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Technology has evolved a lot and it has changed almost everything. The way we communicate, we dress, we eat, and even the way we read has changed. Yes, am talking about eBooks. eBooks didn’t have a big audience base until 2018. In 2016, there were 26% eBook readers in the US, and in 2018, it had grown to 34%. Most of the readers are in the age group of 18 to 29 years, obviously, they fall under the Millenials category. If you are planning to run an eBook store or sell an eBook version of your book on your website, these Shopify bookstore themes will help you make a captivating website for your target audience.

Most readers prefer tablets for reading eBooks over e-reading devices like the Kindle. So most probably, readers will start their book search from their tablets. Hence, making your online book store a mobile-responsive one will be a wise move. All the Shopify bookstore themes in this list are mobile responsive out of the box, so you needn’t spend your time optimizing your content for the mobile version.

The most popular genres among the eBook readers are — mystery, fiction, and romance. Categorizing your books and giving dynamic search options will help the user find the book they want. Shopify themes in this list are already designed to grouping the contents and indexing them. All you have to do is to add your books, group them, and add tags to it. Rest all is already taken care of by the theme creators.

Here are the best Shopify bookstore themes and best Shopify themes for authors

Susan – Shopify Bookstore Theme

best shopify bookstore theme

Susan is one of the best bookstore Shopify themes. This theme pack has six bookstore demo versions. Each demo is unique and will help you highlight the best books. This theme’s clean layout will help you easily categorize the books and let the customer quickly buy the book they want. Since this theme uses the latest Shopify 2.0 version, you can expect all the latest features. Plus, you needn’t worry about online shopping and purchase experience. Once you have configured the payment system and inventory, your bookstore is ready to accept online orders.

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trendy Shopify bookstore theme

Koparion Shopify theme will help you make both clean and product-focused online bookstores. Full-width layout and image-rich design let you elegantly list the books in your store. Users can also quickly find the book they want because of this template’s neat design. The creator has also given powerful search options to make the shopping experience even more easier for the users. This theme pack has six demo versions and one RTL version. Since this theme pack has a readymade RTL version, you can quickly make RTL-friendly websites without spending much time.

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multipurpose Shopify theme with multiple demos

Wokiee is one of the best selling Shopify themes with multiple demos pre-designed for almost all major website categories. You can create any type of Shopify website with this theme. Nearly 61 demo versions are given in this pack and we get three Shopify bookstore themes in it. The creator of this theme has given us a quick view option to see the short description of the book. Both dark and light theme versions are given in this theme pack, so you can choose one and start working on it. Visual and animation effects are very minimal and are used only in the required places. Using light-weight Shopify bookstore themes like this helps your website to load faster. This theme supports the latest Shopify version, hence you can expect all the latest and the greatest features of the Shopify platform.

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shopify bookstore themes with minimal design

Shella is a minimal style Shopify theme. It is also a multipurpose theme with multiple demos designed for major online store categories. The creator of this theme has given more than 80 pages and sections pre-designed for you, so you can simply drag and drop the sections you want. For the bookstore demo, the creator has followed a pristine clean design on which the texts and the images are clearly visible. Useful features like GDPR cookies popup and recently sold books notifications are given to give an engaging experience. Since this theme is made of the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all modern elements and features. If you are a developer, you can work with this theme easily and add the features you want. Using Shopify bookstore themes like this with a well-written codebase will make the customization hob easy for the developers.

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shopify theme with premade demos for all types of online stores

If you are a professional Shopify website developer, themes like the Fastor will make your life easier. There are plenty of customization options, plus, the code script is also made simple enough for you to add the custom features you want. Nearly 80+ demo versions are given in this theme pack and it has hundreds of sections pre-designed for you. The default bookstore demo has a smart design that clearly highlights and shows the best selling books. Tags, ribbons, and colorful content blocks are used to differentiate the important content from the others. If you like to tweak the design a little, take a look at our CSS ribbon collection. Like most other Shopify bookstore themes, this one is also running on the latest web development frameworks, hence it can handle all modern designs and animation effects.

