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For every couple in love about to tie the knot or someone who wishes to be different from everyone else, owning a stunning website or online platform is a must. Especially with everyone competing to become unique and stand out from the crowd, making memories has taken a whole new turn! Thus, today we have made a list of the best premium wedding website template for you to check out!

Perfect for you to start an online platform to share memories with your loved ones, you can create online invitations, share details, information, and media files the easy way. Not only is it easier to manage the guest list and confirm their arrival, these templates are also a modern and stylish way to let everyone know your story. However, the list does not end there. These hand-picked templates are also suited for professional use. That’s right, if you are someone related to the niche of business, whether you are an event planner, venue decorator, bakery, florists or more, these options can be the ideal choice. So why not check them out today and start out elegant and stylishly only with this list of premium bootstrap based wedding website templates?



CKarla or Caroline Karla is a stunning, elegant wedding website template, ideal for multiple different sites. Whether it is for portfolio, photography, event planners, decorators, wedding shops and more, it is pretty flexible. And for this, you get tons of amazing pre-built pages dedicated to home, shop, blog, portfolio and more. The visuals are amazing, completely responsive and offers HD imagery and retina-ready graphics. Intricate design is accompanied with elements like creative fonts, icons, CTA buttons and so much more.

Onto the details, the minimal and elegant design also offers smooth animations, effects and page transitions. The whole template is designed with the powerful Bootstrap framework. You also get access to plugins like Owl Carousel, Flexslider and more. The magnific pop-up gallery is another highlight here. In addition to this, you can even implement custom maps with Google Maps. All in all, a complete package of everything you need to get started.

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Next in line, we have another stunning wedding website template; WedCo. A professional HTML website template built on the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is pretty reliable and secure. Ideal for all niche of wedding sites, whether for personal or professional and business use, this template is a great option. It features amazing range of useful elements that adds to the efficiency. From advanced RSVP pages, wedding gift registry, contact forms, pricing plans, video support and so much more, you get it all. Apart from that, it also features pre-built elements that will give you head start.

This template support 10 different post formats from blog, gallery, testimonial, video and more. You can also enable CSS based components like animations, effects, video backgrounds and more. In total, there are over 3 amazing home pages alongside other 30+ HTML pages. Not to mention you get the option for one and multi-page variations. Furthermore, you get access to unlimited sidebars, unlimited color schemes, pixel perfect and retina-ready graphics. Packed all into one, this template is one that definitely is worth a try.

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Third in line, we have the Joolie, a WooCommerce wedding website template. Designed specifically for websites dedicated to online stores for wedding dresses, florists, bakeries, even event management. Elegant, chic, minimal and visually pleasing, this template is one that is sure to catch your user’s attention. It features a beautiful home page, alongside 17 amazing inner pages. This includes variations for shop, gallery, blog, cart, collection, contact and more. It is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect with the graphics.

Apart from these, you will find all the components that are efficient to get your project up and running from scratch. From advanced contact forms, social icons, product details, elegant icons, fonts, and more, you get it all. Furthermore, with the addition of CSS animations, effects and page transitions it is pretty smooth running. Cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, and optimized for speed, this template ensures the users of an optimal performance each time you log in.

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Mendinghub is a great addition to our list of the best premium wedding website template today. A fully equipped template with amazing features and equally appealing visual, it definitely stands out. It is great for all wedding based websites whether it is for professional or personal use. Clean, modern and elegant, it is great to showcase all your services if you are looking to start a business site. And if you are looking to start a personal site to share your special day with your loved ones, you get plenty of amazing elements to do so as well.

There are 3 different home pages to get started with. In addition to this, there are over 30 stunning HTML pages dedicated to services, venue, blog, calendars and more. All in all, it is great for photographers, florists, cake decorators, wedding dresses, beauty salons and more being this flexible. Simple and easy to use, this template is pretty user-friendly and ideal for even beginners and novices. It is based off the powerful Bootstrap framework and HTML as well as CSS code structure. Stand out features here includes 3D buildings in Maps, multi-agency options, membership options, 5 different banners, amazing sliders and image gallery sections. 

