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Being a web developer or mobile application developer is the best thing. Daily you have to find an innovative solution for the most common issues in a visually appealing manner. But in the development process, certain mundane tasks are repetitive. In those cases, you can use these UI kits, save time, and use it productively for other important processes.

Each application or web development process will have a unique feature, in some cases, it will also be the highlighting feature. To develop these unique features with the special requirement you have to spend most of your time but at the same time, we must complete the project within the deadline. Using UI kits will help you speed the normal processes.

Best UI Kits

Collection of UI kits for all types of websites, web applications, and mobile app designing. We’ve collected UI kits of all major software like the Sketch UI kits, PSD UI kits, AdobeXD UI kits, and Figma UI kits. Take your time and find the best UI kits with the format you like. Let’s dive into the list of the best UI Kits of 2022. 

Digits (Figma UI Kit)

landing page figma UI kit

Digits is the best Figma UI Kit for landing pages.

The creator has given this pack eight readymade landing pages and 46 content blocks. Users can build a landing page from the ground up in no time because of this UI kit’s readymade blocks. Almost all basic elements are covered in this pack, so you can utilize the time to customize the design per your requirement. Vector graphics you see in the demo design are also included in the pack to make the work simple for the designers.

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Medux (Figma UI Kit)

medical dashboard Figma UI kit

Medux is a Figma UI kit for medical dashboard design.

Those who are bored by the same old dashboard design must take a look at this template. The Medux has a colorful and trendier design. Depth effects and shadows are handled smartly on all the screens to give a realistic feel to the users. All design elements are practical and can be recreated using the codes. Though the default design is for medical dashboards, you can also use it for other types of dashboard designs.

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Uomo (Figma UI Kit)

eCommerce Figma UI kit

Uomo is an eCommerce Figma UI kit template.

The creator has loaded this kit with all the necessary elements and pages that you need to make a complete eCommerce store. This pack has 12 readymade homepage designs and nearly 66 pre-designed screens; that’s dope. Right from the homepage to the user checkout and feedback pages are there in this pack. You must pick the page you want, edit it according to the requirement, and finish the project.

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Vicodin (XD UI Kit)

medical eCommerce Adobe XD ui kit

Vicodin is an Adobe XD UI Kit for medical eCommerce stores. This UI kit has two homepage designs and fifteen inner pages pre-designed for you. All pages have a clean layout with colorful web elements. The creator has layered the files properly so that you can edit every element on the page without disturbing other elements.

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Shiveh (XD UI Kit)

adobe XD ui kits

Shiveh gives you an easy-to-edit Adobe XD UI kit. Carefully designed UI elements in this kit will help the designers to present their designs with life. Like all Adobe-related products, you can edit this UI kit also with just a few clicks. Ninety artboards and 30 website header & slider designs are there in this pack. All you have to do is to pick the elements you want, edit them as per your needs, and create your own custom websites in a few minutes. Since all optimizations are taken care of by the creator itself, creators can take their XD designs to bootstrap with no issues.

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Homm (XD & Sketch UI Kit)

real estate app sketch ui kit

Homm is a real estate mobile app UI kit. This kits creator has included both XD and Sketch UI kit files to make this UI kit friendlier for all types of users. Since it is a mobile app UI kit, the creator has clearly mentioned that all screen sizes are made for iPhone X and iPhone 8. Make sure you optimize the screen size based on the device you focus on. If you want to showcase your app designs in different iPhone models with a realistic look, look at our hand-holding iPhone mockups collection.

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Limitless is bundled with many useful UI elements and famous content category modules. This UI kit comes with all types of UI elements you would normally need to create an effective modern website. All the elements and layouts enclosed in this package follow modern web design trends, so you needn’t worry about any outdated design in this package. The Limitless is a Sketch-based UI kit, which most UI designers use. Another advantage of this kit is it has 200+ layouts, so you get a visual idea before using different elements. Customization is made simple so that even beginners can work with it easily.

