51 Best Free & Premium Landing Page Templates With Conversion Centered Design 2021

Any marketing campaign without a landing page is an incomplete attempt. The landing page provides laser-focused content to the users and psychological triggers will help you get more leads. These free landing page templates will help you to create an effective landing page in no time.

Before getting into the free landing page templates there are some basic principles you must know before making an effective landing page. Landing pages must need a persuasive design and intellectual trigger to make more leads. The design of the landing page completely depends on the type of campaign you are going to run. But the basic points you must remember are;

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35+ Stunning Looking Free Bootstrap Gallery Website Templates To Boast Your Masterpiece

Galleries are a great way to showcase your hard work and effort. Whether you are an artist, photographer, painter or someone with amazing and creative ideas, having an outlet to represent you is a must. Especially with the cut-throat competition in every niche of business nowadays, branding and promoting yourself has gone up to a whole new level. So what can you do to make yourself count? How can you stand out from the crowd and approach your audience in a more appealing way?As much complicated as it may sound, the answer is simple: an online gallery website template to reach out to a larger audience.

With the advancements in technology, it is now so much easier to create a presence for oneself. Furthermore, with the active social media sites by your side, connecting with your clients and followers is as easy as a breeze. But it all comes down to impressing them with your creative ideas. That’s right, just owning a website is not enough. It should perfectly reflect your ideas and be effective in making a lasting impression. Additionally, useful elements and features to ease the process of navigating and using your site is a plus.

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25 Best Hand-Picked List Of Free HTML Website Templates For Every Niche (Blog, Portfolio, Business, Shop & More) 2021

It is the age of technologies and internet so if you haven’t yet jumped on with the trend, what are you waiting for? If your answer is the right website template, then consider your problem solved! Today here at UiCookies, we are here with our hand-picked collection of the best Free HTML website templates available out there. And the best part is, we have covered each and every niche of websites. From multipurpose, business, eCommerce and even to blogs and portfolios, we have it all. However, if you are looking for one particular niche, feel free to check out our blog for more of our collections of premium and free website templates, CSS templates and WordPress themes. But without further ado, let’s get onto our list today.

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37 Book Mockups For All Types Of Book Covers

Collection of best book mockups to create realistic-looking book images in 2021. 

Nearly 40% of Americans read printed books exclusively and only 6% of the US people are digital-only book readers. No matter how quality your device screen is it can’t replace the original book reading experience. Famous motivational speaker Simon Sinek has added a special scent to his book “Together is Better”. The scent can be felt only with a hard copy, not in digital form. If you are designing some interesting head-turning design for your book, these book mockups will help you present your design elegantly to the users.

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34 Best CSS Gradient Button That Can Give Depth To Your Design

Collection of best CSS gradient button concepts you can use in 2021. 

Gradient color schemes are almost dead in the flat-style web design era. But now, the gradient colors are gradually coming back in the web designs and also in the mobile app designs. On the recent update, Adobe XD has given us the option to add gradient colors easily; this shows how fast the gradient color trend is spreading among the designers. The reason why the designers love gradient is it adds depth and life to the design. You can easily make a web element or app element stand out from the rest using the gradient color scheme. In this list, we are have collected CSS gradient buttons that will help you express the feel and the depth of the button’s function.

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37 User Friendly Tooltips CSS For Websites And Applications

Tooltips play a major role in the user experience. If you are an app developer, you have to make sure that the user knows each and every option on your app. Clearly mentioning what the particular option or the function does will help the user know what to do. No matter whether you are using a simple design or a new creative design, using tooltip in your design will always guide your users. In this list, we have collected tooltip design for all types of websites and applications. For your convenience, we have collected both hover tooltip designs and clickable tooltip design. Most of the designs have very subtle animation so that you can even use them in your contact form and other types of form designs.

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20+ Minimal and Simple Website Templates For Blogging, Portfolio and Every Other Niche Of Sites

There is a saying that goes that sometimes simple is better. And that is true on many levels! And when it comes to creating a website, simple is definitely better. That’s right! If you are a novice or a beginner trying to start up their very first online platform, then a minimal theme is what you should opt for. While the feature-rich interface can be appealing and may sound very amazing, but too much of unnecessary features will only confuse you and your users. While those features can be useful for those looking for those specifics, the ones who don’t require it might simply find it useless. Not only are the simple website template easy to use and set-up, it also provides a way to navigate and perform tasks without many complications.

So to help our users pick out only the best templates to start their journey, we have stepped in! Enlisting only the best of the HTML simple website templates out there, you do not need to waste your time and effort!

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37 Highly Customizable Spiral Notebook Mockups

Collection of the best spiral notebook mockups in 2021. Whether you want a simple mockup or a complete scene creator, there will be a perfect option for you in this list.  

Spiral notebooks are one of the favorite stationeries for journalists, people who always take notes, and artists. If you are a DIY lover you can create your own custom spiral notebook that reflects your personality. All you need is a bunch of properly punched papers and a spiral binding coil. You can add as much paper as you want and can choose any spiral coil color. If you are designing your own custom spiral notebooks and love to share or to sell them, these spiral notebook mockups will come in handy for you.

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36 Contemporary Bootstrap Radio Button Styles In 2021

Radio buttons are always used for mutually exclusive options; that means the user can choose only one option. Professional designers always recommend going for a circular design with a solid circle at the center. Practically speaking, sticking to the circular design is the best idea. But, you don’t have to keep the radio buttons with the same old design. You can add little animation effects and colors to make your radio buttons unique and attractive. In this list, professional developers have shown some of their creative design ideas that follow the current design trends & guidelines. We have collected radio buttons for forms, applications, control panels, and for all other purposes where we usually need a radio button. These bootstrap radio button styles will come in handy for all your design needs, so make sure you check each and every design in this list.

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35+ Free and Premium Bootstrap Blog Templates To Transform Your Blog

A platform started for bloggers now powers almost 30% of the websites on the internet. Many top companies, especially marketing companies use blogs as a key tool to transform their business to the next level. Not only the contents but the blog design also must go inline with your content strategy. We in this list have collected free Bootstrap blog templates that will be a part of your content strategy.

If you are planning to run a blog to boost your personal branding, the blog design must revolve around you. On the other hand for corporate and commercial blogs, the design must promote the content and your services or product. These free Bootstrap blog templates are easy to use and customize, some of these templates give you more than one variation in their package just like in the premium templates. Take your time and see all the free bootstrap blog templates in this list

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