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Having a poor credit score is not an end of life. Most negative parameters in your credit report can be rectified by yourself, but it takes lots of time and resources. This is where the credit repair companies come to help you. The credit repair companies do all the heavy lifting for you and help you fix bad remarks on your credit score for a fee. According to the Federal Trade Commission, there are many scam companies in the credit repair industries. Hence, you must be very careful when choosing a credit repair company. If you are running a credit repair business, the biggest challenge in front of you is credibility. Your credit repair business website should not only showcase your services and pricing, but it also should show your credibility. This list’s credit repair website templates are designed smartly to improve your business.

Credibility building factors like customer reviews, testimonials, and lot more are pre-designed for you. Hence, you can clearly show how legit your services are and how you can help people fix their financial issues. Design-wise, these templates will elicit positive emotions from the audience. All you have to do is to add the awards and recognizations you received to boost your conversation rate further.


clean and sophisticated credit repair website templates

This must be the first template in your list regarding consultancy, finance, and accounting. The creator of this template has thoroughly understood the needs of accounting and finance companies. Therefore you get a ready-to-use finance-related website template. This template has twelve beautiful pre-made demos. All demos use a clean layout so users can easily interact with your website. Premium images and stock photos are used in this template to elevate the rich-look of this template. And a unique thing about this template is the creator has included all the stock photos and icons in the download file. With all the premium plugins and premium images, this template gives more value for your money. If you are looking for credit repair website templates with all bells and whistles, this is the best option for you.

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modern credit repair website template

Finano is a modern financial service WordPress website template. This template’s bold design inspires confidence when the user lands on your website, which is a must in a credit repair website template.

This theme pack has nearly five demo versions, all with a unique modern-business website design. Smart web elements let you explain your methods and services to fix the user’s credit report. You can use the case study pages to share some valuable insights and success stories with your audience. All custom elements are neatly integrated into the WPBakery page builder, allowing you to access the custom elements easily on all demos.

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Finance Consultant

interactive credit repair website template

Finance Consultant is a proper credit repair website template for both financial institutions and individual professionals offering financial services. This theme pack has three demo versions as of writing this post. All three demos focus on data visualization, so you can gracefully show complex data to the audience and let them clearly understand your services.

Flat-style design and full-page layout always give a magical experience, and it is true in this template. The creator has used simple parallax effects, gradient colors, and images to keep the users engaged from the header to the footer section. Those who are not into the flashy design and want a simple business-style layout will love this WordPress website template.

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customer-centric credit repair website templates

Financity is another smart website template purely designed for finance-related websites. Though this template has only three demo variations, all are pixel-perfect. The professional look of the template will boost your client’s confidence as soon as they land on your website. Both images and text content are balanced well throughout the template to let you clearly explain your services. All three demo variations have a long homepage design; hence you can list all your key highlights in one place. Carousels and neat sectionings help you neatly organized the related content. For front-end customizations, this template uses the GoodLayers page builder. The straightforward interface of the page builder tool will help the user to edit the pages easily.

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bold and easy to interact website templates

From the name itself you can infer that this template is made for consulting business websites. The creator has given pre-made designs for all major consulting business niches. Every demo is unique and helps you achieve your goal. Some demo variations help you collect more leads, while others help you genuinely promote your service. The classy, bold design helps you boast about your transparent services and how you have changed your customer’s life. Testimonial and awards sections are given in this template to improve your credibility. The premium Events Calendar plugin is pre-bundled in this template. Hence, the users can easily book their appointment via your website. Look at our appointment booking template collection if you give particular importance to the online booking feature.

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modern finance website template

Fionca is a multipurpose website template for business and finance websites. Dynamic animations are coupled smartly with the clean layouts to deliver an engaging user experience. The use of high-quality icons and images enhances the overall richness of the website. If you have your own custom icon set or premium icons set, you can easily replace the default one using the bundled-in Elementor page builder. This theme pack has five homepage variations. Each demo is unique and is designed to achieve different goals. All theme options and customization options are available on the WordPress dashboard itself. Therefore, site admins can easily manage their websites and can improve productivity.

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interactive website template

Avante WordPress is a modern WordPress theme. Whether you want to make a website for a company or a personal website for a professional, this theme will have a perfect design for you. Since credit repair is a laborious task, using credit repair website templates like this will help the new user to clearly understand your work. Plus, the well-calibrated animation effects keep the users engaged throughout the website. All ten demo versions are equipped with the Elementor page builder. So if you don’t find the element you want in another demo, you can bring it easily from the Elementor library.

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multipurpose business website template

Karma is another multipurpose business website template. Almost all major website categories are covered in this pack. Therefore you can create websites other than the credit repair website as well. Each demo is designed sensibly to meet the particular website category needs and audience’s taste. Even if you have to edit the existing look and your personal touch to the website, you can do it easily using the Elementor page builder. More than 500 inner pages are also included in this pack to make your job simple. All you have to do is to pick the demo you like, add the pages you want, and launch your website.