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Wedding Bells


Next in line, we have another professional premium wedding website template Wedding Bells. Elegant and chic with the design structure, this template is pretty great with the visuals. It is ideal for all niches of businesses related to weddings, event planning and venues or even for personal RSVPs and Save the Date sites. Smart and flexible layout grid system, it is quite easy to customize and work with. This makes it ideal for those beginners who doesn’t have previous experience with codes or design. You get multiple pre-defined color schemes that allows you to get creative. Not to mention the retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics it features to ensure an overall excellent visual.

It is equipped with the mobile ready jQuery drop down menu that makes it easier for the users to browse through your site. Another stunning element here is the custom gallery page, and the addition of the responsive carousels and sliders.   You also get access to AJAX based RSVP and contact forms that are professional and clean. The whole template is cross-browser compatible, SEO ready as well as super fast loading. Even the amazing typography and the icons here go hand in hand with the overall styling. Pretty great for all niches of wedding sites, this too is a great option to start with.

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Another flexible and versatile option we have in line for you next is Bridal. A great option for businesses alongside personal sites, this template offers a huge range of customizing options and pre-built elements to start with. Completely user-friendly, it is ideal for beginners and novices who are just starting out. Pretty reliable and affordable with the pricing as well, this theme is based off the advanced Bootstrap framework. Not to mention the powerful HTML and CSS based code structure that offers users the access to various useful elements. From stunning animations, effects, and page transitions, to amazing looking galleries and sliders, you get it all. Alongside this, you also get elegant typography and font options that perfectly compliments the design structure.

It is equipped with pre-built pages for blogs, gallery, about us, photo gallery, event, and more. Optimized for speed and overall performance, this theme is cross-browser compatible, and SEO ready. The rich UI kit is great when it comes to adding additional elements like calendars, count-down timers, CTA buttons, and more. For professional purpose, you also get access to multiple contact forms, email subscription form, registration forms and more. This theme also offers the users premium 24/7 support so that you get the help you need to set up your site from scratch.

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Wedding Love


Making it to the top of our list of the best premium wedding website template Wedding Love. Designed especially for the niche of weddings, anything related to it is perfectly suited for this site template. Whether you own a wedding planning agency, florist, bakery, videomaker or photographer, or if you simply want to create an online RSVP site, this template is ideal for it all. Built on the powerful Nicdark framework, this template offers all the flexibility one requires. There are plenty of pre-built components and elements you can use to get started. This includes a variation of stunning home and inner page variations, demo files, all available for download within a matter of minutes. All of these are fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect to ensure a flawless interface overall.

And this template being completely customizable, it offers plenty of amazing options to do so as well. From advanced color schemes, layout styles, niche-based pages, header and footer variations and more. You also get an unlimited range of creative fonts and icons as well. It is SEO friendly and also supports Google analytics which offers an insight that allows you to see the progress of your website. In addition to this, it is also compatible with Google Maps and allows one to add custom location. And that too with multiple color variations. It is fast loading, cross-browser compatible and all in all a great way to get a head start with your current or future projects.

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Next on line we have another elegant, chic and beautiful wedding website template PWE. A stunning design concept brought to life, it definitely stands out in it’s own unique way. Clean, minimal and purpose oriented, this template is majorly aimed towards wedding and event planning agencies and personnel. Using the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is reliable, secure and advanced. Complete with an excellent imagery, this theme is also fully responsive, retina-ready as well as pixel perfect. All the small details including the creative elements, fonts, icons, and the vertical side-bar perfectly compliments the design perfectly. Coded with SEO in mind, this template is sure to rank higher on the major SERPs. When it comes to creative ailments, there are plenty of CSS based components you can use.

You get access to stunning looking galleries, and carousel options to keep your users engaged. Not only this, but there are smooth animations, effects and page transitions that adds to the efficiency. It is also integrated with Google Maps which allows you to add in custom locations. And as it relies on the CSS and HTML based code structure, the creators have made sure to keep it all well-documented and secure. Standing out is not only the visuals but also the super fast loading speed. Not to mention the magnific pop-up gallery that is surely another highlight here. All in all, packed with everything one needs, this template is a great beginning to any of your wedding related business sites!

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Jolly is a fun and creative premium wedding website template that is a perfect start to our list today. A visually stunning, professionally designed template, this is perfect for the couples in love, event planners, venue owners and more that is looking. Elegant and chic with the design, it offers a list of amazing features that surely makes it worth the price. As you can see for yourself, the site executes a minimal and clean styling with a font and typography that perfectly matches the niche. But the great thing here is that there are tons of personalizing options to get you a head start if you want to change anything. To mention a few, there are 7 different and amazingly crafted Home Pages to choose from. Matching these styles you can also opt from 3 unique header styles.

