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40 Best Ever Free and Premium Restaurant Website Templates of 2022

Restaurant websites are one of the few niches which receive all types of audiences. At the same time, making a website that best suits all types of audiences is also not an easy job. Restaurant websites must be able to serve the target audience and also should reflect your restaurant culture. These free restaurant website templates will help you create a site that attracts all types of users and reflects your restaurant culture.

Restaurants have their unique taste, but they also have their own culture. Based on your target audience, the culture of your restaurant varies. One of the major factors that influence your restaurant sales is your location. There are lots of factors that decide the style and culture of your restaurant. The free restaurant website template that you are going to select must have the features that your target audience expects and reflect your restaurant’s unique features.

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40 Free & Premium Bootstrap Personal Website Templates To Improve Personal Branding

Whether you are a beginner or an influencer, personal branding is very important in the digital world. If you are using your social media profile to share ideas about a particular topic, that is the first stage of personal branding; from here, it takes several steps. Owning a website is one of the major steps in personal branding. If you have any doubt, search for any famous digital media personality, they will at least have a single-page website. In this list, we have collected some of the best free Bootstrap personal website templates that can improve your personal branding.

To give users of all stages, we have collected templates for casual and professional uses. If you are a freelancer, your website is a part of your business, so it must have a professional touch. On the other hand, if you are a budding professional and rely on companies to grow your career, your website must have a design similar to a resume. We have collected templates for all your purposes in this list of free Bootstrap personal website templates. All you have to do is select the one that best suits you.

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40 Free and Premium Artist Website Templates To Grow Your Digital Audience 2022

List of the best premium and free artist website templates.

“My audience was my life. What I did and how I did it, was all for my audience”, a quote by Cab Calloway. For an artist, their audience is everything, and in this digital world, there is an audience for everything. If you want to get more audience for your art in this digital world, these free artist website templates can help you.

In this list of free artist website templates, we have collected templates for all types of artists. Whether you are planning to use your website for personal use or use the template to grow your business, these templates can help you. All these free artist website templates are HTML5 templates, so you can add multimedia content like videos and audios easily, plus they are easy to customize. Like the audience each of the templates is different, so make sure you check them.

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35 Best Free eCommerce Website Templates To Make Visitors Splurge More In 2022

Last year eCommerce made a whopping growth of $2.3 trillion and is expected to double in 2022. Many say that they use their smartphones to shop at least once a week. In such a competitive and steadily growing industry having an effective site is necessary. These free eCommerce website templates will help you create a shopper-friendly online shopping eCommerce website.

eCommerce platform solely depends on the application and the websites, so making it effective is necessary. Before getting into the free eCommerce website templates let us see how to make an effective eCommerce website in the present year.

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30+ Premium Product Website Templates & WordPress Themes

In the current landscape of online businesses, marketing has risen up to the most crucial factor in the success of a product. We live in times where people are funneling more and more money to get their product out there. Online ads, landing pages, pop-up pages and more, marketers and producers are using every measure out there to market their upcoming products. And an essential element used to help you advertise your upcoming products or services specifically are product website templates.

The concept of product website templates is quite simple; set up a website designed with the only purpose to market your products online. List out its features and strong points, demonstrate how it works, or even provide your users with demos and trials. Place in testimonials, team members, and additional description. Everything that can help you sell your product better and all of it, fueled by a single tool.

Product website templates are optimized perfectly with SEO scores as well as lead generation in mind. Forms, pop-ups, unobtrusive ads, you can enjoy them all with these premium WordPress themes and HTML templates. Moreover, you can also enjoy a wide range of various features from these templates, such as blog features, image galleries, video embeds, and more. The possibilities are simply countless!

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43 Free Simple CSS Templates For Beginners 2022

Simple CSS templates are the best place to start your website experience. Whether you are a developer or a general user about to start a website for the first time, simple CSS templates are easy to use. We have collected some of the best free simple CSS templates for you in this list. These templates use the CSS3 framework with industry code standards, so editing and customization will be easy.

Another significant advantage of simple CSS templates is they are easy to maintain. Even if you have messed with some of the codes, you can quickly fix them in these templates. This template follows the industry code standards, so all of these templates are properly optimized. Though these are free simple CSS templates, these templates give you pixel-perfect design. Functionality-wise, these templates also give you a handful of options, but you have to manually integrate them with your other tools and platforms.

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Free Bootstrap Portfolio Templates

40 Premium & Free Bootstrap Portfolio Templates 2022

Portfolios are important for freelancers, content creators, and graphic designers. Portfolios say who we are and what we have achieved. Showing your best of the best works will help your client understand the quality of your work and experience. Many online tools and sites allow you to create a profile and add your portfolio, but they have limitations. For beginners, portfolio sites and online tools will be more than enough. But for a professional approach, owning a personal website will give you a notch over your fellow competitors. Here in this list, we have collected free Bootstrap portfolio templates with the most modern design.