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Cryptocurrency is one of the widely spoken topics among the techies and financial analysts. Many new marketplaces and apps are emerging to help users easily buy and sell crypto coins. Famous coin exchange platforms like Zebpay and Coinbase are expanding their services across many countries. If you are planning to create an effective web application for this busy analytics field, the Cryptic is the option for you. This UI kit includes all the elements and options you need to set up an effective dashboard. With all these elements users can easily see their coin volumes, live coin market stats, and can calculate the values.

It is a Bootstrap based UI kit, so you can easily integrate this template with your existing projects. Since it is a paid version, you have plenty of variations for each and every element. All you have to do is to pick the one you like and start customizing it. A WordPress version of this dashboard is also available. If you are working on a WordPress project, the WordPress version of the template will save a lot of your time.

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dashboard and interactive ui kit

If you are making any team management application, online conferencing app, or any other application that brings people together and share their ideas, this UI kit is the best option for you. This bundle has 28 pre-built pages and 350+ UI elements. The code script is really simple and flexible so that you can easily edit the template and can make your design ideas in no time. The creator has used the latest code scripts like — HTML5, SAAS, Gulp, and Bulma. All you have to do is to import the design and start working on its code.

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Doom (PSD & XD UI Kit)

multipurpose ui kit

Doom is a PSD and XD based UI kits collection. The creator has included designs for different types of apps like the Admin pannels, mobile app UI, web elements, and lot more. Since this has XD files, you also get animations and transition effects. This kit will reduce your initial design burdens and let you concentrate on the custom features and further improvements. Trendy designs are followed on all app screens and web page designs, so you can peacefully work on the design that your work will appeal for the present-generation users.

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Spes (Sketch, Figma, & XD)

mobile app ui kit

Spes is a food delivery app UI kit. The creator has included different design files like Sketch, XD, and Figma to make this kit appeal for all types of designers. Based on the workflow you prefer, you can pick the file type and work on it. Another advantage of using UI kits with multiple design file format is your team can easily collaborate and share their ideas. This UI kit has 70+ premade screens as of writing this post. All app screens have a trendy appealing look that goes in line with the modern design trends. Layers are properly organized for quick and easy customizations. Overall, Spes is a good UI kit bundle for food delivery app designs.

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web application ui kit

Poco is a colorful dashboard template. If you want your dashboard to be radical and full of colors, this dashboard UI kit is the best option for you. This is a fully functional Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard UI kit. All elements and sections work perfectly because of the well-written codebase. The creator has taken care of all the basic optimizations so you can concentrate on your custom needs. This template has ten working app designs and 178 pages. Simply pick the design you like and start working on it. Component-wise, this has everything from star rating to the simple forms.

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Cryptocamp is also a UI kit for cryptocurrency niche, but this is a mobile application UI kit. You don’t have a working live model as you have seen in the Cryptic template mentioned above. This UI kit includes only the Sketch design files. With this, you can create effective finance-related mobile applications. Cool gradient color schemes and shadow effects are used in this UI elements, to meet the modern mobile application standards. The application screens are designed for the modern iOS devices so iOS developers will find this template easy to work with. Mostly Google web fonts are used in this template, so you get the same visual appearance across all devices.

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dashboard UI kit

Arion is an admin dashboard UI kit collection. What makes this kit different from other UI kits in this list is that it has Figma design files and the Sketch files. You can pick the version you want based on the workflow and design software you prefer. All the elements in this UI kit are in vector format, so you can easily scale the elements to the shape and size you want. In the demo file, you get dashboards, eCommerce admin panel, calendar, mails, and chats. Regarding calendars, if you want a working model, look at our CSS calendar collection. Another unique feature in this UI kit is it has both light and dark versions.

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landing page UI kit

The HitApp UI Kit is specially designed for app landing pages. If you are a SAAS company or app development startup company, this UI kit is the best option for you. As all the basic elements are pre-designed for you, setting up a proper app landing page will be an easy job. For each section, the creator has given different variations. Like a few other UI Kits in this list, this one has Figma format files and Sketch format files. If you are looking for working landing page templates, take a look at our free landing page templates collection.

