A well-landscaped yard makes a property complete. If you are in the real estate business, you will know how much the modern family loves to spend some relaxing quality time with their families. Especially on a large property, having a well-maintained landscape gives an inviting look to the property. But in the present lifestyle, spending hours of time in making a beautiful yard is not possible for all families. Thankfully there are lots of landscaping architectures and service providers to help us. If you are running a landscaping business, these landscaping website templates will help you showcase your works elegantly to the users.

All these landscaping website templates have a pleasing and inviting design just like your landscape designs. Galleries are in these landscaping templates are designed carefully so that the users can enjoy your landscape designs fully. For your convenience, we have added both WordPress templates and HTML website templates in this list. Based on your demands, you can pick one and make a beautiful website for your business.


modern and eye-pleasing landscaping website templates

With a pristine clean layout and green color schemes, this theme gives a refreshing feel as soon as the user gets into your site. Lots of space is given for the texts and image contents. Because of the full-width design, the site doesn’t look congested even if you have so many contents on one page. Three homepage variations are given in this theme package and all of them are ready to use straight away. Since this theme is designed for landscaping business you can use it as it is without making any customizations. But if you have special needs, you can easily customize the theme with the Beaver page builder.

The Landscaping is a well-equipped WordPress theme. Out of the box, this theme supports Revolution Slider, Cube Portfolio, WooCommerce, Event calendar, and the list goes on. You get a dedicated page for appointment booking. The calendar design for the appointment booking is easy to use and the user can easily book an appointment within the calendar itself. Overall, the Landscaping theme is the best landscaping website templates in this list which gives a lot for your money.

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landscaping wordpress theme with video background

Gardex is one of the smartly designed landscaping website templates. All the elements are placed at the right place which makes the accessibility of the elements lot easier. Speaking of accessibility, if you are into accessible themes take a look at our accessible WordPress themes collection. Coming back to this theme, you get three homepage variations with a professional design. You even get a homepage version with a video background. In the top navigation bar, you can see the “get quote” option is highlighted using the ribbon element, which is a nice touch. Two portfolio page designs are given in this theme and you also get a single portfolio page to explain your project. This theme doesn’t have an online booking option like in the Landscaping theme mentioned above. But you can integrate option easily by installing the plugin you want.

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multipurpose website template

Ituza is a multipurpose website template designed specifically for the service providing businesses. The biggest advantage of using multipurpose landscaping website templates like this is you get plenty of pre-designed elements. Since it is a WordPress theme, it has the WPBakery page builder tool to easily edit the template. You can simply drag and drop the elements in the place you want. Though it is a multipurpose WordPress theme, the creator has given niche-specific pages to let you easily set up a website. The landscaping and gardening demo has a neat refreshing design, which will help you elegantly showcase your beautiful landscape works.

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Garden HUB

interactive website template

Garden HUB is a feature-rich landscaping WordPress theme. The creator has not only loaded this template with beautiful demos but also loaded this template with useful plugins. This template has four homepage variations and different header styles. Most of the front-end customizations can be done via the WPBakery page builder itself. Hence, you don’t need to touch the code too often in this theme. WooCommerce powered shopping pages will help you easily sell your products and services on your website. If you want an elegant looking functional website template, this is the best option for you.

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clean and modern gardening and landscaping website templates

SunnyOrchard is a fresh new landscaping WordPress theme with a trendy modern design. This template has six fully customizable layouts. Each layout is unique, and you can easily make a user-friendly website using this theme. More than enough space is given for images and videos in all the pages. Hence, you can show your works and portfolios elegantly to the users. One of the demos has a vector-character-rich design, in which you can add micro-interactions and animations to make your website even more engaging. For more modern animation inspirations, take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection.

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content-focused website template

If you are looking for landscaping website templates that can easily manage your content-rich pages, this is the best option for you. The creator has used the modern web elements smartly to present the content in an easy-to-digest format. New users can easily understand your services and how you can help them make a beautiful lawn design. All sections and elements are designed purely using the code, so they look crisp and sharp on all high-res screens. This theme has three homepage variations as of writing this post. Each demo is unique, and you can make a beautiful website easily using this theme.