And as each of these options are so user-friendly, even a beginner with no previous experience can get the perfect end result. The layout relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework and is ultra-responsive. Not to mention the super secure code structure of HTML and CSS it relies on. This makes way for an array of creative elements that are efficient and useful. From a functional contact form, calendar, count-down timer and more, everything you might possibly require is at your dispopsal. You also get dedicated sections for blog, gallery, informations, and more. And as it is highly customizable, you can even use this as a eCommerce site as it also features an equally appealing shop page. It is embedded with Google Maps, so that adding custom locations is also a breeze. Professional or personal, this template is great for both.

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Another stunner of a premium wedding website template is Isabella. An efficiently creative and unique looking template that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. A perfect way to announce your special day, or even promote your service if you are a planner, this is flexible and versatile to go both ways. And it relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework so that everything here looks amazing. Visually pleasing, everything here is designed to match the niche perfectly. From the ultra-responsiveness, to the elegant design and the color palette to compliment the style, it is pretty much flawless. And as it makes use of the CSS and HTML codes, there are tons of other elements that adds to the appeal.

From smooth animations to the effects implemented, there are also tons of personalizing option you can opt for. In total, users get 13 amazing pages for home and inner pages. These includes options for blog, galleries, story, service and so much more. Each of these are carefully crafted with components placed strategically to get the ultimate results. Even the fonts and the typographies and icons go hand in hand with the theme. Other mentionable features of this premium wedding website template include cross-browser support, RTL friendly option, calendar, working count-down timer, option for RSVP with contact forms, and stunner of sliders and carousels.

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Now one that is pretty straighforward and simple, L’amore is a premium wedding website template perfect for you. It is simple, minimal, clean and professional looking. Focusing entirely on the big day, this template is a great way to grab your user’s attention instantly. With a visual to absolutely fall in love with, each of these are carefully crafted with alignment of Bootstrap framework. This makes it flexible and versatile to work with. It is also amazingly responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. Not to mention the styling elements like sliders, carousels, creative galleries and more to get that amazing feel. There are tons of personalizing options to help you get that custom feel you are looking for.

You also get variations for color palettes with options to choose from 7 stunning schemes. The great thing about this premium wedding website template is that even the Home Pages comes with multiple different styles you can opt for. Each and every little detail here is based on the professional Bootstrap framework. Not to mention the amazing use of HTML and CSS codes that are all well-commented and valid. The template being lightweight is also extremely fast-loading. This makes sure that your users have no issues whatsoever when browsing your site. Other mentionable features here are the creative typopgraphy used, icons, working contact forms, css elements and so much more.

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Queen Flowers

Flower Premium Wedding Website Template

A very feminine and elegant website template, Queen Flowers is perfect for any wedding or event planning websites. The floral and girlish theme it follows is very appealing to the viewers and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site. Designed with powerful Bootstrap framework as the base, it is pretty flexible and versatile. And because it is focused on the event planning niche, there are plenty of features aimed at that. It is completely responsive and ensures a pleasant experience no matter what device you or your users are using. In addition to the pleasant color schemes, the visuals are further elevated with the use of creative elements throughout the site. In addition to this, it also features excellent imagery and pixel-perfect graphics. This ensures that whatever you implement on the site looks flawless.

The template is also clean and modern. And it even includes parallax sections to keep things interesting. There are also elements like count-down timer, calendar, and Google Map integration which makes the process of event management a breeze. Furthermore, the template also features CSS animations and effects adding to the amazing visuals. The template is also compatible with all the major internet browsers. As it comes with tons of Google Fonts to choose from, you can get as creative as you wish. You can add in gallery, sliders, carousels and more to keep things interesting. There are various social media icons to link to your social sites as well. Overall a pretty great template to start a site with, get a head start on your next project only with Queen Flowers.

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ave Premium Wedding Website Template

Ave is a multi-purpose and powerful website template that is advanced and modern. With an interface that is attractive and appealing, this is an amazing way to get a head start. It is ideal for corporate, creative agencies, app, portfolios, magazine, travel, restaurant, landing pages and event management. There are tons of amazing features packed into the package to make sure your site is efficient. Flexible and scalable, this template is also fully responsive, and readily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. There are also plenty of elements and ready to use pages and sections you can choose to get started with. It is also cross-browser compatible and SEO friendly. Pre-built demos are also available for every niche as well. Crafted with Bootstrap framework and SASS, it is amazingly flexible.