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flat-style dashboard Ui kit

Flatkit, as the name implies, this UI kit has a flat design. If you are looking for a flat style UI kit to design your web application, this is the one for you. Seven readymade dashboard designs are given in this pack. Another useful feature is all the dashboards are available in Angular and HTML format. For developers, this UI Kit will save lots of their time and work. Basic optimizations are also done in this UI Kit, hence, you can concentrate on developing the custom features and options you want.

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Online dating platforms are the next most viral topic among tech startups and even among big tech giants like Facebook. If you are planning to create a colorful dating application like Tinder, then the Migo template is the best option for you. From the given design itself, you can see that a lot of inspiration is drawn from the Tinder application. But, it still has its own unique elements and designs.

All the basic app screens are designed in this kit. So you can make a rough overview of the application in no time with this kit. The Migo template has the Sketch files in its package and it is compatible with the latest version. Just like the Cryptocamp template, this one is also primarily designed for iOS devices. Since these kits have some material design touch in them, you can even use this template for the Android application designing as well.

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IOTask is a perfect UI kit for web application designing. The creator this UI kit has given you 80+ pre-made pages and all of them have a pixel perfect design. All the elements and icons used in this kit are vector based elements. Hence, you scale and resize the elements easily based on your requirement. Another advantage with this UI kit is it is compatible with all major design applications like Sketch, Photoshop, XD and Figma. So no matter which application you are using, this kit will easily fit in all types of design workflows. The same creator has also given you a mobile application UI kit separately, details about are given in their info page. Check the link below to know more.

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ABER Driver


ABER Driver, as the name implies this is a mobile application kit for taxi and driver booking. This UI kit is compatible with XD, Sketch, and Figma. If you are a Photoshop user, you can check the other UI kits listed in this collection. In this kit, you get 32 premium mobile application screens pre-designed for you. With this kit, you can start a project from scratch and can complete it in no time. The creator of this kit has given you complete control over the elements, hence you can customize it easily to the way you want. Take a look at our iPhone mockups to present your designs elegantly to your audience and your clients.

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Mocha is the best UI kit for app developers. This UI kit gives the value for your money. The creator of this template has included designs for almost all famous niche apps. Multiple login forms are included in the kit, based on your application type, you can select one. If you are looking for such a premium quality login page template for free, take a look at our free login form template collections. Food and eCommerce app screens are also designed for you. The eCommerce applications are very minimal so that the users can clearly see your products and interact with the products.

Trendy colors are used for all the app pages so the modern users will find your application attractive. Another biggest advantage with this template is it includes the files in the XD version and in the Figma version. The Figma application is slowly gaining momentum among the designers. If you are also trying the new Figma interface, this template will come in handy for you.

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Origin is concept-wise similar to the Mocha template mentioned above. This kit can be used for all types of mobile application designing. With six categories and 70 plus interface elements, you get plenty of options with this template. You can easily create a complete application design using this kit. Adobe XD version is also included in this package so the users can see your application in action. All the icons and elements included in this kit is fully customizable. You can change everything from the size to colors within a few clicks. All the layers are properly organized so that finding and replacing elements won’t be a difficult task with this kit.

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Food Ordering and Delivery UI Kit


In our restaurant website template list itself, we have mentioned that most of the modern users prefer online food ordering services. One major factor which most of the restaurants miss to provide is order and delivery tracking. If you are about to launch a mobile application for your restaurant that includes ordering feature, then this is the best UI kit for you. This kit includes all the necessary layouts you would need to create an effective restaurant application.

This kit also includes elements and layouts you would normally need to create a hotel and room booking application. The designer of this kit follows creative and trendy design, the color scheme used is also mild and fits the neat design of this UI kit. As a package, this UI kit provides you seventeen screens and 75+ UI elements. The kit comes in both PSD version and Sketch version, based on your workflow, you can select the version that fits you well.

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If you are a mobile application developer, definitely this kit will be of great use to you. Instead of wasting your time on common pages you can use this kit and effectively use your time to design custom need oriented pages. This kit includes all the pages and elements you would normally need to create a mobile application normally. To give you more option, the designer of this UI kit gives you different layout design for the same screen.

