30 Top Premium Hotel Website Template To Attract More Potential Visitors

If you are involved in hotels and resort business, then you obviously have an idea about how tough the competition is. There are possibly thousands of other competitors who have raised the bars for the clients with amazing services. Alongside customer services, there is definitely no denying that marketing and promotion makes a huge difference. But that’s certainly not enough to own a successful business. So an online website to attract more customers and clients is a necessity. It works not only as a platform to showcase your hotels and resorts but you can make it useful for online booking and reservation services as well.

And today for our readers, we have made a list of the Best Premium Hotel Website Templates out there! Our hand-picked collection has been tailored carefully to meet all your hotel needs and requirements. Tested for quality and high-performance, these templates are sure to take your site to the next level So, showcase your hotels, resorts and grow your client numbers remarkably starting today!

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one page parallax website template

30 Stunning One Page Parallax HTML Website Templates For 2019

When it comes to creating a website that stands out from the crowd, One Page website designs are getting more and more popular each day. This obviously has to do with the modern and unique aspect these type of layout. More focused on the purpose of displaying your contents in a more attention-grabbing way, One Page website templates are an ideal choice for almost any type of websites. That’s right! Whether you are looking to start a corporate site, personal websites, portfolios, restaurant websites, medical websites, educational websites and so on, these templates work great with almost everything!

Although these One-Page website templates have been around for a while, these types of templates have now started to make an impact. These templates are designed to be complex and aim to engage your users in an interesting manner. According to various researchers; it is proven that a well-designed One Page website generated more conversion rate than any regular websites. Another advantage of having a One-Page website is that it focuses mostly on the important stuff. With a minimal space and design, it ensures that you only share the useful facts and information.

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news website templates

35 Professional and Advanced News Website Templates To Keep Your Users Engaged

Choosing just another template you come across to start up your news website is not an option. Especially when technology and advanced features are making an impact on a global scale. That’s right. The online accessibility and the ease of getting what you want in a matter of minutes have surely raised the bar high. Just getting the facts out there is not enough. Creating business websites that are appealing and engaging are of utmost importance!

However, the task of creating an entire website from scratch for the editorial purpose is no joke! Keeping in mind the design, elements, and features required, it surely is a hefty task. Not to mention the cost you need to invest in developers and designers you hire. But what if we tell you we have an easy way out? You heard that right! Avoid the time, effort and cost you spend entirely with a much easier solution; Premium HTML News Website Templates! Built and designed especially for the purpose of creating effective and engaging news platforms for you and your company, these templates act as the building blocks for the perfect websites!

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26 Best Free Church Website Templates To Preach Gospel

Reaching mass audience is no longer a tough job in this internet era. These free church website templates help you to spread God’s message throughout the world from your place. All these free church website templates are built using the latest HTML5 framework, hence by default you have the option to add video contents and audio contents easily to the site. Your followers and even new visitors can listen and feel the preaching. Event options are also given in this template to gather more people for your next event.

All these templates have business class design quality, so you have the option to share your preaching and information about the church in an effective way. We have also handpicked site templates that allows you to share events and daily schedule with your audience. Some of these templates give you the option to raise funds. Remember all these are HTML templates, you can use these as a base to create your own custom template and fully functional websites.

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28 Best Free Event Website Templates That Event Managers Will Love

Event organizing is a skill that requires perfection, timing, and creativity. The website which we make for events must also reflect these. Since most of the event websites need to handle more traffic, the user interface must be designed thoughtfully. As more and more event related queries are coming through online, successful event managers are now using websites effectively. These free event website templates will help you create an effective website in no time. By sharing frequently asked queries on the site reduces the repetitive tasks.

Most common feature expected in an event website is ticket booking. In the HTML website template, you can expect the option for ticket booking, but the backend works need to be done manually. Social media plays a major role in many campaigns, it helps you to reach more audience effortlessly. It is very important to make the event website social media friendly. Especially integrating Eventbrite in your site will help you get more targeted audience.

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28 Best Free Fashion Website Templates With Vogue Design 2019

The fashion industry is one of the fast-growing industry. After the growth of online shopping, fashion industry sales are reaching new heights. The global apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars, which is nearly 2% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. These free fashion website templates will help you set up a fashion store for the millennials and help you run a profitable business.

The fashion industry has many sub-industries like menswear, womenswear, sportswear, and the list goes on. Among all the category the womenswear is the most trending and this alone values around 621 billion dollars. So in this free fashion website template, we have collected website templates for all categories and also for the fashion professionals.

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35 Amazing Premium Bootstrap & HTML Medical Website Templates for 2019

Are you a doctor or do you run your own clinic? No matter how you are related to the health sector, today we wanted to dwell on the topic of health-related websites.We have talked over and again in our previous articles and template collections about the importance of owning an online platform. And the fact remains that no matter what niche of business you are related to, an online platform to reach out to a global audience does wonders to grow revenue. And that is only one of the many reasons why you might want to start up a website for your business or institutions.

Because health is another major sector which tends to achieve more breakthroughs with newer advances and technologies, there is always something new! And with innovations and additions to the health sector, there surely are a large number of health personnel contributing to the science of medicine and healing. With digitalization taking over every other industry and business niche, the health sector is no exceptions. More and more hospitals, clinics, doctors, and physicians have opted to take their services online where they reach a wider range of clients. This has caused a rise in the demand for quality websites and platforms to represent them. And if you are one of them who wishes the same, not to worry! Why? Because we are talking about the exact topic today in this article.

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35+ Visually Appealing Photography and Portfolio Website Templates for Creative Minds

Creative minds and innovative ideas, that is what that makes great things. And if you are one who appreciates amazing works of creativity or someone with visions than why limit yourself? With more and more corporations and companies or service providers taking their services online, anything creative should also not be an exception. That’s right! An online platform for your art, photography, or any creative ventures deserves a platform online. And to make that happen, today we at uiCookies have taken our time out to lend a helping hand.

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29 Best Free Real Estate Website Templates For Successful Realtors 2019

79% of real estate brokers and managers have a company website. In social media, the most active business category is real estate. On average real estate companies post 19.21 posts per week. Now you understand the competition level in the real estate field. Making a website for such a competitive industry is not simple. They need to meet the present-day user needs and also focus on the property promotion and conversion rate. These free real estate website templates have modern trendy design and also helps you sell more properties.

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business html website templates

40+ Best Premium Bootstrap HTML Business Website Templates 2019

One of the major tools to establish and promote your business to a larger range of audience is through a website. Whatever niche your business falls under, having a website gives access to thousands of users online from all over the world to get a hint of your products or the services you provide. And as more and more businesses opt to take a step towards online marketing, the demand for effective and appealing sites are increasing each day to compete in the already cutthroat industry!

But building an entire website from scratch is something that is not feasible for everyone. Especially when it comes to business, a well-designed and functional website is a must to represent your corporation in a convincing and approachable way. And this is where the HTML5 & CSS Website templates come in. A quicker and easier way to create the innovative, feature-rich and stunning website you wanted, it consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript code as well as UI components to help you get started.

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