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31 Ready To Use Logo Mockups For Designers 2023

Collection of realistic logo mockups, 3D logo mockups, and many more for elegant design presentation. 

People nowadays go to a free logo creating websites, put some shapes or vectors, and add their company name. Those who are following this path are clearly destroying their company’s future. A logo is a part of the company’s marketing arsenal, which represents your company 24X7, even in the places you can’t even imagine. Taking an expert solution is a wise thing to do. When a customer comes to a professional logo designer like you, you will need these logo mockups to present your designs elegantly to the customer.

The first-thing every professional logo designer keep in their mind is “keep it simple”. Logos are something that will be used in different parts like billboards, packagings, watermarks, ad banners, and the list goes on. No matter how many tortures you do to your logo, it must withstand everything and represent your company. The logo mockups in this list give you different types of textures and materials, with which you can clearly show how your logo looks in day to day life.

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37 Bootstrap Navbar Examples To Clearly Communicate With The User

The navigation bar or the navbar plays a crucial role in any website and application. A website or an application without a navbar is like leaving your users blindfolded in a dense forest. A poorly designed navbar affects the user experience and hinders your SEO results. It is always better to spend some time seeing and analyzing other navigation design solution that helps others to overcome an issue. This could help you make a better conclusion and also save you valuable time. We have posted these bootstrap navbar examples to help you see more innovative navbar design solutions.

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38 CSS Text Effects To Spice Up Your Website Text Contents 2022

Trendy CSS text effects of 2022

In modern web design, typography is also a part of the design. Typography-based designs make the websites minimal and present the contents elegantly to the users. When you add animation effects to these beautiful fonts they look lively. In the digital age, font developers make many beautiful fonts that help us clearly express the message. But still, raw text is a half-baked feature, adding CSS text effects to the texts makes the design complete. You can either keep the effects as autoloading or make it triggered-based action. No matter what type of text effect you are interested in, we have collected some of cool text effects to spice up your web and application contents.

Major/Frequently used CSS text effects.

We covered all major CSS text effects used in modern web and app designing. Here are the few types —

  • CSS Text Shadow Effects
  • CSS Glow Text Effects
  • CSS 3D Text Effects
  • CSS Text Glitch Effects
  • CSS text typing effect
  • CSS text hover effects

Lot more creative CSS text effects are also there on this list. So check all effects and pick the right one for you.

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40 Best CSS Table Templates For Creating Visually Appealing Tables

Tables are one of the most common elements used in almost all websites. But it is also one of the most commonly overlooked elements while developing a website. Until a necessity comes, we won’t remember adding a table. We on this list have collected some of the best CSS table templates you can easily customize and use in your existing website or ongoing projects.

CSS table is a broad category, the tables are used for different purposes. The main purpose of it is to show a list of data. If you are making a table template for a stats-rich website, ensure you have horizontal and vertical highlighting options. In this CSS table templates list, we have also included templates that have highlighting and scrolling options. Another form of table template which is widely used is pricing tables. In this list, we have also included templates for pricing tables. All these CSS table templates use the latest CSS3 version so you get more natural colors and responsive animation effects.

Here are the simple and stylish CSS table templates you can use on your website and application.

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25 Best HTML Technology Website Templates for Tech Startups, Apps and Software 2022

With the growing age of technology, there is no surprise that the demand for it is also growing. Since the internet is one of the major factors for technological advancements, it plays a big role in technology. However, it would’ve been impossible to know about these technologies through the internet without tech websites. Therefore, we have listed several WordPress and HTML technology website templates here. They can be easily used to create any technological website template you want. 

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HTML image gallery - sonar

30 Responsive HTML Image Galleries & Slideshow Templates 2022

Succeeding in the current status of the business world requires all the resources you can use. This includes modern tools and technologies made to help strengthen your online presence. Whether you’re a freelancer, photographer, business agency or company owner, using modern tools to attract viewers on your website is an important part of the business. A strong method of improving website traction is using Image media and what better way to do it than using an HTML Image gallery.

You can preview your images in a cool and unique way using HTML galleries. Furthermore, HTML galleries are designed to be cross-browser and mobile compatible. Your website viewers can check out the images straight from their phones! You can use and edit these responsive grids with tons of animation effect to their full potential. HTML image gallery ensures that all your gallery images are responsive and even use lightbox effects to provide full-screen images to viewers.

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20 Best Free Music Website Templates 2022

When it comes to music, there is not a single person who does not love playing or listening. And if you are one of the musical entity that enjoys making, playing and sharing their creation, then today we have the perfect list for you: Best Free Music Template & Themes. While we have previously talked about the subject more than once, today we have yet another update on the list. Yes, that’s right!  If you want, you can check out our previous collection right here.

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Line Drawing Animejs

25 Amazing Ways You Can Implement Anime.JS Animations On Your Website

Anime.js is a lightweight JavaScript animation library that features multi-target, simple and powerful API. It works with almost anything including CSS properties, SVG or DOM properties and even other JS objects. It is similar to jQuery or any other familiar JS library you might have worked with previously. In simple terms, it makes complex follow-through and animations easy to come up with. If you are looking for a library small in size yet works with even the simplest timeline sequences and other web elements, then this is surely the ideal place to get started. Thus, the implementation of anime.JS has surged over the past years. And since, its first release on 2016, it has made a huge impact on designers and developers all over.

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33 Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Templates 2022

No wonder, the website is the front face of a business. It represents your business professionalism and seriousness. It is your website that depicts you and your business. Expert says the presence of stylish and stunning design can keep site visitors engaged. Consequently, it will give them a reason to look no further. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed many of creative agency owner, couldn’t prioritize such a crucial aspect. Though plenty of free responsive Bootstrap themes are available over the web, they cannot select the best bootstrap templates.

