CSS Cards E-Commerce Shop Card

35+ Visually Stunning CSS Cards Inspirations For Every Type Of Websites 2019

Cards can be a convenient means of displaying contents that includes various types of objects be it the title, image, buttons, icons or more. Designed to be flexible to your contents, the blocks or cards can include any type of custom elements. It can be anything from business cards, informative cards to even analytics cards but the main point here is that adding a card on any site will instantly add that innovative and creative touch. And like we have discussed before on our previous articles, there is certainly no denying that cards can be beneficial in more than one way.

Whether you own a blog, professional company site, or anything for that matter, cards can be a great implementation on any niche. And with more and more popular sites like Pinterest or Instagram or apps and widgets going for card-based layouts, it’s high time that you, as a site owner start considering this option as well.

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css button hover Cool Beans Button

30+ CSS Button Hover & Click Effect Examples To Entice Users On Your Site

With the addition of new and creative elements on a website each day, tons of innovative and unique concepts are implemented. And adding stylish hover effects onto buttons using CSS is one of them. Most websites have now adapted to adding not only stylish buttons but also adding hover effects or click effects onto them. Thus, it is now considered a staple or essential element for interactive elements on a site. And who doesn’t love the extra elevating factor to please the ones who visit?

But it is not so easy to come up with a concept all on your own even if you are a professional. So for those looking for examples and references to get inspirations from then you are at the right place. Today here at uiCookies we aim to make a collection of amazing CSS button hover effects for our users to enjoy.

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CSS only input radio select concept

30+ Visually Pleasing And Stylish CSS Radio Button To Add A Creative Touch

A radio button or option can be defined as an element that allows the users to choose one option from a set of predefined options. Basically, it is like a checkbox, the only difference is that checkboxes allow the users to choose more than one option. However, with a radio button, when a person tried to select more than one choice, the previously selected option changes it’s status to being deselected. And the term itself was derived from the real radio buttons. If you reminiscence the older radios and how the buttons functioned, you can see the resemblance. When one button was pressed the previously pressed button would automatically pop out.

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25+ Bootstrap Free Beautiful Website Templates For Every Website Category (Blogging, Business, Photography, eCommerce & More)

Most people are very intrigued by beautiful things because they catch their attention very fast. They even want all their belongings to look really nice. It is one of the most common human nature to select something based on the appearance at first. So, this trend has also had its fair share on people’s interest in technology with its increase in development. They want to own or get involved in technologies that are attractive to look at. It is one of the topmost priority for them most of the time. If it looks interesting to them, then only they will look forward to the features of it. And that is what we are focusing on today, so we have for you a list of the best free beautiful website template options. 

One of the most common areas where we see people’s interest based on beautiful looks are mobile phones and smartphones. They first check out whether it looks good or not. Then they look at its features only after they like its looks. Similarly, it’s the same case with the websites too. There are more chances of people viewing and scrolling down a website if it looks beautiful. So, everybody wants their websites to look attractive nowadays. A visually attractive website can bring more audience than a simple looking website.

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25 Poster Mockups For Attention Grabbing Creative Poster Designs

Posters are the ancient form of advertising and are still evolving to visually communicate your ideas. Though the posters are in existence from the 1700s, it was widely spread in the mids of 1800s, especially in European regions. In the earlier time, only three colors were used in the poster designing. But in the modern days, we can make colorful posters in no time. The poster mockups in this list will help you present all your colorful lively designs elegantly to the users.

Making posters was a time-consuming process in the earlier days. After the invention of three stone lithographic process, mass production can be done easily. In the present computer era, we can make thousands of posters in no time. The poster mockups in this list are designed for the present-day audience, all you have to do is to add your contents.

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24 Vintage And Modern Sign Mockups For Commercial Stores

Signboards are a part of marketing right from the ancient period. The signs not only help you reach a mass audience but also help the people to identify and reach you. Signboards are not only used for commercial use but also used by government organizations to show about a place and also to show directions. If you are in search of good quality mockups for your stores or to help people, these sign mockups will help you.

In the 16th-century exterior signboards were a prominent feature in London streets. Store owners used different types of signboards to get people attention on the street. Later creative part also joined in the signboard design to make the stores stand out from the rest. As signboards are getting bigger at that time, so governments have to make regulations on the size of the signboards in front of the store. After that, we got flat signboards on the walls and in storefront glasses. In this list of sign mockups, we have managed to collect some of the most commonly used signboards. Hence, you can use it for all types of business.

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25 Interactive Range Slider CSS Designs To Quickly Explore Contents

Range sliders are widely used in the UI design for different purposes. One of the main purposes is to filter and explore all the related contents. Nowadays, range sliders are used in the control and settings option. You might have seen many sliders in your smartphone for adjusting brightness and controlling volumes. In iOS, you get big rounded rectangles in the control panel for adjusting brightness and volume. Whereas in the Android devices you get thin line sliders to adjust the settings.

Whether you are using the slider to filter the data or to control the settings, there is a range slider CSS design for you in this list. We have collected range slider CSS designs for both website and mobile applications. Speaking of mobile application design, take a look at our UI kit collection to make your app designing work simpler. Without further due, let’s get into the list of range slider CSS designs.

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25 Link Style CSS Best Practices For Modern Web Browsers

Right from the early days of browser history, that is nearly the mids of the 1990s, the link style remains almost the same. The default link style CSS are

  • Links are underlined
  • When a link is visited it will be in purple
  • Links that are not visited will be in blue
  • Important links like call to action buttons have an outline around them

People’s mind is set to this basic link styles. When we are designing a link style, we must be careful that we don’t move far away from this characteristic. For example, you can play with the colors of the links, stroke widths of the underlines, a little bit of animation to make the link and call to action buttons unique from the normal design. In this list, we have collected link style CSS best practices that fit for modern mobile users and browsers.

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25 Cosy HTML Clock Designs For Modern Websites And Applications In 2019

Clocks are there from the early history of man. First, we used sun clocks, due to its inability to use in the night time, later water clocks were used. From there we have used sand clocks, mechanical watches, quartz watches, and now digital watches. Anyone who wants to keep track of their work and improve their efficiency, use time in one format or the other. Whether you are running on a track or attending a three-hour exam, clocks help you to manage your time effectively. Though the timekeeping devices changes periodically, the purpose of it remains the same. In this digital world, digital watch faces help us easily customize the watch look. These HTML clock designs will give you inspiration for your next clock design.

In this list, we have collected HTML clock designs, which you can use in your website or mobile applications. Some of the developers become creative and try to bring you realistic watches in the digital format. So that we will have the same familiar watch experience. If you are not a big fan of retro analog-style watches and looking for a sci-fi style futuristic clock designs, we also have that design in this list. Take your time and find the best watch dial for keeping your time.

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