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shopify bookstore themes with useful features

The Lezada theme will be your one-stop destination for all your Shopify website design needs. With more than 200 homepage designs, this theme can help you make almost any type of Shopify website. Three Shopify bookstore themes are given in this pack and each has a different design and a different layout. Big imageries are used in this theme so that you can show your books clearly to the audience. Plus, you also get big countdown timers for offers and new launches. The creator has wisely used patterns to not only give a visual break to the plain design but also to neatly differentiate the important sections from the others. If you are into background patterns, take a look at our CSS background design collections. All the basic optimizations are done in this theme, so you can set up a proper website in no time.

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classy bookstore theme

BooksCart is a classy-looking online bookstore Shopify theme. The creator has loaded this theme with tons of useful features and has brought many of Shopify’s latest features into the theme to make life easier for both store owners and shoppers. Banner sections and parallax scroll sections are used smartly in the default homepage design to elegantly promote the latest offers without disturbing their shopping experience. If you want a Shopify bookstore theme that gives importance to the user shopping experience, this is the best option for you.

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shopify bookstore themes with small inventory

The Maker theme is from the Shopify’s own theme repository. Using Shopify bookstore themes like this will give you peace of mind, for example, the theme will be updated periodically and it supports all new Shopify platform features. Three demo versions are given in this pack and we do get a dedicated demo for the bookstores. The only thing you have to keep in mind is this theme is designed for small inventories or small bookstores. If you are making a Shopify website for a publication that sells its books online, this theme will be a perfect option. The creator has used the full-width design effectively so that you get plenty of space to list your books. Since this theme is designed purely for the Shopify platform, you can expect all the basic features that you would normally see in premium Shopify bookstore themes.

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classy looking bookstore theme

Bookshop is a simple and traditional looking Shopify bookstore theme. Three demo versions are given in this theme and there are only a few differences between each version. On the homepage, you can neatly list your books. Big banners and carousels are used smartly to promote the best sellers and new arrivals. Speaking of carousels, take a look at our bootstrap carousel collection, to make your website even more interesting and engaging. Megamenu options are also given in this theme to let you neatly organize the categories and you also have space to add images in the menu to let the user easily pick the category they want. If your design requirements are less and want a fully functional online bookstore, this theme would be a choice.

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shopify bookstore themes with a clean design

Boighor is a modern and elegant looking Shopify theme. Four demo versions are given in this pack and all of them have a professional bookstore design. The creator has given you a powerful product page with multiple filter options so that your users can easily search and find the book they want. Hover effects are used smartly to show quick actions like add to cart, favorite, and (star ratings). Apart from the regular pages, this theme also has other useful pages like the 404 page, preloaders, pre-integrated Disqus comment system, and lot more. Since all the basic pages and features are given in this theme, you can concentrate on the customizations. The creator has given shortcodes so that users without coding knowledge can do small customizations easily by themselves.

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shopify theme with multiple demos for bookstores

The SmartBook theme is designed purely from the business perspective. You get plenty of useful elements to promote your products and offers. Four homepages are given in this pack and all of them follow a clean and tidy design. If you are making a bookstore website for an upcoming brand, Shopify bookstore themes like this will be a good choice. Popup newsletter subscription forms are also given in this pack to grow your mail list. If you are into email marketing, take a look at our (free email templates) collection to make impressive emails within few minutes.

On the product page, you have the option to switch the category view; By default, you have the option to switch between grid view and list view. All the demo versions are designed using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, hence it can handle all types of modern design elements and animation effects.

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single product bookstore theme

Enercos theme is the best option for bookstores with small inventories. The thoughtfully designed homepage lets you clearly give an overview of the books. On the bottom left corner, you have the option to show the GDPR cookies policy and the recently bought book notifications. If you are not into fake notifications, then you can simply turn it off from the dashboard. The creator has made the dashboard simple and straightforward so that the users can easily control their website from the dashboard. Along with the bookstore demo, this theme also has designs for watches, energy drinks, and cosmetics. Speaking of dashboards, if you are planning to give an interactive dashboard for your application, take a look at our (admin dashboard template collection).

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multipurpose shopify theme

Goodwin is one of the best selling Shopify themes in the market. Like most other Shopify bookstore themes in this list, this one is also a multipurpose theme with multiple demos. With periodic updates, the creator has added demos for different categories. In the upcoming update, we will get a dedicated theme for the bookstore. You can either wait for the bookstore demo to land or can simply pick one theme you like and start editing. The creator has given plenty of sections and elements pre-designed for you. Both simple and advanced customizations are made easier in this theme, so the users and the developers will find this theme extremely easy to work with. RTL version is also given in this theme, if you have any special demands like that, this version will come in handy for you.

