28 Beautiful HTML hr CSS Design With Custom CSS 2020

HR tag is one of the common function in the HTML, when you need to separate content, all you have to do is to declare the hr code. With the HTML5 the hr tag has become semantic and clearly shows its purpose. Now with the CSS3, you can dress up the normal horizontal break-lines to the way you want. The horizontal lines are not only used as breakers but also used as a part of the modern web design. You can use letters, pseudo-elements, or animated hr lines to present your web design and contents engagingly to the audience. In this list, we have collected some of the best HTML hr CSS designs which you can use on your web design.

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33 Sensibly Designed CSS Loading Animations For Websites And Applications

When Google launched the offline video download option on YouTube, they created an impressive ad showing how annoying the loading symbol is. Yes, in the fast world no one wants slow connection and slow web pages. But sometimes we have to deal with this loading issue. Rather than simply showing a loading message with an animated circle, we can do something creative. In this list, we have collected some of the best creative CSS loading animations. Most of the effects are designed using the CSS3 script so it won’t make your web pages heavy. Some designs have minimal look, while some have really interactive designs.

Top brands even care about the loading symbol on their website. Logos and elements related to the business are used on the loading animation to clearly brand their website. In this list there are some loading animation designs for brands and business websites as well, so make sure you check all of them.

To make this CSS loading animations list useful for all types of users, we’ve included — CSS loading bar designs, CSS loading spinner, loading text animations, unique CSS loading concepts, and many more.

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18 Advanced WordPress Physical Therapy Website Template 2020

Health service providers and health care professionals are the most relevant of sectors nowadays. With increasing focus on health and emphasis on improving the condition, there are more and more hospitals, clinics, care providers, rehabilitations and more than ever. So how would you and the services you provide stand out to appeal to more clients? Well, for starters, a professional website template could help you get started on the right track. Great thing is that with the technologies nowadays, not only can promote and provide online informations on the establishments, but there are limitless possibilities. From organizing events, managing online booking and appointments and even providing services online, you can pretty much achieve everything! And you will find that majority of these institutes and establishments have already taken that step. So why not start today, with a list of the best hospital and physical therapy website template options out there?

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35 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates Optimized For Tablets & Smartphones 2020

57% of the users say that they don’t recommend a business with poor mobile website design. Luckily making a user-friendly mobile responsive website will be made easy with these free responsive Bootstrap templates. Last year nearly 80% of the websites in Alexa’s top website list have made their website mobile responsive. In simple words, if you don’t want to miss your potential customers, your website needs to be mobile responsive.

To make websites easy to maintain across different devices, nearly 50% of the businesses choose simple layout design. The free responsive website templates mentioned in this template has both creative designs and simple designs, tested for all types of devices. So you can use them without any worries and start your website as quickly as possible. 33% of mobile research actually starts directly from the website the user trusts. So if you are using valuable content to bring your business up, make sure you have made your website mobile responsive for your readers. Or you can use the blog templates given in this free responsive Bootstrap Templates.

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marketer-online-marketing -website-template

18 Free Online / Internet Marketing Website Templates Built With Bootstrap HTML5, and CSS3 – 2020

Looking for internet marketing website templates to build your digital agency website? Make sure the site your build must look gorgeous, elegant, versatile, astounding, tremendous, appealing, aesthetically stylish, extraordinarily polished, and functionally sophisticated. It should come packed extensive capabilities and possibilities to convinces visitors and helps convey a proper business message to its visitors perfectly. If your internet marketing company website template is not appealing enough, you should makeover it right away. But I found sometimes tight budget affects the decision of marketers. Consequently, they keep continuing mediocre business website.

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38 Free Bootstrap College Templates To Inspire Next Generation Students

Every year colleges train many creative minds and professionals. Students provide new solutions to user needs and change the world. But most of the college website never changes and still have the same old school design. Understanding the user needs and present-day user demands top universities like the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan have redesigned their website and they also got nominated for best web design and website redesign. If you are also thinking of redesigning your website to attract the next generation students, these free Bootstrap college templates will help you.

College websites usually have lots of text content. In the old web design, we have chunky borders combined with boring bold text fonts, which makes readability a nightmare. Modern web design provides you with lots of design elements to present contents neatly and engagingly to the users. You no need to put all your contents in one place, you can take the nitty-gritty information and put them in a bite-sized format so that the users don’t feel the content overloading. All these free Bootstrap college templates have many modern web elements to manage text contents elegantly so that you can add all your content within the given space.

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33 Best Hand Picked Free PowerPoint Templates 2020

Microsoft traditionally dominates the desktop and laptop market. Last year Microsoft claims it has over 400 million active Windows 10 users and it is likely to reach a billion users in the upcoming years. Powerpoint is the default presentation tool in windows, most students and businesses rely on the PowerPoint slides for presentations. We on this list have collected some of the best free Powerpoint templates with modern design.

The problem in finding free PowerPoint templates is there are numerous templates with an outdated design. But don’t worry we have done the toughest part for you, after using thousands of templates we have listed some of the best free PowerPoint templates in this list. Some of them can also be used in the Google slides, which gives you the freedom of selecting the platform.

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30+ Free Transportation Website Template For Car Rentals, Showrooms, Shipping, Cargos and More

Do you own businesses related to cars, transportations, vehicles and more? Are you somehow trying to rise through your competitors by trying to be modern and unique? One way to do so is with a striking and visually appealing online site! That’s right! By now, you probably know how big of a role internet and online presence plays for your business. From promoting to branding to even running your business, a professionally built website can do wonders. While a lot of people have already opted to take their business online, the only question remaining is, why haven’t you?

The answer we most probably get is the complicated process of creating a unique and valid website from scratch. When people think of a professional website, the one thing that crosses the mind is obviously the cost and effort it might take. Additionally, standing out from the crowd with a unique concept is not always easy. So what is the solution? And is there possibly any way out? Yes, there is! Creative and innovative free website templates! That’s right! Creating a website entirely from nothing is no longer a difficult and hefty task reserved only for developers and designers! The good news is, there are probably even hundreds of choices you can choose from!

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38 Free Hand-Picked List Of Startup Website Templates For Creating Promising Websites For 2020

What determines the success of your business? Your product and your services are the primary factors. Agreed! But is that it? In the present context just having a great product and providing an extraordinary service is not sufficient enough to make your business successful.  A proper exposure is also very essential for a business venture to flourish rapidly. And what can be more effective than going digital with your business to give it the exposure that it needs to reach out to all the targeted audience on a national as well as an international level? Thus, creating a website for your business can be the best way to showcase your products and services to the customers worldwide. Hence, our list of the best free startup website template options out there!

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46 Free Mug Mockups That Saves Plenty Of Your Time 2020

We spend countless hours creating beautiful artworks. Even a simple word gets new visual meaning when it gets in the hands of designers. But without showing a real-world example, people can’t understand it clearly. We in this list have curated some of the best free mug mockups to present your design elegantly to your clients and other users. By using these free mug mockups you can save much of your time and use it to create another beautiful artwork.

As Steve Jobs said until we show the product in the real world, people won’t see it or accept it. These free mug mockups help you to showcase your design on photorealistic images. We have also managed to collect some mockups with human models so that you can give a casual and realistic view of your design. All these mockups are designed using Photoshop, in order to edit these PSD files you might need a Photoshop version of CS4 and above. Smart objects are used in these PSD files, so even the general audience with basic Photoshop knowledge can work on these free mug mockups easily.

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