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35 Clean CSS Timeline Design To Clearly Explain The Events

Collection of modern and easy-to-use CSS timeline designs for all types of websites and applications.

Timelines are an effective element for sharing your carrier or your product history. Consistency in what you do will change who you are in the future. All skilled personnel and great products were once normal people and normal products. Sharing your product’s growth and transformations over some time will help you gain people’s trust and create a bond with your users. If you are looking for an interactive timeline design to showcase your legacy to the present users, these CSS timeline designs will help you.

Some of the timeline designs in this set have a narrative-style design that impressively shows your growth over the period. There are also simple timeline designs in this list that you can use for all types of websites. Pick the one you like and start creating an elegant timeline you want.

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34 Best CSS Gradient Button That Can Give Depth To Your Design

Collection of best CSS gradient button concepts you can use in 2022. 

Gradient color schemes are almost dead in the flat-style web design era. But now, the gradient colors are gradually coming back in web designs and mobile app designs. In the recent update, Adobe XD has given us the option to add gradient colors easily; this shows how fast the gradient color trend is spreading among the designers. The designers love gradient because it adds depth and life to the design. Using the gradient color scheme, you can easily make a web element or app element stand out from the rest. In this list, we have collected CSS gradient buttons that will help you express the feel and the depth of the button’s function.

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36 CSS Glow Effects To Add Dimension And Mood To Your Design

Lightings and glow effects always set the right ambiance to your website or application. You can easily draw user attention to the required spots without making the elements look odd. For example in a yoga studio website, you get light soothing colors and gently glowing elements to give a relaxed feeling to the user. On the other hand, in an event or party website, you have bright glowing elements on a dark background to set the party mood. From the elements on the web pages to the loading animations, there are plenty of beautiful glowing effects. Many creative minds have used this glowing effect to make their elements and designs unique. In this list, we collected some unique-looking CSS glow effects that will add dimension to your design.

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30 Beautiful HTML hr CSS Design With Custom CSS 2022

HR tag is one of the common functions in HTML, when you need to separate content, all you have to do is to declare the hr code. With HTML5 the hr tag has become semantic and clearly shows its purpose. Now with the CSS3, you can dress up the normal horizontal break-lines to how you want. The horizontal lines are used not only as breakers but also as part of modern web design. You can use letters, pseudo-elements, or animated hr lines to engage your web design and content to the audience. In this list, we have collected some of the best HTML hr CSS designs you can use on your web design.

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Magnific Gallery css image gallery

35 CSS Gallery Examples Crafted To Entice More Users 2022

If you keep on with all of the latest addition to the developers and designers then you might have heard of CSS Image galleries. It is a fancier and advanced version of a gallery template or layout achieved using CSS effects, animations and transitions. While most people prefer staying low-profile opting for the traditional gallery based templates, we have noticed a high range of users now choosing CSS Image gallery designs over the others. But what exactly is the number surging over the years? To keep it plain and simple, using CSS as the base makes anything more appealing to view. Whether by implementing design structures, or by adding effects, or even animations these are more probably more engaging and enticing for viewers.

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40 HTML Calendar Designs To Easily Organize Goals And Events 2022

“Getting organized in the normal routines of life and finishing little projects you’ve started is an important first step toward realizing larger goals.” These are true words told by Joyce Meyer. Keeping our works organized helps us to manage our work. After developing smart devices, you can easily manage your goals and events with applications. You can simply ask your digital assistants like Siri, Google, or Alexa to add an event to your calendar. These HTML calendar designs will help you make a calendar that the present tech-savvy generation will love.

Though there are several default smart calendars in the smart devices, they don’t cover all the areas. These HTML calendar designs will give you more inspiration if you make a special calendar for your niche or business. Most of these calendars are developed by developers like you, so it will be easy for you to work with. Each calendar has its own creative elements and useful features, so check them all.

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40 Free CSS Menu Examples With Source Code 2022

An important part of any website or application design is the navigation menu. The user must know where they are and where they will be going when they click a link. People have tried several new ideas and stick to a design that gives better results for several years. The hardware design of the machines is no longer the same, every day we get new devices and new designs. Websites and applications are accessed through smartphones, smart wearables, and recently smart home devices. If you are planning to make a unique navigation system that fits all these devices, the CSS menu design in this list will give you some inspiration, or in other words, you can use it as a muse for your custom design.

The basic principle in any menu design is listing the options you need. Some websites, like magazine websites, must manage multiple categories and sub-menus. Whereas for a simple business or personal website, a single horizontal menu bar will do the job. No matter for what purpose you are making a menu design, there will be a design inspiration for you on this list. Make sure you check them all.

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40 Easy To Use Free Countdown Timers With Cool Effects 2022

Visual effects and animation effects have become a part of web design. Developers use these animation effects to create engaging content. Marketers are keen on using these effects to get a better product reach and a good conversion rate. Countdown timers are one such element that creates a sense of urgency when the users land on the page. This list has collected the best free countdown timers with cool effects.

