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“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression” said American actor Will Rogers famous quote. The quote applies to modern web designs as well. Current users are very fast and we’ve only a few seconds to grab their attention. Striking header design is a must for a website. The header must accomplish two crucial tasks; one is to establish your brand and the other is to say how you can help them. You can choose a simple, straightforward approach or a creative approach to make a header. We’ve collected eloquent website header design templates in this list to communicate with your audience.

With the help of modern web development frameworks adding interactive animation effects to the header isn’t a tough job. Some website header design templates in this list even give you premium plugins to make interactive sliders. Another smart design followed in service websites is providing a useful tool at the header section. For example, if you provide SEO services, you can use a Keyword search tool in your header section. Giving a useful element for the users not only keeps the users engaged but also make them visit your site again and again. All these templates are flexible and have customization tools to simplify your job. Take your time and find the best template for your website.


simple and straightforward website templates

Startit is a fresh and innovative website template for new startups. Smart homepage designs in this template will help you clearly explain your brand and your services. Each homepage uses a different header design. You have the option to add image slider, video background, search tools, and lot more in the header section. Since this template is tailored exclusively for tech startups, many modern entrepreneurs will love this template. Both single-page and multi-page templates are given in this pack to meet all types of user needs.

Shopping pages are also included in this template, along with other basic inner pages. Hence, you can sell your products easily on your website. The shopping pages are powered by the WooCommerce tool, so all the shopping features are fully functional. All you have to do is fine-tuning and last-level integration part. Drag and drop page builders are given to make the customization easier. Using website header design templates helps you make a beautiful website without ever touching the code.

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personal website header design template

Breed2 gives you a proper personal website header design template. Since this template is designed for professionals, the header is super simple and is straightforward. The user can see the site owner’s image, name, his/her profession, and social media links. If you want your website to induce credibility and make the users stay on the website and see your services, this template’s header design is the perfect option. Plus, the call to action button to let the user quickly jump to your portfolio saves lots of time. Being an HTML5 website template, this one gives you infinite customization options and gives you full freedom to convert it into any CMS theme.

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service business website header design template

As the name implies, this Lawncare is a service business website header design template. The creator has prioritized the visibility of the services, so he moved the services section to the header section. A big image slider with beautiful lawn images welcomes the visitors and elegantly shows its services. Contrasting colors are used to grab the user’s attention and also to maintain the visual aesthetics. Not only the header section but the entire homepage of this template is designed sensibly to promote the services and also to provide a better user experience.

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Car Rental

rental service website header design example

If you are looking for a rental services website header design template, the Car Rental template is the best option. This template’s lead capturing prioritized design lets users quickly book a car via the homepage header section’s booking form. Placing the form on the header section is one of the oldest yet effective strategies followed by top marketers. This template’s simple design lets the audience easily interact and book a car without any hassle. The Car Rental is also an HTML5 template like the Breed2 template mentioned above. You can expect the same friendlier code structure to help you convert this template into any CMS website theme.

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creative header design'

Revolution website template is designed for multiple purposes. Hence, you get different header designs and different types of design styles. Creative organic web elements and smooth animation effects deliver an engaging experience. Header designs have different styles like typography-based design, video background, illustrative design, and a lot more. If you want your website to tell your brand story clearly, this is the best option for you. The thoughtfully designed header section, let the user understand your brand as soon as they land on your website. Using straightforward website header design templates like this will help you grasp user attention. Plus, you can also make the user stay on your website for a longer period of time.

This template has designs for almost all major niches. Using this template pack, you can make a creative portfolio website for a freelancer to a professional medical website. 200+ elements and hundred of inner-pages are pre-designed for you. This template gives you the WPBakery page builder to help you manage all elements and sections.

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simple and elegant header design template

Turitor gives you a simple and elegant header design. The straightforward design of this template lets the users easily pick the service/course they want as soon as they land on the page. This WordPress education website template pack has six demo versions, all with a straightforward header design. A blue and green color combo is balanced smartly throughout the template, giving the website a premium look. Plus, you can also easily brand your website with your brand colors. This theme uses the latest CSS script, so you can add modern and gradient colors without any issues.

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contemporary header design template

Sassico is the best theme for startups to create a strong first impression. With this template’s contemporary style design and smooth animation effects, you can clearly explain your services to the audience. The use of vector characters and colorful organic web elements give a futuristic look to this template. Though you don’t get the vector characters in the download file, you can add your own custom vector characters and create a unique website. All custom elements and effects can be controlled using the Elementor page builder. Overall, Sassico theme pack has one of the best website header design templates that attract the present-day audience.