These free Bootstrap portfolio templates are designed intuitively to get user attention and make them stay on your site. Since it is an HTML template, installation and site maintenance are completely different from Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress. You can use these free Bootstrap portfolio templates for your projects if you are a developer.

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40 Free CSS Menu Examples With Source Code 2022

An important part of any website or application design is the navigation menu. The user must know where they are and where they will be going when they click a link. People have tried several new ideas and stick to a design that gives better results for several years. The hardware design of the machines is no longer the same, every day we get new devices and new designs. Websites and applications are accessed through smartphones, smart wearables, and recently smart home devices. If you are planning to make a unique navigation system that fits all these devices, the CSS menu design in this list will give you some inspiration, or in other words, you can use it as a muse for your custom design.

The basic principle in any menu design is listing the options you need. Some websites, like magazine websites, need to manage multiple categories and sub-menus. Whereas for a simple business website or personal website, just a single horizontal menu bar will do the job. No matter for what purpose you are making a menu design, there will be a design inspiration for you on this list. Make sure you check them all.

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40 Ready to Download Free Contact Forms Templates You Can Make Use In Your Next Project

Are you bored of the same old boxy contact form designs and looking for a creative contact form? Well, you are in the right post now. In this list, we have collected some of the best free contact forms. You can use these free contact forms directly on your next web development project or you can use these as an inspiration and develop your custom form. All these forms use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so working with these form templates will be an easy job.

All the forms are in a complete working condition from the front end. Even most of the template supports field validation and is also mobile responsive. As a developer, all you have to do is to download the template and start doing your backend works.

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30 Free Bootstrap Admin Templates That Saves Your Money And Time

Bootstrap admin templates are high on demand in the market. They are easy to use and all the basic web standards will be taken care of by the template creator. We have collected the best free Bootstrap admin template that saves you money and time in this list.

Some creators of this template have shared the complete downloadable files, which you can easily incorporate into your existing projects. Either if you are starting a project from scratch or about to revamp your web application, these free Bootstrap admin templates will come in handy for you. Most of the free Bootstrap admin templates in this list use the latest version of the framework, you can integrate them easily with the latest tools and platforms.

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VueJS Admin Template

14 Best Responsive VueJS Admin Template Options For a Simplified Web Development

Admin Dashboards are seemingly one of the most crucial parts of any website. Combining all of the control panels and settings at the back-end providing access at a single place allows any user to monitor and function the website smoothly. However, creating a professional and effective Dashboard is somewhat a hassle. Keeping in mind the selection of components, elements, and the cards in the template package, the ideal Admin Dashboard needs tons of effort invested. But this was before some templates solved our problems. That’s right! There are plenty of variations of VueJs Admin Dashboard template options that make preparing and creating the process simpler than ever!

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Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin Templates

33 Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin Templates 2022

As the internet world is evolving rapidly, we face new problems. For example, we first have to remember one or two passwords, but now we have to deal with tons. After the data privacy issues, we have to keep changing our password, at least for our satisfaction. Softwares like 1Password and LastPass find the solution for that. Finding a solution to the common problem is the slogan for many SAAS companies. If you are one such SAAS company that loves solving problems and wish to create an excellent dashboard for your application, these free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates can help you.

These free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates give you plenty of options and elements. Some free templates give you loads of options, while some freemium-type templates give you a great design but only limited options. We have collected both types of free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates in this list; take the one that fits you better.

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31 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboards To Get Better Data Insight 2022

Admin dashboards are a significantly important part of any web application-based sites and membership websites. Mostly the users of the admin dashboard are not aware of what’s happening behind the screen. Most users care about what they see and what they can access. These best free admin dashboards in this list will help you create an effective dashboard. If you are a developer looking to create an awesome on-trend admin dashboard, this list will help you get great inspiration.

Some of the admin dashboards give you the option to customize the dashboard. But when you are developing for the user, is it important to provide a customizable dashboard? The answer depends on the customization options that you are going to give. All options to drag and arrange the blocks, change the colors, and dismissible notices are fine. But providing a completely customizable dashboard is not a must because it takes time and resources to create such a customizable dashboard.

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25 Best Premium Admin Dashboard Templates With Amazing Features For 2022

No matter what kind of service you provide, if you offer a login for your users, Admin Dashboards are the integral aspect. Simply put, Admin Dashboards is a way for the users to interact with the service or website through their login credentials and account. Another simple definition would be an extended settings page where users are provided with all of the customizing, setting options and details of their pages in one place. Like any other eCommerce website or online service provider, thousands of business websites, whether large or startups, use Dashboards to provide their users a way to interact with their services. And if you are looking to do so, the best way to start is with the Angular Admin template.

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