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gardener - wordpress themes for gardening

Gardener is a bold looking WordPress theme designed purely from the business perspective. Right from the header to the footer you have elements to promote your services. The sticky top navigation bar not only makes the navigation easier but also increases the visibility of your contact number. For quick customizations, this theme offers style switcher, in which you can add background pattern and make the menu bar sticky or static with just a click. If you are into background pattern, take a look at our CSS background pattern collection. Since this theme uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, you can easily add the latest third-party templates into the design. WPBakery page builder is given for the easier minor customizations. And it also supports WooCommerce store to help you sell your products on your website.

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landscaping WordPress templates with conversion-centered design

Gardening is an animation rich professional WordPress theme. The creator of the theme has used the bootstrap animations wisely to give you a lively website. But never fear, all the optimizations are done properly in this theme so the animation effects won’t make your website heavy. In the default design, you can see that the contact information is given in the header section image sliders. Since this theme offers premium Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plugin in the package, you can make interactive slides in no time. Powerful galleries are given in this theme to help you share images and videos easily with your audience. This theme supports bbPress plugin, hence you can let your users create an account and manage their orders easily on your website. In the default design, you don’t get user dashboard. Take a look at our dashboard template collection to easily manage your users.

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gardening and landscaping WordPress theme with multiple demos

In the GRD WordPress theme package, you get four homepage variations. Each homepage has its own unique elements and sections. You can pick any demo and can customize it easily with the WPBakery page builder. All four demos follow a full-page design so you get more than enough space to explain your services clearly to the audience. Subtle yet eye-catching hover effects are used in this theme, which makes the GRD as one the best interactive landscaping website templates in this list. The long homepage design let you give a quick overview of all your services. Like most other WordPress landscaping website templates, this one also supports WooCommerce store to help you easily set up an online store.

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Green Thumb

contemporary style landscaping website templates

Green Thumb doesn’t offer different homepage designs like the other WordPress landscaping website templates. But the given homepage design itself is clean and can be used for business websites. The designer has balanced the text and image contents equally throughout the website. Hence, you can deliver the contents engagingly to the audience. The footer section of the website is used smartly to show the contact information and working hours. This footer design will let the user see your contact details easily from any part of the website. For more interesting footer designs like this, take a look at our free bootstrap footer example collection.

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architecture WordPress theme with landscaping demo

Interico is primarily an interior design and architecture WordPress theme. The plant interior demo version of this theme will help you make a beautiful landscaping business website. In this package, you get 28 demo versions and you will get more in the future. All demo versions are unique and have a creative layout. Since this theme is designed for architectures you get an eye-pleasing easy to use website design. This theme uses the WPBakery page builder and offers one-click demo install option. Hence, you can simply choose the demo you like and start customizing it to fit your needs. This theme also supports WooCommerce store, so you can sell your products or services easily on your website.

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image-rich landscape wordpress theme

Greenova gives you a traditional simple business website. You get all the basic elements like sliders, carousels, menus, and etc, to make a proper website. This theme not only has multiple demos for homepages but also has different designs for inner pages. The WPBakery page builder is well-integrated into the theme to make the customizations easier. Like most other landscaping website templates in this list, this one also uses Layer slider plugin. Since this uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, you get quick loading interactive animation effects. Six homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them have a long homepage design.

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easy to use gardening and landscaping website templates

NuvaGreen is a sensibly designed landscaping website template. All the necessary information are given on the homepage to give a better user experience. Five home page variations are given in this package and all of them use a full-width layout. The creator has made sure that all the elements are easy to use even on the small screen devices. Basic pages are included in this theme and you also get a blog page designs in this theme. If you are sharing useful contents with your audience, these blog pages will come in handy for you.

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Landscaping By Themesuite

service providing WordPress theme

This Landscaping theme follows a plain design. The advantage of this type of design is you keep things straightforward. Users can simply get on your site and know about you and your services. If you love to keep the website simple and follow the tried and tested design which works for most of them, this theme is worth a look. Along with the landscaping website design, you also get website designs for constructions and snow removal. In the download file, you also get the code scripts used to make this design. Hence, you can easily customize the theme as per your needs.

