33 Free Responsive Website Templates With Galore of Amazing Features for 2020

Now being the time of advanced technologies taking over more than ever, you can find almost everything within your reach. With the accessibility of all the services at your doorstep, the competition is also getting tougher. On top of that, people are not bound to just a single device in the present era. So to help you out, developers have now started to give us an easy way out! Templates that are developed and designed with responsive layout designs and tons of useful UI elements. However with thousands of niche based and multipurpose themes out there, finding the one that works just the magic for you is a hefty task! So simplifying the process just for our users, today we have enlisted some of the best free responsive website templates.

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20 Appealing Boutique Shopify Themes To Elegantly Present Your Collections

If you are running a small boutique store, you might have understood the need for omnichannel retailing. Experts believe that because of the ease of purchasing and instant-gratification, online shopping behavior will increase in the upcoming years. Taking your boutique store online will increase the chances of reaching more potential clients. Using a well-optimized platform like Shopify will save your website setup and maintenance time. You can utilize the time to buy new trendy clothes and accessories. The boutique Shopify themes in this list will help you make a beautiful website to showcase your head-turning collections.

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20 Responsive Shopify Themes For An Exalted Mobile User Experience

There are nearly 6 billion mobile users in the world and obviously, it will grow a lot in the future. Most of us start our search from our mobile devices, this is one of the main reasons why Google has started the AMP- Accelerated Mobile Page project. When it comes to mobile website design, each second counts and every pixel is considered. Because when your website takes an extra second to load you will lose nearly half of your potential customers. It is delicate and hence you have to be so precise in your mobile website design. In this list, we have collected responsive Shopify themes that will help you deliver a desktop-quality mobile user experience.

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23 Impressive Coaching Website Templates & WordPress Themes For Life Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Online Courses & More

When it comes to online websites, it can be the one thing that either makes or breaks your business. Whether you are a simple business owner, blogger, or any professional, an online site that represents you and your services says more about you than you can imagine. So when it comes to creating an ideal site, we best leave it to professionals. And while we have dwelled into various niche of HTML templates for blogs, business, and more, today we are here yet again with a collection of premium Coaching website template.

Each designed and dedicated to a specific niche, these WordPress themes and HTML templates we have picked out guarantees an optimal performance. Professional creators aiming to provide their users with a quality of excellence through their designing, developing and programming skills, we have hand picked the best of the best for your ease. So instead of wasting hours of time, effort and money, why not spend it all on something that guarantees you stunning results?

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20 Retina Shopify Themes To Make Crystal Clear Online Stores

Display technology has evolved a lot. Pixel density is always higher in the retina devices, hence the images and the texts are sharper. When your users view your non-retina ready website on a retina device, the content will look blurry. To avoid this it is better to adopt a retina-ready theme. In this list, we have collected retina Shopify themes to help you make crystal clear online stores where your users can clearly see your products.

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20+ Professional & Feature-Rich HTML Attorney Website Templates & WordPress Themes For You

Every niche and every category of business deserves a recognition. And we cannot stress this enough on how much beneficial an online platform can be to any business. Whether you dwell in eCommerce, corporation or simply a firm or business of any kind, a website will broaden the horizon of possibilities for you. And if you are one that is familiar with our blog, then you know exactly why we are here today! Handpicking out the best of HTML templates for business, corporates and other niches, today we have the perfect options for attorney website template out there.

While there are plenty of free options to try out, those might not always be a good idea. Of course, these come in handy if you are just starting out and want to start small and steady. However, if you are aiming on something greater and packed with more features, premium is the way to go! If you wish to, you can also check out our free template listing. However, for this list today, we have gone for those options that for a small investment will inturn provide the users with amazing versatality and features required.

From purpose oriented features, to additional visual values, each of the themes and templates on the list today speak out excellence. All of these are also ensured to provide a creative solution to help you get started with your business right away. Lure in more potential clientelles, promote your firm and attract more customers right off bat. So without further ado, let’s get onto the list!

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24 Creative Food Blog Website Template & WordPress Themes To Live Your Food Dreams

Blogs and Informational websites are all the rage right now. And for a pretty good reason too. I mean, in this day and age of digitalization, who would opt for a encyclopedia or find a library to look up informations? Internet and our trusted Google is the answer to everything. Thus, the popularity of blogs throughout all the business industry is inevitable. Whether it is the fashion, food, finance, banking, agriculture, medical, or literally any other niche, any questions we have, blogs on the internet is our best friend. But today we are here with a very specific niche in mind: Food Blog website template and themes!

Whether you are a foodie, chef, nutritionist, restaurant owner, organics dealer or pretty much anyone who loves food, we have a collection of themes and templates that is just right for you. That’s what you are here for isn’t it? So without further ado, let’s get onto the listing!

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20+ Carefully Crafted Sports Website Templates & WordPress Themes For The Year 2020

Getting right into the topic you are here for, today we have made a list of the best possible HTML sports website template and WordPress themes for you. And to ensure that we offer nothing but the best options for you to try out, we have handpicked each templates and themes based on their credibility and efficiency. But before we get into the list, let’s talk about a few common stands we based our choices on.

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17 Shopify Blog Themes To Build Brand Awareness And Loyalty

One of the obvious reasons to run an active blog is for better SEO ranking. It’s a no brainer, more content means more indexing, which automatically leads to more organic search traffic to your store/website. HubSpot has found that websites with active blogs get 434 percent more indexed than websites without a blog. Blogs not only increases your SEO results but also improves your brand trust. 46% of the users say they read blogs to know about the product. Shopify blog themes in this list will help you build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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15 Easy To Customize Shopify Real Estate Themes

So you are planning to run a real estate listing or selling website on Shopify, right? In simple words, Shopify isn’t designed for real estate platforms. So you can’t expect any ready-made solutions and properly equipped Shopify real estate themes like you’ve seen on other CMS platforms like WordPress. You have to work your way through if you want to set up a real estate website on the Shopify platform.

One thing you could do is you can install a plugin like the Multi Vendor, which is originally designed to manage multiple vendors on marketplace websites. With the help of the Multi Vendor app, you can let the user post the property details and then you can use the draft order feature to charge your realtors.

If you are a developer and it is an experimental project for you, pick a free HTML real estate website template. Add custom features you want and try it on the Shopify platform. If the experiment doesn’t work the way you want, you still have the base design. By spending a few hours you can convert it to a comfortable platform.

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