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35 Visual Studio Website Template For Creative Visual Design Studios

Artist Chris Ofili once said that “The Studio is a laboratory, not a factory”. Making visual arts is a never-ending process and includes lots of experiments. When making a visual studio website, the website must be able to clearly convey the process and experiments we have done to make a piece of art. Whether you are a graphic designer, artist, or animation artist, a visual studio website template in this list will help you make a breath-taking website.

Visual studio website templates with both creative design and minimalistic designs are chosen in this list. If you like to give a distraction-free environment for your audience and let them fully feel your art, you can go for the minimalistic design. On the other hand, if you are a creative designer, videographer, or animation artist, you can go for templates with creative design. All the templates are made using the latest web development framework. You can easily edit and add custom features in no time. To help you easily set up the website, WordPress website templates are also included in this list.

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35 Sharp Looking Shopify Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap become the default standard for websites. The ease of development and the flexible nature of the bootstrap makes it a go-to option for many developers. Gradually eCommerce stores also took advantage of the bootstrap due to the increased use of mobile devices among present-day users. Even though many online stores have their own mobile applications, new users won’t install an app straightaway. Thus having a mobile responsive and fluid website becomes an inevitable option for the store owners. In this list, we have collected sharp-looking Shopify bootstrap themes with friendly options.

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26 Computer Repair Web Templates For The Tech-Savvy Generation

If you are running a computer repair store, you are more likely to target your local audience. Most people searching for computer repair stores on Google use search terms like — local computer repair shops near me or the closest computer repair store. Listing your store under Google My Business and adding a few images alone won’t bring in customers to your store. Having a proper website for your computer store will improve the chances of getting new customers. The computer repair web templates in this list will help you make a professional website that will help you run a successful business.

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46 Free Bootstrap Admin Templates That Saves Your Money And Time

Bootstrap admin templates are high on demand in the market. They are easy to use and all the basic web standards will be taken care of by the template creator. In this list, we have collected the best free Bootstrap admin template that saves you money and time.

Some creators of this template have shared the complete downloadable files, which you can incorporate into your existing projects easily. Either if you are starting a project from scratch or about to revamp your web application, these free Bootstrap admin templates will come in handy for you. As most of the free Bootstrap admin templates in this list use the latest version of the framework you can integrate them easily with the latest tools and platforms easily.

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45 Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin Templates For Modern Multi-Device Users

Finding a solution to the common problem is the slogan for many SAAS companies. As the internet world is evolving rapidly we face new problems. For example; at first, we have to remember one or two passwords, but now we have to deal with tons. After the data privacy issues, we have to keep on changing our password at least for our satisfaction. Softwares like 1Password and LastPass find the solution for that. If you are one such SAAS company, who loves solving problems and wish to create an awesome dashboard for your application, these free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates can help you.

These free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates give you plenty of options and elements. Some free templates give you loads of options while some freemium-type templates give you a great design but only limited options. We have collected both types of free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates in this list, take the one that fits you better.

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43 Free Simple CSS Templates For Beginners 2021

Simple CSS templates are the best place to start your website experience. Either you are a developer or a general user about to start a website for the first time, simple CSS templates are easy to use. In this list, we have collected some of the best free simple CSS templates for you. All these templates use the CSS3 framework with industry code standards, so editing and customization will be easy.

Another big advantage of simple CSS templates is they are easy to maintain. Even if you have messed with some of the codes, you can easily fix them in these templates. As said before, this template follows the industry code standards, so all of these templates are properly optimized. Though these are free simple CSS templates, these templates give you pixel perfect design. Functionality-wise also these template gives you a handful of options, but you have to manually take care of integrating them with your other tools and platforms.

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40 Premium and Free Bootstrap School Templates For Students In Digital Era 2021

Everything is becoming digital, the stylus has replaced the pens, iPads and Chromebooks replaced the notebooks. Modern virtual reality and augmented reality applications are making education easier. School websites must also change according to the digital era. In this list, we have collected some of the best free bootstrap school website templates with modern features that most students expect on their school websites.

This free bootstrap school website templates list includes designs for both simple purposes and complex purposes. This means you can use this template to simply showcase your school courses, infrastructures, or you can use it to completely take your school activity online. As these templates are HTML-based frameworks, you have to take care of the backend process, these templates only give you basic ideas. Saying that, let us get into the list of free bootstrap school templates.

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37 Bootstrap Accordion Examples To Gracefully Handle Huge Contents

Accordions are default elements that designers use unknowingly on many websites. The versatility of the accordions helps the designers to handle multiple contents on both web and mobile designs. Based on the place where you use the accordions, their entire characteristic changes. For example, for an FAQ section, a simple barebone accordion would do. But at the same time if you are using accordion as the main element on a web page like product features and pricing tables, the entire nature of the accordion changes. No matter for what purpose you are making an accordion, there is a design example for you in this bootstrap accordion examples collection.

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26+ Shopify Parallax Theme For Engaging and Vibrant User Experience

The parallax effect is one of the leading web design trends for several years in a row, so it is no wonder if you are searching for a Shopify parallax theme. Rather than simply putting all the elements and contents on a long page, designers use parallax effects to create a depth illusion. In some designs, variable scroll effects are used to deliver the content engagingly to the audience. If you like to create an immersive storytelling homepage for your online store or brand store, these Shopify parallax themes will come in handy for you.

One of the main reasons why designers use the parallax effect in an online store is to present the product elegantly to the audience. In a single product website, the parallax effect is used to show the product benefits. Another biggest advantage of using the parallax effect is you can give a visual surprise to your audience. Parallax effects are the best method for hiding easter eggs. For example, you can hide the offers in a parallax section and reveal it as the user scrolls down the pages. Whether you are planning to use the parallax effect for product presentation or to reveal special offers, these Shopify parallax themes will help you make an impressive website.

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30 WordPress Wiki Themes For Help Desks And Product Support

Collection of the best knowledge base and WordPress wiki themes you can use in 2021.

Nearly half of the world population now has access to the internet connection. Right from simple computer tutorials to complex electronics tutorials are viewed by thousands of users in a single day. If you are building a knowledge base for your product or making a directory of useful information, these WordPress wiki themes will help you. On average, a single person does three to four searches per day and most of them are through smartphones. Hence making your wiki website mobile responsive is a must to give a better experience to the users.

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