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Landscaping DesignArc (HTML)

landscaping website template with flexible coding

Landscaping HTML template gives us both genuine business website designs and conversion centered designs. Four demo variations are given in this theme and each has different elements. Based on the goal of your website, choose one and start working on it. Since it is an HTML template, the creator has tried to give you all the basic elements. Hence you can concentrate more on the customizations and development process. Google maps are also integrated into the landscaping website templates in this package to help the users easily locate you. Along with the HTML template and the code script files, the creator has also included the Photoshop files. With all the given files you can easily work with this template.

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Landscaping ThemeMascot (HTML)

sensibly designed landscaping website templates

Whether you are making landscaping website for a company or personal website for a landscaping professional, this template has a design for you. Different layouts are given in this template package to help you make a unique looking website. This template offers both boxed width and full-width layouts. Images are treated as a part of the website design, hence you can explain your service engagingly to the audience. Live customizers are also given in this template to help you do minor CSS customizations. For example, you can change the color of the elements, background patterns, and menu styles. If you are a web development agency or a web developer, templates like this will save you time.

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Bagan (HTML)

HTML landscaping website templates

The Bagan is a complete package which gives you everything you need to make a proper website. Right from the loading animation to the contact pages, everything is pre-designed for you. Speaking of loading animation, take a look at our loading animation examples to give an authentic experience to your users. Though it is an HTML template, the developer has made most of the options functional. All you have to do is to customize and integrate with the platform you want. The developer has followed the code standards properly so that you can work with this template easily. Overall, the Bagan is a developer-friendly website template which will save lots of their time and effort.

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Gardener (HTML)

HTML version of Gardener theme

Gardener is the HTML version of the same Gardener WordPress theme mentioned above. You get the same pixel-perfect design in the HTML format. By using the HTML template, you get the freedom to convert it into any other CMS platform you like. Another advantage of choosing the HTML template is you save a lot of money. If you are a developer or having the resources to make a custom website, you can choose this HTML version. Right from the ground, you can make a website with the features you want. Like in the WordPress version, in the HTML version also you get the Revolution Slider in the package.

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HTML version fo the GRD WordPress theme

GRD is also the HTML version of the GRD WordPress theme mentioned above. You get all the pages and elements that you have seen in the WordPress version. Hence you can make the identical website in CMS the platform you like. For example, you can convert this HTML template into a Joomla theme and other CMS platforms like it. You get the same premium quality icons and sleek interactive animations in this template. The only thing that you will miss in the HTML version is the online shopping options. This is something you have to work manually to sell your products on your website.

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GreensKeeper (HTML)

retro style landscaping website templates

If you are making a content-rich website, this website template will be a good option. Blocks and card elements are used smartly to organize the contents within the given area. In the default design, the animation effects are kept very simple. If you like to spice up the design, take a look at our CSS card design examples for interactive design inspirations. Like few other landscaping website templates in this list, this one also offers quick customizations. You can quickly swap element colors and background patterns with a single click. Megamenu options are also given in this template which will help you organize navigation menu options easily.

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Garden Care (HTML)

bold looking garden and landscaping website templates

This premium HTML landscaping website template offers only one homepage variation in this package. Which might be a deal-breaker for few users when compared with other templates. Though it offers only one version, you get all the options and features to make a proper website. The sections on the homepage are logically arranged so that the user can clearly understand your services. Since it is an HTML template, you don’t get a fully functional shopping page. But this same template is in the WordPress version, which has a fully functional WooCommerce store. Elements and spaces are used smartly in this template to promote your services gently to the users. For example, you get a big banner near the footer section to show the contact details and call to action buttons to book an appointment.

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Landscaping By Themesuite (HTML)

html version of the ladscaping wordpress theme

From the name itself, you can identify that this is the HTML version of the Landscaping By Themesuite WordPress theme mentioned above. You get all the options and features that you have seen in the WordPress version. Basic optimizations like mobile responsiveness and speed optimizations are done in this HTML version. All you have to do is to keep this HTML template as a base to create your own custom website. This template uses the latest web development framework, hence you can incorporate any third-party templates with this one. You still get the premium Revolution Slider plugin in this package.

