory in Venice, which almost had 1200 workers and will complete a ship in a day. Later, industrialists in several parts of the word used innovative methods in the factories to improve productivity, for example, moving ramps in Henry Ford’s assembly line factories; which is cost-effective and also improved productivity. At present, there are several computer programmed machines to increase productivity. If you are into innovative solutions, then these free industrial website templates will help you showcase your innovations and well-equipped factories.

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31 Free Healthcare Website Templates With Online Scheduling Option

We are in a fast world with all facilities in our fingertip. People prefer Uber than standing on the corner for hiring a taxi. Book a cab at your preferred location and preferred time, a cab will be waiting for you outside when you complete your work. Eight out of ten users prefer online booking and this applies to the healthcare industry as well. According to the PatientPop survey, 42% of the patient prefer online scheduling. In this list, we have collected free healthcare website templates with online scheduling options. All you have to do is to integrate the template with your appointment scheduling tool.

Having an online scheduling option helps the user to book an appointment at their convenience. When we take a closer look at the appointment booking time, nearly 40% of the request came after the standard working hours. As a majority of the online scheduling users in a healthcare website are women, providing an online scheduling option in your website increases the chances of filling your empty time slots.

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19 Thespiatic Actor Website Templates (HTML & WordPress)

Making a website for actors is quite different from other personal websites. The actor website must be able to express the talent of the actor and must have an artistic touch. In this actor website templates list, we have collected both WordPress and HTML website templates. The WordPress website template will give you more dynamic functions and updating content in it is also easy. While the HTML template gives you the peace of mind, once you set the website, you don’t have to worry about updating it. Whether you are looking for a simple and easy maintain website designs or dynamic and expressive website design, this actor website templates list has a design for you.

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22 Smartly Designed Plumber WordPress Themes To Provide Better Service

Leaking taps are always irritating and no one likes puddles of water in their home. Not only in households, even in commercial areas proper drainage and pipe systems help us save water a lot. But fixing broken pipes and leaking taps is not that easy, we need proper tools and must have the knowledge on how the system works. So always our go-to option is calling a plumber or plumbing service providing company. In this mobile age, everything starts from the Google search, taking your plumbing search online will help you reach more customers. In this list, we have collected user-friendly mobile responsive plumber WordPress themes.

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18 Virtual Assistant Website Templates For All Types Of Services (HTML & WordPress)

It would be nice if someone there to take care of the mundane tasks so that we can concentrate on the important things. Using a virtual assistant will be of great use under heavy workload condition. Another benefit of using virtual assistant is you don’t need to worry about your workspace. Unless you need to meet them in person, the virtual assistant can simply work from their place and get your job done. Hiring a virtual assistant can be done in two ways. You can either approach a virtual assistant services company or can hire a freelancer directly. Whether you are a virtual assistant services company or a freelancer providing virtual assistant, these virtual assistant website templates will help make a professional-looking website.

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27 Free College Website Templates For Net-Savvy Generation

Present-day students are widely called as net-savvy or digital natives. Technology is shaping the current generation and they are expecting smart solutions from applications. After the introduction of artificial intelligence as digital assistants, the internet has become a part of everyone’s life. To keep the present-day students attracted towards the academic, syllabus schools and colleges are also adopting new technologies; in that adaptations, websites play a vital role. In this list, we have collected the best free college website templates with modern design and useful feature to help you create an effective website for the net-savvy generation.

Since most of the free college website templates mentioned in this list use the latest framework, you can integrate them with any modern platforms and tools effectively. As these are HTML templates you have plenty of freedom to customize the template in the way you want and add the features you like with the help of a developer. These free college website templates can be used for the online course offering and training institutes as well, so make sure you check all the templates in this list.

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