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Fancy Search Box html search box

32 Best HTML Search Box Designs With Code Snippets 2023

Search boxes and bars are critical elements on every website. Depending on any project the users are involved, this can be one of the most essential components. This simple addition to any website can improve the UI of any website improving user experience as a whole. Not, only this, but this also serves the navigational purpose of helping users find exactly what they are looking for with ease. You can usually find these on the navigation bars or header menus visible and in some cases hidden. Not only does this make things more user-friendly and approachable but allows site-wide navigation with a simple click. Saving both time and effort on both ends, if you still haven’t added this simple yet effective element then what are you waiting for?

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17 Best Shopify Restaurant Themes To Get More Customers

With the subscription food box models, online food orders, and quick door deliveries, Restaurants have evolved a lot over the past few years. Most restaurant owners think it is a purely local business, but it is no more. With the power of the internet, you can take orders from any part of your location. Taking your business online improves your sales and makes your income more stable. Shopify has powered many online stores; when you make a restaurant website with Shopify you get plenty of in-built options to manage your orders easily. These Shopify restaurant themes will help you make a beautiful restaurant website with useful options.

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CSS Cards E-Commerce Shop Card

39 Best CSS Cards Inspirations 2023

Cards can be a convenient means of displaying content that includes various objects, such as the title, image, buttons, icons, etc. Designed to adopt to your content, the blocks or cards can include any custom elements. It can be anything from business cards, informative cards to even analytics cards, but the main point here is that adding a card on any site instantly adds that innovative and creative touch. And like we have discussed before on our previous articles, there is certainly no denying that cards can be beneficial in more than one way.

Whether you own a blog, a professional company site, or anything, cards can be a great implementation on any niche. And with more and more popular sites like Pinterest or Instagram or apps and widgets going for card-based layouts, it’s high time that you, as a site owner start considering this option.

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35 Best Free Bootstrap Blog Templates 2023

Many top companies, especially marketing companies, use blogs as a key tool to transform their business to the next level. A platform started for bloggers now powers almost 42% of the websites on the internet. The contents and the blog design must also align with your content strategy. We in this list have collected free Bootstrap blog templates that will be a part of your content strategy.

The blog design must revolve around you if you plan to run a blog to boost your branding. On the other hand, for corporate and commercial blogs, the design must promote the content and your services or product. These free Bootstrap blog templates are easy to use and customize. Some templates give you more than one variation in their package just like in the premium templates. Take your time and see all the free Bootstrap blog templates in this list

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CSS Hexagonal Spinners CSS Spinners

35 Best CSS Spinners Examples 2023

Any website whether it is personal or professional relies heavily on the use of visual elements to keep things interesting and appealing. From the overall design structure to adding creative components, there is no denying that it makes a huge difference. So today, we wanted to talk about another important and innovative addition to any website: CSS Spinner and Loaders. Now, what exactly are those? Well, to keep it simple, spinners or loaders are those elements designed to add an interesting appeal on any apps, sites or software while it loads the rest of the content. It can be anything, from a simple circle, dot, square or any creative icons. Basically, it is a way for site owners to make up for the time the users spend while the contents are ready to be displayed.

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Free Simple Bootstrap Admin Templates

29 Free Simple Bootstrap Admin Templates 2023

Admin dashboards are what users often use to get a quick overview of the stats and other controls. With a simple design, you can make templates less intrusive and let users concentrate on what they want. In this list, we have collected a list of free simple Bootstrap admin templates, which allow you to add as many widgets as you want on the dashboard. Each dashboard template follows a different design to let you manage the content easily.

Free simple Bootstrap admin templates mentioned in this list look simple and have modern designs to impress modern-day users. As most online users are 18 to 35, the template’s design must meet their needs and design taste. Most of the templates in this list give you plenty of options and elements to easily create a custom dashboard.

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31 Best iMac Mockups For Designers 2023

The list of photo-realistic iMac mockups, iMac clay model mockups, iMac mockup scene creators, and responsive iMac design mockups. 

There is nothing like having a 5k iMac screen on your desk. The all-in-one design makes your desk clutter-free from the wires and gives you plenty of space. Engineers at Apple have made the machine minimal, giving an artistic touch to your workspace. We have collected some of the best iMac Mockups in this list to reduce your presentation and design showcase work.

As of now, in every Apple product lineup, consumers’ most favorite color is space grey. We get the space grey color with the iMac Pro, but the regular iMacs still have the aluminum look. In this list, we have also included the iMac Pro mockup for those who love the space grey color. The razor-sharp edges and wedge-shaped design give this powerful machine an elegant look. When it comes to the screen, there is nothing like the iMac’s 5K Retina display. Colors and details can be seen clearly on the screen. The iMac mockups on this list clearly show the screen so your content can be seen neatly. All you have to do is to add your content and showcase your inspiring designs.

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17 Best Shopify Real Estate Themes 2023

So, you plan to run a real estate listing or selling website on Shopify, right? In simple words, Shopify isn’t designed for real estate platforms. So you can’t expect ready-made solutions and properly equipped Shopify real estate themes like you’ve seen on other CMS platforms like WordPress. You have to work your way through if you want to set up a real estate website on the Shopify platform.