Various elements like icon box, flip box, gallery, testimonials, tabs, accordions, progress bars and carousels are also included. Choose from unlimited colour schemes, Google fonts and more. There are also options for creative social icons, newsletters and email forms. Choose from tons of header, menu, and footer styles to match the theme design. You can also choose to either to go for One or Multi Page design. Optimized for performance and speed, it features lazy load, speed optimized and more. With over hundreds of elements integrated, the possibilities are limitless. The templated is well-documented and backed up with awesome support as well.

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Soho Premium Wedding Website Template

One of the best selling website templates designed with portfolios and photography sites in mind, Soho is powerful and advanced. It comes with an amazing range of features designed to give the users the impression to last a long time. Perfect for anyone with an innovative and creative ideas in mind, you can get a unique and pixel perfect site with Soho. The layout is completely responsive and ensures that the site readily adjusts to every screen size. The full-screen presentation placeholder for images, sliders or any other media file type is amazing. It is professionally designed using the advanced Bootstrap framework. And to top it off, it comes with a range of personalizing and modifying option that enables you to get the custom feel. Get unlimited number of custom portfolio pages. In addition to this, it also comes with full-screen image and video background support.

To make things more interesting, it comes with variety of gallery type like Kenburns, Ribbon, portrait, striped and more. The template is optimized for a blazing fast speed as well as SEO friendly design. In addition to this, it also offers the users the option to showcase the before and after image comparisons. Choose from over 650 stunning Google Fonts and over 430 FontAwesome Icons. Based on the powerful HTML and CSS coding structure, this template is modern and variant in all ways. All of the codes are also neat and organized which makes it super developer friendly. To save your time and effort, there are also options for Custom 404 error pages, Coming Soon page and more. Cross-browser compatible, RTL language friendly and pretty fast, this template has taken care of almost everything for you.

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CANVAS Premium Wedding Website Template

A powerful, advanced and stunning addition to the list here today, Canvas is a flexible and versatile. Unlimited options for pages, personalizing options, and for both multi and one page design, this template is simply awesome. It is ideal for any type of corporate, business, travel, medical, construction and in this case also for portfolio and gallery sites. Completely responsive, retina-ready and featuring amazing graphics, this template is very appealing to anyone who lands on the site. It also makes sure that your site will always adjust perfectly according to the screen size. There are also options for dark and light color schemes whichever you prefer to go for. Range of advanced and scalable features also back it up to make things more efficient.

Choose from over 16 Header styles as well as over 10 stunning menu designs. There are over 700 templates that you can choose from each representing a different purpose and niche. Reaching out to potential international clients is also extremely easy as the template is RTL friendly. Get unlimited color scheme options you can choose from as well. Boxed and Wide layout makes it more appealing for the users as well. Other mentionable features and elements included are event calendar, AJAX contact forms, variable page titles, functional widgets and more. Premium sliders and panels are also included with the package.

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Wedding Reval


Wedding Reval is a premium wedding website template that is designed especially with the wedding niche in mind. Whether you are looking to start a wedding site for your own special day or to represent your wedding based business, this template is perfect for it all. The clean and elegant design it is based on is perfectly suited for the niche. Additionally, the amazing typographies and the fonts are stunning to look at. And the complete responsiveness as well as the retina-ready display adds to the visual effect. It even includes range of personalization options that lets you easily modify the site to your preference. Leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site with ease.

It includes 2 different and unique Home-Page designs that you can choose from. In addition to this, the template package even has over 15 premade Inner Pages designed especially to meet your requirements. As it is powered with the amazing Bootstrap framework, it is flexible and scalable. The pixel perfect design is further complemented with amazing blog pages, gallery sections and other creative elements. Whether you want to edit the background, colour schemes, patterns or more, you can do all this with ease. This premium wedding website template is further designed to be cross-browser compatible. Not only this, but you also get range to awesome Google Fonts and Icons that you can use.