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credit repair website templates with useful features

Consulting is also similar to the Consultix template mentioned above. But, this template has a contemporary straight forward design when compared to the Consultix template. This template has 50+ demo variations and two RTL demo variations. The creator has tried to cover all types of audiences in this template. The biggest advantage in using credit repair website templates with multiple demos is you get hundreds of pages and elements pre-designed for you. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, you can easily edit the elements. Since it is a WordPress website template, there are thousands of plugins out there to help you. Simply install the plugin and meet your customer demands. If you don’t have a dedicated development team, credit repair website templates like this save you time and money.

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professional-looking credit repair website templates

FinancePlus is a conventional website template in a modern outfit. The basic layout and section alignment are something you have seen on many premium business websites. Hence, the user will get a familiar atmosphere once they enter your website. All the elements are placed at the easily accessible spot. Plus, it is a mobile responsive website template. Therefore, your users can easily interact with your website. This template has six demo variations and six header variations. All these design variations can be easily edited via the WPBakery page builder. This template also supports WordPress’s latest Guttenberg editor. So you can easily design your blog posts and page contents.

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Fake Website Templates for accounting websites

Explaining what you do and how you can help your customer is the primary goal of any service business website. In this template, the creator has used modern web elements to make the website as straightforward as possible. Points are clear cut and let the user easily understand it as soon as they land on your website. Card elements are used effectively to show bite-sized content so that the new user can remember it easily.

The creator has designed each and every element with extreme care to deliver an impressive user experience. Using credit repair website templates like this will always keep your user in the hook; they will get back to you one time or the other. This is one of the few templates that uses its own in-house developed page builder. Along with the page builder, the creator has also given a premium Timeline plugin and Cost calculator tool. If you like to create an impressive timeline design to share your story, take a look at our CSS timeline design collection.

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multipurpose financial website templates

Unbound is a modern multipurpose agency and consultancy website template. This template has 25 pre-made demos as of writing this post. Since it is one of the best selling credit repair website templates, you can expect more demos in the future updates. Each demo is unique and is designed for various purposes — the default finance website template concentrate on branding and user interaction. Thoughtfully designed homepage let the user clearly understand your services as soon as they land on your website. All the forms and elements are fully functional in this template. Once you have finished the last few setup processes, all forms and tables should work perfectly. Being a multipurpose website template, it has to meet the needs of all types of users. Hence, the creator has added 120+ readymade blocks to create a webpage with the elements you want easily.

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contemporary style credit repair website templates

Consultio is a fresh new entry in the market. From the bright gradient colors and appealing background itself you can sense that this template is targeted for present-day entrepreneurs. Images and trendy fonts let you fully express your message to the user. With the given demos, you can make both peppy youthful websites and professional-looking websites. From the coding side also, this template follows a trendy fashion. It meets all modern web standards like cross-browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, and a lot more. The premium Revolution slider plugin is used for image sliders, which lets you create interactive image sliders within minutes. All these plugin options and theme options are well-integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Your users can control almost everything from the WordPress dashboard itself.

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contemporary style credit repair website templates

Northwest is another bold looking business website template. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively to present these bold elements neatly to the audience. An ample amount of space is given between each element and section to improve the user experience. This template has ten homepage variations, and each one designed for a different niche. But, you can pick andy demo and customize it as per your needs. Since this template uses the famous WPBakery page builder for front-end customizations, users can easily manage their website. Like most other credit repair website templates in this list, this one also has an RTL version. The WPML plugin is also given for multiple language options. If you are providing services all around the world, the multilingual option will come in handy for you.

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friendly credit repair website templates

Advisor is purely designed for finance and consulting business websites. This theme has eight demo variations. All eight demo variations have lots of space for images and also have an ample amount of space for text contents. Modern web elements like carousels and accordions are used to group the contents neatly. Speaking of accordions, if you are bored by the same old unfolding and folding accordions, take a look at our bootstrap accordion design collection. Animation effects are sleek and smooth in all eight demo variations. Since this template is designed for all types of financial consultancy and service website, you have to tweak the website a bit. But don’t worry, this template is equipped with the WPBakery page builder. Hence, you can easily edit and align the sections as per your needs.

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wordpress website template with multiple demos

BeTheme is one of the best selling WordPress themes. The strongest point about this template is its vast pre-made demo collection. This template has 500+ pre-designed demo variations as of writing this post. With these 500+ demos, you can create any type of website in no time. Under the finance category, you get plenty of demos; based on your needs, you can pick one. This template not only has a long demo list but also has a long plugin list. The creator has equipped this template with all the basic plugins; you also get some premium plugin on this list. Hence, this template carries more value for money when compared to other credit repair website templates in this list. If you are an agency, this template saves lots of time and money.

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website templates for modern businesses

Pearl website template has demos for modern businesses. If you are revamping your existing website or starting a fresh new brand, this template is a good choice. The creator has used the modern elements smartly without compromising the functionality. Your users will get the same fluid user experience on small screen devices as well. Hence, your audience can reach your website anytime and from anywhere. Each demo is unique and is made for a particular niche. Hundreds of elements and pages are pre-designed for you. No matter on which demo the pages you like is there, you can easily add it to your website. Since it is a WordPress website template, managing the pages and the content will be an easy job for the site owners.

