33 Best Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates With Modern Design 2019

Landing page templates always need to meet the current trend and its goal. Finding a template with such premium features for free is not an easy job. Even though there are hundreds of free Bootstrap landing page templates are out there, most of them won’t give you a present-day design. We in this list have collected some of the best free Bootstrap landing page templates after trying more than hundreds of landing pages.

Following are the most important elements you must use to make any landing page effective.

  • Make the heading of the landing page as same as the campaign name.
  • Use subheading to support the main heading and give extra information about the product.
  • Highlight your unique selling point and make few points revolve around the unique selling point.
  • Make special video or images of the product which acts as a hero point on the landing page.
  • Clearly note the features of the product via interactive diagrams or by simply using bulletins.
  • Use credibility elements. Testimonials are the most effective elements to increase your credibility.
  • Call to action buttons are need to be provided in the header and footer.

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23 Best Free Hotel Website Templates Built For Modern Businesses 2019

Hotel websites are almost like restaurant websites, in which users prefer online services. As most of the users seek online community and Google ratings to choose a hotel, taking your business online is a must. These free Hotel website templates will help you create an effective website that improves your online presence and as well as your conversion rate.

Ok, just the template alone won’t help you create an effective hotel website. Here are some of the basic trick that could help you create an effective website.

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27 Best Free Medical Website Templates For Present-day Audience

Medical industry is drastically embracing the online world. Since more and more people seek internet for medical related issues, taking your medical services online is a must. These free medical website templates will help you create an effective medical website that meets present-day needs. A survey from Search engine watch reveals that people from 18 to 24 years of age said they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks. Another survey says that 19% of the smartphone users have at least one health-related app on their phone. Since the smart wearable technology has matured enough for general public use, the number of mobile users will grow in the upcoming years.

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27 Free Gaming Website Templates With Lively Design

Gaming industries are one of the evergreen industries that evolve and stays in our life. Now we don’t need to visit arcade centers and purchase coins to play a game. With the latest high-end processors like Snapdragon and Apple’s mobile chips, we can play high-end graphics games on our mobile. If you are about to start a website for a 2.5 billion video gamers all over the world, these free gaming website templates will be your starting point.

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30+ Best Free Photography Website Templates For Professionals To Hobbyists 2019

Photography website templates are the one in which you can find many creative designs. But when you become too creative the website becomes difficult to use for the website visitors. Wondering what is the right proportion of creativity in a website template? Don’t worry, to help you create an effective modern photography website in this list we have collected 20 free photography website templates with both creative style and minimal look.

Before getting into the free photography website templates list, these are some of the common mistakes we make while creating a photography website.

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36 Best Free One Page Website Templates For Goal Focused Sites 2019

One Page website templates are almost similar to landing page templates. It helps you to create a concept focused content that completely helps you to promote your products and services. These free one page website templates help you to create an effective website for the present-day audience. If you are still in dilemma whether to go for a one-page template or multi-page template, here are some of the pros and cons of the one-page template.

In order to use the single page template you have to be sure who is your target audience. Since you are going to use only one page for your site, you got only one shot, so use it wisely.

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30+ Best Responsive HTML5 Fitness & Gym Website Templates for 2019

Fitness and health have become one of the major aspects of concern nowadays. With new ideas and evolution in the sector of living healthy, and exercising, there is now the unlimited possibility of what we can do. And the best part about being in this digitalized era is that you have access to almost everything online.

That’s right, now there is no need to wait for health tips, gym memberships, reserve and book for personal trainers or even shop for gym equipment the old-fashioned way. Because a simple solution has taken over the mainstream way of doing so! A simple effective and appealing Fitness and Gym website that allows you easy access to all of these.

So today we have prepared a list of the Best Premium HTML5 gym website templates that make the process of setting up a website super-easy! Each of the templates that we have chosen features exclusive, responsive and stunning design as well as plenty of awesome elements you can choose from! Simplifying the whole process, take a look at our list of the Best Premium HTML5 fitness website templates down below! We have also included a few of multi-purpose business website templates as well that you can use for the similar purpose. So feel free to browse through and find the one that suits your needs best!

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30 Best Free Travel Website Templates With Full Of Colors 2019

Travel websites are like photography website templates, the more you add original images the more your credibility grows. Just like the restaurant website template, people must be able to see the uniqueness of your services and the booking form must be placed in an easily accessible spot. To make your job simpler we have collected the templates that almost follows the basic traits of a travel website template, all you need is to select the template of your choice, add your contents and launch your site.

If you are an agency the important thing you must see in a free travel website templates are service sections, reservation forms and of course gallery section. In this free travel website templates list, we have collected both one-page and multi-page templates. If you are offering many services and packages it is wise to go for a multi-page template.

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25 Shirt Mockups For All Types Of Men And Women Shirts

Different types of dressing are followed for different occasions. But there is one type of garment which you can wear for professional events, casual parties, functions, and the list goes on. You might have guessed it by now, the garment am speaking is the shirt; they are the best versatile garment which can be used for all types of events and functions. After the globalization, we now adopt different shirt styles from all over the world. For example, the mandarin collar shirts, they are now available in both casual shirt format and formal shirt format. Whatever be your shirt type or shirt design is, these shirt mockups will help you showcase your shirt design or to create product images for your shirts.

Using original custom images in online stores will increase the chances of your product ending in the user’s digital cart. But making custom images and having photo shoots is not an affordable option for small store owners. Using shirt mockups will give realistic rich images at a more affordable price. In this list, we have collected highly customizable shirt mockups for all types of shirts. Some of the shirt mockups in this list even let you customize the color of the buttons and the stitchings. Make sure you check all the shirt mockups as each has its own unique features.

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25 Elegant Looking Hand Holding iPhone Mockups 2019

With more than one million active devices around the world, iPhone is a big market for app developers and accessory makers. If you are making products exclusively for iPhones, these hand holding iPhone mockups give a realistic touch to your design presentation. The present OLED screens in iPhone X lineups and liquid LCD screen in the cheaper models are brilliant. Images in this mockup show the iPhone screen clearly if you are an app developer this will help beautifully showcase your app design or screenshots.

The new glass back design of the iPhone is beautiful, but still, it is glass and can break easily. The number of iPhone users using cases has grown due to this glass back design. That is very obvious, no one would like to take a risk with a $1000 product. Some of the hand holding iPhone mockups in this list show the backside of the iPhone elegantly to let you showcase your case design clearly. All the images in this mockups are high-quality images so that you can use them to create eCommerce store product images. If you are making products for Macs as well, take a look at our iMac mockups and MacBook mockups collections to beautifully display your products.

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