Well, I understand how daunting the task of getting the right template. It is like the “Been there done that” situation for me! It puts you under pressure. But no more. I have made an enriched collection of free HTML templates to simplify your template selection steps. The list is well curated and researched, picked out each template individually based on sleek interface, UX, and cutting-edge features.

Furthermore, every website theme is readily responsive and mobile-friendly. It supports modern browsers and SEO friendly. The best news is most of the templates are powered by Bootstrap 4, optimized for W3C validated and has a blazing fast speed. Even better, they are well documented and comes attributed under Creative Common License. Let’s have your desired responsive Free Bootstrap themes in your bucket.

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25 Best Free Multipurpose Website Templates – 2022

Entrepreneurs who run an online business must take care of many aspects to turn his dream into reality. Among them having high quality and a fantastic business website is mandatory. Without emphasizing the excellent interface and powerful feature, you can’t reach your goal timely. So, when it comes to choosing professional website templates, find the best free multipurpose website template. Selecting a free multipurpose website template has lots of advantages for you. The most important among them is that you can use it for any business website. And, if you run more than one business, this would be your best decision! It can save you a lot of money, time, and effort.

Websites are considered the front-face of a corporate agency. It communicates with potential customers virtually. The high UI and UX enabled website provides all information that a client needs to decide to reach out to you or purchase from your website. So, it can be summarized a website can make or break an online business agency. A professional business agency site is capable of convincing visitors with ease. Furthermore, It boosts conversion and revenue. On the other hand, The website doesn’t come with an intuitive and extraordinary interface and user experience confuse visitors and create high bounce rate and exit rate.

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software company websites templates featured image

25 Best Software Company Website Template 2022

Competing in the current landscape of IT companies is no easy task. As a software company owner, there’s so much to care about. Product marketing, development of products, and customer services. And we haven’t even touched the important issue of online representation. The Internet is the premium medium of advertisement, product placement, and user communication. The quality and usability of your software company website define how successful your products are bound to be.

But managing a software company website can be just as tough as managing your company from SEO scores to blog management to site layouts. The number of elements to manage are simply vast. So why not make your life a bit easier by using premium WordPress Themes and HTML templates for software company needs? Thus, UICookies brings you this list of Software company website templates that match the industry standard in terms of features and quality. From landing page ready designs to lead generation elements and mobile-friendliness. Each theme covers a broad range of features that can help you narrow your needs while fulfilling every other broad need a software company website can need.

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18 Best Family Reunion Website Templates 2022

Family reunions are one of those occasions that makes the event worth spending a few extra efforts and time on. Whether it is for any minor meetups and gatherings, dinners or for extra special events like weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and more, today we are here with a perfect list for you! Professional family reunion website template options all lined up at your disposal. And the best part is that each niche of possible reunion occasions are covered here. Whether you are seeking to just blog and share informations, manage and organize an event, invite people and share the details, or invest more effort into it, we have options. From creative portfolio, blogs, galleries, event management, and even RSVP sites, you will get an ideal way to get started with our list today.

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16 Developer Friendly Python Website Templates 2022

Python is a darling for many backend and full-stack developers. Creating dynamic applications and tools is easier in this friendly framework. Some even prefer Python over PHP for its extremely synchronized environment that improves productivity. But practically speaking, PHP always has an upper-hand when compared to Python. WordPress, the platform that powers nearly 43% of the web is developed using PHP. If you don’t want to use the well-explored PHP path for some reason and want to pioneer the Python platform for web development, these Python website templates will help you.

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30 Best Responsive HTML5 Fitness & Gym Website Templates for 2022

Fitness and health have become one of the major aspects of concern nowadays. With new ideas and evolution in living healthy, exercising, there is now unlimited possibility of what we can do. And the best part about being in this digitalized era is that you have access to almost everything online. That’s right, now there is no need to wait for health tips, gym memberships, reserve and book for personal trainers or even shop for gym equipment the old-fashioned way because a simple solution has taken over the mainstream way! A simple effective and appealing Fitness and Gym website allow easy access to all of these. So today we have prepared a list of the Best Premium HTML5 gym website template options that make setting up a website super-easy!

Each template we have chosen features exclusive, responsive and stunning design and plenty of awesome elements you can choose from! Simplifying the whole process, look at our list of Best Premium HTML5 fitness website templates below! We have also included a few multi-purpose business website templates that you can use for a similar purpose. So feel free to browse through and find the best one that suits your needs!

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25 Free Bootstrap Business Website Templates – 2022

In the present era where websites have taken over the mainstream of advertising and marketing your business, not having a good one can cost you a lot. In fact, not owning a proper website that represents your business can in many ways stagnate the growth of your business. Why? Because people today heavily rely on the internet and websites to get to you and trust your services. The website is one of the main sources of information for your potential customers through which you can tell them about your business, projects, and services and more. So save you and your business from facing the bitter loss of investment and the potential clients, we have come up with a handful of best free responsive business website template options.

These free responsive business website templates are excellent, clean, efficiently crafted, smartly coded and distributed to help the enthusiast community developer. If you are a frontend developer looking corporate agency website theme to amaze your clients. You need to look no further. You can scan each template and their codes one by one and take your decision with ultimate relaxation. The part of this extensive listing is its modern technology and unique design. It means most of the corporate templates in this collection is minimalist, aesthetic, sleek, versatile, feature-rich, deeply customizable, functionally sophisticated responsive and mobile friendly business website templates. Before taking you through the entire listing, let me highlight some key features of free html5 website templates so that you can take a perfect decision without spending more time.

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