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conversion focused credit repair website templates

Uncode gives a straightforward user experience. All elements are placed at the expected place, so the users can easily interact with your website. This template has 60+ demo variations for different niches. We do get a dedicated theme for finance and banking sector websites. All demo variations use a full-width layout; hence you get more than enough space to clearly explain your services. In the default demo, you get an inquiry form in the header section to improve the chances of collecting leads. If you are planning to run an email marketing campaign, take a look at our free email templates collection. Since this is a WordPress website template, you can integrate any email marketing tools to automate your work.

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multipurpose website template

Having a trendy and youthful website template will help you to make a strong impression. Especially if you are targeting present-generation users, credit repair website templates like this will come in handy for you. The creator has given you both conversion-centered designs and service-centered designs. Modern animation effects and hover effects are coupled well with the images and web elements. As a result, you get a stunning website template that the user loves to use. This template supports both WooCommerce and Easy Digital eCommerce platforms; hence, you can easily sell your services through your website. Once you have integrated your payment gateway, you can receive payments via your website. Both WooCommerce and Easy digital download has numerous plugins to help you with the payment option.

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Phlox Pro

thoughtfully designed business website templates

Phlox Pro website template is not only known for its cool look but also known for its functional design. The creator has balanced the beauty and functionality in all demo variations. This template has nearly 90 pre-made demos. Since it is one of the best selling multipurpose website templates, more new demos will be added. So you no need to worry about updates and security checks. In its wide range of pre-made demos, the creator has covered almost all major website category. Right from simple blogs to complex creative business websites, everything is given in this template. The proportionate design gives a stunning look to the website, plus, the user can also easily interact with your website.

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website template with easy customization options

Jupiter is the most flexible and easy-to-edit website template on this list. Like a few other credit repair website templates mentioned in this list, this one also supports two major page builders. Based on the workflow you prefer, you can either choose the WPBakery page builder or choose the Elementor page builder. This template has 250+ demos as of writing this post. The creator has given a powerful search tool with a filter option to let you easily find the template you want. For the finance category, you get plenty of demos. You can pick anyone and edit it as per your needs. For a professional look, the Accountant demo will be a perfect option; you can use it as such by simply adding your content.

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multipurpose website template for all modern businesses

The first thing that comes to your mind when you see this template is simple and elegant. By using only necessary elements, this template gives a tidy look to your website. Plus, the user can also easily understand your services and knows where to go next. All basic layouts have a proper structure so that you can clearly tell about your brand and how you can help your clients. The creator has used sleek and subtle animation effects to liven up the website. Attention to small details and perfection makes this template a go-to option for both normal users and developers. We do get a dedicated demo for financial services, so you can quickly set up your credit repair business website.

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modern business website templates

Ekko tries to be a versatile business website template. This template has 50+ pre-made demos, and all of them have a trendy design. In order to satisfy all types of customers, the creator has kept the design as simple as possible. Hence, you have to edit the template to make it niche specific. Because of the latest CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks, the colors look more natural, and the animations are smooth. Though these templates have lots of images and animation effects, the web pages load faster than you think.

The creator has taken care of the basic optimizations; all you have to do is to fine-tune the design as per your needs. Some of the demos even have the bbPress plugin pre-configured to let you easily manage your users. If you are planning to give a separate dashboard for your users, take a look at our bootstrap dashboard template collection.

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properly optimized website templates

Webify is almost similar to the Exponent template mentioned above. But, both the themes are from a different developer, so you get different designs. With the bold text and clean layout, this template gets user attention as soon as they land on your website. Forms are placed at appropriate spots so that users can easily get in touch with you. This template uses the famous Gravity forms. Hence, maintaining and organizing forms will be an easy job. Animated counters and video sections will help you clearly explain your services. Speaking of animated counters, take a look at our free countdown timer design collection with cool animation effects for more inspiration.

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simple and starightforward website templates

BLO is an Elementor page builder based modern corporate website template. All demo variations in this template will perfectly fit credit repair websites. The default design of this template will improve your credibility and clearly show how you can help them build a good credit history. This template has only six demo variations as of writing this post. But, you can expect more new demos in future updates. Elements Kit plugin is also integrated with the Elementor page builder to help you easily manage the web elements. All six demos follow a bold design so your users can easily interact with your website on small screen devices and computers.

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multipurpose business website templates

Navian is an affordable WordPress website template. The creator has packed this template with useful plugins and 15+ demo variations. All demos have an image-rich layout; if you use many custom images, templates like this will help you elegantly showcase your images. For image sliders, this template uses the premium Slider Revolution plugin. With the help of the Slider Revolution plugin, you can create an interactive image slider in no time. The site owner itself can do most minor customizations and tweaks. So you can use your developers for constructive tasks.

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simple website template

Venor is a professional-looking website template made for consultancy businesses. The creator has kept the template simple and flexible so you can easily edit the template. Lots of white space is used in this template, which gives a tidy look. But the simple icons used in the default design don’t fit perfectly. If you have premium icon collections, you can simply install and use it on your website. Since this template uses the WPBakery page builder, you can make minor customizations easily. Four demo variations are there in this pack, plus, you also get basic inner pages pre-designed for you.

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