25+ Carefully Crafted Sports Website Templates & WordPress Themes For The Year 2020

Getting right into the topic you are here for, today we have made a list of the best possible HTML sports website template and WordPress themes for you. And to ensure that we offer nothing but the best options for you to try out, we have handpicked each templates and themes based on their credibility and efficiency. But before we get into the list, let’s talk about a few common stands we based our choices on.

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19 Martial Arts Website Templates For Martial Arts Schools & Trainers

Here you will find the best martial arts website templates for your gym, martial arts school, or personal trainer. 

When your mind & body work together, the end result will be stupendous. Martial arts is one such art that demands both mental and physical strength. Whether you are running a martial arts school or conducting a martial arts event, these martial arts website templates will come in handy for you.

One of the most important features in a professional martial arts website template is the schedule options. Showing your weekly schedule lets the user easily pick the class they want. Most martial arts website templates in this list have a neat table that shows the schedule and other details clearly to the users. We have included WordPress themes in this list to make the website owner’s life a lot simpler and HTML templates to make the developers work easier.

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25+ Music Website Template & WordPress Themes For Easy Event & Playlist Management

An online website is not always limited to a single purpose. And now that more and more people are taking their business online there are possibly thousands of websites out there. It has been a great outlet for creative people to share their work, while some use it as a perfect means to organize and manage their businesses. Some wish to channel their inner artists whether through blogs, arts, music and more to their audiences through their site. And today, we wanted to dwell into something that reaches out both into the business and artistry. Music and event mnagement. Since both of these go hand in hand especially with musicians and artists constantly performing concerts and events, we have a made a list of best HTML Music Website Template that fit both the niche.

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30+ Free Bootstrap Based IT/Software Company Website Templates for 2020

Having a professionally built and creatively designed website to represent you and your business has tons of advantages. So much so that you might no realize that it holds more that you can imagine. While it serves as an alternative for users to know more about your services, the additional features you add will also add the effectiveness. In addition to this, it is also a proven fact that more people tend to visit a website of a page before actually being there in person. While these are only some of the benefits of owning a professional website, there is no denying that an online profile or online platform is of utmost importance when it comes to all niche of business. So today, we present our users with a variety of hand-picked free IT/Software company website template options.

If you are one from the IT business, then you probably know why you need to create a website worth visiting. And keeping those exact things in mind, we have picked out only the best to suit your professional standards so you don’t have to. Now, talking about creating a website is definitely a huge task. Although it used to be reserved for professionals and experts, it’s no longer the same case anymore. That’s right, with tons of amazing website templates designed and styled to serve the purpose of providing you with an easy way out, you can too join the online entrepreneurship today!

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25+ Awesome Marketing Website Templates & WordPress Themes For Effective Content Marketing

Digital marketing can be mean the success or failure of products in this age of the internet. With so many users focusing on capturing leads through online marketing and SEO optimization, a wide range of SEO and online marketing tools have become more and more popular. Whether you’re releasing a mobile app or working on a Kickstarter project, it is essential to make sure your website is perfectly primed and ready to generate leads for your products.

For this purpose, you can choose to use premium Marketing website templates. These templates are designed to use the best lead generation elements to help you gather attention to your content instantly. Expect Premium standard optimization, responsiveness and user-friendliness with this list of WordPress themes and HTML templates. Creating landing pages, startup websites, and SaaS service websites has never been easier and with these templates, you can ensure that your business reaches the highest levels of success.

However, we can always use addition to our list of website templates and we certainly won’t shy away from using your recommendations. If you have any ideas for the best marketing website templates that are not present on this list, comment down below and let us know about your experience with them.

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25 Best Hand-Picked List Of Free HTML Website Templates For Every Niche (Blog, Portfolio, Business, Shop & More) 2020

It is the age of technologies and internet so if you haven’t yet jumped on with the trend, what are you waiting for? If your answer is the right website template, then consider your problem solved! Today here at UiCookies, we are here with our hand-picked collection of the best Free HTML website templates available out there. And the best part is, we have covered each and every niche of websites. From multipurpose, business, eCommerce and even to blogs and portfolios, we have it all. However, if you are looking for one particular niche, feel free to check out our blog for more of our collections of premium and free website templates, CSS templates and WordPress themes. But without further ado, let’s get onto our list today.