You might have seen countdown timers mostly used in e-commerce websites and event websites. In e-commerce websites, the countdown timers are used just near the special offers to make the user feel the scarcity of the product. This marketing trick mostly works on the customers with a dilemma, whether or not to buy a product. Product launch and events are the second most common places the countdown timers used the most. Many creative startups have used inspiring coming soon page design to get leads even before they start.

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45 Free and Premium Portfolio Website Templates For All Creative Professionals

Portfolios help us to keep track of our best works and also helps to scale our professional growth. For many creative professionals, online portfolios help them to convince their clients to get a project easily. When applying for a job, owning a personal portfolio site helps you gain an edge over your competitors. For such a potential source, isn’t it important to select the best creative website template? Yes, we have to make our portfolio look unique. But the problem is to find a creative unique template you have to go for a premium version, in free Portfolio website templates you always get a dumb old design.

In this best free portfolio website templates list you will get designs for — 

  • Portfolio website templates for web developers and software developers
  • Graphic designer portfolio website templates
  • Creative portfolio template
  • Bootstrap portfolio website templates for photographers and more

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40 Free Healthcare Website Templates With Online Booking 2022

We are in a fast world with all the facilities at our fingertips. People prefer Uber than standing on the corner to hire a taxi. Book a cab at your preferred location and preferred time, a cab will be waiting for you outside when you complete your work. Eight out of ten users prefer online booking, which also applies to the healthcare industry. According to the PatientPop survey, 42% of patients prefer online scheduling. We have collected free healthcare website templates with online scheduling options in this list. All you have to do is to integrate the template with your appointment scheduling tool.

An online scheduling option helps the user book an appointment at their convenience. When we look closer at the appointment booking time, nearly 40% of requests came after the standard working hours. As most online scheduling users in a healthcare website are women, providing an online scheduling option in your website increases the chances of filling your empty time slots.

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CSS divider 1

25 Creative CSS Divider Examples With Tutorials (Code Snippets) 2022

Sectioning your content goes a long way regarding post cleanliness and proper layouts. If you want your content to be more readable and enjoyable, it’s a great idea to implement a design that uses well-divided sections. This way you can define different part of your website for different purposes. Therefore, a great to implement this section designed on your websites is to make use of a CSS divider.

A CSS divider signifies a break in your content. These are coded using HTML and may contain animations or effects to amplify their design. A CSS divider can be horizontal or vertical and can be implemented in many ways. Moreover, a CSS divider is usually built to be customizable and make use of creative ideas and colors to make your content stand out easily.

Moreover, the basic definition of a CSS divider allows tons of creative endeavors to create unique divider designs. From a simple line to innovative art-enabled blocks and more. The possibilities are endless. So, to help you choose from the wide number of CSS divider snippets available, we’ve constructed this list of the Best CSS dividers for you. Furthermore, if you have any other additions to suggest to this, feel free to comment about them so we can improve this list even further.

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28 Best HTML Music player With User-Friendly Features 2022

Nearly 75% of the music industry revenue is from online streaming. Several subscription-based streaming platforms allow you to listen to any music anytime. Unless you are in a no coverage area, you don’t need to download and store them on your smart devices. As smart speakers and smart home devices are increasing, the streaming services will increase their share in the music industry revenue. If you are planning to make a beautiful music player for your streaming website or mobile applications, these HTML music player designs might give you some inspiration.

Some of the HTML music players are practical and can be used on your website or application. While some give you some crazy prototypes, which will help you make a unique looking website. As most of your online streaming users will spend their time with the music player, making it unique, and keeping the options at easily accessible positions is a must. This HTML music player design collection will help you find a unique player.

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40 Bootstrap Cards Examples For Natural And Fluid UX 2022

From the Google Assistant search suggestions to the online food delivery apps, cards are extensively used in modern interface designing. The cards’ simple and versatile nature helps the designers easily use it for any purpose. Whether you are looking for a small card design to show bite-sized contents or a full-length expanded card to give brief information, there is a design for you in this bootstrap cards examples list.

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28 Fake Website Templates To make Perfect Doppelganger Site

“Good Artist Copy, Great Artis steal.” This quote fits perfectly with our topic today. Every company can’t have a dedicated design and development team to make a unique website; One of the important reasons for this is the budget. Big brands can hire professionals to make a single page to make a bigger impact. Small companies can learn from big brands and create similar-looking pages to boost sales. In this digital age, we shamelessly steal great ideas to help us reach our goals. Whether you are planning to make a fake website for security reasons or got inspired by a store design and want a ditto website to boost your sales, these fake website templates will come in handy.

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23 Best Shopify Subscription Themes For Subscription Box Businesses

Irrespective of the sector, almost all companies are moving towards the subscription model. The biggest advantage is you get a regular flow of income in the subscription model. When Adobe moved from the traditional cost-per-product pricing model to the subscription model, everyone was skeptical about its success. But, the result was amazing. After implementing the subscription model, Adobe could streamline the income flow and bring big improvements to its software lineup. If you are also planning to bring a subscription model to your Shopify business website, these Shopify subscription themes will come in handy.

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