One thing you could do is install a plugin like the Multi-Vendor, originally designed to manage multiple vendors on marketplace websites. With the help of the Multi-Vendor app, you can let the user post the property details, and then you can use the draft order feature to charge your realtors.

If you are a developer expecting more freedom, look at our HTML real estate website template. Add custom features you want and easily convert the template into a Shopify theme. You still have the base design if the experiment doesn’t work how you want. You can convert it to a comfortable platform by spending a few hours.

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36 Best CSS Input Text Form Templates 2023

Bored of the same text-in effect on your website or forms? Well, it doesn’t have to be the same hereafter. We have collected some of the best creative CSS input text effects. Some have a fantasy touch and some will give a futuristic effect. All these effects are light and simple, so you can easily use them on your login forms, contact forms, websites, and even on your landing pages. As most of them are just a concept, you have to work on the optimization part to make it properly work on all platforms and browsers. Few crazy animation effects are also there in this list, so make sure you check all of them before landing on one design.

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30 Beautiful HTML hr CSS Design With Custom CSS 203

HR tag is one of the common functions in HTML, when you need to separate content, all you have to do is to declare the hr code. With HTML5 the hr tag has become semantic and clearly shows its purpose. Now with the CSS3, you can dress up the normal horizontal break-lines to how you want. The horizontal lines are used not only as breakers but also as part of modern web design. You can use letters, pseudo-elements, or animated hr lines to engage your web design and content to the audience. In this list, we have collected some of the best HTML hr CSS designs you can use on your web design.

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36 Best HTML Form Design Examples For Beginners 2023

Form designing is no longer the same, where you put many text boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes. The entire form design changes based on the requirement and where you will use the form. Forms are the ones through which you can learn about your customers, audience, and clients. When we design a form, we concentrate on the form design alone. But there are two important factors we miss a lot. One is the functionality and the other is the accessibility. Coding-wise, yes, there is a lot of best practice you have to follow to make a proper HTML form. If you are a beginner, look at this Tutsplus post to learn more about making a proper HTML form. These HTML form design examples will help you make a proper form with functionality and accessibility in no time.

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Magnific Gallery css image gallery

35 CSS Gallery Examples Crafted To Entice More Users 2023

If you keep on with the latest addition to the developers and designers then you might have heard of CSS Image galleries. It is a fancier and advanced version of a gallery template or layout achieved using CSS effects, animations and transitions. While most people prefer staying low-profile opting for the traditional gallery based templates, we have noticed many users now choosing CSS Image gallery designs over the others. But what exactly is the number surging over the years? To keep it plain and simple, using CSS as the base makes anything more appealing to view. Whether by implementing design structures, or by adding effects, or even animations these are more probably more engaging and enticing for viewers.

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42 Best Hand Holding iPhone Mockups 2023

With more than one million active devices worldwide, the iPhone is a big market for app developers and accessory makers. If you are making products exclusively for iPhones, these hand holding iPhone mockups give a realistic touch to your design presentation. The OLED screens in iPhone X lineups and liquid LCD screens in the cheaper models are brilliant. Images in this mockup show the iPhone screen clearly if you are an app developer this will help beautifully showcase your app design or screenshots.

The new glass back design of the iPhone is beautiful, but still, it is glass and can break easily. The number of iPhone users using cases has grown due to this glass back design. That is very obvious, no one would like to take a risk with a $1000 product. Some of the hand holding iPhone mockups in this list show the backside of the iPhone elegantly to let you showcase your case design clearly. All the images in these mockups are high-quality, so you can use them to create eCommerce store product images. If you are making products for Macs as well, look at our iMac mockups and MacBook mockups collections to beautifully display your products.

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33 Best Star Rating CSS Designs 2023

Star rating CSS designs to help you make an interactive rating system. CSS star rating percentage designs, half star rating CSS designs, and a lot more are there in this list. 

86% of shoppers and consumers say that reviews and ratings help them decide on purchasing a product. Ratings and review system not only helps the user to select a better product but also help the brands to know better about their customers. Keeping a star rating system or other types of rating system will help you increase the SEO rank of your product page. As the review area is filled with many keywords related to that product, your product page will appear high in the organic search results and make your products appear in rich snippets. This list’s Star rating CSS designs will help you make an interactive rating system.

Ratings and review system influences online sales and increases your offline sales. Forrester is an American market research company, they say that web content influences your everyday online sales by one dollar and offline sales by four dollars. As users start their initial search on the internet, your product reviews will help you improve your sales. Designing such a crucial web element is not a simple job, they have to be easy and functional. In this list, we have collected some of the best star rating CSS designs, that let the user share their exact feeling.

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21 Best jQuery Confirm Plugins 2023

Have you been in a situation where you spend hours completing a process and dismissing it accidentally? It will be so frustrating, some of us even shut the computer and go for a walk. If this accidental deleting or dismissal happens in productivity software like designing software, consider the designer’s mood. As a developer, we are responsible for reducing these accidental deletions or dismissals to the best of the limit we could. To help you in this process, we have collected free to use jQuery confirm plugins in this list. You can use this jQuery confirm plugins in your website or web applications to let the user double-check on the options they are selecting.

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