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engaging header design for blogs

Wanderland is an engaging travel blog website template. The creative layout and lively animations of this template let the audience feel the adventure. And it also adds magic to your travel narration. This theme pack has seven demo versions. Each demo has a unique header design that concentrates on different goals. If you want an engaging header design that keeps your audience engaged, you can opt for the Travel Blog demo version. The creator has loaded this template with all the features and elements you want to make a proper and advanced travel blog.

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Hotel Zante

website header design templates with booking forms

As the name implies, this template is made for hotel websites. Header sections should always be engaging for a hotel website. Rather than simply adding beautiful image sliders in the header section, adding a useful tool will improve the engaging rate; The creator has understood this properly and given registration forms and powerful search tools in the header section. White spaces effectively present the web page content elegantly to the users. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, shadow and other effects get a realistic look. There is lots of space for images and videos to clearly show your rooms and their features.

This template uses its booking tool developed by the in-house team. Hence, you can expect a fluid and seamless performance from the booking tool. Even if you are not comfortable with the default booking tool, you can always add your booking tool to this template. Since it is a WordPress website template, adding and removing plugins can be done with a single click.

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The Issue

content-focused website header design templates

The Issue website template is designed completely by keeping modern magazines and bloggers in mind. These templates not only give a reader-friendly experience but also help you boost your brand. The users can enjoy your articles and can also interact with you. In the personal blog designs, you have space to add author-bio on the sidebar. Hence, the user can easily contact you and share their thoughts. Carousels and other modern web elements are used effectively organize the contents.

Different header designs are given in this template. You can choose a header that gives importance to your article or a header that increases your brand visibility. Mostly modern Google web fonts are used in all demo versions. Hence, your users can easily read your content. Useful plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress are given in this template to help you easily manage your audience. If you are looking for website header design templates fully optimized for blogs and magazines, this template will impress you.

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website header design templates with video background

Though this template is initially designed for portfolios, in the later updates, you get designs for creative business websites as well. Bright colors and smooth animation effects are used predominantly in this template design to get user attention easily. Header designs are kept simple. Since this is a portfolio website template by default, the header section clearly states who you are, and your brand is about. Using website header design templates like this saves you and your audience time.

Different types of layouts are used in each demo variations. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start customizing it. The WPBakerey page builder will make your simple customization jobs easier. This template is equipped with the Events calendar plugin to let the user easily schedule an appointment with you. If you are a developer and like to tweak the default calendar design, look at our bootstrap calendar design collection.

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website template for creative professionals

Folie is also a creative portfolio template like the Werstatt template mentioned above. But, this one has a more businesslike look. 30+ demo variations are given in this pack, and all of them have a beautiful design. Whether you need an image-rich website or a content-focused website, this template will have a perfect template for you. In each demo variation, different header design is followed. You get a straightforward header design for personal websites.

On the other hand, engaging header design with call to action buttons is given for business websites. Website header design templates like this with different styles help you cover all types of audiences. Both minor and complex customizations are made simple using the flexible code structure. Any developer can easily work with this template without a hitch.

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flat style website template

As the name implies, this is a flat style website template. Compared to other best selling WordPress website templates, this one has only a handful of pre-made demos. As of writing this post, this template has 18+ demo variations. You can expect more in the upcoming updates. Everything follows a flat style design from the header to the footer. This consistent look helps you easily brand your website. Even the web elements are made flatter in this template. If you are a flat style design lover, this template will be a treat to you. This template has a dedicated website builder tool to simplify basic customizations. Plus, you also get a header designer in this pack. You can create any type of header by simply dragging and dropping the elements. Using website header design templates with drag and drop builder will make your simple and easy.

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interactive website templates

The7 website template is marketed as “the most customizable template in the market.” To justify the title, the creator has given plenty of customization options. Both minor and complex code-level customizations can be done easily in this template. This user and developer-friendly website template have 40+ pre-made demos. Since it is a multipurpose website template, it has demos for all types of websites. Premium plugins are bundled in this template pack to give more value for your money. Unlimited header designs are there in this template. With all the customization options and pre-designed header designs, you can create almost any type of design within seconds.

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multipurpose website templates

The BeTheme is known for its humongous pre-made template collection. With a whopping 500+ pre-built demos, this template can help you make any type of website. If you are a professional web developer or web development agency, this template will save you time and money. Different varieties of layouts and design styles are used in this template. Plus, you also get different header styles. General users can use the WPBakery builder for customizations. Developers can use the flexible code structure for more precise customizations. This template is not only getting new templates in each update but also getting better and better on the code-structure. If you are looking for website header design templates for different types of websites, this is the best option.