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easy-to-customize shopify bookstore theme

Molla is a multipurpose Shopify theme with a dedicated demo for Shopify bookstores. The default bookstore demo is designed smartly to keep the new users comfortable and let them explore all your books. Delivery details and support information are given on the homepage header section itself — which will help the new users trust your store and encourage them to try shop on your website. Category collections are given along with the featured book list so that readers can easily find hidden gems in your store. Plenty of useful features are included in this pack and give more value for your money.

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simple shopify theme

Shirley is purely designed for online bookstores. Three demo versions and one RTL version is given in this pack. Blog layouts are also included along with the basic shopping pages. Hence, you can review the books and can make some useful list for your readers. Lots of white spaces can be seen in this template, which gives a relaxed look to the website. Plus, users can also easily read and interact with the website easily. Like most other Shopify bookstore themes in this list, this one is also a mobile responsive theme. Therefore your audience can reach your website easily on the go.

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Shopify Books

clean shopify theme

Shopify Books theme will you a clean distraction-free environment for your online book store. The simple nature of this theme makes it a perfect option for small stores and new stores. Because of this theme’s uncomplicated design, users can easily find the book they want. More than enough banners are also given in this template so that you can genuinely promote your offers and new launches. By keeping this template as a base, you can create your own custom book store. There are a few tweaks you have to make it appealing and interactive for the users.

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shopify theme with easy customization options

Ella is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Right from small inventory shops to big inventory shops, this theme has designs for all of them. Different layouts are also given in this pack to let you build a unique looking shop. To make the minor customizations easier, this theme is made to be a section ready theme. All you have to do is to pick the demo that closely matches your needs and add the missing sections and widgets you want. Useful options like custom product tabs, popup forms, grouped products and lot more are given in this theme. Since all the basic online store functions are given in this pack you can set up a proper website in no time. Though this theme doesn’t have a dedicated bookstore theme, all these features will help you make one easily.

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shopify theme with clean design

With more than 100+ demo versions, this theme will help you make any type of online store. With periodic updates, this theme not only gets the latest Shopify features but also get new demos. The biggest advantage of buying such premium Shopify themes is we will get new designs periodically. As of now, this theme doesn’t have an exclusive theme for bookstores, but you can expect one soon. Until then, you can pick one theme from the given 100+ demos and start editing it as per your needs. Like the Ella theme mentioned above, this theme is also made section ready for easier and quicker customization. Features that you normally expect in a bookstore theme is given in this theme pack. For example, you get newsletter forms, carousel sliders, timers to promote sales, and many more useful options.

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minimal design shopify themes

If you are looking for a clean Shopify theme with different types of layouts, this theme might impress you. This Shopify theme is designed for different types of online stores. The creator of this theme has given you all the latest Shopify features, so you can set up a website that is friendly for both user and store owners. You can either go for a regular online store layout or you can choose a template with big imageries that show your books clearly to the audience. Smooth and swift animation effects are used in this theme to give an engaging experience to the user. Though this theme doesn’t have a readymade bookstore theme, you can pick any demo and can customize it as a bookstore theme.

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easy to edit customization theme

iOne is another minimal style Shopify theme. Nearly twelve homepage variations are given in this theme pack and one RTL version is also given. An ample amount of space is given between each element and the plain white background gives a roomy feel. If most of your users are use their mobile devices to access your website, themes like this will be a good choice. For the product page and for the single product page also we get multiple demo versions. Along with all these pre-designed pages and sections, you also get the drag and drop option. The user can simply drag and drop the elements and sections they want. Even though there isn’t any readymade bookstore theme in this pack, with all these customization options, you can make one easily.

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shopify theme with demos for unique niches

Kala is one of the few thoughtfully designed Shopify themes, that has designs for all types of online stores and occasions. For example, you even get theme designs for Valentine’s day and New year celebration. The creator has lots of Ajax elements to give a buttery smooth experience to the user. Another unique feature in this theme is the Instagram shop option. With all these friendly customization options and useful features, you can set up a proper online bookstore. Since all the features are fully functional in this theme, you can simply add your products and launch your website.

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