27 Easy To Customize Free MailChimp Email Templates 2019

Email marketing is an evergreen marketing strategy. Still, the return on investment (ROI) is higher in email marketing when compared to other types of marketing like social media marketing. There are several email automation tools out there to help you, MailChimp is the most famous and go-to option for both beginners and professionals. MailChimp not only gives you free plan but also free templates to help you. If you are an insatiable person and loves to create a custom one for you, these free MailChimp email templates will help you create one easily.

Free MailChimp email templates from MailChimp can be edited easily using the drag and drop builder provided by the MailChimp. The free template collection has email designs for almost all common use, but the MailChimp also provides you the option to upload custom HTML template if you want.

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27 Best UI Kits To Start Web And App Designing From Scratch

Being a web developer or mobile application developer is the best thing. Daily you have to find an innovative solution for most common issues in a visually appealing manner. But in the development process, there are certain phases which are repetitive. In that cases, you can use these UI kits and save your time and use it productively for other important processes.

Each application or web development process will have a unique feature, in some cases, it will also be the highlighting feature. To develop these unique features with the special requirement you have to spend most of your time but at the same time, we have to complete the project within the deadline. Using UI kits will help you speed the normal processes. In this list, we have collected some of the best premium UI kits which are built on different platforms like Sketch and Photoshop. Based on your workflow select the kit that best suits your needs.

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28 Best CSS Table Templates For Creating Visually Appealing Tables

Tables are one of the most common features which are used in almost all the websites. But it is also one of the most commonly overlooked features while developing a website. Until a necessity comes we won’t remember that we need to add a table. We on this list have collected some of the best CSS table templates which you can customize easily and can use it for your existing website or ongoing projects.

CSS table is a broad category, the tables are used for different purposes. The main purpose it is used for is to show a list of data. If you are making a table template for a stats rich website then make sure you have horizontal and vertical highlighting option. In this CSS table templates list, we have also included templates that have highlighting and scrolling options. Another form of table templates which is been widely used are pricing tables, on this list, we have also included templates for pricing tables. All these CSS table templates use latest CSS3 version so you get more natural colors and responsive animation effects.

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28 Free Simple Bootstrap Admin Templates For Content Rich Web Applications

Admin dashboards are the place where users often use to get a quick overview of the stats and other controls. With a simple design, you can make templates less intrusive and let the user concentrate on what they want. In this list, we have collected a list of free simple Bootstrap admin templates, which allows you to add as much widget as you want on the dashboard. Each dashboard template follows a different design to let you manage the content easily.

Free simple Bootstrap admin templates mentioned in this list, not only looks simple but also have modern designs to impress the modern day users. As most online users fall under the age group of 18 to 35, the design of the template must meet their needs as well as their design taste. Most of the templates in this list give you plenty of options and elements so that you can easily create a custom dashboard on your own.

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CSS Cards E-Commerce Shop Card

30 Visually Stunning CSS Cards Inspirations For Every Type Of Websites 2019

Cards can be a convenient means of displaying contents that includes various types of objects be it the title, image, buttons, icons or more. Designed to be flexible to your contents, the blocks or cards can include any type of custom elements. It can be anything from business cards, informative cards to even analytics cards but the main point here is that adding a card on any site will instantly add that innovative and creative touch. And like we have discussed before on our previous articles, there is certainly no denying that cards can be beneficial in more than one way. Whether you own a blog, online shop, professional company site, or anything for that matter, cards can be a great implementation on any niche. And with more and more popular sites like Pinterest or Instagram or apps and widgets going for card-based layouts, it’s high time that you, as a site owner start considering this option as well.

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27 Free Entertainment Website Templates To Give Immersive Experience

Live streaming has increased a lot in the past few years. Twitch, a live streaming platform saw an increase of 13 million average streaming hours in the past five years. Netflix, on the other hand, with more than 65 million subscribers, changing the entertainment industry. If you are looking to start an entertainment website with a revolutionary idea and unique contents, these free entertainment website templates will be the best tool to bring your dream to life.

Online streaming has increased a lot in social media also, video contents tend to perform better when compared to other types of contents. Not only video contents, audio contents also has seen a big growth in the past few years. Spotify and Apple Music are always there on your smartphones and smart devices to help you relax or change the mood. These free entertainment website templates support multimedia contents out of the box. All you need to do is to make the contents and add it to your website.

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bootstrap website template with video background - graduation

25 Stunning Bootstrap Website Templates With Video Background To Keep Users Engaged

A great way to ensure that your viewers are interested in your website is to attract their attention right from the get-go. Amazing and unique website designs, impressive user interface and various graphical visuals are great items to use for this. For this purpose, bootstrap template builders create dynamic and breathtaking Header designs. To supplement this, many of them also create bootstrap website templates with Video background and even combine the two features.

Video background headers hold a wide range of purposes. They can preview some of your products and how they work or demo your content. Animated videos can help artists preview their work to any of their viewers. Software companies and their websites use video backgrounds to show how their software is used in a presentable fashion. Landing pages and Coming soon pages prominently feature Video backgrounds as well for product promotion. The number of uses video background templates seem innumerable.

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32 Free UI kits Designed For Modern Devices And Platforms 2019

We are in an era of major UI transition. When we look back at the history we evolved from a black screen with green text interface to colorful easy to interactive graphical user interface. In early days computers are the only devices we use, but now all of us have more than one device with different screen size. The smartphone industry is changing everything and big software companies like Apple and Microsoft are moving towards the goal of one operating system for all devices. Being an app developer or web developer you will be playing a crucial role in this transition. We on this list have collected some of the best free UI kits designed for modern devices.

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25 Free Bootstrap Education Templates For Online Course Offering Websites

Successful people always believe in one thing, learning will help you keep on earning. Learning new skills is no longer a tough job. For beginners, there are several youtube channels and blogs to help you start with. But if you need to become a professional and also love to learn professional tricks, you need something more than watching a youtube channel. Online education websites help you learn many new skills and even if you are a teacher you can share your knowledge via these educational websites. In this list, we have collected some of the best free Bootstrap education templates where you can share your courses with the people all around the world.

If you are expecting features and designs just like in the top online course offering websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda and lot more like that, then these free Bootstrap education website template can help you. All these templates are made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you can integrate this template with any modern tools. You can even add video tutorials in this template, as it supports multimedia contents out of the box.

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