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simple flat style landscape and construction wordpress theme

BuildPress offers a clean and easy to use WordPress website design. Not only the design but the coding of this theme is also clean so that the developers can easily work with this theme. Though this theme is originally designed for construction company websites, we do get a separate demo for landscaping. Lots of space is reserved for the images so that you can show your landscape works elegantly to the audience. The flat style design makes sure that all the contents appear properly on the screen space. Since it is a mobile responsive WordPress theme, all the elements and options are optimized for the small screen devices as well.

If you like to use a traditional looking website with modern functionalities, the BuildPress theme is the best option. This theme is equipped with useful features like WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce, WPML, and basic free plugins. As all the important plugins and pages are given in this theme, you can set up a website in no time. For the galleries, this theme uses the premium Essential Grid plugin. Hence, we get plenty of pre-made templates and interactive animations to present the images engagingly to the audience. Overall, the BuildPress is a friendly WordPress theme for both general users and developers.

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modern and trendy looking business wordpress theme

If you are a freelance web developer or a web development agency, this theme is a must-have theme in your repository. With more than 450+ pre-made templates, this theme has designs for almost all types of websites. All you have to do is to pick the theme that meets your requirement and start working on it. This theme not only has multiple demos but also has multiple layouts. Hence, you can make a unique looking website in no time with this theme. Numerous customization options are given in this theme and it is improved in each update. For example, in the recent update, we get wraps function which allows us to create advanced contents. Plus, we also get new demos in the update.

This theme has four garden and landscaping WordPress themes. Each design has different layouts and different interactions. You can either go with a traditional looking design or you can choose a creative design that keeps your users engaged. The WPBakery page builder is integrated-well into the theme. Hence, you can access custom elements and sections easily. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements in the place you want. With custom elements and custom icons, this theme will definitely help you make an impressive website.

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simple landscaping wordpress theme with stick side navigation bar

Spectrum is a multipurpose WordPress theme for construction and home maintenance service websites. Twelve homepage variations are given in this theme and we get one dedicated theme for landscaping. Since it is a proper landscaping website theme, there is nothing to change much. But still, if you need to add a special element or sections, the WPBakery page builder will make your job simple. In the default landscape WordPress theme design, you get a sticky left sidebar. Because the sidebar sticky, the user can easily access the navigation menu options. Plus, your business logo or name will get better visibility throughout the website.

The color schemes are handled with care so that it is a treat to the eyes when you scroll down the pages. Both images and text contents are managed well in this theme so that the user can understand your services easily. The only thing you need to work on is the font size and the font color. In certain spots, the texts are not very clear on the light color scheme. Since this theme uses the CSS3 script, it can handle all modern colors and gradient colors. WooCommer powered online store is also given in this theme.

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creative minimal WordPress theme for landscaping and gardening

If you are into the modern creative design with a minimal look, the demos in the Bridge theme will impress you. Nearly 376 demos are given in this them and it is designed for various businesses and personal websites. We do get a theme for gardening and landscaping in this 376 demo package. With the pure white layout and refreshing gree color scheme, this theme will give a fresh look to your website. Texts are also used as a part of the design, hence you can easily highlight the important texts without making them look odd.

To add more meaning to the design, the creator has used icons related to the gardening and landscaping niche. The given icons are more than enough, but if you have your own custom or premium icon set you can add to this theme easily. This theme uses the WPBkaery page builder for minor customizations. You can either use the page builder or you can edit the code for a precise result. The code of this theme is handled carefully so that the developers can work with this theme easily. As your demand grows, you can easily edit this theme and add the features you want.

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multipurpose WordPress theme with customization options

Jupiter is also a multipurpose WordPress theme like the BeTheme mentioned above. This theme uses the Elementor page builder and is used well in this theme. We can change each and every property of an element, which gives us an innumerable amount of customization options. Among 220+ pre-made templates, three of them can be used for gardening and landscaping. If the default design doesn’t have the layout you expected or the element you want, you no need to worry about it. Just pick the theme that has the layout and options you have and start customizing it.

All the custom elements and sections are added into the Elementor Page builder. We can easily drag and drop the elements in the spot we want. Another advantage of using such multipurpose and multiple demo WordPress themes is there are plenty of elements to help us. As our demand grows in the future, these elements will make come in handy and let us run the website without changing the theme.

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