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Lovely Wedding


Lovely Wedding is yet another stunning wedding website template that offers a visually advanced and graphically amazing interface. Not to mention the super-responsiveness, this template is also retina ready and mobile friendly. And to back it up, this template is tested on all major hand held devices to ensure an optimal performance. Powered with the advanced Bootstrap framework, this template follows a One-Page design structure. The elegance is further enhanced with the gorgeous Google Fonts and FontAwesome icons. Easily choose from the range of variations at your disposal. The overall design is super elegant, minimal and beautiful, making it ideal not only for personal but also for business purposes.

Whether you want to create invitations, add informations, display locations or more, this template is the perfect choice. Accompanied with stunning gallery sections, even your media files will look amazing. Adding to all this, this template offers 14 amazing looking style effects that you can choose from. Not only this, but the carefully crafted blog pages and other inner pages looks gorgeous. Sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site, it is also cross-browser compatible. Other advanced feature includes, fully working AJAX Contact form, social media icons, count-down timer, couple details and so much more. Get everything you need right from one place, only with Lovely Wedding.

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Wedding Planner

wedding planner wedding website template

Wedding Planner as the name suggests is a completely responsive wedding website template. It features a clean, elegant and modern layout structure that is perfectly suited for marital and bridal websites of all kind. Whether you are the couple to be or work with the marital business like florists, cake decorator, or more, this template is flexible for it all. It is built with the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework that enables tons of amazing features. Whether you want to create the perfect business site, or whether you want to share your story or create a wedding invitation, this template is suitable for all. It is also retina ready and features amazing imagery. In addition to this, it is also completely cross-browser compatible.

Wedding Planner is built with the CSS and HTML coding structure and features tons of amazing elements. You can easily add media files, change the colour schemes, add fonts icons, calendars, countdowns and more. The template is built to be fast and easy to load. In addition to this, the template features an amazing range of beautiful Google Fonts that you can choose from. There are over 60 unique and creatively crafted layout structure that you can choose from. For a more effective usage you also get over 14 different working forms for every purpose. What’s great is that you also get 5 premium plugins included with the template package.

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Wedding Forever Love

wedding forever love wedding website template

An elegant, beautiful, modern and visually appealing wedding website template, this premium wedding website template is the perfect choice to opt for. This premium template is not only visually appealing but the template is also feature-rich. It is easy to work with and modify as the interface is highly user-friendly. The template is completely responsive and retina ready. Complimented perfectly with the elements and the typography included, this template is sure to keep your users engaged and wanting more. What’s great is that this template uses the powerful Bootstrap framework which makes this template flexible and standard. In addition to this, the template is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on every device browsers.

Built with even mobile responsiveness in mind, this template adjusts to every device screen size with ease. You get 2 different and completely unique Home Pages to choose from. The template gives out an overall impression of elegance and creativity. The coding structure is based on the powerful HTML and CSS coding. This offers a range of amazing features and elements that you can easily implement. Get unlimited color schemes that you can choose from and a variation from Google Fonts. In addition to this, all the files are well-commented and clean so that it is extremely easy to modify and edit. The template furthermore adds extra appeal with smooth transition effects and creative animations. Get the perfect wedding website right away!

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lilac wedding website template

Lilac is an elegant, clean and stylish premium wedding website template that is impactful and powerful. With a Bootstrap based structure, it is well-built and organized so you get the best online experience. It is cross-browser compatible, responsive and completely user-friendly. The template features a clean and clutter-free interface for the user to work with. It uses the powerful Bootstrap framework and is sure to make your site stand out. Get a One-Page design that use the fluid grid system. You also get 3 different Hero sections for Image, Video and Image Grid. In addition to this, the parallax effect and amazing effects adds to the appeal. Getting in-depth about the features, you get stunning parallax effects, and various sections you can include.

Add media files extremely easily as well. For your convenience get an unlimited color variation you can choose from. You also get blog sections, gallery sections, bride and groom section, bridesmaid and groomsmen section and much more. You can include the details on the invitation section and turn it into an e-invite. In addition to this, you also get a wedding gift section as well as Event Time-line sections. For a more attractive and creative approach, you also get tons of fonts and typography to choose from. The clean and well-commented HTML and CSS codes are easy to edit and modify. To make it easier to share it on your social sites, it also includes creative social sharing buttons. Perfect for anyone looking to make their website appealing and amazing, this template is the ideal choice.