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website header design templates for app companies

The Bridge template is for the people who like to stand out from the usual designs. This is a multipurpose website template, and they all follow a creative design. Right from the personal website to the corporate website, this template has a perfect design for you. Like the website design, the headers are unique and different in this template. Every element is crafted carefully so the user won’t find it difficult to interact with your website. This template has 430+ demo versions. Hence, you can start any project from scratch and can complete it in no time using this template.

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unique header design for creative agencies

Uncode is also a creative multipurpose website template like the Bridge theme mentioned above. But, the creator of this template has maintained a professional look compared to the Bridge theme. This template is the best option for you if you want a creative yet professional looking websites. Different layouts are followed in this template; hence different header designs are used to match the website’s layout. This template uses an in-house developed page builder tool for front-end editing. The famous WPBakery page builder is also used in this template for the traditional editing from the dashboard side. If you are looking for website header design templates with many customization options, this template will impress you.

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simple and clean header design

Total is a simple and elegant business website template. The creator has given designs for all types of business websites. This template will impress you if you like to stick to the tried and tested design that is running successfully for years. The traditional looking website will give a familiar environment for the users. As a result, you get a better user interaction on both computers and mobiles. Basic WordPress plugins are pre-integrated into this template, plus, it also has some premium plugins to add more value to the template. The headers also have a familiar, straightforward look. New users can understand your brand and the services you offer as soon as they land on your website because of this straightforward header design.

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header design for magazines

Making an attractive header for blogs and magazines is a tricky job. You have to handle lots of elements within the given area. The reader should be able to recognize your brand and should see important articles. Using a mega menu design for a big magazine and news website is always better. When you use a template like Soledad you don’t have to worry much making a proper header design. This template has many designs for almost all types of blogs and magazine websites. Though this is a magazine website template, other niche designs are also included in the later updates.

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website template with multiple customization options

Jupiter website template is also loved for its customization options. Previously, this template only supports the WPBakery page builder. But in the recent updates, you get the Elementor based website templates as well. Both page builders are integrated well into the templates. Hence, customizing websites and headers will be an easy job. This easy to customize template has 270+ demo variations. Hence, the developer has neatly grouped the templates according to their category. Search tools are also given in this template landing page to let you easily narrow down the search results. Look at our Bootstrap search box examples if you also want to implement such powerful search tools on your website.

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user-friendly website header design templates

RealHomes is a real estate website template. All service-based website templates have an interactive header design. You can place a search tool or a calculator to make your audience stay longer on your website. The creator has used image sliders and tools in the header section to showcase your properties neatly. A real estate website template must have an active map widget. The creator has used Google maps and map widgets in this template to show the property location clearly. Like most other website header design templates in this list, this one is also a WordPress template. You can add plugins even if the default website template misses two or three functions.

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Phlox Pro

website header design templates with striking look

Phlox Pro is another flexible website template on this list. This template also supports both WPBakery and Elementor page builders like the Jupiter template mentioned-above. This template has beautiful and eye-catching designs besides the flexible customization options. Modern design trends are used well in this template. Header sections and the top bars are designed smartly in this template. You can use the header section to showcase your products/services or show some useful information. Based on the demo version you pick, the tools on the header section varies. If you are looking for website header design templates with a modern design, this template will impress you.

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website header design templates with search tools

MyListing is a directory website template. This template has designs for both business listing and places listing. Since it is a listing website template, you must deal with many functions and user requests. The creator has made the admin dashboard powerful enough to help you manage almost all the functions from the admin dashboard itself. As of writing this post, this template has three demo variations. You can expect more demos in the upcoming updates. Dedicated listing pages and explore pages are given in this pack. This template provides users their own dashboard to easily manage their activity. Look at our CSS rating system designs to let your audience fully express their experience.

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website header design templates to engage readers

Impreza is a simple website template. The creator has used modern designs and professional elements neatly in this template to make a visually striking website. Minimal design templates are also given in this pack for those who want a content-focused website. Setting up this template will be easy for developers and general users. Even novices can work with this template. Detailed documentation and video tutorials give you a clear cut idea of this template. One of the useful plugins in this template is the Events calendar plugin. Users can easily book their appointment on your website with the help of the Events calendar plugin. Take a look at our CSS calendar design examples to implement a cool calendar on your website.

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website header design templates for modern corporates

The Avante business website template is designed for young entrepreneurs. The fresh design and colorful elements will attract the present-day users. This template not only has the looks but also has powerful features. Given features will make the day to day tasks lot easier for both website owners and users. Minor customizations can be done easily via the Elementor page builder. As your business grows, you can change the header design. Plenty of elements are pre-designed and integrated into the Elementor page builder. You can simply drag and drop the elements as per your demands.

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