20 Snazzy CSS Input Text For Modern Websites And Applications In 2019

Bored of the same text-in effect on your website or forms? Well, it doesn’t have to the same hereafter. We have collected some of the best creative CSS input text effects. Some of them have a fantasy touch and some will give a futuristic effect. All these effects are light and simple, so you can easily use them on your login forms, contact forms, websites, and even on your landing pages. As most of them are just concept you have to work on the optimization part to make it properly work all platforms and browsers. Some of the input text effects have crazy animation effects. So make sure you check all of them before landing on one design.

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20 Sassy CSS Background Pattern To Make Your Website Full Of Spirit

Background patterns will make your web pages interesting and let you highlight important sections elegantly. In the CSS3 we get new labels, which can be combined to create unique patterns. As most of the patterns are generated from the built-in texts, it reduces the weight of the web pages. Hence, you get elegant looking pages that load faster. In this CSS background pattern, we have managed to collect some unique background pattern designs.

Some of the patterns have interactive behavior, in which you will get extra code scripts running. Make sure you check the code structure before using those background designs. There is also one example for a background generator in this list; which you can adjust the space and color to create a unique pattern in no time. Most of the designs are simple and have flexible coding for quick customizations.

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CSS Hexagonal Spinners CSS Spinners

30 Pleasing Examples Of CSS Spinners To Improve User Engagement

Any website whether it is personal or professional relies heavily on the use of visual elements to keep things interesting and appealing. From the overall design structure to adding creative components, there is no denying that it makes a huge difference. So today, we wanted to talk about yet another important and innovative addition to any website: CSS Spinners and Loaders. Now, what exactly are those? Well, to keep it simple, spinners or loaders are basically those elements designed to add an interesting appeal on any apps, sites or software while it loads the rest of the content. It can be anything, from a simple round circle, dot, square or any creative icons. Basically, it is a way for site owners to make up for the time the users spend while the contents are ready to be displayed.

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29 Best Mailchimp Email Templates Used By Top Email Marketers 2019

Email marketing is the most effective tool for the B2B businesses. There is huge possibility people who are reading this MailChimp email templates list are B2B marketing professionals. It doesn’t mean that B2C model doesn’t use email marketing, they do use it but the conversion result is quite higher on the B2B side. Here is a simple stat, only 30% of the email list customer actually bought products through email, while 86% of the business professional prefer email communication the most to talk and complete a deal.

Nowadays lots of companies and service providers let the user create a free account first and try to convert them later. A post from Easy SMTP says, in the conversion process the welcome email alone brings 320% revenue to the organizations. So when you are making your email templates, try to spend more time on the welcome email templates. MailChimp is one of the best and also easy to use tool for both the developers and the end users. In this list, we have collected some of the best MailChimp email templates, which you can use in your email marketing campaigns or for other transition emails.

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28 Free Keynote Templates With Interactive Design 2019

Keynotes play a predominant role in business. Even big tech giants like Apple and Google use keynote presentation for their conference and product launch. If you are in search of modern and creative free keynote templates like the big corporates use, well, you are at the right place. In this free keynote templates list, we have collected some of the best templates with interactive design.

Designing a slide is the most difficult part of the presentation. We are very much limited with space, of course, we can add as much as slides as we want. But when you add more slides, your presentation becomes boring. The points in the slides are to be crystal clear and the important points must be highlighted. The free keynote templates mentioned in this list use interactive design to help you engage audience easily.

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20 Chic CSS Hover Effects You Can Use In 2019

With the CSS we always able to create impressive declarative animations. That is you can clearly specify what you want. Hover effects are the most commonly used animation effect. You can either keep it simple or make it more interactive. Of course for the interactive complex animation, you might still need the Javascript. In this list, we have collected some of the best CSS hover effects and some complex hover effects made with Javascript. With these hover effects, you can add life to your web elements and present your contents engagingly to your audience. You can find hover effects for buttons, galleries, flex boxes and for almost all major types you would normally expect.

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16 Best Famous Free Hoodies Mockups 2019

Hoodies become the mainstream of apparels in almost all western countries. Tracing back the roots, the hoodies were first familiar among the European monks during the medieval period. From 1970’s this apparel style got momentum after being used by several celebrities and pop stars. The target audience of hoodies are teens and a little bit of middle age group people. We on this list have collected some of the best free hoodies mockups, to help you showcase your design.

The hoodies are seasonal apparels, but they are also used for different purposes. They can be used for casual use, meetups, events, some early morning joggers will also use them and the list goes on. For whatever purpose you are designing the hoodie, these free hoodies mockups will help you showcase your design elegantly to the user.

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20 Stylish HTML Music player With User-Friendly Features 2019

Nearly 75% of the music industry revenue is from the online streaming. There are several subscription-based streaming platforms that allow you to listen to any music at any time. Unless you are in a no coverage area, you don’t need to download and store them on your smart devices. As smart speakers and smart home devices are increasing, the streaming services will increase its share in the music industry revenue. If you are planning to make a beautiful music player for your streaming website or mobile applications, these HTML music player design might give you some inspirations.

Some of the HTML music players are practical and you can use them as such on your website or application. While some give you some crazy prototypes, which will help you make a unique looking website. As most of your online streaming users are going to spend their time with the music player, making it unique and keeping the options at easily to accessible positions is a must. This HTML music player design collection will help you find your unique player.

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25 Creative Alternatives For Simple Digital Cards With Material Design

The use of Cards has more than benefits than you can imagine. This major component on your site makes your overall UI an easier place to navigate and scroll through, by taking sections of your contents and turning them onto smaller digestible forms. No matter what type of website you own, the use of cards also simplify the process of managing and organizing the contents. Another benefit is the exposure the contents get when displayed as a card. More elements fit on a screen which means more contents are on display for the users to take in. And the infinitely manipulatable form of cards makes it a great contender for the material design. But before we move onto our list of handpicked options you can try to implement or get inspired by, let’s understand what exactly are material design?

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