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20 Premium Graphic Design Website Templates & WordPress Themes For Designers, Developers & Illustrators

When you’re a graphical designer, you need to choose how you present yourself in the online landscape carefully. It is crucial that you are able to showcase your full range of skills in the first look. It only takes seconds to attract a possible customer, and it also only takes seconds to lose their interest. If you’re able to use attractive showcases, sliders, portfolios in a way that serves your artwork well, then you’re just easing up your road to success. As so, working on your online website is important, regardless of whether you’re running a graphical design agency or an individual freelancing service. But building and creating a website with tons of creative elements and design layouts is a tough job even more so if you’re lost on the coding spectrum. The solution? Graphic design website templates & WordPress themes.

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31 Free Interior Design & Furniture Website Templates With Contemporary Design

Interior designers give the character of the building. Whether you want the room to be calm and soothing or want it to be energetic, the interior designers are the one who is going to help you achieve your envision. Top 10% of the Interior designer earn around $85,000 per year on an average. If you wish to join the top interior designers then these free interior design & furniture website templates will help you widen your audience reach.

Just like all other design business, interior designers income growth also depends on fame and expertise. All the free interior design & furniture website templates in this list have modern gallery design to help you showcase your best work.

Most interior designers choose the materials to be used in a room based on the requirements and buy them personally to assure the quality. Few interior designers have their own inventory and let the clients choose the model they want. We have collected a few free interior design & furniture website templates with online store options, which will help you sell your goods directly from your website.

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30 Free Doctor Website Templates With Neat Design 2019

Healthcare is one of the industries which uses online a lot nowadays. 19% of smartphone owners have at least one healthcare related application on their mobile; it can be medical tips, exercise or diet related. Being a healthcare professional or a healthcare organization taking your expertise to the online world is a must. In this list, we have collected best free doctor website templates which can be used for both personal websites and healthcare organization websites.

From a recent study by MediaBistro, 54% of the patient seek advice from the online community to treat their condition. As a healthcare professional, if you like to give back to the society you can share your knowledge directly to the online users or you can start building your own community. Some of the templates even bundled with blog templates in them to help you make an active content rich website.

All these free doctor website templates are built using the latest frameworks so you can integrate it with any modern tools and platforms to create an effective website. For example, reservation forms are given in most of the templates, you can integrate these forms into your reservation system to be more organized.

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20 Amazing Software Company Website Template & WordPress Themes 2019

Competing in the current landscape of IT companies is no easy task. As a software company owner, there’s so much to care about. Product marketing, development of products, and customer services. And we haven’t even touched the important issue of online representation. Internet is the premium medium of advertisement, product placement, and user communication these days. The quality and usability of your software company website define how successful your products are bound to be.

But managing a software company website can be just as tough as managing your company. From SEO scores to blog management to site layouts. The number of elements to manage are simply vast. So why not make your life just a bit easier by using premium WordPress Themes and HTML templates made for software company needs? Thus, UICookies brings you this list of Software company website template that match the industry standard in terms of features and quality. From landing page ready designs to lead generation elements and mobile-friendliness. Each theme covers a broad range of features that can help you narrow down your needs while fulfilling every other broad need a software company website can need.

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20 Premium Automotive Website Template & WordPress Themes For Transportation & Car Dealers, Rentals, & Repair Centers

Automotive is one of the largest booming industry in this day and age and has grown their roots into all of the niches for business opportunities. With car and transportation shipping and dealing, to rentals, repairs, exchanges and more, there are more than handful of business that go hand in hand. Of course it goes without saying how competetive the industry already is. Thus, standing out from the crowd while appealing to your targeted clietele is surely a daunting task. So what can you do to send your business a notch further without the hassle of getting more professionals involved? Well, like we always say, a simple online site can benefit any individual and their corporation to a whole new level. And today we have just what you need. The best possible automotive website template & WordPress themes that will come in handy to get started right off the bat.

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20 Best HTML Gallery Website Template & WordPress Themes For Creative Individual To Share Their Work With The World

Galleries are a great way to showcase your work to your preferred audiences. Whether it be your art, paintings, jewellery pieces, fashion line or pretty much anything. And now that everything is turning digital, why waste tons of time and effort to organize a gallery event just to showcase your hard work? Take it a notch further with an online gallery website template, a perfect way to appeal to a larger range of audiences. Today here at uiCookies, we have made a list of the best possible options for WordPress themes and HTML templates you can get a head start with.

The highlight feature here is surely the amazingly designed Gallery sections. And we have also made sure that alongside this, there are tons of useful features accompanying it. Making sure of both the visuals and efficiency aspect of these, we are sure that these options will elevate your work of art to the next level.While the list below are all premium options, we have also covered the free templates on our other listing right here.

So without further ado, let’s get onto the list right away!

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20 Smart Bootstrap Header Examples To Impress Visitors At First Sight

Headers are the most viewed part of a website, big brands like Amazon clearly understand this and use the header to show the latest products and offers. In the earlier days, headers are a small strip at the top that contains logo, CTA, and contact infromation. But in the modern days, the entire space above the fold on the homepage is considered as headers. In entertainment websites like Amazon Prime and Netflix, new movies and series are added in the homepage header image slider to notify the users as soon as they land on the website. According to the modern web design, the header should be a ten second teaser of what value your site can provide to the users. Properly designing your header will make the user fall in love with your website at first sight. And in this list, we have collected such unique bootstrap header examples for you.

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15 Exuberant WordPress Live Streaming Themes 2019

No matter where we are, we can see the product launch event at Cupertino or the developer conference in Mountview. Thanks to the advancement in technology and telecommunication. Live streaming helps us to reach more audience globally and take our products directly to millions of users without spending a lot. Not only corporate events but we can also live stream our favorite games like baseball, soccer, golf, and etc. In this list, we have collected WordPress live streaming theme for all types of events.

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20 Personal Branding WordPress Themes To Shape Up Your Online Image

Personal branding is crucial for any professionals. Marketing yourself and your career as a brand helps you find new opportunities. 93% of employers said they search their applicants’ social media profile during the interview process. We can’t scrub the entire internet to change our online image. But, we can change what people see about us on the internet. Personal branding websites play a crucial part in shaping up your online image. For example, when people search your name in Google, your personal brand website will come first (if you use your own name as your website domain, chances will be more). As usual, people will click the first result in the search and you can market yourself on your website. In this list, we have collected powerful personal branding WordPress theme to shape your online image.

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16 Successful Career Launching WordPress Themes For Actors

Being a creative artist, we always wait for an opportunity to prove ourselves. No matter what role or what script we are working, we always strive to give our best. Because we don’t know when we will get that magic opportunity. These WordPress themes for actors will be your 24/7 allies to show your skills and get a valuable opportunity that can change your whole life.

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