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Wedding Event Planner

wedding event planner wedding website template

Just as the name suggests, Wedding Event Planner is an ideal template choice for anyone involved in the business of event management and wedding planning. It is a premium template that is packed with tons of amazing features to help you get effective result. With a fully responsive and retina-ready interface, this template extremely amazing to say the least. With functional and effective UI elements and components, we are sure that this template will make your site stand out. Get a huge range of around 60 unique and elegant variation for Homepage layouts to choose from. Not only this, but you also get Multi, Single, Boxed, demos for your convenience.

The template is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all the internet browser. It also includes 5 different premium plugins so you don’t have to waste any extra amount later on. Packed with over 340 HTML files, you can easily utilize it for adding elements you require. If you prefer you also have the option for Dark layout. Furthermore, this template is also RTL and translation ready. It also includes, Event List, Calendar, Service, FAQ and Gallery sections. Perfect for any type of wedding and marital based websites, this template offers features that is sure to leave you in awe!

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Love & We

love and we wedding website template

Love and We is a premium HTML wedding website template that features a stunning overlay and structure. Built using the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is amazingly flexible and adaptable. It is also completely responsive and retina-ready. The imagery, visuals and the overall outlook is simply gorgeous. Alongside the amazing CSS animations and effects, we are sure your site will look amazing after you are done editing. Furthermore, it is also packed with tons of amazing features and useful components. This ensures that whatever you are looking for, this template offers it all. Additionally, it is also cross-browser compatible and loads extremely easily on all the major internet browsers.

The clean, flat and modern design of the template is also perfectly complemented with the creative typography and fonts. The boxed and wide layout structure also adds to the appeal of the site. Get over 4 different Header and Footer variations to choose from. In addition to this, you also get 8 color variations you can choose from. Get over 45 different HTML pages and over 15 shortcode page elements. What’s more is that you also get 8 unique and creative Home Pages. The codes are also valid, clean and well-commented. In addition to this, the template also include Google Fonts, Google Maps and social media integration. Thus, this template is the perfect choice for you if your wedding is coming soon. Or if you deal with anything wedding related, you can even create a professional platform for your company.

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wedding wedding website template

Yet another stunning and unique concept based wedding website template, Wedding is a premium choice for you! With amazing visuals and feature-rich options, this template is surely the one that you should try out! Get over 20 different and carefully designed demo pages that you can choose from. In addition to this, this flexible and adaptable theme also offers over 50 Page variations. Whether you are looking for One or Multi Page design this template has the option for both. It is also completely responsive and showcases a retina-ready design page. In addition to this, the template is highly customizable. From background to color schemes, to fonts to typography, everything is easy to modify.

It uses the powerful Bootstrap framework and is sure to reach all the latest standards. Even the coding structure is backed up by the advanced HTML and CSS codes. All of these are also clean and well-commented. What’s more is that it provides the user the option to easily create corporate or agency sites as well. It also features stunning gallery and portfolio options that makes your gallery stand out. The parallax effects and animations included adds to the appeal. Not only this, but you also get the option to easily add Google Maps, calendars, count down timers and more. Whether you want to create a wedding website for yourself, start an online invitation, a corporate site, wedding shop or any marriage or wedding related websites, this template is surely the perfect choice.

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The Wedding Date

the wedding date wedding website template

The Wedding Date is a creative and modern looking website template that is best suited for wedding websites, event planners, cake decorators or anyone in the similar niche. With the responsive and retina-ready, the template makes sure that your site automatically adjusts to every device screen size with ease. The vibrant and colorful look of the site is perfect to capture your viewer’s attention instantly. In addition to this, the feminine and lovely theme design also features amazing typography and fonts. Not only this, but the theme is compatible with all the major internet browsers. This ensures that no matter which device or internet browsers your users prefer, your site takes minimal effort to load. What’s more is that the template is user-friendly so that it is ideal for even beginners and novices.

With tons of variations to choose from, you can get the perfect Home Page or design layout of your preference. In addition to this, there are also tons of HTML and CSS components, that make the template easy to work with. Whether you want to add gallery or portfolio sections, you can do it with ease and within a matter of minutes. In addition to this, you also get the options for adding calendars, blog sections count-down timers, venue details and more. Furthermore, it features various sections for bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as wedding details and venues. Get over 5 different predefined color palette you can choose from. The well-documented codes are clean and valid so that it is extremely easy to modify if required. Make a lasting impression on your special day only with The Wedding Date!

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