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30 Flamboyant Color Palette CSS Designs For Pros And Casual Users

Looking for fresh CSS color palette designs that can help you easily copy hex values or generate colors for you? We’ve picked the best Color Palette CSS for you on this list.

Color palettes are the tools mostly used by the creatives and the artists in the earlier days. With the advancement of the modern digital world, everyone can design with beautiful colors. Color palettes have evolved a lot from simple boxes to interactive color circles. Tools like iPad pro, help the user to sketch on the go. Now the drawing apps have completely redesigned the color palettes for easier access and accurate color picking. If you are trying to bring out the creative artists inside your users through your drawing applications, these modern color palette CSS designs will come in handy for you. Some developers have even given you color palette generator tools and color picker from image options. Most color palette CSS in this list lets you copy hex color value easily. Make sure you check all of them.

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17 Joomla Real Estate Templates For Easy Property Management

Looking for Joomla real estate templates? We have got you covered with this comprehensive list. 

If you have read our Shopify real estate website template, we would have told you how much you have to work your way to make a real estate website using Shopify when compared to WordPress. In the case of Joomla, it is a tad simpler than the Shopify platform. There is a handful of good quality Joomla real estate templates out there. We’ve handpicked the templates with modern designs that most present-day users will love.

Functionality-wise, Joomla supports plugin extensions like in the WordPress themes. So you can add the functionalities as your demand grows. For example, if you want Joomla website templates for property management, you can install plugins like the Real Estate Manager and OS Property Real Estate to add property management options. All these templates are running on the latest Joomla version. Hence, you can add any latest plugins without any hitch.

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30 Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Templates For Business Portfolio, App, Event, Restaurant and Blog Website – 2020

No wonder, the website is the front face of a business. It represents your business professionalism and seriousness. Having said that, it is your website that depicts you and your business. In fact, Expert says the presence of stylish and stunning design can keep site visitors engaged. Consequently, it will give them a reason to look no further. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed many of creative agency owner, couldn’t prioritize the such a crucial aspect. Though there are plenty of free responsive Bootstrap themes available over the web, they are unable to select the best bootstrap templates.

Well, I understand how daunting the task of getting the right template. It is like the “Been there done that” situation for me! It literally puts you under pressure. But no more. To simplify your template selection steps, I have made an enriched collection of free HTML templates. The list is well curated and researched, picked out each template individually based on sleek interface, UX, and cutting-edge features.

Furthermore, every website theme is readily responsive and mobile friendly. It supports modern browsers and SEO friendly. The best news is most of the templates are powered by Bootstrap 4, optimized for W3C validated and has a blazing fast speed. Even better, they are well documented and comes attributed under Creative Common License. Let’s have your desired responsive Free Bootstrap themes in your bucket.

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35+ Free Kindergarten Website Templates Powered by Bootstrap, CSS and HTML

It’s 2019 and more and more people and businesses have opted to start their online journey. From professional corporate sites to blogs to portfolios to medical and educational sites, no niche is left out. And it is not a new fact that those with a great online presence surely outrun those who don’t. That’s right, thanks to the ease of access to the internet, having no online platform to represent whatever you are involved in is put into words, a loss. Why? Well, the first thing is obviously the inability to reach out to a larger audience. Another thing is that you are just passing on the free yet effective promotion and branding of your product, business or company.

What’s even worse is that your users can easily be misled to or attracted to your competitors looking for an easier solution. And that’s not all not owning a professional site in this digitalized generation comes with more disadvantages that you can possibly even think of. But not to worry, creating a site of your preference and to likeness with a professional touch is no longer a long and difficult task. The answer is professional website templates that comes complete with every feature that you might require!

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