This UI kit also comes in both Sketch version and PSD version just like the Food ordering UI kit mentioned above. But it also has an Illustrator version in its package, which gives you, even more, user friendly version than the PSD format. Since it has different versions of all famous designing software, users can use it effectively in the format they prefer. Another advantage of this mobile application UI kit is it has wireframe design for both iOS and Android version.

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Niche focused web design and development is the latest trend in the web development industry. If you are a development company or agency specialized in creating educational websites, then this the best UI kit for you. The education niche is a wide category which includes both simple design and complex design with various functionalities. For online course offering services, the web design must have options for user management. The elemento is the best UI kit that provides you all the elements and layout to create educational websites of all types.

If you are making a membership site with user management system, then take a look at our dashboard template collection for creating an effective user dashboard. As a package, this Kit provides you 29 templates, seven homepage designs, and thirteen inner pages. With this kit, you also get the design for blog and dashboard.

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Radiant UI Kit


Radiant is colorful mobile application UI kit. What makes this UI kit different from other mobile application UI kit is the perfect use of color combination. As a package, this kit provides you 2000+ UI elements, all the elements follow the modern design and trendy color scheme. With this kit, you can create an effective mobile application which the millennial audience love.

The 200+ premade screens will reduce your work immensely. Since all the regular screens which you might normally need to create an effective mobile application is included in this package, work redundancy is reduced. This UI kit does not come in different formats, it comes only in the Sketch version, which might be a small issue for some users. Other than that the Radiant UI kit is a perfect collection of modern UI elements.

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Wireland, as the name implies this is a sketch based wireframe UI kit. This is the best UI kit to start your website design from scratch. The designer of this template gives you an easy to use and customize website elements. All you have to do is to select and drop the elements you need in a place. Since this kit helps you to create a wireframe with proper detail, the development stage will be quick and you can rest assured that all the elements will be created as per your need. With over 200 layouts this wireframe kit will help you create a website from scratch quickly. Since it is a wireframe kit you only get an outline design without colors, but you can customize it easily.

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Singleton UI Kit


Singleton is a perfect modern UI kit for designing a trendy looking website. All the elements are given as cards which includes similar elements in different style. With about 120 cards this template covers almost all the necessary elements and sections which you might normally need to create an effective business website. The best part about this UI kit is, the creator of this kit gives you a sample package, which includes eight cards. Before purchasing this kit you can try and buy it. Another small bummer with this kit is it only includes sketch version, it provides the PSD version as a separate package. So my advice is to try their free version first and pick the format that fits your needs.

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LetsGo Traveler


LetsGo Traveler, as the name implies this UI kit is for travel-related mobile applications and websites. The glass transparent design gives a futuristic look, but you can customize the color scheme and all other elements in this UI kit. Since this kit is solely designed for travel websites, you get icons and elements based on the travel niche. Another advantage in this UI kit is you get different variations for same elements. With this kit, you get layouts for room booking, ticket booking, nearby restaurants and best deals. The LetsGo Traveler UI kit includes all the elements necessary to create an effective travel mobile application.

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Kama is another UI kit designed specifically for the iOS app designers and developers. With the neat clean futuristic design, this kit provides you innumerable ways to create an effective iOS application. The designer of this kit has not only followed the iOS design guidelines but also followed the modern design trend. Premade 120+ screens give you an unlimited option to create a mobile application for any niche in no time. All you have to do is to customize the UI kit based on your needs. This kit provides you popular elements like charts, walkthroughs, ecommerce, multimedia options and many more.

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Mappy as the name implies this is a map-based mobile application UI kit. This sketch-based mobile UI kit is a fresh entry in the user interface kit category, so you get most of the design for modern devices. After the development of Google map, third-party maps are rarely used by the user unless it has any unique features, but you can use the map as a part of your mobile application options. If you are making a restaurant or call taxi-based application UI kits like this will make your job simple.

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