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36 Best Premium & Free Fitness Website Templates With Fresh New Design 2021

Bored by the same old design and the same templates repeatedly mentioned in all the free fitness website templates list? Well, we managed to collect some of the fresh new free fitness website templates that you can make use of for your fitness website. All these free fitness website templates use the latest web design and web development framework. So with these free fitness website templates, you can easily create a future-proof site. Before getting into the free fitness website templates list let us see what are all the important elements and the features you must see in a fitness website template.

When we speak of the fitness website template, both personal website templates and business templates come on the list. If you are a trainer and looking for a fitness site make sure you have the features to brand yourself (one of the main principles of a personal website). Second, the template must have interactive web elements to share your experience. Since most of the fitness services can be explained clearly with videos and images, make sure that the template you select supports multimedia elements.

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37 Bootstrap Navbar Examples To Clearly Communicate With The User

The navigation bar or simply the navbar plays a crucial role in any website and application. A website or an application without a navbar is like leaving your users blindfolded in a dense forest. A poorly designed navbar not only affects the user experience but also hinders your SEO results. It is always better to spend some time in seeing and analyzing other navigation design solution that helps others to overcome an issue. This could help you make a better conclusion and also save your valuable time. To help you see more innovative navbar design solutions we have made this bootstrap navbar examples post.

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37 Bootstrap Datepicker Examples For All Types Of Forms And Websites

Datepickers are very common UI elements that we use a lot in our day to day life. Whether we are booking an appointment or setting up a profile, the datepicker minimizes our input effort. There are two main types of date pickers, one is the usual tap and pick a date method, while the other is the date range selector. Based on where you use the datepickers their interface changes. In this bootstrap datepicker collection, we have collected both single tap datepickers and date range selectors.

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37 User & SEO Friendly Bootstrap Menu Examples

User-friendly experience and SEO, both are directly proportional. When you make a design that users love to use will ultimately have a better engagement rate. Navigation menus play a vital role in directing the users to the correct page and helping the search engine crawlers to easily find the pages to index. So your menu design should not only be user-friendly but also be search engine friendly. In this list, we have collected some unique bootstrap navigation menu examples that can help you make a cool-looking SEO friendly navigation menu.

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34 Bootstrap Form Template Examples Which Follows Modern Design Standards

Forms are the first step in collecting data from the user. Based on the place where they use, the characteristic of the form completely changes. For example, in a login form, it checks the data and in a registration form, it collects the data. In this digital world, we come across at least ten forms per day. Starting from login forms to survey forms we interact with the form to share and collect data. Designers use several modern design strategies to make the experience buttery smooth for the users. In this bootstrap form template example, we have collected such form designs that follow modern design standards.

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30 Simple Shopify Themes To Make Significant Online Stores

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” — Paul Rand. Yep, making a design simple isn’t that easy. Because when you make things simple, everything becomes clear. There is no room for error, everything has to be perfect and consistent. That’s why making a simple design is very complicated. But having a simple design website doesn’t have to be a complicated one for you. We’ve collected simple Shopify themes that could help you make significant online stores that modern users will love.

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45 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboards To Get Better Data Insight 2021

Admin dashboards are a significantly important part of any web application-based sites and membership websites. Mostly the users of the admin dashboard are not aware of what’s happening behind the screen. What most users care about is what they see and what they can access. These best free admin dashboards in this list will help you create an effective dashboard. If you are a developer looking to create an awesome on-trend admin dashboard then this list will help you get great inspirations.

Some of the admin dashboards give you the option to customize the dashboard. But when you are developing for the user is it important to provide a customizable dashboard? The answer depends on the customization options that you are going to give. Options to drag and arrange the blocks, changing the colors, dismissible notices all are fine. But providing a completely customizable dashboard is not a must. Because it takes time and resources to create such a customizable dashboard.

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27 Shopify Landing Page Themes To Boost Your Sales

Landingpages has evolved a lot over the course of time. The landing pages are not only used to showcase your products but also to improve your sales. We’ve already made a post on conversion-centered free bootstrap landing page templates, take a look at it to know how to make an effective landing page. In this post, we are going to see Shopify landing page themes.

Whether you are planning for a flash sale, big product launch exclusively on your online store, Black Friday, or season sale, these Shopify landing page themes will come in handy for you. Speaking of flash sales, the Colorpop website once went down on a flash sale. The traffic volume was so high so that the developers have to use a landing page to queue the user to access the website. A simple solution, yet it was effective at that time. As I told before, landing pages have evolved a lot and it is used for multiple purposes.

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35 Minimal Shopify Themes To Achieve Simplicity and Objectivity

Minimalism, in other words, it is told as rejective art. Minimalist design is not something with lots of white spaces and fewer elements. It is about stripping down the design to its most fundamental feature. Which makes a proper minimal design different for different people. In web design, minimalist-style websites should have better typography, flexible grids, fewer colors, and an ample amount of space. Mastering minimal design and executing it is quite a difficult task, but we have made your job simple. In this list, we have collected minimal Shopify themes that can help you achieve simplicity and objectivity.

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31 Easy To Handle Kompozer Templates 2021

The Kompozer is a WYSIWYG HTML editor introduced in 2005. Originally this editor is introduced to fix the bugs in its predecessor, the Nvu editor. Most of you might be heard of the Nvu editor. The Nvu editor was based on the Composer component of the Mozilla application suite. Mozilla Composer component lets the user easily edit the HTML pages, emails, and documents. In the Nvu editor, the interface was made much easier so that even people without coding knowledge can easily design their web pages. The last official update for the Kompozer tool was released in 2010. Due to several reasons, the Kompozer is not updated after that. But still, many users are using the Kompozer tool because it is open-source and free. If you are looking for Kompozer compatible HTML website templates, the Kompozer templates in this list will come in handy for you.

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